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condition for getting sudan removed from the u.s. sponsors of terrorism list here morgan brings us more from juba it's the sudanese prime minister's 1st foreign visit since he was appointed last month and is scheduled to last for 2 days now the prime minister will be meeting with the head of state of south sudan salva kiir mayardit who is also at the moment the mediator off the peace talks between the sudanese government and the armed group called the sudanese revolutionary front and the sudan people's liberation movement north the prime minister is also scheduled to meet with the heads of these armed groups because he says that when he was appointed he made a pledge that his transitional government will prioritize peace over anything else and we'll try to achieve it within the 1st 6 months of the 39 months transitional period the prime minister has also said that sudan will be an open space and will build its foreign relations based on common interests and interests between south sudan and sudan 2 countries that will want one go very deep other to share a mutual economic interest with south sudan taking with its 75 percent of sudan's
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oil facilities when the seceded in 2011 and the economy of the 2 countries is these on that pumping of oil and the export of those oil with south sudan playing sudan oil fields which supports the economies of the 2 countries so it looks like along with trying to make peace with the armed groups the south sudanese president and the sudanese prime minister who's visiting will be talking about bilateral relations for the interest of the 2 countries. the body or form a zimbabwean president robert mugabe will lie in state as a stadium and that's what he took over as the leader nearly 4 decades ago mcgovern is to be buried on sunday but there are ongoing discussions between the government and his family about where he'll be laid to rest that speak to how to who's in her body for us how do is there any indication about the burial plan. or robert mugabe nobody has arrived at a foreign stadium because there's been so much confusion over the way he's going
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today the program changing this the lakers thursday and friday his body life made here actually fire a stadium that day of mourning that has to be held that maybe a hit the states are made to come mainly from africa be told that that is very diligent in zimbabwe the people they will be able to see him and they they can buy badly they right now they do not know when all way he is going to be theories whether they missed it and got them made great got the white believe in the days he plaid the burial family may have been have also been meeting the government in a way and telling the general public doc to believe make me think elating on social media they know that they are still talking 2000 members to finalize the way and when he is going to be buried if he'd like given a private burial given period at the hero's taketh a victory in the capital if may some people who helped in the white minority rule had he buried his grave has already been repaid if he is buried they would have a day that is really basic to 1st wife sally who died back in 1900 from kidney
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failure or we can hear the singing and the chanting and obviously see the crowds behind you at the stadium there but what is the mood at the stadium because robert mugabe was a very divisive figure. he wasn't even polarizing in date right now here in the stadium i can see a very jovial people who can't really be thinking. if i was right now you see the police have lined up the people when when the time comes we will be walking through the police up the way that kin to the coffin has been opened people can walk past the human body they could buy and go back and sit on the this place is very historical lots of memories for many many of the baldwin in 1800 the union jack was brought down this is why we flag was raised it was a smaller name that's prime minister and he promised a lot of things a bit like he's going to prove to improve for busy the bobbins but $29.00 t.v.
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economy is in shambles just go outside the stadium you think that we dated how's the most home going to running wanted it to see people find jobs people are frustrated some mixed emotion been involved way right now a lot of people have come here to say goodbye to the founding father of the country but many of the more in life is simply miserable they struggling to get by because of the state of the economy thanks very much indeed at least 50 people have been killed when the train derailed in the democratic republic of congo's southeastern province of tonkin to become a government minister says the accident happened around 3 am local time in the tang of my buddy. more ahead on the news hour including 1st and foremost they want to beat on the trot next year the democratic candidates prepare for the debate to decide the party's candidates and the 2020 elections. in the happiest place on snow longer hong kong protests are turning disneyland into
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a ghost town. and in sport n.f.l. star antonio brown trains with his team for the 1st time since being accused of rape. 3 afghan soldiers have been killed in a suicide bombing near an army base in kabal the afghan minister of defense confirmed the attack 4 other soldiers were killed the taliban has claimed responsibility tony buckley has more from kabul. it's act happened on thursday afternoon at risk or 25 kilometers west of kabul city and it happened at an afghan army base where they were special forces we understand there was a lone suicide bomber with a suicide vest he exploded a vest on approach to the entrance of the base we're told that 4 soldiers were killed and 3 have been injured so far that's the tally so far details given by the ministry of defense the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack and it's
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interesting to know that this is the 1st major attack the taliban has carried out near the capital since president from cancel those peace talks with the taliban 5 days ago he did that by tweet the taliban responded that the americans would suffer more than they would and we were expecting in kabul some kind of violent backlash to that decision but so far nothing apart from 2 days ago a a lone rocket fired indiscriminately into cardboard very close to the american embassy but it caused no casualties and little damage so this is being seen here is something of a positive sign people expected an attack by the taliban it hasn't happened perhaps now is giving you know food for thought that they are considering their next move and perhaps going to approach the negotiating process in a different frame of mind also we're hearing that there are lots of pressure being put on the americans to come back to the negotiating table but the attack comes
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hours after president donald trump promised to hit the afghan taliban harder than ever it made that comment at a ceremony marking 18 years since the 911 attacks the council of peace talks with the group following the killing of a u.s. soldier a few days ago. we had peace talks scheduled a few days ago. i called them off when i learned that they had killed a great american soldier from puerto rico and 11 other innocent people they thought they would use this attack to show strength but actually what they showed is unrelenting week it's the last 4 days we have hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hit before and that will continue. top u.s. democratic party candidates hoping to replace donald trump in next year's election are facing each other later on thursday 10 candidates are going to share a stage 10 other hopefuls have been excluded robins reports from houston. it's
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a showdown in euston with the leading democratic candidates all together on stage for the 1st time former vice president joe biden is the front runner followed by senators bernie sanders elizabeth warren and kaamelott harris trailing in the polls are south bend indiana mayor. senator cory booker former cabinet secretary who leon castro former congressman bait to o'rorke senator amy clue which are and businessman andrew yang viewers can expect spirited discussion of democratic priorities expanding health care reducing gun violence and overhauling the immigration system but polls show democratic voters have one overriding priority 1st and foremost they want to beat donald trump next year and while they may not always articulate electability quote unquote as
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a major concern in polling the unifying theme is fight and be trump the candidate who can you know show competence in doing that i think it is likely to attract a lot of support so far that has benefited biden who's seen as best able to reach out to voters in rust belt states like michigan and wisconsin where trump narrowly won in 2016 but the choice of texas as the venue for this debate is also significant for decades democrats have dreamed of moving this state into the democratic column analysts believe this could be the election in which that happens texas is a dynamic and changing state we've got urban professional suburban professionals from around the country moving and we've also got a large. cultural population coming of age and beginning to vote those the combination of those factors is changing the state's politics and a massive and rapid way a lot of the president's rhetoric against immigrants the policies in these
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detention centers around the border most of which are in texas by the way that combination of factors has begun to galvanize latinos in a way in the state that they haven't been previously if texas went democratic the republicans would have virtually no chance of winning the white house just before the debate the democrats got some good news a new poll came out showing the top 4 candidates biden sanders warren and harris all running ahead of president trump by significant margins but it's still more than $400.00 days until the election robert oulds al jazeera houston israelis had to the polls on tuesday man there's been an increase in leagues to the media about looming corruption charges against prime minister benjamin netanyahu but he's lost back 70 deca reports from western was a little bit of a new phone number a world champion in fake news he's ready prime minister takes to facebook to
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discredit an israeli journalist in the channel he works for for broadcasting leaks to do with the corruption cases against the prime minister israeli media now reporting that the journalist has hired a bodyguard because of the anonymous threats he's received and that then you know i think that made this a very important gives a lot of importance to the media and he wants to shape the public opinion he wants to influence and that sassed and. panic these 35 you can never see that because as a good actor he never shows his fear. but this week we saw some signs over because there was a recording that was leaked that they were screaming. in a secret recording netanyahu can be heard screaming at his then communications minister telling him to intervene in order to allow a sympathetic channel to broadcast news something it had not been allowed to do before netanyahu had been banned by the attorney general from interfering in the
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affairs of the media. and this an official campaign video from likud the prime minister's party once again singling out journalists who've reported on leaks related to the corruption cases this video tells the audience they will not decide this is the 2nd election in 6 months and the big question is can benjamin netanyahu win again and if he does any form of government but it's really the day after that's going to determine what happens to israel's longest serving prime minister just a couple of weeks off to the vote he faces a hearing on corruption charges and the worst case scenario for benjamin netanyahu is just netanyahu is facing 3 criminal cases of corruption and fraud 2 of them are linked to allegations of giving the prime minister favorable coverage in the media and you know the media's both the strength of his success the secret to his success and the possible way that it's going to get a failure i like to say that for and it's and you know the media is like kryptonite
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to superman because it can disable him and he's afraid of it and almost every problem that he's had legal problems and bribery still had to do with protecting his image in the media. voters go to the polls on the 17th of september but in the end the fate of israel's prime minister lies in the hands of this country's legal system stephanie decker al-jazeera west jerusalem. a saudi princess has been given a 10 month suspended prison sentence by a french court after being found to be complicit in beating up a workman prosecutors are accused princess. the daughter of the saudi king of saudi arabia of ordering a bodyguard to beat up a workman in her luxury flat in paris the man told police the bodyguard bound his hands punched and kicked him and forced him to kiss the princess's feet after she accused him of filming her on his cell phone. at least 2 and a half 1000 people have been reported missing after how the condolence struck the
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bahamas the government says the official death busy toll will significantly increase above the current number of 51 of our panel reports. emergency services in the bahamas continue to sift through the debris left in the wake of hurricane dorian. search and rescue crews have arrived from the u.s. and canada to locate the thousands who are listed as missing the number of vets is expected to significantly increase. in greenfield bear as a country. begins with the families who have lost loved ones. the islands of abaco and grand bahama were the worst hit the devastation here is widespread based off of our sample i would say yes. you know we've we've probably hit that most 110th of this area and we so far we have got a copy from 5 human remains. and so based off our sample size we're going to see
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more. in the community of marsh harbor entire neighborhoods were wiped off the map and the debris scattered by dorian's destructive winds and storm surge have left behind a challenging environment for search and recovery workers. many are relying on assistance from search dogs to help locate bodies hidden beneath the mountains of rubble the challenges for this operation have been a manse we have not thing like a debris field like this. there are multiple areas that are impossible there are multiple hazards here like nails corrugated steel glass you know things like they're meeting the bahamian government says about 5000 people have been evacuated from the worst affected areas most have been sent to shelters in the capital city of nassau what we're seeing is a lot of families that are wondering where their loved ones are and it's going to
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take time for the authorities to to identify. the missing and learn more about. what may end up being really tragic that. the world health organization says an estimated 70000 people have been left without shelter making hurricane during the worst natural disaster in the nation's history. when it upolu zita. there is time for the the weather here is kevin kevin a lot of the rescue efforts that we saw in models report depend depend on having good weather is going to continue that's what you know course when the storm went through it cleared out that's exactly what they needed what you don't need is another storm developing on the heels of the other one of dorian now the national hurricane center is watching a particular area they don't expect it to be anywhere near the intensity of dorian but it's still going to cause some problems across the region we're talking here where you see these clouds right there just to the north of cuba over the turks and
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caicos islands see the development right there well the national hurricane center is actually just increase the probability that the next 2 days 75 percent chance of development in the next 5 days 80 percent chance of development and this is the area that they think that the storm once it develops is going to go it's going to go up here towards the northwest now to look at the path of the storm right over the bahamas and into florida you don't need this happening now they think this is going to turn into a tropical depression or tropical storm in the next day of course that's going to cause a lot of problems in terms of wins possibly some light storm surge in terms of rain though we don't want to be seeing quite a bit of rain on the storm most of it is going to make its way towards the east it's still too early to know that because we need that storm to develop 1st then to tell us where it's going to be going so going to watching this area very carefully but as you can see over freeport over the next few days it stays fairly wet across this region so this is going to make it more difficult for recovery and relief efforts in terms of rain though we could be seeing quite
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a bit down here towards the self most of the north though it is going to be probably between $100.00 and possibly $150.00 millimeters there but the heaviest should be to the east back to you rob. still ahead analogies you know the lesser known victims of the war in yemen we meet a fisherman battling for survival. all we all alone in the universe scientists have made a discovery that may be able to solve one of the biggest mysteries. it's sports we'll hear from former world champion boxer tyson fury on how seriously he's taking his upcoming fight.
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the big breaking news story can be chaotic trying to behind the scenes. people shouting instructions if you're trying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off being seen to realize you've witnessed history in the making.
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you want to knowledge is either a reminder of our top stories this hour belfast high court has thrown out a case claiming the bridget strategy of ballers johnston's government is not compatible with the 1998 northern ireland peace accord. lawmakers in the us are edging closer to deciding whether to recommend the impeachment of president donald trump a 41 member panel is voting on a resolution allowing it to designate hearings as impeachment proceedings. sudan's new prime minister abdullah from dog is making his 1st state visit to south sudan juba is hosting talks between the transitional government and several on groups. u.s. president donald trump says he's delaying an increase in tire of some $250000000000.00 worth of chinese exports by 2 weeks he says the decision was made at the request of the chinese and as a gesture of goodwill china has reciprocated by announcing it would exempt some
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u.s. products from tardif increases in the lead up to talk settled for next month's u.s. tabs were due to rise from 25 percent to 30 percent on. top of the 1st. file should show we welcome the actions of goodwill taken by the united states as far as i know the chinese companies have begun to make inquiries about the procurement of u.s. agricultural products we hope that china and the u.s. will continue to meet each other halfway and take concrete actions to create favorable conditions for consultations this will be enough that both china and the u.s. as well as the entire world know hong kong was one of the world's most popular global destinations in 2018 but after months of demonstrations key industries like tourism are suffering brown reports on the downturn that looks set to get worse. burned performs in an almost deserted theme park this is disneyland normally one of
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hong kong's most popular tourist attractions but there are no queues for the rides and other attractions today. on average 800000 people visit each day many of them from mainland china. but the unrest that began on june the 9th has made it harder for hong kong to sell itself as a fun destination in. the neighborhood of monk called the scene some of the worst winds the bravo close boutique on princess wood road regularly has to close early but always opens the following morning only the graffiti hinting at what had happened a few hours earlier. the shop faces monk police station a frequent target for demonstrators since mid june businesses for them by 80 percent yet the solitary sales assistant says she supports the protests because she says they want what she wants. of course freedom freedom
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since i'm not the boss and just an employee i think freedom is more important but my boss would think business is more important. at the nearby noodle 11 restaurant customers are still coming the business is 30 percent down on a month ago and while the owner remains confident from kong's economy will recover he's still worried you know it's hard to sustain the business how to pay the rent and the staff. in more prosperous districts sale star found a number of customers in some luxury boutiques visitors from the chinese mainland are still arriving but they're spending less time here and list money some appear indifferent to the unrest once i got here it seemed fine it's not as hard as i imagined and even before the protests began on june the 9th it had not been a good year for hong kong's economy it's been creating the effects of a trade war between china and the united states as well as the slowdown in china's
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economy and all of that argue some economists could be enough to push hong kong into recession. this is a city where divisions in society are deepening and no matter how it all ends many people on both sides agree on one thing hong kong is unlikely to be the same again adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. they're all saying has become hong kong activists new active resistance in their campaign for democratic freedom. protests is saying glory to hong kong with a shopping mall adopting it as their new album the singalongs are a new way to get their message heard by the authorities the lyrics reflect the demonstrators promised not to surrender with more protests expected this weekend defiance is also driving the lives of fishermen in yemen they've risked their lives to set their nets and bring home their catches despite the ongoing conflict many
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have not survived becoming victims of attacks by the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting the rebels their story now from the hama dollar tub that the port of the data. is at the port of poti down yemen every day to watch the fisherman return from the sea he used to be one of them until a lost his hand in an attack by government forces my own are not i and as we were preparing to go to sea we were suddenly attacked i ran to help an injured colleague but there was a 2nd attack and i was flung to the ground i lost my hand and that's deprived me of an income. the 23 years old was the sole bread winner in the family after his father was part of lies in a motorcycle answer them and i'm going to name a bear used to be a fisherman but after my accident we depend on omar now we're both crippled. we
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went to see ourselves to check out the risks and. there's no office no agreement with the saudi us a quality government forces fighting overseas as to how far out humans can take their boats into the vet sea. we have entered now the 4th mile from the coast line up on the day that we can see here one of the 1st woman who is using the traditional fishing he couldn't go for the. the seaports authority and how they don't which is run by the hoa fees says special men have been targeted before. fishermen cannot go to areas 20 to 30 miles off the coastline or fish are available in big quantities for fear of being attacked by saudi warships and apache helicopters. human rights watch says 46 question have been killed since the start of the war more than 4 years ago but the ports
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authority ports that. 267 supported one of the victims was a child 14 years all. human rights watch said a child was on a fishing boat and waved at a helicopter shot of the books a fish that they caught but he was the 1st one killed nobody asked them what is your next move will you race such injustice is at the international court of justice. with forward in short supply in yemen at least provides a source of meals and work for what a man market is busy but it has itself been attacked during the war every day i challenge for yemenis i see and. protesters in argentina are demanding the government declares a food emergency as shortages hit the country it's facing an economic crisis and
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inflation is forecast to hit 53 percent in the coming months the countries had to spend 15 $1000000000.00 in reserves to try to stabilize its currency that crashed after president markley lost an election primary last month the testers have now blocked one of boehner said his main roads. flooding has left at least 57 people dead in the months of heavy rains have destroyed homes and businesses in the west african state tens of thousands of people have been displaced and the country is still recovering from damage caused by floods last year. entire streets in egypt's capital niamey are submerged heavy rain and floods proved too much for retaining walls along the river across the country more than $12000.00 homes have been destroyed those who refused to leave save what they can. sandbags are filled to stop more water from flooding homes. a neighborhood watch
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keeps track of the river levels 24 hours a day but it will give $100.00 or 4 a season to people who lived along the river to prepare for the floods but many of us didn't know where we could go. more than 130000 people have been affected by the floods since june many displaced families are now living in schools but it's unclear how long they'll be allowed to stay they worry they won't have a home to go back to. some homes were flooded but haven't crumbled yet and one day about 250 houses are totally demolished if the rain keeps coming it will continue to destroy. crops have been destroyed and infrastructure damaged but the government says it can only offer a limited support. volunteers are putting up tents for the displaced it's not meant as a long term solution for those who've lost everything it's a lifeline. we're here to help build the tents and shelters for the
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victims of the flood these are people who had to flee the banks of the river so we just want to help our community. the country was already facing a crisis extreme weather has caused a food shortage in recent years violence linked to boko haram has forced many from their homes more than 2000000 people are in need of humanitarian aid. the government says the worst of the rain is over but the threat to his population remains both from flooding and the ever present risk of a cholera outbreak a little piece of the young al-jazeera scientists doctors and political leaders are meeting in brussels at a global vaccination is something that's happening as countries around the world are facing outbreaks of preventable diseases due to a lack of adequate vaccination that many nations including malaysia are considering making immunization compulsory for children functionally reports one column for
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this is a government clinic in malaysia where vaccinations are given free for 12 preventable major childhood diseases including measles diphtheria and polio immunization coverage has reached 95 percent but the program isn't mandatory and mohammad nor bin zakaria a father of 2 has chosen not to vaccinate his children i don't believe that although. i do believe the measles is not a deadly disease because if we look at the older generation how did they deal with it somehow we're treating all these diseases that have existed for a long time something that is so deadly and i believe that with good sanitation good hygiene good nutrition and existing information you can treat made at least from my child that's my personal stand but i don't go around telling parents not to vaccinate their kids. reasons cited by other parents for not vaccinating include concerns about possible adverse side effects and religious grounds this debate is taking place not only in malaysia but globally the world health organization has
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blamed vaccine misinformation as a major threat to global health saying it could reverse progress made in tackling preventable diseases one example is measles provisional data from the w.h.o. indicates the have been more measles cases reported worldwide in the 1st half of this year than in any year since 2006 the rise in measles cases is driven by poverty in some places but in more developed countries is due to a growing wave of people who refuse immunization for their children in malaysia the health ministry says the number of anti vaccines as they're known is small but the government is considering a proposal to make certain vaccinations compulsory for children we all agree that our children must not be exposed to such unnecessary release especially when there is vaccination available and it's free for the children in. america are of me and his wife expecting their 1st child next month and they've decided that they'll follow the national immunization shed you know interest but not protect your child
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it's about protecting others as well because if we can ensure that every child can maxing it deviates and that. we might prevent all this. from spreading he says to deny that to any child would be irresponsible florence al-jazeera. well vaccines have been one of the biggest success stories of modern medicine now the world health organization says it's debunking some common myths one of them is that the majority of people who get diseases have been vaccinated while the truth says the w.h.o. most vaccines are 85 to 95 percent effective next vaccines cause many harmful side effects and even death all according to the w.h.o. vaccines are safe with only minor temporary effects another myth is said to be that vaccine preventable diseases have been eliminated from my country so there's no
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need for vaccination of the w.h.o. says the truth is that the diseases could be brought in by travelers from other countries yet another common myth.


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