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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present to the dance of the. documentary on al-jazeera. while the u.s. blames around the impact of an attack on a saudi oil refinery is being felt around the world. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up voters in israel are deciding whether the prime minister benjamin netanyahu will stay on or if his rival will unseat in. indonesia battles illegally lit fires burning throughout its forests and spreading fixed mode across southeast asia. and hong kong's t.v. executive says she'll begin talking to community leaders to try to end the protests .
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calling the program u.s. president donald trump says it looks like iran was behind saturday's drone attacks which crippled more than a heart of saudi arabia's oil production but he says he'll wait to see definitive proof before deciding how to respond trump said secretary of state might bump a i'll be traveling to riyadh at some point to coordinate a response was saudi arabia says the attacks were carried out using iranian weapons but tehran denies that yemen's who the rebels say they were behind the attacks and are warning more strikes coming well the full picture of the damage is not yet clear but chinese officials have been told that it's all deliveries will be delayed and there are reports saudi arabia is trying to buy diesel for urgent deliberate. begins our coverage from washington. president donald trump says the u.s. is still collecting and analyzing intelligence related to saturday's attack on saudi oil facility. yes but says all evidence gathered dust far points to one
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country when asked if that country was iran this was the president's response which looking that way will have some pretty good to. have a some very strong studies done but it's certainly looking that way at this moment and. we'll let you know the spectrum said he does not want war with iran but said his administration would coordinate closely with riyadh and in response the saudis want very much for us to protect them but i say well we have to work there was an attack on saudi arabia and there was an attack on us but we would certainly help them but despite the alliance between washington and riyadh there are doubts about how much clout saudi arabia has to force the u.s. into military action this alliance has been very interested in the past few months . on many issues so the trump administration and the u.s. in general is looked willing to basically fight
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a war and we have the sultan's the who the rebels in yemen backed by iran claimed responsibility for the attacks on monday iran's president hassan rouhani flatly rejected the u.s. ascertain tehran was involved saying the who these were behind it and for legitimate reasons. the many people are exercising their legitimate right of self defense the attacks are reciprocal and the main solution is to halt these attacks the solution for the yemeni crisis is also political we believe that. president trump said it was a large attack against saudi arabia but could be met with an attack many times larger this is threatening language trump has used in the past against syria north korea and even iran without following through with significant military action but clearly tensions are escalating trump said secretary of state mike pompei o. and other administration officials would be traveling to riyadh soon to coordinate
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a response. al-jazeera washington. has reaction now from tehran. the latest reaction to this events that have unfolded is that the iranian foreign ministry spokesperson outpost mousavi has reiterated the country's position and that is that these accusations are baseless and it's not the 1st time that iran has received such accusations from the u.s. government the foreign ministry spokesperson up us mousavi said that the yemeni people have the right to defend themselves and the iranians are not supplying weapons to the who see fighters there but that it is saudi arabia who is the aggressor and iran will continue to push for some kind of a peaceful resolution in yemen they've offered in the past to negotiate dialogue between all the parties involved they've stressed that the situation is yemen is critical to the stability of this region but when it comes to the blame that they are being accused of launching these attacks the iranians say that they have had
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nothing to do with it and that the accusations are baseless they have yet to the american government has yet to provide any kind of solid evidence or proof that iran was behind such an attack the analysts that we've spoken to here say that these latest accusations from the u.s. come at a time when the u.s. president donald trump is eager to have a meeting with iran's president hassan rouhani at the united nations later this month when the 2 will be there but the rainy and some said that that will never happen until the united states lifts the sanctions that it's imposed on iran since they withdrew from the nuclear deal. now israelis are voting in their 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hoping for a 5th term and he failed to achieve a majority or form a coalition in april and call an unprecedented rerun well now he's trying to gain more supporters by promising to annex all settlements in the occupied west bank but a sorry force that reports those pledges might not be enough to get an outright
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majority. benjamin netanyahu had rarely if ever looked publicly angrier than he did on the 30th of may this year defeated in his effort to form a coalition government he rented anyone else from being given that chance by forcing through an unprecedented election rewrote it's unbelievable other door lieberman is now part of the lift the sense of betrayal was at his former political fixer former foreign and defense minister ally and enemy for more than 20 years avigdor lieberman professed reason for keeping his secular right wing party out of government with his opposition to ultra-orthodox jews being exempted from military service something there's an ultra-orthodox political partners would not concede. nurit kadar spent 5 years following lieberman for a documentary released this week finding him a highly guarded interviewee but she says it was clear that whatever the ideological differences between him and netanyahu their divorce was deeply personal
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the only thing the only sentence. he said was that friendship is something it's for life you know it is some foundation that it really go through all life and it was broken. and it will shut down you know what lieberman has an explicitly ruled out joining the netanyahu led government this time around but his policy demands make it unlikely at best and with his secular stance boosting his position in the polls his status as kingmaker has been strengthened netanyahu spent the last week talking in terms familiar from previous campaigns of threats and promises the threat of iran's nuclear program the threat requiring police of polling stations of palestinian israeli voter fraud the promise to annex the jordan valley and parts of the occupied city of hebron all of it designed to motivate his right wing base. but netanyahu reelection offers
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a better chance to fight off 3 looming corruption cases the parliament or knesset could even vote to grant him immunity but the polls suggest there could be a similar outcome to last time with netanyahu is likud party running almost even with the opposition blue and white led by former army chief benny gantz as a good chance neither will have enough support from smaller parties to piece together a majority coalition some predict months more uncertainty while each side tries and fails to form a government increasing the pressure on netanyahu his indictment is expected to happen in the 1st half of the summer that would be during the 2nd period of 6 weeks in which a candidate would be given a chance to form a government and if that indictment happens then that we could well then realize ok we don't like overthrowing leaders but now we have no choice israel's 2nd election in 5 months is unlikely to be the finish line in the contest to govern the country rather the starting gun for the next round in a fight hurry forsett al-jazeera west jerusalem and bernard smith joins us live now
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from occupied east jerusalem this is a crucial election for netanyahu just talk us through what's at stake burnet. well daryn yes here we are again and it is another crucial election all the main players the 3 main characters in this election if you like out now voted netanyahu recently and for him everything's at stake his political career is at stake if he wins he retains the premiership the prime minister's office and he hopefully will persuade his coalition partners to help pass a law that will stop him being charged on corruption charges lose and you'll probably go to trial on corruption charges and face the prospect of jail so by him everything's at stake benny gantz he's standing in netanyahu is way galaxy's party the blue white coalition of $35.00 seats last time around the same as netanyahu he's hoping he'll get more and keep netanyahu out of the job and the kingmaker potentially as are referred to as a door leading man he's voted as well this morning if he gets more seats he could
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be the one who decides who will be israel's next prime minister dara and bernard on the ground what are you seeing at the polls and what sort of turnout of the expecting there that we've had here this polling station a steady trickle of people this morning since polling opened what 34 hours ago 3 hours ago one of the fears is of a low turnout of voter apathy quite high turnout traditionally in israel it was just under 70 percent back in april less than that and there are theories that and more of these votes could end up being taken up by the more extreme parties so that is one of the so all of the parties have been encouraging people to come out and vote the polls close at 10 o'clock tonight they'll be an exit poll quite quickly released afterwards which will give a good indication of how it's all gone and then we could be facing weeks perhaps months of political horse trading to decide who will be the next prime minister sharon smith or in occupied east jerusalem bernard thank you. thousands of
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firefighters are working around the clock to try to contain forest blazes in indonesia. in the borneo islands the smoke has spread to neighboring countries fucking a diplomatic row over who's responsible in the nation police arrested more than $200.00 people accused of contributing to the disaster forest fires up in every year in the country started by farmers clearing land crops well indonesia's president says his country has been negligent in talking the fires. we shouldn't need a meeting like this every year it should be automatic before the joint season starts everything must be ready but this time we've been negligent again so the smoke has gotten bigger. president is visiting the city of pak and bar in the province of on the island of sumatra to assess the forest fires that have taken over this entire region 49000 hectares of land have been affected in somalia and in reality though where we are it's $640.00 hotspots that the authorities need to contain now in
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a closed meeting with the president had with his ministry and the disaster management agencies he said that prevention is better than extinguishing and the forest fire should be the responsibility of the local government in terms of operations the president says that ground and need to work together to make sure that they're able to quell the fire as efficiently and what we know so far according to door in force meant that 370 companies have been listed for allegedly burning land here slash and burn methods are considered legal in indonesia but this is also very common we've seen them for many years where farmers and companies burn the land to try and clear it for further plantation. for a short break here in al-jazeera when we come back. around to the reception hall says boys johnson to conference leaving luxembourg leader to deliver a few truths. zimbabwe's striking doctors say hospitals will stay shut until their leader is found safe and well known that stay with us.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we're here across europe we'll be seeing some big changes and you can see here on our satellite image this line of clouds or here anywhere from northern europe all the way over here towards russia now this line of clouds is a frontal boundary it is pushing down here towards the south to the north of that front we are seeing some temperatures only into the mid teens for many locations as well as a lot of windy conditions here you can see those streamlines very very close to warsaw 16 degrees windy day berlin 14 and as we go from tuesday to wednesday we're going to start to see a shift that front is going to start to ease a little bit more towards the south we're going to see it's very windy conditions but if we are here towards the east as well kiya of only getting to 11 degrees but still very warm down here across much of the south you could be seeing
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a sunny day 30 degrees there athens at 29 and a hot day in rome at 29 degrees as well well for the northwestern part of africa we're going to see some clouds pushing through over the next day anywhere from parts of morocco over here towards algeria now we could be seeing a shower or 2 in those clouds but we don't expect to see too much in terms of accumulation tempter wise though look at this tunis on tuesday 33 degrees as the expected high coming down slightly as we go towards wednesday but over here towards tripoli as well as my guys we're looking quite nice with plenty of sun and a temperature of 27 degrees. rewind returns with series and brand new updates on the things to bound to see him entry by will compel the onion the onion the sweets. and the company to remind continues with campbell usable in business. this is actually to trace the
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scene or just analogous to pick up full sheets from his. condo and we could just drive off with 10. ounces era. welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera concerns about global oil supply a growing following saturday's attacks on oil processing facilities in saudi arabia china has been told to expect supplies to be delayed by up to 10 days but u.s. and saudi arabia say early indications point to iran being behind attacks. israelis are focusing on a 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu seeking a 5th term he told a rerun not a failing to achieve majority form
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a coalition in a people's vote. thousands of firefighters are battling to contain blazes in indonesia that burning in forests in some entre on the borneo islands the smoke has spread to neighboring countries sparking a diplomatic the brow over who is responsible. french authorities ordered the closure of a migrant camp called the gym in the coastal city of dunn kirk the decisions believed to have led to a sudden surge in refugees fleeing france for the u.k. some of yeah go joins me live now from dunkirk so what more can you tell us about what's happening inside the town. well this was the 3rd warning that they've had to this would be cleared out they had 2 warnings previously last week but now the riot police have surrounded the area as well as the local gendarmes and they are slowly starting to clear out the gym where it was
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initially opened up to people and also the surrounding area around which there was a makeshift tent sort of settlement made with a lot of families a lot of also. men who've come here as well so while this is slowly taking place people have been coming out quite tightly controlled by the police and being put on to coaches and taken to what could possibly be other migrant centers around the country still unaware exactly where most people will wind up there is a fair also amongst men who have come here by themselves that they could be taken to deportation centers that was a big fear that a lot of them have had the ones who we spoke to last night just before clearing this morning started to take place as well also while speaking to people here there was talk of how some of them there they know the dangers how some of them would try
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to attempt to make a crossing across the channel into the u.k. now they know how dangerous it is stories of how many people die at sea are not known amongst people who have been fleeing areas which a lot of these people have been fleeing from from iraq from syria but despite all the dangers that are apparent of such a journey they are willing to still undertake these journeys and also pay an incredible amount of money as well the asking price for paying smugglers is around $4000.00 to try and under. take a dangerous journey that lives absolutely no guarantee but some people are at that desperate point where they do not want to continue this sort of life of living. just in from one camp to the other and they would rather do that then try to sustain the kind of lifestyle they have been doing up until now directs us on a get together in dunkirk sonia thank you. car alarms as the government will start
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talks with out of us next week in a bid to end pro-democracy protests police retaliated with tear gas and water cannon after protesters threw firebombs towards a government compound on sunday on kong's international credit rating has been downgraded from stable to negative p.r. firms approached by the government of also refused to get involved in helping restore the city's image. holding their 1st session next week and this is an open dialogue platform where we will invite people from all walks of life to come to express their views to us this is because of our conversation that communication is far better than confrontation and i can assure you that this is not a sort of good make type of function it is intended to be very. organized on a very substantial and perhaps long term basis the turkish president russia thai
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birdo and says there's been progress towards a political solution to the war in syria he hosted russian and iranian leaders in ankara for talks focusing on is the last rebel held province home to many people who've been displaced from other former opposition areas it's under attack from syrian government forces and russian aircraft. we have refugees amassed on our borders and we can sit and watch this such a dangerous development will affect not only our country but also europe we need to continue our responsibilities and we have decided there is a need to establish safe areas support our troops and tomorrow child has more now from ankara. a re emphasis on the policies pursued by turkey iran and russia are underlined by the opening statements of the respective presidents in this 5th round of trilateral summit that's trying to find some sort of a solution to the almost 9 years now war long war in syria the turkish
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president focusing on his country's main new truth namely that's of the syrian refugees almost 3000000 that's have been living in turkey not for several years and the need to establish a buffer zone or a safe zone on the syrian side of the border up until the east of the or phrases river inside syria if we could maybe divide the issues that are being discussed here in this summit into 3 categories short term medium term and long term short term the most immediate issue that the 3 leaders are talking about is the issue of it live the last remaining stand for on the opposition groups opposition groups to the regime of bashar assad turkey wants to ensure that there is a total halt to russian and syrian air strikes on attacks on this it to not only to ensure the safety of the people there now and that they don't flee into turkey but also to establish that saves on that i mentioned so that syrians in turkey can actually start moving back and that brings us to the last point which is the longer
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term issues and that is what will happen post conflict how will syria be governed and here in the summits we understand that there will be a discussion about the formation of a constitutional committee to draft the documents that's would help post war syria be governed but it is difficult to see how an agreement would be reached considering how much blood has been spilt in this war. 2 thirds of the votes have been counted into nazir's presidential election and it looks like 2 political outsiders are in the lead the official result isn't expected until later on tuesday but it looks like a close race between the law professor. and jailed media mogul. the winning candidate will need more than 50 percent of the vote american soldier was killed in afghanistan on sunday at least 17 have died in fighting there this year meanwhile the 1st televised debate before the presidential election later this month did not go quite as planned bright has more from the capital kabul. this event has just
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come to an end what was billed as a bit of history in the making the 1st time the 2 presidential candidates out of a field of 17 were due to meet on a stage in a live face to face televised debate to be beamed across afghanistan the 2 men in question of course the front runners in this race the incumbent president ashraf ghani and his chief executive from his government dr abdullah abdullah a man with whom he had shared power uncomfortably in the last 5 years of their so-called unity government of course this election comes against a worsening security background here in afghanistan a long negotiated peace deal with the taliban was called off at the last minute the afghanistan government committed itself to going ahead with this election on the 28th come what may there have been threats by the taliban to disrupt these
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elections when dr abdullah arrived here and talked to the stage it soon became apparent that his opponent ashraf ghani was going to be a no show no reason was given for him not attending this event but certainly dr abdullah was quick to capitalize on the nonappearance of his opponent. today he should have come here to answer the nation i came here on time and he cancelled at the very last minute. there then followed some angry scenes of supporters of ashraf ghani then accuse dr of duller of insulting them and dr abdullah and his opponents were known repentant and leaving dr abdullah basically to debate with himself and with an empty lectern this doesn't seem to bode well for this election process as afghanistan lurches towards its election day. the un says 600000 the ring of muslims living in myanmar at serious risk of genocide may. repatriation impossible
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in its latest report the u.n. found the muslim minority is living in inhumane conditions and men miles rakhine state investigators also accuse the army of new war crimes including forced labor and torture more than 700000 ringer fled rakhine to bangladesh after a government crackdown 2 years ago. prime minister abbas johnson has made an early exit from briggs it talks in luxemburg. he canceled a planned joint press conference with the prime minister better at the last minute earlier john smith the head of the european commission. because as britain has yet to offer any legally operational solutions but in johnson's absence the luxembourg leader delivered a few home truths now it's it's. mr johnson he holds the future of all u.k. cities and every you citizens leaving the u.k.
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he sense it's he's responsible to your people our people count on you. johnson says he can see a better brigs that deal taking shape we are now in the stage where we have to start really accelerating the work and that was the agreement today. it's all good you'll get on with me siobhán and look i don't want to get people's we've got to manage this carefully yes there is a good chance of a deal yes i can see the shape of it. everybody can see roughly what could be done but it will require. movement. the system by which the e.u. can control the u.k. after we leave. the so-called backstop. to go from that treaty and that needs to happen. nearly 50000 general motors workers in the u.s. say they'll continue their strike for a 2nd day their union is pushing for better wages health benefits and guarantees of
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job security analysts estimate the action is costing the company $50000000.00 a day is the largest industrial action to hit the carmaker in more than a decade. haiti's capital is at a standstill as violent protests continue of a fuel shortages and anger at police brutality the police are accused of shooting and killing a man during a protest in port au prince petrol shortages across the country for more than 3 weeks roads are blocked while banks government offices and schools were closed on monday chester's are also demanding the resignation of the president john elmore is a. some hospital doctors and zimbabwe have walked off the job over the disappearance of the union leader peter mme de hasn't been seen since saturday colleagues say he received threatening phone calls i was abducted for calling for strike action over low salaries are much more from harare. in a country where anti-government demonstrations aren't usually tolerated especially
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without police clearance doctors in zimbabwe demand to know a piece of mango bay is they block some roads in the capital demanding the release of the union leader and head of the hospital doctors association. the right police around them. some senior doctors try to negotiate with police so colleagues could master the office of president in a seminar. the answer from police was no only a few leaders were allowed to present a petition to the government. 25 year old dr mangan bay has been missing since saturday dr peter i'm gone days where our blogs are known and we are seriously concerned about his work with therefore demand he's not retained. in the meantime we have withdrawn our services. doctors have long complained about a pay as well as the poor state of public hospitals they are in the same position
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as most of our brains struggling to survive soaring inflation and shortages of food and other essentials in recent weeks government critics up with this is the porters and it teaches union leader and later we take it from homes and tortured by state security agents some of it is up in hospital beaten government officials deny the allegations. police say they are investigating some in the rulings on appear party say the abductions could be staged to tarnish the country's image this been reserved structures and when we were there you know we'd be subject some time ago. issue now we hear. this is the. i think human rights was going to survive with these united nations. in new york very soon and in a way one will. think there may be a 3rd force trying. to give them a bad name. doctors and nurses strike over pay and working
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conditions every few months but say it's been a while since one of their own as. the aftermath is defiant not to return to work until a colleague is found. al-jazeera has. got a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera concerns about global oil supply are growing following saturday's attacks on oil processing facilities in saudi arabia china has been told to expect supplies to be delayed by up to 10 days the u.s. and saudi arabia both say early indications point to iran being behind the attacks . israelis are voting in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is a 5th term he called a rerun after failing to achieve majority or form a coalition in april's vote smith is outside
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a polling station in occupied east jerusalem. but there's another crucial election all the main players the 3 main characters in this election if you like have now voted netanyahu recently and for him everything's at stake his political career is at stake if he wins he retains the premiership the prime minister's office and he hopefully will persuade his coalition partners to help pass a law that will stop him being charged on corruption charges lose you know probably go to trial on corruption charges and face the prospect of jail survey him everything's at stake. the thousands of firefighters are battling to contain blazes in the major they're burning in forests in some of the borneo islands the smoke has spread to neighboring countries sparking a diplomatic route over who's responsible police have arrested more than 200 people accused of starting the fires in the nation's president says his country has been negligent in tackling the fires. we shouldn't need a meeting like this every year it should be automatic before the dry season starts
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everything must be ready but this time we've been negligent again so the smoke has gotten bigger french authorities a vote of the closure of a migrant camp called the gym in the coastal city of dung kirk the decision is believed to have led to a sudden surge in refugees fleeing france for the u.k. . says the government will open talks with community leaders next week in a bid to end the protests there chief executive kerry lamb says members of the public will be able to attend the sessions. nearly 50000 general motors workers in the u.s. say they'll continue their strike for a 2nd day a union is pushing for better wages health benefits and guarantees of job security well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story station that's watching for.
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how high will petrol prices go because of the attacks in saudi arabia the world's biggest oil exporter is scrambling to repair the damage and try to fighters in yemen are vowing more attacks with a threat for severe think of our thirst for saudi oil this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. saudi arabia is trying to reassure the world that it will quickly recover from saturday's attacks on his oil plants of the reassurance failed to stop oil prices soaring 19 percent their highest ever increase in 30 years prices have since.


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