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again on sunday that particular sandy if it does go ahead will be danger legal but at the moment the protesters have said they will not back down until their 5 demands are met and so crucial to those demands a number one unit will suffer universal suffrage to be met they want this particular protest not to be referred to as a rot and they also want an independent inquiry into the police actions against the protesters in hong kong plenty more ahead on this news hour including stuck at the border why some say the application process for asylum seekers trying to get into the u.s. is doomed from the stocks plus what the resignation of the u.s. middle east envoy could mean for trump's much advertised deal of the century and the talent champions have their coach back on the sidelines but peter will tell you why it wasn't a happy return for salary that's coming up in sports. it's in these new government is allowing
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a rescue ship to dock at one of its board softer change of policy by the new coalition government with more on this here's my london you send my. yes that's right farley the ocean viking has rescued 82 people who were attempting the dangerous mediterranean crossing from north africa 6 days ago they are now heading to the island of lampedusa after the new italian government came to an agreement with some fairly european union member states on this matter paul brennan brings us the latest now. the news brought tangible relief to ocean viking after nearly a week in limburg. place some say he was. the year. that sparked a spontaneous celebration among the rescued migrants in what it is we are very
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happy about the news it is amazing we are going to arrive in a place where people understand and listen to us very happy to learn that we have some backing and. it's a new prime minister just set the context has been in power just a week the contest center left coalition government supports a more humane approach than the hardline closed ports policy of the previous interior minister matteo salvini but ministers insist that does not mean it's only now has an open door policy. i believe there's a big misunderstanding about the safe port given to ocean it was assigned to ports simply because the e.u. stuck to our request to take the majority of the microbes it must be clear that already is to ensure that those who arrive in italy or redistributed to other european countries it hasn't stopped salvini from criticizing. redistributions in europe are just words because i am still waiting for the other
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european countries to take a few 1000 of those they have already promised to take so this is a surrender we want to contest promises to you. or was it he would return to being a refugee camp. back on board the migrants are already planning where they might be sent germany has promised to take 25 percent of any refugees rescued in the mediterranean but the rest of the distribution is less clear the subject will certainly come up when e.u. interior ministers meet in malta on september 23rd. paul brennan al jazeera. barely i mean ente is general director of doctors without borders and actually joins us on and on the phone now from lampedusa and you must be very relieved at the prospect of these 82 people being able to leave the ship as many of those on board have some horrific stories what can you tell us about what they have to endure and what happens to them now. good evening yes of course we were
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very early this morning when we got a very good. deal of that was a place of safety for our $82.00. patients they are not able people. from our compound i mind of a boat or boat. one year old. on the boat there is a small. lady 8 months pregnant. and therefore i mean it was very urgent for them to. perform for some breaking to get pleas for 50 days to stay nevertheless 6 days. in the international waters waiting for the european governments to. reach an agreement in terms of precipitation. as you say and agreement has been an
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agreement has now been reached but in many ways this is just a sort of exception from the taliban government it don't really signal a change in policy the foreign minister saying the only reason i agreed to do this is because of the european countries are expected to take the majority of the survivors. this is what we have to and of course this is not a long term solution to the whole system this is why we. will really. hope the story a bit noisy on your part we really hope that it structure solution in terms of structure agreement in terms of redistribution of migrants. you know order to allow a sustainable and predictable implication system for them let's not forget that these are vulnerable people and even 6 days at sea is adding more suffering to what
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they already experienced and the absence of a long term solution and it doesn't appear that we can expect one anytime soon what happened in the meantime even if many on these people are rescued what's being done to safeguard their wellbeing and their rights want saying come off the ship. we 1st of all we really hope that. and shows like a sense of what your doctors without borders and that's what made it on a radio show you can like and but also the other ones will be. will be in a situation to keep on. rescuing people in the central mediterranean disease this is very much needed also in the light of what we have seen so far during this year . more than 12000 people try to escape leave and unfortunately more than 600 died at sea one out of 20 had died at sea so this is something that.
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again it is we believe that it is very much needed and you know the again you know that will allow it safe and quick these embarkation we we really hope. for cheap at a level in terms of a redistribution otherwise we will probably be in the same situation also in the coming weeks and in the coming months. wishing best of luck with your camera and an anti from doctors that point is in italy thank you for your time thank you. that's it for london for now but i'll be back to bring you more stories from europe a bit later on let's get back to fully into miami thank you very much for that the united states is holding immigration hearings on the border with mexico inside tends away from the public eye is for the trumpet ministrations tough new policy to deal with a record surge in central america asylum seekers. reports from matamoros on the us
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mexico border. when orlando wakes up he is steps from the united states he does his washing in the rio grande river which separates matamoros mexico where he stands now and the u.s. on the other side he can't cross a scar marks the place where he says a loan shark in panama stole his kidney that's why he fled i don't want to get really annoyed if i come here because i want to sleep about 45000 asylum seekers are currently waiting in mexico for their turn to see an american immigration judge these border cams in mexico are the result of the trumpet ministrations policy to deal with the backlog of 330000 asylum cases awaiting hearings by proof. of this i want to when finally mother youngest son comes up to present himself in
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the u.s. court it won't be in a court at all the trump administration began hosting video conference sports sessions in the white tents just on the u.s. side of the border an immigration judge calls in from hundreds of kilometers away and the asylum seeker is quickly rushing back here to mexico once the hearing is completed and unlike a traditional court session that is open to the public these are done in secrecy migrant advocates say the lack of transparency is a problem but they're still more worried about the likely outcome of the hearings the supreme court ruled this month the government. can automatically deny asylum to a person who crossed another country before reaching the us that covers everybody in this camp it up and decades of asylum and it's almost a little shellshocked individuals coming from across the world fleeing global strife may not be able to seek the protections they desperately need under the new
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policy mother young has no chance of winning asylum in the united states europe in the following i don't have words to describe the harm the situation is doing to all the people in the camp most people here have not grasped the new reality that their asylum cases are now doomed from the start but they're already here they say so they'll try heidi joe castro al jazeera matamoros mexico. israelis go to the polls on tuesday for the 2nd time in less than 6 months spawn minister benjamin nets now failed to form a winning coalition after the last election the campaign has focused on security health care and potential indictment for corruption harry fawcett reports. who sews himself as israel's mr security they were reminded of its frequent absence in around gaza a week before polling day sirens gave notice of a new round of rockets forcing benjamin netanyahu from the stage at
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a campaign rally in the southern city of ashdod. his main electoral opponent former army chief benny gantz gaza is netanyahu is a weak point on security policy the deterrence has been absolutely eroded it's time to act it's time to put an end to this it's time to change the leadership challenge netanyahu to come to the southern time of steroids and look into the eyes of its frightened residents but stare out has long been a stronghold of netanyahu as likud party in april's elections 2 thirds of its voters chose netanyahu or his right wing allies over gun says centrist bloc and. we hope it will be fine i don't have the tools that ms anjana will has i hope what should be done is done. netanyahu doesn't bring a security on the day's rockets and wants to that doesn't mean that i stop believing in him on one level netanyahu as approach is hardline israeli snipers
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have killed more than 300 unarmed protesters over 18 months of border demonstrations rockets out of gaza. with punitive airstrikes guns calls for a broader military campaign but it's precise outline and prospects of success seem as hazy as the gaza skyline from steroids for all the netanyahu is opponents criticize his gaza policy they have yet to come up with an alternative that is fully believed and supported by the residents of this area and as for the wider israeli electorate that yahoo's message to them as always been that israel's number one security problem is not gaza but iran and so days before the election netanyahu unveiled new allegations of iranian nuclear wrongdoing the only way to stop iran's march to the bomb and its aggression in the region is pressure pressure. militarily israel has been ramping up that pressure striking iranian interests not just in syria but in iraq i didn't gaging in a cross border escalation earlier this month with iran backed hezbollah in lebanon
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but all the risks being forceful on iran is seen as boosting netanyahu electoral prospects there are israelis who are disturbed by some of his domestic tactics and he's embroiled in corruption allegations which he denies and so on but on security he seems to be pretty credible and he's also not seen as a military adventure and he doesn't want to drag israel into a major conflict. in recent days though netanyahu iran policy has lost some of its luster donald trump has raised the prospect of a meeting with iran's president a significant blow to netanyahu strategy of maximum pressure the challenge for his opponents is to convince israelis that they can entrust such matters to someone else or it will sit out 07 israel and the white house says it will unveil its plan to end these early palestinian conflict after tuesday's vote has been in the pipeline for more than 2 years but now the man leading that mission has quits many
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are asking if the blueprint will ever be released atika hand reports u.s. president donald trump likes to think of himself as a grand deal maker and to his mind there is one deal that is bigger than all the others israel and the palestinians it is from his hatred for many many decades. everybody says this is the cannot be made but he's been promising to reveal the deal to solve the israeli palestinian conflict since soon after he took office more than 2 and a half years ago and now the man who was leading the effort former trump company lawyer jason greenblatt has quit to ellis that's a bad sign it appears that the white house believes it has a plan has a good plan for its prospective and so for green but he clearly didn't have enough confidence to stick. help executed and make it the winning player. looking at the team now it's a skeleton team with green blood gone this is the remaining team the president's
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son in law jared kushner brian hook who handles a ran an avi berkowitz until given the task of finding middle east peace this 30 year old was cush assistant who staffers reportedly say was mostly in charge of getting him coffee and setting up meetings the administration says it will unveil its still secret plan after the israeli election but they've made it clear their overall approach take hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the palestinians in an attempt to pressure them to make a deal promising a $50000000000.00 investment if they do at the same time assuring israel its full support some analysts say that's been a critical mistake one thing we know we're further apart than we ever want to get a deal because the president has given up some of our bargaining positions he moved the embassy to jerusalem he basically has given the golan heights back to israel what is our leverage now to get them to withdraw from all or part of the west bank
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in the run up to his own election israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu promised to annex parts of the west bank the white house remains silent now that so much time has passed the u.s. president is facing his own reelection and he's going to be careful not to upset his evangelical base which is very supportive of israel so even though we don't know the exact details of this proposal if the president's going to make a deal as promised it seems quite likely. like or want to accept. al-jazeera washington. still ahead on this news hour a huge eyesore salazar lying in wait ahead of this month's presidential elections as we take a closer look at what's behind the new soybean meal deal between argentina and china and. around the show we'll hear the scales ahead of the tyson fury's fight with all the way to.
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hello there mostly fine conditions across much of the middle east we might just see one or 2 pushing into the southeast of pakistan but mostly dry in karate and then across into turkey this is where we can see the rain showers this is true sunday will work in the way through central and northeastern areas and then by monday they're still around but working there further eastward so it should feel pretty nice and monday 23 degrees celsius and i stay in beirut with a high of 29 and still holds in baghdad but not assholes over 42 celsius now heading south across arabian peninsula the shawl wind has been pretty brisk lately for you nice in the morning hours 37 in doha on sunday but lots of cloud spilling into oman as you can see and it tends to stay in the forecast as we head on into
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monday so muscat you could see a quite a caddy hazy day the ship is in sunshine and it will be dry with a high that of 31 degrees celsius and up to 38 in doha then heading south into southern africa this is where we'll see the next front is sliding by the coast of south africa into cape town it could bring one the 2 showers temperatures are not too bad a fairly mild slightly for this time of year and what we have some heating places. 24 inch oberg on sunday 18 in capetown considered sort of conditions on monday. 0 world meets 2 arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives over seeds. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the
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politician and the inventor on al-jazeera rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best around to see this documentary by will complete poor onion the onion the witness box the heart and the feel the confinement is the goal to rewind continues with campbell is often in business. this is actually totally crazy scene and just allowed us to pick up 4 kids from his infinite day in our car now and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera.
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play again you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories shutting down about half of its oil or tough to draw in attacks on 2 major a ramshackle facilities that's according to the wall street journal yemen's healthy rebels have claimed responsibility for the attacks zimbabwe's founding father robert mugabe has been honored at a state no more oil service still the city and was mostly empty regional leaders hail the former president as a great icon of african lives. aeration. and fights have broken out between probe aging and anti-government protesters at a shopping center in hong kong police detained several people after breaking up the 2 south. west african leaders are planning to spend a $1000000000.00 on fighting groups in the region the announcement came a short time ago at the end of an extraordinary summit of the so-called g. 5 any regional grouping echo us they're planning to develop poor areas in
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a bid to stop people turning to violence catherine so he has more from the leaders' summit in walk up to. the heads of state from the sahara are arriving whether dougal there is a security crisis in the region following an inside to see by armed groups allied to al qaeda in the islamic state of iraq and the live band fighters have carried out a series of attacks in book enough fossil mauritania mali child and. they skin sign that this problem could spread beyond this hell and to other coastal countries. we have said that there needs to be a link between development and security if we develop the affected areas there will be security and if we provide good security we can develop those areas this summit has been organized by west africa's regional bloc and has brought together presidents from the sun help countries called to 5 when dated to fight terrorism
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and illegal migration a crossbow does representatives from other west african countries affected by extremist groups like the boko haram are also here book enough fossil has seen increased attacks in recent years until a few years ago when book enough bottles warm up red then place come power it was removed from power. arriving the country was largely they but in 2016 on this bridge to the top of the world the bugle a man has gone into the optical town. and 2 restaurants more than 20 people were killed that monument a reminder of what happened here. the attacks have spread to the east and north of the country about 500 people have been killed and nearly 300000 displaced like ben norbi in law who's hosted by well wishers in a town about a 100 kilometers away from where the leaders are meeting she fled from her home father north 2 months ago. you know if they came to our village and began shooting
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everywhere we fled with our children we walked for over 15 kilometers we came here with nothing. the leaders in were good to say the only way to help millions of people like bill maher and her children is by working together implementing what will be decided at the summit will be the hardest part we've been here in book enough for about 2 weeks and spent a considerable amount of time in the north one of the regions that have been badly affected by this security problem where troops have been deployed to deal with this armed groups and we've been speaking to many people who tell us that a military intervention on its own is not a viable solution there also needs to be a development agenda these are areas that have been marginalized very extremely poor areas that have been marginalized a neglected by governments for so long so a lot of people feel disenfranchised and they feel 1st frustrated and this becomes
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very easy for armed groups to target particularly young people recruit them into their ranks and also gain the support of the local communities so people have been talking to say that these people who are affected really need to be empowered if this battle is to be won in afghanistan security forces have broken up what they say was an eyesore sale in kabul responsible for a series of suicide bombings including last month's attack on a wedding 3 men have been a rest said but there are concerns other cells may be waiting to be activated 20 virtually before some campbell. these 3 men are what afghan security forces say were part of an. there's been busting kabul it's claimed they're responsible for $29.00 dead the attacks in the capital. they're been they've been recruiting from very from the educated society the. young educated
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youth and they've been very savvy went to quality and even the ability to to to plan and launch attacks they have valid a lot of innocent blood on there and so it was a huge huge bust the hunt for eisel or die as it's called locally is not easy for the security forces the group has become more sophisticated and difficult to track down it is a relative newcomer to the afghan conflict but is making its presence felt with a string of attacks and suicide bombings. this is one of their biggest a few weeks ago the target was a shia wedding reception in kabul more than 60 people were killed and 180 injured largely home base group is relatively small in number but it is developing and expanding into more areas people who are fighting in the new off day they're all auld hard core taliban who support it a try. and they're supported from some elements from outside but the afghan army
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believes that as i saw fighters are driven out of syria some are making their way to remote areas of afghanistan but also that i saw ranks will swell with disaffected taliban fighters that oppose a peace deal. the cornerstone for the us of any peace agreement is that the taliban agrees to prevent any group from using afghanistan as a base to launch attacks on the us in the west the taliban nor matter how the guarantee they cannot fight and their own with support of the government support of the army and support of the international community but that's probably a long way in the future it's the attacks in afghanistan now that frighten people abdul latif knows the pain eisel can inflict his youngest son abdul jamil was a musician who was killed in the car will wedding hall bombing. the bus. i guess humanity did not lose limbs and nothing about our religion allows you to go and blow someone up this was not a military police this was just
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a burden party breaking up this group has been a big success for the security forces but there has been some concern and surprise that it took so long to catch them and there are worries that there may be further i saw cells waiting to be activated it is clear that when afghanistan eventually achieve peace i so will still be a big problem that will be difficult to solve tony berty al jazeera kabul. rescue efforts in the bahamas have been temporarily suspended and some airports kills as tropical storm better so threatens to hit areas already devastated by hurricane dorian at least 50 people are confirmed dead and more than a 1000 are still missing alan fischer reports from the capital nassau. this looks like a picture perfect day the sort of day you would enjoy in vacation but in freeport and the i love grand bahama about 200 kilometers away they're not thinking about heading to the beach they're thinking are battening down the hard just for the 2nd time in 2 weeks that's because
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a tropical storm is heading in their direction no the latest path according to the met office here in the bahamas takes that this storm away to the north of grand bahama but all still bring strong winds and heavy rain in the rains could well be the problem because the ground there is so remember when hurricane dorian came through over those islands for an inordinately long time and soaked the ground there's nowhere else for the water to go no the government of the bahamas says that aid is in place there ready to move but clearly all operations all reconstruction work has to stop for the next 24 hours until they can assess the situation but for the next few hours all eyes on the storm and the path it will take and everyone is hoping that all move away from the islands really have too much to be here in the last 2 weeks. ok
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and the flooding in southeast in spain has claimed another victim it's now confirmed 6 people are dead since the heavy rains began 3 days ago with more on this and the rest of the news from your back tomorrow. and he said. a difficult situation unfolding now you have a 1000 military personnel now being deployed in the regions of mercia and valencia to help rescue people cut off by the rising waters an estimated 3 and a half 1000 people have been evacuated after 2 days of heavy rains submerged roads and homes the national weather agency is keeping as well a risk a level 3 out of 4 in several areas in the center and south of spain. well police in france have fired tear gas during a standoff with hundreds of protesters in the western city of nonce the latest round of anti-government demonstrations are a revival of the yellow vest campaign that began over fuel tax increases in late 2018 president emanuel raul has tried to satisfy their demands but he's facing
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renewed anger of a pension reforms that led to a transport strike in paris on friday several 1000 people have taken part in an environmental rally in the german city of frankfurt the start of the annual frankfurt moshe's show despite this is about showcasing electric powered vehicles climate protesters are still demanding change in transportation habits leader of the german green party anton hough right to part in the protest he's criticised electric cars for not being powered by a sustainable power source. well over the next 10 days hundreds of thousands of people be heading to that frankfurt motor show in germany one of the largest auto trader events in the world dominic kane is at the show for us. this is the automotive revolution the major manufacturers want the world to see this tour of vehicles with the the low or no emissions for some frank that means a chance to make a notch to nostalgia emphasizing how persistent an iconic design can be but above
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all this year's event is about the mobility electric vehicles for b.m.w. that means putting customer choice at the heart of its green plans in urban areas. battery powered electric vehicle might be the solution and we have great solutions there with our b.m.w. i 3 with our many electric and next year also with our b.m.w. i x 3. what's noticeable is hybrid cars are less prominent this year compared to previous ones hidden behind all electric offerings like the new porsche type car and while a 6 figure sports car like this is clearly not designed for the mass market some analysts say the dominance of fossil fueled cars will soon be over which we already see that are on a small scale with high growth rates but i think from 2025 to 2030 the basic
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sales of electric vehicles will climb very rapidly also in absolute numbers not just in relative terms. the importance of the auto industry to germany is clear when motor exports are threatened so too is the country's economic growth and although as a whole germany is not technically in recession right now this is the one sector where alarm bells are ringing which explains why the country's political leaders feel the need to drop in the automobile industry and again today the automobile industry is a very important part of our country's economic success and it's above all an industry which the players jobs and their full security for hundreds of thousands of people for some people the electric revolution. this is just a stop. this is the technology of the future they say hydrogen fuel in most of the vehicles that everyone can drive. and yet for now the power of the petrol or diesel engine is still apparent such as here with the new landrieu the
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defender who's only green variant a plug in hybrid will be available from next year generally though this year's event seems more about showing it's the electric car which is charging ahead dominic al-jazeera the front foot motor show. and just one of a story to bring you a development that's broken in the last few minutes another member of parliament has left u.k. prime minister barak's johnson's ruling conservative party the former education minister sam jima has joined the pro europe liberal democrat party he is the 6th conservative m.p. to make that move so far this year well that wraps up the news from london for now i will be back in about 15 minutes time let's get back to folly and our my own thank you very much for that as china's trade war with the us drags on beijing's building on another alliance with argentina the south american nation has signed a deal to.


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