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from around the world his body will lie in state for a few days. at the national geo cities in the capital. and human netanyahu fights for his political survival in israel's 2nd election this year. though that i'd just barge watching al-jazeera live from long to also coming up almost strike us an election rally by the afghan president ions in the heart of kabul killing at least 46 people. persons highest court begins hearings to decide whether boris johnson broke the law when he shopped alcohol of a to 5 weeks. and hong kong's leader admits that all the international p.r.
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firms they try to hide it's improve the city's image said no. voting has just wrapped up in israel 2nd election in 6 months israelis have been deciding whether to keep the country's longest serving prime minister binyamin netanyahu in office despite corruption allegations against him that yahoo and his new could party are facing a strong challenge from the ex military chief benny gantz and his centrist blue and white alliance the prime minister suffered one of the biggest defeats of his political career when he failed to form a coalition after the 1st date in a full. or we have correspondents at the headquarters of both netanyahu likud party and the blue and white party of benny gantz so let's take you 1st of all to the likud party headquarters in tel aviv and al-jazeera as harry force says harry will actually stay away seeing the results of the 1st exit
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polls none more so than netanyahu himself because there's a lot at stake for him. absolutely and that's been on display in technicolor through his actions over the last week was rather campaign last week and especially in the last couple of days and this mad day of campaigning that we've seen from so many of the leaders but none more so than but netanyahu has been on face book broadcasting all day and we've just had the 1st round of exit polls and i can tell you that channel 121 of the main israeli t.v. stations and news channels it puts blue and white benny gantz is party on 34. the likud party of netanyahu on 33 and the joint list the palestinian israeli largely arab joint list 11 that would give netanyahu if lieberman i believe him and his party remain out of his coalition that's what
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brought down the coalition talks last time one of his natural allies deciding not to play ball his party israel bit and was on 8 according to this poll and that would leave netanyahu with 57 seats. in the knesset for his entire coalition or putative coalition beating him for short of being able to form a majority so we would find ourselves in a similar situation as last time we have to put a huge health warning on all of these initial exit polls that they have been very wrong in the past they have been pretty close in the past 2 but in the last election at this time in april benny gantz was pretty convinced he had won he came out before netanyahu declared victory netanyahu waited and waited and waited until the numbers started to move his way and then he came out about 2 o'clock in the morning 4 hours from now to declare victory so these are initial exit polls they have been wrong in the past they have and we're going to keep an eye on them on
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a contingent issue those health warnings are hairy i mean what happens now of course on the back of these exit polls as they come out is that the that the bargaining the negotiation against doesn't it. that's right and there are all sorts of potential scenarios that people are talking about the the sort of most extreme of those would be that we end up in exactly the same position of 4 as before in some way that that neither benjamin netanyahu is able to to form a coalition nor benny gantz and his blue and white party which could see is heading back towards a 3rd election already a 2nd election election rerun is unprecedented the motivation to prevent that from happening again could according to some analysts mean that there will be more options on the table that the the politicians the president riven really new has a big part to play in this in deciding which of the leaders to give 1st dibs to try
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to form a coalition he might try to to try to ward off the prospect of a 3rd election he's already been saying he's getting reluctant reluctant encouragement to people on this elect. david doesn't like to see elections happening so frequently so the questions that then become live would adore lieberman keep his party out of any kind of netanyahu learned ministration would benny gantz shoes made his entire raise on debt sure to to come into israeli politics really to unseat netanyahu to offer an alternative that people could vote for with the traditional labor party and the traditional early ruling party of early israel having fallen so far down in the polls would he reverse himself and potentially come into some kind of national unity government. maybe some kind of rotational administration between him and that and you know there are all sorts of things that could happen and of course we can't rule out yet that netanyahu might
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if the polls move again in a similar way that they did last time maybe you could get across the threshold 61 seats we have another poll coming in channel 13 it puts likud on 31 blue and white on 33 so 2 of the early exit polls are giving blue and white a marginal lead over likud a load both seem to be down on the performance of $35.00 seats each in the last election or i tie for 2nd television for the moment thank you let's take you to hold apple honeyed she is live from benny gantz has been white party headquarters in tel aviv most of the polls that moment all are saying it's too close to cool what has been the atmosphere the mood of the bill and what policy as those polls the closing. of certain is a very different atmosphere from back in april where 1st of all you had many more supporters here who had been standing for hours quite excited intrepid ation and then when the 1st exit polls came there was sort of a roar and people had
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a feeling that they actually were victorious now throughout the few hours we have been here today we still have 6 very few supporters just. trickle that arrived about a half hour ago but there was no reaction whatsoever when those exit polls where on that screen behind me now as harry says the exit polls and the indication at this point 2 of them show the blue and white party behind. and one of them shows the blue and white party ahead likud the same thing in case of a coalition and that's what i think many of the blue and white supporters were worried about you know tell everybody is a stronghold of the blue and white party and many of those we spoke to the polling station throughout the day were worried that this same scenario would unfold if we'd been again neck and neck and then we're wondering about the capacity of benny
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gantz to actually form a coalition that would bring him above that 61 threshold that he needs to do you have to form a government. how many guns touring the campaign how was he campaigning on what basis did he say that these many people should elect him and was there anything different from the previous home. well i asked that question many times and most of the people will tell you there was no not much difference back in april a lot of israelis were complaining that there was not much substance and they campaigning if there is one remark i heard over and over again is that people thought that this campaign was actually more as they put it hysterical there was more hysteria then. the one previously earlier this year there was a lot of complaining that there was no substance in the campaign simply because this was going on the campaign had been centered around whether benjamin netanyahu
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will survive or. would be defeated so there's no margin anymore margin of conversation there i think also. of the things that has al you need to do maybe you should have had israelis watch these elections and this campaign unfold and become a bit skeptical of that a lot was going on around character assassination benjamin netanyahu saying that benny gantz was unfit to rule the country benny gantz saying that he was actually free of any corruption charges that he was the one who was will be able to bring this country forward and save the israeli democracy so you had a lot of that going on but when you ask people so what are these their political programs what are they offering many did not know to detail simply because they said that the discourse in the media discourse in the during the campaigning was really overshadowed by the by benjamin netanyahu himself much more charismatic that
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many gantz also overshadowed by what is the future of benjamin netanyahu so that's where israelis were thinking at least those we spoke to now there is news we spoke to mostly here in tel aviv where favoring obviously a victory of the blue and white but they were also very skeptical what would happen even if he the blue and white party gets those numbers and gets a lead over daily could party then is the big question can it form a coalition if indeed president rivlin asked benny gantz to form a coalition can it form a new government that's where many people were a bit suspicious and where a bit wondering if that could really happen they thought that benjamin netanyahu is a much shrewder politician that he already had the unwavering support of the far right and so that he had maybe more chances even though just
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a few months ago it was proven that he didn't have that capability and the current political framework here in israel still. many of the blue and white supporters were wondering if he actually benny gantz could actually do that form that new government but as harry said these are exit polls everything can change or you can have numbers going up and down and then you still also have the variable of president rivlin has said he can actually choose to whom he will asked to form the government it doesn't necessarily need to be the party would a person who got most of both he can choose whoever he wants to and to ask him was trying to form that government so does still a lot of variables up in the air for the moment thank you all right so let's remind you without health warning of the exit poll results we have been getting in so the channel 12 preliminary exit poll shows prime minister binyamin netanyahu so the
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could policy with 33 seats and many dances blue and white alliance with 34 seats all the channels have shown them similarly neck and neck of course they need whoever it is needs to form a coalition with a 61 seat majority to take pile. is there a senior political analyst mo in the shower joins me live in the studio to take stock of what we know so far on looking at those exit polls what do you make of it . i think we're back to square one really we're back to april and so many ways because not only is the proximity between the 2 leading parties who are white and likud but the coalition they can make is also does not really go beyond 60 seats without the participation of the asserted but to know for netanyahu or the participation of the palestinian arabs for guns now you said bitter and i've already said they would not go with
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a limited coalition with netanyahu alone so that's a. gun said he will not have a coalition with the palestinian arabs and most of the person at the do not want any such coalition so that's out the only option remaining is that the 2 parties go into the so-called national unity government is in fact national jewish unity government because it basically excludes the palestinians and the arabs and for that to happen this seems to be a good number of conditions including for blue and white party that netanyahu could no longer serve us prime minister because that's all remember this is in so many ways a referendum not brigs it a referendum over not the now over the corruption the fraud and everything else not that you know it's been practicing in terms of media in terms of influence in terms of authoritarian type rule like you know or been of of hungary and
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there is of course the religious secular issue in that the now has committed himself to be with that radical religious parties while the other. bet benny gantz a bloc has committed to a secular type bloc along with the russian secular jewish party and last but not least i think the issue of the palestinians in general is literally looms quite large here the differences are not huge between the 2 leading party liquid in a long while but there is a sense among many that not and why it was so think in some in some form of since we are in london some sort of a briggs that of sorts some sort of one is that of sort israel exiting quite. some form of an exit of sorts whereby the redeployment of reserves who are most of the west bank and. jerusalem and so on so forth and but there is no decisive. take on that if you will among the leading parties. obviously all the candidates
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said all this during the campaigning in the run up to the election is there any possibility any of them would be willing to move to compromise in any way because we know that what starts now as it always says of an israeli election is the talking behind the scenes the negotiating between the major parties but also of course with the smaller parties who can in a sense access the kingmakers absolutely and i think. the one scenario is that in april 2019 we were in that and there was a lot of back wheeling and dealing and so on so forth and they got to nothing it's very difficult to think that they will go to another election because of that so once again we do have a kingmaker and unfortunately he's not exactly a stand up guy he is also no less you know of a former ally of the present prime minister and i think the lieberman is exactly not known for being you know a principled politician of any nature but he is insistent on the on the fact that
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this will have to be a secular government secular in what sense is or is already a jewish state with a jewish national law excluding the palestinians including those that they occupied and controlled for the last 50 years because they're not jewish so it's a very jewish zionist society but within that frame of zionist israel a jewish state some like the russian jews that by by others like blue and white party want a secular government want that the religious jews serve in the army like the secular jews there when the budgets for the religious schools be equal to those that go to the secular schools and also for so within the jewish collective there is disagreement over budgets over rights and privileges and so on so forth and here the kingmaker mr lieberman will be decisive and i think will decide the next prime
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minister because he's already vetoed the idea of a narrow coalition with netanyahu and there are just parties my sense is. it's educated guess if you will that's all we can do at the moment nothing else we're probably is out. i mean in the sense that if you sort of begin to insist on a national unity government and already guns has gotten more votes then that the now between is he will be the one to lead the negotiations for a coalition he's going to ask that likud give up netanyahu or that anthony i was going to be serving not exactly immediately as prime minister with the asserted but to impart which means that the indictment against mr netanyahu if he is not a prime minister is going to be fast forwarded under the present conditions which might end up netanyahu not being prime minister and going to jail and that's at
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least for those in israel would be quite an interesting development be a massive massive change marwan will for me i'm sure in the coming hours on the coming days and we'll hold you to see whether that protection comes to the mike thank you thank you. afghanistan has been rocked by 2 deadly bombings 11 days before the country's presidential election the taliban says it was behind the attacks which killed at least 46 people one blast targeted an election by president musharraf county he wasn't hurt another rip through a high security area in the hearts of the capital well that bribe reports from kabul. with a week and a half to go before the presidential election which the taliban has threatened to disrupt the group quickly claimed responsibility for both attacks. the 1st happened at a reelection campaign rally for president i'm sure afghani in part of the province
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. the taliban says its suicide bomber was targeting special forces soldiers but as with previous attacks most of those killed and injured were civilians young a sudden only a man on the motorbike arrived in a huge explosion happened a lot of people heard a martir and looted the attack will be a major concern for all the presidential candidates as they campaign across afghanistan in the coming days even more worrying for the author here in kabul was the 2nd attack happening in what should be one of the most secure areas of the capital the taliban bomber managed to evade tight security surrounding the diplomatic area of the capital detonating explosives at an office of the ministry of defense. vision i heard an explosion and then dust started rising from the site of the attack and there was gunfire i scaped body parts were spread everywhere
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it was confirmed the gunfire was actually warning shots from security forces trying to clear the area because they feared a secondary attack. as the countdown to election day continues the y. defeat here for the afghan government is keeping the security situation stable enough to allow voting to begin robert bride al jazeera kabul saudi arabia says it's restored 50 percent of the production that was cut following saturday's drone attacks on 2 of its around cairo oil plants the energy minister says output will be fully restored by the end of the month the rebels who are fighting a saudi led coalition claimed the attack the u.s. has blamed iran for the trying strikes which crippled more than half the kingdom's oil production iran denies any role in the attack. that. you'll be a mob again. over the last 2 days the damages have been contained more than half
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the production by the terrorist attack has been restored therefore the company will fulfill all its commitments to its clients during this month using its war oil reserve the kingdom's production capacity should be restored to $11000000.00 barrels per day by the end of september and 12 1000000 barrels by the end of november 2 political outsiders are advancing it's in the next round of tunisia's presidential election it's only the 2nd free vote since the 2011 revolution that toppled a dictator and gave birth to one of the world's youngest democracies 61 year old slade is leading so far he's a law professor and independent candidates who is highly conservative defending the death penalty and the criminalization of homosexuality he also wants to overhaul the voting system and be centralized power his challenger is 56 year old not be allowed the media magnate is running for office from behind bars after being detained last month on charges of money laundering and tax fraud korea ran on an
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anti poverty platform using his t.v. channel to launch charity campaigns $70.00 deca has more now from tunis. so the message from that 45 percent of registered voters very clear a rejection of the political establishment a rejection of the main political parties that have been at play here since the 2011 revolution choosing 2 men one of them criseyde a university constitutional law expert professor who really only came to be known to tunisians when he appeared on t.v. after the revolution to ciphering the constitution the other day that we'll kind of leave behind bars a media tycoon now facing charges of tax evasion and money laundering he has a charity he's been very prominent also on his own television channels to highlight that giving charity to the poor so these are $2.00 men that are now facing a run off for a presidential run of the latest date for that will be october the 13th we also
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have alleged that little elections coming up here on the 6th of october that will see a new prime minister and a new parliament so everything up in the air here at the moment but certainly a very clear message from the people a rejection of all the politicians the calm before we've been told all the promises that haven't been delivered on and they now expect change. now the u.k.'s high school has begun hearings to decide whether prime minister boris johnson broke the law when he shut down parliament for 5 weeks government lawyers say he was entitled to suspend paul meant even for political reasons but those arguing against the suspension of call it the biggest abuse of power by prime minister the 50 years trying to hold reports from central london. the barricades that shifted temporarily really breaks the battle is that the supreme court we have the force to appeals one from england and wales one from scott. they both involve
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say it's you. whether it was lawful for the prime minister to advise her majesty to authorize the provocation the parliament order in council at issue whether the court should stay out of politics as the english high court had ruled or a scottish judges decided last week whether the courts should step in when the powers of government are used for purposes other than those for which they were intended our case is that when the prime minister exercise. he's admittedly removed discretionary power to advise her majesty on publication it is an improper purpose for him to be motivated by and wish to avoid on him in chief control over the policies of his government and we know. that the parliament may be proved for
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a variety of reasons political as much as formal. and sasan the. greek parliament is not in any sense innocent and to the preparation in ukraine speech the supreme court's decision when it comes could have far reaching consequences for an unwritten constitution in this country that relies heavily on legal precedent for a government that may yet decide it wants to prorogue parliament again and for parliament itself there are many many m.p.'s very keen to get back to work as the clock ticks down towards briggs's day on october 31st and if the supreme court were to confirm the scottish judges finding that boris johnson lied to the queen over his reasons for suspending parliament they'd be heavy pressure on the prime minister to resign fundamentally this case is really quite simple it's about this
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proposition the government admits that parliament doesn't get to control whether it's suspend it. and government says courts can't control it either and that is just writing proposition an absolutely striking proposition and the supreme court's going to have found difficulty accepting it hey you're a start democracy so that slaughter a popular view among sections of the crowd outside the court as ever breaks it tensions on display are ugly combative divisive strange no decision look a supreme court is going to change that now go to hell al-jazeera london because. spain's acting prime minister petro sanchez has called a snap election for never but the tense that's all for the spanish king said no candidate has enough support to form a government sanchez a socialist policies been trying to form a government since april it'll be the country's 4th election has many years. hong kong's leader says the government is all several in some actual p.r.
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firms to help restore the city's image after weeks of protests but all refused police retaliated with tear gas and water cannon on sunday after protesters threw firebombs towards a government compound or cause international credit rating has been downgraded from stable to negative also says the government will start talks with activists next week in an effort to end the pro-democracy protests we are holding the 1st session next week and this is an open dialogue platform which we will invite people from all walks of life to come to express their views to us this is because of our conviction that communication is far better than confrontation and i can assure you that this is not a sort of good make type of function it is intended to be very. organized on a very soft dana ball and perhaps a long term basis. told troops former campaign manager has defended the u.s.
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president at a chaotic congressional hearing. has been testifying to a panel considering whether to teach the president he was the 1st impeachment witness to appear before the committee says full a special counsel will but look to testify to july but lewandowski told the puddle he would refuse to answer any questions about his conversations with trump. what is your custer has more from washington d.c. . this marks the 1st time that the house judiciary committee is hearing from an impeachment inquiry witness and the 1st time that someone who was can testify to exactly what trump did in the oval office and who was mentioned in the report appears before congress now this is corey lewandowsky who is trump's former campaign manager and continued confidant and what democrats on the committee are trying to really get at is what happened behind a meeting at the oval office with trump in which according to the special counsel
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the president directed lewandowsky to deliver a threat to attorney general jeff sessions telling him that sessions would be fired by the president if he did not limit or stop the russian investigation now thus far lewandowsky has stuck to the line that the according to the white house he is protected under executive privilege not to answer those specific questions he has said previously that he will appear today just to defend the president and in fact you and asking himself is eyeing a run for congress now for why does all of this still matter though democrats are hoping to still bring to life some of those events documented in the report which very few americans took the time to read but which democrats are hoping with those trained live television cameras rolling will finally come to life through in dallas case testimony. an american cancer survivor has become the 1st person to swim
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across the english channel 4 times without stopping 37 year old sarah thomas began her swim on sunday and finished just over 54 hours later the route should have covered 135 kilometers but was closer to 215 kilometers because of the tides thomas was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2070. undermined of the top stories on al-jazeera voting has wrapped up in israel's election where people have been deciding whether to keep prime minister benjamin netanyahu in office despite corruption allegations against him exit polls say it's too close to call between netanyahu could passage and ex-military chief benny gantz blue and white are lives the prime minister suffered one of the biggest defeats of his political career when he failed to form a coalition after the 1st vote in april i force that has more from the capacities
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headquarters. and there are all sorts of potential scenarios that people are talking about the sort of most extreme of those would be that we end up in exactly the same position at 4 as before in some way that that neither benjamin netanyahu is able to to form a coalition nor benny gantz and his blue and white party which could see is heading back towards a 3rd election already a 2nd election election rerun is unprecedented the motivation to prevent that from happening again could according to some analysts mean that there will be more options on the table at least 46 people have been killed in 2 separate bombings in afghanistan 11 days before a presidential election one has a rally by president ashraf ghani who wasn't hurt after another blast ripped through a high security area in the capital kabul the taliban says it was behind the attacks and afghan security forces were the targets. saudi arabia says it's restored 50
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percent of the production that was caught following saturday's drone attacks or 2 of his aramco oil plants the energy minister says output will be fully restored by the end of the month the rebels who are fighting a saudi like coalition claimed the attack but the u.s. has blamed iran for the drone strikes which crippled more than half the kingdom's or production iran denies any role in the attack. and 2 political outsiders are advancing into the next round of presidential election electoral commission says law professor has come out in france now really ahead of a prison media magnets bill curry and those are the latest headlines next stop fighting climate change with africa's great green wall that's on the street to stay with us. leaders gather in new york u.n. secretary general until you get to hold a climate action summit to sound good. but will countries. and deliver concrete
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plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe. get the updates as they come on al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a in this strain today it's been called the 8th wonder of the weld a huge green belt to trees planted to hope that there's a holiday as it in our 2nd discussion in a whole week of shows to the covering climate now initiative we're looking at an ambitious african land restoration project called the great green wall so your questions your comments on twitter and i will do my best to get them into this. i am actually can follow i am a climate advocates and the climate scientists and you are in the stream. the south is one of the.


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