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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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party he said he'd agreed to form a bloc of right wing and ultra orthodox religious parties along with likud as a basis for a new government under his leadership. there are one or 2 options either a government headed by me or a dangerous government that's leaning on the arab parties at this moment more than any other and in the face of the security and political challenges that are on ahead it's forbidden that a government will be formed that is leaning on the and he zionist arab parties the bloc in question would give him $55.00 seats in the israeli parliament or knesset still 6 short of the 61 needed to form a majority coalition it's a rebuke to netanyahu ally avigdor lieberman who's insisted that his party. likud and the opposition blue and white combined to form a secular unity government yes sure conclusion is clear all that we have said during the election campaign is coming true there's only one option a national unity government a liberal broad government we will not join any other option. but if netanyahu is refusing as he clearly is now to join that option where does he get the 6 seats he
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needs for a government i mean operettas left wing labor alliance temptingly has just that number but he refused again on wednesday to sit with netanyahu benny gantz has said his blue and white alliance with $32.00 seats will stay together and his secularist partner pede would be unlikely to serve with netanyahu ultra-orthodox allies all day with him the fears were built we will wait another day or 2 and wish the people of israel a good and necessary unity government that the system will calm down a little bit and we will move along. dance's own prospects could be improved if a mainly palestinian israeli joint list now the 3rd biggest party in the knesset recommends him for prime minister it could even be a step on the road to what its leader i'm an order says he wants to head the official opposition netanyahu post-election play is certainly no time to carry on making the political weather but in a sign that this is a crisis for a man who in just 2 weeks faces his 1st pretty indictment. option hearing is also
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canceled his appearance at next week's united nations general assembly in new york staying home no doubt to focus on coalition building but also perhaps to ensure that his likud party stays in line behind in our forces al-jazeera west jerusalem. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back we'll tell you why thousands of some of the fighters in somalia are joining the national army more in that stay with us. we got some cold blustery weather into northeastern parts of europe but distinct areas of pressure here swirling away as the cloud there will be some bits of rain some rain too into settlers' of the mediterranean italy seeing some rather disturbed weather that will make its way across c.a.g. at it but it's fine enjoy over towards the west and it warm up as we go on through
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the next couple of days say 2021 there for london and paris at $29.00 there in madrid he would go with those showers just around italy and the balkans and further north this is where we have that blustery cold weather just spilling out to scandinavia making its way into that western side of russia more of the same rate as we go on through friday friday if anything that cooler air does to get a little further southward so we're remaining i doubt towards the black sea will see some showers moving in here intending colder and sherry as you go on through the coming days down towards greece and. still if i do try over towards west and possibly even more clout the united states just coming into spain and portugal in that cloud will bring water to showers across the northwest of africa selling more clout there just easing across northern areas of algeria algiers at around $27.00 celsius bit more class to come to into morocco as you go on through friday rifat with a high of $23.00 degrees. sponsored. rewind
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. and. just. like you can barely onion. we. rewind continue with losing your easy and. thriving community. later. on al-jazeera. welcome back top stories here on al-jazeera a taliban truck bomb has exploded near
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a hospital in southern afghanistan killing at least 18 people and injuring 96 in a separate attack in the east of government has killed at least 20 people. saudi arabia has presented evidence that it says proves an attack on an old facility is was sponsored by iran the drone strike which the country's been claimed by yemen's hoofy rebels. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says there's no chance he will be able to form a right wing government after the 2nd election this year he's not calling his main rival benny gantz to join him in a unity coalition. now more than $200.00 people have been arrested in connection to fires thus putting a haze across parts of southeast asia malaysia the regional countries to come together to tackle the issue which is causing health problems for people living in areas affected by the hays joins us live now from indonesia's capital jakarta just bring us up to date with the status of these fires now. raging across indonesia.
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hi daryn well the forest fires continue on the island of borneo and also on the islands of so much our we were talking to the national disaster agency here in jakarta earlier and they told us that 4000 hotspots still need to be contained across that region all of which $1700.00 considered to be the most severe and as you can imagine the folk and the haitians become incredibly toxic the communities across the region we've been told that schools have been closed in the province of we are where we have been reporting from earlier and we've also been told over 300000 people have been suffering from severe breathing problems in the province of here's our report. i hate blankets the streets of peckham baro city on the island of sumatra fires have been burning here in ryall province for more than a month many started deliberately by farmers and plantation companies to clear land for planting most of the haze is smoke rising from this land which is credible peat
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below the surface what it looks like the fires have been put out there smoldering underground. firefighters are trying to contain the spread but the annual dry season is making things even more difficult. to find water wherever they can from creeks rivers and lakes or those schools have been closed for more than a week market traders in reality but say the choking haze is bad for business. and i'm worried we comp breathe we want to solution to this problem i wanted to stop happening every year. and it's causing breathing problems hospitals are filled with a growing number of patients. have seen an increase in the number of patients percent of them have acute respiratory infections some have asthma and. protesters have taken their frustrations to the governor's office. we want the companies responsible for the tires to be punished and find
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a solution to stop the hales the government should let volunteers help with firefighting efforts we also want the heads of police and the military to step down president joker we doto stress that fire prevention is essential he's calling on the local government to take more responsibility by boosting reinforcements of firefighters and increasing cloud seeding operations to induce rain. we will find out if this is intentionally old denies door just sporadically done by local people to open a farm but seeing the massive area affected we believe it's organized and thick smog has crossed borders into malaysia and singapore causing diplomatic disputes with both since the last major forest fires here 4 years ago government has promised that anyone found the liberties that think by it would face consequences and has compiled a list of more than 300 companies suspect of setting fires something similar and singapore. thousands of so-called fire hotspots have been identified in indonesia
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while many wait for rain to bring some respondents the fires are still burning and it will take months for the land to recover. so dire and off to the president visited riyadh province on tuesday he has made straight to the point that he wants better coordination between the national government and local government but also the need to be better and more in force mens' and they have been working with the local community to monitor how this man spread and when the fly is start to try and contain him a lot you know they've also looked at deploying 10000 personnel this is including ministry i don't mind contain the mayans here that is into this 44 helicopters and planes to work in the morning what's a bombing and also calculating operations to juice the rain. and also safe houses as we said in the report a lot of people are suffering from health issues from breathing so these safe houses are coming from schools government offices and other health clinics to try
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and help give people some sort of relief from the toxic air quality and they've also arrested a number of individuals are talking about 185 people have been arrested and about 6 of them is in relation to these fires and full corporations are currently under investigation for the fires that are currently taking place right now a lot is currently happening for the government to take on and they're also hoping for rain to come in about a month and a ha to try and bring some a slight to the those fires that are happening in the region or right to regulate mohammad there in jakarta radio thank you. canada's prime minister has apologized after a photo emerged of him wearing brown face makeup the picture which dates back to 2001 was published in a school yearbook while justin trudeau works as a teacher was taken at the school's annual dinner which had an arabian nights' the tutor says it was a mistake he's facing a tough reelection fight canadians go to the polls on october 21st i attended an
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india gala the theme was arabian nights. dressed up a lot in costume and put makeup on. i should've done. better but i didn't. remember the story. well stephen chase is the national correspondent for the globe and mail newspaper and it's covering the election campaign in canada he says the picture will hurt trudeau's chances of reelection. it's a bit of a bombshell for just exploded a few hours ago and so it's created a. moment of political crisis for that for the leader and it sort of has basically thrown his campaign plans off track at the moment this is a country of immigrants we bring in $300000.00 immigrants every year mr trudeau in one when he faces here is something that suggests he's not who he says he is he's been very politically correct leader who is
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a master of. political correctness and i'm champing diversity and you know and also suggesting the hones are racists so this this instance where he talked about. this this missed this most unfortunate conduct this wasn't something that happened when he was a child or when he was a teenager or when he was in college this is when he was 29 years old so he's got it's a bit of a challenge to his brand and voters who are undecided and there are a lot of undecided voters in the selection are he's going to have to convince them this is just a blip in his past and it's not indicative of a more widespread sort of hypocrisy on his part 3 top executives in the japanese firm that operate to the focus shima nuclear plant have been cleared of responsibility for the 2011 disaster the plot was crippled by a magnitude 9 earthquake of the north east coast of japan and the tsunami that followed a former officials in the tokyo electric company are facing up to 5 years in prison
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if convicted as any criminal trials are brought since the disaster was shown bunny's a senior at nuclear specialist from greenpeace he says he's expecting an appeal against the findings they are guilty who has not found him guilty but the evidence was very clear over the last 2 years. evidence that before she went on it yesterday and in 2000 the lurkers only is 2002 running up to 2008 documents that prove themselves commission show that the risk of earthquake but also particularly $50.00 metre tsunami hit the site and it's clear from the documents that were submitted to the who works are the chap who designed it not to act not to build an additional hire and you're hiring tsunami or oh there's only one incident warrant a criminal case but there are multiple civil lawsuits both been passed and gone
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through the court system but also many still coming up citizens have firearms some justice in some of the poor decisions where or just reports of violent bulls tepco that's the company that owns the humanity and the japanese government guilty of they don't see action to prevent this accident and those lawsuits will continue there me possibly be an appeal from today's decision the japanese citizens the thousands of citizens that people who who worked in today's case they will continue their efforts to pressure on both the new congress nearly all of the reactors but also the japanese government european parliament members have overwhelmingly voted in favor of another brags that delay but only if britain requests one and with conditions and u.k. parliament passed legislation last month forcing the prime minister boris johnson to ask for a delay if no agreement is reached. the army in the democratic republic of congo says its soldiers have killed a rebel leader from rwanda so investor. was wanted by the international criminal
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court since 2012 for war crimes as hutu rebel group is accused of killing hundreds of civilians in the east of the d r c. in central somalia almost $5000.00 sophie fighters are signing up to join the national army they're the only local group so far to go up against al-shabaab fighters and win out here as mom of the day reports now from to some olive. chants of religious fervor filled the air a time most can central somalia. these men are followers of sophism or mystical islam. for the 1st 20 years of somebody a civil war so if he's completely avoided the conflict but a decade ago the work force to pick up and join the fight against al shabaab. their shrines were being destroyed their leaders were being killed their beliefs
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were under withering a talk. you know. it's the terrorists who forced us to take up arms when we saw foreign fighters and for an ideology invading our country and wishing to wipe out all their force to spread a more tolerant rational islam that is when we decided to defend ourselves and our beliefs. for 10 years the sufi fighters photoshop one managed to retake the group strongholds in the windswept plains of central somalia the so if. the only local group to go up against al-shabaab fighters and when the groups leadership say this is due to strong support from local communities which explains how they were able to move from a bunch of men who would never squeeze the trigger to a proper fighting force. in a surprise move 2 months ago the group decided to have their fighters integrated
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into somalia's national army for most of the fighters what is hard there biometrics taken and were included into the ranks of the government forces. in i had committed we agreed to have fighters integrated into the phaedra forces to give them an opportunity to replicate what they deep in these parts and help save the entire country from. a democracy is so money as interior minister he says that he should have so if fighters into the national forces has been a huge boon for the government why enough time about it was inevitable to integrate the city fighters into the national forces we cannot claim to have a government when into these outside it continue to have their own forces nonetheless we're happy to have such an effective armed group bolstering our ranks . the surface say their fight with al shabab is far from over they say the conflict is somalia is an ideological one and they say they will now
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use their tolerant brand of islam to tom. the tide against al-shabaab. is central some. u.s. president donald trump has stripped california's authority to set its own vehicle emissions standards which are top of the national ones he's also banned other states from setting similar rules the current law requires automakers to build teena vehicles them federal requirements demand trump says the move will lower car prices and is unlikely to emissions california's governor disagrees and the state has vowed to fight the move. to have a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a taliban truck bomb that exploded near a hospital in southern afghanistan killing at least 18 people and injuring 96 in a separate attack in the eastern government and strike has killed at least 20
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people robert bryant has more now from the capital kabul we have competing versions of exactly what happened the provincial governor's office said that this was a strike a coalition air strike. specifically a drone strike against a local islamic state hideout this is an area close to the tora bora region which is a stronghold of various groups of fighters they say that 20 eisel fighters were killed now this is being contested by a provincial council member and also now by several local government sources who say that the people were killed were actually civilians saudi arabia has presented what it calls undeniable evidence that iran was behind attacks on its all facilities which cut crude output by 50 percent at the news conference the saudi defense ministry spokesman displayed daybreak allegedly from the strikes a total of $25.00 drones and miss elsworth said had been launched on the to oil plants riyadh says it will take its case to the united nations but yemen's who the rebels have claimed responsibility say the saudi evidence has been faked. israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu says there's no chance he will be able to form a right wing government after the 2nd election this year he's now calling his main rival benny gantz to join him in a unity coalition weeks of talks are now likely before a new government can be formed canada's prime minister has apologised after a photo emerged of him wearing brown face make up the picture which dates back to 2001 was published in a school yearbook wod justin trudeau worked as a teacher was taken at the school's annual dinner which had an arabian nights theme trudeau says it was a mistake he's facing a tough reelection fight canadians go to the polls on october 21st. 3 top executives in the japanese firm which operated the fukushima nuclear plant have been cleared of responsibility for the 2011 disaster the plant was crippled by a man in the tube 9 earthquake off the northeast coast of japan and the tsunami
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that followed well those were the headlines that is continues on al jazeera after the stream stage of that so much of that. taking the climate change fight to the courts what is destroying the environment was considered a crime against humanity i for me ok i really could be alive and here in the stream as we continue our week of shows in association with the covering climate now initiative join us in our live you tube chat or on twitter. part of the amazon rain forest glassy is in the arctic melting and governments are failing to take meaningful steps to curb climate change as the crisis grows more
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diet some activists are hoping to force the hand of companies and officials by suing them into environmental compliance where them 1300 climate related lawsuits in 28 countries are currently working their way through the courts some plaintiffs are seeking money to cover damages from hurricanes and other disasters others are fighting to protect natural habitats and a few groups one environmental harm to be declared an international crime alongside offenses such as genocide. in the past courts have swiftly dismissed such cases saying judges should not legislate from the bench critics also argue that climate change is a global problem and not the fault of any particular group about as public opinion shifts on this issue the tide may be starting to turn so joining us to discuss this is joe joe metz out from strood in the united kingdom joe is the director of ecological defense integrity and co-founder of stop eco side change the law we also have. an expert on climate litigation is
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a lecturer in law at the university of brighton in the k. and finally we have many pods and i'm jane up from. india she's an independent journalist who covers international environment issues welcome to the stream everyone i want to get started with our community so we need people watching this show and already simming in their thoughts from the get go because this is a topic that takes a lot of interest so this is a comment we got from dr amanda cabrero she's a legal officer at the u.n. environmental program and here's what she told the stream we are following close on to come certificate site but also want to remind everybody that there is no need to wait for laws in order to have a strong legal action against environmental crimes most countries already have. to fight and violence of crimes what's been happening as being pretty free of predicting his environment but what's missing. is
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a proper enforcement working to engage police makers to raise those issues on the political agenda out. of the public and civil society is also essential to really make this collective shift that we need. so george i'll give that one to you is there are the laws on the books as she mentioned they just need and forcing what then would equal side tools do what they accomplish so it's actually the enforcement aspect that i would really hone in on there she's absolutely right that there are plenty of environmental laws but they don't have the strength of criminal law criminal law draws a line that civil law is simply can't do a criminal law is what our 1st what culture if you like uses to define what's acceptable and not acceptable in that sense you know you wouldn't apply for
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a permit to your government to use for a business that's going to kill people because there's a deep moral acceptance that killing people is wrong but we don't yet have that about the way that we treat nature and if we were to actually criminalize damage to nature we would start seeing that moral acknowledgment come through and of course the enforcement because you see individual criminal responsibility if you talk about. a criminal act like murder every knows what that aids but he talk about eco sideman it happened in the context of india give us a few examples of what that could be considered to be to your environment well it could have side that is already in the forest or of borders and then you're leaving or treated water into all the bodies in new york dumping waste which but you that when you think too much for clothes or
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all of those i was sorry. but a number of them are good laws. but the government is the lowest offender is until let's say the minister is the one who leaves the most untreated resistant but what about these and industries come next well when the lady told me remember when she said we need to. make policy makers aware that it's absolutely right and it's not that the policy makers are not completely unaware they're not but for example in the news piece and mining many of those who shows a lot of it about that expect that there's a logical. disaster in the making but often before the station is that ok it's done darn deliberately so that the industry script land i say it's difficult in this because it's the finger of blame is in for us is
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obviously it's it's the indian government has responsibility taken we just bring into the conversation here by a young man who needs and buying he is one of a number of young alaskans who are suing the u.s. government because of the impact of climate change haven't listened to have why he explained this and how he explains it in a pocket earlier this year let's have a look. i remember very distinctly asking the question help me understand what's behind your need to do this and i said you know mom i have used every avenue of civics that i can think of that i can use i have lobbied i have organized i have written i have marched and when young people have been not given the seat at the table that is quite literally determining the future that they will inherit and it's being entirely determined by you know people in power no matter their
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intentions or how good their intentions may be they do not have to be here to experience the consequences of the planet that they leave us. just wondering if the law is as a novel toer of climate action if you're saying that's happening more and more and more wafts citizens out the lot of enough with it we'll go into the courts what do you make of that so i think it. you know that comment or hit it rather that plaintiff hit the nail on the head because what he was trying to distill there was the idea that we've exhausted legislative avenues we've exhausted lobbying avenues and it's not just in the united states this is true in the european union as well and one of the only things we have left and it's a source of political forcing that has a lot of moral power is the law. we wouldn't be doing it if you could just go to your state legislature and make changes through normal mechanisms so i think he's is precisely right on that in terms of eco side i think
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it's really interesting to think about what that 1st commenter said about the number of laws on the books of course we have a lot of laws on the books in some countries criminal laws that might help us fight environmental harm but it's jo-jo mentioned one of the biggest issues we have is that most of our environmental laws are premised on the permitted destruction of the environment they're premised on wastewater discharges they're premised on allowing polluters to do things in certain permissible amounts and so while we do have lots of laws on the books that could help us fight climate change a lot of the structure of environmental law also operates against preventing harm and i think that's something that's quite easy to miss. so i want to bring this in picking up on what you said that this is one person on twitter who says this isn't the way it should be done this is what should happen c.e.o.'s and government ministers would be held personally criminally responsible for any eco side that they cause for happen under their watch best this is a necessary and powerful steere for how we treat the planet we love and live on so
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they're talking about c.e.o.'s and government ministers and i'm wondering if you think that is who is responsible are we talking about the heads of chevron and b.p. or are we talking about governments because for you you were part of a lawsuit against the u.k. government. so i think what's crucial about this is there's no one solution in the realm of public law or in the long run a private law it's not the responsibility lies squarely with the state we're squarely with a set of corporate emitters. you need the combination of both kinds of liability and but at least potential liability because otherwise you're going to have shifting of the blame around you'll find a government liable for something and have them shift a lot of the onus on to the private sector and what you really need is a rigid regime that allows you in the appropriate amounts to find liability on both kinds of actors so we have this conversation here it's quite clear where the tests coming from not clear how would you get this done so stop ecocide is going to judge
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i belong to and they kind of laid it out in a couple of seconds have a look law is like a pyramid soft law like the paris agreement is on in forcible it cannot protect us civil law where we find most environmental regulation also does not protect us suing companies is expensive and difficult corporations simply budget for it and continue to pollute only criminal law can stop the harm 124 states are parties to their own statute the governing document for international criminal law any signatory head of state can propose an amendment when 2 thirds of states sign up it becomes law there is no veto no time limit and all state parties however small would have an equal vote this is the legal fastlane . so looking at that it makes wonderful sense if you really cared about the earth
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but as a major corporation as a government why would it be in their interests to sign up for an international law that would actually question their judgment many have explained how many instances just an injury alone where the government was responsible for the terrible things that were happening to the environment allegedly i should say i think what we're dealing with here is the huge disconnect between the economic structures by which we live and the reality of how we depend on the world around us we're not ultimately here we're not fighting climate change light the anyone try to fight on negotiate with the hurrican what we're fighting is a mindset what we're you know if there's a struggle here it's between a way of looking at the world that treats the earth as an infinite resource which we already know categorically that it's not. and which treats economic growth as some kind of you know happiness in itself that we should all aspire to when you
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know the simple logic of the situation doesn't follow that path and you know we lost touch with the reality that we depend absolutely upon the nature the land the planet on which we live and from which we get all our resources all of food and everything and so you know what we're really looking at here is is a mindset and actually when we change when we approach. the idea of making eco such an atrocity crime we're putting it there on a level with we're basically saying if you destroy the environment it's like continue no it's like committing a massacre and you need to take responsibility for that and so you know when you say you know we're criticizing. the way that governments operate yes but that's actually fundamentally what's going on and that's what the entire global climate mobilization everyone from extinction rebellion to grettir attitude that the.


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