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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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on fire. and within 20 to 30 minutes all those fires would call us into a single gigantic fire storm or be no escape from it so all the people there would perish so the us with say hundreds of nuclear weapons on chinese cities well when you combine all the smoke from these nuclear weapons detonating it actually creates millions of tons of black carbon spoke all rise above club level into the stratosphere it's heated by the sun and sex like a solar collector and that smoke because of that will stay there for 10 years or longer and what the smoke does is to block swarming sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth. and it becomes so cold in a matter of just a couple weeks that will the temperatures will fall below freezing every day for one to 3 years. and it will become too cold to grow food crops for at least 10 years or longer.
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i mean this is like a total disconnect with the changing world you have a giant rising power in this case china. why would you expect the giant rising power to not want to have more control over its destiny what we should be doing in my view is trying to cultivate a sense of friendship and cooperation and we can have our differences with them if we think they're doing something in trade that we don't like let's have it out with them but this saber rattling is the worst thing we can possibly do was it would like. to show 2 you know all world that america is back bigger and better ads sure that nabbed her 2 2 before our laws we don't have victories anymore we used
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to have victorious but we don't have them when was the last time anybody saw us speeding let's say china. in a trade deal they kill us we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing it's thick greatest theft in the history of the world it was a new president donald trump has a problem with china you can question now is was will trump continue with the provocations revealed in this film and taken sole to the. wall was there never have been 2 countries more into dependent on each other than china and the us in history. and china is the largest trading nation in the world and in history so china's economy and their
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size our lives are linked to the entire world including america and the west and i love the other countries so i think interdependence between these 2 countries and among other nations of the world. speak to peace. we don't have to accept the word of who can drop threats and false and amaze the justified the business and profit of war if we recognize there is another
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superpower and that's us ordinary people everywhere like the people of iraq and. the marshall islands china the united states by speaking out they deliver a warning to all of us can we really afford to be silent. hello again welcome back we're here crossing things are looking quite nice and dry for many locations we are seeing some clouds though up here towards the north passing across the black sea into the caspian but in terms of rain really not seeing too much there actually we're going to be seeing some dry conditions by the time we get towards wednesday over here towards kabul though we do expect to see a temperature of 33 degrees down towards the south for quite city do expect to see
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a temper of 44 where here across the gulf unfortunately we do expect to see the mideast start to rise again we are going to see some clouds in the forecast for doha but when you see a temperature into the high thirty's and coming down normally that means for this time of year that the relative humidity is kind of high and it is very uncomfortable so expect to see lower visibilities in the morning as well over here towards abu dhabi 37 degrees in the scott as we go towards wednesday and into thursday maybe 31 by the time we end the day clouds along the coast and slow you'll see those clouds well temperature of $28.00 well temperatures are on the rise though down here across parts of southern africa actually maybe seeing temperatures making it into the thirty's for johannesburg at 32 capetown at 25 degrees here on wednesday and by the time we go towards thursday 29 degrees is expected high well above average but clouds in the forecast the you coming down though we do expect to see durban with a temperature of 24. peace
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between ethiopia and eritrea has meant to park area's future for the iraqi people carry some of it i think we have to create farmland for our souls for arabs it's a matter of survival. now move a train shows us how the iraq coping with life on the edge of the border. my ethiopia on al jazeera. as world leaders gather in new york u.n. secretary general until you get terrorist to hold a climate action summit to sound like a lot but will countries heed the warning and deliver concrete plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe. get the updates as they come on al-jazeera.
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all tied up in the israeli election as the vote count goes on there's no clear idea who will be the new leader. hello i'm don jordan this is al-jazeera lawyer from doha also coming up saudi arabia says it's all supplies labor is stored by the end of the month following a time on a key facility. so much pain that i have kids and i need to keep them strong south africa's parliament passed for an extraordinary session on violence against women a survivor tells her story. and anger on the streets of haiti protesters demand the president step down as the country faces field shortages. the result of israel's 2nd general election in 6 months appears to be too close to call exit polls are suggesting the benny gantz the blue and white party is slightly
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ahead of the kurds longtime prime minister benjamin netanyahu are a force that reports. the music blared benjamin netanyahu smiles but more than 5 hours after voting finished it was clear this was no victory even if he was far from ready to admit defeat with such. a government committed to the jewish state there neither will your can there be a government that relies on. arab parties but the exit polls suggest he doesn't have the numbers to dictate he may not be given 1st chance to form a government 5 months ago benjamin netanyahu waited several hours before making his speech waiting for the numbers to swing in his favor this time he's waited longer for the numbers appear to have swung in the other direction for 5 months ago he made a victory speech this time it was a speech of defiance it seems clear that his grip on power as weakened lead to beating time at the opposition blue and white headquarters the mood was very
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different former army chief benny gantz didn't repeat his premise chilled victory declaration from april instead his tone was a man ready for a grave responsibility and if he had thought so we need to be patient it wasn't an easy mission as we see now netanyahu did not succeed in his mission we in comparison prove to the idea of blue and white succeeded big time and he's here to stay it was equal vindication for a dozen yahoos former ally who collapsed the coalition talks pushed his secular agenda and nearly doubled his israel between 2 parties vote. we have only one option a national liberal government made up of israel by to noon and liquid and and white the presumption is that he demand likud 1st replace netanyahu was leader but that's something it shows no. sign of readiness to do. evil. couple netanyahu is the leader of the likud support for him is strong and in times of crisis it gets
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stronger it all came after a friend etic final day of campaigning against aping netanyahu is tactics urging supporters off the beach telling him his party was on the verge of defeat and you know seem to spend the day in one long emergency broadcast on social media and in person repeatedly warning his right wing base that arabs were voting in great numbers. the leader of the mainly palestinian israeli joint list i'm an said netanyahu incitement had come at a heavy price causing instead a surge in support it's possible we did see some form of backlash people saying you say we're going to come to the polls in in growth so we are here we come and there and this is what we can do in israeli politics or his office says he's due to have talks soon with benny gantz raising the possibility that he could offer him some kind of support benjamin netanyahu spoke on stage of the difficulties and pressure of this campaign with his 1st print dykeman hearing on corruption charges jus in 2
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weeks and the prospects of fighting them from the prime minister's office now diminished the pressure looks set to intensify ari force at al-jazeera television where we'll get reaction from ramallah in the occupied west bank with abraham shortly but 1st let's cross to bernard smith in west jerusalem ben of the races still too close to call so what's changed compared to april's vote. well daryn this time the crown is slipping off benjamin netanyahu has had his not for not yet though but compared to april he won this time but he was unable to form a coalition this time he hasn't won so it's a very different scenario facing benjamin netanyahu it's not all over for him yet but he's called as you heard in his report their. attempt to scare his boat voters to get out to vote and say the arabs will turn out and i numbers well in fact that backfired in the arab vote did turn out in high numbers and although they don't take part in the israeli coalition governments they could down the line and up
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recommending maybe benny gantz to help form some sort of unity government although they would never take part and he might help might recommend not to the president so this time around there's much more. play and have a door leave him and he could be the one who ends up being the kingmaker no love lost now between lieberman and netanyahu wants a loyal ally wants great friends their relationship as fractured now so lieberman could play a very important role in the coming days and weeks down yes as you said but it could take weeks of horse trading to form this new coalition government so just talk us through the scenarios but it. well what happens now is it takes another few days really for the official announcement of the election the final tally to be calculate when votes come in from overseas and diplomatic postings only when that happens then the president gets all the main parties together he meets them all and
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they recommend who they think should be prime minister the one who gets the biggest share of those calls is then the president then calls on that person to attempt to form a government and that person's got 4 weeks to try and do it if it's benny gantz then he could either try and form a unity government by finding some sort of defectors in likud party or he could try and form a party made up of the left and ultra orthodox parties of us one scenario or netanyahu he could try and find cracks in the in the blue and white party. and then with those far right parties form the right wing group because what netanyahu wants is an immunity government he wants immunity from prosecution he's not going to get that from benny benny gantz and gans is blue and white coalition so a lot to happen over 'd the next few weeks daryn and a lot remains unknown or at
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a bit of smith in western islam bernard thank you let's cross over now to me to abraham who is in ramallah need us so what's the feeling there on the ground amongst palestinians about the selection. we've heard from the deputy for more the world out and who said that he commended the palestinian israeli parties at achieving a higher rate as we have seen from the initial results in the israeli elections saying that they when they unite they do better however in the overall perspective the whole picture it seems that palestinians are not really dwell on the results of the israeli elections they don't really see that there is much of a difference yesterday the palestinian prime minister how much they has said that isn't much difference between the 2 main contenders meaning guns and that and you hope as none of them had agendas to end the israeli occupation over the palestinian territory this morning the p.l.o. secretary general saw about it spoke he said that the main difference between the 2
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main contenders guidance and that's and you know how is that one meaning that's on the whole he wants to deepen what he called the apartheid and the other who wants to cement the stuff the school meaning the continuation of the occupation of the palestinian territory now according to the palestinians we've seen that it's also very recent poll results of the elections do not seem to be the main concerns the end of the occupation even it's not seen as a tina bill at this point they care more about day to day issues about being able to pay the bills we know that the palestinian authority has been facing a deep financial crisis for the past 7 months or so that see it's not able to pay fully its employees so this is seems to be the main feeling here being able to continue rather than dwelling on the results of israeli elections all right to be able him back in ramallah thank you palestinian diplomat
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a modulus he says the alternatives to netanyahu aren't any better for his people. well certainly. being out of the picture is something good for peace but we don't see that the platform that others run on the ideas that they carry out really something that would lead to talks or peace they all promoted the platform that the extreme towards palestinian promise is done with continuation of the school on the old regime and racist. notions towards them and intends to further expand at the fullest. extent of the palestinians so the promises are not necessarily promising now if there is there will be a shift and the any kind of coalition with. or
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respect the terms of reference template to these talks to start in the 1st place the palestinian side i think it will be more than happy to sit down and talk with the view of ending dr this prolonged occupation and so it's possible that this is not the case we will continue the course depending on defending or right and exposing this racist colonialist regime on our. saudi arabia says normal oil production will resume in weeks rather than months the kingdom's energy minister has given a rare public statement saying half of the damage caused by saturday's drone attacks has been fixed other countries are helping france is sending experts to saudi arabia to investigate who may have carried out the attacks and how the kingdom is joining the u.s. led maritime coalition to secure the persian gulf and that focuses on key shipping lanes including the strait of hormuz they're used to transport a 5th of the world's oil well the move by saudi arabia comes ahead of
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a visit by the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he's going there to share information about the attack as more. the men in charge of saudi arabia's energy sector briefed embrace to give a republic statement be here to reassure global markets after saudi oil infrastructure was attacked on saturday. half of its oil production was wiped out it's 5 percent of the world's daily output they reassured him based his output would return to normal by the end of the month to. be over the last 2 days the damage has been contained and more than half of the production capabilities that were damaged have been restored therefore the company will fulfill all of its commitments to clients during this month. the comments comes crude oil prices which had seen the biggest one day jump in history on monday but can they fulfill their promises i'm pessimistic in terms of full production we're talking over
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5.7 to 5 point $85000000.00 barrels a day this is a tremendous amount this was the largest drop in the oil production anywhere in history who the rebels took responsibility as payback for the war in yemen but it is just well younis to be. keeps it taking saudi arabia with ballistic missiles and drones until the end of the oil supremacy that they have. but the u.s. and saudi arabia suspect iran is the true culprit certainly looking like iran was behind these attacks our intelligence community at this very hour is working diligently to review the evidence u.s. security of state might home pay or has been deployed to some.


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