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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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interest amongst all 3 to try and find some sort of a solution obviously there are other factors into it's the us for example is present in north eastern syria so to wrap up of basically all of those concerns will be laid out by the respective leaders we are expecting maybe trying to find a closer agreement as to how the turkish military will operate east of the euphrates see closer as borders but still a lot to iron out before even more deals can be made between the 3 countries from thanks and all. i mean about to the weather with counting underway off the chin is his 2nd presidential election 2 candidates claim to be in the lead. on strike in contact areas across the united states almost 15000 general motors workers accuse their employers of putting profits before them.
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hello again welcome back well of the last 24 hours we have seen plenty of rain here for parts of central thailand you can see on the satellite image all of the clouds across much of that area here over across the gulf we have seen over $175.00 millimeters of rain and the flooding has been substantial we're going to see more rain as we go towards the next couple days across much of that area just to the south of bangkok that is where that line is by the time we get to wednesday though a lot more rain pushes it more towards the north so flooding is going to be on the rise across much of the area down towards the south though it is going to be the clouds across job as well as bali with a temperature of about $33.00 degrees there well ford parts of australia we're going to see a storm pushing through the storm's going to bring some rain winds as well as snow to the higher elevations and you can see the clouds right there making their way towards new south wales now this is going to bring a little relief in terms of the drought you can see the rain anywhere to sydney and south here on tuesday by the time we get towards wednesday the area of rain starts
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to make its way towards the north so any rain across this area to help relieve some of the drought is what we do need but of course we do need much more rain on a longer period of time up to the north though brisbane is looking at $26.00 degrees up towards townsville at $29.00 and a very warm day for alice springs with a temperature of $33.00 degrees. can see plays and experience the world like never before can't own it ways going places together.
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you're watching al-jazeera a minder of our top stories this saturday's drone attacks in saudi oil facilities and target a record jump in the price of oil prices have since dropped u.s. president donald trump has authorized the release of america's strategic oil reserves to fill the market gap if needed. in the u.s. government has released satellite images which are said to show damage from saturday's attack the drone strikes claimed by yemen school fees have shot off about hof of saudis oil output. votes are being counted after sunday's presidential election in official results are due on tuesday but supporters of 2 of the $24.00 hopefuls are already celebrating the establishment candidate sky side and now bill
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called we both say they won the 1st round the winning candidate needs more than 50 percent of the vote many china's ians think that's unlikely to happen and expect a runoff in november stephanie decker has more from the capital tunis. half an hour before voting was due to start a small queue had already formed tunisians waiting to have their say on who is going to be their next president. they should have i came here to vote in order to get someone who can get this country out of the crisis the economic crisis the financial crisis we have lots of debts it's very frustrating for me so i'm not fully convinced about any of the candidates because there are so many and i haven't seen them from the beginning it's the 2nd time tunisians are electing their president since the revolution 8 years ago tunisia is often quoted is the only democratic success story to come out of the so-called arab spring the 1st country
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where its people took to the streets bringing an end to the 23 year rule of president saying. this is democracy in action yes there are many different candidates to choose from but the question is what can they offer the people are they going to offer real change or is the next president going to be more of the same voters here are telling us they're tired of empty promises. the next president is pressing issues to deal with unemployment is higher than it was before the 2011 revolution the security situation is a concern and corruption remains rampant the new leader will face a population hungry for change especially the youth many have told us they don't trust the politicians shola can move to make sure these elections are a good thing it's the 1st time we've had a debate on t.v. with our presidential candidates we used to watch the debates on t.v. in the united states and now we're watching the same thing here in tunisia that's the 1st. national and international observers were polling stations across the
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country we knew just a gradual slew of people but interestingly we saw many elderly coming in very in the morning and being very well organized and there has been no issues and so so far it's been good we're just hoping that by now the young people would have come on rules and increase the percentage of luminary result scituate or with the official announcement on tuesday the winning candidate will need more than 50 percent of the vote and no one expects that to happen the likely scenario out of 24 candidates the top 2 will head to a runoff in november by the end of the day tunisian should know who they are stephanie decker al-jazeera tunis ok let's talk more about our top story the aftermath of attacks in saudi arabia's oil facilities with me is measured as wary of the director of the gulf study center at qatar university thanks very much for joining us on. i want to talk to you about this phrase that president donald trump
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has is that the u.s. is locked and loaded to deliver a day it is establish who it was that was responsible for what do you interpret in that there is a context the context is related to the the basically bolton. resignation or sacking of him by the president and also to the new environment about possible meeting between trump and and i think the president wants to say won't send the message to the world that if there is there is a logical position to be taken to him to take that position he doesn't need bolton he doesn't need he's the president secondly i think there is sort of attempt to destroy any opportunity to have a meeting between rouhani and trump. on the one side with the meeting in london and in new york so i think. those are 2 reasons i think behind all of this. according
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to his 3 years in the office he used basically force of twice one in syria and the 2nd one and yemen and both they targeted one of them the one basically the syrian regime after using chemical weapons otherwise he is not the man who want to use violence. weapon to achieve his goals he is in and have been saying that yes it was definitely them that they're using new drones which have new engines and that's why they were able to achieve this if the evidence arrives that it was then that there is an identifiable target how great is the rest that donald trump is essentially backing him the self into a corner where he is going to have to take some sort of action let's let's put the drone issue in a context the drone the use of a drone in the last 34 months exactly similar to the hacking phenomena when people
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use technology to hard. you know governments it's unlikely it's unusual to see the player who did this actually acknowledging that organizing and by doing that they are saying this they are sending a message to saudi arabia that if we cannot fight you but we don't have the air forces we can defeat you in other fronts having said that i think there is no clear evidence yet about the sponsibility of who he is about that i think the whole he is using it for political purposes i think if there is an you know a curate evidence in the americans' hand or in the saudis hand i think the americans may target some of the who fears in yemen and that would explain the statement said by trump i think if there's any reaction if it would be in yemen and anyplace. let me whiteness out a little bit looking at the tension and the geopolitics that exist in the gulf at the moment if it isn't there who sees who would have benefit to do something like
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this. you know there are different players i think iran is benefiting from the iran iran let's remember beginning of may 2019 iran sent the message that if we don't export our oil none of the other players will be able to export this oil and actually they implement this you know listen member of incident let's remember the . events. and to remember also lately what's happened on these drones from different ok just so the iranians are the only player who are benefiting without basically they are saying no one kind of play with us and basically they are testing the other side remember they did all of this they have the confrontation with you over the ship and they still they are actually keeping the british ship with iran and there is not really action they actually you know the american drone has been destroyed on the iranian soil the american has or is
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not a sponsor so iran is actually testing the water of the actions no seriously action has been taken yet and i think iran is if iran is behind this they are looking for more to see what would be a possibility action especially when it comes to the oil and this helps basically has a serious impact on the prices and we saw it in the last 24 hours obviously it will affect more in the next few weeks as well to get your analysis and mostly as you measured thank you very much indeed. police have surrounded a group of zimbabwean doctors who are demanding the release of their union leader doctors have blocked roads after a march into the capital's largest hospital the zimbabwe hospital doctors association says its president peter magowan body was abducted on saturday it recently called for a pay strike after complaining about how the poor state of hospitals on low salaries have been affecting people symbolically and doctors are in less than $40.00 u.s. dollars a month out of the tonsils in the capital far less hot on the heart of just give us
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an indication of what's been going on. while doctors in the capital and in the 2nd think he'd pull away say the. hospital until they quote a doctor going day has been found they say they think you know that i think they security agents all they know is that over the weekend you think that a number of take on the phone and posted a social media they do you think followed by strange men and being they was. thinking but you told me the great win in. mother brother in that he's been saying for weeks along with other doctors that the money they ending is simply not enough they are struggling to make ends meet so the people you colleagues have been trying to mock you pasted him in the middle got was off his body and to be allowed to come by the right police the police the gay thing the matter the aging doctors there. either go back to work and to remain and it may be investigating what happened.
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thanks very much indeed police in the democratic republic of congo have a rest of the government's former health minister. is accusing accused of embezzling 4 and a half $1000000.00 destined for a bull epidemic patients ebola virus has killed almost 2000 congolese in the past year his lawyers deny he was planning to flee the country. dozens of passengers are missing after a river boat sank in democratic republic of congo police say 76 people on board were rescued but 36 others a feared drowned in the congo river boat went down overnight on saturday as it headed for the capital kinshasa. and rescuers are searching for dozens of people feared drowned after a tour boat capsized in india the boat was carrying 73 passengers sunk in the go dividing a river in the southern state of under pradesh 26 people have been rescued and at
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least 8 bodies recovered so far voters in israel head to the polls on tuesday for the 2nd time in less than 6 months by mr benjamin netanyahu is threatening to annex land in the jordan valley if he wins and palestinian farmers are voting to protect what's theirs in the abraham reports from qalqilya in the occupied west bank this is the 1st time to manage but a head planted on this piece of land and called. his harvest of up a goddess should make him a prophet in 2 years but the climate is not a threat the location in. the land is an area c. a term describing more than half of the occupied west bank the tools under full israeli control here palestinians need israeli approval to build or develop their lands but all around them new israeli settlements are sprouting up here and it's a risk but if we keep being scared then we won't do anything yes israelis have the
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stronger hand when it comes to control but we shouldn't leave our lands. jim and received support from a palestinian government project to farm the land the government says it will disregard israeli control over the area but that might be easier said than done. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised many times to apply jewish sorrentino with. the latest his pledge of annexing the jordan valley if he wins the palestinian leadership says it's not just the threat of course is using this as a ploy to pander to his extreme right wing racist base but at the same time he's been implementing this on the ground gradually below the radar and some cases but now with from this administration and the u.s. there is no need to fly below the radar he is now concretely and specifically carrying out these steps and declaring them announcing them whether netanyahu remains in power or not observers say political progress in the occupied territory
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is unlikely. to result in the terminology used in israel to discourse knowledge a political settlement that sees keeping the israeli settlements and outposts as it is they talk about the jordan valley as a place they can go there was never a consensus about this issues in the past for many palestinians it doesn't matter who leads the government as israel shifts more to the right this radio elections heavily influence palestinians lives but they don't have a say in. the occupied west bank workers and u.s. automaker general motors have go. on strike for the 1st time in more than a decade or than 49000 people have walked off the job 31 factories across the country the united auto workers union is pushing for better wages health benefits and job security guarantees threatened to stay on strike until an agreement is reached. it could cripple g.m. if the strike lasts long enough currently the automaker has been preparing for some
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type of action and they have a 77 days supply of new vehicles on hand that number fluctuates depend you know what vehicle you're talking about if there are more profitable more popular s.u.v.s and trucks they have a lower days of lying in the fifty's but if this drags on and the nude essentially means they can't build any products dealers won't be able to sell those products because there won't be anything there this is a very significant action it's sort of the last resort that the union has in negotiations that reshape impasse in we don't know yet what the impact will be on general motors it depends on how long the strike last but workers in less than 10 hours now will leave the assembly lines in form picket lines outside of all geos facilities all workers are looking for higher wages they're looking for retention of very lucrative health care benefits that they've been able to keep they're
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looking for all the greater share of the profits that general motors ford and chrysler have been able to amass over the years and they're also looking for protection for temporary workers to try to find a way for them to reach full time permanent status the u.s. pharmaceutical company implicated in the opioid epidemic has filed for bankruptcy how do manufacturers they addictive painkiller oxycontin blamed for causing the deaths of thousands of americans many use the painkiller as a substitute for how to win and other opiates and a potential $12000000000.00 settlement the company's lawyers weeps a tentative agreement last week to end legal action by several governments. this is these are the top stories saturdays. drone attacks on sunday oil facilities triggered a record jump in the price of oil prices have since dropped us president donald
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trump has authorized the release of america's strategic oil reserves to fill the market gap if needed. and the u.s. government has released satellite images which is set to show the damage from saturday's attack the drone strikes claimed by yemen's who fees have shot off about half of saudis oil output votes are being counted after sunday's presidential election in tunisia the official results on june 3rd tuesday but supporters of 2 of the $24.00 hopefuls are already celebrating and establishment candidates criseyde and we both say they won the 1st round the winning candidate is more than 50 percent of the vote armed police have surrounded a group of zimbabwean doctors who are demanding the release of their union leader doctors have blocked roads up to march into the capital's largest hospital zimbabwe hospital doctors association says its president peter magowan body was abducted on saturday it recently called for the pay strike after complaining about the pros
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state of hospitals and low salaries zimbabwean doctors and less than $40.00 u.s. dollars a month if he actually unfortunate that he ended up coming through. we have by we saw it not being able to afford to give you kind of a lead and think it looked after you've been down towards the end without food for getting the sand. we are not talking about then look talking about buying cars they're not turning up with anything just to stand by just to be able to look for when. you call police in democratic republic of congo have arrested the government's former health minister or the longer is accused of embezzling 4 and a half $1000000.00 destined for a bowl epidemic patients his lawyers deny he was planning to flee the country. the u.s. pharmaceutical company implicated in the opioid epidemic has filed for bankruptcy purdue manufactures the addictive painkiller oxycontin blamed for causing the
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deaths of thousands of americans and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness by phone. was. asked i.
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from inside the walls of a west african. prison comes approach ho ho a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation . a renowned choreographer shares his passion for dogs inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present to the dance of the witness documentary on the al-jazeera business updates
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with. the koreans. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam he's a than this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes all prices
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saw after the attack that cut saudi production in half the u.s. president says he's locked and loaded to hit those behind it. but china says it's irresponsible to blame anyone for the attack without conclusive facts. turkey hosts leaders from iran and russia to discuss syria especially the situation in the last trouble held there. casting aside the establishment it's political outsiders in the leader's counting goes on into next year's presidential elections and i'm only a hearting with sports as lot of it scores a hat trick to break the gold record at the l.a. galaxy. oil prices have surged and the u.s. president is declaring is ready to strike back after an attack on saudi arabia's oil production exactly how long it will take to fix the damage to the world's
6:50 pm
largest processing plant is yet to be revealed prices spiked 19 percent their biggest single day increase on rec hold on monday trading began they've since settled now around 9 percent donald trump tweeted the u.s. is quote locked and loaded waiting for confirmation of who attacked the oil plants on saturday yemen's hooty rebels claimed respond. the birth in of war and they may target the facilities again they say the drones use new machines new engines rather meaning they can reach anywhere in saudi arabia well china is the largest importer of saudi oil it says it's irresponsible to blame anyone for the attack without conclusive facts the u.s. has said iran was responsible allegations to ron rejects shahzad there are 4 begins our coverage these satellite images released by the u.s.
6:51 pm
government appear to show damage to part of the oil plant at alba kike inside the arabian they could prove vital in determining who attacked the plant and from where it looked like they were damaged in the north and west part of their facilities which would mean that they didn't come from yemen but then i've looked closer and other people who are close who are those photos and it's not quite clear looks like some was just from the west could have been coming from yemen but don't forget the whole east up and launching drones and the missiles against saudi arabia where several months now none of them have been able to cause the damage that they did these did but this is not new for them though. who the rebels in yemen say they flew armed drones across the border deep into saudi arabia to attack 2 major oil facilities if confirmed it's their most ambitious and devastating operation
6:52 pm
following dozens of smaller scale strikes in the kingdom in recent months. we exploited vulnerabilities in the saudi defense system and we built our drones in order to avoid these systems therefore the saudi and m. iraqi airspace became open to us after their defense systems failed to even spot the drones. the us secretary of state flames iran for saturday's attacks my pump aoe says there's no evidence they were launched from yemen although he hasn't explained how iran is to blame or where the drones took off from secretary powell has made clear that the iranian regime is responsible for this attack on civilian areas and infrastructure right are vital to our global energy supply and we're not going to stand for that in fact our department of energy stands ready to tap into the strategic reserves of petroleum reserve asked to stabilize the global energy supply iran says it rejects the u.s. accusations. what is concerning is the wrong path of the americans and the
6:53 pm
region they are supporting saudi arabia and the u.s. in a set of consisting to the role in creating instability the point the finger at other countries in the region dialogue between regional neighbors is the only solution to resolving the conflict. the state owned oil company saudi aramco says the fires started by the attacks knocked out more than half of its entire daily output close to $6000000.00 barrels of oil the saudi energy minister says stockpiles of oil will be used to offset the loss of production but oil markets haven't seen a shutdown on this scale since iraqi troops invaded kuwait to start the 1st gulf war in 1990 and it's not clear how long repairs will take the impact will depend on how quickly the saudis can restore full production. for. iran says it's ready to cooperate with the united nations and countries seeking peace and stability in the amman and the region dosage of bari joins me live from tehran
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how concerned are arabian officials about the finger is already being pointed at them well this is not something new for arabian officials they've said that this is not the 1st time the u.s. government has accused them of carrying out such attacks and this is something that they are used to the foreign ministry spokesperson up us moussavi reiterated the country's position and that is that the iranians are not supplying the hoose the rebels in yemen with any military aid that their relationship with this group is a political and diplomatic one let's hear some of what he had to say. that we dismissed these allegations iran has explicitly said that it defines the rights of the human people accusing iran for these attacks is in line with the a mix and to seek to policy and we are not surprised by such communist countries who make these comments do so to make themselves feel more secure and reaching the
6:55 pm
goal as we can the nations which are totally baseless. the analysts that we've spoken to here believe that this latest accusation by the u.s. government is another attempt to try and pressure this meeting to take place between u.s. president donald trump and his arabian counterpart hassan rouhani later this month at the united nations general assembly but the government spokesperson earlier where he reiterated iran's position and that is that no meeting will take place between has some rouhani and donald trump until the united states. leaves these sanctions are imposed on iran and come back to the nuclear agreement which they abandoned last year that's the position here in this move is being seen as another attempt to try and force iran back to this negotiating table. from to her own thanks for that. saudi arabia has about $188000000.00 barrels in reserve that's
6:56 pm
just under 40 days of creeks processing capacity millions of the reserves are kept in the country itself plus 3 locations in the netherlands japan and egypt the us has the largest emergency supply in the world at 644000000 barrels only the us president can order the reserves to be used and that's only happened 3 times you can take around 2 weeks for any oil taken from the reserves to have any effect on the global supply after the us the largest reserves are in china japan and south korea all 3 countries are major importers of saudi oil south korea has said it will consider releasing from its reserves if needed and joy the nanny is an economist and former deputy prime minister of jordan joins us now live from amman good to have you with us so do you think the announcement by countries that they will release or will consider releasing their reserves will that be enough to calm the markets. a little bit about. last
6:57 pm
month's made by president donald trump yesterday of the museum it did not actually affect the market at all on the contrary of the market sean volatility between one minute and the other but still it is on the rise so therefore i think that. an increase of floor almost 20 percent in the price of w t r on the price of brant mix is an indication that the market is still jittery and does not he does not feel calm about this so it is an erratic situation do you think the right is going to continue to go up. well that is a possibility but not for long because i think what will happen right now there is the challenge in front of saudi arabia faces is that it should continue to supply
6:58 pm
its usual customers with oil otherwise they would start either digging into their own started petroleum reserves or they would look for are for alternatives to buy from other markets and so therefore i think that saudis will have to go to their oil reserves if the situation is going to linger for a long time i believe that many countries would probably interfere in from using live reserves because they want to use them for their own domestic purposes and emergencies and they prefer to keep them otherwise they will have to play an issue that is theirs they use with higher prices so in a way the pens like you said in your report it depends on how long. to. go in to take and how 1st it can be done whether there were that of the increase in oil will be gradual and or do they have to wait until the end of
6:59 pm
that process before they can go back right in normal production also depends a little bit on what the houthi stew right whether this becomes a regular thing a tax on the ram co yeah this is that is a very important point here because of all right now for instance you you have you have the possibility that saudis might retaliate it and if the saudis it earlier than the whole of the hoses photos she would then it doesn't matter whether the iranians are actually at being them or not or where they come from iraq that becomes an open war that is going to really infuriate the markets to limits that probably we have not seen in a long time no doubt what will this do to the saudi budget i mean prices may be higher but its production is down. yes it is hard because as you know the i.m.f. has recently issued a report saying that while the projected deficit in saudi arabia's budget this year
7:00 pm
was supposed to be 4.2 percent it's not. just a myth of that 7 percent that he sent the most recent i.m.f. report projected it to be over 7 percent so in a way if this comes proves 2 or less 4 door to linger for one month or 2 months then i believe that this saudi deficit could go up to 10 or 15 percent plus the fact that there is g.d.p. will also be impacted so the. re-assure of budget deficit to g.d.p. may not look as big as it should be because there might be a decrease or slower growth in g.d.p. which makes the difference there is sure to look less than what it is actually all right good to get your thoughts and analysis on that thank you so much joe. thank you thank you sam.


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