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you forder hard to free liberal. comrade mugabe will be remembered as a from africa nist and a great a can of african liberation who selflessly dedicated his life to the months a-basin all those in bubbly and africa he was a visionary leader and that relentless champion of africa and dignity. with us and joins us live from one of the leaders been saying they're. hot. oil. probably. it was 95 years old like 95 why would he leave.
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that everything go at it leave that was not think of it because of the people what lived there at the time and if they do you really want to act in countries to be in their own research without interference from way of nation what they call the sanctions on about me but i have i think actually i am. going to be allotted a speech in it when general what money lying in the past in one lifetime to say goodbye they now only needing one by one having their country in the stadium 60000 . people came to make it they go by but when. many people didn't come i'm thinking that more important things they didn't like trying to make it made me wonder how they got. in toto what do people think about the whole control the c.e.o. went to barry mugabi. who who won the jenny bean
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surprise i mean some people have been even mccartney will remain controversial and that means not that you will behave in a much because they won't notice which will raise. him so. mixed feelings about that some are saying those who like them i think that's a good idea it's a great way to honor him others are saying well it's the wrong time to keep a bloody usually and i think outearns involving celtic people normally get varied within a week and then either walk in front of us they want to know who's going to pay for the right if it's going to be taxpayers' money how much of the going to be a clue that money having been to use live things like drugs in public hospitals mitchell homes and mining what happens next in our home and it just the nature of this he was at the petrol station in town so all those the streets have been playing out the back of me to do now is wait for the sparrow they've been told it might be a private funeral was like the family. from the beginning but he will be buried at
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the here is it just right here in the capital. where i sang so much so that. still ahead on al-jazeera yemen's humanitarian crisis made worse as floods of fake makeshift camps for thousands of displaced people. west african leaders meeting between a fan so to discuss the growing security threat from groups linked to al qaida and i saw. and europe hold on to the slim lead there the song that's coming up in school thank you. find so broken out between prob aging and anti-government protesters at a shopping center in hong kong police made arrests after breaking up clashes between the 2 sides at the cow loom. probate during demonstrators chanted support the police and wave chinese flags before being confronted by all the protesters
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sarah clarke is in the un long district of hong kong where anti-government protesters held a rally on saturday. it's been a tense standoff the last few hours in the area where we are which is in you long it's on the border of mainland china and hong kong around a 1000 protesters marched to this particular like cation where they tried to access a park the place blockaded the straits and deny them access now other quest for the permission was denied for this particular assembly to go ahead therefore the police deemed this particular protest today on saturday here in hong kong illegal but this didn't stop the protesters now at the moment the protesters have retreated but tomorrow and sunday we do expect another mass rally to go ahead this is one it's organized by the civil human rights front this is the organization that's led the mass rallies the ones that have attracted a one in 2000000 people in the streets of hong kong of the last 15 or so weeks now they requested permission the police again they deny that permission so therefore again once again on sunday that particular simply if it does go ahead will be
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danger legal but at the moment the protesters have said they will not back down until their 5 demands are met and so crucial to today is to my. a number one unit will suffer universal suffrage to be met they want this particular protest not to be referred to as a rot and they also want an independent inquiry into the police actions against the protesters in hong kong donor island organ is another antigovernment around the in central hong kong. the political turmoil here in hong kong is well into its 3rd month now and despite growing police crackdown and violence in the streets there seems to be no signs of protesters are growing slow down here i don't have to wear a place right at the center of hong kong is this strict secondary students who are now protesting they came here with their friends while others who were accompanied by their parents some of them as young as 7 years old they tell us why they're here why they're protesting even if they're not even legally allowed to vote i want to
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say as a secondary see it is also. and. maybe you did not add those to fight against the police directly but they can do something at the back we should prove that young people can do something to the society. so i thing i have to say was i want. with a role on the divisive extradition bill was announced by kerry lamb's administration last week a huge concession out of beijing but observers say this may have been given a little too late but protesters are not budging they say they're for their demands and they are refusing to give been so for now these will remain from bill you're
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seen. london stock exchange has rejected a surprise takeover bid from its hong kong counterpart citing concerns over its ties to china's ruling communist party the chairman also mentioned fundamental flaws in the proposal the hong kong stock exchanges vowed to press on with its 5th financial times newspaper is reporting that intends to reach out directly to. severe flooding in yemen is making a humanitarian crisis even worse at least 21 people have died in her job province where most of the people displaced by the war live in makeshift camps and with few resources it's hard for anyone to build new homes got their lot as are they on reports. of the living conditions were are very challenging in this camp for displaced yemenis now severe flooding has made it worse more than 1500 makeshift homes have been destroyed in archivists camp one of many affected and hard job
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province displaced families are now trying to rebuild their strong homes with whatever they can find. like many families here fatima lost all she had when she was displaced now everything is gone again as a widow she says her family now depends on this bread maker. sabbat alone or so but i'm not going to mother and we need help organizations have come in but they've just taken our photograph and registered our names we don't have anything. the united nations estimates the floods have affected more than 80000 people in recent months leaving many in need of food shelter and sanitation well you know obama do you like you will obama we've been suffering here for what and 7 months from brain storming diseases the houses here all destroyed some organizations of try to rebuild homes but they leave them with no groups or cover people have died. but many aid organizations are spread thin fighting between who these and allies of
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yemen is internationally recognised government pushed the country to the brink of famine and that was before the flooding man out flat and i missed that i used to have a little bit of cooking flour but if lost washed away we don't have anything to eat everything was flooded may god have mercy on our phone our children. people living in these camps have little support and nowhere to go they can only hope that help comes soon cartier will pursue the young man al-jazeera. a new school year is underway in yemen despite the difficult and often dangerous conditions brought about by the saudi u.a.e. led war millions of children have been deprived of an education and more than 300 schools damaged or destroyed since the war began almost 5 years ago when many schools have become makeshift homes for people who've lost their others are being used as military barracks. has more from santa. the students
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of the capital's started there is call here of 20192020 the spider of the war. that their country is going through. that's what they keep telling us do not go there airstrikes and aggression especially in areas near the school but our family and school teachers keep encouraging us to come. back an explosion happened in an area very close to the school we were asked by teachers to go to the basement the teachers kept searching inside the building for other school mates not fearing for their lives i mean. we are now starting the 1st school year since the beginning of the saudi aggression on our country most of the educational infrastructure has been destroyed they have been many direct attacks on school teachers and students and who could forget the merciless attack on the
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school bus of. in more than one occasion students and schools have been attacked but these students are determined to continue their education. after the relocation all the central bank of yemen to aden many teachers have been deprived from their monthly salary. and about america that even though we haven't received our salaries for months and we face difficult circumstances we feel obliged to fulfill our duties as teachers we are also forced to work in more than one place aside from public schools now students have been ruled they are now inside their classrooms hooping for better future as well as for see further and fruitful scald here. al-jazeera. the un starting an investigation into attacks on facilities it supports in syria's northwest but
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the results of the probe will be made public diplomatic editor james pace has more . the province of idlib is clearly the last target of the assad regime in the long war in syria in recent months regularly we've seen instances of medical facilities in hospitals being hit we assume that they were hit by the syrian air force and by russian aircraft the un said in august that it planned to set up a board of inquiry the secretary general of the u.n. has now done that but in a press briefing his spokesman refused to pledge that they will release the full findings board of inquiries and they routinely happen our. internal documents and not for public release that's what i can tell you at this at this point it's also important to know that board of inquiries are narked. judicial bodies they're not criminal investigations they make no legal findings all isn't it important the
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full facts given these are life and death situations are made public completely agree with you that these are life and death situation this is what i can tell you at this point negotiations at the u.n. security council still continue on a possible resolution proposed by 3 countries germany belgium and kuwait for a cease fire in little province for humanitarian reasons russia has some problems with that resolution and right now this month russia is the president of the un security council and to near 0 will on sunday hold its 2nd fully democratic presidential election since the 2011 arab spring $26.00 candidates are in the running including prime minister and media mogul now below cutaways who's leading opinion polls despite being in prison he's awaiting a verdict in his trial for alleged tax fraud and money laundering was earlier refused bail 7000000 people are expected to vote 70 deca has more from tunis.
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the main sentiment of everyone we've been speaking to here is one of disappointment disappointment in empty promises they say nothing has really changed in fact the economy in particular has become worse unemployment is higher than before the 2011 revolution people fighting the fact that security issues are concerning them and also corruption this is something that had been promised would be tackled by politicians they feel that hasn't been done and this is really a cross-section of society here all giving the same message there is disappointment in the political parties and what people want this time around from what they've been telling us they want to know what these candidates are going to do for them what are they going to change on the ground so on sunday polls are going to open here at 8 o'clock in the morning around 32000 troops will be across the country securing the polling stations and then we're going to have to wait 2 days later on the 17th those results are going to come out now any candidate needs to have over
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50 percent to win outright everyone will tell you they don't think that's going to happen we are looking at the 2 main candidates whoever gets the most votes to go to a presidential runoff in about. heavy rain and strong winds are threatening search and rescue efforts in the bahamas tropical storm humberto is forecast to hit areas already devastated by harken dorian at least 50 people are confirmed dead more than a 1000 still missing alan fischer reports from the council. for no there's not much more to do than stand around and talk about what happened about what happens next this is a place of shelter for more than a 1000 after the horror of hurricane dorian the police and army who are helping out the relief effort see the government has been cameras inside or christmas told me conditions are good it's the stories that upset or.
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from. when she was crying. or washed away in the flood. we know. but. it's so hard. when the storm hit freetime her daughter had to swim to safety. all the way or more. and now another storm is bearing down on the place she's not sure if she still calls home there's really nowhere else to stay if you really look at it because the place is the water logged and if they're not water there's no power no water the dark clouds are all mislead hanging over the bahamas the prime minister says they're hoping the potential tropical storm will cause a few problems but people are ready but if you were to fly over those islands that
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were impacted you would know that many of the homes already have tops on the roof after trying to minimize any form of leakage within the home itself so people have been working already late on friday the u.n. secretary general toured one of the places where displaced people are being housed and he wants this site is going to become more common so this is the moment to leave 1st the present trends climate change is running faster than what we are we need to reverse this trend we need to defeat climate change when i'm. of those missing still stands at 1300 but new telecommunications equipment has been sent to the more watched affected. get better information bring that number down there's a storm just off the bahamas the people here are hoping. because it's calm path towards islands that already had too much to be following for sure algiers here and
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not so in the bahamas. and jenny is here to tell us what the situation is like in bombs that just finished dorian in the novel one and it's not good news at all as it was her way to look at this the reason actually some sort of brighter news are in amongst all that some let me start by showing the satellite image for put into motion so this is the main area of the storm system but what is interesting this is right now is 45 kilometers to the east northeast of grace because on and of course the woman was so badly impacted but you'll notice here that actually the storm is within this red circle so the eye is not at all clearly defined and that also means that all this white cloud you can see this is where most of the energy is with this storm by energy i mean the rainfall that's going to come down now what has really changed in the last 24 hours is the forecast track of the storm now it's moving to the northwest at about 11 kilometers an hour but look at this dramatic turn it's going to make in the coming days so again that is good news now as i say right now
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it is close enough that the bahamas will be feeling the impact from the storm the tropical storm force winds are extending about 150 kilometers from the center so they will be feeling some strong buffeting winds and the rain as well now we could be saying about 50 to 100 millimeters of rain generally but the storm is moving quite well it's moving to the northwest at about 11 kilometers an hour so what we call that of a steady speed so it's pulling that rain away this is through sunday and then sunday into monday it is expected to develop into a hurricane but again moving away from shore so in terms of tidal surge the really isn't expected be an. significance and in terms of rain yes there will be some way in about 50250 millimeters in the worst case scenario but for the most part most of the energy with this storm well actually be off land away from the bahamas offline does good thanks so much. still ahead on al-jazeera we take a closer look at what's behind the new soybean meal deal between argentina and china plus. i'm going to tell you about the frankfurt motor show finding out why
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some people say forget hybrids and e-cards hydrogen and fuel the motor vehicles of the future. and there was a shaky start for several cyclists racing in quebec has more coming up in school. in the heart of the amazon but believe me in family in the semis imperiled to harvest brazil nuts. looks like. it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. a. risky new tool in libya. on al-jazeera.
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her. welcome back you're watching out the syria time to recap our headlines now drones of 2 saudi aramco oil facilities triggering large explosions yemen's who 3 rebels claimed responsibility the saudi interior ministry says one attack happened in the
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eastern province the other attack took place northeast of riyadh files are said to be contained reuters news agency is reporting that saudi arabia's oil production exports been disrupted. african leaders have gathered in harare to pay tribute to former zimbabwe president robert mugabe he died last week aged 95 his burial will take place in about a month's time. fights are broken out between pro beijing and antigovernment protesters at a shopping center in hong kong least made arrests after breaking up clashes between the 2 sides like a cow moon bay more. leaders in west africa are holding an emergency summit in the kenya fast so on security top of the agenda is a review of the g 5 security alliance formed to combat the sharp rise in cross border attacks from armed groups what exactly is the g 5 why are they being accused
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of failing to secure the region and the killer fassero chad mali and mauritania form the group in 2014 but over the next few years attacks from al qaida and i saw the philly 2 groups have risen dramatically in 2017 with help from france 5000 troops italian was set up but so far. it's failed to make a major difference hundreds of people have been killed in terms of thousands displaced since the beginning of the year this week alone at least 30 people died in attacks in northern book you know fast so catherine soy reports. heads of state from the sahara i arrive in wagga dougal there is a security crisis in the region following an inside didn't see by armed groups allied to al qaeda and the islamic state of iraq and the levant fighters have carried out a series of attacks in book enough fassel mauritania mali chide and. they scan
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sign that this problem could spread beyond us to hell and to other coastal countries there's no one to q 4 we have said that there needs to be a link between development and security if we develop the affected areas there will be security and if we provide good security we can develop those areas this summit has been organized by west africa's regional bloc and has brought together presidents from the so help countries called jew 5 mandated to fight terrorism and illegal migration a crossbow does representatives from other west african countries affected by extremist groups like the book are also here book enough fossil has seen increased attacks in recent years until a few years ago when book enough bottles former president place come power was removed from power in a popular our right the country was largely face but in 2016 on this street in the
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capital where the bugle a man gone into that hotel and 2 restaurants more than 20 people were killed that monument there remind us of what happened here. the attacks have spread to the east and north of the country about 500 people have been killed and nearly 300000 displaced. like ben or bob in law who's hosted by well wishers in a town about a 100 kilometers away from where the leaders are meeting she fled from her home father north 2 months ago. they came to our village and began shooting everywhere we fled with our children we walked for over 15 kilometers we came here with nothing. the leaders in what good do you say the only way to help millions of people like bill maher and have children is by working together implementing what will be decided at the summit that will be the hard part. of katherine sawyer
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joins us now live from the summit in y. good to go so katherine how are they are they having on terms of trying to make the g. 5 more effective. yes we are just from the opening summit opening session i beg your pardon all of this ecowas. extraordinary summit and we hired the heads of state who spoke saying that there are challenges in trying to just walk together collectively to be able to contain what they're calling a crisis in this are held and they talked about they acknowledged this problems and also it's going to form the basis of closed door deliberations that they're having right now so the focus areas basically sammy will be how can they share intelligence going to different countries share intelligence as well as how
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can they effectively carry out joint operations against this armed groups and pooling resources together to be able to carry out things like training is one of the issues that came out very strongly that yeshu or funding now we heard from the president of nigeria saying that member states of the regional bloc ecowas really need to step up put money on the table to be able to fund some of these counterterrorism measures because this has been a problem we also spoke to security analysts here in booking the fassel who say that the big problem problem really when it comes to working collectively is all the different interests by the individual countries and different regional organizations as well and also a competition for visibility and for resources and in this meeting this analysts tell us there needs to be commitment by the heads of state the needs to be an intentional path was to work together if this crisis in the sahara and in the lake
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chad basin is to be contained or uncovering soil for and so much. egyptian president had been fired that has sisi says allegations of corruption against him and his army generals amount to defamation gyptian businessman who worked as a contractor for 15 years is posted videos online accusing city of wasting millions of dollars of public money on palaces villas and hotels victoria gate and the reports. of. addressing a youth summit in the capital cairo president abdel fattah el-sisi did not directly address the accusations of corruption made against him and members of the egyptian army but he did say this. how much do you think a day of operations in sinai costs we don't talk about this then we see someone's raring to come out and defame the army someone who wants to shock you panic you
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someone who dares to try to disparage the great value of our great army c.c. was alluding to allegations made by egyptian businessmen mohammed alley he worked as a military contractor for 15 years and he has posted a series of videos on social media in which he says sisi and members of the armed forces wasted millions of dollars of public money on palaces villas and hotels i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision the problem was that cities wife didn't want to sleep in the same home where mubarak's wife stayed cc's taken low level corruption to a new level i built 5 villas facilities a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo. ali uploaded the videos from spain where he's living in self-imposed exile they've been viewed more than a 1000000 times analysts say the absence of additional evidence doesn't matter to
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many egyptians the reality on the ground is that many egyptians are watching these videos they're starting to have doubts even sisi supporters are starting to have doubts about his integrity as a leader and about the military's integrity so i think it's significant some people in egypt are demanding that be tried for treason but many egyptians have long suspected the government and the army is corrupt the difference now is that it's being discussed more openly victoria gates and be al-jazeera. italy's new government has allowed a charity ship with 82 migrants on board to dog the island of lampedusa the ocean viking has been drifting in the mediterranean for 2 weeks italy previously closed its ports to humanitarian rescue ships but far right leader my thoughts harvey and he is no longer interior minister the new foreign minister though quickly reiterate the government's tough stance on immigration. as china's trade war with the u.s. drags on beijing's building another alliance with argentina the south american
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nation assigned the deal to export millions of tons of soybean meal which will give its economy a much needed boost but argentina now faces the challenge of meeting the needs of both superpowers daniel schorr miller what's. the deal has been years in the making but the trade dispute between china and the united states has created a fresh urgency for both superpowers to look for new partners. argentina is the world's biggest producer of soybean meal with about 43 percent of the market much of it will now be used to feed china's estimated $400000000.00 pigs are going to since. the signing of this protocol establishes a solid legal basis so the convergence of these 2 huge markets. and the light from argentina the deal the boost to an economy in recession. this is
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an historic achievement we have worked hard worked for over 20 years we have wanted to open up this market and we know it will be highly valued by the argentine for a 2nd. argentina already exports soybeans and all to china and its agricultural sector is pushing for more you know the. argentina has to try to sell products of higher value that's a challenge that argentina has in relation to china to try to improve in deep in the sale of these products which it is doing. china to meet its food and energy needs has invested heavily in latin america's infrastructure roads railways and ports the key is to have something that both china and united states once they used to get from one another but no longer do because of their trade disputes but then don't risk offending either superpower politically because things change and nobody wants to put future trade deals in jeopardy. where there is still administrative hurdles to overcome and some caution over getting too excited.
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argentina is an important producer but it doesn't have stock and it doesn't have investments because as everyone knows the economic situation here is delicate and to try to expand export capacity at the moment is impossible there's no credit and we can expand export capacity then there's the united states to worry about argentina recently resolved to 10 year trade dispute with the u.s. over meat exports it's a major trading partner with substantial political influence in what it sees as its backyard but the department of. the u.s. state department has made various moves countries in latin america to be aware of increasing its trade with china. and he also warns the current trade dispute is merely a skirmish in a much bigger war to come over technology and intellectual property rights the satisfaction here of the deal just.


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