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tv   Arabs Abroad The Businesswomen The Councillor  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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yeah mike i met him fella got them yeah nato again not. an ethiopian woman determined to tell the world a new story about her country our homes our humanity is the most beautiful and we've got i wish we can just realize that it and just the fact that despite the challenges she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. oh this is 0. hello i'm sorry this is the news. coming up in the next 60 minutes no clear winner
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a lot of negotiating ahead. goes on in israeli elections. iran says an attack on saudi arabia's major oil facilities was a warning from who finds his in yemen. 5 times more likely to be killed than women in any other country south africa is about to hold an extraordinary session of parliament over its gender violence crisis. sports news including details on the arrest of pittsburgh pirates pitcher philippe. multiple charges including the felicitation of a minor. league. now israel 2nd election in under 6 months is ended with even less clarity than the last one votes are still being counted and the latest update shows the 2 main
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parties prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the code and the blue and white of benny gantz are tied both have many options for coalition and there is even talk about trying to form a unity government minus netanyahu bernard smith is live for us in west jerusalem need that ibrahim is in the occupied west bank but 1st we begin in tel aviv with hairy forces. the music blurred benjamin netanyahu smiles but more than 5 hours after voting finished it was clear this was no victory even if he was far from ready to admit defeat the question is are you. a government committed to the jewish state or neither will your can there be a government that relies on. arab parties but the exit polls suggest he doesn't have the numbers to dictate he may not be given 1st chance to form a government 5 months ago benjamin netanyahu waited several hours before making his speech waiting for the numbers to swing in his favor this time he's waited longer
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the numbers appeared to swallow if the other direction 5 months ago he made a victory speech this time it was a speech of defiance it seems clear that his grip on power is weakened believed to be ticked off at the opposition blue and white headquarters the mood was very different former army chief benny gantz didn't repeat is premature victory declaration from april instead his tone was a man ready for a grave responsibility and if he had got so we need to be patient it wasn't an easy mission as we see now netanyahu did not succeed in his mission when comparison proved that the idea of blue and white succeeded big time and is here to stay it was equal vindication for i believe him a lesson yos former ally you collapse the coalition talks pushed his secular. gender and nearly doubled his israel between 2 parties vote. we have only one option a national liberal government made up of israel by to new. and and white the
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presumption is that he demand likud 1st replace netanyahu was leader but that's something it shows no sign of readiness to do. able. to cobble netanyahu is the leader of the liquid support for him is strong and in times of crisis it gets stronger it all came after a friend etic final day of campaigning gantz aping netanyahu was tactics urging supporters off the beach telling him his party was on the verge of defeat at yahoo seem to spend the day in one long emergency broadcast on social media and in person repeatedly warning his right wing base that arabs were voting in great numbers. the leader of the mainly palestinian israeli joint list i'm an said netanyahu incitement had come at a heavy price causing instead a surge in support it's possible we did see some form of backlash people saying you say we're going to come to the the polls in in rope so we are here we come and
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there and this is what we can do in israeli politics or his office says he's due to have talks soon with benny gantz raising the possibility that he could offer him some kind of support benjamin netanyahu spoke on stage of the difficulties and pressure of this campaign with his 1st pre indictment hearing on corruption charges jus in 2 weeks and the prospects of fighting them from the prime minister's office now diminished the pressure looks set to intensify al-jazeera television or i burn his faith now joins us live from west jerusalem these results don't look like they're clarifying the country's road ahead in terms of politics. i know some it could be many many many weeks even months before we know who's going to be the next prime minister of israel what we do know is that the enormous gamble benjamin netanyahu talk in april hasn't really paid off what happened in april was that when he was unable to form a coalition the president would have called on benny gantz to try and form
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a coalition instead but before the present was able to do that netanyahu dissolved and went into these elections hoping he could pull in the votes he needed pull in supporting needed by threatening and cajoling people his supporters to get out and vote and that would give him enough seats to get across the line for majority government fact we could show the vote down they got 32 seats instead of 35 so the crown is slipping off netanyahu has had it hasn't fallen off yet it's not all over but that sort of the nature of invincibility of this incredible credibly 6 clever successful politician in terms of getting the vote out hasn't worked one of his threats in fact that there would be a large if his supporters in both in the arabs would be voting in large numbers while our supporters did vote in large numbers and name may end up having a role in the formation of the next government something i'm burning with things
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looking side of the murky what is the israeli president likely to do next. well what practically happens now is that when the official result is announced in a few days hence the main parties make their recommendations of the president of who they think should be prime minister the one who gets the most support is the one the president calls on to try and form a coalition government and they've got about 4 weeks to do it now benny gantz might do this because he says he wants a unity government have a door lieberman says he will support whoever promises to have a unity government or the arab list might give their support to benny gantz because their leader iman oday he said on the israeli radio today that he wants to be the leader of the opposition a recognition that he perhaps sees a unity government in the works but for that unity government to work benny gantz
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has got to take support from likud they say they're never going to work it eve use unity government. they would have they wouldn't get rid of netanyahu is their leader but honestly could over the weeks sees the risk of heading into opposition getting perhaps more serious than they may start to crack and support the idea of a unity government netanyahu he could still get support from labor. and maybe lieberman possibly and that would then allow netanyahu to stay in government something. thanks so much bernard smith from west jerusalem let's cross over now today brahimi she's live for us from ramallah so. palestinians looking at these elections and seeing any hope toll that the occupation might be a step closer because of anything that's happened. well when the prime minister. spoke about this issue yesterday in bethlehem he said that he doesn't really see
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any difference between the 2 main contenders as number of them have ending the occupation on their agenda is this morning we've also heard from the p.l.o. that he general saw a bit of hard to say that you have to clinton there is one who wants to see expansion and extending of what he called the upper tide meaning benjamin netanyahu and another benny gantz who wants to maintain and keep this that the score as in keeping the israeli occupation over the palestinian territory now if you talk to palestinians in this 3 that you would see that they have not read the following their results of these elections they will tell you that the main 2 characters in these elections are 2 faces for this same coins in the same coin in the way they're looking to palestinians a decent poll that was conducted by a palestinian research center says that palestinians have other concerns really now with these mainly their economic situation the palestinian authority has been
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facing a deep financial crisis partially because of israel's decision to withhold part of the taxes its collects on behalf of the palestinian authority it prevented the palestinian authority from paying its civil servants in salaries on a regular basis so it seems that this is more where the palestinians are focusing on right now they don't see of israeli politics talking much about anding the occupation rather netanyahu was using the annexation of the jordan valley in parts of the occupied west bank as part of his elections campaign or only brought him there from ramallah for him so much for that as being about to go see barely news and tell of these a former israeli minister of justice also served as a member of the knesset for 20 years good to have you with us so how do you see this is israel heading for a unity government. 1st of all yesterday there wasn't a pivot in the israeli political to see an attorney how cannot form
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a government for the whole term and maybe he will be the next leader of the opposition not necessarily the arab league. and all that i really hope that something like that is possible i'm not sure what the dance one already but there is it is very clear that netanyahu last. now the question is whether it would be possible to have a unity government as guns would like to have with out in at any hour the likud will give up on a deal which is quite unlikely if it is possible then there would be a unity government between the blue white party and the and the likud which would be of course much more moderate views of the 2 words the process with the palestinians. to the arabs and other things but it would not be really
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a government of the peaceniks on the other hand if the likud doesn't agree to replace an attorney then there might be a minority government led by guns with a kind of a safety net or support from with out of the arab league east and they later on perhaps also the ultra religious parties might join such a government i prefer personally to have such a government and the this government who could be more courageous visit the peace process i think that any way dance would try to talk to president abbas and see where the it would it is possible to find a way to continue the peace process which is totally frozen and even if he is the head of a unity government but if it is he's a head of the minority government it would be easier for him you talked about
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upheaval what's happened to the left in these elections it seems the question is more how much further or how much towards the riots the next government will emerge . well what happened if you compare it to the last elections on april 9th this year the right wing had more seats in the knesset and they had thought the. liberal man would be part of this right block it appealed later on that lieberman was not ready to join the right wing coalition and he changed it today. little man got vaults by the way from left and right both it is very clear that the now and he is committed to both sides and he is much more
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a much more is much more closer to the left wing then to the right wing if this is the case and there is also an emo city person on a new city to work. then i believe that this is the big change week which happened here they'll want to be a situation well by lieberman will say i support. for prime ministership after these results and although the changes are not huge the small changes which took place and mainly the fact that lieberman did not come to the electoral campaign by committing himself in advance to an attorney out as it was half a year ago this is changing the whole picture and create. or offend some i sure see belin. iran's president says the fighters launched an attack on the oil refineries in saudi arabia as
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a warning that it should withdraw from the war in yemen as the rouhani made the comments on wednesday alongside another denial iran was involved. as well the yemeni people reacted they hit a location they didn't hit hospitals so why they didn't hit schools they didn't hit the sun are bizarre they attacked an industrial site to warn you you should learn a lesson and do something to stop the war. meanwhile saudi arabia says normal oil production will resume within weeks rather than months france is sending experts to the country to investigate who carried out the attacks and how they did it the kingdom is joining the u.s. led maritime coalition to secure the gulf that focuses on key shipping lanes including the strait of hormuz which is used to transport a 5th of the world's oil comes ahead of a visit by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he's going to saudi arabia to share information about the attack charlotte ballasts has more. the men in charge of saudi arabia's
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energy sector briefed embrace to give a rear public statement be here to reassure global markets after saudi oil infrastructure was attacked on saturday. half of its oil production was wiped out it's 5 percent of the world's daily output they reassured investors output would return to normal by the end of the month still you'll be in my view over the last 2 days the damage has been contained and more than half of the production capabilities that were damaged have been restored therefore the company will fulfill all of its commitments to clients during this month. the comments come to crude oil prices which had seen the biggest one day jump in history on monday but can they fulfill their promises i'm pessimistic in terms of full production we're talking over 5.7 to 5 point $5000000.00 barrels
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a day this is a tremendous amount this was the largest drop in the oil production anywhere in history who the rebels took responsibility as payback for the war in yemen but it is just well yanis jab we demand keeps it taking saudi arabia with ballistic missiles and drones until the end of this oil supremacy that i hate. but the u.s. and saudi arabia suspect iran is the true culprit certainly looking like iran was behind these attacks our intelligence community at this very hour is working diligently to review the evidence u.s. secretary of state mike home payer has been deployed to saudi arabia the state department saved he will coordinate efforts to counter iranian aggression in the region despite iran denying any involvement foreign minister zarif tweeted in defense of the whose these the u.s. isn't upset when its allies mercilessly bomb babies in yemen for over 4 years with
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its arms and its military assistance but it is terribly upset when the victims reacts the only way they can against the graces oil refineries. but for saudi arabia and the u.s. any attack on the world's energy supply is a red line crossed it will not decide how to punish whoever they determine is the perpetrator chela ballasts al-jazeera. south africa is about to hold an extraordinary session of its parliament on how to tackle gender based violence president. talks of a crisis after growing protests over rape and murder figures show sexual offenses and gender murder rates have been rising significantly in south africa over the last decade in 2018 police recorded in the average of $58.00 murders every day our sexual offenses including rape have risen almost 5 percent this year and according to w.h.o. estimates the summer of raids in south africa is almost 5 times the global average
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with one woman being murdered every 3 hours or shell pentel lives in johannesburg she told us her story your family us assizes you society our society. i've been gang raped with a cut of my nipples at 16. my the man that. that read me from sex tonight he was living my parents' home and he broke my nose and my mamma said well. the sitting. you know in my nose which has been continuous my mom was murdered in 2009 asking pleaded to get a spleen was structured she bled to death you know and that's my find you've been abusing you've been raped and they've taken away interesting thing of you they're not just taking away. your body they take no hand so that i have
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been so much pain but i have kids and i need to keep them strong and this is my story in this my please you know. for those kids for how kids for. you know we've been. left in the end it's worse if. well speak to. me in johannesburg she's the director of rise up against gender based violence good to have you with us 1st of all explain to us why is it that the is so high in south africa. well i think that generally as a country we haven't healed from atrocities of the past and there isn't adequate psychosocial support services to actually address this issue so people are
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traumatized and they basically acting out in the most violent ways humanly possible and that's where we find ourselves in this position we're also talking about the way that we raise our children and the socialization and we basically are a very violent society and not being discouraged even at the hormone level even at the societal level even at the church level if we basically not given the tools of how to address the harrowing levels of violence in our society parliaments hold news stored in a recession as you know are you hopeful. i'm very hopeful look at the 2nd hand that this is happened since the dawn of democracy so this is extremely a big moment and i hope that they don't waste this big move because we have such a huge scourge and haven't been to the proper resources haven't been allocated there are programs that can actually do something about the such a social behavior change programs but you need to start doing a proper implementation plan from government there is
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a national strategic can process that currently underway that is draft policy but again this is not found that have been educated towards this work so want to start seeing real commitment from government one a starting actual implementation and we definitely want the overall of the criminal justice system in the country to actually respond to the scourge. should a state of emergency be declared over this issue and if so how would that help. well i'm not too keen on on a state of emergency at the moment because what that would do is it would give more power to not just the military but also the police services in the country and currently they're there failing us so i mean it does it does actually allow for some kind of constitutional how can i put it for basically some of our rights and our protections to be overlooked for things like a curfew could be put in place in order to be able to assist i don't think that
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that's the way forward what needs to happen is some kind of disaster to be declared so that there's an emergency pool of funds and resources that are going to be allocated into departments for the right response against end of a surveillance all right good to get your thoughts thanks so much. staying in afghanistan the taliban fighters say they're responsible for 2.


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