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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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saudi aramco saudi arabia it needs a strong ram and vice versa as well history of saudi aramco is the history of saudi arabia transforming itself from an isolated tribal society into a global presence so listening in on increased attacks like this on facility is going to send a bit of a shockwave down the spine of not only saudi arabia but the world right absolutely you see saudi arabia has been stuck in this perpetual war with yemen since 2015 and we've seen the transformation of the who the rebels of saudi arabia says are backed by iran you've seen that they were launching rudimentary attacks by missiles in the beginning of which were quite easily wiped off by the saudi government as well as its allied forces now they've gone into a more metamorphosed into a more sophisticated fighting force so that's a nightmare on its border obviously this is all of its financial projections are dependent on international players pumping money into saudi arabia which unless
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you've got complete security and stability for an investor is a major deal absolutely thanks so much for salvage a very. now the rest of the day's news is ahead including we take a closer look at what's behind the new. deal between argentina and china. for another tropical storm just days after hurricane dorian caused devastation across the island. we will hear from real madrid's coach as they try to get their season back on track. in the. african leaders are in harare paying tribute to zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe he died in singapore last week 95 ruled the country for 37 years until being ousted by his own army in november 2017.
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joins us now live from hard. sort of a turnout is shaping up. right now a. gathering here. if you have very early on that it was the burial you always dream of going to what it. feels. like for robert mugabe that. is going to take some time people. who want to look like it's a good idea to honor him that way but some of the. people knew that. and how much is it going. to pay for it is going to. or is it going 3 young and they are diverse taxpayers we would be in one cannot really be the
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money could be other things for example no. one basic drug hospital this is a typical day for. your poorest about when you wake up in the morning and. it comes back at night that is. no running water coming out of it right now. you see long lines of people waiting. because they don't get running water in their homes. and i wanted to talk you from . talking about longer right now. you have former heads of state. and it's. because. some people blame us for destroying what was once a prosperous morning with a lot of africans on the continent and icon they say he liberated the white man.
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country. independence and a lot of people talk about the issue and they say he was brave enough to take a white minority and. a black majority countries like south africa. expropriation without compensation but nothing has been done about a lot of people. to pay their respects and take. from. 5 broken out between pro bono and antigovernment protests the shopping center in hong kong police made arrests after breaking up clashes between. a more. probe aging demonstrators chanted support the police and wave chinese flags before being confronted by of the protesters sarah clarke joins us now live from hong kong so how tense is the situation there now. we're in an
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area called a union long it's a district that's on the border of hong kong and mainland china just near sions then we've got a tense standoff that's been going on for some hours now the protesters there about a 1000 here before they appear to have retreated but we have a wall of police behind me we just had the tactical response unit which is the next level up from the right place they've just arrived and we still have a large group of onlookers either here on my right hand side who are continuing some verbal confrontations with police now we've got roy blockades surrounding this area the shopping center has now being closed as a result of these protests all gathering here and at this particular assembly commission was denied by police the organizers then took it to court the court upheld the police decision to deny permission for this particular symbol to go ahead so hence why the heavy police presence you mentioned also some verbal some fight earlier that was encountering by on saturday in hong kong this was some
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confrontations between the probation and the other project lacasse groups in a shopping center this is this kind of confrontation is becoming the norm here in hong kong as both sides to fight one another for their particular cause and their campaign and i should say the significance of this area where we are in you long on the border about a month or more than a month ago we saw some very violent clashes between the police and the protests as within sort gang of men wearing white t. shirts moving in this group was later described as triads which is a criminal gang often referred to as a criminal gang here in hong kong they violently beat these protesters hits one of the protesters have come back here today to show their anger at the police. well given what you just said sara will the mass rally go ahead on sunday since that's been denied permission to write. that is the mass rally that it's all been asked by the civil human rights crimes and this is the organization that runs these mass rallies the one of 1w2w people and we have every generation joining
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these these marches now if you had the commission has been denied by police but we do expect an assembly of some sort to go ahead and as i mention are these the ones that attract the large numbers that we expect every weekend of the next few hours next month or so to be a film with protests in the lead up to type the 1st which is the anniversary of communist china so certainly the standoff continues and the protesters are refusing to back down right serach long ban thanks for that. as china's trade war with the u.s. drags on beijing's building another alliance with argentina the south american nation has signed a deal to export millions of tonnes of soybean meal which will give its economy a much needed boost but argentina now faces the challenge of meeting the needs of both superpowers daniel schorr and the reports from one side us. the deal has been years in the making but the trade dispute between china and the united states has created
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a fresh urgency for both superpowers to look for new partners. argentina is the world's biggest producer of soybean meal with about 43 percent of the market much of it will now be used to feed china's estimated 400000000 pigs i'm going to use a serious answer about the signing of this protocol establishes a solid legal basis so the convergence of these 2 huge markets. and the light from argentina the deal a boost to an economy in recession so marketers will retorted this is an historic achievement we have worked hard for for over 20 years we have wanted to open up this market and we know it will be highly valued by the argentine 3 sectors argentina already exports soybeans and also china and its agricultural sector is pushing for more you know the government wants on our ship but argentina has to try to sell products of higher value that's a challenge that argentina has in relation to china to try to improve in deep in
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the sale of these products which it is doing. china to meet its food and energy needs has invested heavily in latin america's infrastructure roads railways and ports the key is to have something that both china and the united states want that they used to get from one another but no longer do because of their trade disputes but then don't risk offending either superpower politically because things change and nobody wants to put future trade deals in jeopardy. however there are still administrative hurdles to overcome and some caution over getting too excited. argentina is an important food producer but it doesn't have stock and it doesn't have investments because as everyone knows the economic situation here is delicate and to try to expand export capacity at the moment is impossible there's no credit and we can expand export capacity then there's the united states to worry about argentina recently resolved a 10 year trade dispute with the u.s.
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over meat exports it's a major trading partner with substantial political influence in what it sees as its backyard but the department. the u.s. state department has made various moves trying on countries in latin america to be aware of increasing its trade with china. but he also warns the current trade dispute is merely a skirmish in a much bigger war to come over technology and intellectual property rights for the satisfaction here over the deal just done this still uncertainty over the next moves to come from beijing and washington. when osiris heavy rain and strong winds are threatening search and rescue efforts in the bahamas tropical storm humberto has been hitting areas already devastated by hurricane dorian at least 50 people are confirmed dead and more than a 1000 still missing alan fischer reports from the capital. for
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no there's not much more to do than stand around and talk about what happened about what happens next this is a place of shelter for more than a 1000 after the horror of hurricane dorian police and army who are helping out the relief effort see the government has been cameras inside or christmas told me conditions are good it's the stories that upset or. from. when she was crying. and. we know. but. it's so hard. when the storm hit freetime her daughter had to swim to safety.
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and now another storm is bearing down on the place she's not sure if she still calls home there's really nowhere else to stay if you look at it because the place the water. there's no power no water the dark clothes are all mislead hanging over the bahamas the prime minister says they're hoping the potential tropical storm will cause a few problems but people are ready but if you were to fly over those islands that were impacted you would know that many of the homes already have tops on the roofs after trying to minimize any form of leakage within the home itself so people have been working already late on friday the u.n. secretary general toured one of the places where displaced people are being housed and he wants this site is going to become more common so this is the moment to leave 1st the present trends climate change is running faster than what we are we
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need to reverse this trend we need to defeat climate change the number of those. missing still stands at 1300 but new telecommunications equipment has been sent to the islands that were washed affected is that better information will bring that number down there's a storm just off the bahamas but people here are hoping that it misses because its current path puts it towards islands that already had too much to be alan fischer i'll just eat up enough so in the bahamas. american actor felicity huffman will spend 2 weeks in jail for cheating the u.s. college admissions process she pleaded guilty to paying $15000.00 to rig a daughter's college entrance exam results when is the 1st parent to be sentenced among several high profile people involved in the scam. is a professor of education at the university of california los angeles who thinks the charges are likely to fix no ready broken admissions system. 2 weeks you will get
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more time in jail for stealing a loaf of bread and for what she's done so that the consequences are quite minimal but at least she did admit her guilt but the problem is much bigger than this it's been known for a long time that wealthy individuals can make donations to a college and only their children are admitted and that's not considered a bribe that's just the way the system works so we have a real problem with respect to how access to college is determined and the way in which wealth and privilege makes the process even more unfair than it already is and that's because these especially the private institutions depend heavily on the support of wealthy donors for to so say in the university but we've seen recently that this is happening in public universities as well u.c.l.a. the institution i'm a part of was also part of this scandal and so what we see because of the pressure
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on families to try to get their kids into top colleges we're seeing that the stakes are high and individuals are willing to go even to take illegal action on ethical action to get their children secure a spot for their children i understand why families would be clamoring for this chance but i also know that the system is rigged we have a very unequal educational system so those who are going to elite private schools and public schools already have an advantage from very early on in their lives and they want to on top of that when you look at the ways in which wealthy families can invest in their children and secure private tutors and do other things to enhance their chances of getting into these elite universities then you see how corrupt the system actually is. all right jenny's here with the weather in a moment and then we're live at an emergency summit discussing security in west africa we'll look at the challenges facing israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu ahead of elections next week and it was
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a shaky start for several cyclists racing in quebec has more coming up in school. hello there without some pretty good clear conditions across much of china for the last couple of weeks however that is not the case at the moment we've actually seen a significant storm system mixing with all this cloudy can see here working its way through central china in particular. this is tank county and just look at this this is through saturday and this means interventional down polls one county did record 105 millimeters of rain and that's a very short space of time it led to flooding 20000 people had no power and about 900 people actually had to be rescued so that was
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a scenario the power came in very quickly analysts say you saw those pictures the end of the clean up so this is the scenario going through on into sunday still we have got more rain across this particular region but it's still fairly clear across more eastern areas along the south coast really anywhere from you 9 on through guangdong we've got more of that rain and then as we go through sunday into monday you'll see some of that rain across the central west as does begin to ease off but it is still a fatty sort of wide bank of rain and still very unsettled along the south coast so a wet day in hong kong with a high of 31 there's another reason we're keeping a close eye on that it's up into the northeast in particular off the coast of japan we're going to draw a couple of days ahead but there's a possible tropical storm developing and lot of something we'll keep an eye on and keep you well posters. the weather sponsored by qatar in. 0 world meets 2 arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional
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lives so for seeds. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while there has been cast off michelle's expect to see images from me all the time with details coverage dangers remain from life like the stronger. than i walk through the eastern 3rd of dorian. from around the world these body will lie in state for a few days in huge movie theater at a national hero city in the capital. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap blinds drones have head to saudi aramco all facilities triggering large explosions yemen's who the rebels have claimed responsibility the saudi interior ministry says one attack happened in the eastern province the other attack took place northeast of riyadh the fires are said to be contained. african leaders are in colorado to pay tribute to former zimbabwe president robert mugabe died last week in singapore aged 95. his burial will take place in about a month's time fight fights a broken out between prob aging an anti-government protesters at a shopping center in hong kong police made arrests after breaking up clashes
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between the 2 sides of the color more. severe flooding in the amman is making a humanitarian crisis even worse at least 21 people have died and had to province where most of the people displaced by the war live in makeshift camps and with few resources it's hard for anyone to build new homes got a lot of reports. of the living conditions were are very challenging in this camp for displaced yemenis now severe flooding has made it worse more than 1500 makeshift homes have been destroyed in archivists camp one of many affected and her job province displaced families are now trying to rebuild their homes with whatever they can find like many families here fatima lost all she had when she was displaced now everything has gone again as a widow she says her family now depends on this bread maker. shop but alone or so
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by the mother much a mother of 3 we need help organizations have come in but they've just taken our photograph and registered our names we don't have anything. the united nations estimates the floods have affected more than 80000 people in recent months leaving many in need of food shelter and sanitation. well you know obama do you like you will obama we can suffering here from morton 7 months from brain storming diseases the houses here all destroyed some organizations of try to rebuild homes but they leave them with no groups or cover people have died had. that many aid organizations are spread thin fighting between who these and allies of yemen is internationally recognized government pushed a country to the brink of famine and that was before the flooding man out flat man and i used to have a little bit of cooking flour but if lost washed away we don't have anything to eat everything was flooded may god have mercy on earth and i want children. people
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living in these camps have little support and nowhere to go they can only hope that help comes soon katia will piss with a yawn al-jazeera. now turn israel on sunday hold its 2nd fully democratic presidential election since the 2011 arab spring $26.00 candidates are in the running including prime minister yousuf and medium over the bill cutaway who is leading opinion polls despite being in prison he's awaiting a verdict in his trial for tax fraud and money laundering and was earlier refused bail $7000000.00 people are expected to vote. stephanie the aca is a lot of frost in the capital so it's there for these since the revolution long has been a struggle for most people how excited people have of the elections. well
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the message we've been getting literally from everyone we've been speaking to sammy across you know the social structure the political and the religious is you know what they're very different people there will tell you the same thing is that they're incredibly disappointed particular when it comes to the economy unemployment is even higher than it was before the revolution they're concerned about corruption which is an demick across many sectors here and also the security situation what a lot of people have been saying is that they're fed up with promises that they want action a lot of people also saying they're fed up with the main political parties some people telling us that they want to support more independent candidates but again it's all up in the air at the moment as you mentioned there are 26 candidates but people that we've been speaking to some of them telling us they're not going to vote at all others saying they will vote but that this time around and there's you mention this is the 2nd major election or the 1st time there are elections were in 2011 that was almost punishing the regime and people want to change in 2015 it was
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more about identity was more about secular versus the more religiously conservative parties here sadly this time it seems to be about what the candid it can do for them what they can change and actually implement on the ground when it comes to policy. how smoothly are things expected to go. well there are national and international observers here so far there haven't been any complaints of irregularities they've of course the electoral commission here's how to race to get these elections ahead of time they're supposed to be scheduled for november because of the death of the 92 year old president you mentioned around 7000000 people registered to vote there will be 32000 troops across the country securing the polling stations analysts saying that they're not expecting any issues we're going to have to have a look at voter turnout and again i think significant also is a candidate needs to get over 50 percent of the vote to win outright sound that's
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not expected by anyone so we are expecting the main 2 winners whoever they may be to go to a runoff in november then in october you can have parliamentary elections which also is going to elect a prime minister so everything is still up in the air and really this could define what the face of didn't it is just going to look like moving forward really with things so much. israelis will vote on tuesday for the 2nd time in less than 6 months from minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a ruling coalition after the last election top issues include security health care and the prime minister's potential indictments for corruption herefore said reports . reporter titian who sews himself as israel's mr security came a reminder of its frequent absence in and around gaza a week before polling day sirens gave notice of a new round of rockets forcing benjamin netanyahu from the stage at a campaign rally in the southern city of ashdod. his main electoral
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opponent former army chief benny gantz garza is netanyahu is a weak point on security policy the deterrent has been utterly eroded it's time to act it's time to put an end to this it's time to change the leadership challenge netanyahu to come to the southern time of steroids and look into the eyes of its frightened residents but stare out has long been a stronghold of netanyahu likud party and in april's elections 2 thirds of its voters chose netanyahu or his right wing allies over gun says centrist bloc. we hope it will be fine i don't have the tools that need on yahoo has i hope what should be done is done. netanyahu doesn't bring a security on the days rockets and more just that doesn't mean that i stop believing in him on one level netanyahu is approach is hardline israeli snipers have killed more than $300.00 unarmed protesters over 18 months of border
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demonstrations rockets out of gaza. with punitive airstrikes guns calls for a broader military campaign but it's precise outline and prospects of success seem as hazy as the gaza skyline from steroids for all the netanyahu is opponents criticize his gaza policy they have yet to come up with an alternative that is fully believed and supported by the residents of this area and as for the wider israeli electorate that yahoo's message to them as always been that israel's number one security problem is not gaza but iran and so days before the election netanyahu unveiled new allegations of iranian nuclear wrongdoing the only way to stop iran's march to the bomb and its aggression in the region is pressure pressure. militarily israel has been ramping up that pressure striking iranian interests not just in syria but in iraq and didn't gaging in across the border escalation earlier this month with iran backed hezbollah in lebanon but all the risks being forceful
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on iran is seen as boosting netanyahu electoral prospects there are israelis who are disturbed by some of his domestic tactics and he's embroiled in corruption allegations which he denies and so on but all security he seemed to be pretty credible and he's also not seen as a military adventure and he doesn't want to drag israel into a major conflict. in recent days though netanyahu iran policy has lost some of its luster donald trump has raised the prospect of a meeting with iran's president a significant blow to netanyahu strategy of maximum pressure the challenge for his opponents is to convince israelis that they can trust such matters to someone else . out 0 so often israel. leaders in west africa are holding an emergency summit and begin a fast on terrorism on top of the agenda as a review of the g. 5 sat him security alliance formed to combat a sharp rise in cross border attacks from armed groups what exactly is the g.
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5 and why are they being accused of failing to secure the region. but in a fast so chad mali and mauritania formed the group in 2014 but over the next few years attacks from al and i saw the affiliated groups have risen dramatically in 2017 with the help of france 5000 troops italian was set up so far it's failed to make a major difference hundreds of people have been killed and tens of thousands displaced since the beginning of the year this week alone at least 30 people died in attacks in northern book in a fast. catherine sori joins us now from a summit in what good do you do and we understand katherine gathering there to try and review the effectiveness of the jew 5 what are they proposing to try and make it a little more successful while the heads of
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state here are saying basically what they're doing is trying to come up with new ideas to strengthen a policy that already exists on how they can effectively work together in dealing with this security crisis in this a hell the concern is that this is going to get even worse and move to other coastal areas where armed groups can easily get supplies through the sea and things like that but we have also sami been talking to security analysts who say that this joint strategy is in the past have not been quite effective because of all this conflicting interests between the individual countries and the different groupings like the g 5 that you're talking about in the west african regional bloc ecowas they say that there's also a lot of competition for visibility and and finding which is also a big problem so a lot of people that we've been talking to a lot of analysts saying that this heads of state here really need to be committed
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there needs to be a political will is there to work together to contain what is a crisis in this a hell but if you talk to them they are attending this extraordinary summit in this building behind me and basically they're saying that their joint strategy basically has been working what they're going to do here is just put together ideas that are going to strengthen this policy is even more. heads of state from the sahara are arriving ouagadougou there is a security crisis in the region following an inside to see by armed groups allied to al qaida and the islamic state of iraq and the levant fighters have carried out a series of attacks in book enough fassel mauritania mali chide and. they scan sign that this problem could spread beyond us to hell and to other coastal countries. we have said that there needs to be a link between development and security if we develop the affected areas there will
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be security and if we provide good security we can develop those areas this summit has been organized by west africa's regional bloc and has brought together presidents from the so help countries called ju 5 mandated to fight terrorism and illegal migration a crossbow does representatives from other west african countries affected by extremist groups like the boko haram are also here book enough fossil has seen increased attacks in recent years until a few years ago when book enough former president plays come power it was removed from power in a right the country was largely face but in 2016 on the street in the capital where the bugle man stormed into that hotel and 2 restaurants more than 20 people were killed that more new man the reminder of what happened here. the attacks have spread to the east and north of the country about 500 people have been killed and
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nearly 300000 displaced. like but who's hosted by well wishers in a town about a 100 kilometers away from where the leaders are meeting she fled from her home father north 2 months ago. they came to our village and began shooting everywhere we fled with our children we walked for over 15 kilometers we came here with nothing. the leaders in was the only way to help millions of people like bill maher and her children is by working together implementing what will be decided at the summit will be the hardest part. sami we have been here in book enough for about 2 weeks and we spent quite a bit of time in the north one of the areas that have been affected by this the security problem and where the soldiers.


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