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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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if i had money well don't have come here my wife has been sick 3. she needs but. i have no money but their food. mohamed is one of 400 refugees sharing the small spaces in west jakarta up to 26 men live in this room using cardboard boxes and plastic sheets to make the floor more comfortable to sleep on unable to work or study they sit in wait for transit papers opponent assistance but as conflicts in africa and the middle east continue frustration levels are rising the refugees have been demonstrating in front of the un refugee agency for the pa several weeks many of them have come from. pakistan to don eritrea somalia and iraq. 6 many blame the authorities for not doing enough. you're not. doing here
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you are supposed to protect all the refugees treating them equally. indonesia is home to $14000.00 refugees and asylum seekers but is not a signatory to the un refugee convention which means it only acts as a transit country but the australian government has tightened its borders to refugees from indonesia and cut its international funding to migrants the un refugee agency says for resettlement on limits. direct assistance is going to be the answer because everyone needs to be able to have the tools to take care of themselves and this is why we're working with the government the government of indonesia here to try to find ways under the indonesian laws for refugees to have the ability to take care of themselves so they don't always have to depend on handouts rights groups saying no single group is responsible for the backlog what i think is very important in order to. bring all the
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parties together. business sectors and also government agencies as well as. it is a. voice has heard. this they say it's the only hope. still ahead on. unprecedented call for a coalition in israel. being encouraged to vote. to be. living in kenya. we have still got some showers across southern parts of china at the moment we are going to see some more of these a lot of the downpours some of them sunbury possibility of some localized flooding
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particular towards the southwest once again as we go on through the next couple of showers there into southern parts like close to hong kong we go on into or choose day similar picture perhaps a little more widespread at that stage than watching a little further west would see that the main feed of the winds coming in from the northeasterly direction still feeding some very heavy downpours across northern parts of the philippines where we have seen flooding here of course into parts of lose on the same flooding to into over parts of india the monsoon rains still causing some problems as we go on through the next couple of days hopefully we will see some slightly dry weather particularly up towards the northwest that wetter weather starting to edges way a little further a swear it's true for the signs of the withdrawal of the summer rains gradually making their way into last monday's pitchy go on into were achieved and you can see just not in a little further he was heavy showers continue up the west and gas prices gas
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coming into that northwest and colder really wet weather there still it's a parcel bangladesh out also some areas of. eden asia is in the grip of an extinction epidemic within dying species disappearing at record levels can it be stopped before it's too like one when a student gets to gates indonesia's crisis on al-jazeera. israeli elections take 2 voters go back to the polls 1st 2nd time in less than 6 months. benjamin netanyahu hang on to our while riddled with criminal investigations. israel's political future in the balance on al-jazeera.
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they're watching al-jazeera live from doha the reminder of our top stories iran is accusing the u.s. of deceit up to washington to blame tehran for drone attacks on 2 oil facilities in saudi arabia yemen 2 of the rebels say they were responsible for saturday's explosions which knocked out more than half of the kingdom's entire oil slicks there's been a low turnout at the polls in tunisia with over a half an hour left for voters to choose their 2nd president since the $27.00 revolution $24.00 candidates are in the running and police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannon to break up the latest on thai government protests in the crowd threw petrol bombs and riot at riot officers tens of thousands of people have been marching in defiance of the police but. now the united nations secretary general hopes hurricane survivors in the bahamas will get the help they need from
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the international community antonio terris was visibly shaken as he saw the destruction to the article islands from hurricane dorian a category 5 super song 2 weeks ago is known to have killed at least 50 people around 1300 others remain missing. there is that international community the idea that middle income countries should not be supportive it's a wrong idea especially with middle income countries of high levels of vulnerability it's weak subtle shocks they're not responsible for. and so i hope that the international community will be able now obviously is the moment of steel rescue in some situations but essentially humanitarian aid but then there will be reconstruction building resilience busy recovery and this new you require massive investment from the government from the people. there was some good news still as a tropical storm launch a mr bahamas. or from the capital nassau that's given island as a chance to cold and feed others over lost everything. there the everyday things
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that we rebuild ordinary lives ripped apart their t. shirts and shorts and dresses and toiletries all gathered by the people in ny so for those who lost everything in the hurricane literally we've got thousands of people to come in from the island with nothing but the clothes on their back some not even with shoes so they lost everything and so this set up is just to be there to help people regain some kind of dignity and you know when humanity and just good feeling about themselves and to be independent again. it started as a call to a few people went vital and suddenly it became a major operation the next step is distribution was no organization no grouping it was just a message sent out and the people responded well locals are playing their part the international community is doing what it can it's assessing the damage caused great bahama and abaco and how we can even begin to repair rebuild and recall behind this
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storm is with a huge international operation is being coordinated there are so many agencies so much what going on they don't want to let the cameras in this is by far and away the biggest disaster ever to hit the bahamas the rebuilding will take months it will take years and the cost will be millions it will be billions we're trying to get information from areas that have compromised communication systems so we're really working with a coalition of partners to be able to collect that data and analyze that so that decision makers feel confident in their next steps as they planned or it's mid-term and long term recovery. the displaced hundreds will start to collect donations on monday taking what they need giving them something that says things are going to get better giving them hope alan fischer al-jazeera the bahamas.
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israel is holding its 2nd general election within 5 months on tuesday palestinian israelis are being urged to vote in greater numbers than they did in april and a leading palestinian israeli politician is provoking a strong reaction by making an unprecedented call for a coalition harry foster has a story for ya. big days left in the election campaign a clash over race voting in hidden cameras came to a head in the israeli parliament. you are a liar shouted knesset member i'm an hors de confronting israel's prime minister with a camera phone of benjamin netanyahu who had been trying unsuccessfully to force through last minute legislation allowing party activists to film inside polling stations palestinian israeli politicians saw that has an attempt to intimidate voters in arab areas. but in this election i'm in order isn't just taking on what he calls netanyahu is racist campaign he's confronting a long held to do within palestinian israeli politics saying he would be prepared
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to be the 1st leader to take his group of mainly palestinian parties into israeli coalition government albeit with conditions that make it unlikely in the near future that you know that. we have a great influence on who will form the government if you put aside the arab vote in your who will be the pm if you include the arab vote then there are other scenarios other members of his alliance have distanced themselves from his message but a recent poll suggests nearly 80 percent of palestinian israelis are in favor of either joining a coalition government or supporting one within the knesset nobody ever expected an arab politician to say it and the reason is for all sorts of historic internal debates among the arab palestinian citizens and israel there's been a very ambivalent feeling to what extent the parties should legitimize the israeli government to what extent being part of the israeli government puts them in a position where they would have to give up on very significant principles in april's elections the turnout among palestinian israelis was down to
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a new. low 50 percent so with this idea of more active political engagement lift that number. that voting is a very positive step people here don't do it and if you don't vote i vote goes to rival parties but i am against arab parties joining an israeli government i think it's good if they join a left wing government not a right wing races government that works against arabs the palestinian citizens of israel there is a level of support for the idea of engaging in coalition government in the future but the palestinian israeli politicians they say the vital thing is that their electorate comes out and votes in greater numbers than they have before to have any chance of bringing down the administration of benjamin netanyahu netanyahu is him self using our days stance toward voters of the suppose a danger in supporting the main opposition led by benny gantz and yeah i like pete will be me at the head of the likud or will it be the period and guns at the head of a leftist government that will include
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a move to be and i mean as minister of their government those politicians say netanyahu is trying to diligent him eyes palestinian israelis in gauge meant in national politics the question is whether this time it might inspire them instead to engage more are a force that al-jazeera israel. and just 2 days before the vote these really cabinet has held a meeting in the occupied west bank where it approved another illegal settlement but immunity i was caretaker cabinets met in the jordan valley an area his speech if he wins a 5th term the palestinian president's spokesman said the cabinet meeting was illegal the taliban says it will revoke its ban and allow the red cross to work in afghanistan it had excluded the group along with the world health organization in april accusing them of carrying out suspicious activities during vaccination campaigns the taliban also says it will guarantee the security of red cross staff in the areas it controls. at least 13 people are dead and dozens are missing after a boat capsized in india the accident happened in the god of river in solve in
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andhra pradesh state local media reporting $61.00 people were onboard including 10 cruel about 14 people have been rescued so far leaders in west africa have create a 1000000000 dollars to combat attacks by fighters linked to al qaeda and i saw they had an emergency summit in booking a fossil just a few days after an attack there catherine sawyer reports in the capital wanted to . a moment of silence for 29 people who were killed in 2 separate attacks in northen book enough last week one of the attacks happened at a location where all jazeera was filming just a day alia a minibus carrying civilians drove over a landmine 15 people were killed. heads of state who attended this emergency summit organized by the regional bloc raised concern about the increasing number of cross border attacks by armed groups in the sahara they're also worried the violence
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could spread to other coastal countries. in the last 6 months there have been many terrorist attacks with serious consequences violence and insecurity has caused an unprecedented humanitarian the crisis millions of people displaced in the region. the summit brought together presidents from the hell countries known as the g. 5 minding heads to fight terrorism and illegal migration across border as representatives from other west african countries affected by armed groups like what also here they agreed to share intelligence have joint patrols along the borders invest in training security forces and so on they also pledged a 1000000000 u.s. dollars within 5 years for counterterrorism activities. we have asked the defense and security missiles to put together a practical proposal or not be a causal standby force going to be deployed to help. some security analysts say
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regional efforts to contain the crisis have not quite been effective in the past because of conflicting interests by individual countries and regional organization as well as competition for resources and visibility are both say that a military intervention on its own cannot work without a development agenda in. the fight against terrorism is not only about deploying troops there are many regions that have been neglected by governments for years people of poor and frustrated the issue of disparity must be addressed. they've been more than 2000 attacks by armed groups in this a hell in the last few years just over 11000 people have been killed in book enough fassel many of the displaced have sought refuge in schools camps set up by the government and aid workers as well as with well wishes in safe areas where they fled to their leaders say the action plan they've induced is solid implementing it
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will will be the harder part catherine sawyer al-jazeera whether dugu fassel a battle is underway for the survival of the largest force of its kind in east africa kenya's government has evicted hundreds of thousands of settlers from the mile forests over the past 20 years of nicholas hart reports indigenous people in the region say their homes are at risk and so is its rare wildlife. deep in the mouth forest are people who communicate with honey bees. bees can sense our intentions explained secure macho to her nephew collect the honey with a pure heart she says and you will be unharmed hanging from the branches are wooden hives people built to protect the bees it's a relationship of cultivated over centuries which is at risk. the bees done truly unsub back but we know what death thinking it's a death by the sound they make they are angry they are upset with all the
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destruction in these forests. east africa's largest indigenous force was cut down to almost half of its original size over the course of 100 years british colonisers of kenya invaded and killed people to turn part of their forest land into te plantations then came 50 years of kenyan government logging when settlers who moved into the forest were given title deeds to the land. won a landmark legal battle against the kenyan government 2 years ago the verdict recognizing their land rights and need for compensation for their suffering now kenya's government is evicting 60000 settler families from their forest in the distance right behind me are trees that were burned to the ground to make way for farmland and pastures to use for people who want to feed their animals and right here is a 200 year old red cedar tree that was cut down days ago now it will take centuries
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for part of this forest to grow back and that's why the government here is taking such drastic actions to protect the environment at risk of extinction say environmentalist our $173.00 species of animals including the bongo elephant and the golden cat sen the drama from the messiah tribe plays jazz music to his cows. the need soothing explains because too many animals are dying. this country is littered with carcasses of dead animals because of the drought the murray river which gives this county over 2000000000 shillings every year dries up to misquote the sea and when you go down and look at the river is horrific. it is a fragile ecosystem in which the survival of the bees depend on the you kick their survival depends on this forest nicholas hawk and the mouse forest kenya.
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close again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera iran is accusing the us of deceit out to washington blame tehran for join a tax on to oil facilities in saudi arabia yemen to feed rebels say they were responsible for saturday's explosions which knocked out more than half of the kingdom's entire output iran's president has on ronny has called for regional talks to resolve the conflict in yemen. what is concerning is the wrong path of the americans in the region they are supporting saudi arabia and the u.a.e. instead of confessing to their role in creating instability they point the finger at other countries in the region dialogue between regional neighbors is the only solution to resolving the conflict. the polls are about to close in tunisia's presidential election prime minister yousuf shai head is one of 24 people vying for the role left vacant by a big step seat who died in july the age of 92 the falls haven't picked
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a clear winner if nobody reaches 50 percent of the vote of runoff will be out police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannon to break up the latest anti-government protests there some in the crown through petrol bombs why topless is tens of thousands of people have been marching in defiance of the police ban the united nations secretary general hopes your hurricane survivors in the bahamas will get the help they need then tony a terrorist was visibly shaken as he saw the destruction to the article islands from hurricane dorian a category 5 super storm killed at least 50 people the taliban says it will revoke its ban in allow the red cross to work in afghanistan it excluded the group along with the world health organization in april accusing them of carrying out suspicious activities during vaccination campaigns at least 13 people are dead and dozens missing after a boat capsized in india the accident happened in the river in 700 pradesh state
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local media reporting 61 people were onboard including 10 cool about 14 people have been rescued so far coming up next here on al-jazeera it's one of many east. charged 50 salt and the the prosody me joy. buy me what you want. indonesia has one of the highest numbers to the. world. i am a side of the good luck can it be stopped before it's true lights were sleepwalking
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to the cessna one o one east investigates how the illegal wildlife trade is wiping out indonesia's recreations. soloway seas forests a dubbed the galactic it is of asia home to a melting pot of one. many of the creatures that live on this indonesian island a found nowhere else in the world. cup on. capitol hill. think out. of a. public bus. this looks like a children's gang but 10 year old rev on and his friend while hues of the innocent
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face of a mickey and often illegal wildlife trade and i'm not. at the entrance to the national park thousands of butterflies are sold on madness by trade is like a mom in a yes and in doing good for. him. thank you very fancy yet every bunch of fly he is essential to the forests food chain ended survival but syriani sells them for just
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a few dollars. along come to get the answer which butterfly in hand is the rarest of 5 and. this one up here really called a ripoff bed when the spot of life is a protected species had a venue for making my. business. so yeah. yeah good looking people said. to me i've just seen this butterfly can fetch close to $60.00 on the black market. the fact it could soon become extinct isn't a concern syriani has a family to support. why the 4th of the way through so special do you think. they said you need the funding i'm buying
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a gun someday. that muscle before we any. of them and some better and that and with. the new public event in my blood i was. let me. fall from the butterfly trade is a band lies the front line of this driving illegal wildlife trade. in the north of the way see the town of manado is a gateway to the rest of asia. one i don't need to own along with. the. people so i wouldn't think that. but there are those who. would do a little bunny when they want to and even though. i need. a new. one when i don't own one little. leads investigations as part of
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a specialized indonesian government task force. it's his job to protect the forests and their animals. you know there's a 1000000 people who can you know do you. know why in the southern. ports like these dani seizes animals from across the region as a smuggled in and out of the country when the. president. recently he called these trade a smuggling 14 rig or endangered the how many ports up there and also the way i see where animal trade is coming in and going out i know what he's. going to mean you know just wondering you know why him and if you know the people or why not. all of one but you're not a. donny has just 26 offices through this entire region and faces
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an enormous task. one animal is prized evolve in the levels a river i achieve mick. well monkeys that has human like features it's called the yaquis out here they live side by side with locals so if it's going to tip off that there is food being kept good legally in somebody's backyard and yet it's pretty clear you can gain by knocking that bushel while they're keeping it up with the tone there in fact. this is the birth. of it and then. the yaquis is one of more than 900 species protected by indonesian law but many locals have no idea do you ever let him off. for you know.
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really how long i have been here when i'm with. and. so on with whom. do you think this is the right place. you would be best of it it would. be keeping yaquis like this could mean 5 years in jail or 100000000 repeal a fine that's more than 20 times the average monthly income he when. you move from what i've seen what i thought some of the notes in the idea. there was a part of the market. but it could be them all of them but at the same person i don't think money higher up. the ladder i want to be with him.
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as it's a 1st offense today these are not escapes with a warning. when an animal is see it's brought here to the tacit craigie wildlife refuge but unless you love the president. it's the only refuge of its kind in the region and it's almost to capacity how many mechanics do you have here test the currency there is a 100. 7. wow from 5 different species in solo easy and in the most. critically endangered one in the mid 2. what condition do you think this little guys in this point. in the poor nutrition
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scottish and. alright be careful we're going to get quite close over here so they might grab your hair and with it the refuge is enormous every kind of animal is here. from a rainy tends to sunday that's what's in this crocodile cock about health. and with a trade it is well yes all of them have been taken from traffic is or people who kept them illegally as pets. were the bird fans are now. accepting that free. press is still 1st arrested. many different species.
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but there's a surprisingly biggest threat then the trade many of these animals are also hunted to be eaten. mostly they being from the wall or. meat so the hunters take it back home. kill it as a food when they have to be that's what they pick. a bad. so what trait is having the worst impact and why it. because it's that already kind of you cannot send him back to the wall. wow. that is an incredible new. from a lookout point really tells me the scale of the bushmeat trade will have impacts that reach far beyond this refuge so how bad is this then this is bad
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because this is not sustainable all of these pieces are cuts from the wild and directly from the wall and if it's that keep going on 8090 percent of the wall like in seoul we see are facing expansions. were sleep walking into. a college goal is suster. to find out more about the bushmeat train i'm heading inland to visit what locals coal and extreme market. here in tom on the taste for bush may run skate. on. stage in local tradition just about every kind of animal is to say will.
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be positive enjoying what's up what's our. money you what do you want. people for the job why do you go where. i like you have got a little bit stronger about libya it's a lot of me. david and his family have been selling push me here for a tease mostly to indigenous locals called me a hoss and that's why people love pushed me sorry i'm not. going to do. you know how. these trades barely regulated every animal he has been caught from the wild and is sold in huge quantities is the rare the animal the better and . yeah but you know how some work in.
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the. puppy.


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