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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 261  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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president assad has described alarming statistics on gender based violence as a serious crisis of violence and intolerance urging south africans and the government to act and now he has said that women and children in south africa under siege over the past year you know the president laid out some of these statistics say that over the past year 2700 women were killed 1000 children were murdered and that 100 rape cases were reported every day now the president to use his address in parliament to this extraordinary session of parliament to lay out a plan an emergency action plan that will be implemented over the next 6 months to try and deal with gender based violence saying they would be plans on how to prevent gender based violence plans also to strengthen the criminal justice system and this is a this is being of major concern to victims of sexual assault and rape in that to
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they have received little roof support to they say from police from organizations meant to deal with gender based violence often being turned away they say there hasn't been adequate support and that more has to be done now the president has also called on the criminal justice system to potentially have a harsher penalties in place harsh and minimum sentence also for the state to oppose bail by alleged perpetrators of sexual assault and rape as well as murder and he's also urged the criminal justice justice system to ensure that no parole is offered to people who have been found guilty of these crimes so overall the president's address has been received quite positively from organizations dealing with gender based violence saying that it is an adequate response it's a long time coming but the key issue for them is one of implementation while laws.
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policies may be adapted to deal with what south africans are calling a national crisis they say that implementation from government is what is necessary proper implementation is what is necessary to ensure that the crimes do decrease. in liberia a fire at an islamic studies school has killed at least $25.00 children the fire which started around midnight got a dormitory with students sleeping police say an electrical problem was to blame for the fire near the capital monrovia. pakistan's prime minister says he will urge u.s. president donald trump to resume peace talks with the taliban the leaders will meet next week at the un general assembly can made his comments though as he extended the opening of a key border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan from a 12 to 24 hour operation that has more now from the crossing into. the budgets on the prime minister had promised that he would be working on improvement of trade
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with the neighboring countries one astonished to learn that all country that depends on bug get on board its logistical supply line richard also a lifeline for the u.s. led coalition forces are enough runneth on any peace deal between the dollar bond and the united states we're all still fill it did the movement of trucks and ammunition and white didn't military cargo through the type of and through foggiest on but also rehab being tortured by the local head that did a major step which is likely to improve trade between the 2 countries because truck goods on both sides do not have to wait overnight in order to get clearance to be able to move it released congestion and it really shows how didn't go well done welcome to plug it on a daily basis to seek medical attention and what's produced in pakistan. you want
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to dismiss save us a lot of time early it would take us 15 days on the afghan side of a corridor but with this decision it will take 2 days and it would also help on the pakistani side and we won't be staying overnight you know more for the custom clearance. before if we had to carry a patient from afghanistan to pakistan the patient had to suffer and sometimes died due to long waits until the border reopened in the morning indeed a major step by the lord will also depend on what happened inside of one it's done if that it be thinned out country this could become a white bill guarded by gets done and for the tendril asian states are all still true of honest on. now the army in democratic republic of congo says its soldiers are killed a rebel leader from rwanda so. has been wanted by the international criminal court since 2012 for war crimes his hutu rebel group is accused of killing hundreds of civilians in the eastern democratic republic of congo. was the deputy commander of
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the presidential guard of the rwandan armed forces this is during the $94.00 genocide he took up the leadership of a rebel group largely made up of rwandan hutu militia which began operating in the sea after the genocide human rights watch documented killings of over 700 civilians by the fighters this is in the key provinces of the sea between 292010 attacks which included murder rape and torture the congolese and rwandan armies with support from the un peacekeeping mission launched a military campaign against the armed group and then $22.00 of the international criminal court issued an arrest warrant for the coomera after charging him with war crimes in the us. well earlier we spoke to simon adams executive director of the global center for the responsibility to protect and he says silverstein would have had a long history of committing atrocities. he was part of that that genocidal regime which then basically attempted to move itself into the congo and set itself up as
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a kind of not just a government in exile but a kind of country in exile taking as many of the people from the hutu population as they could and being responsible of course for ongoing atrocities in the democratic republic of the congo in the group that he's been a leader of f.t.l. law as i said has a long long history of atrocities he was an unrepentant genocide yeah and i think you know i personally would have loved to have seen him in handcuffs and to face international justice in a courtroom but unfortunately he chose the path that led him to his death last night it was the one outstanding fugitive of the current indictments the one outstanding fugitive from international justice and so that matter has now resolved itself having said that there are of course other people within the f.b.i. law who many other people would be interested in prosecuting for crimes committed all the way back to 994 but more recently over the last decade or so in the
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democratic republic of the congo. still ahead on this new. champion's league season. on the mark. thanks.
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excellent counting from the hole where he's got your support as well so they had to well thank you very much last season champions the finalists taught them have kicked off their effort to go one better in european football's top club competition they were held to a draw by n.p.r.
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course in their opening group be going spurs going to the up in grace with goals from harry cain and lucas moore a limpy arkell star have won 5 of the last 6 games against english teams and they hit back with effort from daniela portents a a matter of out when it finished 2 to impress byron munich and red star belgrade the other teams in this group well in a few minutes time perry sorry jim hour will kick off against madrid in a group a clash history that will be facing the 13 time european cup winners without their $556000000.00 strikeforce of neymar and edinson cavani thanks to a combination of injuries and suspensions decision facilities real concern about the it's never simple to play against p.s.g. especially in paris with all the fans behind them so we expect a difficult game of course they have some important players who will not be able to play but we expect a difficult game where we have to make as few mistakes as possible and we'll try to
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play with a lot of intensity to try and win the game. in total all of wednesday one of the other standout thinks you can see right at the bottom of your screen there athletico madrid hosting you ventus there was a repeat of the last 16 clash last season which you ventus won all ours so it will be on the match up between the 2 portuguese stars trial felix atleti up against you very easy christiana right now though. if any champions kashima antlers of japan are out of this season's asian champions league they were beaten by a chinese side ground you ever ground in the quarterfinals the 1st leg of the star had finished goalless out it was ground 0 for scored a crucial away goal in japan at the grand i mean to win this title for a 3rd time the struck back in the 2nd half but the 11 draw wasn't enough for them of a grand day taking it all away go for the last 4 time to get another job a league side or a wild reds. you know we knew you you score 1st. you don't want to lose
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after you try to to fight timor and then during the game so on. congratulations to all my players but because to me today does a great performance like i prefer it kind of are with a shaved head i'm sorry right this is the full semifinal. will play hell out of saudi arabia all the other semi she's already of japan up against china's. grand iran has been suspended for international competitions due to its boycott of israeli athletes it comes a month after world champion fired when i walked off the iranian team to protest against the policy he was ordered to lose all from competitions to avoid facing israeli apartments and is now in hiding in germany it's the 1st time the sport's governing body a sanction iran for its stance on. well speaking last week when larry said he still wants to compete at the time carolyn picks but it's likely he'll have to do it as
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part of the seeds refugee ting. my only dream and goal in life no matter under which flag and which conditions is to go to the olympics if i didn't want that i would go back to iran my aim is to go to the olympics no matter which flag someone will definitely be at the top carolynn pick an army or soccer has made a winning start at a hard town of enter soccer is playing in osaka for the 1st time in her career the japanese player beat gary and qualifier victoria tom over to move into the quarterfinals of the pan pacific are open the double grand slam champion is slipped a 4 in the world rankings since winning the australian open back in january the 21 year old has failed to reach any more finals on the w t i talk. to rugby world head cards warren gatland says the squad was shocked by the news that his assistant rob howley has been sent home from japan following an alleged betting breach world rugby regulations prohibit anyone connected with the sport betting or attempting to bet on the outcome of the match i'm sure i was
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devastated by the allegations and that's all i can consign can't comment on that. and you know we just need to apply the same way our whole focus has to be. put in a line in the sand and preparing the team for japan or hosting the event for the 1st time they take on russia and the tournament are open on florida and japan have appeared at every world cup but have never made it be on the pole straight 4 years ago they did put off the most famous win beating teuton world champion south africa even japanese public. expects us to lose but we meet big south africa and it was around us the next game against scotland with 30000000 people watching japan for scotland and what they we lost you never inspired japan. my favorite team is one of. the australian wool of a star received an enthusiastic welcome in the northern city of
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a bit still stray have won the tournament twice and played in the final 4 times what's most what coming up feel lighter so that's it for me i hope thank you so much and that is it for this news hour from lauren in the same in london there along in just a few minutes time. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. news hero heroes like no who are above the
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refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror now. this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to say that it's what the stake is really human survive all everyone has a voice that has started to their community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little beach and it really be important to look at each and i think join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to oil that wasn't they will be with us and they will be outraged on out is iraq we will maintain finest fighting force the ball has ever gone the united states army the
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sober life is going to suffer the closure dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. and the reality of the 21st century united in your. comedy of the persons that are sending out you should be child should not i said i'm deaf child soldiers relocate on al-jazeera. saudi arabia presents debris it says proves the attack on its oil facilities was sponsored by iran but did not come from yemen. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. israel faces the possibility of
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a unity government and even the end of netanyahu his reign after another inconclusive election. shock and grief in liberia after a fire to school who kills at least 27 while they were sleeping most of them children . and one not even a butterfly sanctuary or wildlife refuge or get in the way as president trump rushes to stop building his border wall. and saudi arabia says it has undeniable evidence that iran was behind saturday's attacks on 2 of its oil facilities which cut its oil supply by 50 percent at a news conference in riyadh the defense ministry spokesman displayed deborah he said proved iranian involvement took him out he said 18 drones and 7 cruise missiles were fired from the north and could not have come from yemen but up was
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launched from the north. and was of course the i believe a small sort of bite ya ya's edition the sponsorship of terrorist group. it's our friends in money time could more as the president that called for it to us all we call we call up all of the international community to acknowledge your own law in a city and the region. well yemen's hooty rebels who say they carried out the attack gave their own news conference dismissing the evidence presented by saudi arabia as fabricated. the destruction in the oil installations is bigger than what has been said by them the americans have tried to minimize the effect the damage is bigger than you can see in the photos the fires raged for more than 12 hours in the aggressors could not control them saudi arabia and the united arab emirates were regret this if our leadership issues orders to the armed forces to launch an attack
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in the coming days or months of the u.a.e. we regret this a lot we have tens of targets within our large bank of targets in dubai and abu dhabi they could be hit any time you have to stop your aggression against yemen and then you will enjoy peace and security and we will enjoy it. and was it iran's president was also quick to tweet a response saying saudi arabia proved quote it knows nothing i said begun tehran has more. iran were very much see the saudi press conference as an attempt to go on international support and opposition against iran from the outset the spoken english questions were taken from english speaking journalists and the saudi language was very much that this was an attack by the iranians on civilian infrastructure and that iran was putting civilian lives at risk but when the sides were pushed to the north sides with those missiles and drones were going from the saudis were unable to definitively state that it came from iran they only said that
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it was from north and did not originate from yemen but they raney a narrative has been that this is a rebel attack against saudi arabia saudi arabia have been bombing yemen and this is a rebel group that's carried out attacks against saudi arabia and iran will say that this is an embarrassment to saudi arabia the billions of hundreds of billions of dollars of always mainly from the united states and they were unable to stop this attack but so far saudi arabia has blamed iran but hasn't been able to really point the finger and say this is where the missiles and drones were going from iran will say that the allies of this and even if it is proven that the weapons are does that mean iran was behind the attack iran has warned that any attack against iran by the united states would meet and a major response and not only an immediate response to said that they will not only respond to the source of the attack meaning that any countries in the region that host united states assets or bases may also be targeted. meanwhile your sexual
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state might pompei as arrived in saudi arabia he met saudi crown prince mohammed bin in jeddah to share intelligence on the attacks ahead of that meeting president donald trump announced a further escalation of u.s. sanctions on iran let's get more now from our white house correspondent can really help me what would we know about these new sanctions president trump is from saying . that what we 1st learned about them on twitter where donald trump makes most of his policy announcements in recent days and weeks this is no exception that there would be new sanctions on iran for the attacks on the saudi oil infrastructure that took place over the weekend but at the same time once again the u.s. president not offering any concrete evidence as to why the united states continues to point the finger at iran given its denials so even though there has been no evidence provided that even as the president has said earlier this week that he
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doesn't want war he was speaking in los angeles the tarmac of the los angeles airport he was asked by reporters for further elaboration about next steps with iran and he discussed the imminent sanctions. i did will be. very significant saying don't do it and well. we'll be announcing it over the next 48 hours while there are many options as you know there are many options and this is the ultimate option and their options are a lot less than that and we'll see where the very powerful position right now we're in a very very powerful position and can really trump whose new national security adviser will be. he did that on social media as well and you saw him as he was speaking there standing alongside the new national security adviser and his name is robert o'brian not a household name but certainly well known in circles for foreign diplomats and the foreign policy community particularly in washington he's
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a seasoned diplomat the president saying that he has an excellent track record when it comes to hostage negotiations where he had been working at the state department and many people are saying this is a positive sign lauren in the midst of these heightened tensions between washington and tehran the possibility that there is still a window for a deescalation of these tensions even potential discussions which the u.s. president the past has said he's willing to do to even sit down with iranian leadership and well the official position of the white house right now is that this is not the case that there will be no discussions at the outcoming u.n. general assembly for example we do know that this is being viewed here in washington as a possibility for that in the future given the appointment of robert o'brian as the national security advisor. committee how could thank you very much indeed.
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israel's 2nd election this year has also failed to produce a clear winner leaving a question mark over who will become prime minister weeks of coalition talks and are likely before a new government can be formed with more than 90 percent of votes counted the center left blue and white party led by benny gantz has 32 seats while benjamin is now whose likud party is just behind on 31 netanyahu bloc looks set to control 55 of parliament's $120.00 seats or guidance and his natural partners would have $5661.00 seats are required to secure a majority in parliament or former defense minister avigdor lieberman looks set to be the king make it he's calling for a unity government comprised of his israel but a new party likud and blue and white but dance has ruled out joining in a straight with netanyahu as likud leader or a force it reports from tel aviv. benjamin netanyahu might be down but he's not out not yet before
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a meeting with senior members of his likud party he said he'd agreed to form a bloc of right wing and ultra orthodox religious parties along with likud as a basis for a new government under his leadership there are one or 2 options either a government headed by me or a dangerous government that's leaning on the arab parties at this moment more than any other and in the face of the security and political challenges that are on ahead it's forbidden that a government will be formed that is leaning on the and he zionist arab parties the bloc in question would give him 55 seats in the israeli parliament or knesset still 6 short of the 61 needed to form a majority coalition it's a rebuke to netanyahu former ally avigdor lieberman who's insisted that his party. likud and the opposition blue and white combine to form a secular unity government yes sure conclusion is clear all that we have said during the election campaign is coming true there's only one option a national unity government a liberal broad government we will not join any other option. but if netanyahu is
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refusing as he clearly is now to join that option where does he get the 6 seats he needs for a government i mean operettas left wing labor alliance temptingly has just that number but he refused again on wednesday to sit with netanyahu benny gantz has said his blue and white alliance with $32.00 seats will stay together and his secularist partner pede would be unlikely to serve with netanyahu ultra-orthodox allies all day with him the fears were built we will wait another day or 2 and wish the people of israel a good and necessary unity government that the system will calm down a little bit and we will move along. dance's own prospects could be improved if a mainly palestinian israeli joint list now the 3rd biggest party in the knesset recommends him for prime minister it could even be a step on the road to what its leader iman order says he wants to head the official opposition netanyahu post. election play is certainly no time to carry on making the political weather but it is a sign that this is a crisis for a man who in just 2 weeks faces his 1st pre indictment corruption hearing he's also
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canceled his appearance at next week's united nations general assembly in new york staying home no doubt to focus on coalition building but also perhaps to ensure that his likud party stays in line behind him are a force that al-jazeera wester a civil. engineer a senior political analyst joins me live mr just yet another an election that we back to square one was it slightly different this time i think slightly different in the sense that in the one hand we have liquid basically losing to white and blue party 2. we are in a 2nd chance and i think the 3rd one is going to be almost improbable because no one in israel wants to have a 3rd election within a year and 3rd because i think now there's a sort of a greater conviction if you world that only a national unity government or i should say a national jewish unity government that is needed that is stable that is that is
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possible at this point in time most probably under the leadership of benny gantz the head of the party which in essence means that the seasoned for therm prime minister the longest serving prime minister in israel is basically out of the door expired gone this time is up so what about in this election we saw that the arab parties running under a single lines that appeared to work as a strategy for them how significant is that absolutely the last summer did not grow well because they were divided they reunited again and they got 13 possibly 14 seats which means now they are if there is a national unity government not only they are the 3rd largest party but they will be the official opposition party if likud and white the middle party go into coalition and what does that mean official opposition party what in israel there's a norm not necessarily the law but the norm the custom the tradition is that.


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