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leads of the past and the confines of their present the dance of the witness documentary on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. when i'm come on sons of maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. the measured opposite of. the taliban claimed responsibility for 2 bombings in afghanistan that have killed at least $46.00 people one of the times targets the president's election rally also in the news prime minister benjamin netanyahu his future at stake is ready voters head to the polls for the 2nd time in less than 6 months. did boris johnson break the law
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when he shot and shut down the parliament until mid october a question the u.k. supreme court is trying to answer. i'm saying about the profits that they said. to ask us to give give give. and $50000.00 u.s. auto workers to walk off the job bringing production a g.m. plants to a standstill in sport or a red sox to kill their place and he's happy followers of the agent champions league the japanese team not a year chart assuring her exploits the game is a bid to win the title for the 2nd time in 3 years. so we're going to start in afghanistan this hour where 2 separate bomb attacks have killed dozens of people just 11 days before the presidential election is to be held to a suicide bomber on a motorbike triggered the 1st blast in part one province at least 24 people died
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near a checkpoint leading up to a reelection rally for president ashraf ghani he was unharmed. and then hours later a 2nd blast near the u.s. embassy in kabul killed at least $22.00 people it is the taliban which has claimed responsibility for both explosions saying afghan security forces were the targets the latest attacks follow the u.s. president of course calling off talks with the taliban to end the 18 year old wall war analysis in a moment 1st this from mcbride in kabul. with a week and a half to go before this troubled national poll the taliban has threatened to step up its attacks to disrupt the process and has claimed responsibility for both of these attacks the 1st attack in part of an the taliban says that a lone suicide bomber apparently on a motorbike targeted a group of special forces and presidential bodyguards it's not known though whether those bodyguards to try to intercept this bomber from getting into the rally and
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from getting close to president ashraf ghani who was due to speak nonetheless the result was the same that again as we've seen in previous attacks most of the victims were innocent civilians caught up in this blast this will be of a grave concern to not only the presidential campaign but also all of the other candidates in the coming days as they try to campaign around the country equally worrying for the authorities here in kabul is the 2nd attack that took place in what should be one of the most heavily defended buildings in one of the most secure parts of the city the ministry of defense building again that the taliban says that a lone bomber got into the human resources department targeting it says soldiers and military personnel as the authorities here prefer prepare for these elections it had hoped to set up and secure 7000 polling stations across the country that's
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the same number as in the last election 5 years ago but it's already conceded that that number will have to be reduced to 5000 polling stations and we still have a week and a half before this election takes place. with us now victoria funtown who is a professor of peace and conflict studies at the american university of afghanistan she's on skype from kabul nice to have you with us victoria does this sort of thing in your opinion succeed in that it is aimed at putting fear into people at trying to get them not to go and vote in a week and a half time do you think this sort of thing does succeed in that sense. well i am not sure i cannot read the bind going back and people with what i can say that our students here at uni but we have very concerned and every day. the more attacks take place and the more that concerns that those attacks are going to rattle the
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democratic process in afghanistan because clearly the aim of the taliban and. the attacks continue. no one the birth people actually go to the poorest on the day of elections on the 28th of september these will definitely they did you can by the outcome of this process so it could well 60 they need to them i went to every 3 to result of the election i mean even without these sorts of attacks i guess and maybe you can speak to those people's everyday fears in afghanistan must be huge they almost walk out the front door every morning and not know what's going to happen where it's going to happen and then well in this case that does happen. absolutely and this is something that to them on a daily level what's really important to realize is that those that pact that we see in cab all of the teeth of an iceberg and much bigger ice the violence in the rest of the country and he didn't attribute the supro government forces at the
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moment in afghanistan exceed those caused by anti government elements so in a sense what we've seen cavalry is replicated in the rest of the country through airstrike through the night raids and through targeted killings perpetrated by the government of afghanistan and international allies victoria it is attacks like this which have sensibly led to the breakdown of the peace talks between the united states and the taliban do you believe that that is the case that that that the peace talks are over completely or actually that there is still work going on in the background maybe at a lower level despite the violence that carries on. well i've heard off the record that yes they are so much and out of communication open at some level and what's interesting to think it's that if we you know we have 2 variables the 1st one is president trump whose foreign policy is quite unpredictable and so if we
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take the example of korea maybe means that the talks could be revived even though they're dead at the moment could be revised in the future with the taliban so that's number one and then the 2nd dynamic is that the level of violence between the taliban and the united states was. at the very high level when the talks started in generally 2019 so the level of violence has introduced and so what it shows is that the canceling of the talks has nothing to do with the level of violence because it's always the same so it leads us to be quite of you need to think about the revising of those talks in the future to spawn a victorian or to your title is that of professor of peace and conflict studies i mean. i just wonder more broadly when you do change to does anyone genuinely feel that peace can come 18 years down the track now and you could go even longer than
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that and say that afghanistan has not been at pains for for 4 decades before that as well is there any optimism that you see out there. well in the classroom though we've got. 3 of the 34 provinces of afghanistan and they 30 together in there they're quite happy to learn with one another and i think they're very of they know that they don't have a choice they know that they are the one. driving the future of their country and. for exactly that for good and i would say that every day you know one wall and they can actually get to our university in one piece and the life they actually were are working towards. maybe there is some promise there pretty victoria funds on from the american university of ghana stuff great talking to you thank you. thank you.
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yes israelis are voting in their 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu hoping for a 5th term you'll remember he failed to achieve a majority or to form a coalition back in april and so they called for this unprecedented rerun now he is trying to gain more supporters by promising to among other things and all settlements in the occupied west bank. now he is in occupied east jerusalem. he's promised to annex the jordan valley in the occupied west bank and he's warned he may be replaced by leftists who week in israel benjamin netanyahu is facing corruption allegations and doing everything he can to win this election and try to avoid a criminal trial. the election is close i can confirm to you this morning they are very close i call them all israelis to come and vote just like me and my wife going to vote for home good luck and thank you for the prime minister's main rival is
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benny gantz his blue and white party to 35 seats in april's election the same as netanyahu is likud neither was able to build a coalition that would give them 61 seats and a majority in parliament which leaves other door lieberman as potential kingmaker one time friend and netanyahu loyalist lieberman refused to enter government with the prime minister saying too many concessions have been made to ultra-orthodox parties so netanyahu dissolved parliament you should think carefully how you will cast your vote for whoever wants to see a liberal secular unity government without the ultra orthodox should stop and think for a 2nd so far early voter turnout has been the highest in more than 30 years but pre-election polls still predict this vote will be as close run as the last it's hard it shows that the country is split in so many different ways that it's very sad this election is for about change change that policy. state he said change.
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their use of the. i hope that what a void for is going to be the one but. i think it will be divided again because it's really close this is the 1st time in israel's history that a 2nd election has been held because the largest party was unable to form a coalition the polls close at 10 pm local time and exit poll soon after should give an early indication of the way the voting has gone and then there could be weeks or even months of political horse trading before we know who will be the next prime minister of israel bernard smith al-jazeera in occupied east jerusalem post closing in a few hours so let's get a live update on the situation now we're going to tel aviv with hoda abdel-hamid is that the headquarters of benny gantz blue and white party i'll be with you in a moment just to start with ari force that could party base that of benjamin
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netanyahu all quiet there at the moment harry bring us up to date. yes well the most recent from ation we have about the turnout that but it was mentioning in his package there is that as of about 2 hours ago 4 o'clock local time that's the most recent figure we have it stood at 44.3 percent now that's one and a half percentage points higher than it was at this time last year so all the predictions of people suffering from election fatigue and not coming to the polls seem to be a challenge so far by the figure is part of that is down to the kind of strategy that all of the chief party leaders and particularly benjamin netanyahu is using once again essentially issuing a cry of panic of voters on coming to the polls you have to come and rescue us he's been hosting broadcast crisis meetings from the prime minister's office at the residence rather in jerusalem saying that his votes is the right wing voters on
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coming to the polls he's been telling people not to vote for the far right jewish power party because they are falling short of the election threshold so i must come home so we could all right wing voters and he's doubling down on the strategy of trying to frighten right wing voters about the prospects of a larger than previous palestinian israeli vote saying and his minister is saying that severe queuing up at polling stations there are reports that likud has put cameras outside polling stations so that they can review faces in the future saying that there is the threat of voter fraud there that's being seen on the opposition side as an intent once again to suppress the palestinian israeli vote and this is being made in a much more blatant way than it was 4 years ago when he said something similar during the last day of the election campaign but the arabs are coming to the polls in droves that was a
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a major shock to the electoral system here that he would use such obviously race field terms. this time he's standing at bus stations with a loud hailer warning people about the arab vote so you can it's pretty clear what the strategy is to to frighten his base about that prospect and about the prospect that not enough of them are coming to the polls that's his strategy it's a strategy that's being replicated by numerous party leaders as well at least telling them to to come to the polls because their vote is lower than expected harry force that is that the the could party headquarters there in tel aviv thank you now as promised to the headquarters of benny gantz blue and white party is there optimism there are now that benny gantz and his team are getting this 2nd opportunity. well i don't i wouldn't use the word optimism anyone i spoke to. did expect some results to be something along the same lines as the previous elections back in april so few months ago
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i think it is a bit of optimism is that maybe benny gantz would be given a chance this time if indeed he gets the numbers to form the government he has been actually calling on president rivlin to make sure that whoever is the president to form the government will give a pledge that he will dissolve the knesset in case he's not able to bring about that coalition government and then i was. talking about tactics i think that those tactics were also used by this side certainly the message coming out of here you need to vote for us we don't have we are clear of corruption and also if you don't vote for us you are actually damaging the future of the crissy in israel hinting at the fact that benjamin netanyahu is aligned himself with far right groups that would form with him
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a coalition in case he does get the numbers and he has the mandate to form a government so you do have tactics on both sides and you. spoke to really said that they felt that this campaign was actually worse than the one before because as one woman put it it was more hysterical than the campaign at the beginning of the year and there is a certain fatigue in the sense that really since the beginning of 2019 israel has been going from campaign to campaign and election to election and many feel that the problems are still the issues are still there and none of the political parties none of the candidates have had actually the chance to tackle them to get out their messages and what they would do because it was more about this credit in the other side than anything else. the party in tel aviv thank you. here is what's coming up for you on this news hour we're looking at the effect on saudi arabia's oil supply as the u.s.
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blames iran for the attack on the world's biggest oil refinery. in haiti protesters are calling on the president to resign over an ongoing fuel crisis there and in sport the footballer produced a romper over the top performance and this is just tearing training role we'll have that story at about 10 to the hour. brigs news now in a supreme court challenge to boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament until mid october is now underway in london the court will decide whether the british prime minister in fact broke the law when he sent members of parliament home for 5 weeks until october the 14th remember the u.k. is usually leave the e.u. less than 3 weeks after they return to parliament here is john holl live for us in london join to take us through what's happened today. was all day one of these reporters trying i. can remain
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civil design ranged against one another outside disagreement. lots of. screaming. yes it looks like members of. the team feeling the scottish judge's decision you know there were 2 decisions that were made by high courts instructed in england in the last few weeks both on appeal here in the supreme court the 1st in english decision this all to do with the school's promise to always chances. for rogue will suspend the 1st decision the english court should look this was a political decision i deduce not for the courts to decide the reasons for that decision based on the separation of powers and also don't you take it this scottish judges on the other and just last week said what if that is the case yes however if it can be shown and they believed that it had been shown that the prime minister. exercise tease how is to provoke a rock bottom and improper purpose is the purpose in other words of deliberately
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trying to stifle parliament's ability to scrutinise breaks at policy will that would be something that the courts could legitimately intervene to stop but they did so and they ruled the propagation i'm not sure what the supreme court has got to try and square this circle and eighty's doing so by listening as it has the soft neutral evidence about the motives of the governments of behind the government's decision and in a couple of days time we will get an idea of where its decision falls it will be of huge significance of course not just t.v. constitution in this country but to government and to parliament as well take a listen quickly to what lord keane had to say he's the government's q c in the appeal that the government has brought against the scottish decision. if this court finds that the advice of the prime minister was number. the prime minister will take all necessary steps to comply with any declaration made by the cole and that is the appropriate way in which this matter should be addressed.
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now what we can read into that is that if the supreme court were to decide indeed that the production was unlawful well then the government would recall parliament what it doesn't address those that potentially far more serious issue for boris johnson and that is that implicit in a decision like that by the supreme court would be the fact that he had lied to the queen in the advice he'd given her about the prohibition well for a british prime minister to lie to the solving that could give rise to hold most in resisted all pressure on the prime minister to resign that's john hall in london following developments at the supreme court thank you jonah. meanwhile britain's liberal democratic party is wrapping up the annual conference in the city of bournemouth the party's new leader has promised to cancel braids if they win the next british general election joyce winston criticize the prime minister's ruling
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conservative party and the labor party as well for pushing ahead with that would draw from the european union his royal challengers in bournemouth 1st how much interest is there in the lib dems these days given the well the alternatives that we see in westminster well i think this is a liberal democrat party which has its greatest sense of purpose in years it's got the wind in its sales it has as you say a new young leader it's got thousands tens of thousands of new members that have joined over the last year or so and it has 7 new m.p.'s who have been disenchanted with their previous parties come to the liberal democrats and basically they are all here because of brecht's it's an issue that has galvanized the lib dems they are the anti bricks it party have positioned themselves very clearly in that zone and joe swinson has said that she
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will revoke article 50 the mechanism by which the u.k. exits from the european union if she is elected as prime minister when the election happens as it's expected to in a month or 2 time she has been very very clear on that and she's been very very clear on her opposition to the policies of boris johnson and his government. clear he's determined when it comes to crushing us out without a deal just look at what he's done over the last few weeks he prorogue parliament to try to prevent m.p.'s starting a new deal breaks that. he kicked $21.00 m.p.'s of the conservative party including the father of the house 10 clock and churchill's grandson nicholas so
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just because they did aired to stand up to him there is even now the suggestion that he would break the law and refuse to ask for an extension of article 50. now there are those of course who say that counseling article 50 cancelling breaks it is an anti democratic move you can just ignore the results of the referendum of 2016 well the view amongst the majority of people here is that if there is no election and people are given the opportunity to vote on this policy of the liberal democrats then it can't by definition be an anti democratic move the big question of course is can the liberal democrats win that election when it comes around they are still 3rd in the polls behind the conservatives and labor but recent years have
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shown us that the polls aren't necessarily to be trusted anything could happen britain is in uncharted waters norms are being discarded left right and center by britain's political parties and joyce winston is taking a gamble that being absolutely categorical of what she thinks should happen about bret's it is a vote winner at least for the half of the country that wants to remain in the european union and she thinks that as prime minister she will be the best person to get britain back on track it's interesting strategy isn't really chalons in bournemouth thank you. to the u.s. where democrats in the house judiciary committee are to hold their 1st official hearing in what they are calling an impeachment investigation into president donald trump several witnesses are expected to appear including trump's former campaign manager corey levin down ski as well as his former campaign advisor he resigned castro in washington d.c. heidi take us through what you actually expect today. take a mile so of those 3 witnesses that were subpoenaed to appear today only one is
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likely to do so and that is corey lewandowsky he is the former campaign manager of president trump as well as a current and continued confidant of the president and he is significant because he would be the 1st fact witness to appear before the senate judiciary excuse me the house judiciary committee which is the body that holds the key of whether or not to impeach the president and lewandowsky is the 1st one to appear that can actually speak of what's contained in the moeller report just to refresh your memory that is the special counsel's report into how russia meddled in the elections and whether the president of struck to justice or committed any crimes in the process now lewandowsky his name is all over this report but there are 2 episodes that democrats on the committee are likely to zone in on and these are 2
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oval office meetings that lewandowsky have with the president shrum during the summer of 2017 during those meetings according to the special counsel's report lewandowsky was instructed by trump to tell the special counsel to limit his investigation to not imperil the president and in the 2nd meeting he was instructed to fire the attorney general who is overseeing this special counsel report now ultimately lewandowsky did not follow through on those instructions and the big question that's not answered in the report by itself but that democrats will likely press lewandowsky on today is why why did he not follow through on the president's instructions to in essence and the special counsel's investigation that time the likely answer the democrats believe is because lewandowsky knew that what he was being asked to do by the president was in. legal and what have exposed donald trump
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to further legal troubles a possible obstruction of justice and why this all matters is because the american public is now weighing still this question of whether or not to support the democrats' hopes of impeaching president donald trump at polling shows that does not quite come and that the public has not come to that point yet democrats so are hoping that putting someone like korea and ousting on t.v. cameras today grilling him on these facts though he's likely to defend the president might be the opening of bringing to life this issue that so far only exists on paper how do you account stroke in washington d.c. thank you still ahead for you on this news hour as clouds of smoke spread into malaysia thousands of firefighters battle to bring indonesia as far as the fires under control. and support we will hear from the rugby team hitting the high notes ahead of the world
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cup in japan. hello there's something of a feeling of a changing seasons to the great feeding just yet resource showers across the caspian but more clouds developing in southern iran across the gulf for the fearless are picking signals to show you because it's too quiet change to rounds warmed up to such 6 degrees baghdad's around about the forty's remark we saw 14 are in just as a close to kuwait in the last couple of days as well so it's not really looking like a change of season just yet but it should be coming 36 the feeding in qatar still 30 humid by early morning and late afternoon the clouds in the skies bit more obvious now but the monsoon should be retreating so the chance of showers in yemen or obama is less now. the drizzle isn't quite so obvious in salary if though it is
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still there at the moment so dry picture little change in the moment in south africa should be seeing the change of seasons into spring of course which tends to produce a bit more activity don't see much on the satellite picture to be honest but in the forecast certain this clouds the size of the western cape and a hint of kind of maybe inland of the veldt somewhere and a suggestion maybe the winds are blowing in circulating around cape town this could generate a little bit of rain same is true further east in durban which is a $24.00. world leaders from un member states a pairing to take their seats for this year's general assembly rouhani and president trump will attend. growing tensions between the u.s. and iran be used will multilateral efforts provide solutions to a global refugee crisis escalating laws and climate change before it's too late
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join us for extensive coverage of the un general assembly on al-jazeera. early this improved by their football fans who don't think about the opening. lead explained when real madrid of clubs worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you don't know. in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports the endless chain on al-jazeera.
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from the news are here at al-jazeera these are our top stories at least 46 people killed in 2 separate bombings in afghanistan just 11 days out from the presidential election the taliban says it was behind the attacks on afghan security forces were the targets and israelis are voting in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is seeking a 5th term he called this rerun after failing to achieve a majority or to form a coalition in the vote in april so we're going to talk about this now with mitchell barak and c.e.o. of kievan global research is also a former advisor to the israeli press. and shimon peres nice to see you with us again michel we've talked a lot particularly on the inside story about this particular topic do you feel it's going to be any different this time or perhaps as our correspondent was saying earlier the result could end up being pretty much the side. it could be pretty much the same the vote and the how many parties each one gets is
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a chance that things will change it's going to depend on turnout what is going to be different this time is there's going to be a concerted effort by the president who really can is going to play a role here to avoid going to a 3rd election and to force the parties and force to convince members to make some kind of government whether it's a left government a right government or some kind of national unity or a unity emergency government something will come out of these elections i'm not sure that we're going to get the results today at 9 o'clock when the polls close but we are going to get it in the coming days or the coming weeks when we see what happens feel like this should have been an opportunity for the blue and white benny gantz given that you don't often get a 2nd shot at an election 5 months later and yet again when we spoke to a correspondent early as she said even there there wasn't much optimism they were feeling it would all just turn up the same is this possibly a missed opportunity. well i think it's
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a you know it's to lose it's definitely nuts and you know it's to lose because you know he he did have a somewhat of a victory the last time and having more votes in his bloc the right of center block and in turning out better than people thought but by calling elections he really gives another chance to be defeated and that's where the opportunity of god says and i have to say the gods and his team of peed and alone and gabi ashkenazi have run of much better campaign this time than they did the last time the last time very much was a silent campaign no one knew what pentagon stood for you didn't really see him in the media you didn't see him and campaign appearances and he was really hitting the campaign trail and really out there really communicating with the voters he was on television he was being interviewed much more comfortable than he was he looked like a candidate a formidable candidate so that's going to be the real the factor and the fact that . people are tiring of this and you know you know their way he's wearing people out
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again and again and even his allies are there in of them the vote itself michel is only half the battle because as it works and is ready politics generally it will be about a coalition again do you see there being any change there if let's say mr netanyahu gets some sort of majority and then has to go back to this idea of trying to form a coalition from this very fragmented political spectrum. well i think there's a real opportunity here because of lieberman's party who is the reason that you know it's you know couldn't form a coalition has already said he's not going to necessarily give a rubber stamp to recommend benjamin it's and now to the president which means any even said he could give it to benny gantz of pentagons gets more votes or he could give it to someone else in the likud so he's looking more for a national unity government it's going to be difficult to have a national unity government with netanyahu as the head because many people have said will sit with the likud will sit with anyone we're just not going to sit with
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the 10 you know so we may know by the end of the evening is nuts and you know you know ending his career is just getting a 2nd wind and he's going to be prime minister for a lot longer ok richard good to talk to you thank you for joining us. meanwhile to new jersey is the electoral commission has announced the results from sunday's election the law professor the kind that's come out in front is now really ahead of imprisoned media magnate might be able to eat however no candidate reach the 50 percent threshold needed to become president so and last and decker about us in tunis this means we're in to run off territories if. we are going to run off territory and the main message from the people 45 percent of those registered to vote came out to cross their ballots come all the message was a complete rejection of the political parties that have dominated politics since the 2011 revolution they've chosen as you mentioned there. a previously unknown
6:36 pm
professor of constitutional law people got to know him. when he came on talk shows following the revolution to decipher the constitution for them and then you have the 2nd man who is going to be in that runoff which is now bill carter we he is in prison facing charges of money laundering and tax evasion he's someone who has been more part of the political establishment recently getting out of the main party using his media to really highlight his charity work he also has a charity whether he wins the runoff and what those charges mean i think is get we're going to have to wait and see but certainly that is the message we've been speaking to people here throughout the week and everyone telling us the same thing come all people are tired of the politicians who have come before who've made many promises and haven't delivered on the ground that translates to high unemployment worse than it was before the revolution security situation worse they say than it was before the revolution and corruption which is just as in demick as it was before the revolution so they're questioning what democracy is bringing to them and
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they go they're going to want to see some change stephanie in tunis thank you the 74th session of the united nations general assembly is due to begin the coming hours in the next week will be does will arrive to push their own agendas for the world a critical time politically the u.s. of course at the center of rising tensions with iran with china and with north korea leaders will also be trying to negotiate an end to the walls in syria and yemen ongoing conflicts there the united states should be pointed out has long been the united nations office financial backer contributing 10000000000 dollars and 2017 but president trump is pushing for other countries to raise their contributions. now the crisis is also set to be discussed at the un as bangladesh and me and mark try to find ways to begin the repatriation of those hundreds of thousands of ranger refugees sheltered in cults as bizarre in bangladesh we've got christopher sidoti with us now who is
6:38 pm
a member of the un's fact finding mission on me and martin former australian human rights commissioner in geneva for us thank you for your time sir so repatriating hundreds of thousands of ranger that is i mean where do you even start with that sort of thing do you feel there is some progress being made the short answer is no we reported today the fact finding mission on me and to the un human rights council and part of our report indicated our view that at this stage repatriation is impossible it's simply not possible to enable people to return to rakhine state in may and in any condition of safety and that's an unfortunate conclusion but one that when we looked at the situation on the ground was inevitable so who can put the pressure on the 1000000 man government to make it safe for them to return or is this just i mean is this a really big turnaround that will take a very long time. it can take a long time because we have more than
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a 1000000 people in the coxes bazaar area in bangladesh who desperately want to go home but only want to go home in safety and that's entirely fair enough the site conditions are not yet there but it's a question for the international community as a whole this is not just an internal problem for me in math it's a fundamental human rights problem and it's an issue of international peace and security so it falls face square within the jurisdiction of the united nations the security council and all other un bodies to ensure that me and addresses the situation in rakhine state and enables the rohingya to return in safety but we're not there yet and i don't think we're going to be there in the immediate future has the situation with the river. suffered what happens to so many other stories like this in situations like this where it falls out of the headlines people don't remember when it happened when the people were being driven from their villages and
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there was villages on fire and people being being killed it was it was big news and it was a curious from what you're saying it's still acute now but the world maybe isn't as interested. that's one of the fears i have it is still acute now certainly we're not seeing the same level of intense human rights violation the same level of crimes against humanity that we saw in that organise of timber october 2017 period but the fundamental situation in rakhine state is unchanged it's unchanged since our last report a year ago there are around 600000 people who continue to live in rakhine state and they live in conditions that we have described as persecution they have no access to to livelihoods that is to their paddy fields to farm to the seas to fish the children have no education there is very little health care their food security
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is dependent entirely on a couple of international agencies the international committee of the red cross and the world food programme so in these situations of extreme persecution there's no question that those that have fled will be able to return but we have to get it back into the headlines we have to keep it as a high priority for united nations agencies there has to be a resolution that's simply a matter of of justice and in title meant for those who have fled but even more a situation of justice and entitlement human rights in title meant for the 600000 who remain so facilities from the u.n. fact finding mission on me and my thank you for your time today appreciate it. well thousands of firefighters are working around the clock to try to contain forest blazes in indonesia they're burning in some and the borneo islands the smoke spread to neighboring countries which in turn has sparked a diplomatic row over who's responsible indonesian police have arrested more than
6:42 pm
$200.00 people accused of contributing to the disaster these forest fires do happen every year in indonesia usually started by farmers clearing land for crops and diminishes presidential career daughter says his country has been negligent in tackling the fights. we shouldn't need a meeting like this every year it should be automatic before the dry season starts everything must be ready but this time we've been negligent again so the smoke has gotten bigger. now disgraced vatican treasury cardinal george pell has lodged an appeal in australia's high court to try to overturn his sex abuse convictions hell is the most senior roman catholic to be found guilty of sexually assaulting children he was sentenced to 6 years jail in march for molesting 2 teenage boys in the 1990 s. the high court is his last avenue of appeal. haiti's capital is at a standstill as violent protests continue over fuel shortages and a corruption scandal the president's also facing renewed calls to resign as reports
6:43 pm
was anger on the streets of haiti's capital already struggling with a weak economy these protesters are calling for an end to high fuel prices and shortages. during violent clashes with demonstrators police are accused of shooting and killing a man amid protests in part of france close by one of his relatives is overwhelmed with grief. days of protest have left the caribbean nation at a standstill roads have been blocked and some schools banks and government offices have closed their doors. to certain. conditions and humane here in haiti the situation cannot continue. feel suppliers say haiti's government owes them about $100000000.00 they have refused to make deliveries until the dead is paid and a corruption scandal has made things worse auditors say the government embezzled
6:44 pm
about 2000000000 dollars from a fund linked to a subsidized oil program for caribbean nations that money was meant to improve infrastructure education and health services. their president has plundered the country's economy and become richer by making last pour we demand that he step down because if he continues the system will not change. over the past year corruption scandals have led to anti-government protests throughout haiti where the minimum wage is less than $3.00 a day despite the frustration president always has refused to go earlier this month the country's newly appointed prime minister address the crisis. the government will focus on enforcing the justice system and public security ring forcing the laws of social equality and accelerating economic growth in order to generate employment protesters say the crisis is about more than fuel prices they say the
6:45 pm
demonstrations will continue until the president and his inner circle step down. al-jazeera. late night talks to end a strike at america's biggest carmaker have failed to find a breakthrough in the $50000.00 general motors workers the staying home for a 2nd day they say they are owed higher pay and improved contracts after rescuing g.m. from bankruptcy 10 years ago atika line with this report now from detroit. in the shadow of the iconic headquarters of general motors their workers now off the job and rallying the public. passing by with peeps of support daniel writer should be making engines but he's here and he's angry i'm also angry about the profits that they said. to ask us to give give give the giant automakers asking employees to pay more for their health insurance but the union says there are bigger issues they want more money fewer temporary workers and a slowdown in downsizing g.m.
6:46 pm
has plans to close 5 plants in north america this one is closing in january taking with it chaz acres job installing headlights. every car keeps coming down the line we have a certain allotted time for each and every car there is no stopping there's no sitting down we stand up and move 8 plus hours a day the closures have angered president donald trump and he's been rallying against him on twitter and in the white house that continued on monday we don't want general motors building plants outside of this country and we're very strong on that he hasn't been able to stop them but these workers are betting that this strike can the negotiations are ongoing at this hotel behind me in the background of all of these talks those going to be what happened at the beginning of the great recession general motors was going bankrupt so federal taxpayers gave the company $33000000000.00 since then they've been making tens of billions of dollars in
6:47 pm
profits we sacrificed a lot for the bailout and now they're getting the profits and then i get nothing in the province g.m. says they've made a strong and good faith offer but some here say it's not even close to enough. thing in the last anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months because they're so far apart that will cost g.m. billions it will cost him thousands and if it goes on long enough it could potentially cost the broader u.s. economy as well. heidi cullen reporting for all detroit she's now in flint michigan for us hi patty tell us about what's going on behind. ok well i can tell you just down the road now in flint in flint is an auto town it's a union town and you're going to hear that support all the cars driving by their honking at the picket line behind me to say that they stand with them and part of the reason is it's not just about general motors the way the united auto workers union works is they pick one of the big 3 automakers they try to work out
6:48 pm
a contract with them and that serves as a template so that workers at chrysler will probably be impacted by how long the g.m. strike goes what kind of concessions they're going to get we can confirm the union confirmed to al-jazeera that they are still negotiating today they negotiated late into the night so labor economists say that is a really good sign that it could be a short strike a lot of times when the strike happens the both sides us walk away from the table to try and prove a point that is not happening here that said the union is also telling people that they are still really far apart that there are dozens of issues one official said that they've agreed on just about 2 percent of what they need to do you know patty when i think of flint michigan i made me think of the water crisis and what people have been going through for so many years there i mean i suffer already have now jobs under threat plants closing talk us through what life is like the.
6:49 pm
flint is an impoverished area and you mentioned the water crisis they switched over the water supply lead got into the water dozens of people were getting sick it was months and months of having to drink bottled water being afraid to take showers it's still an ongoing crisis they're still investigating just how many people died because of it and there's been a criminal investigation so that's the backdrop of flint this plant is hugely important to the local economy so it is very important to these workers and just to put it in perspective i talked to one worker yesterday said how much to take on a week as a mechanic he said usually gets about 1300 gross after taxes he takes them about $900.00 a week well the union does supply them a strike but it won't start immediately and when it does the only get about $50.00 a week now this worker that i talked to said he had been caring for this he expected that it would come to a strike but you can bet that there are going to be thousands i mean this is almost $50000.00 employees these are not the most high paying jobs
6:50 pm
a lot of these people say they live paycheck to paycheck so taking that big of a hit well it is going to hurt them very badly at home so there's pressure on both sides g.m. stock is falling they're losing tens of millions of dollars every day but for the people here on the picket line this is really this matters this hurts them and they want to see it settled quickly but the same time they're very angry over all of the profits that g.m. is making and the hard line stance that they're taking so the ones i've talked to say they're willing to wait it out no matter how much it hurts hines in flint michigan for us thank you patty. training.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
brown hole is here with us to talk sport always from our thank you very much reds held their nerve to make the loss for the agent champions league the japanese team edged power shanghai sri p.j. and a while ago the 1st leg of their star in china had finished in a 22 draw in tokyo don't keep ahead in front of their home crowd or fans or equalise are after the break but they couldn't get the 2nd goal that very needed them to win this title for the 2nd time in 3 years. a spanish world cup winner job he has these are all a 1st continental title as coach to have in charge of qatar outside and guided them to victory over saudi arabia the al nasra his team winning 31 in doha to clinch a $43.00 aggregate win has
6:53 pm
a higher dose with unquestionably the goal of the going to run out but penalty for al sads the. start of the time according to time i tried going into every family. with the fan support from the beginning of the match gave a strength thank god we could repay them for their loyalty the match was difficult but we controlled the game from the 1st half until the end our nasa didn't threaten our half at all we were able to stop their advances and now we look to the semifinals. well into the latter stage of the aging champions league meanwhile in europe it's a wall of the u.a.e. for champions league one of the early kick offs the 3 time european cup winners into slavia prague lots of new faces acts interweave courage antonio content plus the forward majesty and his pair of a robber and alexey sanchez all joining in the off season well they face the sloppier product team who reached the group stages of our qualifying 5 years current here employee rather novel way of preparing actually taking part in
6:54 pm
training with fair to say questionable results but despite the pratfalls the czech side and their coach shouldn't be under estimated. i think. showed last season are to be very strong because. they're one of the leagues they won the national league and did the really good the european league couple and they were eliminated from chelsea in the quarter final and. previously the. important to teens. or holders liverpool begin their defense in the familiar surroundings they take on italian side napoli at this hour power stadium in naples it's the 2nd time in 2 seasons the teams have been drawn together or one of the few teams to inflict a defeat on european props men last season. you cannot imagine how normal it
6:55 pm
is to carry on after the celebrations are all the private things always sold out it's so easy to carry on normal if you have the right character if you go nuts and start taking drugs and drinking and driving different cars or whatever and leave your mrs at all because it involves the winner of the i can't help you but we are a lot like this we want to have you want to create more stories are going to choose our last season sorry far as our x. house lael in their opening group game in a figure a little messy is back in the squad and could play his 1st match of the season against dortmund we have entered sort of way atletico madrid on wednesday there striker gonzalo a grain producer rather over the top performance during training graeme 1st kicked out and an assistant coach and then an advertising hording was on the receiving end of his fury that occur in the 1st go round and last.
6:56 pm
organizers say nor does expect scent of tickets have been sold for the upcoming rugby world cup in japan 2 time defending champions israel and play south africa in their opening game on saturday while the home team play russia on friday 20 teams are taking part in a 6 week total rent which is being hosted by japan for the very 1st time. more than half a 1000000 fans are coming to japan from many parts of the world and we're very encouraged by the fact that they're heading here this event is going to be a trigger for many japanese people will be affected by the sport we can then gain more funding here in japan that more children can play rugby that's what we're hoping for. they were also sent home their attack courage rob howley due to an alleged breach of betting regulations halle's been part of head coach warren gatland support team for more than a decade wales played georgia in their opening pull back.
6:57 pm
you heard about from playing in perfect harmony all this clearly applies to the song and team singing abilities as well the sport of breaking out into a quote you sing along as i landed into power ahead of their 1st match with england on sunday. luckily i had very good service saratov has become the 1st person to swim across the english channel 4 times without stopping. where he is at the end of a 210 kilometer swim which took just over 54 hours the 37 year old finished treatment for breast cancer last year and said she'd use swimming as a means of coping with. i believe but for now i have more like the camera i love the fact she's just sitting there eating m. and m's as well chilled out as you can sort of the younger channel 4 times for its pros back in the next news hour 800 hours g.m.t. . and i'm back after the break plenty more news for you right here on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera will meet 2 arab with with roots in the middle east both still successful lawyer so. over the last 20 years i've achieved a great deal of partnership with the country's leading from the never forgot where they came. to try to put forward a different face and a stereotypical image of muslim women arabs a bull the business woman of the council on al-jazeera. the latest
6:59 pm
news as it breaks while the lunar lander has been tossed off missions expect to receive images will be all but done with detailed coverage dangers remain from black blood the wrong way before for know what the effect of hurricane dorian. from around the world is body will lie states for a few days. at the national geo cities in the capital. the cook outgrows of toga. defenseless against the wind 7 different international marketplace. and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make can sell chocolate on their own terms. a taste of independence on al-jazeera.
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the measured opposite of. dying the taliban claims responsibility for 2 bombings in afghanistan that have killed at least 46 people one of the attacks targets the president's election rally. hello again i'm come all santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera prime minister benjamin netanyahu is future is at stake as israeli voters head to the polls for the 2nd time in less than 6 months.


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