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refuge in the united states they also say that the trumpet ministration has tried to impose this new policy without getting proper public consent but what the u.s. supreme court is saying in a ruling 7 to 2 is that this is a matter where the u.s. has to allow the legal challenges in a number of federal courts but in the meantime there should be some sort of hold on the number of people being allowed to come into the united states in essence it's simply a hold it doesn't mean that the controversy over what the trumpet ministration calls a migration crisis is anywhere near being resolved. as a senior researcher at human rights watch where the focus is on the rights of emigrants and the united states that is her focus and she says migrant support groups will continue to fight the ruling. this is not the final word on the matter it is simply. a stay of the injunction that initially part of implementation is
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roll but it is significant because it is normalizing abdication of the us obligations towards us i don't think are as it is a law in the us government as you say don't asylum seekers in other countries without any guarantees that they will get a fair hearing in those countries was really shocking about this rule is that it is inconsistent with us i don't want and is inconsistent with international asylum law and so we are hopeful that the challengers will ultimately prevail but what's unfortunate is that in the meantime the concept that it is ok to dump asylum seekers other countries is becoming more and more normal and acceptable but just as an argentine urge to manage the government declare a food emergency as shortages hit the country it's facing an economic crisis and inflation is forecast to hit 53 percent in coming months the country sound to spend
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$15000000000.00 in reserves to try and stabilize its currency crashed after president reads your mockery lost an election primary last month or testers have now blocked one up on his side as his main roads. still ahead on al-jazeera we have hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hit before and that will continue present time stark warning for the taliban its peace talks stall. and are we alone any universe scientists have made a discovery bad may be able to solve one of the world's biggest mysteries. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast with the last couple of days we have been watching this area of low pressure here across the western med
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bring some very heavy rain not only to parts of spain but also to the northwestern coast of africa i do want to show you what's been happening here across the islands of majorca and this is the flooding that they have been seeing just over the last couple of days with that very heavy rain now the over low pressure really has been moving we're going to be seeing a break in the rain as we go to the rest a day today but by the time we get towards tomorrow we do expect to see more rain there so there's that circulation over the last 24 hours for parts of algeria you have seen quite a bit of rain as well so the risk of mudslides and landslides is going to be quite high today i want to show you the rest of the forecast map today we're going to be seeing the rain continuing across much of this area of northern africa as well as southern spain by tomorrow though that area of rain starts to make its way towards the north we do get a break in the rain across parts of africa but the heaviest rain does start to settle across parts of southern spain in terms of accumulation over the next 3 days we could be see anywhere between 150 and 200 millimeters of rain even higher in
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some locations so the risk is going to be quite high for flooding as well as mudslides and landslides for madrid though you're going to be on the edge of rain with partly cloudy conditions there. the winds are sponsored by town and. is a dialogue which you decide not to have children and it's what the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice that must start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little creation would you do a ph ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be on mount is iraq.
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you know watching al-jazeera these are the top stories right now british prime minister boris johnson is facing yet another legal challenge to a no deal. court to rule on whether leaving the e.u. is legally possible over the 1908 northern ireland peace accord the body of former president robert mugabe is lying in state at a stadium in harare where he took the oath as the country's leader there early 4 decades ago they will be buried on sunday but his family and the government are still discussing where he was actually be buried president donald trump's new restrictions on asylum applications to the united states have been allowed by the supreme court. to seek asylum in the 1st safe country they travel through and that effectively blocks the applications of most asylum seekers at the mexican border. and president donald trump is promising to hit the taliban quote harder than ever
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he made that comment at a ceremony marking 18 years since the $911.00 attacks it comes just days after a canceled peace talks with the group following the killing of a u.s. soldier article has more from washington d. . it's a somber day in the united states the 18th anniversary of the september 11th attacks and the president did what presidents do on this day as he gave a speech of this time at the pentagon memorial and he talked about the war in afghanistan now in the past the president has raised it seemed to raise the possibility that he could use nuclear weapons to end the conflict saying that he could end the war in just days but he didn't want to kill 10000000 people he didn't specifically say that would be with a nuclear weapon but it doesn't seem possible that it could happen any other way and again at the pentagon memorial he talked about the peace talks breaking down with the taliban and what's next we had peace talks scheduled a few days ago i called them off when i learned that they had killed
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a great american soldier from puerto rico and 11 other innocent people they thought they would use this attack to show strength but actually what they showed is unrelenting we. the last 4 days we have hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hit before and that will continue now it's not at all clear that the pentagon and the military has really stepped up the fight with the taliban they haven't provided any statistics that anything is in fact changed in afghanistan and the president is in a predicament because he promised his base that he would end the war in afghanistan if he wants to actually increase the fight change the momentum he's going to have to send more troops in afghanistan and that's something he doesn't want to do so the president saying that if the tax had been stepped up not at all clear that they have been and not at all clear what comes next the top u.s. democratic party candidates hoping to replace donald trump in next year's election
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or facing each other later on thursday 10 candidates will share a stage and other hopefuls have been excluded and also for some houston. it's a showdown in euston with the. leading democratic candidates all together on stage for the 1st time former vice president joe biden is the front runner followed by senators bernie sanders elizabeth warren and tom alone harris trailing in the polls are south bend indiana mayor. senator cory booker former cabinet secretary who leon castro former congressman bait to o'rorke senator amy clue which are and businessman andrew yang viewers can expect spirited discussion of democratic priorities expanding health care reducing gun violence and overhauling the immigration system but polls show democratic voters have one overriding priority
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1st and foremost they want to beat donald trump next year and while they may not always articulate electability quote unquote as a major concern in polling the unifying theme is fight and beat trump the candidate who can you know show competence in doing that i think it's likely to attract a lot of support so far that has benefited biden who's seen as best able to reach out to voters in rust belt states like michigan and wisconsin where trump narrowly won in 2016 but the choice of texas as the venue for this debate is also significant for decades democrats have dreamed of moving this state into the democratic column analysts believe this could be the election in which that happens texas is a dynamic and changing state we've got urban professional suburban professionals from around the country moving in we've also got a large multi-cultural population coming of age and beginning to vote those the
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combination of those factors is changing the state's politics and a massive and rapid way a lot of the president's rhetoric against immigrants the policies in these detention centers around the border most of which are in texas by the way that calm . a nation of factors has begun to galvanize latino's in a way in this state that they haven't been previously if texas went democratic the republicans would have virtually no chance of winning the white house just before the debate the democrats got some good news a new poll came out showing that the top 4 candidates biden sanders warren and harris all running ahead of president trump by significant margins but it's still more than 400 days until the election robert oulds al jazeera houston bahrain has been accused of subjecting female political prisoners to ensure a main treatment to extract confessions conducting illegal arrests and holding sham trials a joint report by bahraini and us human rights activists say women have been subjected
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to sexual and psychological torture or port also says there's been an increase in the political targeting a female activists and human rights defenders over the past 2 years a northwest syria airstrikes and fighting are preventing thousands of children from starting school hundreds of education facilities have been damaged or affected by the ongoing violence simcoe scale explains how some children are coping in a refugee camp and it led province no schools and no playgrounds and for fun and other children like her no break from hardship and deprivation here in atlanta industry refugee camp for syrians displaced by the war there is no start to the school year. but that's not stopping fatima and her sisters from helping each other to get some of their education they haue missed out on. are but are some of our never left when i 1st started school we had to leave because of the airstrikes and
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shelling i studied till 4th grade then the regime attacked our village again we moved and then i couldn't go to school i wish i had and could become a doctor or nurse we need them to treat people here. for many are syrians the war is the main memory of childhood and it is one without schooling. that when i said i was too young i can't remember anything i want to become a teacher so boys and girls can learn i want to build hospitals and houses for the poor and the displaced when the war started paul was was 4 years old now he is 12 and is unable to read or write and says there is little chance to remedy that here surely. look a lot about how can we learn something even to wash our hands we need to go out it's all modern doest when we return home we're duty we wish we we're not like other children and stayed clean we play under the trees we're surrounded by 4 walls over the past 4 months fighting in the airstrikes have displaced their own health
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a 1000000 syrians across many come here and there are more than 200 schools in northwest syria for the children being used as shelters and standards of living have dropped so low that everyday survival is increasingly people's top priority the numbers solo al-jazeera. on separatists demonstrators in barcelona have tried to break through a police line at a protest calling for the release of their jailed leaders. they demonstrated outside the cattle on parliament earlier an estimated 600000 people took part in the peaceful march to mark the region's national day and call for a secession from spain spain supreme court is due to deliver a verdict in the high profile trial of 12 separatist leaders next month. the u.s. is planning to ban flavored a cigarette products public health officials are investigating more than $450.00 cases of severe long illnesses that have confirmed at least 5 deaths related to
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each cigarettes there are fears that the companies that produce the nicotine fail devices are targeting teenagers with thousands of different flavors we can't allow people to get sick and we can't have our youth be so affected and i'm here again and that's how the 1st lady got a she's got a son together that is a. beautiful young man and she feels very very strongly about it she's see that we're both reading it a lot of people are reading it but people are dying with so we're looking at it very closely a court in the hague has acquitted a dutch doctor of all charges after she euthanized a patient with dementia the doctor gave a fatal dose of drugs to the 74 year old 3 years ago she said she was following the patients will and had consulted the woman's family and other doctors as she was accused of failing to confirm consent at the nation it is legal under dutch law if the patients suffering severely and wants to die is the founder of exit
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international a group that advocates for the right to die explains why this case sets a precedent. the problem comes up as is ever the spread in this case that when you lose the ability to give a clear decision we'll pull your earlier statement by when you do have the mental capacity that is an advanced directive written clearly made well understood by your family and doctors that you do want this you do want this so provided should you move into a situation where you lack that clarity what you do that now i think the dutch law which acknowledges and acts upon allows the doctor to act upon such an early age briskly which is the a way to go the search for alien life to scott like a lactic boosts scientists from university college london have protected water vapor and the atmosphere of another world that's more than twice the size of earth it's the 1st time a planet orbiting a star outside our system or exoplanet has been found with both water and
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temperatures that could support life at an stansell reports 110 light years away from our planet there is a super earth of world where life could exist outside of our solar system. 18 b. was discovered in 2015 astronomers use data gathered from the hubble telescope to analyze light filtered through the planet's atmosphere they found water vapor in helium the exit planet also orbits at sun's habitable zone meaning that temperatures are stable and favorable to host life forms this planet is potentially hobby double so we're talking about a planet that. on paper based on calculations is able to post liquid water right now we all can only culture late temperatures for a peace plan that's ok 2000 bees the only one that we go one step further we know that there is whether or not the spirit but to go to to hubby the blue planet started with required many many advances and many more observe ations. researchers
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at university college london believe that other molecules found on earth like nitrogen and me saying are also present in the out misfire the exoplanet may have the conditions to support life but it's not another version of the earth it's twice as big as a smaller sun and thus far more dense and scientists currently don't have the technology to physically reach the planets or analyze its surface to determine if life actually exists there. 18 b. is one of thousands of exoplanets but being trillions of kilometers away it's unlikely humans will ever be able to reach them even though this is very exciting discovery we should wind back a little bit because it's just it indications that something that we know is far to go for life as we understand it. is present it's out of this world but it's whether that indicates that there is life there is another question entirely we know the more we learn about the cosmos the more we realize that perhaps the earth has this
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singular combination of characteristics that would be very clearly there should be other worlds out there like earth but at the moments we have discovered the new more powerful telescopes are expected to be launched over the next few years they'll be able to provide deeper and more accurate analysis of 18 b. and other exoplanets allowing astronomers to discover their composition and learn more about the evolution of worlds outside of our solar system catherine stansell al-jazeera london. i'm richelle carey these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera british prime minister boris johnson is facing yet another legal challenge to a new deal breck's it high court as to rule on whether leaving the e.u. is legally possible under the 1998 northern ireland peace accord this follows the release of a british government report warning or bracks that worst case scenario would
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include traffic jams shortages of food and medicine and public unrest the body of former zimbabwe president robert mugabe will lie in state at a stadium in harare where he took over as the leader nearly 4 decades ago but gabi as to be buried on sunday but there are ongoing discussions between the government and the family about where he will be buried harriman taso has the latest from harare people have started lining up outside the stadium they expecting to come in and view the robert mugabe lying in state is their way of saying goodbye to a man some of them say was the hero a man who helped liberate this country this place is used to mimic and 1980 this is where. the flag was raised with white minority rule ended and the guy became prime minister some people who live with this area still remember that moment they were here on that day and was so proud the supreme court has ruled in favor of president
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donald trump's latest effort to restrict immigration court allowed a ban on nearly all asylum applications at the mexico border to go into effect so people will now to seek asylum in the 1st safe country they travel through effectively blocking most applications sudan's new prime minister abdullah making his 1st state visit to south sudan which is hosting talks between the transitional government and several armed groups doc has made peace keeping with groups fighting khartoum one of his main priorities thousands of people have been killed in sudan's civil wars. caught on separatist demonstrators in barcelona have tried to break through a police line at a protest calling for the release of their jailed leaders demonstrated outside the cattle on parliament earlier an estimated 600000 people took part in a peaceful march to mark the region's national day the. those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera we have another bulletin for you at the top of the hour our web site is al-jazeera dot com but to keep it here the
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stream is next. we. give to the people will be attending the workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing we meet with newsmakers and the stories that matter. a recent wave of seen a public attacks in south africa has spawned from across the continent. and today we discuss what's fueling those attacks and what's being done to stop them join the conversation you know what to do you can tweet us at a.j. stream or leave a comment in our live chat and you too can be in the stream. noir social justice and. i mean you are in this.
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phobia. africa has killed at least 12 people the latest incident happened on sunday and johannesburg leaving one person dead and 5 wounded most of the violence which began in late august takes place and johannesburg where large immigrant populations live news of the attacks has prompted reprisals in zambia nigeria and the democratic republic of the congo as protesters targeted south african businesses and diplomatic offices joining us to discuss they seem victoria 4 was involved way in the way she's the a.n.c. chairperson for the international relations committee and that's work south africa where he's the founder of the people's coalition against seen a phobia and in a new nigeria journalist chika it is good to have you everybody i wish it was over a better circumstance but india wait let me show you
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a couple of headlines i'm sure you've been reading them yourself i'm just curious about your react. here we have from africa news xeno phobia harb mozambique blasts south africa to repatriate citizens another headline here $649.00 gerry and signed up to take free flights over south africa after xena phobic attacks on foreigners it's that word seen a phobia zenith do you associate that with south africa that would that attitude. when it's syrian fortunate that we have to assist with the images that. this is something that we very proud as a nation is a country it is something that we believe we need to do you know. to deal with the number and we deal with it some illegal pointers you deal with it so main gate agent can really. deal with it so it is in the countries that who i
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know i'm making a statement making right now and i'm very happy day actually has a. against all the things that they can people that we need to know as a country to visit but we need to take on this issue what is the core. and i do indeed that it is something that we can to do or no one can but as a. government we need to take responsibility with instances with us i think our community would be very happy to hear you say that especially because there are members 9 of that community who don't believe this is in a phobia so i want to share with you a few tweets from people this is for chris says it's not it's just criminal acts using xenophobia as an excuse another person says acts of criminality 8 zina phobia i don't pick that
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a few more times and it brought him here sums asop saying how can we stop as in a phobic attacks when the leaders of south africa don't agree in the 1st place that it is zina phobia and some people are hearing mixed messages there say i'll give this one team you what is your take on what people seem to be saying. well i mean good is good is it a few big otherwise we wouldn't have. to do it of migrants we have been the main victims of gun been looting and rioting that have been perpetrated in the past few. i want to bring in check ahead chicken i was reading your twitter feed week and i read this my 1st experience is in a phobia in south africa and then you tell a story that got so many likes and people really empathize with your story and your conclusion from the real story is quite damning for south africans tell us the story festival. well basically i had gone to south africa on october 26th team to
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attend to journalism events one was a c.n.n. african journalist award and one was a conference to engage civic data journalist and at the international airport in cape town i was approached by a very hostile man who claimed to have been an official at the airport he was not wearing a uniform therefore i was very wary of him and he approached me right after i had gone through immigration and just right off the bat his entire demeanor was belligerent it was hostile it was suspicion and it was just barry alarming there me off guard and he was just demanding to know what are you doing here what are you doing here what are you doing here and i told him several times that i'm here as a journalist to attend a media event and he was very skeptical and had a lot of doubt on his face and it was just very uncomfortable i had people in the airport watching me he wouldn't let me move any time i tried to go to baggage claim
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or go to the restroom he would physically stand in front of my my person just blocking my movement so it went on about 45 minutes until another airport official finally came to rescue me. that we've all had bad experiences at the f one how do you know just wasn't grumpy why you say you know phobic right right well i kept saying that i was a journalist and he wants my passport i showed him my passport which was and i cheer him passport and that's when i saw a lot of just. he just didn't like the fact that i was traveling with a nigerian passport i saw it on his face was like oh you're nigerian and just from there that the questions that he was answer he got he was asking me again why you here and i think me traveling as a female by myself with a nigerian passport he didn't like it and this was also expressed by the airport official who did actually come to rescue me see this was a bad experience for you a point space a point spencer south africa but why would you then go on to say. south africans is
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enough i think from that experience because i've heard so many other similar experiences femi i mean this is a reoccurring issue but you know this is not new this is not happening out of the blue or out of this out of a sudden and i've spoken to so many other african nationals and they express similar experiences at the airports where if you for example your physical features don't appear to be south african you're people comment come come after you also a taxi driver told me but if i were nigerian he would have whopped me he didn't know i was nigerian because i don't speak with a nigerian accent so you hear statements like this and you hear this over and over again and of course you just come to understand that there is not we don't always feel welcomed as african nationals we don't always feel welcome coming into south africa a very outspoken politician to this malema had something to say about these recent attacks and he framed them somewhat differently have a listen i said other time but in all the buses let's put all these
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nigerians and zimbabweans in buses let's take them back and let's see if you get it implemented. it to me is the most stupid thing to think of you. just defying cry and you give it nice knaves all just enough will be a phobia it's kind it must be dead with this such see they were decent and i said that resonated lots of people lots of people around the continent of the world as well is that your take on hal's south africans of behaving like now . i think the. government coming in. yeah but i think you know that you have to deny that it is migrant who are sitting with tiger that in hands you know you're trying to collect tries it anyhow but as
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you know for pick things up by denying that you know make the program disappear and i think the question that i think is quite accurate in a point you know in the argument of my lemon is precisely what you are making that the has to something a phobia is you know located in the deepening crisis in the economy where we've been losing millions of jobs particularly since the economic crisis of 2 dozen in 2009 over to me too in jobs were lost in the crisis decision hasn't gotten better if anything it has gotten worse today unemployment is sitting at over 10000000 that is about. you know. about 40 percent i think according to some estimations and i mean there are levels of poverty over 50 percent approximately 50 percent of the population in this country i live in poverty and i'm one of the black african that is you know much more west at and at
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the region of about $64.00 or more percent now it is this deepening levels of poverty that is a hoot cause of this crisis by putting measure in such an indication because of the we can close and the poor is deepening and there is no solution on the basis of the existing micro economy policies of this government none of the politicians. you know of been raising their concerns over this have offered any viable solution and we think it is only a break with the new debate out there to quote he says of this kept us government that we can begin to make in roots in the fundamental problems of unemployment of housing of love of us. collapsing public services and all of these programs that are these countries. where clinton and of course.
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see them by the mentioned poverty levels and unemployment because i'm seeing that online as well so this is julie is on twitter who says a party it created inequality south african leaders failed to address inequality in post apartheid south africa and instead some told people that the problem is having foreigners in the country the result is in a phobia i want to go on to this point picking up on that this is a director at human rights watch who says it's absolutely frightening and its rear its ugly head again in johannesburg i spoke about it on the radio and a very hostile caller threatened me scary and very little action from the police now this is the one who sent us a big comment elaborating on his thoughts on what it's been like have a listen the police job is of africa this is something that can be brought under control the. property is primarily african foreign nationals can be stalked if the policing sort of cricket was so political it
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doesn't sort of. ridiculous in science that a phobia with no accountability. for the leaders of the good to acknowledge that what is. just criminality each is in the phobic and they must then implement the existing national action plan to come back to the phobia in other forms of intolerances then they way i could listen to you i see you writing notes they are thinking of things to respond to it and of course a lot of people have this question so you're the best person to talk about it with but he says it politicians police aren't doing enough and in fact they're.


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