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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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she into a success so empowering a woman to meet you standing oklahoma. women make change on al-jazeera. this is 0. and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu his political future hangs in the balance as exit polls show him trailing his challenger many counts. oil prices fall after saudi arabia says production will return to normal by the end of september despite today's attack. dozens of people are killed in 2 blasts in afghanistan including
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one the target at the president's campaign rally. and tunis he is presidential election heads toward a runoff there passing a law professor against a jailed the media mogul. now a possible political setback for israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu early exit polls from the country's election rerun have put the longtime leader's future in doubt he was hoping to secure a 5th term centrist benny gantz may derail those plans netanyahu was forced to call the rerun when he failed to form a coalition government following april's voters he's been trying to appeal to right wing voters by promising to annex parts of the occupied west bank while he's neck and neck with opposition leader benny gantz the channel 12 preliminary exit poll gives netanyahu still a crude party $33.00 seats and dances blue unwise alliance at $34.00 now both are still well short of the 61 seats needed for
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a majority the minority arab alliance the so-called joint list is set to come in 3rd with 11 seats and predicted to be in 4th place is the man who could well play kingmaker or indeed king breaker lieberman heads up the far right israel the 10 new party it's predicted to win 8 to 10 seats while he has called for a national unity government. religiously the president should wait for official results to invite the leaders for talks but invited prime minister netanyahu and the blue and white parties been econ in an unofficial manner. and when better than friday afternoon. we have correspondents following the 2 big players in the selection made at the headquarters of the blue and white party of benny gantz will be speaking to in just a moment but 1st let's go to harry force it too is with supporters of prime minister netanyahu liquid party harry tell us a little bit about the mood there at the moment especially now that exit polls are
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no longer showing the code in the lead. that's right the mood is or i think somewhat overwhelmed by the volume of the music that they're playing there are some people who are trying to look at to bridge an exultant down . only floor behind me but there are some pretty tense faces here as well last time around in april but you know it kept us waiting until about now he waited for the initial not very positive image exit polls to start to swing in his favor as more results and more information came out and then he came and made a victory speech this time around the momentum seems to be shifting in the opposite direction and one of the key reasons for that is a recorded surge in support for the israeli arab or palestinian israeli joint list parties the 4 mainly palestinian israeli parties who initially were polled to have
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about 11 seats at least one poll now is that up to 15 seats and that is very radically change the calculus here it would give the center left bloc including those seats $59.00 seats in the knesset and would take liquids right wing natural allies down to some $53.00 and so that would give the president of israel riven rivlin the option and potentially the likelihood of getting benny gantz the 1st attempt at making a coalition government so a very serious situation for benjamin netanyahu well indeed harry and i want to ask you because president rivlin has made it very clear that he doesn't want a fat election and so is that likely to propel him to want to push for a coalition government regardless of what her sentence. certainly that's the that but that's certainly
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a pretty fair reading of the tweet that he put out fairly soon after polls closed he said that he wanted a government formed quickly one that reflected the will of the people as expressed in this vote and a situ. which would avert what he really doesn't want to see which is a 3rd election and he's not the only one who doesn't want to see now that the president has been broken and that the thing that everyone thought couldn't happen an election rerun has happened there is i think going to be a lot more room for creative thinking and compromise to try to prevent another run of this election and so that's why a big deal lieberman's call for a unity government has been made the question no fully could is whether what would almost certainly the price of that jettisoning netanyahu is something they would consider we've spoken to one very senior likud nick here exactly on a b he says that he is part of the d.n.a. of this party and that could stand behind him perry force that they're at and they
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could party headquarters in tel aviv thank you very well let's go now cross to what about hamid he's also in tel aviv at the headquarters of benny gantz has been wiped out it certainly looks like it's getting much busier way you are let me start by asking you what the atmosphere is like now after these last exit polls. well certainly over the pond. that mood has lifted considerably here. you can hear the music behind me there's a lot of anticipation down there just by the foot of that stage now and the last election at this time there was a similar atmosphere and that many dance and gary left came out i now know the victory and that was a bit premature this time it was a total opposite atmosphere just some time an hour ago after these 1st exit polls
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where revealed it was completely white they were new supporters whatsoever they were not allowed actually into this headquarters until 1 am local time and now you can probably hear it time thing just behind me people are celebrating people see can feel that they this time there have much more than last time and certainly they are waiting for benny gantz and his co-chair you know libby to come out on the stage and hear what they have to say oh despite all that celebration there's also still going to have to be a lot of political wheeling and dealing and in the coming hours and days tension weeks what do you think benny gantz is non-negotiable as might be when it comes to coalition building. well certainly here it's going to be also difficult for him where india is knows easy way out of this for whoever is the final winner of this election whoever gets the biggest numbers
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in these elections now. benny gantz is obviously. relying on the support of the leftist parties here oh so this is an indication that he's hired joy which seems at least according to the. it is exit polls that maybe as many as 15 seats that record. c in any israeli election the leader of the joint list and even though they have indicated that he could recommend to president rivlin. benny gantz and when i believe trying to form a government but that you have the easier for having more liberal men who so far have indicated that he favors what he called the road in liberal government that they would be a lot of really going on in the next few weeks the person that would be.
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the president really tossing someone. according to the people here i don't believe that would be betty who ever will guess that i will have a very difficult job ahead even though the numbers that they say that the 40 day this exit poll is without a time who are livid that having feuding snowboards. joy lives would have caught on to this 61 of these required to get that my jaw ready. but nothing is that they don't at this stage indeed and we'll be watching very closely that's how the hamid have to unwind headquarters in tel aviv will be coming back to both those correspondents throughout the evening well for more on this let's speak to bret bruin who is the president of global situation room a consulting firm and he joins us now from seattle mr brown i want to talk through
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some of these numbers that we're seeing because even with the support of the palestinian israelis the so-called joint list bill and white still can't reach that magic number 61 and so i don't do any woman could still be in the role of king make out what's going through his head of the mind. well i think he is in a very strong position if these results hold up and let's also remember that he's a former ally of netanyahu who has fallen out and who would i don't think see netanyahu in a coalition government so while netanyahu has become famous for having 9 lives he is a political cat who has survived many difficult political developments this may well be his swansong and we may witness a post netanyahu era taking hold in israel indeed i wanted to ask you about that because netanyahu his biographer i believe is already commenting saying that the
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nesson yahoo magic is gone even if he does manage to hold on to power so you think this is the beginning of the end for him and what kind of a legacy mighty leave. and well i think the legacy is a very complicated one he has certainly taken israel down to a much more conservative one might argue a much more extreme path and perhaps just perhaps this coalition government could steer israel more towards the center back towards its traditional place and that i think bodes well for the prospects for any prospect for peace any prospect for trying to stabilize the situation in the region which really has been put at a certain imbalance both during netanyahu is time i was in the obama white house when he chose to come to washington to address
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a joint session of congress and didn't even provide the courtesy of informing the administration and that's obviously sent a very difficult and dangerous message here in the united states to our own political establishment how much of this mr brand is about nessa his leadership a referendum essentially on his leadership especially given the indictments that he's facing how much of this election was about his his record. oh very much so i think he defined this election whether you were for him and and for some of his hardline policies most recently obviously on the west bank settlements or if you wanted to turn the page if you wanted israel to write a new chapter in its relations both with the palestinians with its arab neighbors as well as with the united states in the world i think one of the lessons learned
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if these results hold up is that perhaps he threw his lot too closely in with trump and that he needed to hew more towards a immoderate line and is certainly here in the us if i could just for your viewers watching around the world emphasize how skewed israel's relations have become with american politicians much more on the conservative side of the political aisle and i think that's damaged israel standing here in the u.s. . and that the president of tribal situation ran a consultancy thank you feel inside. there's plenty more ahead for you this news hour including britain's highest court begins hearings to decide whether bars johnson broke the law when he shut down parliament for 5 weeks and will tell you about a chaotic congressional hearing involving donald trump's former campaign manager. and title holders liverpool have made a losing start to the champions league defense rahul's here with that story.
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now on to other news and crude oil prices have dropped by 5 percent after saudi arabia announced it's restored 50 percent of the production which was cut following saturday's drone attacks the saudi energy minister says output will be fully restored by the end of the month yemen $33.00 rebels who are fighting a saudi led coalition claim to the attack on the iran co oil plants but the u.s. has blamed iran for the drone strikes which crippled more than hough the kingdom's oil production tehran denies any role in those strikes well u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was heading to saudi arabia to discuss the situation with the crown prince that. talks to the kingdom and it's all sik to didn't just talk at the kingdom alone its negative effects will affect the global economy and the security of energy supplies and stock markets commodity markets an increase of
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pissants to look in the global markets. let's speak to ariel cohen who's a senior fellow at the atlantic council and he joins us now live from washington d.c. mr cohen riyadh is clearly betraying this as an attack on the global economy but we're already seeing that drop in oil prices does that mean that markets have stabilized now. for now and for a very short period of time when the calculations are made that. how much petroleum reserve. barrels are released for the next couple of months we can keep the market supplied we meaning the united states saudi arabia the european petroleum reserves and petroleum reserves in asia beyond that after the production is restored this is a big question mark unless iran is put in its place and there's no doubt in washington that it was the arabian drones and iranian cruise missiles that hit
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saudi arabia in an unabashed act of aggression unless iran is put in its place they will come back and hit and hit again so is an aggressor that needs to be put back to where he belongs on mr and i are the united states there's no evidence that's been produced by the u.s. or saudi arabia that says that it definitely was iran that was behind the drone strikes and we see that these have claims then let me ask you because now my compare the secretary of state is on his way to riyadh what kind of repercussions are we going to see for the region after the discussions that he's potentially having with the crown prince tomorrow. the intelligence community has released satellite data and electronic intercepts showing that iran shot these missiles and drones there's no question in the intelligence community and in the
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pentagon in washington that it is iran and president trump in his monday press conference said pretty much that that's the case and so did mr bump out so let's not try to put it under the rug in terms of what pump is going to do there's going to be a consultation process the united states does not have a treaty obligation to defend saudi arabia so saudi arabia needs to demonstrate what is it ready to do to defend itself there was a colossal failure of air defenses of detection and of interception of the missiles that hit the. oil processing facility and that will fields hopefully it will not happen again and hopefully the aggressor will be punished well mr khan i want to ask you about the actual damage that we saw on those fields how realistic is what we're hearing now from the saudi
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energy minister that everything will be back online by the end of september there were estimations initially that it could take months to get everything back online . i'm pessimistic in terms of food production we're talking over 5.7 to 5850000 barrels a day this is a tremendous amount this was the largest hit on any kind of oil facility largest drop in the oil production anywhere in history so can they bring back this amount can they bring back even half of that amount that will be a great achievement and the markets will reflect that so far a 10 percent uptick and a very calm reaction from the stock markets is very encouraging we came a long way from the 970 s.
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from that will embargo that send the world into 2 very major recessions the fact that the united states now is the number one producer of oil and gas in the world is a great achievement i mean what. ariel cohen from the atlantic council thanks for joining us on out of there thank you so much. well afghanistan has been hit by 2 bombing celeste and 2 weeks before a presidential election the taliban says it was behind the attacks which killed at least 46 people one of those blasts targeted an election rally by president ashraf ghani who wasn't hurt and now that ripped through a high security area in the capital pride reports from kabul. with a week and a half to go before the presidential election which the taliban has threatened to disrupt 7 the group quickly claimed responsibility for both attacks. the 1st happened at a reelection campaign rally for president ashraf ghani in part of an province the
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taliban says it suicide bomber was targeting special forces soldiers but as with previous attacks most of those killed and injured were civilians young a suddenly a man on the motorbike arrived in a huge explosion happened a lot of people heard a martir and that the attack will be a major concern for all the presidential candidates as they campaign across afghanistan in the coming days even more worrying for the author here in kabul was the 2nd attack happening in what should be one of the most secure areas of the capital the taliban bomber managed to evade tight security surrounding the diplomatic area of the capital detonating explosives at an office of the ministry of defense then. i heard an explosion and then dust started rising from the site of the attack and there was gunfire i scaped body parts were spread everywhere
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it was confirmed the gunfire was actually warning shots from security forces trying to clear the area because they feared a secondary attack. as the countdown to election day continues the y. defeat here for the afghan government is keeping the security situation stable enough to allow voting to begin. robert bride al-jazeera a couple o. earlier we spoke to afghan ambassador who is also a senior advisor to abdullah abdullah the chief executive of afghanistan and he explained what impact these attacks could have on the upcoming election it's a huge problem obviously it's a problem for the afghan people those who are targeted being targeted by attacks but also a problem for the government and the president who has been adamant that he wants to hold elections knowing that the security situation is nothing very favorable not
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only that but also the electoral system is under scrutiny yesterday his government partner dr abdullah accused him of abusing the system in his favor. 2 political outsiders have advanced into the next round of china's ias presidential election a runoff being planned after sunday's vote failed to find an outright winner stephanie decker has more from the capital. after almost 2 days of counting votes it's finally official there will be a presidential runoff almost. went. very strong candidates. completely vanished. the man with the most votes guy saeed profession or of constitutional law and with no political party completely unknown before the 2011 revolution introduced into households izzie appeared on national television decipher in the constitution in classical arabic earning him the nickname robocop his challenger. immediate tycoon and
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philanthropist who's in prison facing charges of money laundering in tax evasion he's been far more involved in the political elites here recently splitting from the may need to his party and running on his own ticket other potential charges will affect his future remains unclear 45 percent of registered voters came out on sunday to cause their ballot the message a clear rejection of the political parties the dominated politics here since the 2011 revolution society. let's have a new experience let him work people who came before him are not better and have anything i don't know much about. but it seems older people voted for him because he hopes the board. most tunisians we speak to say they either voted or will vote for it was that jimmy he is a university professor he specializes in constitutional law he understands what the
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powers and limits of every authority but in terms of administration he doesn't have experience political watchers say even though saeed was popular in the polls it's surprising how he managed to reach so many people we see him today becoming the frontrunner with no political party with no big electoral campaign with very little means. some say they didn't vote because the 24 candidates were too many to choose from and now that there are 2 clear options they will this is the time for political change in order for tunisia to look after its uses to keep them away from illegal migration and other wrongdoings they say that good things take time and here we are waiting there also legislative elections due here next month need tire political landscape could be about to change within the next few weeks illusions will have a new president new prime minister and the new parliament people here have overwhelmingly voted for change the question now is whether tunisians new leaders will deliver
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stephanie decker al-jazeera tunis now spain's acting prime minister has called a snap election for november 10th that's often the spanish king said no candidate had enough support to form a government sanchez a socialist party had been trying to form a government since april it will be the country's 4th election in as many. donald trump's former campaign manager has defended the u.s. president as a chaotic congressional hearing corey lewandowsky has been testifying to a panel considering whether or not to impeach the president he was the 1st and pitchman impeachment witness to appear before the committee since former special counsel robert muller testified in july when i was asked to look into russia's role in the 26000 election and whether trump's campaign colluded with it and ask he told the panel he would refuse to for any questions about his conversations with tom i'd like to start off by expressing my hope that today's hearing will be productive in
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revealing the truth both to the committee and to the american people for the record and as you likely know i've already testified before congress on 3 separate occasions i said at length with the staff of the special counsel's office there too my time and answers were given freely and without hesitation i think in one form or another i've already answered questions for well over 20 hours so now here i am before the house judiciary committee to answer the same questions again correspondent has more from washington d.c. . this marks the 1st time that the house judiciary committee is hearing form an impeachment inquiry witness and the 1st time that someone who was can testify to exactly what trump did in the oval office who was mentioned in the mobile report appears before congress now this is corey when doused you with trump's former campaign manager and continued confidant and what democrats on the committee are
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trying to really get at is what happened behind a meeting at the oval office with trump in which according to the special counsel the president directed we went down to deliver a threat to attorney general jeff sessions telling him that sessions would be fired by the president if he did not limit or stop the russia investigation now thus far lewandowsky has stuck to the line that according to the white house he is protected under executive privilege not to answer those specific questions he has said previously that he will appear today just to just. as israeli opposition leader benny gantz is speaking in tel aviv after a rerun presidential election exit polls suggest no candidate including prime minister benjamin netanyahu will win a majority let's have a listen to what benny gantz has to say.
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we're hearing some of his supporters there cheering there's been a mood of optimism after the latest round of exit polls she suggested that they are now a little if you want friends. and people i'm happy . to be here this evening of course we have to wait for the results. but as it seems. we stood and. least and not less important we saw it in the way that we know. thank you thank you thank you thank you. friends blue and white was and remains. a strong central force in israeli politics and it's due to us to you.
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therefore i want to ask firstly to say thank you i know that. we have been through this together for 3 months intensive months. after which came after. even more intensive months. this crazy months where not easy for any of us and. there were moments of joy and difficult moments also but i want to say thank you to every one of you. who works without break you gave your heart and your soul and there's no limit to my thanks to wards you. think you were. the one.
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who is going to be the next prime minister with your. thanks to you and will quit. question shoot i want to say love i want to say thank you to my wife and my children who have. seen me and participated with me have seen a little. we haven't seen much of me at home and. you are the. dearest thing to me. and. i want also want to say thank you to my. partners. who i'm. proud to call a friend. because he's not only a. political partner but also a friend to progress. my.
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leader and the missing porton person. but. my part. has been. throughout the land north to south west to east. i'm not sure if you know where we are going to when television i really thank you. i also want to say thank you to the members of parliament because if your hand you can see when you watch. all of you have. been active throughout the country and you've done wonderful job i want to say thank you to the
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. members of the campaign to everyone who has been active and to everybody who has voted. you my friends. an important part in the change. you are the change after the truth come out. we will meet to say thank you. so. but we have to be patient and wait for the things to happen come a long and hard part we took upon ourselves and not an easy task and of course who waited with patience for the results. according to the. results so far there has not been successful in what
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he set out to we. on the other hand have. the idea which is new might. which we. established a little over a year ago. it was successful and this had to stay. or go on and. on. and on. and. according to the results of my friends which are with us at the moment it seems
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that the says for the 2nd time people of israel have given the ok to if people in our school and more than a 1000000 people have said that. they want unity and not separation they really don't want corruption. but yes to clean hands not to be attempts to try and destroy democracy in israel. to have sovereignty as a jewish and democratic nation be. and we promised them we promise throughout the campaign. that as far as i'm concerned this evening and it doesn't matter how it will continue the task for the correction of society in israel where it has started. let me thank you friends thank you. my friends. have
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a tremendous. security. problems and who better than ours. knows how to overcome them. but not only secure. the internal. cracks. you can have been seen in these and this campaign. is. a strong. you're not sure. if you can do this it's. it's. damaged and we have to make it better. we have to be in it. to find. the. and to have to get that suppressed.
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all information. and peace today i've already spoken to her parents and we have agreed to meet in the coming days and also with a victor link to one. woman i'll be speaking in the next few days i wish to speak i will be speaking with all of them. and from the sea evening. the. wide unity government. will start to be formed and. we will do this wanting to give back to the people of israel the path that they deserve before the politics and above it we are one people and one society.
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and. unity and. also call to. politicians in all of the camps together we can work together. a better and just and equal. country. for the benefit of all of its people. as we said a few times my friends and i peace again we will wait for the real results patiently and we will see what the voters really voted for and. i want to also share with you that yesterday i was at the western and there i asked again. to bring peace and. for that to be peace amongst us. and. to. be able to
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achieve this. well that's israeli opposition leader benny gantz addressing supporters at his a blue and white party headquarters in tel aviv current exit polls suggest that his party is indeed in the lead at the moment for more on this let's speak to our correspondent who is live at that party. that certainly did sound like a victory speech but there's still a 78 the guns will be the next prime minister but there's still coalition building to be done even if these exit poll numbers hold. i'm sorry to music is really overwhelming here i couldn't hear you your question but i think it's something about how the gang will be able to form a coalition how easy it will be well you just heard from here on this stage behind me he said he has already broken through your. mandate will meet in the coming days
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that he will reach out to all the political factions here trying to form from government but i have to say compared to this room to our electorate back maybe they probably put that much more hosier. if your opponent a long neighbor the head betting again that actually come on they did declare victory that way for mr this time is painting that that victory might be. right that led the way to put a final result that those should be out wednesday to about 24 hours or even less than that. he said that really the main message really coming out from this day whether it was so co-chaired the blue and white party or left or actually the other main candidates in their lives was that those who voted for them said.
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the politics that make it into the politics of division and to the politics of so they're very strong at the benjamin event and how many israelis have. been way under politics in this country still you say it's a very difficult task. for any kind of government in this country benny gantz said that he is going to be very difficult but he will be holding talks with people like having your living man. in any car in the future government he will probably by friday will. reveal then one will see what happens next it is very possible that the president was both a. carrot and benjamin and then you know try to come up with that government that
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you need to do that quite difficult because the pentagon said it many times that he wanted that except that a lot of really behind closed doors politics will be unfolding in the coming hours and days indeed i will be watching that very closely. you and white headquarters in tel aviv thanks for that update out. there a senior political analyst my one bashara says that even the best outcome in this election will be bad for the palestinians to this elections were basically are a friend on prime minister nuts and you know although he served 4 terms already. but he's also been basically indicted by israel's general prosecutor or attorney general on a number of fraud cases but as an incumbent prime minister as an incumbent candidates he was able to pull a good number of alliances whether it is with president trump friendships with the
2:42 am
likes of president putin and president modi of india and hence looking like a very presentable very very presidential prime minister if you will but yet because he committed to a narrow right wing coalition with the religious that angered a lot of secular israelis who basically a rallied around the blue and white party as well as the russian based party. so today israel basically is paralyzed between a rationalist religious camp and a secular religious camp that is of course part of a jewish collective the palestinians basically are left out of that and that's why many expect that next based on the exit poll there is no. real practical scenario other than a so-called national jewish unity government where blue and white party if they are
2:43 am
the leaders join likud n n in such a government perhaps with. no of. lieberman now what that means is that prime minister netanyahu will have very little chance leading any such national if the government which also means he could probably end up in prison now that is a misfire israelis are concerned but what does this really mean for the palestinians who've been living under occupation for the last 5 plus decades many palestinians reckon that a national jewish unity government would probably be a project more threatening posture if you will 2 words them in the occupied territories so you could say that the sweetest scenario out of the israeli elections for the palestinians is terribly bitter and not last but not least of
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course the top administration has placed all its bets on prime minister netanyahu they've invested heavily on him the last 2 years the fact that he may not end up being the next prime minister that might. put a wrench in the whole so-called deal of the century for the next few weeks and months we've probably going to be in protracted negotiations among the parties and we might end up with basically more of the same but right wing israeli policies with palestinian suffering on the other side of the wall. all right turning to other news now in the u.k. supreme court has begun hearings to decide whether prime minister barak stanton broke the law by suspending parliament for 5 weeks a lawyer for the government has told judges that johnson was entitled to prorogue government but those arguing against the shutdown say it's the biggest abuse of power by a prime minister for 15 years china has more from london. the barricades have shifted temporarily to the remaining breaks it battle as
2:45 am
a rived at the supreme court we have the force to appeals one from england and wales and one from scotland they both involve the same issue. whether it was lawful for the prime minister to advise her majesty to authorize the provocation the parliament order in council at issue whether the court should stay out of politics as the english high court had ruled or a scottish judges decided last week whether the courts should step in when the powers of government are used for purposes other than those for which they were intended an option. is when the prime minister. is admittedly removed discretionary power to advise her majesty geishas it is an improper purpose for him to be met.
2:46 am
and wish to avoid home in chief control over the policies of his government and we know. that the parliament may be pruned for a variety of reasons pleasant for all as much as formal. and certainly the. parliament is not in any sense innocent and to the preparation you mean speech the supreme court's decision when it comes could have far reaching consequences for an unwritten constitution in this country that relies heavily on legal precedent for a government that may yet decide it wants to prorogue parliament again and for parliament itself there are many many m.p.'s very keen to get back to work as the clock ticks down towards briggs's day on october 31st and if the supreme court were to confirm the scottish judges finding that boris johnson lied to the queen over his reasons for suspending parliament there'd be heavy pressure on the prime
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minister to resign fundamentally this case is really quite simple it's about this proposition the government admits that parliament doesn't get control whether it's suspend it. and government says courts can't control it either and that is us writing proposition an absolutely striking proposition and the supreme court's going to have found difficulty accepting it hey you're a start democracy so that's not a popular view among sections of the crowd outside the court 6 as ever tensions on display are ugly combative divisive no decision look a supreme court is going to change that joe the whole al-jazeera to london. and the new leader of britain's liberal democrat says she is ready to be prime minister and if elected she'll cancel breck said joe swenson has addressed the party's annual conference in the english town of when
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a burner party is nearly energized after spending several years in the electoral wealth enough sentence criticised to post the ruling conservative party and the labor party for pushing ahead with bracks it and with scathing a prime minister parsed on some. israelis former prime minister matteo. renzi is splitting from the center left democratic party there which could threaten the country's shaky ruling coalition renzi had a leading role in forming the new governing alliance between the democratic party and its former rival the populist 5 star movement the 2 came together just 2 weeks ago to prevent an early election after the anti immigration league party walks out of the government renzi says he wants his new party to do politics differently but stressed it will continue to back the coalition. well police in northern france have cared a migrant camp that was home to about a 1000 people they've been moved from a camp called the gym near dunkirk port its closure follows british border police
2:49 am
intercepting 120 people crossing the english channel in small boats just in the past week scenario reports from france as more than coastal city of dunkirk. they carry as many of their belongings as they can a family on the move once more from a place that was far from ideal and they still do not know what awaits them under the eye of the french police these asylum seekers do what they are told making do with whatever they have and relying on the french authorities. went off to the state services are now responsible for what happens to these people in the company miners are also being referred to the local authorities. this makeshift camp stream and down kirk was where some 700 people many of them families had set up some kind of shelter they are now being taken by police and will be dispersed across the
2:50 am
country. they had no idea where they were going the most they hope for is to escape a life of destitution but there is no guarantee that they can do this as aid agencies have seen before many times at the end of the day what will definitely happen if they don't wish to claim asylum here and they don't because they don't speak french and they don't have family here if they will come back. the night before the eviction some were already preparing for another evil others like this syrian man severely wounded he says by bombing in syria wants to cross the sea to the u.k. where he says he has relatives he doesn't want to be identified for safety reasons but he believes a better life awaits him there 1st hours in syria. and my life was terrible i spanked her and i have until i got through i want to go to you k. people are a great option which is very very dangerous our pay someone to cry.
2:51 am
why abort until we can get. the hundreds of people who were here have now been moved on most of them want to enter into countries legally to work to send their children to school some will make it others will fall through the cracks and in these times when immigration drill strong opinions from across the political spectrum a viable solution to the situation is still a long way off. al-jazeera. haiti's capital as a standstill as violent protests continue over fuel shortages and the corruption scandal the president is also facing calls to resign taylor has had a young reports was i anger on the streets of haiti's capital already struggling with a weak economy these protesters are calling for an end to high fuel prices and shortages
2:52 am
. during violent clashes with demonstrators police are accused of shooting and killing a man amid protests in part of france close by one of his relatives is overwhelmed with grief i days of protests have left the caribbean nation at a standstill roads have been blocked and some schools banks and government offices have closed their doors. in the same boat doesn't it social conditions and humane here in haiti the situation cannot continue. fuel suppliers say haiti's government owes them about $100000000.00 they have refused to make deliveries until the dead is paid and a corruption scandal has made things worse auditors say the government in both will do about $2000000000.00 from a fund linked to a subsidized oil program for caribbean nations that money was meant to improve infrastructure education and health services $1.00 of the 1st good guess where the
2:53 am
president has plundered the country's economy and become richer by making last poor very demanding step down because if he continues the system will not change. over the past year corruption scandals have led to anti-government protests throughout haiti where the minimum wage is less than $3.00 a day despite the frustration president always has refused to go earlier this month the country's newly appointed prime minister address the crisis. the government will focus on enforcing the justice system and public security ring forcing the laws of social equality and accelerating economic growth in order to generate employment protesters say the crisis is about more than fuel prices they say the demonstrations will continue until the president and his inner circle step down. al-jazeera. well the u.s. auto workers union says there's been progress in contract talks with general motors
2:54 am
but without a major breakthrough nearly 50000 west has remained on strike one of the main sticking points is health care records say they're at higher pay and improved contracts after rescuing g.m. from bankruptcy 10 years ago. argentina is waiting for the international monetary fund's decision on a loan to boost its economy recent austerity measures have led to protests and as tories about explains one thing that plays a crucial role in argentina's economic and political life is the u.s. dollar. it's 10 o'clock in the morning in argentina and the question everyone has is how much is the dollar today argentina is in the middle of an economic crisis and it's the u.s. dollar that's in the spotlight once again france as of i want to crises in argentina are cyclical and things happen again arjun toys look at the dollar and people want to save themselves and sort of the country in general in the past year recession is everywhere even though the national money's they pay so if the u.s.
2:55 am
currency what runs the economy the main reason is inflation because a raise in the value of the u.s. dollar immediately translates to a raise in the price of almost everything in the early 20th century argentina was one of the richest countries in the world thanks to the export of beef wheat and other farm goods but things changed in the 1930 s. because of the great depression in the united states and political instability and since then argentina has defaulted on its sovereign debt several times and inflation has almost always been in the double digit this museums and shows how the origin time currency has depreciated over the years and in a way it explains why arjun times preferred to save in u.s. dollars the word crisis and devaluation appears repeatedly in the coin museum of when a site is over the years argentina has not been able to solve its main problem the kaname needs dollars to grow but the country spends more than it produces so it
2:56 am
needs to borrow abroad that's what president macquarie did since taking office in 2015 market restoration work to go over the expectation was to generate capital inflows and generate growth through investment. what happened you had a lot of parts for you and flows but not as much investment maggie was a bit too optimistic it took too long to adjust to fiscal issues and how you had to keep interest rates too high for too long and people already now mistrust the value of the pieces and that's why people have been going to the banks to either buy dollars or get their money out a lot of comments about that the u.s. dollar is not only used by the elite in argentina but by all sectors that run to buy dollars as soon as they have some cash it's how people try to preserve their cash calls to dollar eyes the economy are common in argentina but people like my say it will not work out well and i mean in 19012001 there was an attempt to tie
2:57 am
the past so to the dollar it was a converted billeted at that time it was not a dollar rise ation but the states did not have a monetary policy it controlled inflation but it devastated the economy to. be tended in that massive crisis in 2001. next few months will be difficult ones for argentina but he's unable to amend an economic pattern that repeats itself over and over again because how will one of these. new york has become the 2nd u.s. state to ban slave it isa carets because of health concerns a week ago president ronald trump announced plans to ban the flavored vapor juice nationally companies have been accused of targeting children and turning millions into nicotine addicts us several health officials are investigating a surge of severe illnesses linked to a thing well that's it for me about i'll be back in just a few minutes to stay with us on al-jazeera.
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farley is a 45 pound their football fans who don't think about doping really had that lead explained when he railed madrid a club worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something like the world anti-doping agency has to take notice it will be known to the court in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera.
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if you were in beijing look you know the pacific ocean you'd see american warships . as does somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this seems like
3:00 am
a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part 2 on a just. too close to call exit polls results in israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu trailing challenger benny gantz but neither will win and the charts. and i missed the a 10 this is al-jazeera life and also coming up oil prices continue to fall despite saudi arabia saying production will return to normal by the end of september after saturday's attack. dozens of people were killed in 2 blasts in afghanistan including one that targeted the president's campaign rally.


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