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we need something new really new not just lies and promises we love tunisia it's our country we don't want them to win the chair and we just stay in the same problems it can't be only words they must be doers. in fact friday is the last day of campaigning that saturday a day of silence and then sunday 26 candidates will be out for the public vote now if any of them gets over 50 percent that means that will be the outright winner but no one is expecting that to happen there is the expectation there will be a 2nd runoff between the 2 top winners and i will be in november for a report that parliamentary elections also to elect a government and a prime minister everything is up in the air here the question is is the face of today's are going to change or any of these politicians going to bring something new to the table certainly everyone we've been speaking to say that that's what they want and that's what they're going to expect. pro-democracy protesters have rallied in the streets of algeria for the 3rd straight week geria has been one
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without an elected president since demonstrators forced former president. to resign in april they're demanding sweeping changes including having members of the former regime on trial. now the moon festival is one of the most important celebrations in the chinese calendar but this year the mid orson event is taking place against a backdrop of months of protests in hong kong. and reports. people here see the full moon brings her spirit and a brighter future but the moon grows over a different hong kong this year and the celebration has taken on a different. there are the usual carols and lanterns but many people are coming with a different message remembering those most affected by the proposed extradition bill that sparked the initial street protests today. you know for those
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people. for. the past 3 months this. addition. to the protests is showing no sign of ending despite the police crackdown and increased violence at demonstrations people continue to vent their frustration at what they see as mainland china's growing influence on hong kong the process is more sober than usual but the sense of this content is still quite present here it is freer than is being handed a break in almost every senator. from. the controversial extradition bill was withdrawn last week but critics of hong kong chief executive kerry lamb and her administration say this was too little too late so we are here because what the. kerry lives we throw off the extra.
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walling previous celebrations were about families now it's all about standing with the people of hong kong. the 1st of all brings families together to celebrate. this year they're singing about resistance and their fight for personal liberties jamelle and dog and al jazeera hong kong. new zealand's prime minister just under our dan has moved to fat countries gunnels it's been 6 months since a mass shooting in christchurch killed 51 people. reports. prime minister. used a visit to a primary school in christ church to announce changes that she says will make new zealand safer including an increase in mental health funding and stricter gun laws we know that the majority of gun crime is committed by people without a license with firearms that have either being stolen or traded illegally
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arning a firearm is a privilege not a right that means we need to do all we can to ensure that our in the honest laura biding citizens can obtain firearms licenses and use firearms. are done 1st announced sweeping gun controls in march following an attack on 2 mosques in christ church that killed 51 people all military style semi automatic weapons and assault rifles were banned and an amnesty was put in place for the guns to be handed to police 6 months on and the government says more changes to the law are needed this bill includes the creation of the farms register to enable the monitoring and tracking of every foreign legally owned in new zealand changing the length of time of farms license from teen years to 5 years the creation of a licensing regime for shooting clubs and ranges the requirement to be
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a license holder in order to purchase and hold foreign parts magazines and ammunition the government hopes parliament will approve the legislation by the end of the year to try to ensure new zealand never experiences another mass killing victoria gate and be. day one.
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thank you very much england's cricketers have fought hard on day 2 of the final ashes test and it seems to have paid off for archer took 6 wickets from australia if they change things 1st innings 3rd of 294 their best bets when steve smith made his lowest score of the series a mere 80 australia all out for 225 just before the close of play in the hold a 781 lead going into day 3 a win would at least leave the series drawn with australia having already done enough to retain the ashes in a loss for the team of this it is that a lot of players. even. personal game in. other areas as is lost lots of the. pakistan's cricket board says it won't shift the upcoming home series against sri lanka to a neutral venue this week 10 sri lankan players opted out of the 2 of the team was warned of a possible terrorist threat they were due to play the 1st of 31 day matches in 2
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weeks' time pakistan's captain is still hoping his opponents will change their minds they can't believe. any of the pakistan cricket board has made a tremendous effort over the past 10 years over the past 3 years pakistan has successfully hosted the west indies sri lanka a world 11 and pakistan super league for a limited overs match as it tries to win back confidence of foreign teams to restart fully fledged international cricket at home but the international cricket council and other cricket board should also support pakistan because pakistan has always supported other cricket boards in their hour of need european the united states 4 and a half 3 and a half after the 1st day's play in golf solheim cup taking place at gleneagles in scotland this competition is very similar to the ryder cup except that it is for women golfers the europeans late on friday after the morning for some reason maintained their slender advantage after the afternoon for suzanne patterson and van dam defeated us do it danielle caring and that solace for into an otherwise
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even afternoon session. it was a good dynamic today i mean playing alongside the new superstar of europe. was absolute pleasure today and. this someone like this is going to rub off on her like i said before we started you don't have to play perfect often this is a tough go of course in the conditions we started off and so. now absolute pleasure to get the point on the ball and that's the most important thing spain reached the finals of the basketball world cup after a dramatic victory over australia in beijing at one point in the semifinal the australians led by as many as 11 points but the spaniards fought back late in the game to force a double overtime thriller mark 33 for fellow n.b.a. star ricky rubio at 19 and 12 assists spain came through 9588 they'll take on argentina in sunday's final luis scola scored
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a game high 28 points as they breezed past france 8066 it's argentina's 1st final since 2002 it was also the end of the line for the french who blew this tournament wide open when they beat reigning champions the united states in the quarter finals . after a week of international fixtures europe's big leagues return and liverpool will be 1st up in action on saturday in the english premier league when they host newcastle united in other matches manchester united will be at home against leicester chelsea visit wolves and champions manchester city or away at norwich but before that all eyes will be on enfield where liverpool boss you're going club says he's team must not underestimate newcastle the boys are still the same bunch of good football players what they were before and i'm really happy about that and we have to go tomorrow again because newcastle will fight like crazy and like they did against tottenham for example. of good results. the spanish league also returns with real
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madrid in action against 11 say coach than it is today and has several problems ahead of this match though as many as 8 players are currently sidelined with injuries they should have been has are available though the belgian joined the club for $110000000.00 in the most recent transfer window but is yet to make his 1st appearance for rail so dan has also been complaining about the lack of preparation time after the international break. it's called because. it's complicated period we know the situation we're not comfortable about it but that's the way it is levant have had the 15 days to prepare for this game whereas some players have only joined us this week one or 2 every day until today we have 3 players who are going to train only one day but it doesn't matter we're ready we're just thinking about the game now we're just a week away from the start of the rugby world cup in japan.
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ireland squad was welcomed in a traditional ceremony earlier captain rory best painted in an eye of a good luck to all call the dirt rumor over the next week organizers will hold ceremonies like these for all of the teams taking part in ireland will open a campaign against scotland on the 22nd of september and they're going into the tournament as the world's top ranked team if you told us after. only laughed at us so just shows they can just change. finished driver esa-pekka lappie has extended easily lead on day 2 of the rally of turkey lapierre is ahead by 17.7 seconds at the halfway stage the citron driver leads will champion sebastian or jerri manthey lavelle or suffered an impressive tire puncture on his toyota is done in life. for the sport we have the finale stay
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tuned for more again later. well you can find much more on our website including details of former zimbabwean president robert mugabe as well while that's al-jazeera dot com. and that's it from meanest at this news hour and i mean back in just a couple of minutes. early this of course we are football fans who don't think about the opening. night of the experiment when real madrid it's love worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you know.
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in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports to the endless chain on all jazeera. world leaders from un member states of preparing to take their seats for this year's general assembly president rouhani and president trump will attend can grow in tensions between the u.s. and iran the east will multilateral efforts provide solutions to a global refugee crisis escalating laws and climate change before it's too late so join us for extensive coverage of the un general assembly on al-jazeera indonesia is in the grip of an extinction epidemic with endangered species disappearing at record levels can it be stopped before it's too life one a one a stint best to gates indonesia's wildlife crisis on al-jazeera.
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the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. will bring you the news and current affairs that much of. the bahamas prepares for another tropical storm just days after hurricane dorian cts devastation across the islands. there are live from die also coming up. a disaster.
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we're beyond being didn't support commute pakistan's prime minister. of india is violations of human rights and the kashmir region. striking workers bringing much of the transport system in paris to a standstill and it disappears i have a pension reform. has to bury its founding father families of those killed and disappeared are demanding answers. now heavy rains and strong winds are threatening to disrupt such a rescue efforts in the bahamas after hurricane dorian devastated parts of the islands the national hurricane center is now warning of a potential new tropical storm within the next 36 hours parts of the bahamas were hit hard by a powerful hurricane just under 2 weeks ago at least 50 people were killed and more than a 1000 still missing. you. i lost my son and his whole family besides
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his wife. 32 grandkids. one of those things. but still life goes on. tango it's. like. they say i have to keep moving. pick up the pieces of what bit by bit one they had. then my i'd came this money and she got me still in the van so you say but to me here and i thank god i thank god that my brother's a lie where like after all him again you know i lose so much of my family members and i'm really thankful for my brother and that's my when you know me you know so i had to i had to come and make sure that he said ok. correspondent allen fishes in the capital in the south. for most here another day is coming to an end
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another day when they don't know when they'll get home another day when they don't even know if their home still exists this sports center on the edge of not so is no home to about 1200 people the conditions inside people are see are very good but it's still not home and they're waiting for news of the tropical storm that may well be heading towards the 2 islands that suffered the most through hurricane dorian incredibly hurrican during my actually help out in that situation because it churned up the water so much straw up to the sea temperature by 3 or 4 degrees that means that the storm that's commonly headed at those 2 islands isn't as strong as it could be you know people on the island are taking precautions the prime minister says that people there are ready there are already temporary shelters and the government it is in place ready to do what it can 3800 people are still missing
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the new. telecommunications facilities have been sent to the 2 islands that were hit the washed but that may be good news because improve communications might help the authorities here update the list of people who are missing so that number may well come down in the next couple of days with a visit to from the u.n. secretary general who says that the conditions here are heartbreaking but he says this is the consequence of climate change and when he welcomes world leaders to new york in about a week or so he says he wants them to come no with speeches but with plans he is one of the that this will not be the last tragedy of its kind this hurricane season and says there will be a lot more of these sort of situations if the world doesn't do something about climate change no for these people it's really just about day to day living getting through another day getting through tomorrow i'm wondering what news that will bring i'm wondering if that means they're one step closer to going home while
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speaking of climate change and swedish climate activists. demonstrations and washington d.c. and protesting outside the white house for greater action on climate change the 16 year old and dozens of other teenagers how gave speeches and long doing that politically and as address the crisis. was that right affirmed began her climate strikes every friday preparing to protest outside the swedish parliament for urgent action on climate change rather than attend school and that's become a global phenomenon now on this friday she joined students in the washington d.c. area for their school friday climate strike outside the white house. really 2 for everything i'm so. well i think. it was.
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so very overwhelming. just never give up. we will continue to. see you know that's the point of a 20 year. old world so this is just a precursor to what's supposed to be happening next frightening september the 20 years not just students walking out of cross but a general strike adults walking out of their workplaces demoting action only climate change in the days before a u.n. summit on the issue in new york. 3 senior commanders on the libyan war outcome if i have to have been killed that's according to protest and media they died during fighting south of the capital tripoli. to military offensive to capture the city back in april forces no oil to the un recognized government say they have made advances in the area. now pakistan's prime minister is warning that new delhi's crackdown an indian administered kashmir will push more muslims into taking up and
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run khan held a rally and was a rough about the capital of pakistan administered kashmir he says he'll take the issue to the un general assembly and spend more than a month now since new delhi revoked in administered kashmir autonomy almost $4000.00 people have been arrested since then come on hyder was at that rally. crowd and off guard there i heard over 30 are married and the 3rd year would not provide also the coverage of what the final administered kashmir there were on conduct i agreed on my no doubt wants to restore the people of parker's run shorter florida where the runners on the other side of the line of there are also known as the light on her door the buzzer sounded prime minister ready for the addressing the united nations 130 more than the next day here for to be our large.
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right of men orange county who demanded after all. the western world is not paying attention to what's happening in indian administered kashmir but the entire muslim world is watching among the 1250000000 muslims many will take up the guns in retaliation the fortified prime minister speaking to us or do you know know for certain their father started recorder and in their marriage to support the people over for me and their daughters roger and the message from the very clear. down 3rd force where the people of course 300 people express their point of who rendered. those on that street who are working on human rights that please speak out about human rights of course me to speak for the humans after we are not and i would rather that. why was this bizarre in you know by. the brutality of indian army
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and they are on. humanity why they're done this ride on bush really how about in what we the females of pakistan administered kashmir want to tell modi that we are not weak and we are standing with our sisters and brothers of india administrate kashmir we will liberate kashmir and with god's will kashmir will get its independence. from bugger all. bhagavan really you know you're right no matter what. well iran can also spoke exclusively to talk to al-jazeera he said he is anti war but will respond to any aggression from india when 2 nuclear armed countries fight if they fight a conventional war there is every possibility that it's going to end up into nuclear war the unthinkable i mean you know if if supposed to stand for
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god forbid we fight a conventional war we're losing and if a country is stuck between the choice either you surrender or you fight till death for your freedom i know pakistanis will fight to death for their freedom so that when a nuclear armed country fights to the end to the death it has consequences so that's why i'm we have approached the united nations we approach we are we are approaching every international forum that them must act right know because this is a potential. a disaster which would go way beyond the indian subcontinent and you can watch that full interview on talk to al-jazeera on saturday at 430 g.m.t. . while a massive strike has brought much of paris as public transport to a halt as unions protest against pension reforms correspondent attash about the reports from the french capital they were tailbacks on paris's famous charles
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elisei avenue and across the city with most of the metro bus and train service is closed people sought alternative ways to get around the biggest transport workers strike in the fridge capital for more than a decade cause travel chaos and frustration for commuters the idea is to be able to strike a protest using methods which don't prevent others going to work. public transport because i thought it would be delayed transport workers a protesting against the french president emanuel macro's planned pension reforms the french government says it wants to streamline the complex and costly pension system to make it fairer and financially sustainable. but yet we're going to build a truly universal system which for every year of contributed gives everyone the same rights whether they are workers shopkeepers researchers farmers civil servants doctors or entrepreneurs these transport workers say they worry their pensions
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could be reduced or they could be forced to work longer most people in france can retire at 62 but some transport workers can retire in their fifty's. pension schemes are sacred except of jobs with shift work we're responsible for public safety but now they want to take our rights away. we are being asked to take on increasingly difficult working conditions were losing what little compensation we had. many people in france regard the state public pension scheme as a pillar of the french social system previous french presidency of trying to reform it with back down off the public opposition reforming france's pension system was one of a man all macros campaign promises but it's fraught with risk opinion polls suggest that the french president's popularity is finally on the rise after difficult here domestically because of the yellow face protests so he'll have to tread carefully if he wants to avoid.


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