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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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to their consideration the humanitarian situation in yemen the armed forces of yemen today is. proud of its committees is. fronting the enemies with the only dignity and the aggressors on top of them the saudi arabia and other arab emirates will regret to those in the emirates we will tell them that one operation will lead to regret you will regret if the leadership should all goes to the armed forces to launch an attack within the few coming days all months again is not that arab emirates they will regret a lot today will say for the 1st time that we have tens of time gates within our bank of time gets in the emirates a in dubai and in abu dhabi that could be targeted at any time yemen today is stronger yemen today is firma you have to start your
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aggression against yemen then you will enjoy security and safety and we will enjoy security and safety if you want to blast hours to be safe then you have to leave yemen if you want to feel security and safety you have to leave yemen this is a warning and to deal with ready to do more operations to stop the aggression the yemenis of that the blood of the iman is there is very precious is very precious and we are the forces will do whatever it takes to put an end to the suffering of the yemeni people the people of believes the people of islam we will end the use of the americans and the europeans weapons in the yemen they can not us thank you very much and we will meet in the next press or and peace be upon you
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. so the full response there from the hutu rebels who remember are the ones who have actually claimed responsibility for the attacks on the saudi oil installations i say the 2 main things to come out of that was the spokesman saying that the destruction that was shown by the saudis in venue's conference he said the destruction is actually far bigger than the saudis were showing the americans have tried to minimize that the fires went for 12 hours and no one could control it the other thing towards the end of that news conference was the spokesman saying that these had. located dozens of sites in the united arab emirates which have been listed as possible targets for future attacks so that is a response from the who these 2 what we heard from the defense ministry about an hour or so ago we're going to talk about correspondent in tehran so what we got out of all of this us that i'm talking about the saudi news conference earlier is the saudis saying it is definitely sponsored by iran but then when pressed for details
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it seemed he couldn't actually say definitively it was iran it came from iran. that's right iran will see this press conference as an attempt to garner international support against it from the outset the conference was in the english language questions were taken from the english speaking media and saudi arabia reiterated from the very beginning that this was an attack against civilian infrastructure that iran was putting civilian lives at risk but like you said when pushed about those launch sites saudi arabia was not able to definitively say that they were from iran and iran's narrative from the very beginning has been that this was a huge attack they have been locked in a war in in yemen against saudi arabia who's involved in that since 2015 and this is a rebel group that's able to attack saudi arabia and iran says. it has spent hundreds
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of billions of dollars on weapons mainly from the united states and they were unable to stop this attack and it's a but embarrassing for saudi arabia and the using this as a destruction and already here in iran one of the president's advisors has treated out he said that this media conference was a media disaster for sag eurabia he said that they were unable to say where those drones and missiles were made he said that they were unable to say where they were launched from and they were unable to explain why the saudi defense system was unable to intercept those again capitalizing on what iran is saying that this is in paris meant to say or do eurabia but this press conference does come before the united states state secretary might compare is due to land inside arabia and discuss the current situation with mohammed in some on the crown prince and those side arabia and the allies and those against iran the critics of iran will be looking to might compel to mash the rhetoric of saudi arabia but iran has warned
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everybody the united states in a letter via the swiss embassy the go between between iran and the united states that if iran is attacked there will be an immediate response and that response will not be limited to the source of the attack basically saying that iran. he's given the warning to united states and its allies in the region that they will if they touch there was target u.s. citizen anyone that supports side to review or united states if there is an attack against iran. in teheran thank you now to washington the white house it is kimberly how could i white house correspondent i'm just reading you're in fact the pool report kimberly that has landed in jeddah what in the end is the purpose of his trip of and well support an ally i guess. well we've heard from both sides not just from the united states but also as we heard earlier in that press conference with the saudi official that what they are hoping to do is discuss and
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coordinate counter officially iranian aggression but when you dive down deep in terms of that evidence that has been put forward pointing to iran is being responsible for those attacks in saudi arabia there still is difficulty in definitively pointing the origin of that attack and so presume that there is still consultation that is going on even as here in the united states the calls particularly from some members of congress including republican lindsey graham are becoming ever more hawkish something he's known for doing he's saying in the last couple of hours that the attack on the refinery is by any definition an act of war so we're left kind of wondering where the next steps are for the u.s. president well we've heard very tough language from the u.s. president and things of the nature of locked and loaded in terms of a response he's also signaled that he would like to avoid some sort of military
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confrontation and he's got a new national security adviser as well. further complicating in terms of trying to read the tea leaves of how this might move forward given the fact that the previous national security adviser john bolton was very hawkish on iran there seemed to be differences in terms of how to respond moving forward that led to his either resignation or firing depending on whom you talk to now we're left with sort of a question mark about this given the and now spent by the u.s. president in recent hours that he has officially named mr robert o'brian the former special presidential envoy for hostage affairs the u.s. state department he has been familiar to the president working with him on a number of high profile cases in terms of securing the release of americans but he's also a familiar will not a household name in foreign policy circles he has previously worked under the obama administration also going as far back as the administration of george w.
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bush at the united nations so we're left wondering if this means from the president now there will be more of a measured response certainly national security advisor john bolton was known as being very hawkish hard to believe that there would still be someone that measure put into this role can given the fact that the u.s. president signaled he would like to avoid confrontation white house correspondent thank you. our the main story is the israeli election and just 5 months after one inconclusive ballots israel 2nd election still has no clear winner 90 percent of the votes have been counted and prime minister benjamin netanyahu from the could is trailing his rival benny gantz of the blue and white party it means israel could now face lengthy coalition negotiations political paralysis maybe even a 3rd vote but one thing is clear tuesday's election was essentially a referendum on 10 years of this man prime minister benjamin netanyahu for him it's
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so important winning could actually be the only way to avoid criminal prosecution over corruption charges because if you wins he would retain his immunity as prime minister but really right now you've got netanyahu and downs needing support from the smaller parties to form some sort of coalition government and the kingmaker most important player perhaps is this man voting here of adore lieberman he leads an ultra nationalist secular party he quit as defense minister in april which ultimately led netanyahu to call the snap elections and he is another of those calling for that unity government idea well it is with us now from jerusalem and i guess just take us through the process 1st of all how to water actually happens who gets 1st chance theoretically to form a government. the 1st thing that we have to wait for is the final election results but usually as more exit polls come out they become sort of more
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and more accurate so no big surprises there and then after that. for president briefly in. consultation and we'll decide who he's going to ask to form a government usually it would be the winner. the biggest winner let's say because there's never really a clear cut winner in these radio elections and that person then has up to 40 days to have consultations with other political parties to try to come up with the nation and try to form a government so presumably we would think that the president really will give that 1st chance to bet against the grew and white party as you said having one seat head as the likud and one seat is crucial in this kind of election and prime minister netanyahu wants he's. not the type to give up his.
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well prime minister netanyahu is in a difficult position even though he doesn't say so publicly but i mean even the way he tried to position himself after the 1st exit polls last night if you just compared to what happened back in april he waited until the you know until a few hours and then he came on the stage of his the good party headquarters in tel aviv back in april and the very. he looked victorious he sounded victorious he was talking about 5 a right wing coalition well yesterday he waited a bit longer and he arrived on that stage talking about. him is hinting at the fact that this arab. fared pretty well by at least according to the exit poll now having 13 seats if not more according to other polls so it will be quite a large bloc in the opposition trying now to reposition himself but he's in the embattled prime minister he is in
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a meeting as we speak now with the likud leadership they would probably or they would probably also ask him some questions about how come things went so badly for them. and then he has this corruption hearing looming on the qt october 2nd so he is facing a lot of problems and i think one sign of how he takes all of this seriously is that his office announced about a couple of hours ago that actually benjamin netanyahu will not be going to the u.n. general assembly as you recall he always goes then he's always giving very fiery and feisty speeches well this year as far as we know from his office he's staying here and that's probably to be close to due to be close to what will be what will be happening here in israel maybe to be close to the likud leadership to see what his ministers of thinking what the likud is thinking so the. it's probably
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indication as to how serious he is taking this situation interesting development thank you for bringing that to us what a bill has made in west jerusalem to south africa now which is holding an extraordinary session of parliament on how to tackle gender based violence president several reports that has admitted there is a crisis after growing protests over rape and murder. the army in democratic republic of congo says its soldiers have killed a rebel leader from rwanda sylvester has been wanted by the international criminal court since 2012 for war crimes his hutu rebel group is accused of killing hundreds of civilians in the eastern sea. activists with hong kong's democracy movement of made a direct appeal to the u.s. congress for support joshua wang and denise ho urged a congressional hearing to adopt the hong kong human rights and democracy act if passed in washington hong kong would have to prove every year that it respects
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human rights in order to maintain its special trading status with the united states . i was just talking about the un general assembly well it's begun the 74th gathering although world leaders won't actually be in new york until next week due to discuss all sorts of pressing issues including climate change and the threat of war in the gulf more from a diplomatic editor james bass. the general assembly of the united nations the body representing all the u.n. member states has a new president. of nigeria. this is the start of the 74th session and as is tradition it gets underway at ambassador level one week before the leaders of all the countries arrived to take their seats this is where this part of new york becomes the setting for diplomacy is most important annual gathering. one that shuts down part of the city and pushes traffic elsewhere to
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a standstill it is gonna extraordinarily fats in the last couple of days however the mayor of new york's commissioner for international affairs welcomes the annual event which brings in a windfall in restaurant and hotel bookings and the reality is that the un brings about $3690000000.00 to the new york city economy annually it also employs about $16000.00 new yorkers world leaders arrive here in the next week but as ever it's too early at this stage to say which issues will dominate the meeting on monday the u.n. secretary general will chair a climate change summit he's asked leaders to come up with an action plan rather than just speeches on the issue of tension. between iran and the u.s. is likely to be center stage although a meeting between president trump and president rouhani now looks much less likely james weighs out his era at the united nations finally donald trump's plan to build
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a wall on the mexico border has been criticized for a lot of things but it's multibillion dollar price tag as one but it's also the cost to the environments that is now being questioned heidi jocasta reports in texas. in this crook of the rio grande river where mexico lies on one bank the united states on the other florida is biodiversity we have over 240 species of butterflies documented on the property with the possibility of about $350.00 species that can be seen in north america and mexico found here the national butterfly center is a private charity that owns and conserves this land but now it's fighting the trumpet ministrations plans to build an 11 meter high wall through the properties middle the center's director says that will begin a chain of damaging ecological changes that we will have nothing to produce we hear nothing to filter our groundwater nothing to mitigate radiant brow
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temperatures and all of that will be eliminated so what they're creating in effect is a dead zone where we now have a thriving vibrant away cis for species to build the wall in this county the federal government has waived the national environmental policy act the endangered species act the clean water act and 25 other protective laws president donald trump says he's doing so in the name of national security trump says the wall will keep out drugs and criminals but the vast majority of migrants arriving at the border have been families and children nevertheless building the wall could help trump's chances of winning reelection and we think by the end of next year which will be sometime right after the election actually but we think we're going to have close to 500 miles of wall which will be completed construction materials have already
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arrived rows of steel fencing are destined to be erected on a national wildlife refuge the butterfly center is nearby and after a judge dismissed its lawsuit against the wall it. expects to be next as everyone else begins to feel the pain and the loss related to this bogus project maybe things will turn around maybe they'll be a way to stop it for now the u.s. supreme court is allowing trump to build the wall using military money made available by his emergency declaration but the people who live here say the only emergency they see is of nature under attack. castro al-jazeera mccallan texas. past the hour on al-jazeera and these are the top stories saudi arabia says it has undeniable evidence that iran was behind the aramco oil infrastructure attacks that
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cut its old supply by 50 percent last week the defense ministry held a news conference displaying debris that it says this from the drone strikes on saturday the ministry spokesman colonel tokyo mao he said a total of $25.00 drones and missiles were launched at 2 oil plants riyadh is calling the attacks an assault on the international community and says those responsible should be held accountable this attack the mouth organ a formula. despite the on this effort to make it a bit for. their collaboration with their proxy anybody engine to create this false narrative is clear secondly that that was a lie from the north and was i think or should i believe a small sort of i. mean what a spokesman for yemen's hooty rebels says the evidence presented by saudi arabia is fabricated. the destructions in the oil installations is bigger than
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what have been said by them them because they have tried to many of my is the effect but you can see big it is the damage is more a big way bigger than you can imagine through these photos the fires went for more than 12 hours. couldn't control the fire. and some of the news israel's 2nd election in under 6 months has ended with even less clarity than the last one votes still being counted on the latest update shows the 2 main parties are that as prime minister netanyahu is like could and the blue and white party of benny gantz time i don't know from his name the new national security advisor it is robert or brian currently the president's chief hostage negotiator he replaces john bolton who trump fired last week near up to date with
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