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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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where he's either going to have to take some sort of military steps against iran or give them sanctions relief and it's politically embarrassing here for him in washington he's getting criticism from all sides that he's acting in a weak and indecisive way and speaking of maneuverings in washington we've heard of their placement for john bolton what do you make of the new security advisor what's your take on him. he's someone who has relatively little experience in washington in foreign policy and national security strategy from what i understand from my from my contacts he is the compromise candidate there were others in the administration who had their favorite candidate and they could not agree amongst those their favorites and this person mr o'brien was the compromise that essentially nobody hated and so he was he was the pick i don't think he'll be a strong voice on foreign policy national security strategy i think that will be secretary of state pompei o pompei you has really stacked this cabinet o'brian is someone who works for
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pompei 0 at the cia gina housefull owes her job to pompei o the defense secretary marc marc esper was a college buddy of secretary pompei oh he really owns this cabin and i think he's the he's the voice to watch thank you very much hillary mann leverett as always great to get your insights as you mentioned the u.s. plans to impose new sanctions on iran here's what president trump had to say about that position. are you will be adding some very significant sanctions don't do a risk and one thing we'll be announcing it over the next 48 hours well there are many options as you know bill there are many options and there's the ultimate option and their options are a lot less than that and we'll see where the very powerful position are right now we're in a very very powerful position. he now joins us live from washington d.c. she had we just heard president trying to speak about those many options and the
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extent of their options but there is there any indication of what those sanctions are what form those sanctions could take place. as we just heard from hillary hillary mann leverett what more can the u.s. do significant announced in the next 48 hours but what we've also been hearing about just in the last few minutes and it is sort of backs up reporting that we've heard over several days is yes military action by the u.s. is off the table at the moment certainly but what it appears is the trouble ministration has decided to do and this just came out in a wall street journal scoop in just the last few minutes but we've also heard it from other vaguely from other sources too it's a trying to build up some sort of international coalition against iran possibly even to coincide with the u.n. general assembly next week donald trump might compare will be there and make the case that the u.s. thinks that iran is a bad actor that perhaps the these missiles did indeed come from iran is
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a great deal of skepticism about that and whether that's going to take the picture will they or the scenario of might bump a 0 showing evidence of the u.n. security council in a slam dunk amount to about the missiles going drones coming from iranian territory we don't know but that would be pretty pretty rich given in the past when the u.n. has made these sorts of presentations as with secretary of state powell before iraq and they turned out to be completely false so it's going to be a struggle that allies in the u.n. security council certainly a very skeptical about what the u.s. says everyone knows that we're at this stage because it's the u.s. who pulled out off the internationally ratified deal that the u.n. security council on on iran and russia actually will be in charge of the of the u.n. security council next week anyway so i way it's not clear how they're going to make this case but that seems to be the path they're on right now to try and make an international coalition the united nations a coalition of the willing for some sort of. more resolution perhaps against iran obviously after body that the u.s. on the trip of ministration has made it very clear it has absolutely no time for
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but it has and it was scornful it'll be an interesting week next week indeed let's change tack a little here and talk about the new national security advisor correct me if i'm wrong here at i'm counting this is the 4th under trump's presidency what do we know about robert to brian and which direction he'll be taking policy towards he's been called bolton lights in the possible that's because he also advocates tough aggressive foreign policy around the world where the u.s. has a big military posture around the world shows its power especially against iran. but that's all there are several either republican or democrat think that's just a foreign policy establishment thing larry clinton was very much they say he's someone who has worked his way through the system he knows what's good for him he's ambitious he's wanted this job for a long time he's actually been very critical about the iranian nuclear deal and the policies even compared it to munich the appeasement of the appeasement of hitler in the thirty's having said that and i think hillary mann leverett was was getting at
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this as well he is a career establishment foreign policy guy he knows what's good for him it's the suggestion is just simply that the national security council position itself the national security advisor position of so will be much diminished and we've even had reports in some ways that getting trump he picked him because it didn't appease necessarily wasn't a 1st choice of either faction or any of the factions in the white house but he certainly looks the part and he's very very nice at all of trump he's been sucking up to the all in front of his instruct was elected in articles and a few civilian speeches and so on thank you very much. we have plenty more i had this news hour including that. and it's. we hear from a south african gang rape victim as the country's president unveils an emergency plan to deal what's being called a national crisis it's. a battle is looming over a vehicle emissions standards in the u.s. . one of a lot of them is one of the books and in japan gets ready for the rugby world cup
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with organizers hoping the events can inspire a new generation of players. so israel 2nd election this year has also failed to produce a clear winner weeks of coalition talks are now likely before a new government can be formed with more than 90 percent of the votes counted the center right blue and white party led by benny gantz 32 seats while prime minister benjamin netanyahu has likud party is just behind with 31 that's in the bloc looks set to control 55 of parliament's 120 seats while gantz and his natural partners could have up to 5661 seats are required for a majority former defense minister avigdor lieberman may be the kingmaker is calling for a unity government which he says should include the ultra nasty his ultra nationalists and israel bit a new party likud and the blue and white but dances rule that joining forces with
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look good if netanyahu remains the party's leader are a force that has more from tel aviv. benjamin netanyahu might be down but he's not out not yet for a meeting with senior members of his likud party he said he'd agreed to form a bloc of right wing and ultra orthodox religious parties along with likud as a basis for a new government under his leadership of them there are one or 2 options either a government headed by me or a dangerous government that's leaning on the arab parties at this moment more than any other and in the face of the security and political challenges that are on ahead it's forbidden that a government will be formed that is leaning on the and he zionist arab parties the bloc in question would give him 55 seats news really parliament or knesset still 6 short of the 61 needed to form a majority coalition it's a rebuke to netanyahu school my ally i think believe him and he's insisted that his party israel data new likud and the opposition blue and white combine to form
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a secular unity government usual conclusion is clear all that we have said during the election campaign is coming true there is only one option a national unity government a liberal broad government we will not join and the other option. but if netanyahu is refusing as. clearly is now to join that option where does he get the 6 seats he needs for a government i mean operettas his left wing labor alliance temptingly has just that number but he refused again on wednesday to sit with netanyahu benny gantz has said his blue and white alliance with $32.00 seats will stay together and his secularist partner peed would be unlikely to serve with netanyahu ultra-orthodox allies all day with him to be here's what we will wait another day or 2 and wish the people of israel a good and necessary unity government that the system will calm down a little bit and we will move along. dance's own prospects could be improved if a mainly palestinian israeli joint list now the 3rd biggest party in the knesset
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recommends him for prime minister it could even be a step on the road to what its leader i am an order says he wants to head the official opposition netanyahu post-election play is certainly no time to carry on making the political weather but in a sign that this is a crisis for a man who in just 2 weeks faces his 1st pre indictment corruption hearing he's also canceled his appearance at next week's united nations general assembly in new york staying home no doubt to focus on coalition building but also perhaps to ensure that his likud party stays in line behind him are a force of al-jazeera westerners. at least 27 people mostly children have died in a far at an islamic school in liberia grieving parents gathered at the school near the capital monrovia the blaze started around midnight and tore through a dormitory where students were sleeping police believe it was most likely caused by an electrical fault president george way have visited the scene and offered his condolences to the victims' families. those few recent telegenic
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i got in the fire it's not easy and i don't even want to say i believe i just i wanted to know how would i feel the moment i felt. the army of the democratic republic of congo says its soldiers have killed a rebel leader from rwanda sylvestre the cumorah was wanted by the international criminal court since 2012 for war crimes his hutu rebel group is accused of killing hundreds of civilians in the east of the d.r. c. simon adams is the executive director of the global center for the responsibility the to protect and he says magicked had a long history of committing atrocities he was part of that the genocidal regime which then basically attempted to move itself into the congo and set itself up as a kind of not just a government in exile but a kind of country in exile taking as many of the people from the hutu population is
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they could and being responsible of course for ongoing atrocities in the democratic republic of the congo in the group that he's been a leader of if as i said has a long long history of trustees he was an unrepentant genocide year and i think you know i personally would have loved to have seen him in handcuffs and to face international justice in a courtroom but unfortunately he chose the path that led him to his death last night it was the one outstanding fugitive of the current indictments the one outstanding fugitive from international justice and so that matter has now resolved itself having said that there are of course other people within the law who many of the people would be interested in prosecuting for crimes committed all the way back to $994.00 but more recently over the last decade or so in the democratic republic of the congo. president donald trump has shipped california so authority to set its
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own vehicle emissions standards which are tougher than the national ones he's also banned the other states from setting similar rules the current law requires automakers to build cleaner vehicles then the federal requirements demand president trump says the move a lower car prices and likely to impact emissions but california's governor disagrees av the state has vowed to fight this action it's about the oil industry period full stop it's not about the car manufacturers not about consumers it's not about the health it's not about our economy. it's about oil companies are any final words here we are precipice of more unrest in the middle east a time when we've yet again been exposed for our deep dependence on foreign oil that now has a trajectory to get us back into conflict in the middle east well the president has also visited the latest section of the border wall with mexico which is being built
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in california. the barrier is impenetrable and is being built at breakneck speed if that up to 800 kilometers will be done by the end of the year during his visit the president said a national emergency is still in place along the border and that mexico could face tariffs if it stopped helping stem the flow of migrants and plan to build the wall along the mexican border has been criticised for its multibillion dollar price tag and the cost to the environment is also being highlighted how do you know castro has this report from texas. in this crook of the rio grande river where mexico lies on one bank the united states on the other florida is biodiversity we have over 240 species of butterflies documented on the property with the possibility of about $350.00 species that can be seen in north america and mexico found here the national butterfly center is
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a private charity that owns and conserves this land but now it's fighting the trump administration's plans to build an 11 meter high wall through the properties middle the center's director says that will begin a chain of damaging ecological changes that we will have nothing to produce we will be here nothing to filter our groundwater nothing to mitigate radiant brow temperatures and all of that will be eliminated so what they're creating in effect is a dead zone where we now have a thriving vibrant away cis for species to build the wall in this county the federal government has waived the national environmental policy act the endangered species act the clean water act and $25.00 other protective laws president donald trump says he's doing so in the name of national security trump says the wall will
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keep out drugs and criminals but the vast majority of migrants arriving at the border have been families and children nevertheless building the wall could help trump's chances of winning reelection and we think by the end of next year which will be sometime right after the election actually but we think we're going to have close to 500 miles of oil which will be complete construction materials have already arrived rows of steel fencing are destined to be erected on a national wildlife refuge the butterfly center is nearby and after a judge dismissed its lawsuit against the wall it. expects to be next as everyone else begins to feel the pain and the loss related to this bogus project maybe they will turn around maybe they'll be a way to stop it for now the u.s. supreme court is allowing trump to build the wall using military money made available by his emergency declaration but the people who live here say the only
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emergency they see is of nature under attack heidi joe castro al-jazeera mccallan texas. anger over the 10 detention of political activists in russia sparks a unique protest movement. and open all hours around the clock peroration has been a beginning on the border between afghanistan and pakistan but who benefits. and support that title her various had been knocked out of the season's asian chaplin's league round hole will be here with that story and more. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across an old states we do have a tropical depression that is really become the remnants of that storm you can see the clouds right here down towards texas now we're not talking
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a big area but the big problem with this system is it's not going to go anywhere anytime soon in the winter seen quite a bit of rain here across parts of eastern texas over the next 72 hours and that means widespread flooding across much of eastern texas rain totals could exceed well over $300.00 millimeters as we go towards friday as well so that will also be a part of dallas is weather as we go towards the end of the weekend out here towards the east oh and berto is pushing by bermuda and very quickly it's going to be some showers there as we go into the overnight hours but they will quickly become much clearer there up towards new york though here on friday a nice day few with a temperature of 27 degrees well cross much of the caribbean is going to quite a bit of rain over the next few days out here toward center domingo heavy showers will be pushing through with a temperature of 18 down towards panama also a rainy day for you there up towards now so though we don't need the rain but we are going to see some rain in your forecast with a temperature of 29 probably getting a little bit better by the time we get towards friday but for havin a nurse so often on showers as we go to the weekend we do expect to see
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a tempter 30 in cozumel at 31 degrees. al-jazeera world meets 2 arab women with roots in the middle east both build successful lawyers so. over the last 5 years i've achieved a great deal of partnership with the country's leading pharmacists but never forgot where they came from. i tried to put forward a different place than the stereotypical image of muslim women arabs aboard the businesswoman of the council on al-jazeera. there was a lot of there in this community and this will be live too in the in the will to move forward only will make you want to win this is our own man she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing community was also the problem action plan had been wounded and led the way in transforming your difficulty into
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a success so empowering a woman to meet you standing in a courtroom. women make change on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching out is there and here is our top stories this hour saudi arabia has presented what it says is undeniable evidence iran sponsored attacks on its oil facilities tear on denies involvement. who are fighting assad coalition there says they were behind the attacks. and u.s. president donald trump says he's ordered new sanctions on iran in the wake of those
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attacks on his accusing the americans are waging at the economic war on ordinary iranians. and at least 27 people mostly children have been killed in a far at an islamic school in liberia it happened at a dormitory as students were sleeping police believe it was most likely caused by an electrical fault. so european parliament members have overwhelmingly voted in favor of and on their breaks a delay but only if britain requests one and with conditions u.k. parliament passed legislation last month forcing prime minister boris johnson so i ask for a delay if no agreement is reached with the e.u. despite that johnson is sticking to his promise that britain will leave on october 31st with or without a deal the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. has already been delayed twice charlie actually has more from london. the 11 supremes court judges james d.
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the lawyer representing the prime minister his argument is how can the judges determine whether the length and system for the suspension a little if there is no written law on this issue essentially this case does not come under the court's jurisdiction he also counted an argument that was made on cheese day suggested that the prime minister had used the suspension for his political advantage he cited many examples in history where prime ministers had suspended parliament for just that reason to gain the upper hand politically the judges then from the lawyer representing the scottish national party and joanna cherry they won their case in the scottish court last week found that the prime minister had acted unlawfully in defending that. he said it's not important how many days parliament has been suspended for what's important is the intent and the effect and he accused the government of low dishonest. and also described suspension as the mother of parliaments. by the father of lies now it's hard to
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tell where the judges stand at the moment on the issue but some did express anger at the lack of evidence given for the reasons for this is spent they have minutes from the cabinet meeting which lay out a variety of reasons but no written statements to support essentially no one saying this is the truth and they say that is highly unusual the lawyer representing the prime minister argues otherwise. the arguments including some from the former conservative prime minister john major will be giving evidence supporting the case against boris johnson who knows how that will influence this story. and to venezuela now where the opposition is celebrating the release of the deputy head of the country's national assembly. but ana was freed from state custody on tuesday 4 months after his arrest on treason charges he was deputy to one recognized by many nations as been israel as a legitimate leader has just been reaffirmed as the head of the opposition
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controlled national assembly. but as any human is one of those official representative in the u.k. and she says and there's a brown a shouldn't have been arrested in the 1st place what we're seeing in general is a lot of flailing about of a desperate regime trying to figure out how they can stay in power we welcome the release of a no he should never have been arrested in the 1st place there is no rule of law on that as well and that is one of the things we're trying to get back along with our democracy and our freedom is a rule of law it's completely arbitrary he was thrown in prison without any process and the lawyers they didn't even say they had him now they've just released him. and now they're trying to use that to get us back into dialogue quite frankly it's entirely unacceptable. also in venezuela the government has called on the u.s. to restore diplomatic ties with caracas after it opened talks with fringe opposition parties top government officials met opposition party members to
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formally begin a new negotiation talks that relations between venezuela and the u.s. broke down after washington this year recognized the opposition leader fund why do us interim president. hundreds of demonstrators have taken part in rolling one person protest outside russia's presidential administration and they're angry about jail terms for political activists detained at an authorized july and august 23 year old actor was jailed for 3 and a half years on monday for using violence against a policeman last month. denies those charges while his friends and family say he was just a bystander not involved in those protests or you're pretty sure. it's a girl because i came here to protect myself because now i'm deprived of my right to really an innocent person can be beaten floating to jail tomorrow it will happen to my friends to my children to my wife i'm forced to protect myself.
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outraged by the injustice of mayhem in our courts it applies not only to pawel but to open. peace in south africa have held an emergency meeting about how to tackle rising violence against women president cyril ramaphosa has admitted there is a crisis following protest urging you lost there have also been demands for a stated from urgency from a developer is in cape town with more details. president saddam up or so used his address aplus extraordinary session of parliament to emphasize that government will be placing the issue of gender based violence at the center of its concerns he said that women in south africa don't feel safe but have the right to feel safe you also referred to the latest statistics of crime saying that 2700 women had been killed in the last year 1000 children murdered and that 100 rape cases reported every day this is what the president had to say.
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across the world. where women and children. well this great country. it's a very violent. that is underway against the women. from up or so has announced an emergency action plan which is expected to be implemented over the next 6 months and the sin response to what is being described as a national crisis is also pledged about 70000000 dollars to a fund meant to deal with gender based violence the rape and sexual assault of women as as well as murders of women in south africa nongovernmental organizations those trying to help women in these situations have responded quite positively to the president's address saying that it has been a long time coming but the key issue will be that of implementation even if laws
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and policies are changed to try and deal with the challenge of gender based violence how the government goes about it is what is important the president has also called for no bail parole food for people accused of sexual assault and in rape cases and also saying that there should be harsher minimum sentences imposed on those found guilty of these crimes from a poster has said it is time for south africans to act and is saying that a culture of violence is south africa is one that has to be dealt with immediately . figures show that sexual offenses in general murder rates have been rising significantly in south africa over the past decade. police recorded an average of $58.00 murders every day of sexual offenses including rape have risen almost 5 percent this year and the world health organization estimates the female murder
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rate in south africa it's almost 5 times the global average with one woman being murdered every 3 hours. rachelle pimento lives in johannesburg and you suffered sexual abuse and violence from an early age and lost her mother in a brutal attack she spoke to al-jazeera about her ordeal and appealed for action to protect women and children your family ostracizes you society ostracizes you because i've been gang raped with a cut of my nipples at 16. my the man that. sacked roped me from 6 to 9 he was living my parents' home and he broke my nose and my mom was a rock and the suing me you know with my nose which was given continuously my mom was murdered in 2009 asked me to to do it the spleen was structured she
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bleed to death you know and that's my fight you've been abusing you've been raped and they've taken away interesting thing of you they're not taking the way. you body to take a new height so that i can have been so much pain but i have kids and i need to keep them strong and this is my story in this might be. you know. for those kids for how kids for south africa. you know we've been. i've been in the and it's worst yes and in southern nigeria there have been protests over the deaths of several women in hotel rooms by an apparent serial killer women dressed in black rallied for a 2nd day in the city of port harcourt demanding justice for the killings police say 2 women have been strangled in hotel rooms in reverse state in the past 2 months but activists claim that up to 20 women have been killed and they say
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nigerian police are not taking the investigation seriously. argentina's senate has just passed a food emergency plans out people cope with the economic crisis leading the fight for this initiative happens for cooperatives and their crucial role in the fight against poverty there is a birth this report from the capital. cleaning this parking greater when a site is is the only way these women have of making a living they're part of a social movement that helps poor people around the country find a job. or a co-operative that provides a service to the municipality we started 12 years ago it's the only jobs found there paid by the argentine government around $130.00 a month. some people call us lazy because we depend on the government but we work and we provide a service we also do courses and go to school. for the past several weeks the
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center of one a society as has been repeatedly paralyzed by organizations demanding more government help. devaluation of the peso currency has had a strong impact on the price of food and social movements say they do not have enough. social movements were born after the economic crisis in 2001 and they stayed and they play a role in keeping the streets active copy how labor unions operate in argentina and they are an example of what happens when politics reaches the streets immediate predecessor is the leader of the mend named after the wife of argentina's former president juan but on he says he's organization is playing a crucial role in preventing the situation in the country from going out of control . social movements are part of the solution because we work where the state does not some people want to demonize us because we block a road but that's not everything we do we are the ones preventing people from running to supermarkets and looting. part of the movement she says she worked all
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her life even though she lived in a slum she's been able to buy a home but now. he can hardly pay the bills. i have to pay electricity and gas and we can barely buy food i have worked all my life and what's happening to us is humiliating. since taking office. eliminated the subsidy and utility services in an attempt to regularize an economy that has been in the red for years people here tell us that the economic crisis in argentina has an enormous impact in their lives they also say that thanks to social movements they at least have a drop the problem is that in the past they used to be able to feel the fridge with food while now it's almost empty. and that's why many are on the streets these days demanding the government does not look away.
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pakistan's prime minister mon khan says he's going to tell us the u.s. president donald trump to resume peace talks with the taliban leaders will meet next week at the un general assembly made the common sense he extended the opening of a key border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan our correspondent come out hi there as more from the crossing into. the buckets on a prime minister had brought the word be walking on the improvement of grid where the neighboring countries i wonder if they wanted to learn that all country there depends on budget gone for this logistical supply richard also a lifeline for the u.s. led coalition forces and i've run it on any between the dollar bond and the united states we're all still free filleted the movement of trucks and i'm your nation and white deal military cargo through the fiber far through foggiest on but also rear door by the local head.


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