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eventually where mcgovern's body is going to be laid to rest. exactly family members are in a meeting right now talking about wages going to be betty they say they're releasing official statements sometime later today the government just to make the statement i think they are also still talking to family name doesn't people she did god make me think you taking a dose of media again you had actually wow you one of them if you look like he released a statement saying that he thinks the family is go get a private burial because they're angry at the way mcnabb it was a coup back in 27 so you go all the things up playing a lot of people are going to be confused about way he's going to be if he's not given a private burial to get here if they could in the capital his grave has already been paid he would be. badly who died in 1992 from kidney failure out of thanks very much indeed. sudan's new prime minister abdullah hum doctors
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making his 1st state visit to south sudan juba is hosting talks between the transitional government and several. 100 has made peacemaking with groups fighting one of his main priorities since 2003 thousands of people have been killed in civil wars between sudan's government and on the groups this includes the conflict in darfur where fighting between those on groups of farmers and government forces has displaced around 2500000 people rioting in the region has subsided over the past 4 years but the armed groups are still active and skirmishes continue to happen but reaching peace is a priority for the new term as this interim government largely because it's a key condition for getting sudan removed from the u.s. sponsors of terrorism list morgan brings us more from juba. it's the sudanese prime minister's 1st foreign visit since he was appointed last month and it's scheduled to last for 2 days now the prime minister will be meeting with the head
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of state of south sudan salva kiir mayardit who is also at the moment the mediator off the peace talks between the sudanese government and the armed group called the sudanese revolutionary front and the sudan people's liberation movement north the prime minister is also scheduled to meet with the heads of these armed groups because he says that when he was appointed he made a pledge that his transitional government will be prioritized over anything else and will try to achieve it within the 1st 6 months of the 39 month transitional period the prime minister has also said that sudan will be an open space and will build its foreign relations based on common interests and interests between south sudan and sudan 2 countries that will 11 go very deep other to share a mutual economic interest with south sudan taking with its 75 percent of sudan's oil facilities when the seceded in 2011 and the economy of the 2 countries is on that pumping of oil and the export of those oil with south sudan playing sudan oil fields which supports the economies of the 2 countries so it looks like along with
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trying to make peace with the armed groups the south sudanese president and the sudanese prime minister who's visiting will be talking about bilateral relations for the interest of the 2 countries but to go ahead in the years including. deserted in hong kong tourists are staying away from the city scared off by months of mass protests. the lesser known victims of the war in yemen we meet fishermen battling for survival and in sports n.f.l. star antonio brown trains with his team for the 1st time since being accused of rape. the u.s. supreme court has ruled in favor of president donald trump's latest effort to restrict him agree. the courts allowed a bond to go into effect on nearly all asylum applications of the mexico border
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people will now have to seek asylum in the 1st safe country they travel through that effectively blocks most applications roselyn jordan has more now from washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump is celebrating the supreme court decision to allow his new policy denying migrants from central america the right to apply for asylum to continue however the president may not want to celebrate to vigorously too soon that's because this is simply allowing the new policy requiring people to 1st apply for asylum in a 3rd country before trying to ask for refuge in the united states because there are legal challenges against this new policy and acted in mid july the groups that are challenging the law say that it is up ending nearly 40 years of u.s. asylum policy and that it is incredibly disruptive to the families of those who are trying to find shelter and refuge in the united states they also say that the trial
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that ministration has tried to impose this new policy without getting proffer public consent but what the u.s. supreme court is saying in a ruling 7 to 2 is that this is a matter where the u.s. has to well let the legal challenges in a number of federal courts play out but in the meantime it should be some sort of hold on the number of people being allowed to come into the united states in essence it's simply a hold it doesn't mean that the controversy over what the trumpet ministration calls a migration crisis is anywhere near being resolved or grace bangerz are senior is such a human rights watch where she focuses on the rights of immigrants in the united states she says migrant support groups will continue to fight the ruling. this is not the final word on the matter it is simply. a stay of the injunction that
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initially art implementation is wrong but it is saying i think it because it is normalizing abdication of the us obligations towards asylum seekers and it is allowing the u.s. government as you say down asylum seekers and other countries without any guarantees that they will get a fair hearing and those countries was really shocking about this for all is that it is inconsistent with us i am a law it is inconsistent with international asylum law and so we are hopeful that the challengers will ultimately prevail but what unfortunate that in the meantime the concept that it is ok to dump asylum seekers other countries is becoming more and more normal and i thought the ball was president donald trump says john bolton's aggressive approach to north korea is a key reason why he fired his now former national security advisor trump says bolton had fallen out with senior aides and had made mistakes iran's leaders have
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welcomed deserves it saying washington should quote push warmongers aside and fisher has more from washington. donald trump more on the 911 anniversary at the pentagon then surprisingly cold reporters into the oval office when he returned to the white house the departure of national security adviser john bolton dominating questions to the president he's somebody that i actually had a very good relationship with but he wasn't getting along with people in the administration that i consider very important. i hope we we've left in good stead but maybe we haven't maybe we haven't i have to run the country the way we're running the country iran's president suggests john bolton's abrupt departure from the white house should bring a change in u.s. policy and john has americans should know that war mongering and war mongers and not in their favor they should put aside both warmongers and war mongering and
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maximum pressure from russia's foreign minister a belief that that's unlikely in the short story as for how it will affect russia u.s. relations i won't guess the policies in the united states are defined by the president as many times supported normalization of trade economy and humanitarian and political ties between our countries an increase of cooperation in the world john bolton's official resignation letter was cut and to the point no praise for president trump or his policies just a brief thank you for having afforded me this opportunity to serve our country don't trump says he'll name a new national security advisor next week the president he will look for someone who shares his world view. this 1st option isn't always military action who support the idea of talks with anyone even the iranians 3 possible names to take over one of the most important jobs in washington mr president thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve keith kellogg a former army general whose country the national security adviser to vice president
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mike pence there's brian who has been the administration's special representative for enron and is close to secretary of state mike pump and there is douglas macgregor a former army colonel who's often appeared on t.v. praising the president there is some sense of satisfaction in the government that john bolton is now out of a job one senior figure tweeting that john bolton promised 3 months ago that iran would no longer exist we are still standing he wrote he has gone. alan fischer al-jazeera washington the united nations secretary general has joined international condemnation of a pledge by israel's prime minister to an exporter of the occupied west bank and says it would be a serious breach of international law and would devastate jones's for future peaceful negotiations you know him has more from the jordan valley. we're standing in dawson always a village in the jordan valley this really prime minister benjamin netanyahu says
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he wants to annex this area he doesn't want to annex that area over there jericho and because he says he wants to complete and carry out his plan without annex in any single palestinian but there are palestinians here bedouin communities we've spoken to some of them and they believe that what netanyahu is saying is part of his elections campaign. every time they have is really elections they do it at the expense of the palestinian people and you know says i want to annex the jordan valley so israelis will vote for him not more miserable how many times will leave it to the palestinians have been displaced several times already there's no place else for us to go the jordan valley makes up one 3rd of the occupied west bank it's already under israeli military occupation and palestinians see it as an integral part of their future palestinian state now this is under threat this is why many palestinian officials have been voicing concerns against nathaniel to mark they are
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saying that netanyahu has this regarding international law only for him to win more votes they're calling it an act of ethnic cleansing stealing palestinian land and killing any opportunity for 2 state solution. during more than 4 years of war in yemen fishermen have risked their lives to set their nets and bring home their catches many have not survived becoming victims of attacks by the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting hooty rebels their story now from the home of the top of the port of call data. is the port of poti on 3 day to watch the freshman return from the sea he used to be one of them until he lost his hand. by government forces my men are not i and as we were preparing to go to sea we were suddenly attacked i ran to help an injured colleague but there was a 2nd attack and i was flung to the ground i lost my hand and that's deprived me of
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an income. the 23 years old was the sole bread winner in the family after his father was part of lies in a motorcycle answer them and i'm going to name a bear used to be a fisherman but after my accident we depend on omar but now we're both crippled. we went to see ourselves to check out the risks and. there's no official agreement with the saudi us a quality government forces fighting overseas as to how far out yemen is can take their boats into the vet sea. we have entered now the 4th mile from the course line of the day that we can see here one of the 1st women who is using the tribe this no fishing he couldn't go for the fearing for his life. the sea ports authority and how they don't which is run by the hoa fees says special men have been targeted before i believe me fishermen cannot go to areas
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$20.00 or 30 miles off the coastline where fish are available in big quantities for fear of being attacked by saudi warships and apache helicopters human rights watch says 46 question men have been killed since the start of the war more than 4 years ago but the ports authority ports that. 267 and supported one of the victims was a child 14 years old. if you think it's human rights watch said a child was on a fishing boat and waved at a helicopter shot of the box of fish that they'd caught but he was the 1st one killed nobody asked them what is your next move will you raise such injustices at the international court of justice. with 40 short supply in yemen d.c. at least provide the source of meals and work or what a. market is busy but it has itself been attacked during the war
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every day i challenge for yemen. and. iraq rain has been accused of subjecting female political prisoners to inhumane treatment to extract confessions conducting illegal arrests and holding sham trials a joint report by black raney in the us human rights activists says women have been subjected to sexual and psychological torture the report also says there's been an increase in the political targeting of female activists and human rights defenders over the past 2 years in northwest syria airstrikes and fighting or preventing thousands of children from starting school hundreds of education facilities have been damaged or affected by the ongoing violence. explains how some children are coping in a refugee camp in the province. no schools and no playgrounds and for
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fatima and other children like her no break from hardship and deprivation here in atlanta in this refugee camp for syrians displaced by the war there is no start to the school year. but that's not stopping fatima and her sisters from helping each other to get some of the education they haue missed out on. avatar some of our never left when i 1st started school we had to leave because of the airstrikes and shelling i studied till 4th grade then the regime attacked our village again we moved and then i couldn't go to school i wish i had and could become a doctor or nurse we need them to treat people here. for many are syrians the war is their main memory of childhood and it is one without schooling. i was too young i can remember anything i want to become a teacher so boys and girls can learn i want to build hospitals and houses for the poor and the displaced when the war started problems was 4 years old now he is 12
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and is unable to read or write and says there is little chance to remedy that here should. look like about how can we learn something even to wash our hands we need to go out it's all mud and asked when we return home with dirty we wish we we're not like other children and stayed going we play under the trees we're surrounded by 4 walls over the past 4 months fighting in the airstrikes have displaced their own health a 1000000 syrians across many come here and there are more than 200 schools in northwest syria for the children being used as shelters. and standards of living have dropped so low that everyday survival is increasingly people's top priority seen em go solo al-jazeera. you as president donald trump says he's delaying an increase in tyre of son $250000000000.00 worth of chinese exports by 2 weeks chum
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says the decision was made at the request of the chinese and as a gesture of goodwill china headed made a gesture of its own announcing it would exempt some new u.s. products from tariff increases in the lead up to tall show jeweled for next month's new us tariffs well the jew to rise from 25 percent to 30 percent on october the 1st hong kong was one of the world's most visited cities in 2018 but after almost a 100 days of unrest key industries like tourism are suffering this week the government confirmed that the number of people visiting in august was down 40 percent from a year ago adrian brown reports in an economic downturn that looks set to get worse . burned performs in an almost deserted theme park this is disneyland normally one of hong kong's most popular tourist attractions but there are no queues for the rides and other attractions today. on average $18000.00
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people visit each day many of them from mainland china. but the unrest that began on june the 9th has made it harder for hong kong to sell itself as a fun destination in. the neighborhood of manchaca has seen some of the worst violence the bravo clothes boutique on princess wood road regularly has to close early but always opens the following morning only the graffiti hinting at what had happened a few hours earlier. the shop faces monk police station a frequent target for demonstrators since mid june businesses for them by 80 percent yet the solitary sales assistant says she supports the protests because she says they want what she wants. of course freedom freedom since i'm not the boss and just an employee i think freedom is more important but my boss would think business is more important. at the nearby noodle 11 restaurant
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customers are still coming but business is 30 percent down on a month ago and while the owner remains confident from kong's economy will recover he's still worried. it's hard to sustain the business how to pay the rent and the staff. in more prosperous districts sales number of customers in some luxury boutiques visitors from the chinese mainland are still arriving but this spending less time here and list money some appearing different to the unrest once i got here it seems it's not as high as. even before the protests began on june the 9th it had not been a good year for hong kong's economy it's been feeding the effects of the trade war between china and the united states as well as the slowdown in china's economy and all of that argue some economists could be enough to push hong kong into recession . this is
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a city where divisions in society are deepening and no matter how it all ends many people on both sides agree on one thing hong kong is unlikely to be the same again adrian brown hong kong. in a few moments we're going to have the weather with meteorologist kevin corriveau but also i still ahead on al-jazeera thousands of parents worldwide refusing to provide lifesaving vaccinations to their children now at least one country considers making it a law to get vaccinations plus 1st and foremost they want to try next year when the democratic candidates for u.s. president to meet in thursday night's debate it's going to be the 1st time those leading in the polls have been on the same stage together. and american dream is turning into a bit of a nightmare details coming up in the sport. as
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we end the weekend as a win that we can go into the weekend scuse me we're looking at a widespread flooding situation here in the western part of the med now notice the clouds are at their circulating this is a very. the pesky area of low pressure that really has been moving over the last 24 to 48 hours as a matter of fact has been dropping a lot of rain not only for parts of europe but also down here towards africa where we have seen $49.00 millimeters here in algeria now that doesn't seem a lot but it is actually in this part of the world to the north though in 3 hours in majorca we have seen just about $107.00 millimeters of rain in a 24 hour period it was $184.00 millimeters now that much rain in a small amount of time causes flash flooding this is what we're dealing with across the aisle and widespread flooding has been a big problem now the good news is they have a little bit of a rest today in terms of the rain but that area of low pressure is still spinning
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so the heaviest rain today is going to be still across parts of algeria we're going to be watching that very carefully as we put this into motion for tomorrow and that area of low pressure really pushes the rain up towards the north into the northeast into parts of spain and in this area we're going to see anywhere between $150.00 and possibly $250.00 millimeters of rain across much of this area so the widespread flooding is going to continue. the weather sponsored by countdown to. early isn't 45 we are football fans who don't think about opening really had that lead explaining when real madrid it's love worth 500000000 euros or expresses a position on something like the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you'll be going to your home in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports during the endless chain.
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culture we know the problem that affects this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and with point on a story that you might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers deployed anti-riot carol. challenging the voices were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this belfast high court has thrown out
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a case claiming the briggs's strategy of boris johnson's government is not compatible with the 1980 northern ireland peace accord this comes after the release of a british government report warning upgrades it worst case scenario includes traffic jams shortages of food and medicine rising prices and public on the west. the body of former zimbabwean president robert mugabe is to lie in state at a stadium in hati that's where he took old as the country's leader for decades ago mugabe is to be buried on sunday but there are ongoing discussions between his government and the family about where he will be laid to rest. sudan's new prime minister abdullah is making his 1st state visit to south sudan juba is hosting talks between the transitional government and several groups come dong has made peace making with the groups fighting khartoum one of his main priorities. scientists doctors and political leaders meeting in brussels at
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a global vaccinations summit conference takes place at a time when countries around the world are facing outbreaks of preventable diseases due to a lack of adequate vaccination now many nations including malaysia considering making immunization compulsory for children finds that reports from calling them poor. this is a government clinic in malaysia where vaccinations are given free for 12 preventable major childhood diseases including measles diphtheria and polio immunization coverage has reached 95 percent but the program isn't mandatory and mohamed nor bin zakaria a father of 2 has chosen not to vaccinate his children i don't believe that although. i do believe the measles is not a deadly disease because if we look at the older generation how did they deal with it somehow we're treating all these diseases that have existed for a long time something that is so deadly and i believe that with good sanitation good hygiene good nutrition and existing information you can trade mazes at least
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for my child that's my personal stand but i don't go around telling parents not to vaccinate their kids. reasons cited by other parents for not vaccinating include concerns about possible adverse side effects and religious grounds this debate is taking place not only in malaysia but globally the world health organization has blamed vaccine misinformation as a major threat to global health saying it could reverse progress made in tackling preventable diseases one example is measles provisional data from the w.h.o. indicates the have been more measles cases reported worldwide in the 1st half of this year than in any year since 2006 the rise in measles cases is driven by poverty in some places but in more developed countries it's due to a growing wave of people who refuse immunization for their children in malaysia the health ministry says the number of anti vaccines as they're known is small but the government is considering a proposal to make certain vaccinations compulsory for children we all agree that
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our children must not be exposed to such unnecessary reese especially when there is vaccination available and it's free for the children in malaysia. as me and his wife expecting their 1st child next month and they've decided that they'll follow the national immunization shed you know interest but not protecting your child it's about protecting others as well because if we can ensure that every child can next be vaccinated. we might prevent all this. from spreading he says to deny that to any child would be irresponsible florence al-jazeera. well vaccines have been one of the biggest success stories of modern medicine the world health organization says it can debunk 6 common myths that's number one it says is that diseases began to disappear before vaccines were even
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introduced in the w.h.o. says the truth is there's little doubt of the significant impact vaccines have had 2nd myth when the majority of people who get disease diseases have been vaccinated in truth says the w.h.o. most vaccines are 85 to 95 percent effective next myth there are batches of vaccines more associated with adverse events and deaths than others the truth according to the w.h.o. vaccine botches and all the same and an adverse event doesn't mean the vaccine caused it next with back scenes cause many harmful side effects and even death the w.h.o. says the truth is vaccines are safe with only minor temporary effects myth number 5 vaccine preventable diseases have been virtually eliminated from my country so there is no need for my child to be vaccinated but the truth says the w.h.o. is that diseases could be brought in by travelers from other countries the final common if giving a child multiple vaccinations increases the risk of harmful side effects truth
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vaccines in combination have been proven to be safe and effective let's bring in derek gatherers of all the just and lecturer at lancaster university and glynn thank you very much indeed for your time sir why is there's so much distrust of vaccines. we really wish that we knew the answer to that and vaccine sentiments have been our own since vaccines were invented an 18th century by jenna but only recently have we seen a mass vaccination movement and it's probably to do with the social media that's become so important at the moment in the way that people get their news and we have something which is spreading very rapidly which is out of control of mainstream media it's out of control of normal government information channels we heard in florence louise report just. a gentleman called muhammad north he said i do believe
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missiles is not a deadly disease if we look at the older generation how did did a deal with that somehow we're treating all these diseases that have existed for a long time with something that is so deadly that seems like a very difficult perception to get round if you are determined to make sure that children are immunized. that is true yes when we had $84.00 notify dates in the european union last year from measles and historically death rates were much higher in the prefix nation days in 1980 there were 2 and a half 1000000 deaths worldwide from for measles and that's come right down into the 10s of thousands no largely as a result of the vaccination campaigns that have been ruled out saw the snow to to stick sort of on the side of the of the vaccines and the case for vaccination is or is overwhelmingly compelling but the problem is that we're finding it difficult to get that message out on the ground and vaccines conference taking place at the
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moment in belgium the u.s. surgeon general talked about how to meet with new york had been counteracted and he emphasized that it was through dealing with local community leaders and getting the message out to people who have trusted in in the affected communities that they were able to get more people to take up measles vaccine and thus bring the new york measles becomes a control so we have to operate through social media and community organization level in order to get the message to the people who who have been vaccinated the children it is a delicate balancing act isn't it because on the one hand the w.h.o. obviously feels that it is a necessity for vaccination programs to be carried out at the same time i would imagine it is you have to be cautious about rolling out a program and essentially steamrolling over cultural sensitivities as well that must be a tricky road to negotiate. yes that's true and
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there are some religious groups and groups of other special beliefs that that reject fights a nation but that can't really be the cause for the present we have a venti vaccination sentiment particularly in the in the european union which is sure it's not the most religious part of vote and yet anti-vaccination sentiment seems to be rising the april $21000.00 euro barometer showed that a boat 40 percent of people surveyed had vaccine skeptical opinions of one kind or another and a further 10 percent had had more reservations about vaccination without really being described this vaccine skeptics and fortunately that hasn't translated into actual facts emerge in behavior we still have orders of 85 percent of children in the european union are being vaccinated but if those beliefs that people clearly hold at least according to the unabomber to study to poor for 1st a tipping point into into active vaccine refusal then we will have
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a lot of problems on our hands especially regarding as you mentioned in your report measles which is one of the most infectious diseases norden and and will rapidly increasing numbers of folks nation drops even slightly really interesting to get your analysis of this very governor thank you very much indeed for your time sir thank you of course in the hague has acquitted a dutch doctor of all charges after she euthanized a patient with dementia the doctor gave a fatal dose of drugs to the 74 year old 3 years ago she said she was following the patient's well under consulted with the woman's family and other doctors but she was accused of failing to confirm consent if the nature is legal under dutch law if the patient suffering severely and wants to die. the us democratic party presidential candidates leading in recent polls will debate each other for the 1st time later on thursday well leaders joe biden elizabeth warren and bank saunders haven't shared the stage.


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