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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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lection this year's also failed to spruce produce a clear winner leaving a question mark over who will become prime minister weeks of coalition talks and are likely before a new government can be formed with more than 90 percent of votes counted the center left a blue and white party led by benny gantz has 32 seats or benjamin netanyahu who's likud party is just behind on 31 netanyahu is bloc looks set to control 55 of parliament's $120.00 seats while gantz and his natural partners would have $56.61 seats are required to secure a majority in parliament former defense minister avigdor lieberman looks set to be the kingmaker he's calling for a unity government comprised of his israel but a new party likud and blue and white but cancer is ruled out joining in a ministration with netanyahu as likud leader harry forsett reports from west jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu might be down but he's not out not yet before
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a meeting with senior members of his the could party he said he'd agreed to form a bloc of right wing and ultra orthodox religious parties along with likud as a basis for a new government under his leadership look there are one or 2 options either a government headed by me or a dangerous government that's leaning on the arab parties at this moment more than any other and in the face of the security and political challenges that are on ahead it's forbidden that a government will be formed that is leaning on the and he zionist arab parties the bloc in question would give him 55 seats in the israeli parliament or knesset still 6 short of the 61 needed to form a majority coalition it's a rebuke to netanyahu ally avigdor lieberman who's insisted that his party. likud and the opposition blue and white combined to form a secular unity government yeah sure conclusion is clear all that we have said during the election campaign is coming true there's only one option a national unity government a liberal broad government we will not join any other option. but if netanyahu is
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refusing as he clearly is now to join that option where does he get the 6 seats he needs for a government i mean operettas left wing labor alliance temptingly has just that number but he refused again on wednesday to sit with netanyahu benny gantz has said his blue and white alliance with $32.00 seats will stay together and his secularist partner pede would be unlikely to serve with netanyahu ultra-orthodox allies all day with him the fears were built we will wait another day or 2 and wish the people of israel a good and necessary unity government that the system will calm down a little bit and we will move along. dance's own prospects could be improved if the mainly palestinian israeli joint list now the 3rd biggest party in the knesset recommends him for prime minister it could even be a step on the road toward its leader i'm an order says he wants to head the official opposition netanyahu post-election play is certainly no time to carry on making the political weather but in a sign that this is a crisis for a man who in just 2 weeks faces his 1st pretty indictment corruption hearing he's
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also canceled his appearance at next week's united nations general assembly in new york staying home no doubt to focus on coalition building but also perhaps to ensure that his likud party stays in line behind him are a force that al-jazeera western. palestinian woman shot by israeli security guards in the occupied west bank has died of her injuries in hospital israeli media say the woman pulled out a knife that we callen dia checkpoint witnesses say she lay on the ground for at least 15 minutes after being shot before receiving any medical help. coming up on this news hour from london so half oppose president pledges urgent action at an emergency session of parliament to tackle rising violence against women. hundreds of one person protests take place in russia to oppose jail terms for political activists and innocent bystanders plus. why everybody puts in is one of
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the fathers in sport japan gets ready for the rugby world cup with organizers hoping the event can inspire a new generation of players. at least 27 people most of them children have been killed in a fire at a qur'anic school in liberia. it was an outpouring of grief as hundreds gathered at the school near the capital monrovia the base started around midnight and tore through a dormitory where students were sleeping no 40 say an electrical problem was to blame but investigations are continuing president george ware has visited the scene and offered his condolences to the victims' families. to see the old. guard. he says rubble and says. we.
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are with the world. south africa's president has pledged urgent action to tackle gender based violence in the country at the mergence the parliament session so ram opposes said the figures for violence against women and children were like those of a country at war figures showed general murder rates have been rising significantly in south africa over the last decade last year police recorded an average of 58 murders every day according to the world health organization estimates the femicide rate in south africa is almost 5 times the global average with one woman murdered every 3 hours sexual violence and assaults have risen 4.6 percent this year with more than $41000.00 reported cases of rape but studies suggest only about 10 percent of rapes in south africa are reported to the police family miller has more now from cape town. president saddam up or so used his address aplus extraordinary
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session of parliament to emphasize that government would be placing the issue of gender based violence at the since of its concerns he said that women in south africa don't feel safe but have the right to feel safe you also referred to the latest statistics of crime saying that 2700 women had been killed in the last year 1000 children murdered and that 100 rape cases were reported every day this is what the president had to say. is a dark and heavy shadow across the land the women and the children. of this great country are under sea. it's a very violent and brutal rule that is underway against the women of south africa from of course i has announced an emergency action plan which is expected to be
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implemented over the next 6 months and the sin response to what is being described as a national crisis has also pledged about $70000000.00 to a fund meant to deal with gender based violence the rape and sexual assault of women as as well as murders of women in south africa nongovernmental organizations those trying to help women in these situations have responded quite positively to the president's address saying that it has been a long time coming but the key issue will be that of implementation even if laws and policies are changed to try and deal with the challenge of gender based violence how government goes about it is what is important and the president has also called for no bail or parole food for people accused of sexual assault and in rape cases and also saying that there should be harsher minimum
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sentences imposed on those found guilty of these crimes roma poster has said it is time for south africans to act and is saying that a culture of violence is south africa is one that has to be dealt with immediately . richelle preventer lives in johannesburg she suffered sexual abuse and horrific violence from an early age and lost her mother in a brutal attack she spoke to about her ordeal and appealed for action to protect women and children your family asa sizes you society our society. i think gang rape through the crack of my nipples at 16. and that. that throwback me from 6 to 9 he was living my parents' home and he broke my nose and my mom was a rock and my mom the sitting me you know when my nose was bleeding continuously
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my mom was murdered in 2009 asking pleated to theatre spleen was structured she bleed to death you know and. that's my fight you've been abusing you've been raped and they've taken away interesting thing of you they're not taking away. your body they take you know your height so that i can hardly move it so much pain but i have kids and i need to keep them strong and this is my students my please you know this to me for those kids for how kids for south africa it's you know we've been. left in the end it's worse if you are shopping and tell there in southern nigeria been protests over the deaths of several women in hotel rooms by what appears to be a serial killer women dressed in black rallied for a 2nd day in the city of port harcourt demanding justice over the murders but he
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say 8 women have been strangled in hotel rooms in rivers state in the past 2 months but activists claim up to 20 women have been killed and they say nigerian police are not taking the investigation seriously. the army in the democratic republic of congo says its soldiers have killed a rebel leader from wilander sylvester. who to rebel group is accused of killing hundreds of civilians in the east of the t r c during conflicts in 20092010 he'd been wanted by the international criminal court since 2012 for war crimes. so i'm adams is exactly director of the global center for the responsibility to protect he says. at a long history of committing atrocities. he was part of that that genocidal regime which then basically attempted to move itself into the congo and set itself up as a kind of not just a government in exile but
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a kind of country in exile taking as many of the people from the hutu population is they could and being responsible of course for our ongoing atrocities in the democratic republic of the congo and there are of course other people within the f.b.i. law who many other people would be interested in prosecuting for crimes committed all the way back to 994 but more recently over the last decade or so in the democratic republic of the congo doctors in zimbabwe have been back protesting on the streets have the alleged abduction of their union leader. they say public hospitals will remain closed until peter maccallum bait is found colleagues say he received threatening phone calls and was abducted after calling for strike action over pay the government says it's deploying military medics to help fill the gap at hospitals. we were there were good to come almost as if we haven't did it.
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before to us and we all wanted to because we're just don't know where they'll get to where i live or maybe did i don't. you've been parliament members have voted overwhelmingly in favor of another brick sit delay but only if britain requests one and with conditions the british parliament passed legislation last month requiring prime minister boris johnson to ask for a delay if no agreement is reached with the e.u. despite that johnson is sticking to his promise that britain will leave on october 31st with or without a deal meanwhile britain's court has held its 2nd day of hearings to decide on the legality of johnson's suspension of parliament for 5 weeks trying the andrea has more from central and. earlier the 11 supremes court judges heard from james the lawyer representing the prime minister his argument is how can the judges determine whether the length and system for the suspension a lawful if there is no written law on this issue essentially this case does not
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come under the court's jurisdiction he also counted an argument that was made on cheese day suggested that the prime minister had used the suspension for his political advantage he cited many examples in history where prime ministers had suspended parliament for just that reason to gain the upper hand politically the judges then heard from the lawyer representing the scottish national party m.p. joanna cherry they won their case in the scottish court last week found that the prime minister had acted on the fully and then defending that. he said it's not important how many days parliament has been suspended for what's important is the intent and the effect he accused the government of low dishonest. and also described suspension as the mother of parliaments. by the father of lies now it's hard to tell where the judges stand at the moment on the issue but some did express their anger at the lack of evidence given for the reasons for the suspension they
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have minutes from a cabinet meeting which lay out a variety of reasons but no written statements to support essentially no one saying this. is the truth and they say that is. the lawyer representing the prime minister argues otherwise. on thursday will tell more arguments including some from the former conservative prime minister john major will be giving evidence supporting the case against boris johnson he knows how that will influence this story. hundreds of demonstrators have taken part in a rolling one person protests outside russia's presidential administration opposing jail terms for political activists detained at unauthorized rallies in july and august it follows monday sentencing of 23 year old actor pavel used in off to 3 and a half years in prison for violence against a policeman during a protest last month his family and friends say he was a bystander who had not been involved in the protests a number of russian celebrities have condemned his conviction. you're british old
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school says it's a group or came here to protect myself because now i'm deprived of my right to one is clearly an innocent person can be robbed beaten and floating to jail tomorrow it will happen to me yes it's my friends to my children to my wife i'm forced to protect myself. i'm outraged by the injustice and mayhem in our courts as it applies not only to pawel is to knowledge but to all persons involved. 3 people are dead and a 4th has been treated for serious injuries after a speedboat crash just off the coast of venice the boat was trying to break the monte carlo to venice speed record when it crashed into a dam close to the finish after 18 and a half hours at sea the boat's designer fabio bootsy is among the dead but it was capable of speeds of up to 150 kilometers an hour. more to come this hour including a children's home an island that became a mass grave now survive is threatening legal action on kind of the tree. but
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as well as opposition leader one guy joe is referring to is head of the national assembly but there are signs of cracks in his campaign to topple president maduro. and in support of the double grand slam champion ending to make a winning start attack hometown tournament. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast here across europe we have 2 different weather systems talk about out here towards the east it's in our low pressure with a lot of clouds a winds and some cooler air coming into play across much of the area now touch is going to stay into the mid teens to low teens as we end the week so for worse at 15 kiev at 30 and moscow it is going to be a cloudy day for you at about 11 out here towards the west though things are
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looking quite nice we're actually seeing temperatures rising so with that we're going to be seen plenty of sun as well so for london expect to see a nice day here on thursday at 22 degrees paris you are right behind at 20 and then as we go towards the end of the week things are going to continue to stay very nice high pressure is dominating much of this area even paris we do expect you to go up to about $23.00 degrees there down towards the south though that's the big problem going to be seeing a lot of clouds and rain coming into parts of spain as well well that same area is going to be increasing the clouds in the rain across much of the northwestern part of africa knowledge too bad here on thursday temps wise we're going to see algiers at about $27.00 degrees here tonight at $32.00 but notice as we do go towards friday a lot of clouds here across parts of morocco algeria and also pushing into tunisia we could be seeing some rain in those clouds as well but for algiers a high temperature you of 27.
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just. there was a lot of there in this community this will be live to in the week when they will come to look for all the cool make you want to own man she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not always a few problems auction that had been a priority and led the way in transforming a difficulty into a success so imparting no one to me is standing economies. women make change on al-jazeera.
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they're going to remind of the top stories here not. saudi arabia has displayed what it calls undeniable evidence that iran was behind saturday's attack on 2 of its oil facilities yemen's hoofy rebels who say they carried out the attack and dismissed the saudis account. israel except for a lengthy kurdish and talks offer a 2nd election this year failed to produce a clear winner both the blue and white party led by benny gantz and benjamin netanyahu the could party unlikely to gain the majority needed to form a government. and at least 27 people most of them children have been killed in a fire at a qur'anic school in liberia the place tore through
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a dormitory where students were sleeping. in ireland survivors of an a tourist children's home or accusing the government of covering up a long running scandal involving the catholic church they're threatening legal action over the government's failure to examine the bodies of as many as 796 children who died in the care of nuns some of the remains found in a burial put in june 5 years ago were newborn babies as largely reports it is impossible to overstate the mental scarring of the survivors of the bodies of the riders are very concerned because they're there and they are peter lived in the home until the age of 4 when the nuns sold him on to a violent family by that time he lost his sister she like nearly 800 others had her name recorded in the death register to walk on this plot is to walk over the bones of infant children for
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a catholic organization to put bodies in here there were baptized ties yet the brother and her own consecrated ground left them here like animals nor spirits no records no nothing seva just for them like all the others patro of his grandmother had to give her sons up to the nuns as punishment for becoming pregnant outside marriage both of them but travers' 2 uncles died john francis only made a week apparently they didn't feed him and your uncles names on this list yeah he's right here john francis malone 7 days. and the death certificate says that he died of malnutrition more well it says more as must but starvation eventually so so so starved to death he hid it in the care of the nuns. like many others patro believes the whole place is a crime scene there's still an awful lot of unanswered questions and without those questions being answered then how do we know it's not it's 5 years since
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a local historian uncovered the scale of what happened here and the government has promised to excavate the size a preliminary investigation discovered skeletons lined up in rows since the entrance is very narrow it's led to the suspicion that the nuns got the children to carry the bodies of dead babies down the pit after these photos were taken the whole site was covered over again the government minister responsible for all this declined an interview but the government's own interim reports suggest that they don't trust the testimonies of surviving nuns and they think that local people might know more than they've been prepared to admit in the meantime though the detective work is being done not by the police but by the survivors of choom and their families. the campaigners think the government is so frightened of the damage to the church that a full excavation would do that it is resisting it so they're threatening court
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action i think the only way in which this will be resolved is through an order of the supreme courts of this country i can't see any other way because there is no will there's no wish there is no appetite church and state in this country as to where did in a poisonous pact. through thought to be dozens and dozens of other places like this around ireland a full investigation into the scale of what happened across all the countries mother and baby homes would be explosive and could destroy the reputation of the church hardly a surprise then the survivors think the government would rather bury the truth than dig up the past lawrence lee al-jazeera chim in ireland a suicide bomber and gunman have attacked a government building in afghanistan only a day after nearly 50 people were killed in 2 bombings there at least 9 people were wounded in the attack in jalalabad a top it was
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a distribution center for national identity cards which people need to vote in afghanistan's presidential election in 10 days time. a key border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan is now open 24 hours a day it was previously open for only 12 hours a day but pakistan's prime minister hopes to boost trade come out harden as more now on how the change is affecting people on both sides of the border. the bugger tiny prime minister imran khan said this is a historic day earlier the president of lani dr pakistani prime minister there he shared. destruction the along the border progress on had delivered on your straw man and opened the door from the border which really now be operating 247 and around the clock i think opening the door to come border is an incredible achievement it's likely to increase trade significantly in fact it's already increased it by more than 50 percent ever since it's opened at the same time i
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think it will open up people to people relations again. i believe that it will actually ease security issues and i think that it is only the 1st step through which we can also think about opening other crossing points with afghanistan both in the province of capitals and in baluchistan. but also we have been tortured by the local head that this is a major step which would like need to improve trade between the 2 countries because truck good on both sides do not have to wait overnight in order to get clearance to be able to move it released condition and it really shows how didn't go valvano who come to plug it on a daily basis to seek medical attention in hospital and then buggiest on. a hockey will to dismiss save us a lot of time early it would take us 15 days on the afghan side of a quarter but with this decision it will take 2 days before they can also help on
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the pakistani side and we won't be staying overnight you know more for the customs clearance. before if we had to carry a patient from afghanistan to pakistan the patient had to suffer and sometimes died due to long waits until the border reopened in the morning this is indeed an important step the pakistani prime minister has said that if discarded or. and if there is peace in of londonistan discord open a whole new avenue to link up. and to make sure our in the hope for the international business gets done and the only why a bit rude put up leider nato forces and the u.s. led coalition forces operating out of run if done by did really also be a crucial link india the united states wants to draw down its presence in afghanistan they will have to move their military hardware group august on because russia and iran will not give them
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a package the pakistani prime minister of course is now optimistic that if that is peace in afghanistan that this particular highway and the door come border could become a major hub of activity for business not just didn't bug it's not enough when it's done but beyond infantry natio. u.s. president donald trump's plan to build a wall on the mexican border has long me criticized for its expensive price tag but the cost to the environment is also being questioned with the route of the wall taking it straight through a wildlife refuge and butterfly sanctuary from macallan texas how does your castro report. in this crook of the rio grande river where mexico lies on one bank the united states on the other flora shiz biodiversity we have over 240 species of butterflies documented on the property with the possibility of about $350.00 species that can be seen in north america and mexico
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found here the national butterfly center is a private charity that owns and conserves this land but now it's fighting the trumpet ministrations plans to build an 11 meter high wall through the properties middle the center's director says that will begin a chain of damaging ecological changes that we will have nothing to produce we will be here nothing to filter our groundwater nothing to mitigate radiant brow temperatures and dentist all of that will be eliminated so what they're creating in effect is a dead zone where we now have a thriving vibrant away cis for species to build the wall in this county the federal government has waived the national environmental policy act the endangered species act the clean water act and 25 other protective laws president donald trump
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says he's doing so in the name of national security trump says the wall will keep out drugs and criminals but the vast majority of migrants arriving at the border have been families and children nevertheless building the wall could help trump's chances of winning reelection we think by the end of next year which will be sometime right after the election actually but we think we're going to have close to 500 miles of wall which will be complete construction materials have already arrived rows of steel fencing are destined to be erected on a national wildlife refuge the butterfly center is nearby and after a judge dismissed its lawsuit against the wall it. expects to be next as everyone else begins to feel the pain and the loss related to this bogus project maybe they will turn around maybe they'll be a way to stop it for now the u.s. supreme court is allowing trump to build the wall using military money made
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available by his emergency declaration but the people who live here say the only emergency they see is of nature under attack heidi joe castro al-jazeera mccallan texas president trump has stripped the state of california the power to set its own vehicle emissions standards is also banned other states from setting similar rules the current law requires california in order to make has to build cleaner vehicles than federal requirements demand meaning the state has significant sway of the kinds of cars and affection for american consumers trump says the new move will lower car prices and is unlikely to impact emissions a 16 year old club attached to his gratitude emberg has urged u.s. politicians to listen to the scientists are addressing a congressional hearing in washington who says italian artist dario grammarian created a giant portray to the nobel peace prize nominee in farmland near the city of
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verona the 27000 square meter picture of a swedish teen was made using a tractor and plow it's to mark 2 bugs upcoming appearance at the united nations climate action summit next week. days of protests over petrol shorter use are brought parts of haiti to a standstill road to being blocked in some schools banks and government offices a state shot presenter and worries as facing when huge calls to resign with protesters blaming him for the shortages as well as rising living costs and widespread corruption she had the chance he has. the protests have escalated throughout the year since haiti's subsidized supply of fuel from venezuela was caught that was supplied through the petro program begun by travelers in 2005 to help the development of caribbean nations the program ended last year as u.s. sanctions isolated from israel are from the international financial system so maybe that's your it's
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a protest of the riches in the country the high cost of living in the neck of security. now the country must rely on the u.s. market for energy and supply is demanding about $100000000.00 an unpaid fees before move fuel is delivered prices a rocket electricity blackouts have become common. this morning i bought a gallon of petrol for 9 u.s. dollars in the car for area with this snow and ellis i usually can get a full tank for my motorcycle and still have change left there is particular anger at president over no mores who government order to say personally profited from the old system of subsidized venezuelan fuel siphoning off millions of dollars of aid meant for development. we are demonstrating and we are rebelling against the president job anomalies in the system because this system does not bring any change to our haitian people and we will keep protesting if the president refuses to resign because we are tired of the system not only that earlier this year there were street protests after morey's administration voted not to recognize the
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legitimacy of the venezuelan government at the organization of american states an unprecedented moment for a country that received billions of dollars of help from caracas it was a gesture of a gratified washington there are signs that the white. power broker in this country may not be able to shield its ally if the street protests continue the front should political opposition to movies can unite. venezuela's opposition is celebrating the release of the deputy head of the national assembly at brown who was freed from custody on tuesday 4 months after his arrest on treason charges he's the former deputy of one guy joe who is recognized by many nations as venezuela as legitimate leader. well i don't know. that to me now that i've been released from prison the authorities should release about 58.


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