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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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they were swiftly buried in a collective ceremony. also allowed. to turn over. some food to the english to move a deaf. and i had to follow was food for. the sun and. moon came marching. in the outskirts of the capital monrovia painesville is a suburb president george where you wouldn't usually have cause to visit residents mind the streets here arrived in attempts to calm crowds and office uproot for. those here we sat down with at. least i know it's time he said. i don't even say. we. just. started with our with our government such that never was the her islam is
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a minority religion in liberia here in painesville support a strong not grumble acknowledged wave played my say of the people we get up to do. the best thing now we've got to not be as a lone wolf for the are an outpouring of grief for innocent lives lost ballasts al-jazeera. and still ahead an al-jazeera we profiled donald trump's 4th national security advisor and tell you why some people are calling him bolton lite. fighting to stay above the breadline in argentina desperate measures to keep poverty in a country racked by economic crisis. hello
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again it's good to have you back over here across parts of asia we are watching one tropical system that is making its way towards the hugo islands and you can see the clouds almost on the edge of our map right there but you will see the circulation on our forecast map and that is going to be a big problem as we go towards the end of the week towards the rio who islands as storm is going to be really increasing in intensity we do expect to see a typhoon and by the end of the weekend that will be a big factor for mainland japan but for china though not looking too bad out here towards the east it's going to be fairly dry all the way from shanghai down towards hong kong lower humid as well so it's going to feel quite nice there well across the philippines the rain is still going to be a big problem as we go towards the end of the week notice clouds pushing across manila those clouds are going to bring some heavy rain and we are expecting flooding particularly for luzon as we go from thursday as well as into friday down
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towards the south though it is going to be a haze that we're dealing with across parts of java for bali things are looking quite nice with attempt a few into the low thirty's and then very quickly for new delhi that it's been quite clear for you over the next few days and that is going to continue as we go towards thursday most of the rain is receding down here towards the southeast and so for new delhi expect to see attempt a few of 31 and for karate a very nice day for you but tempers a little bit warm at 36. the weather sponsored by countdown to. al-jazeera will meet with with roots in the middle east both successful lawyer as a rule over the last 5 years i've achieved a great deal partnership with the country's leading families to give us a call with a cane. to try to look forward to different takes on the stereotypical image of muslim women arabs aboard the businesswoman of the council on al-jazeera.
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let me take you through our main stories this hour. has presented what it's undeniable evidence iran attacks on its oil facilities denies involvement and yemen's. coalition there they were behind the strikes. and the us president donald trump says he's ordered new sanctions on iran in the wake of those attacks on this accusing the americans of waging an economic war on ordinary iranians. 27 people mostly children have been killed in a far as an islamic school in liberia tore through
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a dormitory where the. police believe it was. president has appointed his new national security advisor his 4th one so far it is an unprecedented number for a 1st term administration robert o'brian had been a relatively low key figure in politics he's known for his advocacy of tough u.s. foreign policy and also has a few surprises of donald trump sheraton see as more. the president introduced his new national security adviser robert o'brien well i'm a visit to california a lot of people that i respect rated m. is their absolute number one choice so you know i think we have a very good chemistry together and i think we're going to have a great relationship a lawyer from california o'brien has acted as a national security advisor to several republican politicians and worked in the obama state department before becoming the trumpet ministrations main international hostage negotiator in 2018 he also served with the man he replaced john bolton when
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he was briefly u.n. ambassador under george w. bush one commentator has called him likes he's going to share bolton's view that the u.s. should project its force around the world their brother has been particularly scathing about the iran nuclear deal comparing it to the appeasement of hitler in the 1930 s. we don't like we don't want to war today but churchill said you know if you do this not only are you going to hear not to avoid a war but the war is going to be worse than if you stood up to this bully i look at what's happening in iran as as very similar but the difference between o'brien is the former is known for his charm he's also constantly lavished praise on donald trump's and his election particularly what he says is trump's foreign policy prowess he's reported to have long ago beat for his new job the president said unparalleled success and bring americans home without paying sessions about prisoner exchanges but through force of will. and the goodwill has generated around
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the world record at least suggests he will be another hardline on key foreign policy issues such as iran as he advises the president but one to his position so i think he's probably going to be hard working he's probably not going to make feel jealous about him getting too much of the limelight he's probably going to recognize that he's working for a guy who doesn't want to use military force unless absolutely necessary and i expect that he understands that he's a staff not a principal himself. on his way to saudi arabia secretary of state might prompt continued his bellicose lowing saying iran had committed an act of war or don't play those comments on wednesday ambassador way comments from republican senator lindsey graham that he was showing weakness against iran i actually think it's a sign of strength we have the strongest military in the world now and i think it's a great sign of strength it's very easy to attack but it has come out of going to
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the middle east how did that work out. going into iraq worked out so we have a disagreement on that and you know there's plenty of time. dastardly thing but the president added a very significant sanctions would be imposed on iran in the coming days if you have returns the old use here at washington and president trump has visited the latest section of the border wall with mexico which is being built in california trump says the barrier is impenetrable and is being built had breakneck speed he hopes that up to 800 kilometers by the end of this year during his visit the president said a national emergency still in place along the border and that mexico could face terrorists if it stopped helping stem the flow of migrants. plan to build that wall along the mexican border has been criticized for its multibillion dollar price tag and the cost to the environment is also being highlighted by the castro explains from texas. in this crook of the rio grande river where mexico lies on one bank the
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united states on the other flora shiz biodiversity we have over 240 species of butterflies documented on the property with the possibility of about $350.00 species that can be seen in north america and mexico found here the national butterfly center is a private charity that owns and conserves this land but now it's fighting the trump administration's plans to build an 11 meter high wall through the properties middle the center's director says that will begin a chain of damaging ecological changes that we will have nothing to produce we hear nothing to filter our groundwater nothing to mitigate radiant brow temperatures and all of that will be eliminated so what they're creating in effect is a dead zone where we now have
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a thriving vibrant away cis for species to build the wall in this county the federal government has waived the national environmental policy act the endangered species act the clean water act and 25 other protective laws president donald trump says he's doing so in the name of national security trump says the wall will keep out drugs and criminals but the vast majority of migrants arriving at the border have been families and children nevertheless building the wall could help trump's chances of winning reelection and we think by the end of next year which will be sometime right after the election actually but we think we're going to have close to 500 miles of wall which will be complete construction materials have already arrived rows of steel fencing are destined to be erected on a national wildlife refuge the butterfly center is nearby and after a judge dismissed its lawsuit against the wall it. expects to be next as everyone
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else begins to feel the pain and the loss related to this bogus project maybe things will turn around maybe they'll be a way to stop it for now the u.s. supreme court is allowing trump to build the wall using military money made available by his emergency declaration but the people who live here say the only emergency they see is of nature under attack heidi joe castro al-jazeera macallan texas but as well as the opposition is celebrating the release of the deputy head of the country's national assembly. was freed from state custody on tuesday 4 months after his arrest on treason charges he was deputy. recognized by many nations as venezuela's legitimate leader who has just been reaffirmed as the head of the opposition controlled national assembly but has a name an. official representative in the u.k.
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. shouldn't have been arrested in the 1st place. what we're seeing in general is a lot of flailing about of a desperate regime trying to figure out how they can stay in power we welcome the release of a no he should never have been arrested in the 1st place there is no rule of law on that as well and that is one of the things we're trying to get back along with our democracy and our freedom is a rule of law it's completely arbitrary he was thrown in prison without any process any noise they didn't even say they had him now they've just released him. and now they're trying to use that to get us back into dialogue quite frankly it's entirely unacceptable. argentina's senate has passed a food emergency plan to help people cope with the economic crisis leading the fight for this initiative have been small corporative play a crucial role in the fight against poverty as a bow has the story from the capital. cleaning this parking greater when i say this
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is the only way these women have of making a living they're part of a social movement that helps poor people around the country find a job so that. we're co-operative that provides a service to the municipality we started 12 years ago it's the only job of found there paid by the argentine government around $130.00 a month. some people call us lazy because we depend on the government but we work and we provide a service we also do courses and go to school. for the past several weeks the center of when a society as has been repeatedly paralyzed by organizations demanding more government help devaluation of the preschool currency has had a strong impact on the price of food and social movements say they do not have enough interest in social movements were born after the economic crisis in 2001 and they stayed and they play a role in keeping the streets active copy whole labor unions operate in argentina and they are an example of what happens when politics reaches the streets. is the
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leader of the meant named after the wife. argentina's former president one played on he says he's organization is playing a crucial role in preventing the situation in the country from going out of control . social movements are part of the solution because we work with the state does not some people want to demonize us because we block a road but that's not everything we do we are the ones preventing people from running to supermarkets and looting. he's part of the movement she says she worked all her life even though she lived in a slum she's been able to buy a home but now she can hardly pay the bills and. i have to pay electricity and gas and we can barely buy food i have worked all my life and what's happening to us is humiliating. since taking office. eliminated the subsidy and utility services in an attempt to regularize an economy that has been in the red for years
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people here tell us that the economic crisis in argentina has an enormous impact in their lives they also say that thanks to social movements they at least have a drop the problem is that in the past they used to be able to feel the fridge with food while now it's almost empty. and that's why many are on the streets these days demanding the government does not look away. one of. the european parliament members have overwhelmingly voted in favor of another bragg's a delay but only britain requests one and with conditions the parliament passed legislation last month forcing the prime minister boris johnson so ask for a delay of no agreement is reached with the e.u. despite that boris johnson is sticking to his promise that britain will leave on october 31st with or without a deal departure from the u.s. already been delayed twice. now hundreds of demonstrators have taken part
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in rolling one person protest outside washes presidential administration in moscow they're angry about jail terms for political activists detained at an authorized rallies in july and august 23 year old actor pavel used to know was jailed for 3 and a half years for violence against police last month instead of denies the charges while his friends friends and family say he was just a bystander and not involved in the protest and peace in south africa held an emergency meeting about how to tackle rising violence against women president cyril ramaphosa has admitted there is a crisis following protests urging new loss i've also been demands for a state of emergency figures show sexual offenses and general murder rates have been rising significantly in south africa over the past decade police recorded an average of 58 murders every day sexual offenses including rape have risen almost 5
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percent this year and according to the w.h.o. the female murder rate in south africa is almost 5 times the global average one woman every 3 hours. or shell commands whole lives in johannesburg she suffered sexual abuse and horrific violence from an early age and lost her mother in a brutal attack she spoke to al-jazeera about her ordeal and appealed for action to protect women and children your family asa sizes you society ostracizes you the group i think gang rape through the cut of my nipples at 16. my demand that. sack tribe from 6 to 9 he was living my parents' home and he broke my nose and my mom was a rock and my mom to sing to me you know always my nose which was peace and
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continuous when my mom was murdered in 2009 asking people to get a spleen was structured she bled to death you know and that's my find you've been abusing you've been raped and they've taken away in a single thing of you they not just taking away. your body to take a new height so i can have been so much pain but i have kids and i need to keep them strong and this is my students my pete you know these 2 weeks for those kids for how kids for south african kids you know we've been. at 15. and it's worst yes. again this is our desire and these are main stories saudi arabia has presented what
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it says is undeniable evidence iran sponsored attacks on its oil facilities tear on denies involvement yemen's who the rebels who are fighting a saudi embassy led coalition there says they were behind the strikes and the us president donald trump says he's ordered new sanctions on iran in the wake of those attacks terror on is accusing me americans of waging an economic war on ordinary iranians i will be airing some very significant sanctions don't do around 100 we'll be announcing it over the next 48 hours and while there are many options as you know well there are many options and this is the ultimate option and their options are a lot less than that and well see where the very powerful position right now we're in a very very powerful position. israel's 2nd election this year has again failed to produce a clear winner weeks of coalition talks are now likely before a new government can be formed with more than 90 percent of the votes counted the.
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party led by benny gantz 32 seats far prime minister benjamin netanyahu could party is just behind with 31 that's. likely to control 55 of parliament's 120 seats while dancing his natural partners could have up to 56 but 61 seats are required for a majority of former defense minister avigdor lieberman may be the kingmaker he's calling for unity government which he says should include his ultra nationalist party and the blue and white. ruled out joining forces with the could if netanyahu remains the party leader. here we have parliament members have overwhelmingly voted in favor of another briggs italy but only if britain requests fun and with conditions the u.k. parliament passed legislation last month forcing prime minister boris johnson to oss for a delay if no agreement is reached. well
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the headlines will have more news here and. inside story of that stay with us. who will be israel's next prime minister there's no clear winner in that 2nd election in a year and would leave the coalition talks about to start how will the political bargaining turn out what kind of government will israel get this time this isn't side story.
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hello and welcome to the program. benjamin that's on yahoo is seeking a record 5th term in office as israel's prime minister but his grip on power appears to be slipping preliminary election results show netanyahu is liquid party almost tied with the blue and white party led by been against both are short of the parliamentary majority they need to form a coalition government this means whoever gets support from smaller parties will become the next prime minister and in that case the kingmaker could be israel but a news leader of the door lieberman israel's president reuben rivlin will then decide who will get the job if in doing that and yahoo loses it he's at risk of being jailed for alleged corruption harry fawcett has been following the elections from tel aviv. the music blared benjamin netanyahu smiles but more than 5 hours after voting finished it was clear this was no victory even if he was far from ready to admit defeat with such. a government committed to the jewish state
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where neither will nor can there be a government that relies on. arab parties but the exit polls suggest he doesn't have the numbers to dictate he may not be given 1st chance to form a government 5 months ago benjamin netanyahu waited several hours before making his speech waiting for the numbers to swing in his favor this time he's waited longer for the numbers appeared to this one in the other direction for 5 months ago he made a victory speech this time it was a speech of defiance it seems clear that his grip on power has weakened it's a beating time at the opposition blue and white headquarters the mood was very different former army chief benny gantz didn't repeat his premise chilled victory declaration from april instead his tone was a man ready for a grave responsibility and if he had thought so we need to be patient it wasn't an easy mission as we see now netanyahu did not succeed in his mission in comparison
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proof to the idea of blue and white succeeded and his head to stay it was equal vindication for. letting you know his former ally who collapsed the coalition talks pushed his secular agenda and nearly doubled his israel between 2 parties vote. we have only one option a national liberal government of israel by to noon and the crude and and white the presumption is that he demand likud 1st replace netanyahu was leader but that's something it shows no sign of readiness to do. a beautiful. couple netanyahu is the leader of the lake could support for him is strong and in times of crisis it gets stronger it all came after a friend etic final day of campaigning. gantz aping netanyahu is tactics urging supporters off the beach telling him his party was on the verge of defeat that he knew who seemed to spend the day in one long emergency broadcast on social media and in person repeatedly warning his right wing base that arabs were voting in
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great numbers. the leader of the mainly palestinian israeli joint list iman said netanyahu incitement had come at a heavy price causing instead a surge in support it's possible we did see some form of backlash people saying you say we're going to come to the polls in in rope so we are here we come and and this is what we can do in israeli politics or his office says he's due to have talks soon with benny gantz raising the possibility that he could offer him some kind of support benjamin netanyahu spoke on stage of the difficulties and pressure of this campaign with his 1st pre indictment hearing on corruption charges jus in 2 weeks and the prospects of fighting them from the prime minister's office now diminished the pressure looks set to intensify our equals at al-jazeera television. all right let's bring in our guests akiva eldar is columnist for al monitor is israel pulse and he joins us by skype from tel aviv yossi michael berg is professor
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of international relations at regents university and a specialist in israeli politics he joins us from london. and mitchell rock is c.e.o. of key global research and a former adviser to israeli president shimon peres he joins us from west roussel and welcome all our guests now mitchell let me start with you this gamble by benjamin netanyahu to dissolve parliament this really didn't pay off did it you know he pushed himself a little too far and the way it goes is you can only cry wolf so many times when there's no real wolf and i think that's what he came up again as is somewhat of a failure in that he should of going into this election he was at about 45 seats if you add his 35 cock loans 4 seats and fagans 2 seats and he didn't even get close to that there is a negative momentum against him and it seems like israelis want to change and he will have difficulty in any scenario forming
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a government as it is right now you know see this election result seems to bring even less clarity than the last one what happens now when you know right but last elections don't really bring a cloud 80 there is a focal for election soon is you look at the figures and it's sometimes the focus is even fake you try to reach to the calculator and see what kind of coalition can be folded but i think the meaning if it happens that it's off is that nathaniel come for women coalition and the only condition for the coalitions from the time you know to go maybe this will create some cloudy tea and it will impose some other leaders within the pot if in the likud actually to think more creatively and think about coalitions that right now seems not to that that likely but might be likely when not only the time you know the person by swati the way that he poses in the
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israeli politics akiva benjamin netanyahu has this story to reputation as a political magician but obviously the magic didn't work this time how humiliating is this result for him. i still think netanyahu is a magician but unfortunately for him. there is another israeli magician there is a boom maybe to even manipulate the great magician is name is a big the liberal if you take the 8 seats that the liberal man. has received in this elections and you add them to the alliance of the israeli right plus the drought of dogs and the national orthodox you get a clear majority in it and how it still be able to form
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a government in addition to that unfortunately also for us israelis. the israeli arabs are not natural partners for any government in israel of course not for a right wing national government headed by newton you know another by guns who is not very likely to add the our party the 12 new members of knesset new and old members of knesset from the united arab party to his coalition so netanyahu having said what you're see just an attorney all made some mistakes and he cried too many times wolf i believe that and actually he cried. one time he cried wolf and out and was about to open a war which was. too transparent even for his supporters that
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it was a way out of trouble for him i think that guns will have to work very hard in order to make sure that he can keep together a coalition without depending on lieberman mitchell i saw you nodding along to what akiva were saying i'm going to let you respond or expand on what he was saying but i also want to ask you is avigdor lieberman the kingmaker now. he's one of them i mean certainly you know i like his description that he's also a magician but you know i think as we said in the last program sometimes the houdini has just one too many locks and he can't get out of it and i think that that. purchase the rope that is going to hang himself politically by calling elections the last time and that's what we're seeing now so yes lieberman is really important i like to call him he's the king breaker and then the kingmaker meaning
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he is the only one that can really break down it's any oust kingship who are in it and you know his leadership and he's basically already done that by saying he will only go with someone who wants to form a national unity government it's clear among the 2 candidates that god has come out and said i would like to form a national unity in the widest possible government and it's a yahoo scraping trying to scrape together you know a very narrow and minimal government so that's one thing he can break and it's and you know actually and then he can decide and be the kingmaker now that could be very interesting to meaning it does look like it's benny gantz at this point because he seems to be the head of the largest party he will probably get a mandate if so if he has enough from the president but it doesn't mean there won't be a deadlock and it doesn't mean that everyone in likud will be willing to go with him and it could be that there's another candidate lurking there somewhere within the $120.00 members of knesset that can step through as a caretaker prime minister as a agreed upon prime minister so really there's a lot of thing that will take place he's not only it's not only lieberman it's also
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about ruby rivlin the president who by law has to consult all the parties but he doesn't have to do anything and actually he can go to whichever member of knesset or head of party that he thinks is most likely to form a government and there could be some surprises there as well yossi let me ask you about lieberman i mean using mitchell's terms or do you think he will be the king breaker or do you think you'll be the king maker and also you know lieberman he's insisted that he will keep this campaign promise that he made that his and his party will not join a right wing government or an alliance that included ultra-orthodox parties do you believe that will remain the case. i think this is the real test if everyone sticks to the script as they put it before the elections i think it's a bit clear but this hasn't happened in israel politics too often and talking about magicians there might be a magician but they don't have any any magical anything because at the end of the day we concentrate so much on the early symmetrical fall of feet but we forget that
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at the end of the day you need a functioning government and if you just get both correlation and you put as many parties as you like and it's in stable but this one poll because there would be all sorts of push forces there in the election that are unsustainable i think yes you can do it but you know break the kink and i think one of the things that i knew i was just not it's not only that and you know the man is the psychology of them entirely that in the last decade in which only nathaniel can be prime minister he try to convey the message he's the only statesman is the only one that look after the security is the only one that goes until they start up nation from keep developing which is which is a myth it's it's far from the top and i think it's for the political system to with itself of the believe that it can be only nathaniel and then you can start making the other kings and starts working on that post. ok but what about president
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rivlin i mean we mentioned him already in this program obviously he's going to be giving a mandate to whichever candidate he believes will be able to form the government but is there any indication on what he will do at this point. i think that what he has been already doing is trying to get one of the leaders of the really couldn't talk. of the early could traction to come up with an idea how really could and blue and white can join together and. try to get a solution to an attorney i was probably an internet go became actually now a nuisance for italy could personally so for instance what he can offer is that netanyahu will take some time out from politics to deal with his own
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problems with the corruption cases that are following him and if he is cleared if. after the he is indicted they were of course have to stand trial but if he is acquitted he can go back and then they can even sign a coalition agreement that well allow guns to be the prime minister for a year or 2 and netanyahu will have a vacancy there if he's acquitted this is one possibility what i don't believe that rivlin will allow is to leave israel to allow israel to another chaotic situation or 3 elections in a row in less than one year i don't think that this will happen it will try he will do his best to get guns and he could. without it and you know and as he said
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to find a way out for netanyahu because it's about the election as well about an attorney knows immunity this is why we went for early elections in april in this is where you were you went back now if not for an attorney you know if it was someone else from the likud and we could have a unity government we couldn't dance off to be had for the next michel i mean akiva just mentioned those looming indictments against benjamin netanyahu. has pledged to stand by him but clearly there must be members of the party that are seeing him as a liability right now i mean how much longer do they go all in on benjamin netanyahu . well let me let you in on a secret all of them see him as a liability every single one of them and they know it and the reason that they're coming out in support of him now is because they're thinking of him ahead any of those people that are going to be heir apparent that are going to eventually will
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go for head of the likud or even members of knesset the next time the slate is voted do not want to be punished by the likud membership and they will punish someone for betraying a prime minister especially the leader of the party who is in crisis you have to remember something about the likud since 1977 until today there have been only 5 leaders of the likud begun show me their new 10 yo sharon that's 4 and back 2 and it's and ya again they don't change leaders they give them a chance they let them fail they're certainly not going to kick them when they're down so right now that they're that's what they're doing they're saying they're going to stand by him but basically netanyahu has been captaining a titanic the likud is a titanic and it hit the 1st iceberg when he called early elections for immunity and it hit the 2nd big iceberg when he couldn't put together a government after what was clearly some kind of victory where he could go to a right of center government or to a national unity government with johnson get 70 seats he didn't do it they went
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with him for this next election this is really the last chance no one is going to stick with him or it's very unlikely either some people are going to start to peel off or they're going to start their own faction they need a 3rd of the faction to break off but it's much more likely than that to now will get if he can form a government and he will not have supported his party there's no way they're going to let him take him down and also you know see how big of an achievement is the result for many gantz and for blue and white and also how likely is it the binney gantz could become the next prime minister of israel. i think it's an achievement that actually maintained this is not a party the blue and white it's not a real party it's it's in the lines of people who are very different opinion it doesn't have a coherent platform ideology set of ideas and values i think what keeps them together is we are not nathaniel we want something something else and i think this goes also back to what. i get with him about loyalty but i think there is
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a point in which you start distance yourself just a little bit to create some guy between you and someone that in very short time might be indicted forcefully serious co-option allegation and in politics we know loyalty can go that far beyond that the politician starts thinking about their own future and where they'll going to be elected in the leave or whether they're going to a 2 state to to be part of government i think and benny gantz is an unknown quantity and quality and any day in the sense can you be a good prime minister i think you know it only when you are part minister how good then we can start assess some of the quality has as a former chief of staff is at least on like an attorney always 'd in regarded as an honest person can in the time of crisis kenny kenny kenny rise above it and show leadership time will tell you what worries me is that the major will live a to the likud party couldn't come with
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a little tentative they try to battle with the likud party in there on their own page without showing something which diametrically opposite something that is uk logically different at the time that isn't it something different where the little guys are only learn about disparity within within days of the society and there was too much more of the same but we owe more on this and maybe more capable. akiva a lot of analysts seem to have been surprised by a higher turnout for palestinian israeli voters now you know this joint list is the 3rd largest bloc and of course a man over there has said that he's interested in being the leader of the opposition and potentially that would include attending security briefings do you think it's an area exist where we could see him working now with binny gantz could this happen well what would you can see is what the itzhak rabin did.
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and. i believe that this is work benny gantz has in mind is to get 1st of all the arabs not to vote against him which means to support him from so to speak from outside to be inside the coalition but not inside the government so he has the majority with the avs and with lieberman but it's i believe too much for lieberman also to date just the arabs part of the coalition you see even the israeli zionist left parties like the labor and merits were not able to form. in his israeli zionist pouty. there is no such an alliance and i don't see it in the cards of any party jewish party so what
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happened is that they they should send a bunch of flowers to hell. i'm an order and his colleagues because the incitement against them made them go out of their ballots and vote against it and you know it was not just voting for iman order and unity united our party but to send a message to netanya oh that. we we can punish you you cannot only threaten us we can do it also so. the next challenge for guns will be to find the formula there in the long run will not hurt him because netanyahu in the last 10 years illegitimacy any cooperation with the arabs any photo op with an arab leader and this is something that guys
9:43 am
will have to make to work very hard in order to defuse this and to educate israeli people that the arabs are partners for coalition and can be members of the israeli government mitchell looked like he wanted to jump and i just want to warn you we only have a couple of minutes left and i know what you do that but i also want to ask you are we looking at the potential for weeks of uncertainty and potential instability now . for sure we're looking at weeks but it's in everyone's best interest to try to wrap this up what i do want to say about the israeli arab community is we did actually did a poll for the konrad adenauer foundation and tel aviv university we found that the participation would be much higher and in fact when we asked would you support an air party joining the government 50 percent of the population said yes of israeli arabs and another 30 percent said not to join but support from the outside so
9:44 am
that's really significant and i think the irony is here that it's and yeah his greatest legacy to democracy in israel might be that he started this kind of mini arab spring here israeli arab spring in that they you know what started 4 years ago when he said they're coming in in mass in droves to vote and last year with the nation state law and then continually to delegitimize an entire community of citizens they're fighting back now and they're saying we're not going to take this and we may be part of this country and we may be part of the system and the 1st thing to do is go out and vote the fact that benny god spoke to iman oded last night is a monumental i don't think it's happened before that one of the leaders of the party spoke to a you know israeli arab party leader and the fact that i'm an ode to and as you mention is talking about being head of the opposition that means he gets an official draw as an official position of the state of israel he gets an armored car he gets a bodyguard and he gets to meet any kind of foreign dignitary that comes into the
9:45 am
country so when trump comes to visit when putin comes to visit he's standing there in the receiving line and he's going to also get a briefing a security briefing that's a big step forward for the israeli arab community and we may see that are we run out of time so we're going to have to leave it there thanks so much to all our guests akiva eldar yossi mecklenburg and mitchell iraq. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me and the whole team here bye for now.
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award winning programming from international filmmaker has quit driving around looking for drug addicts on the streets of kabul just the arrest sets the stage these men are demanding fast because no one on. giving voice to the voiceless have you failed your mission to protect the civilian population but open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. on the mount is iraq. al jazeera will meets 2 arab with with roots in the middle east both built successful lawyer so brule over the last 5 years i've achieved a great deal of partnership with the country's leading from the suits the never
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forgot where they came from. we tried to put forward a different takes than the stereotypical image of muslim women ribs a bull the businesswoman in the council on al-jazeera. from inside the walls of a west african prison. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. a renowned choreographer shares his passion for darts inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present to the dance of the eyewitness documentary on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there is we don't leave.
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the macleay. weaponized throughout history. our spirit ever started fighting a developed nation state there will be enough of that. now within reach of those seeking. the most toxic substances. invisible thread on al-jazeera. hello i'm david of holland so high and these are main stories and al-jazeera saudi arabia says it has undeniable evidence that iran was behind an attack on its oil facilities which cut its crude output by 50 percent we had now says it will take its case to the united nations but you haven't seen that the rebels who say they carried out the attack have dismissed the saudi narrative alex could topple its
9:49 am
reports. fragments of drones and cruise missiles this was the evidence the saudis said that iran was behind saturday's attack on the iran co all facilities. there's a 3rd order in a formula. despite the on this front to make it a bit for their collaboration with their proxy a good engine to create this false narrative is clear. secondly that that was a launch from the norm and was unquestionably sponsor of beit jala this attack was not a game this big. soviet article or saudi arabia. it was an asshole. but the defense ministry briefing in riyadh also left many questions for the foreign media where exactly were the attacks launched from and how did saudi
9:50 am
arabia's sophisticated air defense system not spot the missiles leaving critical infrastructure unguarded some defense analysts were skeptical the attacks were launched from iran the satellite images appear to show that some of the strikes came from the northwest this becomes an increasingly more likely scenario that most of these flying devices were. launched from the area area between. iraq and iran were i don't think is likely is that the iranians were launching up on the road. and using always in their own devices because there is something that can be traced and i think investigation will show where where the launch was moments after the saudi briefing the rebels held a news conference of their own in sanaa dismissing the saudi question of events claiming responsibility for the strikes the who the spokesman stressed of the damage from the attack was extensive and gave this warning to saudi arabia's close ally the u.a.e. . saudi arabia and the united arab emirates will regret this if our leadership
9:51 am
issues orders to the armed forces to launch an attack in the coming days or months on the u.a.e. they will seriously regret this we have tens of targets within the pie in abu dhabi that can be hit at any time on. the who say they've developed new weapons that can now reach targets far beyond their borders they're calling on the saudi led coalition to stop its bombing in yemen or face further attacks alex could topple this al jazeera. and the u.s. president on trial has ordered new sanctions on iran in the wake of those attacks sara is accusing the americans of waging an economic war on ordinary iranians. so on 2nd election this year as failed to produce a clear winner with more than 90 percent of the votes counted the center right blue and white party led by benny gantz $32.00 seats or prime minister benjamin netanyahu could party is just behind with 31 weeks of coalition talks are likely
9:52 am
before a new government can be formed. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau has apologized after a furtive emerged of him wearing brown face makeup to a party in 2001 the picture was published in a school yearbook while trudeau worked as a teacher in british columbia it was taken at the school's annual dinner. the. night. she. put makeup on. but i didn't. hear a pin parliament members have overwhelmingly voted in favor of their brags a delay but only if britain requests one and with conditions b k parliament passed legislation last month forcing prime minister boris johnson to ask for a delay if no agreement is reached with the e.u.
9:53 am
or those other headlines are just their world is next.
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over the decades millions from the arab world have emigrated some escaped conflict or pressed accuse others moved for economic or family reasons they settled in europe australia the americas and africa but what happened to them afterwards. while born and raised in italy. is a jordanian palestinian origin she's also milan's 1st muslim female council member . but 1st to meet dr knabb. a pharmacist and businesswoman originally from iraq. she arrived in the netherlands over 2 decades ago. and we're only. in iraq and what i thought to hate all yemen or. been
9:55 am
a horrible minute iraq. kind of that. she had that. i said that if i were to his show that i feel his with the hour. long that happy assad look and i think that that come with a hot head of. a lot of head of a common enemy i'm a. few months a 2nd bus or have him. in a live in a horrible mill at all. a lot ability to have a woman look. at us still with a. fear feel whether such joy learn judge a man feel the slow. of course i am not going on the hush power the hosts and
9:56 am
a lot when they marched over to jena us live here in a bit odd well that i'm a little of the so harvey. that much allowed. in the early 1990 s. now that obeidi and her family moved from yugoslavia to cyprus where her father worked as a journalist for an arabic magazine after some time the family chose to return to syria. through the same thought that saying. it was atlanta saudi every day our lady. look at that. bad that i said now and. deal with that man had a son only a few other medallists a few more than. all of the clan was
9:57 am
a few to much time before to appear with decision not the fall of mubarak are really wanted well do a lot for our governor new holland your musharraf's last thoughts in or some. of them. alone by shuttle minimum about religion or fear within a couple gotten a common or not how i lay a little hum set out that a short. little bunch of the spell left the line and i couldn't. there's a classic of that. the thought of. in the. past phone usman . of seattle the most telling kind of had the end could be a been spending or a nation. of laws on the violent there. and that and that island
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a whole india. what took. them to end it but gloated all of the credits at that arsenal come. and worship at the turn of serene. no less than what the folk in the be. called richard. is a charming dutch town not far from the city of trashed. remembers it not for the scenery but for obstacles and challenges she faced while living. a familiar. the 2nd of a holy. coffee the one.
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who had gone under. the. can administer. should then. be had in medina allowed to. move for the home for the holiday. in medina medina possible little mother jamal. jamaal 2nd will show out of. medina.
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well on the other side felicity insulation has a little of that history has. one bad. little india. where we're dealing with ourselves a lot of manure and. audio were for the new settlers to get in with us or. someone at the helm with a child can really call your. mother so what robin on your 21st where some holy blood remember stuff nigel shouted but gloria ok i thought germany halal jarrod. clowery is arguably problem with your mother so hollywood clearly had a. terrible he worked hard and achieved excellent grades in secondary school.


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