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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 150  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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cresco is a former deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration add the u.s. department of justice and he says the independent watchdog findings will be crucial the many products are uncovered by the report of the lost on them those facts can be used in litigation if not the wife's noggin of the wealth will actually change anything happening or more all but it can grease the ability of right to live a day just to think the they can only increase by anything that the wants done fine but the report was improper or was an advert for a. private property along i think the wall not only does the controverts release you problematic in all immigration protect the but from the local land ownership of insects that texas is a very libertarian and from the fan point of when the government wants to talk coming in and taking private owner land to build
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a wall if that far that happen in a way where private landowners feel that their rights are being trampled on this is going to lead to a major headache for the act over all the good limiter. will have to run like the defense for their config to him even though for a living really it might be revivified popular in the general republican party to have a border wall this creates quite a conundrum and we will have to see moving forward whether this taking a private lands that happened in a way that is still compatible with the republican party value because usually considered after the republican party. construction companies in jordan are hoping that the end of the war neighboring syria when it eventually comes well be good for business but the threats of the sanctions are dampening their hopes of restoring business ties which have been broken by 80 years of war and has this report from on line. cement is an essential building block for just about any construction project
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jordanian factories produce millions of tons of it each year but the plants here are only operating out about 50 percent capacity local demand in the building industry simply isn't there as the jordanian economy struggles so jordan's builders are looking outward hoping to reenter neighboring countries cut off by conflict you couldn't win a lot of those who are you building on exporting a putin it is in syria that will provide a huge number of job opportunities in jordan but no one can get into the city or market because of the sanctions and other obstacles whenever the war ends in syria reconstruction should mean contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars but with syria being an international outcasts there are few international investors willing to fund the rebuilding projects there still jordanian contractors are trying to be the 1st in line to go back in for joint investment projects. we
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the privacy and we cooperate with businesses anywhere and everywhere we're trying to avoid the political issues but at the end of the day we are affected by politics for jordanian firms hoping to profit from reconstruction projects in syria from rebuilding hospitals schools and other infrastructure there are considerable obstacles despite being right next door a former trade minister told us that he and other jordanian business leaders were warned by the u.s. government not to go back in syria and work or face u.s. sanctions. the jordanian business association says it was briefed by u.s. officials earlier this year about the cesar syrian civilian protection act the proposed u.s. law which would sanction any non american providing construction or engineering services to the syrian government it's passed the house in washington and is up for debate in the senate so that you could help in. rebuilding syria so if
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we were not able to deceive. i would say. from the syrian side but differently jordan a contractor we were there. to help in the section of syria while intended to punish syria's government for attacks on civilians u.s. sanctions actual or threatened or crippling syria's ability to trade and rebuild and the potential for companies in jordan to make money by helping repair and rebuild their broken neighbor and or chapell al jazeera among m.p.'s in south africa held an emergency meeting about how to tackle rising violence against women president cyril ramaphosa has admitted there is a problem following protest urging new laws veiled an action plan to deal with what's being called a national crisis have also been demands for a state of emergency well the figures show sexual offenses and general murder rates
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have been rising significantly in south africa over the past decade last year police recorded an average of $58.00 murders every day sexual offenses including rape have risen almost 5 percent this year and the world health organization estimates the female murder rate in south africa is almost 5 times the global average with one woman being murdered every 3 hours. rachelle prevent our lives in johannesburg she suffered sexual abuse and violence from an early age and lost her mother in a brutal attack she spoke to al-jazeera about her ordeal and appealed for action to protect women and children your family us assizes you society are sizes you because i think gang raped with a cut of my nipples at 16. my the man that. sacked roped me from 6 to 9 he was living my
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parents' home and he broke my nose and my mom was a rock and sit lamont the sitting me you know with my nose which was given continuously my mom was murdered in 2009 asking peter to get a spleen was structured she bled to death you know and that's my fight you've been abusing you've been raped and they've taken away the single thing of you they're not just taking away. your body they take a new height so i can have been so much pain but i have kids and i need to keep them strong and this is my story in this my pleat you know. for those kids for how kids for south african kids you know we've been. in the and it's worse yes.
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the title holders have been knocked out of this. before. thank.
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you. thank. thank you one place to start the away for champions league where perry sargent merrill a very comfortable 3 nil with as of a 13th are in european cup win his round madrid in group. name a lot of already for p.s.g. due to suspension and injuries but no matter that form around the grid wayne aren't guilty maria scored twice as a homicide took
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a 2 nil 1st half lay thomas mooney made it 3 nil and injury time zidane the dons arbitrated have now won just twice in all competitions this season or last season's finalists tottenham were held to a droll by limpia cults in their opening group e. game spurs went 2 nil up in greece the goals from harry carey and lucas moore lim pakistan hit back with daniela i'm up here it finished 22 in paramus so i'm actually in total on wednesday by munich 3 nil winners against red star belgrade manage the city big shakhtar donetsk by the same scoreline and athletic i madrid recovered from being 2 goals doubt at home against eventis to grab a 22 draw in the spanish capital. titleholders kashima antlers of japan are out of this season's asian champions league they were beaten by chinese star ground you ever ground in the quarter pharo the 1st leg of the star had finished neil neil and it was a grand view who scored a crucial away goal in japan have
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a grand opening to win this title for a 3rd charge to seem a very spot back in the 2nd half but the 11 draw wasn't enough for them at the ground taking it all away goals to set up on last for tara with another j. league side while red. you know we knew you you score 1st. you don't want to lose after you try to to fight even more and then during the game so . committed to listen to all my players but because tonight today does a great performance so a couple of former world cup winners as coaches in the full semifinal lineup qatar's outside coached by the of course play out of saudi arabia while the other semifinal sees reds of japan up against charges of ground you ever ground of course courage by far their kind of all right now iran have been suspended for international judo competitions due to its boycott of israeli athletes it comes a month after world champion fired when i walked off the iranian team to protest
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against the policy he was ordered to lose only draw a form competition to avoid facing israeli apartments and is now in hiding in germany the 1st time a sports governing body has sanctioned iran for its stance on israel well speaking last week with larry said he still wants to compete at the target olympics but it's largely ill have to do it as part of the i.o.c. refugee take. that away my only dream and goal in life no matter under which flag and which conditions is to go to the olympics if i didn't want that i would go back to iran my aim is to go to the olympics no matter which flag. ok the woman behind me said to be the face all those tara carolyn picked but for now soccer is taking part in a pan pacific open in her hometown of soccer is playing in osaka for the very 1st time in her career the japanese garion qualifier victoria to malta to move into the quarterfinals the double grand slam champion has slipped to number 4 in the world
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rankings since winning the afraid open back in january the 21 year old preferred to reach any more finals on the w t a through. arcadia rugby and while head coach warren gatland says the squad was shocked by the news that is the system rob howley had been sent home from japan following an alleged betting breach while rugby's regulations prohibit anyone connected with the sport betting or attempting to bet on the outcome of the match i'm sure i was devastated by the allegations and that's all i can consign can't comment on that. and you know we just need to apply the same with our whole focus is to be. put in a line in the sand and preparing the team for japan hosting the event for the 1st time when they take on russia any tournament our opening match on friday but japan have appeared at every single world cup but i've never made it beyond the pool
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stage 4 years ago the team pulled off their most famous win they think 2 time world champion south africa. even the japanese public. expects us to lose but when we beat south africa and it was around us the next game we're going to scotland for 30000000 people watching japan for scotland and while there we lost you never inspired japan. my favorite of the game is a lot of. love or they're made while australians want to be saved or have received i mean these yeah stick well as you can see in the northern city of betsy australia have won the tournament twice implied in the final 4 tartan but they go into this world cup just 6th in the world and their 1st match is a tough one it's against fiji on saturday so yes but for not like her. a 16 year old environmental activists across the atlantic and the sailboaters are urging u.s. lawmakers to take action against climate change both attorney told congress to
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listen to the scientists while in a farm land near the city of verona an italian artist created the giant portraits of the nobel peace prize nominee it's to mark or upcoming appearance at the u.n. climate summit next week. and that is it for this news hour. there is a huge group of people at work behind our screens and the power they have is massive that urge to keep swiping through your twitter feed that's just not the way we all click i agree to the terms and conditions that's just to most of us never even give it a 2nd thought and actually that's designed as well ali really explores how designers are manipulating our behavior in the final episode all hail the algorithm . in this life the most incredible
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stories are often true. trillion dollar experiences. makes the on some you know for me. in this life no versity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater so in this life what i want to use is freedom of expression. the right to enrich. showing and to march into the darkness. because you dislike. the desire to understand the world. make sure. the human condition is universal. the biological and chemical agent. weaponized throughout history was for the
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1st word its head with me and started fighting me and developed by nation state so there would be enough tricks. now within reach of those seeking. the most toxic substance in the world over the. visible threats on al jazeera. saudi arabia lays out evidence it says proves iran's role in attacks on its all facilities. and how he had seen this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at least 27
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people are killed in a school far near the liberian capital most of them children and. they've been. forced to apologize ahead of a tight election canada's prime minister in a political storm for wearing brown makeup at a party in 2001. and nature under threats the lesser known consequence old president donald trump's plan to build a wall on the border with mexico. it's good to have you with as saudi arabia says it has undeniable evidence that iran was behind an attack on its all facilities which cost its crude i 50 percent that's a news conference the sided affair. minister display deborah it said was from the aftermath of the attack it says it's all sort of $25.00 drones and missiles were
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launched at the 2 all plants we had no says it will take its case to the united nations but yemen's who's he reposts you say they carried out its act have to smith's the citee narrative where secretary of state's mike compare who is in saudi arabia for talks called the attacks and acts of war and blame taran president don't trump has ordered additional sanctions on iran he's yet to announce the specifics but cold the measures substantial surround denies any involvement and says trump is just escalating an economic war against its citizens but we'll have iran's response shortly but 1st here's alex topless with more on what saudi arabia has said about the strikes on its all plants. fragments of drones and cruise missiles this was the evidence the saudi said that iran was behind saturday's attack on iran co all facilities there's a 3rd did not order
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a problem and. despite your own effort to break it. of their collaboration with their proxies in the region to create this false narrative is clear secondly. that was a lie from the law and was out of course the a bully small sort of by your own bizarre thought. was not a game as became governor of serbia so the article also gave yeah it was an asshole national community. but the defense ministry briefing in riyadh also left many questions for the foreign media committee where exactly were the attacks launched from and how did saudi arabia's sophisticated air defense system not spot the missiles leaving critical infrastructure unguarded but some defense analysts were skeptical the attacks were launched from iran the satellite images appear to show that some of the strikes came from the northwest this becomes an increasingly more
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likely scenario that most of these flying devices were actually launched from the area area between. iraq and iran were i don't think is likely is that the iranians were launching and from the road. and using always in their own devices is there is something that can be traced. and investigation will eventually show where or where the launch was moments after the saudi briefing the rebels held a news conference of their own in sanaa dismissing the saudi version of events claiming responsibility for the strikes the hooty spokesman stressed that the damage from the attack was extensive and gave this warning to saudi arabia's close ally the u.a.e. . saudi arabia and the united arab emirates will regret this if our leadership issues orders to the armed forces to launch an attack in the coming days or months on the u.a.e. they will seriously regret this we have tens of targets within the pie in abu dhabi
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that can be hit at any time on. the who say they've developed new weapons that can now reach targets far beyond their borders they're calling on the saudi led coalition to stop its bombing in yemen or face further attacks alec's the topless al-jazeera. and adviser to iran's president says the press conference only proves saudi arabia knows nothing said they can as more on the reaction from tehran. iran would very much see the saudi press conference as an attempt to garner international support and opposition against iran from the outset the saudis spoken english questions were taken from english speaking journalists and the saudi language was very much that this was an attack by the iranians on civilian infrastructure and that iran was putting civilian lives at risk but when the scientists were pushed to the north sites with those missiles and drones launched from the saudis were unable to definitively state that it came from iran they only said that it was from north and did not originate from yemen but the rain in
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narrative has been that this is a hutu rebel attack against saudi arabia saudi arabia have been bombing yemen and this is a rebel group that's carried out attacks against saudi arabia now iran will say that this is an embarrassment to saudi arabia billions of hundreds of billions of dollars of arms mainly from the united states and they were unable to stop this attack but so far saudi arabia has blamed iran but hasn't been able to really point the finger and say this is where the missiles and drones were going from iran will say that the allies of this and even if it is proven that the weapons are doesn't mean iran was behind the attack iran has warned that any attack against iran by the united states will meet and meet your response and not only immediate response to said that they will not only respond to the source of the attack meaning that any countries in the region that host united states assets or bases may also be targeted. well the u.n. has sent officials to saudi arabia to investigate the attacks. james base has more
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from new york. it was only all monday saudi arabia the u.n. experts they move very fast but they're already on their way according to the secretary general in line with the resolution 22 so if you weren't of the security council with a clear meant that for that purpose the u.n. experts. indicated by the department of political and peace building affairs ever already left for saudi arabia and obviously they will be doing their job according to the men that that this is where the concept has given them i strongly condemn these attacks i see in these attacks is the magic escalations in the gulf and i believe that we absolutely need to stop this kind of escalation in just a few days time world leaders gather here at un headquarters for the un general
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assembly the issue of iran and the u.s. tensions and the attack on saudi arabia is rightly top of the agenda in his news conference the secretary general was asked about comments by the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o who said that the attack in saudi was an act of war as secretary general said it certainly wasn't an act of peace these words are important not just sound bites and that's because of the un charter it says in article $51.00 that a country can use the right of self-defense if it comes under attack. at least $26.00 children have died in a fire at an islamic school on the outskirts of the liberian capital the cause of the blaze in monrovia is still unknown charlotte bellus reports. camouflaged by the soot stained who sees girls wanted to see how students many a similar age had died in the night when her this was an islamic school the
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children were learning the qur'an boys between 10 and 20 years old had been sleeping in the school dormitory when the fire broke out a police spokesman speculated an electrical fault could be to playing with the. we we here in north now. when i'm wondering if you get the i think i've been fired from the fire that is when i'm away it would be bad for a lot of smoke i mean. crowd swelled as the bodies of the children were emerged many neighbors say they tried to help but there was only one entry point to the building there were bodies on the windows the fire made it too hot to into they said by the time firefighters arrived they got the blaze under control but it was too late. the children accounted publicly before they were swiftly buried in a collective ceremony. also allowed. to turn over.
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some food to the english to move a deaf. and i had to follow was food for. the sun and. walking miles in. the outskirts of the capital monrovia painesville is a suburb of president george where you wouldn't usually have cause to visit residents mind the streets here arrived in attempts to calm crowds and office uproot for. those few we sat down with at. least 2 guys you know 5 times he said. i don't even want to say. we. just. heard that we are with our government such that there are the root of the islam is a minority religion in liberia here in painesville support
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a strong guy not grumble about it we've played mice it up the people that we get up to do. the best thing now we've got to not be as a lone wolf or. an outpouring of grief for innocent lives lost shallot ballasts al-jazeera. canada's prime minister has apologized after a 4 to a marriage that him wearing brown face make up a picture bush thinks back to 2001 was published in a school year here but rather well justin trudeau works as a teacher it was taken at the school's annual dinner which cats and arabian nights theme to joe says it was a mistake and a dumb thing to doing he's facing a tough reelection fights canadians go to the polls on oct 21st i attended an interview gala for the theme was arabian nights. dressed up in
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a latin costume and put makeup on. i should have been. should a known better but i didn't. and i'm really sorry. stephen chase's national correspondent for the globe and mail newspaper and us covering the election campaign he says the picture will hurt studios chances over every election it's a bit of a bombshell just exploded a few hours ago and so it's created a. moment of political crisis for that for the leader and it sort of has basically thrown his campaign planes off track to the moment this is a country of immigrants we bring in $300000.00 immigrants every year mr trudeau in one when he faces here is something that suggests he's not who he says he is he has been a very politically correct leader who is a master of. political correctness and of shifting diversity in and also suggesting
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that hones are racists so this is this instance where he talked about. this business.


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