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the prime minister's 5 week suspension of parliament was unlawful judges describe the government's suspension as a tactic to frustrate parliament the decision from scotland's highest court was unanimous the british government said he would appeal against the rule. each opinion expresses the view that the advice given by the government to her majesty the queen to prove parliament from once the 14th of october was unlawful and that therefore the prohibition itself is unlawful. of more on this let's go to a general holder who is live in london for so general tell us more about the court's decision here well it's been hailed by opponents of the government as an incredibly strong and important legal decision downing street of the country of tweeted that it is a disappointing decision for the unanimous decision by scotland's highest court in the matter of whether johnson legally prorogue parliament finding that he didn't
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and finding that he did so motivated and these are the crucial words by the improper purpose of stymieing parliament. and in terms of the advice that he gave to the queen the court finding that that advice was motivated by this purpose now that has. created a storm of controversy here of course with opposition parties insisting that parliament be recalled immediately some suggesting johnson should resign if it if he did in fact deliberately mislead the queen there's a twitter storm over the partiality or others of the judges it doesn't say that anything's going to happen immediately downing street says the government will not recall parliament and least until it's heard from the supreme court and that's because the government is appealing this decision to the supreme court next week in parallel a separate appeal to an english high court decision that found in favor of boris johnson is also happening at the supreme court next week so down the street i think for the moment content to wait and see what the supreme court comes back with into
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parallel appeals as i say on 2 lower court decisions that found opposing decisions on this matter of the legality of the progression of parliament jenna thanks very much jenna hall in london for us. on egyptian court has sentenced the head of the muslim brotherhood to life in prison for conspiring with hamas 11 other top members were also given jail time this is the last several sentences against muhammad but they last week he was given a life sentence on charges related to mass prison breaks during the 20 levon uprising thousands of members of the muslim brotherhood have been arrested since the ousting of the former president mohamed morsy let's go back to the zimbabwean capital harare where how do want to answer is with us hopefully we've resolved our a sound issues the body of the late robert mugabe due to arrive there at any moment
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are. we being told the plane here is a few minutes away mcnabb is bodies being accompanied by his wife and his children and. when the body arises be taken to an army base at employing to see him but he's will hold this is a very very important in african culture that mugabe is from the sun a tribe he has been at least one night here in the rural village because there's an important. decision kept to take place then on thursday be flown back to laurie and wait there that fighting they'd actually. this would give the public at opportunity to come in they vehicle by state it is very important because back in 1988 when the bar began to dependents from britain the union jack came down and then the bob and . i'm glad it became the country's prime minister been back to be able. to get it made and in fun day that's when he will it be that he's he now is when
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will he be the relay is happening at the moment give the government to the family they all report what. he does not want to be at that he was taken with some people in white minority rule because according to time. remember he very very angry at the way he was removed from power back in 2700 by the i mean they can there they are reports that they have been fighting within the family the mother wants him buried at the here is that others don't and the 3rd layer which is perhaps the most important is the traditional heat in the village not a power a lot of they some of them wanting to be buried in the village way he belongs some of them say you should go to the heroes there because you will form a head of state all the 3 layers have to find some kind of common ground but right now people gather at the airport waiting for the plane to land with them got his money. out of thanks very much. pledged by the israeli prime minister to annex
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illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank is being widely condemned the arab league called the move an aggression and says it would torpedo the foundations of peace in the region jordan's foreign minister a month or 30 called the plan a serious escalation and he's warning it would push the region towards more violence and turkish foreign minister a member of cover so to condemn the plan as racist he's criticizing benjamin netanyahu for issuing what he calls illegal and unlawful messages how the force it has more from west jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu has a habit of promising dramatic announcements in the run up to elections and he did so again on tuesday when it came it was not a unilateral decision about amec sation as some had predicted instead the message to right wing settler voters was a vote for netanyahu would in concert with the trumpet ministration mean extending israeli sovereignty to all illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and in the shorter term the annexation of the jordan valley yes. there is one place
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where it's possible to apply israeli sovereignty immediately after the election if i receive a clear mandate to do so from you the citizens of israel in recent months of little diplomatic effort in this direction in recent days the conditions for this have ripened today i'm announcing my intention to apply with the formation of the next government israeli sovereignty on the jordan valley and nor going to see. the jordan valley represent some 30 percent of the occupied west bank and some of its most fertile agricultural land israeli policy has long been that it needs to retain control there for national security but the prospect of a unilateral israeli annexation as netanyahu is promising would explode any faint remaining hopes of a viable palestinian state alongside israel giving palestinians and there's a small towns and villages as prisoners without any freedom that is a war crime and as about as we are about to enter the 74th session or the general
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assembly of the united nations that the national community must stand now. to see a big noise and to stop the thing is that as a country above the laws of man at the united nations there was further condemnation such a prospect would be devastating to the potential of reviving negotiations regional peace and the very essence of a 2 state solution but there is a hugely important caveat to all this to enact his plan now you know 1st has to win the election then create a right wing coalition government that would in dorset and then push it through in the face of international pressure and by then and intensifying battle against his own corruption charges israelis have heard him talk annexation before without following through that's a point political opponents and political analysts were making even before netanyahu had finished talking this is electioneering at its best there is no connection between what the prime minister said today and what's going to happen after the election whether he's elected or not this is what i like to say is
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israeli elections are very much like las vegas and hotels in las vegas what happens during israeli elections stays in israeli elections. later at another campaign event in southern israel netanyahu was briefly rushed from the stage sirens sounding the israeli military said rockets had been fired out of gaza a dramatic end to a day when whether he makes good on it or not he confirmed his position as one entirely at odds with the 2 state solution the concept that remains the international consensus on how the israeli palestinian conflict should end very force an al-jazeera west jerusalem a need abraham has more now from ramallah in the occupied west bank. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas said that if israel moves forward with its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank then he will end all agreements signed with israel and their domestic ations this is not the 1st time for him to wage such threats however the feeling here among palestinian officials is that this
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is not an elections campaign and they believe that this has been a coordinated step with the u.s. administration p.l.o. executive committee member at hand and i said i always said that this is a game changer this is a serious threat to peace and security and she said it shows the intention the long term intention by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for ethnic cleansing other palestinian officials have called on the international community to intervene saying it's up to the world to defend its rules. i mean when israel has launched a series of airstrikes on gaza the israeli army says 15 targets were hit it says the strikes were in response to rockets launched from gaza on tuesday there were no reports of casualties. south korea is taking its dispute with japan to the world trade organization it says japan's restrictions on materials used in tech products like smart phones are politically motivated restrictions imposed in
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july followed a south korean court awarding compensation to labor is forced to work during japan's occupation of career in world war 2 japan believes that was settled in the 1965 treaty. colombia is calm as venezuela carries out a large scale military drills along its border and is one of president nicolas maduro his government says it is preparing for its neighbors to invade colombia denies any plans to do that and you should tell has been. preparing for a foreign invasion venezuela's president has ordered a show of force for the rest of the continent to see 150000 troops began war games on tuesday that are expected to last for 2 weeks only on around town today has begun the deployment of the entire army missile anti aircraft air defense comprehensive defense of the entire territory of the 220-1000 kilometer border with colombia. venezuela and colombia have traded accusations of harboring each other's
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enemies the u.s. says manure a is openly supporting what it calls narco terrorist groups which could launch cross border attacks on colombian forces i hope that the armed forces there as well. will not allow me to drive them into. some additional risks i hope they're not crazy enough. to engage in any kind of attacks colombia and is certainly the case that colombia will have full american support if that happens opposition leader won by dos as the war games are an attempt to divert attention from the political and economic turmoil within venezuela's borders i wonder what we've in a swale and the majority of business weapons are demanding is to put an end to the suffering of people to deal with the complex humanitarian emergency venezuela is grappling with acute shortages of food and medicines the u.n.
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says one in 5 are now suffering from hunger one and a half 1000000 have fled the worsening conditions to colombia. critics say he should spend more money on food that missiles but he insists the drills are needed to defend the homeland and are schapelle al-jazeera. a rescue workers in the bahamas are still recovering bodies of people killed by hurrican dorian last week at least 50 people confirmed dead and now there's an urgent appeal to help the survivors as whole diane has more. pictures of utter devastation as hurricane dorian turned this town into a virtual war zone. homes in arbuckle islands have been reduced to piles of rubble cars tossed like toys now lined the streets. the neighborhood has become an eerie reminder of the enormous damage in the search for victims and survivors lifeless bodies are removed from the rubble surrounded by death and destruction hope has
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become a luxury and hope is gone right now but it seems to be trickling back in is seeing the people that care that. that's come from outside to show. you know that that they care and love and bring in supplies. and the town of marsh harbor 90 percent of homes and buildings were damaged by hurricane dorian with winds reaching more than 300 kilometers per hour the category 5 hurricane marks the most powerful caribbean storm on record and the capital now authorities have asked people to open their homes to evacuees the united nations estimates more than 70000 people are in need of food and shelter the degree was over scores of survivors who lost everything now face the challenge of starting their lives again the government if you cannot help us when you need to give us and let somebody step in would it could really help us that we seek help we lost
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everything we lost our life we lost our family as people as are unaccounted for we could try and find out without us we got awfully lost documents and everything so there's no if you had to find jobs with no documents. it will take years to repair the damage a daunting process for both rescue teams and survivors. katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. more on hurricane dorian now at everton how's it looking at the harmers over the next few days here i'm sorry to say has a minute we have got yet more wet and windy weather coming over the next couple of days for the possibility in fact the likelihood of another tropical system developing very close to the bahamas if you take a look at the satellite picture you can see this there larry a cloud here just between cuba and haiti starting as well little further north was and it will gradually fade up towards that eastern side of the gulf of mexico very close they said very close to the bahamas and we are likely to see some torrential
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downpours across the bahamas particularly as we go on into were thursday that's wednesday is picture is already starting to rain here thursday out west a weather pushing up into the bahamas and eventually that will run across to rewards florida for friday system weather coming through here over the next couple days you can see those showers never really too far away so that's really the last thing that we do want to see see push up towards the eastern side of the u.s. you can see as long as he clear at the moment it will be the 1st sunday reactivity down towards the southeast and cold but nothing much to speak of the next system that's waiting out in the wings ahead of that we've got some very heavy rain just around the plains to spilling out of canada the real story at the moment across the southeastern corner of the u.s. is the all a very high temperatures see temperatures getting up to around 34 celsius here as we go on into the next couple of days come thursday will start to see that wetter weather running in across florida has. thanks evident now when we come back
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securing election materials from the threat of the taliban afghans to choose the next president after peace talks collapse. a glitz glamour and a global trade war the runways served new york fashion week of being hit by terrorists and the road to qatar 2022 we'll tell you which african teams made it through to the 2nd round of qualifiers that story coming up later. to strengthen the good you have to sure do good all the more with still fight against corruption. news here on heroes like new who are a barber who refused a $50000000.00 bribe the achievement of euros like him to showcase by the international acer war it shines
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a light on these heroes because the best way to find a dark used to shine a light let's make a road to a bit of bleach nominate your anti corruption nero now. talk to al-jazeera we ask what is going to use it will you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers 0. 0 again you're watching edge there
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a reminder of our top stories this hour in. iran has responded to the departure united states national security adviser john bolton foreign minister javid said he says the world had in his in his words breathed a sigh of relief president has an economy war in the us against hiring what he called war mongers. a scottish court has unanimously ruled the british prime minister's 5 week suspension of parliament is unlawful judge said the government's decision was an effort to frustrate parliament british government says it will appeal. nigeria's bringing home more than 600 of its citizens from south africa that's after a week of violence that led to tensions between the 2 countries at least 12 people were killed and more than a 1000 shops vandalized in a series of attacks on foreign owned businesses how many greece is live for us now from. the international airport in lost in lagos where people are waiting the return of their family members from south africa so i mean what more you hearing
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that. well basically. there are reports coming in that probably be husband some delays sort of initially the flight was supposed to have taken off 4 o'clock g.m.t. . written later we realize that i want to officials are telling us is that they need to be some people or some of these nigerians to leave remember there are allegations of some of them there without the necessary people walks and now we're hearing information that some of these people are trying to come back to nigeria to go through another registration biometric registration and that is among some members of the nigerian community that we have a ghost through this process may not likely go back to south africa may be denied visa for reentry again so basically the mood here is that. expectations from family members as well as preparations on the part of officers act. really has reached top
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gear so people are waiting it's been always been expecting this like to come in but now that there are information there is information about this flight may be delayed and there is also and sightsee as to whether or not these people are coming in the official statistics show that slightly abouts 300 people would be coming in with a flight they took the cd and i mean what's been the the general mood in nigeria to what's happened in there and in south africa over the last few days and of course south africa's been a place where nigerians have wanted to go to in the past for jobs and so on is is still a place that's that's luring many nigerians oh are they changing their minds now. when basically there's been some concern when these attacks broke out and by the way this is not the 1st time it's been on for a very long time i think the last case was reported in 2005 and then subsequently
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almost every year there are incidents of nigeria's been attacked other by the police there or the locals who feel that the nigerians are taking the jobs away from them some even accusing nigeria's another african setting up shop there that they are apart from taking shops or businesses from that away from them they are also responsible for the rising crime wave in south africa how about when these violence broke out in south africa they were reactions in such enough protect interest nigeria by the way is one of those countries here in lagos where we expect in the arrival of these dealers the been some attacks on businesses linked to south africa shops especially another can of the business concerns however the official see i mean the security if you see a well picked 2 and those attacks almost immediately they've been some arrests we were told that doesn't soften the jitters of being arrested in connection with these attacks on businesses related to south africa so security is also being stepped out i don't businesses that i'm going to south africa here in lagos and
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other parts of nigeria as well as i'm. thanks very much in lagos and south sudan president salva kiir in exile. have agreed to form a transitional government peace talks began in juba on monday off to the leaders signed a pact a year ago to end the civil war at least 4 100000 people have died since it started in 2013 after kira removed. vice president. a while and symbol has left almost half a 1000000 children without formal education and more than a 1000 schools have been closed in the last 3 years with armed groups accused of attacking religious and threatening teachers and students one hour from catherine story in northern book you know. this 13 year old girl is safe now in cairo time more than a 100 kilometers from her village farther north it was attacked a few months ago by an identified armed man who'd he done her identity for her
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safety she says she still finds it had to forget those moments when they came shooting and killed her father over to the weather everyone was fleeing and they were chasing others to the holes where they killed some people even tried to climb trees but they killed them. all these children have fled from their homes after attacks on villages they find solace through dance play and just talking to each other at this center that is being run by the un charter agency. we've all seen use most of the children have written the horrors some lost their relatives and friends we have different games for them sometimes we organize a session where they speak out i think that's when the healing starts. nearly half a 1000000 children in brooklyn fassel are out of school this is a big problem in a country where only about 60 percent of students complete primary school like in many conflicts most of those who are fleeing are women and children the displaced
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children are now being placed in government schools in areas where they fled to or therapeutic centers where they can play and get counseling but this facility is a feel crowded and far apart. some of the displaced people have taken refuge in classrooms but when children resume classes in october they'll have to leave you know all about the thousands. schools have been closed because of the security situation this teacher at a primary school of 400 pupils say's they just stopped coming to class secure arbors when you go to school and there are no students they have all left your so have to leave they are not students because the parents of told them not to come is a lot of fear in the village use for now the government and aid workers just want to make sure the children have the basics a safe place to leave food and a school to carry on with their education. but they also know the longer the crisis
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persists the harder it will be for the children to receive a proper education catherine sorry al-jazeera lathan book in a facile. camerons president pour beer once new talks to try to combat the country's separatists crisis an english speaking minority is demanding independence in 2 western regions human rights watch says nearly 2000 people have died since the conflict began 26 the united nations says more than half a 1000000 others have fled their homes. i have decided to convene a great national dialogue at the end of this month it will allow us to examine ways and means to answer what the population wants within the framework of our constitution northwest and southwest but also all the other parts of our nation mexico says it is rejecting a u.s. request for asylum seekers heading for the us to make their 1st asylum claim in
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mexico foreign minister marcello abroad is in washington for talks on trade and migration he said mexico's the format of $25000.00 soldiers to reduce illegal crossings at the u.s. border will be permanent. indeed we do not repent for what we have implemented because we are complying with what mexican law says we have done nothing to be ashamed of the risk of a confrontation between mexico and the united states is further away. the u.s. embassy in afghanistan was targeted by a rocket on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks the compound in northern kabul was hit shortly after midnight local time an embassy employee said no one was injured the attack comes just 2 days 3 days after president donald trump canceled peace talks with the taliban. i election material has arrived in afghanistan for the presidential vote which is just 2 weeks away there was concern the polls would be postponed because of talks between the u.s.
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and the taliban but with negotiations dead for now the government is pushing ahead shala bellus reports from kabul. newly arrived on a chartered flight and onto the streets of kabul this particular cargo is extremely valuable. to move it to the afghan government has ordered an armed escort of. the trucks carrying items needed to hold the presidential election scheduled for september the 28th the 1st batch of election material is heavily guarded because the convoy is a potential target for the taliban who don't want to see the election go ahead. everyone knows the television is trying to create problems they conduct explosions in suicide attacks to stop the vote that's why it's our duty to school these important materials and get them here safely. here is afghanistan's election
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commission it too was heavily guarded before entering the compound trucks each through a checkpoint with sniffer dogs looking for explosives. within the cargo is blue intel of the ink they needed to ensure no one votes twice it's also symbolic a visible declaration of what side of the war afghans are on these are the 1st crates of blowing that have arrived security is so tight. election officials cannot tell us where they came from or when they'll be distributed across afghanistan's 34 provinces in fact to open one of the bottles 3 election officials would have to be present the whole it's a proud moment and it's a good response to all of those who don't want to lecture like the taliban the public are going out to choose their future leader they're facing a lot of risk yet they're going to the ballot boxes and voting for a better future. indelible ink was 1st used to prevent voter fraud during elections
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in 2004 it has become a symbol of defiance the taliban have cast off the ink stained index fingers dozens of versions in the past it's all about the horses or when i color my finger with the blue in the symbol of peace whereas if you have i participate in elections to secure my future in afghanistan is a moment of pride for me and all citizens i encourage to use by showing my stained finger even of my being or will be cut off i will still go to vote. right. now it's just a matter of getting the materials to polling stations securely so voters can choose the next president. of dallas al-jazeera kabul. a judge in india has heard evidence from a woman from her hospital bed 2 years after she accused a former legislator couldn't keep seeing single is accused of raping the woman in
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2017 when he was 15 he also faces a murder charge over a car accident but hospitalized the woman trial is one of many sexual assault cases in india that has course public outrage the kidnap and rape of an 8 year old girl in 2018 year drew angry protest figures from 2016 show there were 40000 rapes registered an average of about 100 a day. and i speak now to indian supremes court we hear a suit who joins us via skype now from new delhi thanks very much for being with us so just give us your thoughts then on this particular case and how it figures into the whole debate about rape in india and this culture of seeming culture of impunity there. yes well and i think one important thing to consider is that of all the thousands of cases that of sexual assault do happen in india
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there there are 2 always going to be a few that for whatever reason stand out grab the attention of the media and grab the attention of the public so i think we have to keep in mind firstly that this case is just is just one of many and there are many more stories like this that are not even being told. which should just give you an idea of how bad the situation really is and yet how precarious it is for women and girls here. and i think stands out in this case in particular. is the fact that there is really not protection for people coming forward to testify whether they are survivors or witnesses because what you have in this case is a political politically powerful person. who has been able to use his power and influence to compromise the survivors security arrangements and to
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threaten browbeat and actually assault and in some cases kill the witnesses and lawyers supporting cook so either through a city. situation of incentivizing people do with drop their cases or threatening and intimidating them to do so what you have is a situation where pieces don't tend to get prosecuted to the fullest extent and that's where the political power and the impunity really comes in because people know that they can get away with it so what's the solution then is it in acting as tougher laws or is it is it more than that is it doesn't require a whole changing in attitude and culture see i think as far as laws are concerned we have very stringent laws on people. but the problem lies in the their poor implementation and the fact that you've not really trained it sensitize the people responsible for that implementation whether it is the law
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enforcement studies the police or whether it is the lower judiciary where the actual trial is than done that is the 1st post sort of point of contact for a survival with the legal system. and we have to remember that the people implementing this at these levels come from the same society as the people actually committing these crimes so beyond a point law is not really the one stop solution that it is made out to be what we need is better social awareness and sensitize ation and as far as laws are concerned we really ought to be focusing on. better witness protection and protection for survivors so that they are not afraid to testify. good to speak.


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