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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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they didn't provide an explanation as to why the defense systems didn't work so the iranians here are watching that listening to that listen to donald trump talking about the increase of sanctions but also the iranian delegation here to the united nations is still waiting for their visas to be issued not divides refers also tweeted about that and says the u.s. is not abiding by its obligations and reminded the secretary of state my pompei that. nelson mandela was on the terrorist watch list 15 years after he she won the nobel peace prize so essentially saying that look you have an obligation to debtors attend the united nations but part of this maximum pressure campaign by washington trying to make as difficult as they can for rein in diplomats so iran's watching what's taking place but they've also issued warnings saying that if there is a strike against them that they will immediately response and not only respond but not only limit it to the source of the attack essentially saying that this could
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destabilize the middle east because america has bases across the region or at a i said but we have to leave it for the time being let's let's cross to tell of the where the leader of the blue and white center right party benny gantz is about to speak in response to overtures made by the israeli prime minister and leader the likud party between netanyahu about forming a unity government we know that this was a call made by netanyahu yesterday and benny gantz is now clearly giving his response let's just listen to what the leader of the blue and white centrist party has to say. shalom to people who do you got your. journey and citizens
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of israel not just. come from the ceremony for shimon peres. may his soul rest in peace i knew him personally he was a man of. seeing the future and did everything for the future generations as everybody. he put everything before. any thing else. the people of israel have gone to the ballots they have voted and they have voted clearly. the people have said that they want israel before everything else and therefore blue and white with me is the leader one and is the biggest block. according to the. current results we have received 63. seats and that and you know who
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has not. achieved the sufficient numbers. friends citizens of israel wanted a unity government even after the previous elections they want a unity government now and i remind everybody that i am talking about this for almost a whole year. i intend to create. a wide unity government with me as the leader. we will bring a difference and we will mend. all of the country. the government who would be. comprised of we won't talk. we will listen to everybody but we won't give in.
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to any demands. it will be led by me and will be done with justice and it will be for all of the people of israel. this negotiation. would lead wisdom and. keeping us to ethics and there's no shortcuts. the government which will be. established. has to be just one of the. first. and citizens in order to establish
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a unity government not. political blocs and spins but from responsibility and seriousness i intend to do these things as i've said before and intend to also. carry on what i said on the note that i put in the western wall on the evening of the elections. and create peace for everybody. is there from tel aviv. of that very brief press conference by benny gantz the leader of the blue and white rights center right party saying that the people of israel have voted clearly he says his blue and white party has won the biggest block in the elections he said the citizens of israel wanted a unity government and he intends to create
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a wide unity government with himself as the leader he said that the government has to be a just one and he said his government will be one. of wisdom and ethics let's cross over now to. what abdul hamid joins us again from west jerusalem so not surprisingly benny gantz has said he wants to be the leader of this unity government no mention of benjamin netanyahu. no mention of big name in it and you know except maybe in a veiled way in this a in the way he said that you don't come to if you want to really form a national unity government come representing a large block so this is what has been positioning himself as he worked very hard and had many consultations over the last 24 hours and he came out and he said well now i represent not only good but also all the right and far right parties well
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that's so that's kind of a rebuke by benny gantz to him he also didn't answer whether you would actually meet or with. earlier today need to publicly. benny gantz to meet. day well we haven't heard any of that nor did we hear him actually say 2 words. now so you do get an impression that benny gantz is saying yes national unity government i have been calling for that since a long time. of trying to avoid giving any specific answers and trying to make. understand anyway he would be the leader of a need for future government and it's not clear really whether he would give netanyahu any kind of role in that government or not yet as you say this is going to take sort of weeks of horse trading to work out how this is going to work but so just talk us through the blocks. who's likely to come together on the gaps.
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well ganz have the support of the left so that's about 6 more seats added to his and then he would get do recommendations that they're all indications of that of the joint list now the air jointly wouldn't join a government or traditionally never did and anyway avigdor lieberman would never accept that he says very clearly and i'm quoting him not even in a parallel universe with i accept that so but those are about 13 seats at least we'll have to wait for the final results to see that so he does he could add up the numbers but again saying that he has up to 63 seats at the moment which is saying does threshold of 61 seats needed to be able to form some sort of a government but as i said this still very early stage is the final results as to
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not all out yesterday the gap between benny gantz and the 10 yo was of one c. 2 days of juicy said cording to delete his exit polls so i think it's really something that is sort of a they're inching closer and closer and there'd be a lot of political deals made behind closed doors again the kingmaker order joker in this whole situation is. avigdor lieberman and we'll have to see what his position is going to be and we'll also have to see if he could does join and national unity government if the likud leadership will say ok enough of benjamin into now you've become too much of a problem at this stage and we need you to leave this space for a new leadership here because we don't want to miss the opportunity to join a national unity government does a lot of ifs or does a lot of questions and all that probably will sort of unpin in the coming weeks as these negotiations go on or right to hold
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a bill i mean back in western thank you. now the u.k. has given the european union technical papers that outline the changes it's seeking with the brig's deal a spokesman says they'll submit formal rules when ready meanwhile the u.k. supreme court is holding its final day of hearings to determine whether prime minister barak's johnson suspension of parliament was legal government more you say it's a political issue not so the courts to decide opponents told judges the suspension is meant to impede parliament's ability to scrutinise johnson's brags that the charlie rangel are in london charlie so it's the 3rd and final day of this historic hearing tell us what's been happening today. one of the judges have just been hearing from the lawyers who are representing the scottish and welsh governments and they've been joining the case against prime minister boris jones and their argument is that the prime minister lied to the queen when he said he wanted to suspend parliament for 5 weeks to lay out a new domestic agenda they say his real motive was to shut down debate over for
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exit and that is the crux of their argument that he abused his power as prime minister just standing up to speak now as a lawyer representing the former conservative prime minister john major he's expected to confess to a dishonest estate agent and say that his justification for peru suspending parliament makes absolutely no sense and should not be taken at face value this is a stinging attack from the prime minister who himself part of it in 1997 and is expected to lend considerable weight to the argument that boris johnson acted on and said that the case i think proposed by the other side is also very strong noise for the prime minister also say that this case is just not for the courts to decide it is a parliamentary issue. and charlie we know the clock is ticking and it seems that some e.u. leaders are getting impatient so what can you tell us now about talk of a new deadline for briggs that. well
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actually in the last few hours britain has just put down written proposals them with brussels on the new. deal and we understand that these are 7 technical papers on customs and manufacturing goods we don't have much more detail about that because we know boris johnson likes to keep his cards very close to his chest that's always been a big part of his negotiating strategy we expect somewhere in there will be proposed alternative to the i respect stop that fee insurance policy to guarantee no hardball with the in ireland but beyond that there's no more details of what is contained in these proposals but as you said e.u. leaders have been eagerly awaiting them to finish prime minister and the french president yesterday said if these went on the table by the end of september they said it's not quite sure what exactly they meant by that threat but hopefully they won't have to follow through on it now we understand that the u.k. bret's and secretary steven barclay and michel barnier the chief secretary will be
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meeting tomorrow friday to go through these new papers and bonier recently said that he's willing to work day and night to reach a deal that both sides are happy with perhaps with these written proposals finally on the table in brussels that work is about to begin. now the al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein has spent a 1000 days imprisoned in an egyptian jail he's accused of defaming the state and spreading false news but he's yet to be charged trial more blood money has more. charges to trial and conviction. mahmoud hussein has been locked up in a gyptian jail for 1000 days egyptian government prosecutors accuse him of broadcasting what's described as false news and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions. hussein strongly denies the allegations and soldiers al-jazeera
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the journalist base in qatar flew from doha to cairo for a holiday almost 3 years ago after he landed he was stopped questioned and detained hussein has been helpful long periods in solitary confinement in the notorious tora prison in cairo and refused medical treatment when he broke his arm echoing international outrage the u.n. has been calling for his release saying he's been exposed to cruel inhumane and degrading treatment according to egyptian law he should have been freed within 24 hours but he was kept in prison. amnesty international says detainees are trapped in the revolving door of egypt's arbitrary detention system it says the egyptian authorities practice of ordering the detention of detainees on blatantly fabricated
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charges just as are about to be released is an alarming trend that illustrates extent of egypt a cage justice system over the past few years gyptian police have arrested several al jazeera employees former director of news at al-jazeera arabic. and. was sentenced in absentia to the death penalty for endangering national security journalist ahmed mohamed fahmy and peter greste they were all imprisoned for over 400 days while 7 other colleagues were sentenced to 10 years or denied accusations of spreading what egypt pool's false news situation press freedom is hugely problematic what we see.
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behind. egypt is ranked one of the lowest in the world for press freedom freedom which mahmud hussein and dozens of other journalists continue to be tonight the lure of a man the al-jazeera calenders prime minister has apologized after a photo of him wearing brown face makeup the picture which dates back to 2001 was published in a school yearbook while justin trudeau worked as a teacher it was taken at the school's annual dinner which had an arabian nights thing says it was a mistake is facing a tough reelection fight canadians go to the polls 21st. i attended an individual gala where the being was arabian nights. they dressed up in a lot in costume and put makeup on. a. should have known better but i didn't. and then the story 3 top executives from the
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japanese for which operated the focus shima nuclear plant had been cleared of responsibility for the 2011 disaster the plant was crippled by a magnitude 9 earthquake off the northeast coast of japan and the tsunami that followed the former officials from the tokyo electric power company were facing up to 5 years in prison if convicted it's the only criminal trials have been brought since the disaster venezuela's opposition is celebrating the release of the deputy head of the country's national assembly a good zambrano was freed from custody on tuesday 4 months after his arrest on treason charges he was deputy to one who is recognized by many countries as venezuela's legitimate leader why there has just been reaffirmed as head of the opposition control the national assembly. u.s. president donald trump has stripped california of its offer to just set its own vehicle emissions standards which are tougher than national ones it's also banned
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other states from making similar rules existing law requires automakers to build clean of vehicles then federal requirements demand trump says the move or lower car prices and is unlikely to impact emissions of california's governor says he'll fight against it. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera in israel benny gantz the main rival to prime minister benjamin netanyahu has announced he plans to form a unity government with him as leader he says the government will be for all the people of israel but did not mention netanyahu despite his calls to join him in government. now dozens of people have died in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan. carried out by government forces with u.s. air support has killed at least 20 people in afghanistan's eastern province and
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earlier at least 18 people were killed and 96 injured in a taliban suicide bomb attack in southern example for those. iran's foreign minister says the u.s. risks all out war if military action is launched against terror on that's after saudi arabia presented what it calls undeniable evidence that iran was behind an attack on major oil facilities a total of 25 drones and miss elsworth said to have been launched at the 2 oil installations but yemen's who the rebels have claimed responsibility and say the saudis fête the evidence. of odds are he says the u.s. and saudi arabia continue to blame iran because they can't believe that hoofy rebels could be capable of the attack in a tweet he wrote acts of war or agitation for war remnants of the b. team and its ambitious allies are trying to deceive donald trump into war for their
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own sake they should pray they won't get what they seek they're still paying for the much smaller human war which they were too arrogant and 4 years ago meanwhile the united arab emirates has joined an american led coalition to protect waterways in the middle east. the task force was formed after attacks and raids on oil tankers in the waters near oman the u.s. has been them on iran saudi arabia australia bahrain and the united kingdom are all part of the coalition but iraq says it will not join the force to secure gulf waterways and opposes israel be part of such a group it's been $1000.00 days since al jazeera jon this month what he's saying was imprisoned by egypt he's accused of defaming the state and spreading false news but he's yet to be charged or even face trial well those were the headlines at the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story statement that so much of a half.
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who will be israel's next prime minister there's no clear winner in that 2nd election in a year and would link the coalition talks about to start how will the political bargaining turn out what kind of government will israel get this time this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. benjamin netanyahu is seeking a record 5th term in office as israel's prime minister but his grip on power
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appears to be slipping preliminary election results show netanyahu is party almost tied with the blue and white party led by been against both a short of the parliamentary majority they need to form a coalition government this means whoever gets support from smaller parties will become the next prime minister and in that case the kingmaker could be israel but a news leader avigdor lieberman israel's president reuben rivlin will then decide who will get the job if engine that's in yahoo loses it is at risk of being jailed for alleged corruption harry fawcett has been following the elections from tel aviv . the music blared benjamin netanyahu smiles but more than 5 hours after voting finished it was clear this was no victory even if he was far from ready to admit defeat with. a government committed to the jewish state where neither will nor can there be a government that relies on. arab parties but the exit polls suggest he doesn't
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have the numbers to dictate he may not be given 1st chance to form a government 5 months ago benjamin netanyahu waited several hours before making his speech waiting for the numbers to swing in his favor this time he's waited longer for the numbers appeared to this one in the other direction for 5 months ago he made a victory speech this time it was a speech of defiance it seems clear that his grip on power has weakened it's a beating time at the opposition blue and white headquarters the mood was very different former army chief benny gantz didn't repeat his premise childe victory declaration from april instead his tone was a man ready for a grave responsibility and if he had thought so we need to be patient it wasn't an easy mission as we see now netanyahu did not succeed in his mission in comparison proves that the idea of blue and white succeeded and his head to stay it was equal vindication for. netanyahu is former ally who collapsed the coalition talks pushed his secular agenda and nearly doubled his israel between 2 parties vote. we have
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only one option a national liberal government of israel by to newer and liquid and and white the presumption is that he demand likud 1st replace netanyahu was leader but that's something it shows no sign of readiness to do. able for. a couple netanyahu is the leader of the lake could support for him is strong and in times of crisis it gets stronger it all came after a friend etic final day of campaigning. gantz aping netanyahu is tactics urging supporters off the beach telling him his party was on the verge of defeat betty nguyen who seemed to spend the day in one long emergency broadcast on social media and in person repeatedly warning his right wing base that arabs were voting in great numbers. the leader of the mainly palestinian israeli joint list i'm an audit said netanyahu incitement had come at a heavy price causing instead
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a surge in support it's possible we did see some form of backlash people saying you say we're going to come to the polls in in rope so we are here we come and and this is what we can do in israeli politics or his office says he's due to have talks soon with benny gantz raising the possibility that he could offer him some kind of support benjamin netanyahu spoke on stage of the difficulties and pressure of this campaign with his 1st pre indictment hearing on corruption charges jus in 2 weeks and the prospects of fighting them from the prime minister's office now diminished the pressure looks set to intensify our equals at al-jazeera television. all right let's bring in our guests akiva eldar is columnist for al monitor is israel pulse and he joins us by skype from tel aviv yossi michael berg is professor of international relations at regents university and a specialist in israeli politics he joins us from london. and mitchell rock is
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c.e.o. of global research and a former adviser to israeli president shimon peres he joins us from west roussel and welcome all our guests now mitchell let me start with you this gamble by benjamin netanyahu to dissolve parliament this really didn't pay off did it you know he pushed himself a little too far and the way it goes is you can only cry wolf so many times when there's no real wolf and i think that's what he came up again as it's somewhat of a failure in that he should of going into this election he was at about 45 seats if you add his 35 cock loans 4 seats and fagans 2 seats and he didn't even get close to that there is a negative momentum against him and it seems like israelis want to change and he will have difficulty in any scenario forming a government as it is right now you know see this election result seems to bring even less clarity than the last one what happens now well you
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know right but last elections don't really bring a cloud 80 there is a full go for election soon is you look at the figures and it's sometimes the focus is even fake you try to reach to the calculator and see what kind of coalition can be folded but i think the meaning if it happens that it's off is that nathaniel come full when the correlation and the only condition for the coalitions from the time you know to go maybe this will create some clarity and it will impose some other leaders within the to be fien the likud actually to think more creatively and think about coalitions that right now seems not to that that likely but might be likely when not only the time you know the person bites what. the way that he poses in the israeli politics akiva benjamin netanyahu has this story direct you taishan as a political magician but obviously the magic didn't work this time how humiliating
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is this result for him. i still think netanyahu is a magician but unfortunately for him. there is another israeli magician there is a boom maybe to even manipulate the great magician is name is a big the liberal if you take the 8 seats the liberal man. has received in this elections and you add them to the alliance of the israeli right plus the drought of dogs and the national orthodox you get a clear majority in it and how it still be able to form a government in addition to that unfortunately also for us israelis. the israeli arabs are not natural partners for any government in israel of course not
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for a right wing national government headed by newton you know another by guns who is not very likely to add the our party the 12 new members of knesset new and old members of knesset from the united arab party to his coalition so netanyahu having said what you're see just an attorney all made some mistakes and he cried too many times will i believe that and actually he cried. one time he cried wolf and out and was about to open a war which was. too transparent even for his supporters that it was a way out of trouble for him i think that guns will have to work very hard in
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order to make sure that he can keep together a coalition without depending on lieberman mitchell i saw you nodding along to what akiva were saying i'm going to let you respond or expand on what he was saying but i also want to ask you is avigdor lieberman the kingmaker now. he's one of them i mean certainly you know i like his description that he's also a magician but you know i think as we said in the last program sometimes the houdini has just one too many locks and he can't get out of it and i think that that. purchase the rope that is going to hang himself politically by calling elections the last time and that's what we're seeing now so yes lieberman is really important i like to call him he's the king breaker and then the kingmaker meaning he is the only one that can really break down it's any oust kingship who are in it and you know his leadership and he's basically already done that by saying he will only go with someone who wants to form a national unity government it's clear among the 2 candidates that god has come out
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and said i would like to form a national unity in the widest possible government and that's a now who scraping trying to scrape together you know a very narrow and minimal government so that's one thing he can break and it's a now actually and then he can decide and be the kingmaker now that could be very interesting to meaning it does look like it's benny gantz at this point because he seems to be the head of the largest party he will probably get a mandate if so if he has enough from the president but it doesn't mean there won't be a deadlock and it doesn't mean that everyone in likud will be willing to go with him and it could be that there's another candidate lurking there somewhere within the $120.00 members of knesset that can step through as a caretaker prime minister as a agreed upon prime minister so really there's a lot of thing that will take place he's not only it's not only lieberman it's also about ruby rivlin the president who by law has to consult all the parties but he doesn't have to do anything and actually he can go to whichever member of knesset
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or head of party that he thinks is most likely to form a government and there could be some surprises there as well yossi let me ask you about lieberman i mean using mitchell's terms or do you think he will be the king breaker or do you think you'll be the king maker and also you know lieberman he's insisted that he will keep this campaign promise that he made that his and his party will not join a right wing government or an alliance that included ultra-orthodox parties do you believe that will remain the case. i think this is the real test if everyone sticks to the script as they put it before the elections i think it's a bit clear but this hasn't happened in israel politics too often and talking about magicians there might be a magician but they don't have any any magical anything because at the end of the day we concentrate so much on the early symmetrical fall of feet but we forget that at the end of the day you need a functioning government and if you just get both correlation and you put as many parties as you like and it's in stable but this one poll because there would be all
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sorts of bush forces there in the election that are unsustainable i think yes we can you know break the kink and i think one of the thing with netanyahu is just not it's not only that and you know the man is the psychology of the mentality in the last decade in which only nathaniel can be prime minister he try to convey the message he's the only statesman is the only one that look after the security is the only one that goes until they start up nation from keep developing which is which is a myth it's it's far from the top and i think it's for the political system to with itself of the believe that it's can be only nathaniel and then you can start to make in the other kings and starts working.


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