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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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but many aid organizations are spread thin fighting between who thesis and allies of yemen is internationally recognized government pushed the country to the brink of famine and that was before the flooding man out flat and honestly i used to have a little bit of cooking flour but if lots washed away we don't have anything to eat everything was flooded may god have mercy on earth and i were children. people living in these camps have little support and nowhere to go and they can only hope that help comes soon. al-jazeera still to come here at al-jazeera israel prepares to go to the polls for the 2nd time in less than 6 months. and our new zealand's gun laws backfiring police face accusations their new strategy is failing.
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however the last few days that seen some particularly vicious thunderstorms were nasty tornado outbreak as you know in sioux falls and this is the reason for this developing system here that normally that produces a vicious storms and tornadoes and a whole lot mousie's with this is going to lose some visine but his temperature across that cold front isn't a great contrast with still maintaining high twenty's or right to the east coast with a head of the lows up the east encounter on saturday in the back wash cloud is carrying nothing very much so it's an improving situation here we should be watching what's happening in mexico arizona new mexico southwest monsoon when he gets into the only significant rain of the year it's still there the significant shadow is seen in places like idaho even utah the higher ground in the west they've gone that has gone quiet but coming to seattle and in british columbia an active cold front yet
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more significant rain and here's some news you don't want to hear a tropical cycle more news next existence throughout the bahamas there you don't see a problem circulation so it's not a hurricane but it is the potential for heavy rain throughout the bahamas and eventually that system just about the circulation hits the florida coast again rain not so much strong winds. indonesia is in the grip of an extinction epidemic with endangered species disappearing at record levels can it be stopped before it's too likes 101 a stint best to gates indonesia's crisis on al-jazeera. and this was different artists and whether someone is going for someone who's very rents it doesn't matter when interest think it's how you approach an official and often it is a certain way of doing it you can't just barge in in just a story and fly out. turn
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to take a look at the top stories here and out. heavy rains and strong winds are threatening to disrupt search and rescue efforts in the bahamas where 1300 people still are unaccounted for the national hurricane center warns tropical storm. is due to hit within the next 36 hours parts of the island chain were hit hard by hurricane dorian nearly 2 weeks ago the u.n. secretary general is in the bahamas to draw attention to climate crisis. at least 31 people died when floodwaters swept through yemen's hunter province many
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families displaced by the civil war had been sheltering that at least 1500 makeshift homes have been destroyed. pakistan's prime minister has warned the new tele's crackdown in indian administered kashmir will push more people into taking up arms in man can they held a rally in the capital of pakistan administered kashmir and again promised to take the issue to the un. the indian government's decision to revoke fuel ptolemy old indian administered kashmir has cast a shadow on political talks with a rebel group files of kilometers away in the north east the conflict with naga rebels fighting for independence is india's longest running rebellion priyanka gupta reports from now that. is one of the top leaders of india's biggest group the national socialist county. isaac
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weaver at 85 maybe think he's the most capable of sealing a political deal with the government a deal that's been 22 years in the making. in 2015 redraw these government and the rebel group signed a framework agreement at the talks now appear to be the final stages all mothers will have to be in the intended and that is what they taught us not story we reject it but there's a problem or the institution will have to be. ours you're going to be yours. man or flex will have to be ours your friends will have to be your critics but they are finding it difficult no. no the knuckle of group has up to $5000.00 fighters and grounds it's all part of government the issue of territorial political sovereignty for the nagas has been at
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the heart of the conflict since india's independence nagas want what they call now going in or a homeland consisting of naga land parts of trained in states and some areas in me and mark but some groups are also calling for a more practical solution you know 3 elisa vent who belongs to a separate coalition of 7 split doggle of groups also in talks with the government i don't know why consideration have been always been mentioned about this unless you know. country newton. how can you have a constitution. not allowed became part of the indeed in 963 other dark eyed habited areas are split between 3 other indian states these celebrate independence day one day before india does p. taxes to the government but to different groups fighting for their cause. but that system has crippled infrastructure and choked its economy in today's reality many
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youths are suffering because of this economy conditions people are frustrated. so peace talks are critical but the indian government's decision to walk or talk to me is also casting a shadow banking or autonomy from the moon because we've or have taken it and you're promising. so what value does that promise have for the mothers this is what is impacting the dogs. because of now blood has stalled it did media that talks are stuck on the symbolic issues of flood of the constitution. but after decades of fighting the dog owners are still waiting for a settlement that fully respects ties to their land their history and identity. al-jazeera campese brand now the land. rover there's some breaking news coming from saudi arabia reports of a large explosion at
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a state owned oil company facility in the east of the country. aramco site close to their mom as i say that's in the eastern province of the kingdom of saudi arabia online videos showing a really big blaze on the horizon and that fire is now reportedly under control so again these are the latest pictures that are coming from saudi arabia reportedly of a large explosion at a state owned oil company in in the eastern province of the country look at the right up to date with that of course soon as we get any more we'll bring it right to you. now israel is going to the polls on tuesday for a 2nd time in less than 6 months the last election resulted in prime minister benjamin netanyahu his failure to forge a coalition prime ministers for israelis are security health care and the prime minister's potential indictments for corruption herefore set records.
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who sews himself as israel's mr security came a reminder of its frequent absence in and around gaza a week before polling day sirens gave notice of a new round of rockets forcing benjamin netanyahu from the stage at a campaign rally in the southern city of ashdod. his main electoral opponent former army chief benny gantz gaza is netanyahu is a weak point on security policy that deterrence has been utterly eroded it's time to act it's time to put an end to this it's time to change the leadership challenge netanyahu to come to the southern time of steroids and look into the eyes of its frightened residents but stare out has long been a stronghold of netanyahu likud party and in april's elections 2 thirds of its voters chose netanyahu or his right wing allies over gun says centrist bloc. we hope it will be fine i don't have the tools that ms and yahoo has i hope what should be done is done. netanyahu doesn't bring
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a security on the days rockets and more just that doesn't mean that i stop believing in him on one level netanyahu is approach is hardline israeli snipers have killed more than $300.00 unarmed protesters over 18 months of border demonstrations rockets out of gaza. with punitive airstrikes guns calls for a broader military campaign but it's precise outline and prospects of success seem as hazy as the gaza skyline from steroids for all the netanyahu is opponents criticize his gaza policy they have yet to come up with an alternative that is fully believed and supported by the residents of this area and as for the wider israeli electorate now whose message to them as always been that israel's number one security problem is not gaza but iran and so days before the election netanyahu unveiled new allegations of iranian nuclear wrongdoing the only way to stop iran's march to the bomb and its aggression in the region is pressure pressure.
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militarily israel has been ramping up that pressure striking iranian interests not just in syria but in iraq i didn't gaging in a cross border escalation earlier this month with iran backed hezbollah in lebanon but all the risks being forceful on iran is seen as boosting netanyahu electoral prospects there are israelis who are disturbed by some of his domestic tactics and he's embroiled in corruption allegations which he denies and so on but on security he seems to be pretty credible and he's also not seen as a military adventure and he doesn't want to drag israel into a major conflict. in recent days though netanyahu iran policy has lost some of its luster donald trump has raised the prospect of a meeting with iran's president a significant blow to netanyahu strategy of maximum pressure the challenge for his opponents is to convince israelis that they can trust such matters to someone else
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or a force that al-jazeera southern israel. zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe will be buried at a national shrine some time in the future in harare meanwhile today that saturday tributes will be paid to the country's founding father who died last week in singapore at the age of $95.00 but for the families of those who died or disappeared during his 37 year rule his legacy is questionable how much has more from harare. pattens of matters older brother it-i used to stand opposite the parliament building every day calling for robert mugabe to step down saying he had failed as a leader 4 years ago it was bundled into a car and hasn't been seen since patz and policemen are working for the zanu p.f. led government took his brother it ties one of many zimbabweans critical of the government who have mysteriously disappeared over the years and lot of people killed as gas people were made and and not all people killed in motion's gas
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because there have not found closure for example today at independence 1800 well over 50000 individuals will have been reported missing. and political ground on political grounds since the government came into power and . its ties family don't know whether he is alive or dead after mcgovern was removed by the army in a coup in 2017 they asked him away it was he knew nothing about it is just one of many unanswered questions in the early 1980 s. thousands of people were murdered it matters to learn province for allegedly trying to remove mugabe from power the former president called a period a moment of madness but is the state of the economy this will straighten many of us what was once a prosperous nation will gladly took over in 1980 is are struggling with soaring
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inflation and high unemployment some basic services aren't readily available including water you can see all these children now woman busy going to screw with old bad thing and we are busy. fetching water. all day. and there's no electricity when the water when their legs use it becomes a very new warfare toward our once in a while. was a polarizing figure in life and in death there was even controversy over when and where his body would be buried now the family says his final resting place will be here. hero's acre is an important national shrine with some of those who fought in the white minority rule are buried robert mugabe's 1st wife sally is buried here next to her is an empty grave reserved for the country's founding father family members say after the official government ceremony they will have their own private event to say they are. praising god his policies on education and land reform are
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the same the governors legacy of disputed elections allegations of human rights abuses abductions and disappearances and a ruined economy will continue to haunt them. al-jazeera has. an egyptian businessmen's posted videos online with details of what he claims are incidents of corruption by president. as well as other army generals mohammed ali who worked as a military contract of a 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars on villas hotels and a seaside palace for sisi he's been posting from spain where he lives in self-imposed exile i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision was he staying in a one bedroom apartment of course not the problem was that these wife didn't want to sleep in the same home when mubarak's wife stayed taken low level corruption to
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a new level i built 5 villas facilities a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo i built a home in alexandria for the sisi family despite it being an official residence in the same compound the modifications demanded by cc's wife cost more than $1500000.00 the army also ordered me to build 125000000 dollars hotel in cairo's 5th see it all meant. pro-democracy protests as a valid in the streets of algeria for the 13th straight week the country has been without an elected president since them and trace demonstrators forced the former leader abdelaziz bouteflika to resign in april they are demanding sweeping changes including having members of the hall of regime put on trial. is elance prime minister just into art and has managed to further tighten the country's gun laws it's been 6 months since a mass shooting in christ church killed $51.00 people ventura gave him the reports
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. prime minister jacinda used a visit to a primary school in christ church to announce changes that she says will make new zealand safer including an increase in mental health funding and stricter gun laws we know that the majority of gun crime is committed by people without a license with firearms that have either being stolen or traded illegally arning a firearm is a privilege not a right that means we need to do all we can to ensure that our in the honest laura biding citizens can obtain firearms licenses and use firearms. are done 1st announced sweeping gun controls in march following an attack on 2 mosques in christ church that killed 51 people all military style semi automatic weapons and assault rifles were banned and an amnesty was put in place for the guns to be handed to
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police 6 months on and the government says more changes to the law are needed this bill includes the creation of the farms ridge to to enable the monitoring and tracking of every foreign legally owned in new zealand changing the length of time of farms license from teen years to 5 years the creation of a licensing regime for shooting clubs and ranges. requirement to be a license holder in order to purchase and hold foreign parts magazines in munitions the government hopes parliament will approve the legislation by the end of the year to try to ensure new zealand never experiences another mass killing victoria gayton be al jazeera. take a look at the top stories here it is air heavy rains and strong winds are threatening
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to disrupt the search and rescue effort in the bahamas the national hurricane center warns tropical storm i'm betto is juda hit within the next 36 hours parts of the island chain were hit hard by a powerful hurricane wilma's 2 weeks ago meanwhile the u.n. secretary general is there to try to raise international awareness about the crisis there's been reports of a large explosion at a state owned oil company in saudi arabia it happened at the site near death in the eastern province of the country online videos show a large blaze on the horizon the fire is now reportedly under control. pakistan's prime minister warns a new delhi's crackdown in indian administered kashmir or push people into taking up arms around hand held a rally in the capital of pakistan administered kashmir and promised to take the issue to the un again. these 21 people have died when floodwaters swept through
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province many families already displaced by the civil war had been sheltering there at least 1500 makeshift homes have been destroyed 3 senior commanders and the libyan after have been killed in fighting south of the capital tripoli pro have to media sources reported the incident as forces loyal to the u.n. recognized government say they've made advances in the area after its forces launched a military offensive to capture the city in april they'll be a memorial service in harare on saturday for the former zimbabwean president robert mugabe his body is lying in state at the sports stadium in the capital his family says the burial will be delayed for months until a site can be built at the national heroes acre monument. today those are the latest headlines from us here it is there i'll be back in about half an hour or so
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but that's after one on one east. a 15 year old tortured in the world's most notorious prison finally released after 13. i have a hard time. having gone through this experience in an exclusive interview told his epic tale. presents guantanamo's child. chinese kept in cages sold and the people. love you. indonesia has one of the highest numbers to the. world. and the side of the good luck can it be stopped before its true
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lights were sleepwalking to a college cul de sacs or one o one east investigates how the illegal wildlife trade is wiping out indonesia's recreations. soloway seas forests a dubbed the galactic it's of asia home to a melting pot of one. many of the creatures that live on these indonesian island a found nowhere else in the world. capital you. think i'm. not looking. for work less. this looks like a children's gang but 10 year old rev on and his friend while hughes at the innocent face of a mickey and often illegal wildlife trade and the. couple
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were. at the entrance to the national park thousands of butterflies are sold on maddest by trade is like. yes and in doing good for. him. thank you very fancy yeah. everybody fly he is essential to the forests food chain ended survival but syriani sells them for just a few dollars when
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a. long couple get the answer which butterfly in hand is the rarest of 5 and. this one up here really called a ripple in bed when the spot of light is a protected species had a venue for 11 months. so there it. becomes. a good clinical setting they're. going to look at what i've seen this butterfly can fetch close to $60.00 on the black market. the fact it could soon become extinct isn't a concern syriani has a family to support. why the forests of solo if you so special do you think. they said you see need of offending i'm buying
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a gun someday. that muscle for fellini. then some better and that i'm with you. in a public event in my blood i was. the money. fall from the butterfly trade is banned lies the frontline of this driving illegal wildlife trade. in the north of the way see the town of manado is a gateway to the rest of asia. one i don't need to own along with. the . people so i'm going to put the thing that i'm not. but the ones who. own the little bundle on the one hand you know. i need. a new. one when i go down one little. leeds investigations as part of
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a specialized indonesian government task force called. it's his job to protect the forests and the animals. you know there's a 1000000 people who can you know do you. know why in the southern. ports like these dani seizes animals from across the region as a smuggled in and out of the country when the. president. recently he called these trade a smuggling 14 rare or endangered the how many ports up there and also the way i see where animal trade is coming in and going out i know i know it's going to look what he's. going to mean you know just wondering you know why i'm wondering if you know the people. why no. one should know that. dani has just 26 offices to this entire region and faces an enormous task.
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one animal is prized evolved to levels a river i achieve mick. all monkey that has human like features it's called the yaquis out here they live side by side with locals so if it started to fall there it would be intense to legally somebody's backyard and yet it's critically endangered by not exactly sure why they're keeping it up at home in fact. this is the place. that in many. react to. the yakking is one of more than 900 species protected by indonesian law but many locals have no idea do you ever let him off the only. thing you know. really how long are being here. but on the.
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phone with whom. do you think this is the right place for him. but. you know everybody's have a good. balance keeping yaquis like this could mean 5 years in jail or 100000000 repeated fine that's more than 20 times the average monthly income he . even more than what i've seen what i thought of the idea. but it could be them all of them but the same. money higher up. the ladder i want to be more than they. want.
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as it so 1st offense today these are not escapes with a warning. when an animal is see it's brought here to the tacit craigie wildlife refuge but unless you love the president. it's the only refuge of its kind in the region and it's almost to capacity how many mechanics do you have here as the currency there is a 100. 7. wow from 5 different species in solo easy and in the most. critically endangered one in the mid 2. what condition do you think this little guys in this point. in the poor nutrition scott additions.
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alright be careful we're going to get quite close over here so they might grab your hair and with it the refuge is enormous every kind of animal is he. from a bring it tends to sunday it's what's in you sciacca dolls cockade our house. i'm with a trade it is well yes all of them have been taken from traffic is or people who kept them illegally as pets. were the bird fans are now. accepting that free. press is still 1st arrested. many different species.
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but there's a surprisingly biggest threat then the trade many of these animals are also hunted to be eaten. mostly they being the wall or the meat so the hunters take it back home. kill it as a food when they have to be that's what they take. a bad. so what trait is having the worst impact and why it. because it's that already you cannot send him back to the wall. wow. that is an incredible new. from a lookout point really tells me the scale of the bushmeat trade will have impacts that reach far beyond this refuge so how bad is this then this is bad because it's not sustainable all of the species are catch from the wild and
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directly from the wall and if it's that keep going on 8090 percent of the wallet in seoul we see are facing extinctions. where sleep walking into. a political disaster. to find out more about the bush may trying to i'm heading inland to visit what locals coal and extreme market. here in tom on the taste for bush may run state. stage in local tradition just about every kind of animal is to say. the positive enjoy it much of what's our. money q what do you want.
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people for. law to get away. like you have got a little bit stronger. it's a lot of meat. david and his family have been selling push me here for a tease mostly to indigenous locals called mina hoss and that's why people love pushed me sorry i'm not. sure you can. you know how. these trades barely regulated every animal he has been caught from the wild and is sold in huge quantities is the rare the animal the better and . yeah but you gotta walk in my house so mark in. my.


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