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tv   Follow Me You Can Run But You Cant Hide  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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authorities say the crackdown as part of a money laundering investigation of the scale of the rate is unprecedented in more than 40 cities across russia officers fleeing to the country's main opposition figure alexina folly was searched and employees detained like here in st petersburg and you've got to remember documents and a u.s.b. drive for confiscated this is when it was close to my daughter called me and said the police came to search the apartment actually they cheated their way into the apartment because she opened the door for a neighbor to novell me it is clear the razor president putin's revenge for the loss of the ruling party in sunday's elections but. this time he got really upset because of the tactical voting as his offspring his sweet child i would say the united russia party has been busted in moscow and seriously beaten in the regions after opposition candidates were banned from running in the
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elections tens of thousands took to the streets in the largest protest in russia in years when the ban remained in place and i found he called for a so-called smart vote against united russia his strategy worked in moscow with the ruling party lost one 3rd of its seats mainly to the communist party 4 years alexina found it has been the subject of investigations and the tensions the most vocal critic of florida may put in has spent hundreds of days in prison in the last 8 years but never before he managed to hit united russia and indirectly put in as hard as last sunday night volley says he won't give up but looking at the rates today he could be facing some difficult times ahead step al-jazeera. the world's 1st global vaccination summit is taking place in brussels more than $400.00 doctors world leaders and vaccine advocates are attending the aim is to accelerate action to stop the spread of preventable diseases and counteract vaccine
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misinformation about money hasn't. measles mumps rubella and many other real misses can all be prevented by quick japanese. health officials say it saves the lives of up to $3000000.00 people pay a year but they also say the work is being threatened by a growing anti vaccination campaign now scientists and doctors of mess in brussels to fight back here that you know except it is unacceptable in the 21st century our children are dying from diseases that should not exist we have to put an end to this intolerable situation it's incumbent on each and every one of us that. smallpox is no more thanks to vaccines. polio has been pushed to the brink of eradication. to vaccines. once feared this is like.
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measles and meningitis are now easily prevented from tanks to vaccines the world health organization is pointing to what it calls the myths about vaccines they include diseases disappearing before vaccines were introduced medical professionals say that scene's of had a significant impact and to the criticism of most people who get diseases be vaccinated w.h.o. says most are 85 to 95 percent effective but only recently have we seen a mass vaccination movement and it's probably to do with the social media that's become so important at the moment in the way that people get their their news and we have something which is spreading very rapidly which is out of control this anti vaccination campaign group in washington d.c. says the freedom to decide to vaccinate is a human right when you take away a person's freedom and medical choice. mandating
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vaccines for education that is coed coersion back in brussels furcal brennan is seeking to continue the advocacy work his sister did propose she died of suffolk cancer the voice changed everything. to imagine this year from cervical cancer cancer that is almost entirely invented she's 26 years old she dedicated the last months real life to raising awareness of the importance of the nation she didn't because if she had behaved like they would not be here today she would be with us with diagnosis from their counsel says his sister receive support but also abuse when she tried to convince women to take the h.p.v. vaccination and he says it's fear based on list trust and misinformation that this summit seeks to end you're about a man the al-jazeera in the u.s.
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state of maryland a light plane has crashed into a car on a busy highway in the pilot misjudged a landing 2 people on board and 2 in the car were lucky to escape with minor injuries. singing has become a new act of resistance in that campaign for democratic freedoms up. oh ah. ah just a song going to hong kong at a shopping mall adopting it was the new line from the sing a longs are a new way to get their message heard by the authorities reflect the demonstrators promised not to surrender more protests expected this week. 5 another short break and come back but i will. gives up for rugby's biggest international tournament with that story.
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telephone support his r.v. thank you very much for one of the all time greats of women's tennis is coming out of retirement for the 2nd time came close to says announced a short comeback the age of 36 but i'd be in love. and that's possible. let's do this let's come back one more time. see you in 2020. 4 the belgian who won 41 singles titles plans to return to action in january and says she's been considering a comeback for to erase during her career clusters has been ranked world number one
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in both singles and doubles winning a total of 4 grand slam singles titles with just one grand slam title to her name the 2005 u.s. open classes 1st retard from center since 2007 at the age of 23 to start a family she returned in 2009 went on to win 2 more u.s. opens as well as the australian open a 2nd retirement coming in 2012 now on a rainy and judo star says he may never be able to return home and claims officials from his country pressured him to pull out of last month's world championships in japan now based in germany saeed more i.e. says he was instructed to pull out of the event so as to avoid the possibility of facing an israeli opponents in the final iran refuses to recognize israel $28.00 the world champion defied the order before losing in the semifinals the presidents of iran's elliptic committee insist mali would be welcomed home with open arms.
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hearted and to hold on i had no choice i had to comply with the lore according to which i cannot compete with israeli opponents i was scared i was afraid of what might happen to my family what might happen to me so i lost i could win but i lost and i decided to lose because i couldn't control myself and i was very much afraid but finally i decided to talk and be courageous and i could now sure how difficult the situation is for iranian athletes in iran it's gone from bad to worse for the usa team at the basketball world cup a day after losing to france in the quarter finals the us were beaten by serbia in a 5th place playoff that means the country's heading towards its worst ever finish at a major tournament the 2nd straight last fall is a $58.00 game winning streak for the same that happened targeting a 3rd straight world championship. more than 800000 fans are expected to watch one of the biggest events in women's golf over the next 3 days in the usa will be defending the solheim cup title against europe we call an eagles course in scotland
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europe haven't won the trophy since 2030 the team tournament follows a similar format some enjoyed a cup with players competing in pairs on friday and saturday followed by 12 singles matches on sunday for the 1st time in her career making caring is part of the u.s.c. the 21 year old says she'll be channelling her parents bravery when the events he's off family was forced to flee from laos 4 decades ago in the fallout from the vietnam war. i'm very proud of my parents my mom took the risk of having my dad quit his job to focus on golf and coaching myself and it was a risk that she was willing to take and if she hadn't been so willing i probably would not be here today i probably won't be playing golf because of this huge sacrifice that they both to i'm able to do what i love and my parents are here to travel with me around the world and so i hope to kind of inspire kids who may have this but background as my family didn't and say hey if they can do it i can do it
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just days after a historic 1st overseas test a win for afghanistan the country's domestic game has suffered a major blow the 2nd season of the afghanistan premier league has been pushed back to 2020 it was set to begin next month but afghanistan's cricket board has delayed that sort of it due to a financial disputes with the league's main investor afghan authorities are also investigating allegations of corruption in the competition elsewhere england finished day one of the 5th and final ashes test against australia on 27138 already 21 up australia are aiming to complete their 1st test series win in england since 2001 i think it showed there's a little bit in the way of both batters embolism think if you if you try to play well and applied yourself those runs to be. logos with the ball it's going a bit and the old one around so i think if you bowled well the wickets to be had as well the japanese prime minister has been getting very close look at the rugby world cup trophy but he was also presented with a signed shirt by japan's team captain michael leach is the country gets ready to
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host the tournament for the 1st time japan famously beating ticks on world champions south africa at the last world cup crime scene face rusher in the opening match on september 28th in charge here. also in japan's group our island they've just arrived and despite 2 time defending champions new zealand being the tournament favorites is the irish you are ranked number one in the world campaign starts with a game against scotland. and heavyweight boxer tyson fieri says he is taking his upcoming fight seriously even though the britain is pursuing a rematch against world champion dion say wilder fury will take on the undefeated also fallen in las vegas on saturday will be his 2nd fight since the split decision draw against while they're in december both men undefeated heading into this one. the fact is i don't own the rest of my new body i give everybody the ultimate respect even if the guys are 2520 i will train for it like it's a 20 role because i've never failed to repair ok but it's i suppose looking for now
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more later. andy thank you all the news of course on our website there it is on his screen al-jazeera dot com that's it for me down in jordan for this news hour i'll be back in a moment but much more of the day's such as what. is wrong election take to voters go back to the polls 1st 2nd time and less than 6 months will benjamin netanyahu come on to one riddled with criminal investigations . israel's political future in the balance on al-jazeera. i
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didn't know that corruption has reached a level like nothing ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will the people with the truth and nothing else discover that. for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships one mess was that somehow time is
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aiming to replace america and around the world call it chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part 2 on a jersey. the u.s. justice department is set to reveal the name of a saudi official who allegedly helped anonymous in the tuckers. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from tel also coming up united nations says 2000000 people at risk of starvation in somalia unless the world acts now. a showdown in texas leading presidential candidates for the democratic party
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face off for the 1st. absolutely you know. the u.k. prime minister barak johnson denali is lying to the queen over the suspension of. the u.s. government will reveal new details about saudi arabia's alleged involvement in the 911 attacks it's been 18 years since almost 3000 people were killed victims' families have been now. the government to release more information about those who hijacked the planes well now the f.b.i. will release the name of one saudi official it says was the most wanted but that person's identity will only be revealed to a limited circle of people including the lawyers for survivors and relatives of the victims the families have been seeking the information as part of a lawsuit against saudi arabia they accuse the government in riyadh of helping to coordinate the attacks 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi arabian citizens the
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government has always denied any involvement gable is on to has more now from washington d.c. . this news is hugely significant because it's believed that this saudi government official that has been identified by the f.b.i. for many years now helped the 1st 6 groups of hijackers when they came to the united states to plan the 911 attacks it's believed that this saudi government official assisted them in that effort this official's name are well known by the f.b.i. and the justice department for many years has been kept secret. while this wound through the court system the saudi lawyers representing the saudi government have tried to block the release of the name of this official for many years now but the justice department faced a thursday deadline to make a ruling on if they would release this name and now they will be releasing it to the lawyers for the victims of the $911.00 attack as well as the courts and then
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it's expected that the lawyers for the $911.00 victims will then appeal to the justice department to have the name released publicly the lawyers for the victims of $911.00 attack say that they support this justice department's decision but they also say this battle is not over yet they want to identify any and all saudi officials that were involved in any way with the $911.00 attacks they say and they expect more revelations and more disclosures to come out in the coming days and weeks well colleen rally's a former f.b.i. agent to expose the bureau's failure to heed evidence of a plot before the 911 attacks she says the families know also just forcing the government to release information that should have been made public years ago. they were thwarted every step in fact even by some judges who would not let them even proceed with their suit but as i testified in 2002 to the senate judiciary committee the victims of this crime will never rest until they have the full truth
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it's sad and shameful that it's taken 18 years for even this little bit of truth to come out in order for them to continue their suit it's in it's incredible that the for head the chief of the joint intelligence committee graham senator graham had to write a book about the blacking out of the 28 pages this was blacked out it was bipartisan by bush and obama for 15 years it's it's actually very shameful when they promised transparency it's very important to get the truth 1st starters that the victim families will never rest they will never get any closure i mean this is incredible that we're 18 years into it and have really the public has been misled so much and if it wasn't for these brave families who are doing their own investigation they're all lobbying and their own pressuring we would have even even be as far as we are
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right now they're not to nations as warning $2000000.00 people in somalia will face starvation by the end of the summer unless the world takes action it's been one of the dry seasons in more than 30 years mama bear reports now from by bella in southwest somalia. there seems to be no letup in the flow of people into the city all by door in southwest somalia. have been displaced by brault a most are hungry and desperate. the few medical facilities run by agencies a full of sick among noticed children. like most people here more than my a limb have to walk more than 10 kilometers to get help for his sick child out of thin need good. my son is a year old and has been sick for 2 months i had to bring him here for help i have no intention of returning to a village to he's fully recovered. on the outskirts of the city we meet more
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displaced people who've just arrived during droughts in the past many left it too late before moving to seek help but that seems to have changed the must of movement of people to the cities ha seen a huge rice in the number of pumps for the displaced in by door in 2016 there were just 70 such comments today there are 400 unthawed to 5 of them with a population of more than 360000 people. that is more than the original inhabitants of the city aid workers say the world has failed to respond adequately and they need more donations to have a mission id be the numbers of those in need keep growing by day and far outstrip the resources we have the donors are trying their best but we never seem to be able to catch up with a growing number of displaced. people united nations emergency aid coordinator husband visiting by door he says people here need much more than food aid haitian
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development away solution ideally people would have a chance to go home and rebuild their lives is not always possible so then it's a question often of land access to services and support where they come to a man in that means there is a need for a supportive discussion from the local authorities some of the displaced told us that also fled the violence of al-shabaab fighters who are also forcing children to join the group. this crisis is happening as communities are already struggling to recover from a 2 year long drought and that in 2017 nomadic pastoralism has been away over life for millions of somalis for centuries but the droughts are threatening that many of the displaced say they now have no farms or hearts to go back to and it's unlikely many of them will every time. the world has either baidoa in southwest somalia dozens of people are feared dead in the democratic republic of congo after
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a train derailed in the eastern province of tanganyika a congolese government minister said at least 50 people were killed and several others injured the freight train was carrying illegal passengers at the time of the crash sudan's new prime minister is in south sudan for his 1st official state visit since taking power he wants to improve relations between the neighbors but he's also there for talks with armed groups who've been fighting the government in khartoum for a year is even more been reports from geneva. in a nod to the relations between the 2 countries that were once one sudan's newly appointed prime minister abdullah one dohc chose south sudan's capital juba as his 1st foreign visit accompanied by 4 ministers from his cabinet he met his host south sudan's president salva kiir to mark the start of a scheduled 2 day visit. promised early after i have been sworn in that my friend is busy with me to do one on one here today. looking for
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a very strategic. very distinguished relationship between the 2 nations. while him talk held talks with his host his ministers met their south sudanese counterparts topping the talks were economic and trade to east south sudan seceded in 2011 with most of sudan's oil facilities they once brought in more than 60 percent of the country's revenues but sudan's pipelines and ports are needed to export south sudan's oil the 2 also share the longest land border in africa and parts are yet to be formally demarcated more than 80 years after south sudan's independence that's caused tensions in the past and was discussed in the talks we have discussed many bilateral issues concerning outstanding issues in the peace agreement not the reason one but the comprehensive peace agreement where the issues of borders issues of corporations issues of economic and political issues seem
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to be discussed and those weren't the only things brought up over the discussion table the prime minister has repeatedly stated he aims to achieve peace in conflict areas within the 1st 6 months of the transitional period on wednesday a coalition of sudanese armed group signed an agreement to start talks with the sudanese government mediated by south sudan on thursday how much with those groups to see how he can achieve what he terms as his top priority. the armed groups had expressed reservations too and some outright projections of the agreement signed last month that led to the creation of a transitional government in sudan and while they have agreed to talks to end conflicts they see achieving that will not come easy one of those telling us. whether the current government in khartoum. the ability to overcome that the because it's difficult. the current political setup has
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been designed by the week when to signal next in a way that with a lot of difficulties for the peace process the voice mostly. is only starting his job as prime minister but the country has been marred by conflict and a troubled economy and it seems that he's looking to sudan for the neighbor to help find some solutions for the challenges he faces he will morgan on to 0 juba. 10 u.s. democratic party presidential hopefuls are going head to head in houston texas the 3rd prime of debate as a 1st time front runners former vice president joe biden and senators elizabeth warren bernie sanders have shared the same stage while previous debates or 20 candidates face off of the 2 nights the party has a strict qualification to focus on just the top 10 well heidi castro is at a watch party in mcallen texas that's on the u.s. border with mexico and speak to her in a few minutes but 1st let's go to rob reynolds who was at the debate in houston rob
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so far these debates have focused almost exclusively on domestic political issues is that likely to change tonight do you think. will dare and i just want to say the debate is underway the candidates are making their opening statements here on stage at texas southern university in used and yes you are of course right that the debates up until now have focused almost exclusively on domestic issues health care expanding. health care for people who don't have it. and or her tailing gun violence issues of that nature as well as economic inequality and the need for some fundamental restructuring in government and the economy all of that has been out there but i would be very surprised if there weren't them to change tonight i know that this domestic focus could be very frustrating for observers from overseas trying to.


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