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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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out the attack and how they did it and the kingdom is also joining the u.s. led maritime coalition to secure the gulf that separate but it does focus on key shipping lines including the strait of hormuz which is used to transport a 5th of the world's oil and finally president donald trump has called for more sanctions on iran just as and you heard the reporters asking there were referring to the fact that secretary of state might pompei it was due in saudi arabia to share intelligence about the attacks that's all the information here's the team here at the white house will be with you shortly kambli i'm starting with. in teheran saying we already had this denial from the iranians today continued denial that they did now comes the statement from the saudis that the attack came from the north it was sponsored by iran but very specifically not saying it was iran. yes that's exactly right right off the bat here leaders in tehran are most likely going to be watching this thinking this was
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a very forceful press conference designed right out of the gate to lay the blame at iran's feet now much of the evidence displayed in there was a large volume of it might be arguably circumstantial that's certainly what iranian leaders are likely to say but the fact is that the sheer volume of information presented will be hard for anyone to ignore be iran's enemies or their allies anyone trying to get to the bottom of what happened will find it difficult to ignore the sheer volume of information even though as you said when given the opportunity a saudi spokesman refused to point the finger squarely at iran now what iran's government has been saying since the 1st bits of allegations came from the united states that iran was behind the attack on these saudi aramco facilities last week iran has said that that simply isn't the case they completely denied any responsibility and in the last 24 hours both iran's foreign minister zarif and iran's president hassan rouhani have said that the reason the united states and
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saudi arabia and the saudi led coalition members like you a year are willfully pushing this narrative that iran was behind it is because it is an embarrassment that a country and countries that have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the latest technology much of it from the west much of it from the united states were able to detect and prevent or thwart an attack by yemeni hooty fighters that were arguably using much less sophisticated weaponry and that is a source of embarrassment so what they're trying to push is a narrative that iran is attacking global oil infrastructure and not the narrative that the richest arab nation in the region the richest gulf arab nation has for years launched a war on the poorest gulf arab nation and that poor gulf arab nation yemen who defied those have been able to draw a great deal of blood in this latest attack starting to fail to maize and that actually the more information we get or at least the more information that is presented to us by the 2 sides the less we actually know because both sides are going to stick to their story the iranians say we didn't do it the saudis say well
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you did or at least you sponsored it and we'll come back to you with the perv. that's exactly right and it's not just the gulf that is dividing them there is a divide between these parties from any sort of negotiation from any sort of talks and every incident that comes up seems to divide these parties further and really what people will be looking to in the future is to deescalate tensions now iran in a letter to the united states via their go-between at the swiss embassy made it clear that it denies the allegations made it clear that it had nothing to do with it and it also said that any if any country uses these made up allegations they say to carry out an attack against iran that iran will retaliate immediately and it will go beyond the limitation of just the source of any potential attack what it's saying there is that they're standing policy iran has said over and over again it
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reminds people in the region any time escalation happens of this sort it says that if iran is attacked once even one iranian target is attacked in any sort of way it will retaliate by attacking all american allies and interests in the region and for neighboring countries who are allies of the united states but have either friendly or functional relationships still with iran that is certainly a worrying issue no doubt leaders in the region will be looking to each other to their allies in iran to people they're talking to in the united states to try to allow cooler heads to prevail to try to deescalate these latest tensions ok thanks . for now just before we go to kimberly how could i just want to talk through some of those pictures you were seeing whilst we were talking to zain they're showing the debris which has been recovered by the saudis they say they are. which a land attack cruise missiles which hit the. oil facility apparently 3 of them landed
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short 4 of them did hit and also parts from 18. unmanned aerial vehicles drones we would more commonly call them and they sound these are presented on. of this as iranian technology g.p.s. information and colonel even said that the iranians were trying to erase some of the information on those you a vase. but that the saudis that we're going to be able to recover information themselves to determine exactly where it all came from so i just wanted to talk through some of those pictures if you weren't watching the news conference a little bit earlier this is what was presented the direction of the missiles the direction of the damage on the facilities the spokesman saying this all indicates that the attack came from the north not specifically iran but the north ok another perspective now kimberly how good is our white house correspondent few bits and pieces we can talk about kimberly but 1st of all the fact that secretary is on his way to saudi arabia and he was asked what the spokesman there was asked by a u.s. reporter certainly what are you expecting from the u.s.
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and it just seems to come down to support and sharing information. yeah and we know that something that has been going on for many days we have heard on this side here in the united states with regard to the u.s. secretary of state meeting that not only will he be meeting with the saudi crown prince but also the crown prince of the u.a.e. they are part of me got a bit of a bee right here trying to attack me i'm going to shoot away there and continue what they are saying officially is that they are working to counter a ronnie an aggression this is something that we've heard repeatedly from the united states side we've heard it from the saudis there in the press conference but again very big on sort of the specifics of how that might look what that might look like you did hear an american reporter in that press conference discussing. your oppressing what this may be in terms of response we heard there the desire from the
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saudi side potentially something at the united nations the united nations security council but that gets tricky given the fact that there is that veto power for any sort of resolution that could be blocked by both russia and china given the relationship with iran so there's a bit of a question mark there on the other big question mark in all of this canal is the fact that we've just had a new national security adviser named here in the united states by donald trump something he did over twitter in the last couple of hours and that leaves some question mark about how things move forward because we know the former national security advisor john bolton in fact was very hawkish on iran that's why he departed the white house whether fired or resigned is still not clear but there is some dispute over with regard to any potential meeting at the united nations general assembly that is imminent whether or not there would be a lifting or easing of sanctions potentially as some sort of negotiating tool that
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was a difference of opinion but big question marks when it comes to this new national security adviser who has been named. and his he is a familiar at the state department is name is robert o'brien but we don't know how he will proceed if it will be a much more measured response which is something that the u.s. president has indicated perhaps he would like as recently as monday when he very specifically said he doesn't want to go to war he would like to avoid it when it comes to iran just quickly can be one of the point travel warning regards iran. yes you know certainly we have had some concerns in the past by the u.s. state department and that has continued to be something that is in place because there is the threat not only to u.s. assets in the region but also to civilians so in terms of all sort of non-essential travel the warning coming from the state department is that that is something that is not advised complete how could so the white house kimberly thanks so much for
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the bats coverage here of the news conference out of riyadh moments ago held by turkey the saudi defense spokesman showing this information pictures maps all indicating he says that the attacks on the 2 saudi oil facilities. saudi aramco oil facilities. it was sponsored by iran that it came from the north but it couldn't have come from yemen but wouldn't provide any further information than that just to say that it was all sponsored by iran and that the exact launch point would be determined by all that debris and information that has been gathered so this is all just happened in the last well 40 to 50 minutes as we said showing off these pieces of drones and cruise missiles that fell short of their target all presented as evidence that the attacks on the saudi aramco oil facilities were
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sponsored by iran but not necessarily or not confirmed as coming from iran more to talk about of course later more analysis on this story in the coming hours. our the main story is the israeli election in just 5 months after 1000000 conclusive ballots the 2nd election still has no clear winner over 90 percent of the votes have been counted and prime minister benjamin netanyahu from the could is trailing his rival benny gantz of the blue and white party as things stand it is too close to call it means israel will now face lengthy coalition negotiations political paralysis possibly even a 3rd vote one thing is clear though tuesday's election was essentially a referendum on 10 years of benjamin netanyahu leadership for him it is crucial winning could be the only way to avoid criminal prosecution over the corruption charges against him because he would retain his immunity as the prime minister but
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right now netanyahu or gantz need support from the smaller parties to form a government or there is another option coalition talks could mean a unity government without netanyahu the kingpin though from all of this in tuesday's election is avigdor lieberman who leads an ultra nationalist secular party his gamble back in april paid off he quit is the defense minister which ultimately led netanyahu to call the snap elections lieberman had promised to take down his former ally he is also one of those who is calling for the unity government more on this in a moment with our correspondents and analysts 1st this report mary force that in tel aviv. the music benjamin netanyahu smiles but more than 5 hours after voting finished it was clear this was a new victory even if he was far from ready to admit defeat shushing. a government committed to the jewish state neither will be nor can there be a government that relies on. arab parties at the exit polls suggest he doesn't have
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the numbers to dictate he may not be given 1st chance to form a government 5 months ago benjamin netanyahu waited several hours before because waiting for the numbers to swing in his favor this time is way too long. the numbers appeared to this one in the other direction for 5 months ago he made a victory speech this time it was a speech of defiance it seems clear that his grip on power is weak and lead to beating time at the opposition blue and white headquarters the mood was very different former army chief benny gantz didn't repeat his premise filled victory declaration from april instead his tone was a man ready for a grave responsibility and if he had thought so we need to be patient it wasn't an easy mission as we see now netanyahu did not succeed in his mission we in comparison proved to the idea of blue and white succeeded big time and he's here to stay it was equal vindication for i make believe i'm
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a lesson yos for my ally who collapsed the coalition talks pushed his secular agenda and nearly doubled his israel between 2 parties vote. we have only one option a national liberal government made up of israel by to noon and the crude and and white the presumption is that he demand likud 1st replace netanyahu was leader but that's something it shows no sign of readiness to do a haven for. a couple met and yahoo is the leader of the lake could support for him is strong and in times of crisis it gets stronger it all came after a friend etic final day of campaigning against aping netanyahu is tactics urging supporters off the beach telling him his party was on the verge of defeat and you know who seemed to spend the day in one long emergency broadcast on social media and in person repeatedly warning his right wing base that arabs were voting in great numbers. the leader of the mainly palestinian israeli joint list i'm an audit
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said netanyahu incitement had come at a heavy price causing instead a surge in support it's possible we did see some form of backlash people saying you say we're going to come to the polls in in row so we are here we come and there and this is what we can do in israeli politics or his office says he's due to have talks soon with benny gantz raising the possibility that he could offer him some kind of support benjamin netanyahu spoke on stage of the difficulties and pressure of this campaign with his 1st and hearing on corruption charges jus in 2 weeks and the prospects of fighting them from the prime minister's office now diminished the pressure looks set to intensify al-jazeera television. the latest now with in. not over for prime minister netanyahu but it starting to look a lot more difficult. well not according to him we just heard a very short statement by the prime minister in which he basically said it's
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a government led by me or one where the arabs would have a voice referring to to palestinian israelis and the arab joint list which actually fared quite well according to the exit polls was quite interesting is that since last night since that early morning where i would say. has been using a different language if you recall after the elections in april he was talking about right wing government well now he's talking about zionists government probably trying to position himself in a very different way but it is very difficult he had the meeting earlier on with his coalition partners a right wing parties and now he's going into a meeting with his own party dilip who already but how does it work from here if. for example stay as it is now with benny gantz. seat ahead does that mean these are
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the president goes to him 1st and says you get the 1st chance to make a government. well i spoke to constitution israeli president could ask anyone to form a government which he goes to benny gantz traditionally they do go to do the 1st task is given to de person or the party who has gotten more seats and in this case according to the exit polls even though we still don't have the final official results. it does look very much as the blue and white party has one seat at least as head of the likud party but then in that even in that case it's not going to be an easy task for benny gantz he has the support of the leftist parties there's about 6 seats there are indications to not confirm that the arab joint list would recommend the president to tosk 1st benny gantz with the formation of a government even though the arab jointness and this state would not join that
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coalition would actually rather stay in the opposition so if you add all these numbers benny gantz is head of. benjamin netanyahu by one or 2 cs and then you have the question of dora lieberman what he is going to do he has repeated 3 times so far since last night that he favors a broad based liberal unity government which would include likud blue and white and his own party baked into israel his positions certainly would be very important and would tilt any political power in one direction. but at the end of the day there's a lot of anger against benjamin netanyahu and you do get a feeling that you could get a sort of broad based government or a coalition government that is basically united at this stage in bringing down benjamin netanyahu. thank you hoda and in london is known bashar our senior
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political analysts as their mo and there are so many different possibilities here in your view what is the most likely and i know that's asking you to get the crystal ball out but still tell us what you think. it's actually what i said only a few moments after the exit door last night and i think realistically speaking there's only one options left short of a 3rd election within a year and that option is a so-called national jewish unity government between white and blue party and the likud party but haps with other center right party is like you started with a no the overwhelming every russian party led by the daughter lieberman narrow coalition governments led by likud or by a white and blue party is not possible the math does not add up with lieberman
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insisting that he would not join and that the neo led government with the religious right i think the possibility of any narrow government is no longer there now national unity government or national jewish unity government of course is going to be difficult the talks are going to be long and protracted and my guess is prime minister netanyahu could not be a leader of any such unity government white and group party would not accept him specially with indictments overshadowing his future as a leader and i think in that sense and here i am making another if you will educated guess that in the next few days we will start seeing cracks within the week with party itself people saying that. prime minister not the now has
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basically run his course that he led that he could to a none victory or perhaps defeat if he gets less votes than blue and white party and then we will start seeing a whole different political scene in israel no one what is it about israeli politics that makes it quite so fractured at the moment is it the the personalities is it the direction they want to take the country and is it voter apathy is it actually all of us things. it's actually something much deeper than that because we in the media and that's normal and that's what our viewers want to know is who won the horse race who's going to be the next prime minister of israel so that's a very reasonable thing to answer but when you look more globally at the transformation of israel over the last 50 or 70 years you are not to something a bit different and you notice that there are certain consistency in how israel
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moves forward or if you were backward but certainly in terms of years forward and that is give you a couple of very quick examples one of the 2 weakest parties today in israel is the so-called left and labor's zionist parties these 2 parties together aaron basically around 11 seats less than the at a blessed. those 11 seats by liberal and merits and there are lives. basically the lowest labor zionism or left zionism has ever earned in its history in fact for our viewers around the world let me say this the 1st 3 decades of the history of israel limbers zionism has dominated every single government until $977.00 that same labor zionism today commands less than 10 percent of the parliamentary seats so what you see here is the center labor and left zionism have lost completely and
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this election confirms this trend on the other hand while not the neo has or maybe losing his seat prime minister there right in israel has been consistently on the rise since 977 and what you have today is 3 quarters of the seats in parliament are dominated either by extreme centrist or religious right parties there is no more really left zionism left and if there is anything there is secular zionism or atheist zionism if you want but think about it for a 2nd come up we talked about secular resign ism but there secularists in the bloom part the blue and white party for example they don't want to have courtship food they don't mean they do want to have course of food they do want to drive their cars on the sabbath on saturday but they insist that god has given the
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jewish people what we call palestine or what the palestinian call their homeland so it's a bit paradoxical on the one hand they call themselves secular sort of an atheist but this insist that this is the promised land for the jews known bashar as a senior political analyst in london on the israeli election thank you moment. the top story on the news hour though is the latest on the attacks on the saudi oil facilities and saudi arabia has said it has evidence that iran sponsored saturday's attacks on its oil fields we've heard from the defense ministry spokesman who says those responsible should be held accountable for their actions this. was not a game this. soviet i'll call. it was an asshole
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national community a deliberate attempt to just rock the global economy and the energy industry it was one of. 2 international law and those responsible should be held accountable for a bit actions your eyes. the sponsorship of. interference . put it to us or we call or we call upon the international community to acknowledge. activity in the region and scott now from london under a screen sister and professor at the defense studies department king's college london regular contributor here on al-jazeera you have heard what the saudis spokesman has been saying i thought it was interesting in fact that the whole news conference was conducted in english as well big on the rhetoric firmly saying this
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is sponsored by iran but then would not definitively say this is iran it was all a little ambiguous. absolutely i can well very ambiguous statements there from from the spokesperson of the saudi military but when he was not a bigot or what he was not a bit was about was the fact that he was saying the attacks were not originate or did not originate in the south in yemen but in the north and their kind as well and some of the theories that most analysts have really come up with over the last couple of days and the fact is that how was it possible for all these strikes to actually pit where to be pinpointed and actually hit targets as precisely as they did considering that saudi arabia has obviously a in an offensive breland place and one of the explanations among many is they were looking out or watching out for missiles and incoming fire from the south or not really from the north so the raiders went really covering that area around iraq or
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the northern part of the arabian gulf so in this kind of context it's seems that this becomes an increasingly more likely scenario that most of these plying devices were actually launched from the area the border area between. iraq and iran and i think this is probably the biggest allegation and the most interesting bit it came out of this news conference and the question is then what will they do with that kind of information so if we think about who has the capability in the area to basically launch an object like this and it is precisely as they did this facility they are not very many actors in place that could actually do it so you know who these are the capability you know it is quite far away particularly for cruise missiles to penetrate that deeply into saudi arabia it would be easier to launch it from iran many from iran or from iraq and if we look at the. non-state
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that actually have that kind of capability we see that apart from the who are these there are certain sorry gets of the iranians in north and south and. iraq is well it could be a quick launch these kind of projectiles into saudi arabia so it is entirely sorry undress i just want to make the point that what because we're looking at the pictures of all the the hardware which the spokesman was showing us it's almost like it need all we need at this point 3rd party verification another another group to come in and look at everything and say yes this is iranian. because really the of course the saudis are going to say it was the iranians who did it. oh yeah of course i mean this press conference you rightly said this is it was a it was a battle over narratives it's right the saudis are trying to address an international audience they're trying to make a case and they're trying to get sympathy as well from the international community and most importantly they're trying to speak out towards washington saying look
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watching you have to do something about it america you have to do something about it knowing that the truck ministration doesn't really want to get sucked into another military confrontation in the area but yes there is an investigation ongoing u.n. . inspectors was supposed to be part of it american inspectors. but so what i mean you know even if the evidence will come hell saying you know it was launched from southern iraq and then you know it leaves us with the with the question of who gave that kind of technology to the non-state actors in iraq and you know the only conclusion that we can come up with and most analysts can come up with is iran because no one else has their technology no one else would procure that kind of technology to non-state actors and if you look at the sargon network if iran is monitoring in the region and also in iraq but also in yemen this are your network has been has received support from iran in the past so it wouldn't be completely. you know not unheard of to think that this was actually hearing is
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operating by their surrogates what i don't think is likely is that the iranians were launching up from their own territory and using always in their own devices because that is something that can be traced and i think their investigation will eventually show where or where the launch point was and if it was in iran and there is always see nothing in terms of plausible deniability that the iranians do on the other hand if it was launched from southern iraq we are basically even if we know that the technology came from iran it will be still inconclusive and will be very difficult for us to direct it to iran they're making it difficult for the west respond to that kind of aggression. thank you and your screed taking us through with analysis of what the saudis have presented to us with regards to the oil attacks thank you now the democratic republic of congo's army says it has killed a rwandan hutu rebel leader who is wanted by the international criminal court
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sylvestre a coomera has been wanted by the i.c.c. since 2012 on charges of war crimes for alleged attacks against civilians in eastern democratic republic of congo his rebel group was accused of killing hundreds of civilians during attacks in the provinces between 292010 when would occur i was the deputy commander of the presidential guard of the rwandan armed forces this is going back to the genocide in 1904 he took up the leadership of a rebel group largely made up of rwandan hutu militia which began operating in neighboring after the genocide human rights watch documented killings of over 700 civilians by the 5 seats in provinces between 292010 those attacks including murder rape and torture congolese and rwandan armies with support from the un peacekeeping mission launched a military campaign against the armed groups and the 2012 the international
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criminal court issued an arrest warrant for more to cooma after charging him with war crimes in d c bit of background for you there and some discussion with simon adams now who is executive director of the global center for the responsibility to protect he's in new york thank you for staying with us through all of that breaking news which we've had in your view how how big is this if we're talking about big fish wanted by the i.c.c. in this particular area with to do with rwanda and see how important a figure is a. he's a very important figure i mean he's a commander of the f.d.a. he's been one of the hardline holdouts who has been absolutely resistant to giving up their weapons and handing themselves in they control although a very limited amount of territory now in the sea because of all the efforts that have been taken against them they still pose a real and direct threat to civilians they have a long history of carrying out ethnic massacres of recruiting child soldiers of
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arms trafficking of sexual violence of almost every international crime that you can imagine and of course as you mentioned in your lead in this particular individual has a history that goes all the way back 25 years to being a senior commander of the rwandan armed forces during the genocide against the twits in that country in 1904 so yes it's a it's a very big deal that he's lost his life it's important i'd like to build on that going back to rwanda 9094 where actually looking at some pictures from there it's such a horrific moment in history something which so many have said must never happen again i guess it is important that that has not forgotten and that those who were involved in that time do say face justice all but who. do come to some sort of justice in one way or another. absolutely i mean he was part of that that genocidal regime which then basically attempted to move itself into the
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congo and set itself up as a kind of not just a government in exile but a kind of country in exile taking as many of the people from the hutu population as they could and being responsible of course for ongoing atrocities in the democratic republic of the congo in the group that he's been a leader of if as i said has a long long history of atrocities he was an unrepentant genocide year and i think you know i personally would have loved to have seen him in handcuffs and to face international justice in a courtroom but unfortunately he chose the path that led him to his death last time there are others of his ilk wanted by the by the i.c.c. the international criminal court with specific regards to d.l.c. and keven while he was the one outstanding fugitive of the current indictments the one outstanding fugitive from international justice and so that matter has now resulted itself having said that there are of course other
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people within the f.b.i. law who many other people would be interested in prosecuting for crimes committed all the way back to $994.00 but more recently over the last decade or so in the democratic republic of the congo particularly in the in the north and south kivu not least of all the rwandan government who would love to get their hands on on some of those people the deep sea government who continues to see the f.t.l. are as a as a threat and the united nations as well some atoms from the global center for the responsibility to protect thanks for your time today we do appreciate it. now activists with hong kong's democracy movement have made a direct appeal to the u.s. congress for support joshua wang and denise ho a congressional hearing to adopt the hong kong human rights and democracy act if passed in washington hong kong will have to prove every year that it respects human
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rights in order to maintain its special trading status with the united states beijing should not have it both ways reading all the economy benefit of hong kong standing in the world while erosion of our freedom that is the most important reason why the hong kong human rights and democracy act and just a bought some throws off hong kong civil society as i speak hong kong is then then at a critical juncture the stake have never been higher. in haiti petrol shortages widespread corruption and the high cost of living a role major concerns for protesters they are blaming president. for the chaos and he is under increasing pressure to resign she has a chance he has that story. the protests have escalated throughout the year since haiti's subsidized supply of fuel from venezuela was cut that was supplied through the petro program begun by travelers in 2005 to help the development of caribbean
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nations the program ended last year as u.s. sanctions isolated from israel are from the international financial system so maybe that's your it's a protest of the pitch will shield which is in the country the high cost of living in the neck of security. now the country must rely on the u.s. market for energy and supply is demanding about $100000000.00 an unpaid fees before move fuel is delivered prices are rocket electricity blackouts are becoming common . this morning i bought a gallon of petrol for 9 u.s. dollars in the car for area with this not until is i usually can get a full tank for my motorcycle and still have change left there is particular anger at president over no mores to government or to say personally profited from the old system of subsidized venezuelan fuel siphoning off millions of dollars of aid meant for development. we are demonstrating and we are rebelling against the president job anomalies in the system because this system does not bring any change to our haitian people we will keep protesting if the president refuses to resign because
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we are tired of the system not only that earlier this year there were street protests after morey's administration voted not to recognize the legitimacy of the venezuelan government at the organization of american states an unprecedented lumen for a country that received billions of dollars of help from caracas it was a gesture of a gratified washington there are signs that the white house so long a power broker in this country may not be able to shield its ally if the street protests. into new front should political opposition can unite. india has banned the production and import of electronic cigarettes because of health concerns well as 2 u.s. states banning flavored versions of the products federal health investigate is a concern by breathing illnesses linked to it's not. giving children and millions into nicotine. still ahead few on this news all the sports news in the
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double grand slam champion aiming to make a winning stock at her own. hold
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the seat with your sports news for a whole thank you very much come out defending champions. of japan out of this season's champions league baking by johnny sidecar you have a grand in the quarter finals the 1st leg of this sorry had finished all this and it was going to score to throw away go in japan and the ground i mean to win this
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title for the 3rd time the sheema did strike back in the 2nd half but a 11 draw wasn't good enough for them every ground taking it on a wide gulf it's up to last for encounter against another giant league side or o'barr reds. you know when you you score 1st off there you don't want to lose after you try to to fight anymore and discipline it during the game so on. congratulations to all my players but because tonight today deny the great performance all right this is the full semi final line up qatar. saudi arabia and the 1st leg of that on the 1st thoughts are with the 2nd leg on the 22nd of the semifinal season all i read some of japan up against the aforementioned china is growing as you add a grand that's like that tie takes place in japan on the 10th of what type of the return leg on the 20. 2 year up on the champions league teams all wednesday last season's runners up tottenham travelled to grace to play limpy our costs and equip
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a match on pipe earth a long the side will be the favorites but they'll be taking on an n.p.r. side who have won 5 of their last 6 games against english opposition while small spurs have already won 2 of their last 13 away matches in all competitions. we need all the players ready to to fight and ready to play and i think we are going to play in $21.00 days 7 games and of course all need to be ready to play we need we are going to use all the players because nearly all because if not it's impossible much to keep. the level that we want to show. 13 time when israel madrid begin their campaign away to p.s.g. won't be at full strength start with neymar ruled out due to suspension and a missing through injury decision facilities were controlled by the never simple to play against p.s.g.
12:42 am
especially in paris with all the fans behind them so we expect a difficult game of course they have some important players who will not be able to play but we expect a difficult game where we have to make as few mistakes as possible and we'll try to play with a lot of intensity to try and win the game of tennis matches in total of wednesday or ferrari or draw your attention to your bottom of the screen because that is one of the standout 6 years athletico madrid hosting you ventus in a repeat of the last 16 clash last season which eventis walk back to christiane are now there and all eyes will be on the match up between the 2 portuguese star felix . and you very right now there are now iran have been suspended from international judo competitions jus to its boycott of israeli athletes it comes a month after a world champion side mori walked off the iranian team to protest against the policy of the world to draw from competitions to avoid facing israeli apartments and is now in horror in germany it's the 1st time
12:43 am
a sport's governing body has sanction iran for its stance on israel speaking last week said he still wants to compete at the tokyo olympics but it's likely have to do it as part of the arias sees refugee team. my only dream and goal in life no matter under which flag and which conditions is to go to the olympics if i didn't want that i would go back to iran my aim is to go to the olympics no matter which flag. pittsburgh pirates baseball player philippe vasquez has been arrested on child sex charges the 28 year old pitcher is charged with computer pornography solicitation of a child and providing obscene material to mine is it follows an investigation in florida where the venezuelan was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl he's been denied by all and suspended by the pirates that's bernier saga has made a winning start at $100.00 events a socket aspiring soccer for the very 1st farm in her career the japanese choir
12:44 am
beat both gary and qualifier victoria to mobile to move into the quarterfinals of the pan pacific open the double grand slam champion of slipped to number 4 in the world rankings since winning the australian open back in january the 21 year old final 3 any more affordable on the w t a true. head coach warren gatland says the squad was shocked by the news that its assistant rob howley had been sent home from japan following an alleged betting breach halle's exit comes less than a week before wells are in full game against georgia while rugby's regulations prohibit anyone connected with the sports betting or attempting to bets on the outcome of the match i'm sure i was devastated by the allegations and that's all i can conceal and can't comment on that. and you know we just need to like to say we're whole focus is to be. put in a line in the sand and prepare in the team. lodge apparently hosting the event for
12:45 am
the 1st time when they take on russia in the tournament opener on friday japan have appeared it everywhere world cup but have never made it beyond the pool stage 4 years ago though the team did pull off their most famous win beating 2 time world champion south africa. even a japanese public. expect us to lose but when we beat south africa and it was around us the next game against scotland with 30000000 people watching japan it was scotland i was there we lost you know inspired to play and. my favorite of the team is a lot of. strain is one of the 3 have received an enthusiastic welcome in the northern city of abate seal strayer have won the tournament twice and played in the final for tar and they go into this world cup right just thinks their 1st match against fiji on saturday can't wait that's always going around how it all later it's going to be such a good tournament isn't it thank you raoul. and we are back in
12:46 am
a few moments time actually the latest on that saudi news conference which we brought you in this past hour where they unveiled as you see there their findings saying that iran sponsored the attacks on its oil facilities on canal santa maria house in a few moments. regimen biological and chemical agent hard to deal with and honest throughout history a lot more for the 1st bird its head when a man started fighting mania developed by nation state and says there could be
12:47 am
enough to affect every child. now within reach of those seeking. the most toxic substances a little over the top man many invisible friends on al jazeera. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's what that gives us gives us the ability to identify the people who live on the side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. we will maintain finest fighting force in the world has ever gone united states army is sober life is going to get some closure dependency we have this. way. but the reality of the 21st century.
12:48 am
you. don't is the person that you're sending out you should be transient like the. child soldiers relocate on al-jazeera. the. saudi arabians defense ministry says there is clear evidence that iran is responsible for the attacks on 2 oil facilities. hello i'm come all sons of maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera it is a still too close to call in israel no clear winner
12:49 am
a lot of negotiating ahead as the vote count continues. women in south africa 5 times more likely to be killed than elsewhere the country holds an extraordinary session of parliament over its gender violence crisis and warnings over the environmental impact of donald trump's planned wall on the us mexico border. so in the past saudi arabia has said it has undeniable evidence that iran is behind the aramco oil infrastructure a tax cut it's all supplied by 50 percent last week the defense ministry held a news conference displaying the debris that it says is from the drone strikes. the ministry spokesman colonel tokyo maliki said a total of $25.00 drones and cruise missiles were launched at the 2 oil plants riyadh is calling the attacks an assault on the international community and says
12:50 am
those responsible should be held accountable this attack did not or did you need from yemen. despite you know on this front to make it. their proxy in the region to create this false narrative is clear secondly. it was advice from the law and was because you believe sponsored by your own this attack was not a game is. so the article also get a go it was an arsehole to the international community a deliberate attempt to destroy only me and the energy industry it was one of prompt. to international law and those responsible should be held accountable for their actions your eyes continue. their
12:51 am
sponsorship of terrorist groups and interference anybody time commuters the president back home and put it to us or we call we call upon the international community to acknowledge iran malign activity in the region. right so the saudis are there saying that the attack came from the north not specifically from iran but from the north now of course the attack had been claimed by the rebels in yemen and i hope the spokesman has been speaking in the past half hour responding to what the saudis are said and provided more information about the attack some of the some. in the name of a loving marty the merciful the compassionate welcome to this presser that we will tell you during which the big military operation that is
12:52 am
called the 2nd deterrent balance of peroration with the help of a lone mighty we are know who are at the fish and then the quite able and all leaven today the armed forces can have drones and can make drones in a short time the armed forces stressed its ability to produce drones in a way or another the fare of the military in those 2 years has stressed to everyone that we have the abilities in olds to be able to defend and attack and the other military and dusters are also available within the hands of. today we will talk about the 2nd the terror and barons operation against oil installations in saudi arabia this operation is an example of how able. says
12:53 am
are to develop an excuse today would tell the whole world that yemen will never be hesitant o'toole to attack and to use its legitimate right in getting the legitimate targets deep inside the countries of the aggressors i will show you now some pictures of the gagan the phrase installations before the attack we have these pictures and photos through drones on the right you can see the targets that have been hit on the left this is the situation after the. after the operation this pictures have been taken by drones before the drone before the attack and we have a lot of pictures before the attack and the americans have tried to
12:54 am
these are the scenes and these are the pictures of some of the labs in bigg's after that you will see the other photos from the race. as you can see on the right you can see the situation before the operation and on the left that situation after the operation as i said described by the americans this is the 3rd. scene if you can say regarding the race before and after the operation these days these are the targets clear to you we stress today that the struction. installations is bigger than what have been said by them the americans have tried to. many of my is the effect
12:55 am
but you can see now how big it is the damage is more and bigger and bigger than you can imagine through these photos the fires went for more than 12 hours and the agora says couldn't control the fire so i do think the damage is only as shown by the photos no the damage is way bigger also we have pictures from gate and from clays with the help of our intelligence this is one of the labs and. this is before the operation and it's only for us it's only for us for the. for the yemeni forces from inside the labs from the inside of the escalations i will let you know now some new information about the 2nd that errant balance or peroration the operation has been
12:56 am
done through. different kinds of drones these drones works with normal normal machines and engines according to the directions according to the distance and according to the type of the target the 1st point guards of drones this is the 3rd generation. went far and we announced about them today for the 1st time and they have been used in other previous operations some odd 3 drones from 15021700 kilometers and so many of peroration have been done with. these drones. also quite good in targeting and then hitting the targets
12:57 am
then we have the drones that have been used to be food through the engines that can carry 4 bombs and they are very accurate and targeting their targets they can do maneuvers and they can hit the target from different angles a lot of plans have been done on the top levels before the operations and the balance was always there between the different kinds of drones to be used in the operations with the aim of reaching all the targets at the same time and also our drones have. done a big jamming in order to. give the right
12:58 am
direction sorry give the wrong direction to the air defense phone says of saudi arabia and we will reveal all the details at the right sign and the enemy is trying not to. recognize the real damage that's happened to the economy in the region and the economy and the world. the american enemies and the saudi enemies of trying not to show after how big was the damage because the situation in yemen needs to be able to feel be fit and hurt and harm the enemy the enemy is didn't care a whole about the yemeni blood they have destroyed and burnt the yemeni village and now and today there is still asians will be burnt and
12:59 am
will be hurt if they continue and go on with the siege and the aggression against our country i remind everyone will have been said by the leader of the men who said more than once to the enemies that we will never allow the yemeni people to die from starvation our people will never die from starvation our people will fight with legitimate weapons and means and tools against the enemies and their conspiracist will practice our right to defend ourselves today we have international positions that have to be praised because they encourage the right of yemen is to defend themselves. i mean the iranian and turkish positions that puts into their consideration the
1:00 am
humanitarian situation in yemen the armed forces of yemen today is. proud of its committees is. fronting the enemies with the only dignity and the aggressors on top of them the saudi arabia and other arab emirates will regret to those in the emirates we will tell them that one operation will lead to regret you will regret if the leadership should all goes to the full says to launch an attack within the few coming days all months again is not that arab emirates they will regret a lot today will say for the 1st time that we have tens of time gates within our bank of time gets in the emirates a in dubai and in abu dhabi that could be targeted at any time yemen today is strong.


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