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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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are going to claim credit for it plays into their game plan which is to force the saudis really to get out of that war in yemen they've threatened and they're carrying out on their threats and they have shown that they're capable of doing it but to say definitively who's responsible were to come from i don't think we can i suppose the most important thing here is the fact that you have. horrific humanitarian crisis playing out in yemen at the moment these attacks come just just days before the u.n. general assembly is set to get under way maybe this will focus minds but is yemen going to get the attention it deserves at a meeting like that or that should this war now more than 4 years on the impact on the in many people is appalling the war should have stopped a long time ago the difficulty of the saudis is they still do not have an exit strategy there audi's have already started drawdown their troops they're getting out the solders they're stuck the pressure that's going to be brought to bear to
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them should be immense there should be an immediate cease fire the saudis should stop pummeling the emmys from the air will they do that i'm not sure they will thank you very much bill appreciate your analysis. one to take you to one of our other top stories this hour it's one of the youngest democracies and witnessed the birth of the arab spring tunisia has held its 2nd presidential election since that 27 revolution that toppled a dictator and sparked a story protests in the middle east but only 45 percent of voters showed up to the ballot box official results on 10 until choose day ronald found is expected to be held stephanie decker reports now from the capital tunis. half an hour before voting was due to start a small queue had already formed tunisians waiting to have their say on who is going to be their next president. they should have i came here to vote in order to
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get someone who can get this country out of the crisis the economic crisis the financial crisis we have lots of debts it's very frustrating for me i'm not fully convinced about any of the candidates because there are so many and i haven't seen them from the beginning. it's the 2nd time tunisians are electing their president since the revolution 8 years ago tunisia is often quoted is the only democratic success story to come out of the so-called arab spring the 1st country where its people took to the streets bringing an end to the 23 year rule of president saying at aberdeen ben alley this is democracy in action yes there are many different candidates to choose from but the question is what can they offer to people are they going to offer real change or is the next president going to be more of the same voters here are telling us they're tired of empty promises. the next president is pressing issues to deal with unemployment is higher than it was before the 2011
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revolution the security situation is a concern and corruption remains rampant the new leader will face a population hungry for change especially the youth many have told us they don't trust the politicians charlock to move to live free from these elections are a good thing it's the 1st time we've had a debate on t.v. with our presidential candidates we used to watch the debates on t.v. in the united states and now we're watching the same thing here in tunisia that's the 1st national and international observers were polling stations across the country and we noticed a gradual slew of people about interestingly we saw many elderly coming in very in the morning and being very well organized and there has been no issues and so so far. it's been good we're just hoping that by no the young people would have come on board and increase the percentage of preliminary results are due later with the official announcement on tuesday the winning candidate will need more than 50
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percent of the vote and no one expects that to happen the likely scenario out of 24 candidates the top 2 will head to a runoff in november by the end of the day tunisian should know who they are stephanie decker al-jazeera tunis meanwhile there's also said to be a vote in algeria the country is going to hold its presidential election on december 12th that date was announced in a televised address by the interim president and salah the country has been rocked by months of protests since the fall of president abdelaziz bouteflika resigned in april after nearly 20 years in power. so i have for you on this news hour from london doctors in zimbabwe call for the release of a duty to who they say was abducted by the government. thousands of protesters defy a police ban to demand democratic changes in hong kong.
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and europe's isla's solheim cup with an incredible comeback. and operations have resumed in the bahamas as tropical storm moved on dumping heavy rain just 2 weeks after hurricane dorian devastated the area about who has had threatened to hamper recovery efforts but for cause to say the storm is now tracking north away from the archipelago 1300 people are still listed as missing after hurricane dorian allan fisher has more from freeport. over here in the hudson area of freeport not far from the airport and you can see how here have been impacted house after house after house is just a pile of stuff outside no people have tried to salvage what they can but honestly there's not a great deal worth salvaging the reality is that the structures have withstood the
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storm but inside almost everything you soon we've seen people pulling up floors we've seen them pulling their walls because they know they are so right through the mall they might be growing there particularly in the heat and humidity here it's not a health risk that the want to take so they've been left with essentially nothing in the sea they've been at it no for probably about a week and they're still at least a week's worth of work still to do we've also been to high rock which is probably about 45 minutes drive from here it's. very small community there are so many facilities that were just simply destroyed a lot of houses here survive because the building codes are pretty high but the insides can't be saved but in high rock it seems that even the things like the police station and the local health clinic have completely collapsed because of the storm and people there were telling is how the wind came and the rain came in they
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knew the hurricane was coming what they couldn't quite handle was the fight seemed to sit over them for so long when there was the can sound that tropical storm better was heading this way people were worried because essentially the ground here is soaked that there's really nowhere else for water to go people believe that things may start to get better soon they might be able to move into that house sometime possibly. but they're not expecting things to get back to normal of new year's day there's a lot of work to be done here they want to see more from the government they say that international agencies are here the government would respond by saying the international agencies are there thanks to the government but people here want to see more people on the ground helping out giving them advice pointing in the right direction of how they can make things better here we've seen one charity driving around giving out water and food that will help people in the short term the long
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term here is going to be a big problem and of course they've got to start clearing away all this rubbish that you see here finding a place to put it and then there is the rebuilding and there's not enough builders not enough electricians not enough plumbers and of course the still the concern about those 32 people missing they're hoping that that number will come down the government should give us more details within the next 24 hours. a sightseeing boat has capsized in southern india killing at least 12 people 25 others is still missing after the vessel sank in the godavari river in the state of under pradesh 2 dozen people have been rescued a state official says sightseeing boats have been banned from operating off the recent floods at least 36 people are missing after a ferry capsized in the congo river on the outskirts of can chaucer but was bound for the democratic republic of congo's capital when it sank and he called mean of maluku 76 passengers have been rescued dozens of
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bushfires are continuing to burn across eastern australia destroying homes and property firefighters a struggling to put out around 50 five's in new south wales and queensland despite favorable weather conditions 20 homes have been lost and almost 30 others damaged since the fires began early at this month we've just been through. was unfeeling in jumped through over rain forest over river and kerry always thought for a move or come up there it will never get across the river. the democratic republic of congo's former health minister has been accused of embezzling millions of dollars of public funds meant to tackle the ebola crisis but he said ledger only was planning to flee the country with 4.3 $1000000.00 something his lawyers denied him go resigned as health minister in july the country is struggling to contain the 2nd west abode outbreak in history or than 2000 people have died since august last
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year. well now to zimbabwe where dozens of doctors have marched to the country's biggest hospital demanding the release of a union leader. the zimbabwe hospital doctors association says its pro its president. was abducted on saturday he recently called for a pay strike after complaining about the core state of hospitals in the low salaries and bubblin doctors and less than $40.00 u.s. dollars a month several people have recently been abducted tortured and worn by suspected state security agents to back off from anti government actions. it's actually unfortunate that the ended up coming to teach we're very we thought the growth there not being able to afford to leave you going to write and seeing it doctor given that for grins do without food for good or for granted. we are not putting
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our dog door there looking about brain cars going to turn up would indeed be just to survive just to be able to good when. we've got bored. it's been another chaotic weekend in hong kong as tens of thousands of protesters defied a police ban and marched through the city center hundreds of demonstrators have also targeted the government office complex varying bricks and gasoline bombs through police barriers protesters are demanding more political reforms spot of a resistance movement that's been raging for 99 days alan duggan reports from hong kong. am another day another rep a soda of unrest. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators defy a police ban to march through central hong kong once again. there is no shortage of anger here the turmoil in hong kong is well into its 3rd month and protests continue unabated. in the formal groups of volunteers from 1st aid medics to
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lawyers and willage its leaders show that support for these demonstrators is far reaching a full withdrawal of the proposed law to extradite suspects to china was announced by chief executive care really lamb last week a concession by beijing's leaders but observers say it may have been given too late . protesters say they're refusing to give in until their other 4 demands are met demonstrators say care relend is just a lack of beeching. everyone knows she's not sincere to face to people at home call as low as she doesn't responds to all demands will continue to protest. the government is full of a porker see it's the government that undermine the rule of law police are using on reasonable ballance the process is a using force not ballance its ballance only when it harms people. water
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cannons the police backed 6 which had so far only emboldened protesters to keep surging forward for the last few months these have become familiar scenes the streets of hong kong have become a battleground this is hong kong on edge young people here tell us they are forever transformed by the recent political turmoil and they are risking all to resist what they call creepy authoritarianism from beijing to melanie dugan on just 0 hong kong. here with al-jazeera live from london last i had 48000 u.s. auto workers prepared to walk off the job after talks collapse with general motors also an education on wheels we need the volunteers traveling across mexico to help migrant children there. and wales's former rugby captain is blackmailed into revealing news on his health a tell have astore and sports. hollywood
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got some better weather now making its way across a spy and we've still got a little area of clouds circulating for a while here but the heaviest showers they are pushed. in land a little further north but some west would say we will see some weather weather coming in here over the next few days but that may weather system is now easing up they'll be a few showers across northern passes by maybe even into northern areas support cubical to the right here has been particularly dry over the past few weeks to try me mom across central and eastern parts of the mediterranean in much of a sneer not fairing too badly but you push further north and it is certainly on the blustery side quite a cane wind blowing through open office and snow wave of the the mountains there in the way some of that western weather that unsettled weather will slide a little further east woods to wards the baltic states towards work across wheaton
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into finland things quieting down behind 900 s. in london the cold all the breeze coming through is going to dry is going to be fine is going to be sparkling sunshine but it's not 70 going to feel too warm woman off meanwhile across the apostle of africa say $23.00 celsius there for about $27.00 in algiers for showers we have had starting to ease away but on shoes that you might just catch your show up towards as well the parts of algeria to the east of that is fine dry and sunny. you know that corruption has reached a level like never happened before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. was in the data we will honor the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the
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white house unfair game on al jazeera. 0 world meets to arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives overseas. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries trying success. germany and canada. are getting their homeland of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al jazeera.
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welcome back a quick look at the stories making headlines now saudi arabia is racing to restore its crude oil operations after drone strikes knocked out hof of the country's output on saturday this amounts to roughly 6 percent of global production overall everyone is watching about the impact on oil prices now markets are set to open in the coming hours. but it's been counted in tunisia 2nd presidential election since the 2011 revolution but less than hoffa voters cast their ballots a runoff round will be held if no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote and algeria is set to hold presidential elections on december 12th after 30 weeks of protests demanding political change the day it was announced in a televised address by interim president up till kadok and solemn. announced the united states a 1st nationwide strike at general motors in 12 years is due to take place at midnight on sunday 48000 members of the united auto workers union or walked off the
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job after talks of a contract with the motor company collapsed well because of pushing for better wages health benefits and job security guarantees what we're asking of general motors is simple and fair. we are standing up for fair wages we are standing up for affordable quality health care we are standing up for our share of the profits we are standing up for job security for our members and their families and for in this case joins us from live now from washington you're hearing there base about the rationale behind this proposed strike what's jams reaction been yeah the g.m. vice president put out a video statement and he basically is saying that the package that they're offering
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to these employees is very good he says that they plan to invest about $7000000000.00 in various different programs that would directly affect the plants where these workers work at and would also benefit the workers he said that they plan to increase hiring and hire about $6000.00 new employees and specifically also said that 2 assembly line plants that are scheduled to close one of which already is closed another one which is scheduled to close next year he said that will no longer happen the one that's closed will be reopened in the one supposed to close will not close so he's saying we have a good package according to g.m. then they said that that's just a matter of the union not wanting to cooperate so g.m. is saying that this really isn't on them there they're claiming that their package is very good with lots of incentives for the employees and that the union is just simply not accepting it but we're talking here about what nearly $50000.00 workers participating in what is going to be a nationwide strike in the country i think the 1st of its kind in over
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a decade what kind of impact is a strike on this scale likely to have. it's going to have a big impact both symbolically and also practically as well symbolically listen this is the biggest auto workers union in america it represents one of the biggest automakers in the u.s. strike that hasn't happened like this as you mentioned for over a decade now so symbolically it's very significant but practically as well i mean it could also affect supply chain as well so suppliers that aren't necessarily g.m. employees but companies that supply different products to g.m. they could feel the effects of this too of plants start to close or there is a slowdown because of this strike that could go into effect at midnight local time so it's very significant it's me all over the nation a nationwide strike as you mentioned and it's quite significant let's just remember that it was just in 2008 that general motors as well as the other major
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manufacturers are manufactured in us were bankrupt general motors and they received $80000000000.00 bailout from the federal government well since then g.m. has gotten their act together they're actually have posted more than $10000000000.00 in profits just in north america alone in the last few years so this is the employees basically saying we want more of the share of the profits and if they don't get it as they claim they're not they're going to go to this go to the picket line and that's what they claim they're now going to do. thank you very much from washington gamble on his own. it's called remain in mexico a new agreement between the mexican and u.s. governments on asylum seekers tens of thousands are stuck waiting to see if they'll be allowed to start a new life in america and they include many children who are missing out on school but a classroom on wheels is coming to some of them as john heilemann reports now from the border city of tijuana. a small team of volunteers in t.
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one are heading to one of the city's many migrant shelters with a unique service. specially adapted school bus since january u.s. asylum seekers mainly from guatemala honduras and el salvador been put back across into mexico while they wait between the court dates many have children and this new floating population could be stuck in border towns like the quanah for months. that's where this bus comes in it's been fitted out to give them education by n.g.o.s schoolbooks project also run programs in greece and syria getting on with it really think they're working with volunteers from border angels mainly students giving lessons in reading writing and mass as well as psychological help mask glasses and the horse. more than just classes it's a way of giving them tools so that they can be stronger more resilient able to express their emotions and say what they're feeling and that's really important and it's what we're working on. the most the road's been hard is
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a year and his mother doris say they fled death threats in their homeland there was salvador a country terrorized by gangs they've been here for months she's just glad he's getting some education i'm which isn't the answer you said to me for the one thing yeah i feel frustrated knowing that if he was in school right now he'd be in a more advanced grade but also i feel that i want to keep fighting for his future. president said that state education would be available for the asylum seekers while they were mexico and theoretically it is in practice show to direct has told us there's little government outreach to try and get them into school and their parents are sometimes reluctant to enroll them knowing they'll soon be moving on these volunteers to do what they can take in this bus across the city to provide classes but the program is so much bigger than that thousands of children. trapped in limbo across this border area without an education if at. the end of the
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class the children read letters of support many from well wishers across the border in the u.s. it's a brief break from the uncertainty and boredom of young lives lived in limbo john home and out to see it or to one of. israel's prime minister has held a meeting in the occupied west bank where his government has approved another illegal settlement benjamin netanyahu his cabinet met in the jordan valley an area he's pledged to onyx if he wins a 5th term it's just 2 days to go until israel holds its 2nd general election this year palestinian israelis are being urged to vote in greater numbers than they did in april when only half cast their ballots are false it reports. big dog days left in the election campaign a clash over race voting in hidden cameras came to a head in the israeli parliament. you are a liar shouted knesset member i'm an hors de confronting israel's prime minister
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with a camera phone benjamin netanyahu had been trying unsuccessfully to force through last minute legislation allowing party activists to film inside polling stations palestinian israeli politicians saw that has an attempt to intimidate voters in arab areas. but in this election i'm an author isn't just taking on what he calls netanyahu is racist campaign he's confronting a long held within palestinian israeli politics saying he would be prepared to be the 1st leader to take his grouping of mainly palestinian parties into an israeli coalition government albeit with conditions that make it unlikely in the near future that you know that. we have a great influence on who will form the government if you put aside the arab vote in your who will be the pm if you include the arab vote then there are other scenarios other members of his alliance have distanced themselves from his message but a recent poll suggests nearly 80 percent of palestinian israelis are in favor of either joining a coalition government or supporting one within the knesset nobody ever expected an
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arab politician to say it and the reason is for all sorts of historic internal debates among the arab palestinian citizens and israel there's been a very ambivalent feeling to what extent the parties should legitimize the israeli government to what extent being part of the israeli government puts them in a position where they would have to give up on very significant principles in april's elections the turnout among palestinian israelis was down to a new low 50 percent so with this idea of more active political engagement lift that number. 14 is a very positive step people here don't do it and if you don't vote our vote goes to rival parties but i am against arab parties joining an israeli government. it's good if they draw in a left wing government not a right wing race's government that works against arabs the palestinian citizens of israel there is a level of support for the idea of engaging in coalition government in the future but the palestinian israeli politicians they say the vital thing is that their
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electorate comes out and votes in greater numbers than they have before to have any chance of bringing down the administration of benjamin netanyahu netanyahu is themselves using or it is stance toward voters of the suppose a danger in supporting the main opposition led by benny gantz and yeah i like pete will be me at the head of the likud or will be look and guns at the head of a leftist government that will include. as minister of the government those politicians saner than you who is trying to diligent him eyes palestinian israelis in gauge meant in national politics the question is whether this time it might inspire them instead to engage more are a force that al-jazeera israel on now would take into lebanon palestinian refugees in the country saying they don't have enough money to live and a demanding asylum countries 200000 palestinian refugees face employment restrictions and can access public services now a government crackdown on foreign workers is adding to their plight say 100 ports
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from beirut. they're demanding a dignified life a future for their children palestinian refugees have been gathering outside western embassies in the lebanese capital beirut demanding humanitarian asylum. give us an opportunity to live. we want to go to work and give our children indication palestinians are criticizing a recent lebanese government crackdown on undocumented foreign labor as refugees they believe they should be exempt lebanese law already bans them from working in many professions and denies them access to public services a part of a longstanding policy to discourage them from staying. if we are denied the right to work and open businesses then how do we pay for medical treatment for example and it was says it covers 100 percent of the cost but that is not true only 10 percent of my father's operation he was
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a cancer patient and he has since passed away international aid for palestinian refugees has decreased in recent years the un relief and works agency which supports palestinian refugees says it is providing services to all of them but it needs $120000000.00 to be able to fund operations until the end of the year palestinians have been living here for more than 70 years since the creation of israel but now the situation is getting worse unemployment was already a problem before the recent decision by lebanese authorities that requires them to take work permits are not only expensive but they are also difficult to get palestinians who own shops like us are were also affected by the government crackdown this 27 year old lost his livelihood in a country going through a severe economic crisis. told me i have no right because i'm a palestinian. many of us are graduates the use of
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a kid and your children right. they are not allowed to work there is anger and resentment among the almost 200000 refugees they say they should be given special stop to be treated as foreign workers but many have lost hope in their host country and they're looking for a better life outside lebanon. beirut. indonesia is struggling with refugees escaping conflict and poverty in africa the middle east and elsewhere in asia many say they've been left in limbo for he is now waiting for documentation so they can be resettled i am 100 reports now on this from jakarta. they came to indonesia in hope they could start a new life in australia new zealand or canada but many say they're now stranded. would fled the war in afghanistan in 2015 he and his family live in this makeshift shelter without electricity a basic sanitation and little food. if i had money will don't have come here my
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wife has been sick 3 was a fever i was in hospital for 5 days she leaves but. i have no money to buy better food. mohamed is one of 400 refugees sharing the small space in ca to do this in west jakarta up to 26 men live in this room using cardboard boxes and plastic sheets to make the floor more comfortable to sleep on unable to work or study they sit in wait for transit papers opponent assistance but as conflicts in africa and the middle east continue frustration levels are rising the refugees have been demonstrating in front of the un refugee agency for the pa several weeks many of them have come from afghanistan pakistan sudan eritrea somalia and iraq. 7 many blame the authorities for not doing enough. you're not protecting us and what
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are you doing here you are supposed to protect all the refugees treating them equally. indonesia is home to $14000.00 refugees and asylum seekers but is not a signatory to the un refugee convention which means it only acts as a transit country but the australian government has tightened its borders to refugees from indonesia and cut its international funding to migrants the un refugee agency says the chances for resettlement on limits are. direct assistance isn't going to be the answer because everyone needs to be able to have the tools to take care of themselves and this is why we're working with the government the government of indonesia here to try to find ways under the indonesian laws for refugees to have the ability to take care of themselves so they don't always have to depend on handouts rights groups saying no single group is responsible for the backlog what i think is very important in order to.
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bring all the parties together civil society business sectors and also government agencies as well as the refugees but it is a refugees want their voices heard having come this far they say it's their only hope for healing mohammed al jazeera jakarta. time media say that at least 86 tigers who were rescued from an infamous tourist attraction 2016 have died authorities had confiscated nearly 150 tigers from a buddhist temple where visitors took selfies with the animals and fed them the temple and promoted itself as a nature's sanctuary but was later investigated for wildlife trafficking and animal abuse officials say the tigers.


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