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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it's like a perp ration for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for the coming war or. to just. too close to call exit polls results in israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu trailing challenger benny gantz but neither will win and the chargers. hello i missed the attain this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up oil prices continue to fall despite saudi arabia saying production will return to normal by the end of september after saturday's attack. dozens of people were killed in 2 blasts in afghanistan including one that targeted the president's campaign rally. and how artificial rain is being used to clear the toxic haze
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blanketing large parts of southeast asia. a possible political setback for israel's prime minister netanyahu early exit polls from the country's election rerun have now put to the long time made his future in doubt he was hoping to secure a 5th term but his challenger general turned politician benny gantz may derail those plans he was forced to call the rerun when he failed to form a coalition government following april's voters he's been trying to appeal to write in votes has by promising to annex parts of the occupied west bank while accounts spoke just a short time ago he stopped short of claiming victory but was optimistic. you my friends. and important part in the change. you are the change. that's come out. we meet
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thank you. so. we have to be patient and wait for the things to happen. while dance is running neck and neck with netanyahu in the exit polls the channel 12 preliminary poll gives netanyahu his likud party $33.00 seats and dances blue and white alliance $34.00 now both are well short of the 61 seats that are needed from majority the minority arab alliance the so-called joint list is set to come in 3rd with 11 seats and predicted to be in 4th place is the man who could play kingmaker or indeed king breaker of adore lieberman heads up the far right israel brittania party it's predicted to win 8 to 10 seats while netanyahu is allied 10 dr lieberman is calling for a unity government. so you have only one option a national liberal government made up of israel by tom dick and blue and white we
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are in a state of crisis both financially and in terms of security for the country requires a broad government we have correspondents following the 2 big players in this election how the forces of supporters of prime minister netanyahu is a crude party will be speaking to him in just a moment but 1st let's go to her up to her maid who is at the headquarters of the blue and white policy of benny gantz holder we've just heard from benny gantz and back in april we were hearing victory speeches around this time but this time dance is being a little more circumspect. well certainly back in late april there were victory speeches that proved to be premature so this time what we saw really is maybe a more politically mature benny gantz. sort of coming as saying seems that. israelis have voted for us the politics of division and
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of hatred of benjamin need 10 you know have been rejected by the he said very clearly you'd have to wait for the final results which should be out on wednesday before really claiming a victory now we did say that he had already reached out to political factions but he singled out during liberman the leader of b. to me israel who is said to is describe really by many here in israel as the king me in this election depending on who he will give put his weight behind that would be really a crucial decision really behalf of lieberman now he also said that he was willing to try to form a national unity government if he didn't manage to form his own sort of center left coalition it always start with consultations on friday most probably with president
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rivlin and after that you will have this sort of very. behind closed doors kind of meetings and political bargaining going on that could take weeks before we really know what kind of government this country will have but the message coming out tonight from this stage behind me one strong message that we've heard from all 4 main candidates this blue and white lace that israelis according to them have voted for have voted again. the politics of hatred against the politics of corruption and guinn's politics divisions now the final results is in there that maybe tomorrow we could hear something different but they was. actually chewed confidence this time they go to it right hoda abdel-hamid there at the headquarters of the blue and white party thank you hada well let's now cross to harry forsett to is
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live for us at the new could party headquarters also in tel aviv harry i believe we're expecting netanyahu to speak quite soon what's the mood like there at the moment. well they've been ramping it up with loud music can see there is a relatively small number of activists waving flags and banners and chanting for benjamin netanyahu chanting bibi his nickname but there's no question that there is genuine concern in really could over what appears to be the movements of the numbers the initial exit polls at 10 o'clock local time ok now giving the good my party benny gantz a lead over looked good in 2 out of those 3 of the main exit polls but they gave the right wing potential coalition a lead over the left wing bloc now those numbers seem to be shifting very much in
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favor of blue and white and his potential allies and so the the the real question now is whether benjamin netanyahu having thrown so much into this campaign really dispensing with a lot of political precedence and nicety talking about an exciting parts of the occupied west bank repeatedly telling on the last day today that the day of voting rather that his party faced imminent defeat and most people came out that arabs were coming out and they were going to coalesce with the left wing and take the election away from the right wing base through all of that trying to maintain his political survival at the moment at least the numbers suggest that his grip on power is extremely tenuous so we wait to see how he's going to address that and what indications he gives his next moves as he tries to hold onto power harry i want to ask you about some comments i'm seeing here. in the knesset speak on and
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a senior member of nickered from an air an evening now he was edging party unity and saying that they'll definitely be sticking with netanyahu. that would make coalition building fairly difficult if not impossible. for us because that is what we would understand to be one of the total preconditions both certainly of victor lieberman he hasn't said that in public that he would definitely not work with netanyahu definitely not sit in the government led by netanyahu but there was such a personal break between the 2 men with the collapse of the coalition talks back in may that it would be almost inconceivable for lieberman to sit under netanyahu again having having done that his preconditions for sitting in and
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a government. that would exclude really the prospects of the culture with the ducks parties lieberman is a secularist from sitting in that government so it would have to be some kind of broad national unity government would. benjamin and would benny gantz countenance such a prospect there has been some talk of potentially a rotational prime ministership involving both gantz and netanyahu but that would be a huge rowing back by gansu self who is 2nd so far as the alternative to netanyahu telling his voters over and over again that the time has come for a new leadership one that isn't tainted by the corruption and what his allies have called the extremism of netanyahu so yes having us and yahoo there in some kind of unity government would make that much much more difficult to achieve and yet as you say not just edelstein we spoke to psychiatric be another senior member. of
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a member of the look at bussey with a family links going back very many years he says that netanyahu has become part of the d.n.a. . answer there is no appetite publicly voiced yet. with the stage harry for sit there at liquid party headquarters and tell of eva we bring you all the developments as they happen thank you harry well on the other news and crude oil prices have dropped by 5 percent after saudi arabia announced it's restored 50 percent of the production which was cut following saturday's drone attacks now the saudi energy minister says output will be fully restored by the end of the month yemen $33.00 rebels who are fighting a saudi led coalition claimed the attack on the aramco oil plants but the u.s. has blamed iran for the drone strikes which crippled more than half the kingdom's oil production tehran denies any role in those strikes and u.s. secretary of state mike pompei is now heading to saudi arabia to discuss the
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situation with the crown prince when this attack they're talking to the kingdom and it's all sector didn't just talk at the kingdom alone its negative effects will affect the global economy and the security of energy supplies and stock markets commodity markets and increase a pistol mystique in the global market well earlier i spoke to ariel cohen who's a senior fellow at the atlantic council and he says the united states can use its reserves to keep the markets supplied until saudi arabia can restore production. i'm pessimistic in terms of full production we're talking over 5.7 to 5850000 barrels a day this is a tremendous amount this was the largest hit on any kind of oil facility largest drop in the oil production anywhere in history so can they bring back this amount can they bring back even half of that amount that will be
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a great achievement and the markets will reflect that so far it 10 percent uptick at a very calm reaction from the stock markets is very encouraging we came a long way from the 970 s. from that well embargo that sent the world into 2 very major recessions the fact that the united states now is the number one producer of oil and gas in the world is a great achievement. afghanistan has been hit by 2 bombings less than 2 weeks before a presidential election the taliban says it was behind the attacks which killed at least 46 people one blast targeted an election rally by president ashraf ghani who was a tat and another rips through a high security area in the heart of the capital private ports from couple. with a week and a half to go before the presidential election which the taliban has threatened to disrupt the group quickly claimed responsibility for both attacks. the 1st happened
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at a reelection campaign rally for president i swear afghani in part of an province the taliban says it suicide bomber was targeting special forces soldiers but as with previous attacks most of those killed and injured were civilians younger suddenly a man on the motorbike arrived in a huge explosion happened a lot of people heard a martini and looted the. attack will be a major concern for all the presidential candidates as they campaign across afghanistan in the coming days even more worrying for the author here in kabul was the 2nd attack happening in what should be one of the most secure areas of the capital the taliban bomber managed to evade tight security surrounding the diplomatic area of the capital detonating explosives at an office of the ministry
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of defense and then. i heard an explosion and then dust started rising from the side of that pack and there was gunfire i scaped body parts were spread everywhere it was confirmed the gunfire was actually warning shots from security forces trying to clear the area because they feared a secondary attack. as the countdown to election day continues the why defeat for the afghan government is keeping the security situation stable enough to allow voting to begin rob mcbride al jazeera kabul. still ahead on al-jazeera 2 political outsiders shocked the chain as an establishment and into a 2nd round in the country's presidential election. the most angry about the profits that they said all. to ask us to give give give. and what striking whack is that america's biggest commie pinkos veron pillow is.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well it is going to be very very rainy across parts of the philippines over the next few days and the reason being is we have a developing system just to the east now that's going to bring a lot of rain for luzon and we do expect to see anywhere between $200.00 to possibly $250.00 millimeters of rain over the next 3 days now notice circulation right there that storm system which hasn't developed yet is expected to make its way to the north start to strengthen become a tropical storm possibly a typhoon as we go towards thursday and friday and really affect parts of japan as well as the mainland of japan as we go towards the weekend the track is still undetermined but we will be following it as we go towards the end of the week for shanghai though a nice day if you a $26.00 degrees there down towards the south though on campaspe some showers at
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about 30 to well down here across much of malaysia of course we're all a few rain showers just to the north down towards the south towards indonesia though things are looking quite nice we are going to sing jakarta with attempt a few of 32 degrees maybe 33 by the time we get towards one state and as we go towards thursday more clouds in the forecast particularly over here towards the west for bangkok though the rain is going to continue this has been going an ongoing situation as we start of the way for him and city more rain for you as well with the temperature there of 30 degrees. weather sponsored by qatar a. harley isn't for support for their football fans who don't think about the opening goal really have to be extreme and when real madrid it's love worth 500000000 euro so expresses a position on something or the world anti-doping agency has to take notice that you're. in part 2 of this series adducing recounted news to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports to bring the endless chain on all
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jazeera. and again i'm the star of mind about top stories this hour. 2 of israel's party leaders accord for a national unity government after exit polls showed no party had a clear majority you're watching pictures live pictures now from tel aviv where exit polls are showing benny gantz who leads the blue and white party is neck and neck with longtime prime minister benjamin netanyahu. crude oil prices have dropped by 5 percent after saudi arabia announced it's
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restored 50 percent of the production that was cut by saturday's drone attacks the saudi energy minister says output will be fully restored by the end of the month u.s. secretary of state smartphone peo is heading to saudi arabia to discuss the situation with the crown prince. and afghanistan has been hit by 2 attacks in less than 2 weeks out from an election at least 46 people were killed and the taliban has claimed responsibility one blast targeted an election rally by president ashraf ghani who was attached. well the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is about to address supporters at likud party headquarters in tel aviv exit polls currently suggest he'll fail to win a majority in this the 2nd general election of 2019 well the exit polls have been going up and down all evening but looks like neither party will be winning a majority but let's have a listen in to what benjamin netanyahu has to say. i.
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i i. the. friends. members of the. as you see. as you see. the opposite toward you say i'm also.
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lost her days. it's better to lose one's voice. than to lose the country. when the. i've come tonight with my wife sarra. i've come here this evening. you know wife's sorry to say thank you to thank you very much so all of you. we love you
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we believe in you. had. we said all of us that. all of us a past been through a very difficult election campaign and i want to say to. you all of the. campaign is we have stood together in unity throughout the elections and we will stand together in all the. tasks which are in front of us for the sake of the state of israel i want to say thank you. to the. mayors and to everyone and all of the activists and each and every one of you the.
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i said that the selection campaign was difficult to go and on this occasion i want to say thank you thanks to the wonderful team that we have. and everyone together. we've stood in a campaign which was so. you. know. it hasn't. stopped us. we acted together. representatives. who have never been
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under such. pressure. and we came through it and. when the. 000-000-0000 extension 000 thank you you don't know how much that. i take that to heart. when. the. thank you. you're right perhaps you're right and ho ho ho. ho. ho ho. and
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we cease to. how we're still waiting for the final results. the one thing is true. friends say hey you pieces and to me. i'm just so horse. on thing is certain. state of israel. in a historic moment. we stand for. challenges but also achievements. challenges. of the state and. we will.
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face these challenges without hesitation or without. in that it in the last years. we have. with our. military challenges and financial challenges we have put through. and i want to promise that the last. achievement the we've all. achieved in the. in the in the near future.
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is or isn't tied her to a strong government as stable government. a government which. ensures that israel is the people of the is the nation the jewish people. and a can of be a government. which. is formed of. parties which hate the nation. parties which. allow
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terrorists to spill blood to harm us. they cannot be it will not be. this evening i spoke. with all of the papas. and with out exception they all said that. we will. unify in order to achieve these. results and in the following days. in the forthcoming days. there will be negotiations in order to
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create. a strong scientist. policy against the and his zionist passes. and. any put he who thinks of his service not the. mation of the jewish people. is mistaken. i think all of you from the bottom of my heart. to my. lovely family my wife and my children. you know. i'm my strength and cue my.
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friends and supporters. that's israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressing supporters at the current headquarters as we wait for official results from this election but our correspondent harry force that is apple his party headquarters that on television of harry many of characterize this election as a referendum on netanyahu leadership and we can see the room behind you isn't particularly photo is this the beginning of the end for him. well in april benjamin netanyahu to lay to his speech several hours after the polls closed in order to make the story in order to try to wait for the numbers to swing and his direction this time he waited even longer and the numbers seem to have swung in the other direction the message then is one of victory the message now is more of bruised defiance and he's saying that he will continue to
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negotiate in the coming days to for what he called a strong zionist government but the question is how does he do that given the fact that according to the numbers so far at least he doesn't have the kind of mandate either is only could party office potential allies to do that he also carried on with his language about palestinian israeli parties and voters talking about how the government would be a strong zionist one it would not be one made up of terrorists who wish to skill of blood or had spilled the blood of israelis so he is continuing to hold on to about it there's no question that since that last speech in a similar environment back in april his grip on power does appear to have weakened or harry as we were discussing earlier very senior members of the could have been saying and even up until now that they'll be sticking by messing yahoo. even though
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that makes coalition building nearly impossible so what are the options now fully could and for innocent. where there are all sorts of options and it's going to be an extremely confusing and intriguing period coming up the question is pretty much legion i mean will. benny gantz who there are reports that he's having talks oh is is judging to have talks with iman or day the leader of the arab joint list will he get some kind of a deal of support from them will that enable him to try to piece together. a coalition or at least a minority government with their support that could exclude they could get some support from other parties on their rights other deal lieberman's party israel get a new as we've been discussing it wants to see
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a broad unity government involving both likud and itself and blue and white but if he doesn't yahoo is determined to stay the night could be a huge roadblock to that happening so what most people focusing on now is the fact that they don't want to 3rd election so it could create an environment where all creativity and collaborative cooperation may be forced on people we have to wait to see dhoni watching that very very closely that's how correspondent hi 4 sets live in tel aviv from nic could head courses well i'll be watching all of the developments of from that israeli election very closely here on out as era to stay with us i'll be back with more news now in 5 story care on out of there.
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hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims remaining in me and more face a serious risk of genocide that's according to a new report from a united nations fact finding mission u.n. investigators are also calling for top generals and me and mark to stand trial for war crimes but would that be enough to end the suffering of one of the most persecuted minorities in the world this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. 2 years after me and moore's military crackdown on the u.n. investigators say conditions remain deplorable for the.


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