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says it's restored 50 percent of the production that was caught following saturday's drone attacks or 2 of his aramco oil plants the energy minister says output will be fully restored by the end of the month the rebels who are fighting a saudi like coalition claimed the attack but the u.s. has blamed iran for the drone strikes which crippled more than half the kingdom's or production iran denies any role in the attack. and to political outsiders are advancing into the next round of chin is the u.s. presidential election electoral commission says law professor has come out in france now really ahead of a prison's media magnate's a bill curry and those are the latest headlines next stop fighting climate change with africa's great green wall that's on the street to stay with us. as world leaders gather in new york u.n. secretary general and tell you the terrorists will hold a climate action summit to sound the alarm but will countries heed the warning and
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deliver concrete plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe. get the updates as they happen on al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke am during the stream today it's been called the 8th wonder of the world a huge green belt of trees planted to hold back the so hard dess it in a 2nd discussion in a whole week of shows tied to the covering climate now initiative we'll look at an ambitious african land restoration project called the great green wall so your questions your comments on twitter and i would you want us to get them into this ringback. i'm actually can solo i am a climate advocates and a climate scientist and you are in the stream. the south is one of the most vulnerable places i'm going to have it. it's on the front lines of
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climate change. more than 80 percent of people survive in some form of agriculture. if people can't work their land. millions across the region. will be forced to migrate. so that was a clip from the new documentary the great green war could a forest planted from dakar way to duty address migration and other social issues so i think it could since 2007 work has been underway on an initiative to grow an 8000 kilometer long forest across the entire width of the saheli with us to talk about this in areas of about you feel. he's coordinator of the african union's great green war and mission to in lisbon portugal mali and singer songwriter in
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a mojo she is ambassador to the united nations convention to combat the set of occasion and also the narrator or. the great green moore documentary out in nairobi was in the mumbai colleges and environmentalist is really good to have you all here we have questions from our online community already the vien says i think this project represents the willingness of the african nations to fight against climate change and the great green wall will serve as a beautiful reminder and an inspiration to continue our efforts in the fight against climate change what a positive start in us when you 1st how heard about the great free will community member what your 1st reaction was i was really surprised because i was born and raised in mali and i living in the sorrow i thought that i know everything about what's happening and i just heard about this project 3 years ago and i couldn't
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believe it because it's so i'm vicious and so bold that i i wanted to know everything about it all right so now you are madam ambassador so you tell us in a nutshell as we show our map going to show a map of the continent africa where this great green wall will be when it is finished which might take many generations but in a in a nutshell what is it actually the great green wall is the community project from senegal to djibouti so it's really from west africa and the idea is to bring communities together and help them restart degraded in lent and help with the scarcity of resources and help come about as a geisha and i want to bring in elvis's because elvis and enjoy your job to oversee this mammoth project it is epic in size how well is it know though across the african continent you're currently touring it's not.
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it's very well. researched very decades on from when it was initiated. we're pretty confident that it's been known. to a concerted effort of. the number. its development partners the u.n. to citi group arm a committee. that you're counting on the u.n. agencies that we continuously work read mccain well. let's hear people in their development say they don't. think well i know well that that's that's the time in the development of course you know about in the development well let me just bring him with us on the into this conversation but i'm wondering about every day after to live beyond that area what i know about this this day shift project.
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i think they do i mean to be honest with you now that we have so should be and people are beginning to live really in a global village they are aware of this initiative and it's been incredible i mean i was very fortunate the 1st time i went to the sahara and region was over 10 years ago and coming from famine africa and see our is the law and also looking at the new jarrah river smack in the middle of this i hell was quite amazing because it's the lifeline it's there you know difference between the richie and water and also you wonder how do people really live in this landscape that is so arid so it's a really fascinating region and people do know about it now more than before and i want to show a little clip from the documentary that you know right and you're really the correspondent as you go around this great green war territory the region where either the teams are already planted or they will be planted and there's
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a little point here where you meet one of the technical directors and you start planting trees have a. so you see if. i was a sample. so i'm going to step down let's. see if my love for. this or that is if. i try this is simply. to live. in a gentle. caressing
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a little baby and put them into the. but how vulnerable in terms of your planting an area that is extremely hard well you know if they are like babies they are really precious because they can change the lives of millions of people and for me being there and witnessing the community is coming together every day and planting and knowing that in 10 years this will become trees you know it's it was amazing it was not just the symbol of hope it was like doing something i think it's we need to tell the stories storytelling is really important but started doing news even better and i felt in this moment that that was what i was going to rethink. and something i had. i totally agree i mean i think i absolutely love that the fact that you are your sister and musician you are an activist and you are one man
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and the women of the african continent have really been so there's always these landscapes the power is so. great for it it's really women across africa just looking at. the activities that you are undertaking and also seeing what is being done within the sweat house for the great reason why i think that the change that's going to happen and also the some viable of the trees also remains really in the hands of the communities it's not by anybody from the outside and also what we're beginning to see those are the changes in climate that really manifest in very extreme events you know sometimes when rain is anticipated it doesn't come so how do we make sure that these trees actually do survive so that's quite a really important element of all of this work. how do you make sure the truth of i've. ever talked through the truth is just the beginning of. you see one that's a very good good one it's
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a lot of truth it's. tough to work with. 3. this is called market conditions congress is home it's. several hospitals. you have to provide water for the tree you have to protect the train from the harsh where the. moon's. you have to put all the stock cars in to get it together you have to protect the tree and show that betray is not standing on the grass and lawn you have to ensure that the tree is not going to be eaten up by hungry and the most you have to ensure that the tree at the end of the will not be used for hire would you have to enter so. there is all of the factors that are necessary for
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a tree to grow in the sahara it takes more than just planted a tree it's a whole lifelong process that we put in to ensure that a tree grows from is signaling right of the tree. i have a son that. can add a little bit into what elvis is saying i think what i also want to add is not let's let's bear in mind that you know over 30 years ago i think you just double the memory of the older generation of african the late so much fun car i really was one of the instigators and sort of leaders say around the whole idea of the great reward even though it wasn't called as such so over time there was a lot of activity and a lot of research organizations like you know the world i was forestry organization or the research institution about what kind of what sort of experimenting with tree species and i just want to add and say you know one of the elements that we're working on from you in environments like together with organizations like f.-o.
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even with the african union is to make sure that we identify the countess species that are actually viable indigenous ready species which are very important for by diversity but also for making sure that the current is sequestered in the soil and also making sure that it's not an invasive species that suddenly is planted in an area so this is also very important and also we have to bear in mind that communities have known for millenia and just you know touching on the as as as an art it is the music that has has resonated across you know the creole the ella the federal funds songs and trees and sung some of the species some of which have disappeared so how do we then begin to think about you know where where is the biodiversity in this area that evil so very critical for this they call the landscape. it a lot of things are on the journey that the activists high elvis for we hang in
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there we don't feel you because there's a storm right now in addus we're talking about climate we're talking about natural natural events so it's appropriate that we should have a knitting way of connecting and. of the storm so i was very allergic to we're all are i'm so sorry i'm so sorry but how tight for moment i want to bring in an activist and i campaign who has so much passion about what this actual initiative means it's not just about trees it's about communities have a look have this big. it's about survival in. almost 60000000 people who are directly affected in over 200 drug traffic communities this is unacceptable i believe that now more than ever before we must unite from each child. to mine we must the collective action
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technology to help provide us with the unique opportunity to document voices promptly fighting with importantly to learn from each other and bring about a solution. it's about survivor. air on your journey around the sahara region you met many people and you told many stories about survival tell us one that really stood out for you. well i i have. i have the chance to meet my friend that in nigeria and i absolutely agree with what he's saying it's a matter of survival i went in nigeria i met with the annex boko haram fighter and a young lady who was abducted when she was 13 and married to a book of how to fight her and their stories were incredible and strongly tied to the change in climate because the those regions are so vulnerable because
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they survive on the lake chad that is that has trunks from 100 percent i think the like chain now has shrunk by 90 percent. since the years so it's it's terrible to see those communities going through such hardships because of the changing climate and their stories were hard bright braken but also with a lot of hope because we know that we can do something to make a change always put in we bring you back into the conversation i want to share this with you it's from a tweet from the tal of the tele says the great green wall is vital for peace security and climate was an instance a health one of the most vulnerable regions the climate change related to security risks the project which is conflict between nomadic herders and farmers which is poverty hunger and improve life and hurts that is a huge responsibility for that project do you believe that that is possible can you
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explain how broke just mark mark on that for you insert some debris that many contractors did not our solution to solve the problem of park or their issues of land the good vision that you could charm transform unbossed from. and the heads of state of the africa are young realize that this cannot be done inside us so they decided to create a pan african africa program initiative that we're going to do now we're going to be the great. the fact that countries are coming together. on one might strike if you begin on a continental. initiative today about where each country can rent into the market nationally. to cut down most of the challenges that the
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scientists in the usa live in helping out as well you're saying that that is helping the unity so the great thing always bringing the conflict gather and getting them is that right ok i understand that we have got like a comment didn't mention that it's going. to turn on one vision yes it's. not in charge but. to reduce in charge are not affected by activity it's a major. most of the conflict as we saw it's cons because during the trial should one believes no grab on north for the for the animals in one part of the continent the mall to the other and. we don't do this if we don't on that pick that's what story trying to gather what we have or did for me would be to pack lightly and i always call take a pause because we have tweets coming in people are listening to you and wanting to ask you questions i'm going to put this to you in a this is from how well it's crazy i have seen the phrase but never really
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understood it till now how effective has the project been so far how does it reduce the set of occasions within the region in i'm going to give that one to your the ambassador. well you know it's. it's not just about planting trees it's about restoring degraded in lead and bring opportunities job opportunities to the communities living in the style and i think the project is 15 percent undergone it is not enough in 10 years we aim to do much more and that's the reason why we need people to know about this project outside of the development yes because what i often elvis who are his if you want to development developing well it knows that the development well but it's people outside of a need to know if this one is of the yuma sun that if one is free and is coming in life people are tweeting for the asking the question ok if bring him the rate at
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which we found down trees outweight the right which we plant them in africa how can the great green will survive is that even true. good to know why i'm going to give us some of them to have a go at that event out of it wouldn't you coming back next year harborough the kind of landscape or says this is this is the shrub land sort of our is the only surviving us so we have to bear in mind that it's not sort of the congo basin forest kind of landscape however as you know the point count and alice is well in terms of the levels of big racially it's several layers i mean the layers in terms of the cultivation that has taken place in the land and the number of livestock that have you know expanded. the the increase in the number of my stock and also the different as a fatal activity such as you know felling trees for charcoal etc and then a classic example it's happened in spaces like guyana in the by helen region which is also the same region that has a shia tree and for those of you you shared butter which is really amazing and also
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very important value chain in valuable products that women produce and in fact companies like nobody depend on products like shere so in responding to that question i would say that actually a lot of communities have been trying to do something because they live in these communities so for example in parts of ghana where women are really convening conversations to say well we cannot be great the landscape and cut the trees because we would not be able to generate income from our share and also maintain and manage the eco system but i also just want to mention something in relation to other eco systems we used to have a program under the un environment that used to be in the lake 5 will be there and the lake probably not using the very north of money now this is a well in system and lake system but when the birds migrate from euro tollways africa this is the 1st frankly of a hit to get water and when we were there it was incredibly degraded we try to do
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some research and this is 20082009 sunday edition filling in the development community incredibly the greatest i mean there was like no water there. with the grace of god credibly degraded so there was no water there they were the birds could well there was the very matter of space where you have a size maybe a one meter by one meter a kind of lake system just get into contact a lot of shrink to a 3rd of that because of the advancing landrum this hour or so and also some different activities that are taking place around the community ok however the instability then and so we stop doing this work people move because of the insurgency and this is also the some of the challenges that you know the spaces within that the hell in region say so i see and we see in a way in which the role of traditional leaders for example in conflict resolution
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so that some of these activities environments i think you can continue the conversation that should you know the emir of colonel for example discussing up in conversation and dialogue with boko haram and others within the un system. so that these activities and that in itself explains the whole list ignitor of the last caroline and i realized that the reading of your one of the press your conversation it's more than a line of trees in my book an epic line of trees but it's much more than that in other somethings i had to ask because i was fascinated by this on your journey you went to the african union the idea for this project came from a former president of kenya fatter and he took it to the african union with a pan african project and i was fascinated like how is the project doing how did the a you react to you you are sitting that a new what was your reaction to what you heard and i'm going to play a little clip of
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your reaction that was my reaction of the route that great of a clip because that was exactly the face that i was probably when i saw the african union for it let's play the clip here's a clip. the initiative started here in the african union i would like to know how we're going to achieve the goal of the initial 2 into one countries that started with talking about our implementation of 15 percent so the political commitment is the target is to restore every piece of land that is vulnerable to climate change and this occasion and to create about 20000000 jobs is a huge huge ambition i don't know whether ever be completed because development never ends. i was determined to get elvis's poor face in the program somehow despite the storms in ad is about. as you were going in there you have only just
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learned about the great green war you are us you are us learning about it were you impressed by the african union do you feel that they could do more. well yes it's always the stresses that go to the african union you know and the project started there so i was really looking forward to being there and i had so many questions about the beginning of the treaty and even before i started the trip when i heard about the great good will i want to. know more about it and some of my questions were answered and. they are doing a lot of work but we have so much to do together because 15 percent is great but if we had it from now for 2030 we have to do more. than a project so i don't know do you and for me it was really important to be there and hear from our leaders that they are really focusing all their strength and coming
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together and make this happen all right when the next generation will be eligible thank you so much to so much more to talk about elvis i'm sorry that we only saw had your voice and didn't see your face it we sank you for your contribution thank you to in a motor and also muscle in the moment as well if you want to find out more about the great green wall you should go to the web site the website is a great greenwald dot org and the documentary comes out next year and you may well be at a catch as of film festivals around the world this year thank you guess now week of covering climate continues tomorrow should destroying the environment be considered a crime against humanity citizens around the world are taking governments and corporations to court trying to hold them accountable for the consequences of climate change acre site next on the street and so what take you next.
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didn't the u.s. treasury for just agree months ago say that. some of the let me bring you the stories and developments the market leader changing the world live with what's behind the lies of piracy. counting the cost on al-jazeera the uk. the biological and chemical agents are with but not just throughout history a large swath of her spirit is headless man started fighting developed by nation state so there could be another trick to every. now within reach of those seeking compounding the most toxic substance in the world over the many invisible threats on al jazeera.
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