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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the most recent i.m.f. report projected it to be over 7 percent so if this comes out and proves to us for 2 to linger for one month or 2 months then i believe that this saudi deficit could go up to 10 or 15 percent not in the fact that there is g.d.p. will also be impacted so the. reassure of budget deficit to g.d.p. may not look as big as it should be because there might be a decrease or slower growth in g.d.p. which makes the difference there is sure to look less than what it is actually all right good to get your thoughts sound analysis on that thank you so much joe. thank you sir now the head of iran's atomic energy organization has been speaking as a meeting of the world nuclear watchdog and they are quite solid he said the preservation of the nuclear deal is a duty by the international community. iran's power source or solution of its
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commitments is reversible increase or form and effective implementation of the jury secure you might of the remaining parties to the view i would like to highlight a bill to preserve very sure of the c.p.o. you is a common responsibility of all members of the international community if the international community through to save the g superior promptly multilateralism will lose its effectiveness and any further peaceful resolution of the conflicts will be challenged which will consider when to serve the malign interests of warmongers the leaders of turkey russia and iran are meeting in ankara hoping to find a political solution to the war in syria the summit focuses on that the last rebel held area government forces backed by russia have been fighting to try and take
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control the savefile was imposed in august but it's been tested by attack just one last week which killed 6 people now turkey is wired the army's offensive will send more refugees over its borders demolish child joins us now live from ankara so are the leaders finding common ground there jamal. well that's the name that's the whole obviously we'll find out by the end of today when we are expecting a press conference by all 3 leaders roughly around 1400 g.m.t. that's 5 pm local time here in turkey before that sammy there are a series of bilateral meetings so the 1st one being between president and his raney and counterparts then they'll be one between himself and the president who sort of russia and then the russians and the iranians will meet separately and. that will be followed by the trilateral meeting between them as you mentioned the focus
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really is on it live it seems that there is a similar approach being taken to the outside of aleppo whereby the turkish side finds a way to ensure that's armed military opposition groups that are stationed in those areas are withdrawn or at least the. fights in this war and the russians ensure that the regime of bashar al assad stops bombing people as well as its own force and the iranians obviously withdraw their militia and supports from there what is in it for each side well the turks obviously as you mentioned there was a concern that increased fighting would. result in a spillover of refugees into turkey but more importantly turkey has been undertaken . a policy over the past 2 years to try and resettle syrian refugees back to safe areas within syria will be it's barely within syria you are talking about the 1st few kilometers on the syrian side of the border with turkey it didn't through
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when it took over a job loss in other areas and it's hoping to do the same in domestically the issue of syrian refugees in turkey has been playing more and more of a sense of state role in the political discourse here at this become electioneering material for many parties and the governments as well aware of that as far as the russians are concerned obviously they've invested their miller. in syria for a long time and having troops stationed abroad is always something that extra strain and burden on the security establishment there raney and are in several quagmires as we just mentioned yemen being one but obviously in several other areas in the region and to find some sort of in iraq through this bloody war that has gone on for 9 years would be in their interests whether they find the common grounds i mean obviously this process is a standard process which started around a year ago has been more successful let's say less unsuccessful than the u.n. approach on others however despite this it's important to note that since this
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process has begun at least 1500 if not more civilians have been killed and as small as the numbers that may seem now that people become accustomed to dead bodies coming out of syria it's still a very significant number thanks so much jim. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including we explained how palestinians are using agricultural to protect their land from illegal israeli settlements inside the apartheid era hostiles the south african police say behind johannesburg's recent anti immigrant drive. and install the pressures that secured. when your. car. with. britain's prime minister boss johnson is in luxembourg for
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a meeting with the head of the european commission johnson and john claudio will talk over lunch johnson says he'll be negotiating a break the reman but the is downplaying that saying johnson is yet to suggest any legally operable proposals. joins us live from luxembourg that doesn't sound like a really good intro going into this what can we expect from this very thing. well that's really the question boris johnson the british prime minister arrived a short while ago and went into a restaurant in luxembourg with a drunk load the european commission chief and michel barnier who's the use chief negotiator in the 3 will sit down and have this working lunch and at the end we may get some form of a written communique or statement even that hasn't been confirmed what we do know though is that boris johnson says that he has come here in order to try and sketch
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out to. the rough shape of any form of a break deal that he says he's cautiously optimistic but he wants to make it clear as well that he won't be here asking for any extension to the october 31st deadline that's the deadline that's been set by the e.u. for the u.k. to leave the european union and you'll be leaving on that day to be taking the you act of the u.k. out of the e.u. deal or no deal now of course the problem with that is that we recently had the u.k. parliament pass a law blocking a deal and requesting an extension from the european union so it would seem that he would be ignoring that law from in terms of. well he is simply waiting to see what boris johnson has to offer what is this rough shape of a deal what are the details and most importantly does forrest johnston have any new proposals alternatives to the irish backstop no for the european union the irish
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backstop which is part of the withdrawal agreement that's ready been negotiated isn't is a guarantee is an essential part of that agreement because it means that there can be no return to a hard border between island which is part of the european union and northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom and it ensures integrity for the e.u. of their customs union but boris johnson wants that backstop scrapped because he says it would tie the u.k. to some e.u. rules but so far he's not come up with any alternatives. or thanks so much partlow they're now a law professor and political outsider is in the lead in tunisia as presidential election with over one for 4 votes counted. it is on top while another anti establishment candidate jailed media magnate bial car away is running 2nd official results aren't doing til tuesday there were in needs more than 50 percent of the vote and they tunisians think that's unlikely and expect
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a runoff in november from all this stephanie decker joins us now live from tunis so stephanie the fact that we've got relatively new faces in the game or she was a different than the usual suspects that is indicative of a big change going on in tunisia in politics now right. absolutely and the radio this morning was saying that the will of the people is one and this is something that we have been here for the last week sami talking to people talking to the ordinary person talking to those watching politics more insider and these are 2 names that have been mentioned to us yes they are town is being anti establishment just to break it down for you he is a constitutional law professor he was completely unknown here until after the revolution when he started get coming on talk shows breaking down the language of the constitution if you will because of course a new constitution was drafted here in 2014 he speaks in full. in classical
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arabic people will joke saying that he's almost like a robot because he is so specific when it comes to have these speeds he is so specific about the law he is a man who ran a very low key campaign not spending any money on it one person i spoke to this morning who voted for him told me when i asked him why he voted for me said he's an honest man he is clean and he loves his country we have voted for all the others before and look where it got us now the media mogul you mentioned yes he's in prison on charges of tax evasion and money laundering now he's a bit different. perhaps but he's been part of the old guard here part of the major party need to miss one of its founders supported the old president's incept see through his media channels in 2014 he had a fight with the steps the son formed his own party and uses media channel to really promote his his image if you will as someone who is helping the poor so he's been going out doing a lot of charity work see has a charity and i think it's going to be interesting because just briefly sam and i'm
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going on but it's complicated the electoral commission said that if a court finds him not to be fit to go through to a 2nd round it'll be the 3rd person and the 3rd person at the moment in the polls is the candidate of the knowledge a party which is a more conservative party religious party but also having a lot of support so i think. there's still a lot to be untangled here moving forward but certainly the message from the tunisians is they are sick and tired of the main political mainstream and are looking for something different you kind of touched on it but just break down again a little more simpler for us stephanie about what happens next no one is expected to get a full majority so this is definitely going to another round correct. yeah i think it's safe to say that we'll definitely going to have a presidential runoff between the 2 top candidates this is going to be in november now remember that the presidential and the prime minister have split edicts if you
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will the president deals with defense policy foreign policy and internal security the prime minister deals with legislation and all the internal writings of the country well in october you're going to have legislative elections here as well sami so we're going to talk about a prime minister we're going to talk about a government cabinet so everything is up in the air politically here at the moment which is what makes it so interesting so yes i think we're going to have to wait and see how the next couple of weeks play out but certainly talking to the observers here the international observers as well of course national observers these elections went very smoothly but the main message out of them is people are sick and tired of empty promises of what they say politicians have been promising them and just simply not delivering all they want change when it comes to the economy they want the security to be better because they say one of that is even worse than it was before the revolution or good stuff from stephanie decker in tunis. voters in israel head to the polls on tuesday for the 2nd time in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is threatening to our next land in
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the jordan valley if he wins palestinian farmers are vowing to protect what is. reports from the qalqilya in the occupied west bank. this is the 1st time i had planted trees on this piece of land and qalqilya his harvest of up a goddess should make him a profit in 2 years but while the climate is not a threat the location is. the land is an area see a term describing more than half of the occupied west bank that falls under full israeli control here palestinians need israeli approval to build or develop their lands but all around them new israeli settlements are sprouting up here and. it's a risk that if we keep being scared then we won't do anything yes israelis have the stronger hand when it comes to control but we shouldn't leave our lands. jim and received support from a palestinian government project to farm the land the government says it will
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disregard israeli control over the area but that might be easier said than done. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised many times to apply jewish sorrentino with their shock the latest his pledge of annexing the jordan valley if he wins the palestinian leadership says it's not just the threat of course is using this as a ploy to pander to his extreme right wing racist base but at the same time he's been implementing this underground gradually below the radar and some cases but now with trump and this administration and the us there is no need to fly below the radar he is now concretely and specifically carrying out these steps and the clearing them announcing them whether netanyahu remains in power or not observe or say political progress in the occupied territory is unlikely. to result in the terminology used in israel the discourse now is
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a political settlement that sees given the israeli settlements and cost as it is and they talk about the jordan valley as a place they can go there was never a consensus about this issues in the past for many palestinians it doesn't matter who leads the government. as israel shifts more to the right is radio elections heavy influence palestinians lives but they don't have a seen them they're going to emerge as eda the occupied west bank. bernard smith joins us now live from west jerusalem so how close are things at this point. sami couldn't be closer the polls are still saying it's neck and neck the so far there is going to be no clear winner as far as we know by the end of when the polls close on tuesday evening to that end israeli politicians have been out today on the last day of campaigning where the market in central and western to some i beg your pardon where the foreign minister passed earlier on israel cuts and he is of course
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are either hardline foreign minister he's in support of addicts in the west bank he's in support of settlement building of cutting up ties or the palestinian authority he's the sort of politician who netanyahu wants people to vote for further to the right because it's those far right wing voters that will really decide whether benjamin netanyahu survives or not and every vote counts the biggest fear i've been told is that people won't turn out to vote today either because of apathy because they've already had one election they don't want to do it again so they're really trying to get the vote out so. the big promises being made to annex occupied land obviously in contravention to international law isn't going down well though with the israeli public. well it's a it's sort of talk about idea of onyx in the jordan valley the promise by netanyahu to annex the jordan valley it's that sort of saw that netanyahu believes
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will bring in those 5 right wing supporters that he wants throughout this 2nd election campaign and certainly in the last couple of weeks or so netanyahu has been driving the agenda with these sorts of stories of course now you know there's also been meeting world leaders to show himself as the as the leader israel needs on the world stage but saw with the subject with this promise to annex the jordan valley and other parts of the west bank is what netanyahu hopes will be just something good for him for him it's a matter of political survival if you wins that he hopes his coalition partners will help him pass a law that will give him immunity from prosecution in a corruption charges he faces if you lose these he could well end up in jail as a result of those production charges. right living there thanks so much bernard smith. now in
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a few moments we'll have weather with kevin but still ahead on al-jazeera. why it's now easier to own a handgun in the u.s. state of texas despite recent mass shootings and coming out in support with near action from day one of the world wrestling championships in kazakstan. this are going to take you over here towards thailand over the last 24 hours we have seen incredible amounts of rain across much of the area particularly over towards eastern thailand where they have seen just about one $179.00 millimeters just on the eastern side of the gulf now the for them this is quite extraordinary they have seen just all month they have seen about $17556.00 normally for the whole month they would see just over $700.00 so they're really over halfway there on the
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amount of rain that they have seen and with this monterrey in take a look there were the video that has come in a concerning the flooding that they have seen across much of the syria the ground has already been saturated so getting about 179 millimeters of rain does look like this they have had severe flooding for the last 2 days across much of the area search and rescue operations have been going on across many areas and as you can see the rivers have risen for this area and of course we are dealing with severe flooding from many locations as well as towns as we go towards the next couple days so unfortunate the rain is going to continue here monsoonal rains you can see across much of thailand as well as over here towards vietnam we don't expect to see much of a break over the next 24 to 72 hours in this area actually a lot of the rain starts to make its way towards the north as well in terms of how much we're going to be seeing on top of what we have seen already well across this area not only for parts of thailand but we could be seeing well over $200.00 millimeters of rain so more flooding is expected. to sponsor. tony is.
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on counting the cost technocrat and the defacto leader of opec has been outfitted with his replacement a study radius and if you missed the fate any better looking him struggle to get more for its oil costs the cost of adapting to a warming planet counting the cost on the edges it. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available.
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for watching i'll just remind the malveaux our top stories this hour saturday's drone attacks on saudi oil facilities triggered a recall jump in the price of oil prices of since drop since u.s. president donald trump authorized the release of america's strategic old reserves to fill the market if need be. british prime minister barak johnson is in luxembourg for a meeting with the head of the european commission johnson says he's there to negotiate a brags that agreement the e.u. is downplaying saying he has yet to suggest any legally. proposal's.
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law professor and political outsider is in the lead in to his ears presidential election with over one 4th of votes counted. is on top while another anti establishment candidate jailed media magnate is running 2nd official results are due until tuesday. while staying with our top story now on those drone attacks on saudi aramco the office of iraq's prime minister says u.s. secretary of state might pompei o called. this morning to discuss the situation charles stratfor joins us now live from baghdad so we understand some new details coming out tell us what we know. well according to a source close to the prime minister's office who spoke in to us this morning that source telling us that the u.s. secretary of defense might pompei in the course of that conversation with the iraqi
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prime minister will a doormat had he said that they had evidence the u.s. had evidence that those attacks on the around coast stations in oil fields were launched from southern iraq specifically going to stand he said from a bus province and he said that the evidence walls that those attacks were launched by the p m f these are these pro iran iraq he militias the popular mobilization forces and he asked the iraqi prime minister to act accordingly oversee is of great concern to a major u.s. ally like iraq that is often described by analysts as being stuck in the middle as tension is increased between the u.s. and iran iran has a major role in this country's politics and its military the p.m.s. was set up in 2014 following a fatwa by the head shia cleric in this country to fight i saw him they were indeed
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very effective in that endeavor in 2016 the pier math will formally integrated into the iraqi security forces and as tension has increased between the u.s. and iran there are increasing questions as to just how much control the iraqi government has over these very powerful groups now of course iraq has denied the iraqi government has denied any role in these attacks and promised an investigation and the punishment of anybody found to be involved in those attacks here but as i say certainly in recent months certainly amongst some p.m.s. factions they have been very angry about what they describe as unnecessary u.s. aggression against their ally iran. or we'll leave it there thanks so much charles . and it is here is scrambling to control vost fires across
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the country thousands of hot spots of unleashed a toxic haze that disrupted flights and calls respiratory problems the smoke has spread to neighboring countries creating diplomatic disputes with malaysia and singapore. hama joins us live from the city of perth come borrow in indonesia so 1st of all right here how bad is the situation where you are looks a little bit hazy behind your my right. it's very hazy here sammy we're actually in the province of reality what we know so far is that 49000 hectares have been affected in just the province of rio with small and haze the fires right now a car here under control for most of sumatra but the authorities have said that it's 640 hotspots still needed to be attended to we entered one area of people and here with the fire brigades who were trying to quell one specific spot which is 3
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acres of land which isn't very much if you think about the broader spectrum of land on the specific island so there's one piece of land it took them 16 hours to try to control and the fire is still ongoing and the problem with the peat land here is that even if the water tries to douse the fire on the surface it's still burning underneath so this becomes a huge problem for the fire brigades here another factor is the drought or not drop but it is dry season here and so the fire brigades have told us that because of this that having to source water from creeks and from the lakes and from down to try and get it to some of the hardest hit areas so that's become a huge challenge for them at the moment you know you know how widespread is it in indonesia. well sammy you again indonesia has had forus far as for many years in fact forest fires started in january but it's contra costa flee worst since june but specifically in the last 15 days it's been particularly bad in a cutting montana also in sumatra in color months hunt for example we have been
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told of the airports have being co's orc our the flights have been canceled for the last 2 days simply because of the issue around visibility in sumatra here we've also been told that schools are closed until choose say they've been toast since last use this for for a week people of suffering with the issue of visibility and also of breathing around c what we do know is a 1000000 face mosques have been given to the public by the government to try and deal with some of the respiratory issues that as you can imagine many people are facing because all of the haze so if becoming quite problematic here we know that the president will be arriving in sumatra in the province of reale in a few hours so hopefully will have more details about what the government's intends to do to try and deal with this problem all right thank you so much for hail i'm home of the time media's say at least 86 targus rescued from and infamous tourist attraction 3 years ago of died in all 150 thought
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of is was taken from a buddhist temple were visits to excel freeze would be animals and femdom yeah animals the dived will weakened by inbreeding south african police say the attacks on foreign workers in johannesburg last month were launched by unemployed hostile residents the hostiles left over from the apartheid era house thousands of rural workers from across the country many of them are jobless and blame foreigners for unemployment and worsening crime minimal or for. thousands of south african migrant workers a live in hostels like this in the east of johannesburg the hostels were built during apartheid and were designed to keep black workers segregated from white people rooms meant for 6 people often sleep 12. and it is what hurts the most is that we left our homes in rural areas to come to johannesburg looking for work but when you live in a hostel you are treated like
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a dog. dilapidated buildings a poorly maintained if at all. sandy kenya and like many others here don't have jumps. on. the people probably. have to. do so do you feel the same rate that people from other countries are being given into treatment from. her parents. now. from around. her. from other countries as. many here say cheap labor from countries including zimbabwe muslim peak and malawi has pushed them out of jobs in asia nigerians make the money
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from selling drugs to our children. some experts say sentiment like that is the fault of politicians refused and. immigrant rhetoric to boost their popularity mobs have taken their frustrations out on businesses owned by other africans as well as asians hundreds of foreign owned shops have been burnt to the ground in recent weeks. critics of the government say the ruling african national congress has done little to combat anti foreign a sentiment although president saddam uproar says condemn the violence but the government says in a phobia is not to blame for the recent protests instead sometimes accusing people living in hostels of criminal behavior such as the looting of shops migrant workers living here say it's unfair to be singled out for the violence and that the government should be concerned that south africans across the country have
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demonstrated similar frustrations foreign workers say they're being unfairly targeted south africa suffers from high unemployment and a slowing economy hundreds of immigrants have left as a result of the recent violence those who remain are hoping that anger simmering inside the hostiles subsides for me al jazeera johannesburg armed police have surrounded a group of zimbabwean doctors who are demanding the release of their union leader doctors have blocked roads after marching to the capital's largest hospital zimbabwe hospital doctors association says its president. was abducted on saturday it recently called for a pay strike after complaining about the poor state of hospitals and low salaries zimbabwean doctors less than $40.00 u.s. dollars a month are with us or has the latest from harare. doctors in the capital harare
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and the 2nd city by the way are saving shutting down all hospitals and they're not going back to work until they call it dr peter funk on bail has been found they say that they fear that peter has acted and they do all know all the way he was all they know is that sending a series of messages by ted for social media saying he was being followed by some strange men every day was silence peace had been calling for change the way to see an increase in wages and improvement or better working conditions for doctors for several weeks now and they fear is because he was so outspoken that's why he may have been taken government officials say they know nothing of the alleged abduction the police say they are investigating the matter and are urging doctors and friends of bangun bay to remain calm until investigations are done but in some government officials are saying they fear there could be some kind of their force that's involved in these abductions that have been happening for several
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weeks now and they say they have nothing to do with their lives someone is trying to destabilize things in the country but for these doctors all they want to know is where the colleague is they fear that he may have been returned worst case there is a fear that he may have been killed they say may not go back to work until they hear from him and some of them are concerned that he may be being held by authorities right now insist they have nothing to do with religion at that. december the 12th is the date set for algeria as presidential election interim president of the father has been made the announcement in an address to the nation on sunday night's. jury and still make the vote and storages day the dreams as he put it of our people concretes long time president are done as it is with a flick i was forced to resign in april after months of weekly protests demanding a clean sweep of the top. u.s. .


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