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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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what going to the capacity to they're supposed to. we're going to find out who definitively did it 1st donald trump believes iran was responsible for an attack on a saudi oil refinery but says the u.s. will respond only when it has proof. of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. israelis begin voting in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months with prime minister benjamin netanyahu is political future hanging in the balance. we are holding their 1st session next week hong kong's leader says she'll begin talking to community leaders in
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a bid and beyond going protests. volunteers come together to help survivors of hurricane dorian in the bahamas. but the u.s. president donald trump believes iran was behind saturday's drone attacks that crippled more than hof saudi arabia's oil production but he says he doesn't want a war and will wait to see definitive proof of tehran's involvement before deciding how to respond trump said secretary of state my pompei will be traveling to riyadh soon to coordinate a response america's close ally the u.k. says it will work with the international partners to present quote the widest and most effective response and saudi arabia says the attacks were carried out using iranian weapons but tehran maintains it is not responsible yemen's hooty rebels say they were behind the. attacks and of war and more are coming again begins our
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coverage now from washington. president donald trump says the u.s. is still collecting and analyzing intelligence related to saturday's attack on saudi oil facilities but says all evidence gathered dust far points to one country when asked if that country was iran this was the president's response which looking that way will have some pretty good to. have a some very strong studies done but it's certainly looking that way at this moment and. we'll let you know the spectrum said he does not want war with iran but said his administration would coordinate closely with riyadh on in response the saudis want very much for us to protect them but i say well we have to work there was an attack on saudi arabia and there was an attack on us but we would certainly help them but despite the alliance between washington and riyadh there are doubts about how much clout saudi arabia has to force the u.s.
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into military action this alliance has been very interested in the past few months . on many issues so the trouble mistress and the u.s. in general is looked willing to basically fight a war and we have the so it's the who the rebels in yemen backed by iran claimed responsibility for the attacks on monday iran's president hassan rouhani flatly rejected the u.s. ascertain tehran was involved saying the who these were behind it and for legitimate reasons. the many people are exercising their legitimate right of self-defense the attacks are reciprocal and the main solution is to halt these attacks the solution for the yemeni crisis is also political we believe that. president trump said it was a large attack against saudi arabia but could be met with an attack many times larger this is threatening language trump has used in the past against syria north
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korea and even iran without following through with significant military action but clearly tensions are escalating trump said secretary of state mike pompei o. and other administration officials would be traveling to riyadh soon to coordinate a response gabriels on al-jazeera washington. adult he has the view now from tehran. latest reaction to this event sort of unfolded is that the iranian foreign ministry spokesperson outpost mousavi has reiterated the country's position and that is that these accusations are baseless and it's not the 1st time that iran has received such accusations from the u.s. government the foreign ministry spokesperson up us who said he said that the yemeni people have the right to defend themselves and the iranians are not supplying weapons to the who see fighters there but that it is saudi arabia who is the aggressor and iran will continue to push for some kind of
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a peaceful resolution in yemen they've offered in the past to negotiate dialogue between all the parties involved they've stressed that the situation is yemen is critical to the stability of this region but when it comes to the blame that they are being accused of launching these attacks the iranians say that they have had nothing to do with it and that the accusations are baseless they have yet to the american government has yet to provide any kind of solid evidence or proof that iran was behind such an attack the analysts that we've spoken to here say that these latest accusations from the u.s. come at a time when the u.s. president donald trump is eager to have a meeting with iran's president hassan rouhani at the united nations later this month when the 2 will be there but the rainy and some said that that will never happen until the united states lifts the sanctions that it's imposed on iran since they withdrew from the nuclear deal or global oil prices had shot up by nearly 20 percent off to the attacks but cabinet is an oil and gas industry expert he says
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the price may stay high as saudi production could be affected for months. the interesting thing that i saw today in the satellite photographs that were that were disclosed was the perception of the attacks the vessels that were hit were hit precisely in the same place in a line these are in the hot quad quad copter drones that someone bought from amazon these are precision military weapons that were used to hit these facilities and they were hit in the precise area that would knock off about 50 percent of their production so it's surprising that the attack by drones that were undetected could do this kind of damage but i'm very concerned about how long it's going to take to get the production back on aramco announced today that it could be they went for weeks to talking about possibly months before the production was brought back on saudi has a strategic reserve or the u.s.
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has a strategic reserve but if this goes on for more than 3 or 4 weeks i could see a sustained level of higher oil prices for quite some time until norm the production in saudi arabia is normalized. so israelis are voting in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu hoping for a 5th term he failed to win a majority or form a coalition in april and called an unprecedented rerun now he's trying to rally voters by promising to annex all settlements in the occupied west bank. carrefour said reports from west jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu had rarely if ever looked publicly angrier than he did on the 30th of may this year defeated in his effort to form a coalition government he rented anyone else from being given that chance by forcing through an unprecedented election rewrite. it's unbelievable other door
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lieberman is now part of the left the sense of betrayal was at his former political fixer former foreign and defense minister ally and enemy for more than 20 years avigdor lieberman professed reason for keeping his secular right wing party out of government with his opposition to ultra orthodox jews being exempted from military service something that in yahoo's ultra orthodox political partners would not concede. nurit kadar spent 5 years following lieberman for a documentary released this week finding him a highly guarded interviewee but he says it was clear that whatever the ideological differences between him and netanyahu that divorce was deeply personal the only thing the only sentence. he said was that friendship is something it's for life you know it is some foundation that it really go through all life. and it was broken and it was shattered and you know
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what human hasn't explicitly ruled out joining a netanyahu led government this time around but his policy demands make it unlikely at best and with his secular stance boosting his position in the polls his status as kingmaker has been strengthened netanyahu spent the last week talking in terms familiar from previous campaigns of threats and promises the threat of iran's nuclear program the threat requiring police at polling stations of palestinian israeli voter fraud the promise to annex the jordan valley and parts of the occupied city of hebron all of it designed to motivate his right wing base. but netanyahu reelection offers a better chance to fight off 3 looming corruption cases the parliament all knesset could even vote to grant him immunity but the polls suggest there could be a similar outcome to last time with netanyahu is likud party running almost even with the opposition blue and white led by former army chief benny gantz as a good chance neither will have enough support from smaller parties to piece
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together a majority coalition some predict months more uncertainty while each side tries and fails to form a government increasing the pressure on netanyahu his indictment is expected to happen in the 1st half of the summer that would be during the 2nd period of 6 weeks in which a candidate would be given a chance to form a government and if that indictment happens then the likud will then realize ok we don't like overthrowing leaders but now we have no choice israel 2nd election in 5 months is unlikely to be the finish line in the contest to govern the country rather the starting gun for the next round in a fight hurry forsett al-jazeera west jerusalem or burn a smith is live for us now in occupied east jerusalem suburban those polling places a bit opened for just over an hour now as israelis are going to vote again as we said for the 2nd time in less than 6 months is this election being seen as a referendum on benjamin netanyahu splitting of future. yeah as i'm
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here we are again there's been a steady trickle of voters in the 1st hour or so the polls have been open this morning in israel this really has been the in the last few days there's been this sort of desperate campaigning particularly from netanyahu and his likud party to get the vote out because netanyahu it means he's very political survival if he wins he goes on the mains in the post of prime minister and he might get laws passed that shield him from potential corruption charges if he loses then he faces court and potentially jail so from his side a lot of pressure to get out the vote but also from a more centrist grouping benny gantz is blue and white coalition also from them a hope that they can get people out to vote the biggest concern here is low turnout in israel is often over 60 percent or so it was slightly below that in the election
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5 months ago and they're worried it might drop down again this time and even after those results are out bernard are we likely to see again weeks of political just sling and bargaining as they as they try to form a workable government. it looks like there's a real risk but the very latest polls said it was still too close to call last time around netanyahu only could got $35.00 seats in the knesset gans's grouping got $35.00 seats 2 they need 61 to give them up just about working majority in israel's parliament they couldn't do it last time around and the circumstances really in terms of polling in the indications the way people are going to vote doesn't seem to show there's going to be any great change in the outcome there's a lot of more security for sure this time around at the polling stations because there were complaints from election officials that people were getting bit by ellen
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last time around this 14000 police officers on duty across the country a record number and some 3000 observateur from the political parties all with body cameras making sure that nothing untoward happens inside the polling station. bernard thank you. hong kong's leader kerry lamb says the government will start talks with community leaders next week in a bid to end the protests the pro-democracy demonstrations began in june and some turned violent lamb says the public will be able to attend the sessions we are holding a 1st session next week and this is an open dialogue platform we will invite people from all walks of life to come to express their views to us this is because of our conviction that communication is far better than confrontation and i can assure you that this is not
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a sort of one of good make type of function it is intended to be very on there are organized on a very sustainable and perhaps long term basis. the chinese government has called protesters in hong kong despicable for appealing to the territories former colonial rule of britain for help. i just want to say that those people who went to the british consulate general in hong kong and requested for the rights of citizenship in qualification i wonder if they can still be called the real chinese for chinese person to beg a foreign government to really despicable it's definitely not something you can be proud of still ahead on al-jazeera hoping to find a way to end syria's war the leaders of turkey and russia and iran meet in search of a political solution. and around the reception forces british prime minister boris johnson to flee a news conference leaving luxembourg's leader to deliver
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a few home truths. hello again it's good to have you back or are seeing some showers here across parts of north eastern turkey now those showers are going to continue but we do expect that by the time we get towards mid week we could be seeing a break in the rain there tend to as though they are on the rise on correct 27 degrees for you here on tuesday by the time we get to wednesday expect to see a high of 30 well above average for this time of year down towards the south though a look at $34.00 in beirut we do expect to see 30 degrees as your forecast of high well here in the gulf the big problem is going to be the visibility in the morning it's could be quite humid across many areas so for doha expect to see very uncomfortable conditions here as we go towards tuesday over here towards it's going to be cloudy and we could be seeing a nice sunset but unfortunately it is going to quite humid as well 38 degrees as
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your expected high moscato is going to be your average high at 32 degrees there and do expect the temperatures to all be on the rise as well down here across parts of southern africa for cape town not looking too bad on tuesday. plenty of sun 25 degrees but johannesburg in durban we do expect you to stay into the low thirty's even the high twenty's there so expect to see 32 degrees here in johannesburg but by the time we get towards wednesday durban you're going to be seeing more clouds in the forecast a temperature a few of $28.00 but up towards harare it is going to be plenty of sun with a temperature of $29.00 degrees. 0 world meets 2 arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives over seeds. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their
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homelands of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching i just hear a model of our top stories. u.s. president donald trump says it's looking like iran was behind saturday's attacks that crippled more than half saudi arabia's oil production but to iran it maintains it's not responsible yemen's hooty rebels say they were behind the attacks. israelis are voting in their 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu trying to win over voters after failing to win
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a majority in april he says he'll annex all settlements in the occupied west bank. on kong's leader says the government will start off with community leaders next week in a bid to end the protests there chief executive kerry lamb says members of the public will be able to attend the session. the turkish president richard tyburn one says there's been progress towards a political solution to the war in syria has been hosting russian and iranian leaders in ankara for talks focusing on that's the last rebel held province and home to many people displaced from other opposition areas it's under attack from syrian government forces and russian aircraft joe madison a i reports now from that summit in ankara. a re emphasis on the policies pursued by turkey iran and russia are underlined by the opening statements of their respective presidents in this 5th round of trilateral summit that's trying
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to find some sort of a solution to the almost 9 years now war long war in syria the turkish president focusing on his country's menu truth namely that of the syrian refugees almost 3000000 votes have been living in turkey now for several years and the need to establish a buffer zone or a safe zone on the syrian side of the border up until the east of the year freights this river inside syria if we could maybe divide the issues that are being discussed here in this summit into 3 categories short term medium term and long term short term the most immediate issue that the 3 leaders are talking about is the issue of it live the last remaining stand for armed opposition groups opposition groups to the regime of bashar assad turkey wants to ensure that there is a total halt to russian and syrian air strikes on attacks on this issue not only to ensure the safety of the people there now and that they don't flee into turkey but
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also to establish not safe zone that i mentioned so that syrians in turkey can actually start moving back and that brings us to the last point which is the longer term issues and that is what will happen post conflict how will syria be governed and here in the summits we understand that there will be a discussion about the formation of a constitutional committee to draft the document starts with help post war syria be governed but it is difficult to see how an agreement would be reached considering how much blood has been spilt in this war a british prime minister has been booed by protesters after holding breaks in talks in luxembourg and noisy reception forced boris johnson to abandon a joint news conference with the country's leader tashan butler has more. the uk it was an extraordinary end to an unusual day british prime minister boris johnson blocked out of the prime minister of luxembourg's offices just minutes
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before the 2 leaders would do to hold a press conference. a crowd of anti briggs it protesters chanted in buda as he went left alone at the podium exactly a battle was physically frustrated he met johnson to discuss berg's it but said the british leader had offered nothing to convince him and other e.u. leaders to reopen the withdrawal agreement for me and i just have to go on with strong agreement on the table and the storm from last year there are no changes there are no concrete proposals for the moment on the table and i won't even agree meant to ideas. we need written proposals and the time is ticking so she stop speaking but act johnson said it left because of the noisy protest he disagreed with battle that no progress had been made on briggs it i think we've got just the right amount of time to do it do we now in the 17th or 18th table but as i never
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tire of tell you if we can't do it you by the office we won't worry about it because then we'll make sure that we come out on the 31st of october do you made before his talks with exactly a battle boris johnson had met the head of the european commission. for a working lunch but it seems the back meeting didn't go very well either after the 2 hour lunch in a restaurant the european commission released a statement that said the british leader had failed to offer any new alternatives to the irish backstop part of the withdrawal agreement the jobs board scrapped outside the restaurant pro e.u. demonstrators it gathered many of us lived here for many years but we're still deeply concerned by what is currently happening. and. what potential in the no deal except for the evil making the country direction is a disaster it will be a disaster for great britain and it's also not good for the i tell you as
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a whole the 2 sides did agree to continue and intensify talks said that europe never loses patience but the day's events suggest that the use good will be running out natasha al-jazeera luxemburg. in france more specialist workers have joined protests against proposed pension reforms doctors lawyers nurses pilots and cabin crew took to the streets in paris president emanuel micron trying to streamline 42 different state pension systems several unions are planning to hold more demonstrations later this month sonia gago has been speaking to protestors in paris about why they're concerned over the pension system over. since the 1990 s. there have been several attempts to completely overhaul france's pension system and president emmanuel mccall believes he is the person to do that however on monday lawyers medical professionals and professionals from the industry gathered in
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central paris to push back against those proposed reforms because they say it will leave them out of pocket. when we be resized it's still game dating so we'd be more is not. we are not we're not. fighting for her so we are fighting for. justice in france we paid huge sums to to for the. retirement we don't want it taken by the government now one of the main moderate unions has said that it agrees to these plans pension reforms but as there are currently 42 systems in place mr macro wants to see it consolidated into one system where it will be based on individual contributions the union saying however that it is in effect penalizes people who had wage increases because of promotions
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experience but however the unions have failed to mobilize any big movements all general strikes and mr mccollum is currently receiving a little bit of a boost in the approval ratings but he looked to avoid. trying to consolidate on that i know why it is what's been happening all year which is a number tying in with other issues such as you will tax hike going to hike fuel prices and avoid mass disruptions as we saw in the past year with the other best movement of 2 italian marine officers will stand trial for manslaughter over their response 6 years ago to the capsizing of a boat carrying migrants leopoldo man and luke early chart of the are accused of delaying the coast guard a naval response to the incident that left $260.00 refugees and migrants dead the boat capsized in malta search and rescue zone but it was only 96 kilometers off the island the italian island of lampedusa haiti's capital is at
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a standstill as violent protests continue of fuel shortages and anger over alleged police brutality police are accused of shooting and killing a man during a protest in port au prince roads are blocked off phone banks government offices and schools were closed on monday protesters are also demanding the resignation of president george in our voices fuel suppliers are refusing to make deliveries until the haiti government pays its debts. it's been 2 weeks since hurricane dorian hit the bahamas and more than a 1000 people are still missing 50 people have been confirmed dead alan fisher is in the town of high rock on grand bahama island where a temporary clinic staffed by volunteers has been set up. this may not look like much but for the people of high rock it means everything this hilltop community on the island of grand bahama lost its clinic in hurricane dorian the building flood
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and. but no for the people here there is a temporary clinic staffed by 20 volunteers from the international medical corps we have doctors nurses medicines mental health experts and we're seeing things that we commonly see at this point and it may crop very lacerations people that are running out of medications chronic conditions turning to acute conditions and wound care a lot of them care getting giving out tetanus as well as people coming back and are trying to clean up what's left of their homes the international medical corps has committed to be here for at least 3 months it new is the facility is pretty basic but the reality is it will save lives are. among those helping out myron rolle a former american football star he's now a neurosurgeon in boston but he was born in the bahamas and that's was pulled him back to health and so i saw the hurricane hit being up in boston in my nice
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apartment at harvard you know i was i said man i have to do something for my people for my countries means a lot to me this country has as taught me much and i've visited every summer as a child you know i was christened here i was baptized here i'm on a national stampede i mean this country is tied within me and and so i called our staff at massachusetts general hospital if there was a global disaster team that was going to the bahamas i want to be a part of it one big concern is disease in the days and weeks after a disaster it can be a killer the clinic makes that place likely and reminds people here they haven't been forgotten alan fischer al jazeera hierarch on the island of grand bahama indonesia's government is battling to control widespread faras 5 as they are causing a toxic haze to spread to other countries and the smoke is also causing with spiritual problems and disrupting flights but mohammed has more from in indonesia.
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president joker we don't know is visiting the city of pac and bar and the province all 3 hour on the island of sumatra to assess the forest fires that have taken over this entire region $49000.00 hectares of land have been affected in somalia and in reality where we are it's 640 hotspots that the authorities need to contain now in a closed meeting with the president had with his military and the disaster management agencies he said that prevention is better than extinguishing and the forest fires should be the responsibility of the local government in terms of operations the president says that ground and al freshens need to work together to make sure that they're able to quell the fires efficiently and what we know so far according to law enforcement that 370 companies have been listed for allegedly burning land here slash and burn methods are considered illegal in indonesia but this is also very common we've seen them for many years where farmers and companies burn the land to try and clear it for further plantation and investigation by
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football's governing body has found hundreds of sporting events broadcast illegally from saudi arabia fee for joining forces with 2 of its confederations and top european leagues to try to find out who is part in football matches and other sports on a network calling itself be out q report published by a u.s. based firm back to previous finding by b. in sports that the signals were being transmitted from inside saudi arabia. this is a jazeera let's get a round up now at the top stories u.s. president donald trump says it is looking like iran was behind saturday's attacks that crippled all of hoffa's saudi arabia's oil production but to iran maintains it is not responsible yemen's hooty rebels say they were behind the attacks. israelis are voting in their 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu trying to rally supporters after failing to win
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a majority in april he says he will annex all settlements in the occupied west bank hong kong's leader says the government will open talks with community leaders next week in a bid to end the protests there chief executive carrie lamb says members of the public will be able to attend the session. china's government though has called protesters in hong kong despicable for appealing to the territories former colonial rule of britain for help would you. i just want to say that those people who went to the british consulate general in hong kong and requested for the rights of citizenship in qualification i wonder if they can still be called the real chinese for chinese person to big foreign government to interfere is really despicable it's definitely not something you can be proud of the protestors call caused britain's prime minister to leave brags and talks in luxembourg early johnson cancel the plan news conference with prime minister tell at the last minute the head of the
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european commission said britain was yet to offer any workable solutions. in johnson's absence the luxembourg leader delivered a few home truths now it's it's on. mr johnson. he holds the future of all u.k. citizens and every you citizens live in the u.k. he sense it sees responsibility your people our people count on you a more professional serve joined protests against proposed pension reforms in france doctors lawyers nurses pilots and cabin crew were out in force in parish president emanuel mark ron trying to streamline state pension systems those are the headlines talked al-jazeera is next.
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al-jazeera. and for you i. would say. it's been a year since former cricketer turned politician imraan khan became pakistan's prime minister khan's campaign slogan was nigh a pakistani or new pakistan a reflection of his promises to turn the country's economy around and end corruption. but the 1st year of his premiership hasn't gone as smoothly as he may have hoped or even expected especially in terms of the economy the pakistani rupee has lost 35 percent of its value during his time in office khan's critics call him the prime minister of the u. turns as he has been forced to go back on many of his campaign pledges in an attempt to rescue the situation. but have any of these u. turns had a positive impact on the country.


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