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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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around 2 and a half 1000000 people fighting in the region has subsided over the past 4 years but the armed groups are still there is still active and skirmishes continue to pop up reaching peace is a priority for this new transitional government largely because it's a key condition for getting sudan removed from the u.s. sponsors of terrorism this. morgan in juba with more it's the sudanese prime minister's 1st foreign visit since he was appointed last month and it's scheduled to last for 2 days now the prime minister will be meeting with the head of state of south sudan salva kiir mayardit who is also at the moment the mediator off the peace talks between the sudanese government and the armed group called the sudanese revolutionary front and the sudan people's liberation movement north the prime minister is also scheduled to meet with the heads of these armed groups because he says that when he was appointed he made a pledge that his transitional government will prioritize peace over anything else and will try to achieve it within the 1st 6 months of the 39 months transitional period the prime minister has also said that sudan will be an open space and will
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build its foreign relations based on common interests and interests between south sudan and sudan 2 countries that will want one go very deep to share a mutual economic interest with south sudan taking with it 75 percent of sudan's oil facilities when the seceded in 2011 and the economy of the 2 countries is these on that pumping of oil and the export of those oil with paying sudan oil fields which supports the economies of the 2 countries so it looks like along with trying to make peace with the armed groups the south sudanese president and the sudanese prime minister who's visiting will be talking about bilateral relations for the interest of the 2 countries. with us now senior lecturer at kiel university a regular contributor with us on al-jazeera and good to talk to you again you know i i read 2 stories there one was about the protests in sudan about the judicial system about the remnants of the bashir regime and the 2nd one is about the you know huge objective of finding peace in sudan as well seems to me there's
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a lot on the plate of this this new ruling council. absolutely and this is a challenge that every single transitional to confront one point or another in sudan is a country that has been handed out or italian system for such a long period of time way to institutions including institutions like justice outfield by loyalists to this tabish went would have to confront that problem so it is an issue that is i think going to. challenge the current government because it's simply not possible to apologise all the institutions from those who are you know have been vague and have some understanding of how the system works some institutional memory you cannot replace all those individuals overnight that i was there are challenges there but the same time i think it's only right that people
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are demanding that those mr 2 shoes are properly cleaned up and field by individuals that are independent and can actually you know deliver for the kind of change that people have been have been demanding so those are clearly challenges that will continue i think to to be in the front way that is this government or any other government we're just looking at pictures there of the prime minister in juba as i said trying to deal with the wider issue of peace in sudan i mean how does a transitional government and an interim government go about dealing with something like that when the grievances go back to the early 2000. i think these are highly complex but also very much related problems the problems that we have in the brunei region in south kordofan in darfur are problems that have a much intertwined with the problem of storytelling and some that have been there
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in sudan for a very long time. but the prime minister when he was sworn in played to that ensuring peace and stability is he's primary policy goal and i think that is absolutely crucial that the transitional government to dial that if they were to have any chance of stablish a peaceful democratic country and i think his visit to south sudan today is a very important signal or an indication that he's actually committed to the process but i think most importantly even be you want the question of peace and stability south sudan is a very important partner for sudan both economically and politically just yesterday . the opposition forces and the transitional government signed a peace deal in juba with the help of south sudan's president south sudan also needs to done for its own internal problems konami the 2 countries are very much
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connected to one another because sudan receives a huge sum of money from solace or done for the oil infrastructure that uses so those $2.00 countries are very much connected is so many ways and there is a lot i think that would be discussed over the course of these 2 days interesting stuff joining us from kill university always a pleasure thank you. scientists doctors and political leaders have all met in brussels at a global vaccination summit this is taking place as countries around the world face up brakes of preventable diseases due to a lack of adequate vaccination or a bad man he reports. measles mumps rubella and many other real misses can all be prevented by quick japanese. health officials say it saves the lives of up to $3000000.00 people pay a year but they also say the work is being threatened by a growing anti vaccination campaign now scientists and doctors of mess in brussels
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to fight back it is unacceptable in the 21st century our children are dying from diseases that should not exist we have to put an end to this intolerable situation it's incumbent on each and every one of us. smallpox is no more thanks to vaccines . polio has been pushed to the brink of eradication thanks to vaccines. once feared this is like. measles and meningitis and now easily prevented the times to vaccines the world health organization is pointing to what it calls the myths about that scene's they include diseases disappearing before vaccines were introduced medical professionals say that scenes of had a significant impact and to the criticism of most people who get diseases be vaccinated w.h.o. says most are 85 to 95 percent effective but only recently have we seen
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a mass vaccination movement and it's probably to do with the social media that's become so important at the moment in the way that people get their their news and we have something which is spreading very rapidly which is out of control this anti vaccination campaign group in washington d.c. says the freedom to decide to vaccinate is a human right when you take away a person's freedom and medical choice. mandating vaccines for education that is coed coersion back in brussels for local brennan is seeking to continue the advocacy work his sister did before she died of suffocation cancer the boys want to change everything. to imagine this year from cervical cancer cancer that is almost entirely. she's 26 years old and
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she dedicated the last months of my life to raising awareness of the importance of the nation she did it because if she had behaved like they would not be intimidated she would be with us i was diagnosed their counsel says his sister receive support but also abuse when she tried to convince women to take the h.p.v. vaccination and he says it's fear based on mistrust and misinformation that this summit seeks to end you're about among the al-jazeera. pieces animals with us now executive director from the world health organization he's at that vaccine summit in brussels thank you for your time century of very busy i want to ok let's take an example let's just say maisons for example this year united states ukraine new zealand they have been outbreaks there how frustrating is that i guess for people like yourself and people at the summit that simple presentable to things like that is having outbreaks in the developed world.
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well it's nothing short of tragic that we have deaths from maize was occurring in the 21st century in fact for the last year we have data there are more than $100000.00 deaths due to measles alone around the world and as you said even though the majority of these deaths are in poor countries we're now seeing how it breaks in european countries in the u.s. in many places in the world including new zealand most recently so it is tragic because it's so preventable. so what do you do because i mean if we just take the example of the woman who was in our report just then she's talking more about the issue of choice and it seems like that sort of argument that's you possibly not going to make a difference with people who feel that way when it's just about choice. well there's 2 major reasons why we still around the world have around 20000000
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under immunized children a year and one has actually very little to do with vaccine misinformation it's to do with the fact that that poor children around the world especially if they displaced or in urban poor or in remote rural areas is around 20000000 kids that just simply don't have access and availability of vaccines and they happen to live predominately in countries affected by conflict so they are the central african republic the somali is the south sudan's the new gerrard's the iraq's the yemen's the syria is the haiti's their countries and that's the the really major reason why children under immunized today there is this is a worrying trend particularly in western countries more so than in poor countries and we think that's probably because people haven't seen the devastating impact of vaccine preventable diseases directly in the richest countries where there is this misinformation what do you do about it where you start with not giving people false information and that's really what we're calling for by working with facebook and interests and instagram to say take the false information off where there's not
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scientific facts take that away and then give people a real choice but a well informed choice by showing them really what the evidence of the dating is and you're right ultimately it's up to parents but that should be an informed choice how's it going with the social media companies i mean i'm interested in that because we heard again people on a report saying that this was a big pos in the in the spirit of what they say is misinformation how is it actually going with trying to remove that misinformation. and in fact we've seen a tremendous. movement from the from the social media company so we've just announced partnerships in the last week with pinterest facebook instagram where they're really looking at their them so that when people search up vaccines that they get they are automatically taken 1st. and foremost to evidence based sites with a scientific information the web site center for disease control in the u.s.
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for example but beyond that they're also looking into really. how some of these groups have used information and data tracking systems to try and get information to the right. demographic groups so they really want to avoid people getting slanted information biased information so they can make a true well informed choice so we'll be working with them. to make sure that people get access to a full range of views and importantly they can distinguish what's really evidence and science and fact from opinion. on the internet we see that not just in relationship to vaccines but it's increasingly hard for people to distinguish what's a fact what science was just someone's opinion. of the world health organization and brussels good to talk to you thank you. thanks. the. president robert mugabe will lie in state at
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a stadium in harare that is where he took the lead in nearly 4 decades ago to be buried on sunday but there are ongoing discussions between his government and his family about exactly where he will be laid to rest. from. he is now lying in state at. because there's been so much can he. be buried the program just keeps on change the latest update. is that they're writing all $98.00 here to participate in that way to be able to do the national mourning in the capital a liberal gave they go to get it mainly. they use but it goes to. a people they will call these bodies they could like one time right now they're not sure where you're going to be replace it and. make a great wife. a crime plan the burial sally neighbor that will also be meeting
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all day the government issued a statement to the public not to believe everything they hear in social media the that they are talking to them about being happy trying to find out where and when they will be buried it but emotions are. deep here inside the stadium it's a jovial mood the people you see walking there they've just. got to see him one last time they got to take a bite if they feel a break to get language is not out the baby neighborhood. housing some people don't have. people that have actually running water people are just trying to do a common thing in the fall we need a these just. keep away from our. daily lives in the country right down. there right now is the life. of the mother least 50 people have been
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killed in the train derailed in democratic republic of congo's southeastern province it's. a government minister says the attack of the accident happened around 3 am local time in the town of my buddy. 4 afghan soldiers have been killed in a suicide bombing near an army base in kabul the afghan minister of defense confirmed the attack 3 other soldiers injured and is the taliban which has claimed responsibility tony berkley with more from kabul the attack happened on thursday afternoon at the afghan army special forces base at rish gore 25 kilometers west of kabul a suicide bomber drove a van packed with explosives to the main gates and detonated them initially killing 4 soldiers and wounding 3 others the taliban claim responsibility is the 1st major attack that the taliban has carried out near the capital since president trump canceled the peace talks with the taliban on the tweet the taliban at that time
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were threatened that the americans would suffer more and it was fear that was going to be some kind of violent backlash from the taliban because of those talks kept being cancelled we only had one other rocket fired from long range into the capital that landed somewhere near the american embassy but there were no casualties and no serious damage but there was apprehension here and concern the fact that there hasn't been any major attacks within the city is being taken as a good sign and perhaps a sign that the taliban leadership is still confused about what to do whether they want to carry on an escalation of this conflict or they want to get back to the negotiating table the fighting is still carrying on all around the country the americans are putting incredible pressure on the taliban and we are told the aerial campaign in one period a week ago they say killed 1000 taliban fighters and the afghan army is claiming successes in various places and saying that some taliban fighters are giving themselves up so there is still a big war going on away from the police negotiating table. still ahead view on this
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news hour are we alone in the universe scientists have made a discovery that may be able to solve one of the biggest mysteries in sport we will hear about the unlikely journey the 2nd this gulf of the gulf at the top of the women's game. welcome back we're here cross much of the levant things are looking quite dry for the area but we're going to see some clouds mostly to the north pushing across parts of the caspian for that crude though things are going to be improving fuel we do expect to see more sun in your forecast attempts there of $26.00 coming down to about $25.00 as we go towards saturday down towards the south the winds are decreasing so for quite city do expect to see a temperature of about 41 degrees where here cross yemen i want to take you down here across the coast to aden i want to show you what they experienced or just over
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the last couple of days with a sandstorm that moved through the area now once it did of course it did bring the visibility down in the city quite considerably slowing down the traffic but by the time we get towards evening things begin to improve as the clear skies did clear out across much of the area there you can see the sand pushing through of course the airport did see delays as well as cancellations here on friday sun that we do expect to see a cloudy day for you there but as we go towards saturday things to improve temps are coming down to about 24 degrees as make way down here across the southern part of africa well temperatures are on the rise for some locations over here towards durban though we do expect to see attempt a few of about $23.00 degrees up towards johannesburg it is going to be 27 but clouds are in the forecast for cape town with a temperature of 15. harley has improved their football fans who don't think about doping really highlighted
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the extreme and when real madrid it's love worth 500000000 euros or expresses a position on something like the world anti-doping agency has to take notice if you don't know. in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports during the endless changes on all jersey or. elsewhere there are just different from other channels because we're not just there when something happens we are there before it happens for there while it happens and we say we do have a coming crisis and a lot of places there on. the back ground being in love and on is very important it's about syria it's about lebanon it's about the power struggle between iran and saudi arabia it's all there and that's the challenge.
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here on the news out here at al-jazeera and these are all top stories belfast's high court has thrown out a case claiming the brags that strategy of boris johnson's government jeopardizes the 998 northern ireland peace accords the u.s. house committee voted to adopt a resolution intended to intensify its impeachment of us to go to president on the trump measure allows the panel to define the rules of an impeachment probe including calling witnesses committee did vote along party lines and the body of former zimbabwean president robert mugabe is lying in state of the stadium and out on a same place he took both as a leader nearly 4 decades ago and finally. in place though is still unknown as his family and his government are at odds over where he should be back. more now on our
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top story those court rulings on briggs and prime minister barak johnson as i said did win a reprieve from northern ireland's top court but the legal fight is far from over. m.p.'s have been forced into recess but for boris johnson the battle has shifted to the courts judges in northern ireland have joined those in england in declining to rule the prohibition of parliament illegal but scottish judges on wednesday said johnson's advice to the queen to suspend parliament had been unlawful and motivated by a desire to muzzle parliament did you lie to the queen when you advised her to provoke to suspend parliament absolutely not. and indeed i say that the high court in england plainly agrees with us but the supremes have to opposition m.p.'s meanwhile a clamoring to return to work after succeeding in forcing the government to release
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its internal operation yellow hammer report it contains worst case scenario predictions for a no deal breaks it clogged up ports fresh food and medicine shortages price rises and civil unrest but of course no house of commons to scrutinise its findings that's why you know that's why i was so angry. because i should be in parliament at the moment with the ability to interrogate the prime minister and ministers. now approach we can do that and the prime minister again this is a worst case scenario which civil servants obviously have to prepare for but in the last few months particularly in the 50 days since i've been prime minister we'd be massively accelerating our preparation and boris johnson says no deal breaks it is not his desired outcome he says he's doing everything he can to reach a new deal with the european union at an october leaders' summit just a few days after parliament is due to return no mention of the new law requiring
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johnson to seek a break city extension if no new deal emerges nor any detail on water new deal may look like and again no parliament so ask any questions it's all pretty bewildering when viewed from brussels i think that is all planning to take the u.k. out of the european union without any deal but at the same time being in a position to blame the european union for inflexibility all eyes on the supreme court next week then with the government in the meantime giving its very best impression of being entirely unmoved jonah how al-jazeera london. now mexico says it disagrees with a recent u.s. supreme court decision that's ruled in favor of donald trump's latest effort to restrict immigration the court a lot of ban on nearly all asylum applications at the mexico border to go into effect people will now have to seek asylum in the 1st safe country they travel through which effectively block's most applications it's here is. joining us now
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from mexico city with more on this matter what's the official response been on this one. mexican authorities have maintain the same line that they have since this policy was 1st suggested or unveiled back in june but we did hear on the news from the supreme court ruling from mexican foreign minister marcello butt out who said quote this is you this is a u.s. issue and obviously we don't agree with it we have a different policy we also heard from mexico president and this one little bit over the road who said that he had an excellent conversation with president trump over the phone but what must be irking leadership within the mexican government is constantly since the beginning of the year having to adapt to pressures from the united states to do more to curb back migration as well as as changes in u.s. national policy that have direct impacts here in mexico so how will this change
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then men while in asylum policy actually affect mexicans and mexico as a country. absolutely if mexico has already been faced with pressures from the united states are constantly having to adapt to changes of policy or else in some cases at least one case having to face the threat of terror of spy the united states on exports leaving leaving mexico bound for the united states and mexico has been successful in this regard showing a reduction in migration numbers of upwards of 50 percent migration heading toward the united states but the biggest impact of this policy change will be felt by the migrants themselves of majority of whom are coming in from central america countries like honduras el salvador and guatemala but also other countries in south america and africa as well as asia and the potential for thousands of asylum applicants who will be ineligible to apply for asylum in the united states and the big concern here in mexico is whether or not the country has the resources to
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handle this potential surge in asylum applicants in mexico thank you manuel robb followed in mexico city. google has agreed to pay another half a $1000000000.00 in taxes 2 fronts a payment which ends a 4 year investigation into the us tech giant his natasha butler in paris to talk more about this and how should define agreed to pay because generally google wouldn't part with half a $1000000000.00 just like that. yes but it does seem that the company has agreed to do this and the background to this story is that 4 years ago french investigators started looking into whether or not to google was in fact evaluating paying enough tax in france investigation refocused on whether google was properly declaring its activities in france to the french state now google actually has its european headquarters in dublin in ireland it is a low tax economy and what the company does is it tends to declare most of its
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sales activities in ireland in that way manages to avoid paying as much tax as it could do in other european countries and this is something that it's basically benefited from an international tax loophole where french financial prosecutor has found that to be unfair it has put this very large fine on google taking the total stessel settlement the google pay to the french state up to a 1000000000 dollars and all the is part of a campaign by emanuel marco even though this particular case predates him at all michael's presidency the french president's been very adamant that these these social media giants these are digital companies that have activities around the world are using these sorts of tax loopholes to avoid tax and he wants a new international tax law to take that into account to stop this kind of tax evasion if you want to put it in that way and in fact frank presents
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a model mark was also slapped a digital tax on these major companies google amazon of facebook he put data on those companies back in july because he says that those companies need to pay more tax in the countries in which they have operations but the current tax rules don't take into account this new globalized world that we all live in ok thank you for that update natasha butler in pam's. floodings left at least 57 people dead in months of heavy rain is destroyed homes and businesses in the west african state tens of thousands of people have been displaced and the country is still recovering from damage caused by floods last year. has more. entire streets in egypt's capital niamey are submerged heavy rain and floods proved too much for retaining walls along the river across the country more than $12000.00 homes have been destroyed those who refused to leave save what they can. sandbags or fail
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to stop more water from flooding homes. a neighborhood watch keeps track of the river levels 24 hours a day but it will give $100.00 or 4 a season to people who lived along the river to prepare for the floods that many of us didn't know where we could go. more than 130000 people have been affected by the floods since june many displaced families are now living in schools but it's unclear how long they'll be allowed to stay they worry they won't have a home to go back to. be some homes were flooded but haven't crumbled yet and one day about 250 houses are totally demolished if the rain keeps coming it will continue to destroy. crops have been destroyed and infrastructure damaged but the government says it can only offer a limited support while interiors are putting up tents for the displaced it's not meant as a long term solution for those who've lost everything it's a lifeline. to some love. we're here to help build the tents and shelters for the
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victims of the flood these are people who had to flee the banks of the river so we just want to help our community. the country was already facing a crisis extreme weather has caused a food shortage in recent years violence linked to boko haram has forced many from their homes more than 2000000 people are in need of humanitarian aid. the government says the worst of the rain is over but the threat to his population remains both from flooding and the ever present risk of a cholera outbreak. so the young al jazeera during more than 4 years of war in yemen fishermen have risked their lives to nets and to bring home their catch many have not survived becoming victims of attacks by the saudi coalition just fighting the hooty rebels this story now from. the port of the data . is at the port of poti down yemen every day to watch the
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fisherman return from the sea he used to be one of them until they lost his hand. by government forces my men are not i and as we were preparing to go to sea we were suddenly attacked i ran to help an injured colleague but there was a 2nd attack and i was flung to the ground i lost my head and that's deprived me of an income. the 23 years old was the sole bread winner in the family after his father was part of lies in a motorcycle answer them and i'm going to name a bear used to be a fisherman but after my accident we depend on omar but now we're both crippled. we went to see ourselves and to check out the risks. there's no official agreement with the saudi us a quality government forces fighting overseas as to how far out yemen is can take
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their boats into the vet sea. we have entered now the 4th mile from the course line of the day that we can see here one of the 1st woman who is using the traditional fishing he couldn't go for the. fearing for his life the sea ports authority and what they do which is run by the hokies says special men have been targeted before i believe me fishermen cannot go to areas 20 or 30 miles off the coastline or fish are available in big quantities for fear of being attacked by saudi warships and apache helicopters human rights watch says 46 question have been killed since the start of the war more than 4 years ago but the ports authority ports that. 267 supported one of the victims was a child 14 years old. well melissa that's a little with the human rights watch said a child was on
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a fishing boat and waved at a helicopter shot of the box of fish that they'd caught but it was the 1st one killed nobody asked them what is your next move will you raise such injustice is that the international court of justice. with ford in short supply in yemen the cia at least provides a source of meals at work or are they there is a market is busy but has itself been a target during the war every day a challenge for yemenis. on. jersey or. in northwest syria as strikes and fighting are preventing thousands of children from starting school hundreds of education facilities have been damaged or affected by the ongoing violence cynicus your new experience now how some children a coping in a refugee camp in need the profits. no schools and no playgrounds and for fatima and other children like her no break from hardship and deprivation here in atlanta
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in this refugee camp for syrians displaced by the war there is no start to the school year but that's not stopping fatima and her sisters from helping each other to get some of their education they haue missed out on. the little fun of power never left when i 1st started school we had to leave because of the airstrikes and shelling i studied till 4th grade then the regime attacked our village again and we moved and then i couldn't go to school i wish i had and could become a doctor or nurse we need them to treat people here. for many are syrians the war is their main memory of childhood and it is one without schooling. i was too young i can't remember anything i want to become a teacher so boys and girls can learn i want to build hospitals and houses for the poor and the displaced. when the war started problems was 4 years old now he's 12
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and is unable to read or write and says there is little chance to remedy that here surely didn't know. how can we learn something even to wash our hands we need to go out that's all modern and asked when we return home we're duty we wish we we're not like other children and stayed going but we planted the tree was surrounded by 4 walls over the past 4 months fighting in airstrikes have displaced around half a 1000000 syrians across and let many come here and there are more than 200 schools in northwest syria for the children being used as shelters and standards of living have dropped so know that everyday survival is increasingly people's top priority seen emco solo al-jazeera cuba's president says his country will soon be acutely short of fuel unless emergency measures are taken it says cuber is feeling the effects of the united states block on its oil shipments cuba's imposed austerity
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measures 2015 when oil supply from its i live in as well as started declining back in the 1990 s. cuba or even went as far as blackouts and food shortages because oil supplies were disrupted if you go. the problem is short term and not the result of bad management talk pesah t. of the cuban government as the united states has tried to say we have many problems to solve but this in particular is not the result of our insufficiencies rather it has to do with the aggressive measures that the united states government is extraterritorial imposing to economically suffocate our people. the search for alien life just gotten a little more interesting scientists from the university college london have detected water vapor in the atmosphere of another world more than twice the size of our earth it is the 1st time a planet orbiting a star outside our system will exoplanet as they call it has been found with both water and temperatures that could support life and support from katherine stansell
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110 light years away from our planet there is a super earth a world where life could exist outside of our solar system. 18 b. was discovered in 2015 astronomers use data gathered from the hubble telescope to analyze light filtered through the planet's atmosphere they found water vapor in helium the eggs the planet also orbits at sun's habitable zone meaning that temperatures are stable and favorable to host life forms this planet is potentially habitable so we're talking about a planet that on paper based on calculations is able to post liquid water right now we all can only calculate temperatures for these plants k. to 18 b.'s the only one that we go one step further we know that there is water not the spirit but to go to to hubby that will planets that would require many many advances and many more observe ations. researchers at university college london
12:38 am
believe that other molecules found on earth like nitrogen and me saying are also present in the out misfire the exoplanet may have the conditions to support life but it's not another version of the earth it's twice as big as a smaller sun and thus far more dense and scientists currently don't have the technology to physically reach the planets or analyze its surface to determine if life actually exists there. 18 b. is one of thousands of exoplanets but being trillions of kilometers away it's unlikely humans will ever be able to reach them even though this is very exciting discovery we should back a little bit because it's just it indications that something that we know is vital for life as we understand it. is presence of this world is but whether that indicates that there is life there is another question entirely we know the more we learn about the cosmos the more we realize that perhaps the earth has
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a singular combination of characteristics that would be very clear that there should be other worlds out there like earth but at the moments we have discovered the new more powerful telescopes are expected to be launched over the next few years they'll be able to provide deeper and more accurate analysis of 18 b. and other exoplanets allowing astronomers to discover their composition and learn more about the evolution of worlds outside of our solar system and stansell al-jazeera london.
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and you know just discussing big tennis come back again with another one in this well can cost as it's come back before and she was very successful then as one of the all time greats of women's tennis she's coming out of retirement now for the 2nd time clint costas announcing a short comeback at the age of $36.00 but i'd be a lot. and you know i could possibly. let's do this let's come back one want to. see you in 2020. or the belgian he won $41.00 singles titles plans to return to action in january so she's been considering a comeback that's few years now this is the 2nd sign that she's come out of its own limits during her career klosters has been ranked world number one about singles and doubles winning a total of 4 grand slam singles titles now is just one grand slam titles and the
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2005 u.s. open clusters 1st retired from tennis and 2007 at the age of 23 to start a family she then returned in 2009 and went on to win 2 more u.s. opens as well as the australian open a 2nd retirement coming in 2012. well just days after a historic 1st overseas test win for afghanistan the country's domestic game has suffered a major blow the 2nd season of the afghanistan premier league has been pushed back to 2020 was set to begin next month but afghanistan's cricket board has delayed the tournament due to a financial disputes with the league's main investor afghan authorities are also investigating allegations of corruption in the competition. australia i mean to complete their 1st series win in england since 2001 the 5th and final ashes test is underway in london with australia to an up in the series batting 1st at the oval england right now 186 for 5. now
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a coach of reigning super bowl champions the new compatriots has refused to rule out the possibility of uncertain euro brown playing in it seems next game bill belichick says that seem are taking sexual assault allegations against brown very seriously or one of the n.f.l.'s biggest stars brown trying for the 1st time with his team since the allegations surfaced hughes accused of rape on tuesday and is facing a civil lawsuit the players it's her knee said his client denies each and every allegation we looked into the situation we're taking it very seriously. all the way through the organization. questions. might have been scotian of. now meghan caring says she will be channeling her parents' bravery when golf's saw him cut season off on friday in scotland for the 1st time in her career can we part of the u.s. team taking on europe the 21 year old's parents were forced to flee from laos 4 decades ago in the fallout from the vietnam war. i'm very proud of both my parents
12:44 am
my mom took a risk of having my dad quit his job to focus on golf and coaching myself and it was a risk that she was willing to take and if she hadn't been so willing i probably would not be here today i probably won't be playing golf because of this huge sacrifice that they both i'm able to do what i love and my parents are here to travel with me around the world and so i hope to kind of inspire kids who may have this but background as my family didn't and say hey if they can do it i can do it or europe haven't won the trophy since 2013 the event follows a similar 4 months the men's ryder cup the players competing in pairs on friday and saturday followed by its all singles matches on sunday i've always loved the so you know it's been the highlight of my career if we could be 2 years when it comes to. some of best moments have been in the song i mean i think to be winning captain here at gleneagles in scotland withdrawing probably just about british open
12:45 am
japanese prime minister has been getting a closer look at the rugby world cup trophy she's all but also presented with a signed surety of by japan's team captain michael leach is the country gets ready to host the tournament for the 1st time home to face russia in the opening match on september 20th in stark. and every boxer tarzan theory says he's taking his upcoming fight seriously even as always be shooting a rematch against world champion don't say while the fury will take on the undefeated also valena in las vegas on saturday will be his 2nd fight since the split decision dragons world in december these fighters are undefeated heading into this cold just. the fact is i don't underestimate anybody i give everybody the ultimate respect even if i'm fighting guys at 2520 i will train for it like you said 20 knockouts in a row because i never fail to repair i trained hard for this fight i started to train for a while to assad as a train for anybody have not overlooked him a bit in america for 5 weeks training i was in spain for 2 weeks before and i was
12:46 am
at home for 2 weeks before. strong as i have a bit i feel very very fit to be very very accurate for those of you here and i'm very wearing a mexican wrestling mask that is what it looks like behind the mask on behind the mask nice of you to loan it to mandy thank you very much and he's back with more sport of 1800 hours g.m.t. i'll be back in as well and i'll be back in about 2 and a half minutes time as well another full dose of news right here on out as. eden asia is in the grip of an extinction epidemic within dangerous species
12:47 am
disappearing at record levels can it be stopped before it's too life 101 a stint best to gates indonesia's wild backcrosses on al-jazeera. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regards 100 and hungary's in the stream example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had paunch clashes between the causers and the problem is that the culture of that these. guys should say some grading to us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like the old fascist. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened.
12:48 am
it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. talk to al-jazeera we ask what guarantees will you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the go to 0. if this is a worst case scenario which civil servants obviously have to prepare for. the u.k. prime minister barak's johnson down places and government reports on the possible chaos of leaving the e.u.
12:49 am
without a deal. but . santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera. this could be the gauge to gauge it will allow us to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment a u.s. house judicial committee passes a resolution to intensify impeachment efforts against donald trump a push for peace and sudan's new prime minister meets armed groups to end the violence in the country star. and battling misconceptions about vaccines we look at how compulsory immunization for children is being considered. so bitterly for the u.k.'s embattled prime minister northern ireland's highest court has dismissed a challenge to boris johnson's brags that strategy the court threw out a claim which argued an ideal breaks it would in fact undermine the 9 $198.00 peace
12:50 am
process however mr johnson still faces mounting pressure after a scottish court declared his suspension of parliament unlawful fact critics are accusing him of misleading the queen over the matter all the details now with jonah hill in london. m.p.'s have been forced into recess but for boris johnson the battle has shifted to the courts judges in northern ireland have joined those in england in declining to rule the progression of parliament illegal but scottish judges on wednesday said johnson's advice to the queen to suspend parliament had been unlawful and motivated by a desire. to muzzle parliament did you lie to the queen when you advised her to provoke to suspend parliament absolutely not. and indeed i say that the high court in england plainly agrees with us but the supremes court will have to decide opposition m.p.'s meanwhile a clamoring to return to work after succeeding in forcing the government to release
12:51 am
its internal operation yellow hammer report it contains worst case scenario predictions for a no deal breaks it clogged up ports fresh food and medicine shortages price rises and civil unrest but of course no house of commons to scrutinise its findings that's why you know that's why i was so angry over part of this perot's because i should be in parliament at the moment with the ability to interrogate the prime minister and ministers now approach we can do that and the prime minister again this is a worst case scenario which civil servants obviously have to prepare for but in the last few months particularly in the 50 days since i've been prime minister we'd be massively accelerating our preparations boris johnson says and no deal breaks it is not his desired outcome he says he's doing everything he can to reach a new deal with the european union at an october leaders' summit just a few days after parliament is due to return. no mention of the new law requiring
12:52 am
johnson to seek a break city extension if no new deal emerges nor any detail on water a new deal may look like and again no parliament to ask any questions it's all pretty be we'll drink when viewed from brussels i think that is all plenty to think the u.k. out of the european union without any deal but at the same time being in a position to blame the european union for inflexibility all eyes on the supreme court next week then with the government in the meantime giving each very best impression of being entirely unmoved jonah how al-jazeera london on to other news and law makers in the us are voted to move forward with investigative procedures that could lead to the impeachment eventually you have president donald trump the committee voted along party lines was approved over a unanimous republican opposition and allows the enhanced questioning of witnesses and this is just the 1st step in a very lengthy process that could eventually lead to an impingement hearing this
12:53 am
could be gauged best to gauge that will allow us to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to president trap that is what we are doing so because of this crisis. so call it impeachment investigation there's no legal difference between these 2. good care to argue about that over great you more on this one from washington with mike hanna. the house judiciary committee has passed a resolution specifying the investigative procedures that could lead at some stage to the impeachment of president trump now it's agreed on a series of measures such as it hons to questioning of witnesses stuff as would be allowed to question a witness for one hour after the members have completed their questioning it also provides for the establishment of secret committees to hear evidence and of course
12:54 am
the establishment of subcommittees to hear evidence now the one caveat to all of this and this pointed out by republicans on the committee who voted against it that these rules were already in place or that the chairman had the power to impose these rules republicans using that as evidence that this is nothing more than political grandstanding an attempt to keep the issue or the word impeachment within the public debate nonetheless these measures will be in place when the formal chief of staff campaign staff gives evidence before the committee next week now he's likely to be questioned by staffers after the committee members have finished their questioning this will be the 1st test of the rules that are now in place which republicans i must to repeat say have always been in place anyways. the body of the form of zimbabwean president robert mugabe is lying in state at
12:55 am
a stadium in harare. 4 decades ago but buried on sunday but there are ongoing discussions between his government and the family about where he'll be laid to rest as the full story now from her daughter. he is now lying in state at. there's been so much can he. bury the program just keeps on changing the latest updates. their. activity on the national mourning in the capital we gave they go. they. will go. right now they will actually. make a great. plan the burial. the.
12:56 am
day the government is basically. everything they hear and. they are. trying to find out where and when they will be buried it but emotions. here if they give. the people the walking they have just the. one last time they got to take a. little break. out the baby neighborhood. housing. people that have at least. try to. keep away. in the country right now. right now. at least 50 people have been
12:57 am
killed when a train derailed in democratic republic of congo's southeastern province of tanganyika a government minister says the accident happened around 3 am local time in the town of mari broddi 4 afghan soldiers have been killed when a suicide bombing near an army base in kabul the afghan minister of defense confirmed the attack 4 other soldiers were injured and the taliban has taken responsibility now sudan's new prime minister is making his 1st state visit to south sudan in his new role hosting talks between the transitional government and several armed groups and has made peace making peacemaking with groups fighting hard to him one of his main priorities to go back to 2003 thousands of people have been killed in civil wars between sudan's government and these armed groups that include stuff for fighting between armed groups of farmers and government forces displaced around 2 and a half 1000000 people fighting in the region has subsided in the past 4 years but
12:58 am
the armed groups are still very much active and skirmishes continue to happen reaching peace is a priority for the new transitional government largely piers it's a key condition for getting sudan off the u.s. sponsors of terrorism list more on this one from juba now with him orgon. bilateral relations was on the agenda in the meeting between south sudan's president salva kiir mayardit and sudan's prime minister abdullah. his 1st foreign visit since he was appointed to his position last among the minister the prime minister came with some delegation of ministers to talk to their counterparts here in south sudan and discuss the issues of trade border security and the country's economic relationship but that was not the what was on top of the agenda the prime minister upon his appointment said that peace would be the top priority in his transitional government and that he would be reaching out to the armed groups coalition who have been fighting the sudanese government for decades on wednesday south sudan mediated between the sudanese armed group coalition as the sudanese
12:59 am
revolutionary front and the sudanese government who are represented by the sovereign council and a pretty good stations principle was signed to pave the way for further talks next month the prime minister is due to meet with members of the coalition to listen to their demands and try to pave way for what he says would be the biggest achievement of his transitional period should be armed groups put down their guns and join the government to find peace and stability in sudan. however at the same time hundreds of protesters have been out on the streets across sudan saying the legal system is still dominated by members of former president on one of the shias regime months after he was removed from office they want the country's new ruling coalition to get rid of judges who are linked to his allies and they are calling for all former members to face justice in the news ahead on al jazeera. it's an almost deserted theme park in hong kong tourists a staying away the city scared off by months of mass protests and the forgotten
1:00 am
victims of syria's war ready we made a generation of children who've never been to school. or. hello again to welcome back we're here across eastern china things are going to be quite dry over the next few days this is been the trend over the last week or so and you can see here on the satellite image it has been quite clear across much of the area so we're going to be seeing some clear skies anywhere from shanghai all the way down to possibly near hong kong now the clouds will develop here in hong kong as we go from friday as well as into saturday possibly even a few showers there as well up to the north though ruhani your temperatures are finally coming down you are 37 by saturday we do expect you to be down here towards $33.00 degrees there well heavy rain will be a big problem here across parts of central india across some areas across the.


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