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tv   The Dancer Thieves  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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probably set themselves up for this situation that he finds himself in trudeau also you know has been very much a celebrity sense the day he was born his father pierre elliott trudeau is one of canada's longest serving prime ministers well known around the world and he was born and sort of entered into public life people thought he was smarter than this that he wouldn't have been this sort of person he brought to his liberal party a sense of modernity a sense of reaching out to many different communities he appointed a cabinet that was half men and half women that was very very racially diverse for one of the 1st times in canadian history and yet this is lying on his lap this morning it's really difficult to see how he's going to get over it many people are saying they might forgive him and move on but they want to see if there's more out there and it's really not certain yet if there isn't so everyone is holding their breath waiting to see if this is the end of it and then it starts to fade or if there might be more in just into those future that will really damage him perhaps permanently daniel back thank you very much indeed. so to come on out there.
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still defiant nostrum remnants of the syrian revolution in a province as turkey and russia reaching new agreement on a demilitarized zone. and a multi-billion dollar export industry has been blamed for the month long blanketing southeast asia. we got some more weather pushing into western parts of your private the next couple of days but still on the cool side the breezy side wall autumnal should we say scandinavia eastern areas if you are pushing over towards that western side of russia this piece is a cloud here showing up quite nicely and you got this march weather front running right down across the black sea through the balkans into the adriatic into italy some sharp showers all miss some heavy downpours as well sliding further southwards
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in east was it picking up the northwest even the cool direction of course with the temperatures around 14 celsius in warsaw just 90 degrees there for most meanwhile i was told the western side if you want to 20 in london not see bad 22 in paris gets better to go on into sas they could touch 24 celsius for london 28 in paris it's not going to last make the most of it and of course some wetter weather just pushing for the baltic states fine enjoy dance awards towards rumania tools both garia little colder there for ankara 19 degrees celsius in the 23 for athens a chance of some showers a similar temperature there for madrid february whether that just across that western side of the mediterranean the some of that cloud and rain will affect the northwest of africa could see some wet weather pushing in here for the weekend.
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the largest chemical agent. with an honest throughout history a lot more concentrated its head with me and started fighting me and developed by nation state so there could be another. group. within the reach of those seeking. the most toxic substance in the world with. me invisible friends on al jazeera. and i'm going to run to the top stories on al-jazeera israel's opposition blue and white party benny gantz says he should be the next prime minister he appears to
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rejected current prime minister benjamin netanyahu his offer of a power sharing unity coalition. canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologized again for dressing up in brown face and black face admitting it was racist. to former president ben ali has died at the age of $83.00 he was in saudi arabia where he's lived in exile since the 2011 revolution which kick started the so-called arab spring your odds are therefore takes a look back at his legacy. when he was swept from power by a wave of popular protest fleeing tunisia saudi arabia a former military man and diplomat zene ben ali took the presidency in 1907 with a bloodless coup unseating the country's 1st post colonial president in every election since he was returned to power with enormous majorities his opponents said the
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votes were rigged human rights groups described his government as authoritarian and undemocratic cracking down on any attempts at press freedom and handing out jobs and favors to a select band of supporters. ultimately protests over unemployment brought the people out on the streets demanding change. to me she's economy looked relatively strong when the uprising began it was ranked 1st in africa the competitiveness. but accused of running a corrupt police state with money concentrated in the hands of a few powerful families including his own most tunisians felt excluded under ben ali to nisha pursued a pro western foreign policy meant taining strong ties to former colonial must of france and the u.s. but as his regime crumbled france abandoned him refusing him entry as he fled the
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country saudi arabia offered him refuge in his final days but he will always be remembered as the president who was forced from office by an uprising of popular protest. gafoor 0. dozens of people have died in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan both of which hit the wrong targets 30 farm workers were killed by u.s. drone strikes on wednesday evening as they were resting after a day's work in the fields and the attack was intended to hit an eyesore hideout in eastern province earlier at least 18 people were killed and 96 injured in a taliban suicide bomb attack near a hospital in the southern zabul province a defense ministry official says the intended target was a nearby training base for afghanistan's national intelligence agency from a bride has more from kabul. a devastating bomb blast in the southern provincial capital of cal at the taliban which is claimed responsibility says it was targeting
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the headquarters of the n.d.s. this is the afghan intelligence service but images arriving here in kabul show that predominantly the people who seem to have been killed and injured have been civilians women children and also a number of medical personnel and doctors nurses because the building that was being targeted is right next door to the provincial hospital which has been devastated by this explosion part of the problem for the 1st responders for the rescuers has been to where to take these casualties normally they will go to the provincial hospital the very hospital which is now devastated so they are bit by having to be taken to the neighboring city of kandahar for treatment meanwhile details are emerging about a nother attack in the province of on the border with pakistan of which the details are being contested now the provincial governor's office says that this was
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a drone attack on an ice all hideout and that number of islamic state fighters around 20 were killed but petering accounts say that these were civilians a local provincial councilor and also now some local government sources are saying that these were people who come to nangarhar province to harvest pine nuts and were in a field nearby to where this attack took place saying that maybe as many as 30 civilians were killed with up to 40 injured as always the truth is probably somewhere in between the 2 probably there was a targeting of an i saw hideout but it does seem as though once more civilians have been caught up in this attack. russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution demanding a truce in northwest syria the resolution called for an end to hostilities in the province of idlib the last rebel held stronghold in the country russia should allow
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an exemption for military offensives against un blacklisted armed groups it's moscow's 13 feet to the security council on action on the syrian conflict. meanwhile turkey russia have reached a new agreement on a demilitarized zone in northwest syria and a how to report. the revolution hasn't died in syria's north west these people were forced from their homes in the recent russian backed syrian government offensive that took control of the northern countryside of hama province and many towns it lips else including a hole in at least half a 1000000 syrians have been displaced since the end of april. we the people of harlem shake around we are not asking us to allow us to return to our town we will never accept his role our revolution will continue until the downfall of this criminal regime it's been relatively calm since the august 31
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cease fire but many people living in it live fear it's only a matter of time before president bashar assad's forces resume their military operation that has already killed more than 1000 civilians the syrian opposition believes there is a deal to prevent the humanitarian crisis from worsening. there was an agreement between turkey and russia to create a demilitarized zone free of weapons and fighters on the international terrorism list the zone will be patrolled by russia and turkey the syrian interim government will take over governance from hyatt. which will have to be disbanded. the situation and it was discussed this week between serious power brokers who support opposing sides but work together under the so-called aston a process turkey made clear its priority is to prevent a humanitarian crisis and a large influx of refugees into the country russia and iran focused on the fight against those they call terrorists but it seems they found middle ground there may
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be limited operations. by. the other side of the. ongoing process in egypt as you know. of course there's a precedent for. other people there many syrians have taken to the streets demanding high at the lead a sham leaves adlib they accuse the armed group of abusing power and failing to defend territory h.t.s. is considered a terrorist organization by the international community because of its links with al qaida. was the reason why last year's deal between turkey and russia on the creation of a demilitarized zone and it was never implemented it refused to cooperate forcing it to withdraw would have required mainstream opposition factions in gauging in a internal war that would have weakened their position vis a vis pro-government forces it's not clear if h.t.s.
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will cooperate this time or whether there is a time table to this apparent deal between turkey and russia but it seems a large scale offensive has been put on hold for now and russian president vladimir putin is openly discussing limiting anti terror operations and it lip. beirut. smoke from forest fires in indonesia continues to blanket areas across malaysia and has now spread to parts of southern thailand across this is being blamed on the global demand for palm oil indonesia is the largest supplier of the oil and it's believed farm as a setting fire to the land to make room for new crops random hammad reports from jakarta. i hate blankets the streets of peckham bars city on the island of sumatra . fires have been burning here in riyadh province for more than a month many started deliberately by farmers and plantation companies to clear land for planting most of the haze is smoke rising from this land which is probable peat
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below the surface what it looks like the fires have been put out there smoldering underground. firefighters are trying to contain the spread but the annual dry season is making things even more difficult. to find water wherever they can from creeks rivers and lakes although schools have been closed for more than a week market trade is in reality but say the choking haze is bad for business. i'm worried we comprehend we want to solution to this problem i wanted to stop happening every year. and it's causing breathing problems hospitals are filled with a growing number of patients providing we've seen an increase in the number of patients 30 percent of them have acute respiratory infections some have asthma and . protesters have taken their frustrations to the governor's office. we want the companies responsible for the fires to be punished and find
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a solution to stop the hailstorm the government should let volunteers help with firefighting efforts we also want the heads of police and the military to step down president joker we don't stress that fire prevention is essential he's calling on the local government to take more responsibility by boosting reinforcements of firefighters and increasing cloud seeding operations to induce rain. we'll find out if this is internationally organized or if it was done by ordinary people to clear land from what we can see this is massive and organized. and thick smog has crossed borders into malaysia and singapore causing diplomatic disputes with both since the last major forest fires here 4 years ago binny's and government has promised that anyone found the deliberately setting fire would face consequences it has compiled a list of more than $300.00 companies the specter of setting fires some links to malaysia and singapore thousands of so-called fire hotspots have been identified in
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indonesia while many wait for rain to bring some respondents the fires are still burning and it will take months for the land to recover. mohammed al jazeera jakarta a national day of mourning has been declared in liberia after 27 children and 2 teachers were killed in a fire at an islamic school many of the victims were buried on wednesday in line with islamic funeral rites the children were sleeping when the blaze broke out at the boarding school name one row of year around 11 pm local time it's but if the fire was sparked by an electrical fault to survive as a recovering in hospital. the u.k. supremes court hearing on the legality of the prime minister's decision to suspend parliament ahead of bricks it has wrapped up the ruling is expected to be handed down early next week jonah has more from london. boris johnson on maneuvers visiting soldiers promising more money for the military
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ahead of an election whenever it comes promising also progress on brakes it i don't want to exaggerate the progress that we are making but we are making progress and what we need to do so people understand we need to find a way whereby the u.k. can come out of the e.u. and really be able to do things differently not remain under the control of the e.u. in terms of laws and trade policies. johnson's plans may yet and ravel after a 3 day emergency hearing supreme court justices will soon rule on the more fullness of the government's prohibition of parliament on thursday they heard evidence delivered by council from one former conservative prime minister john major against the current conservative prime minister john says the in a skeptical inference to be drawn is that the fridge is for not exercising its
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right to disagree with the government legislate as it sees fit it's an inference the government says that is not for the courts to judge we should actually start by recognizing that the pro gay she was a proceeding in parliament which falls within the ambit of article 9 of the bill of rights and they don't have to get. the government will hope of course that the supremes court upholds the english high court's decision that the prorogue a sion of parliament was a purely political not legal matter but the court could just as easily side with scottish judges who'd ruled that under the circumstances they could get involved because they said of the real motive behind the suspension of parliament the silencing of m.p.'s over breaks and it was a decision that in effect meant boris johnson had lied to the queen. away from the courts there are sometimes questionable efforts to reach an. new breaks a deal the e.u. had demanded full written proposals from the u.k.
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by the end of the month an artificial deadline said the u.k. and they go over instead a set of notes with a final offer still to come it's our papers for now until we have looked at them and detail i will not correct her eyes beyond papers the british government has few obvious cards left to play on breaks it and the pressure may grow next week when the supreme court delivers its verdict i don't know how al-jazeera london could monday can catch up any time with our website the address of that is. dot com. one of the top stories making news here on jazeera but i do have israel's opposition blue and white party benny gantz says he should be the next prime minister after his brutal white party naturally took the most that i just number of seats in the election he appears to have rejected current prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu is offer of a power sharing unity coalition making a 3rd election of the year more likely. that we will listen to all but not surrender to any dictates the negotiations will be led by me responsibly and with reason in order to achieve the best results for all israelis within the shadow of this political situation we will keep to our principles there will be no short cuts iran's foreign minister says there will be all out war if the u.s. takes military action following the bombing of 2 major saudi arabian oil facilities is denied to tehran had it any involvement in the drone strikes but the u.s. secretary of state says the attack on the refineries was an act of war. canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologized again for dressing up in brown face and black face admitting it was racist trudeau said he didn't recognize it at the time because of what he called of privilege to as his former president.
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ben ali has died at the age of $83.00 he was in saudi arabia where he's lived in exile since the 20 level revolution which kick started the so-called arab spring and he was president of tunisia for 24 years. dozens of people have been killed in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan at least 18 people were killed in a taliban suicide bombing outside a hospital in zabul province all 20 were killed in a government airstrike in one go home province violence has escalated in the run up to next week's election. russia and china vetoed a u.n. security council resolution demanding a truce in northwest syria the resolution called for an end to hostilities in the province of adlib the last rebel held stronghold in the country russia argued the truce should allow an exemption for military offensives against un blacklisted
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armed groups the stream is next with a debate on whether we can actually stop climate change to stay with this 5 and a half. we are told to recycle up cycle and down cycle we're told to ditch the straws and forego plastic cups and we reiterate to our kids the rinse and reviews montra but can any of these efforts really prevent climate change i mean ok and i really could be valid today our coverage of the covering climate now initiative continues with the debate around the climate crisis should we stop pretending we can prevent it
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but are we really pretending that that is the debate so tweet us your thoughts or leave your comments and i live chat and you can in the stream take. hello my name is you know. i'm an activist and you are in. a recent essay in the new yorker by american novelist jonathan franzen sparked a viral argument online about climate change here's what it said the climate apocalypse is coming to prepare for it we need to admit that we can't prevent it as you might imagine that didn't sit well with a lot of people including climate scientists which friends and is not and a twitter storm ensued the debate centered around prevention adaptation and conservation it's an important conversation who is ultimately responsible for preventing climate change and is it even possible joining us to discuss this in new
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york genevieve gunther she's the founder of end climate science that's an organization aimed at starting conversations about the impacts of climate change in vail colorado on main coney he's a peace and climate change activist who also ran for the u.s. senate and congress of the green new deal in colorado and in north carolina sarah peach a senior editor at yale climate connections and author of the ask sarah climate advice column however what it's good to see let us start in fiji with perhaps a little glimpse into the future have a look at this video. i'm going to go in the middle of the guardian i'm with the result. my job is to dig. even snorkelling. before feed the. big no more to i mean there's a. lot of. relief we're starting to.
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and started to. this is a big problem. amazing really. as he's talking about the possibilities the future your climate activists and the eco hasn't given up quite yet have you no not at all this matter of fact tomorrow i'm at a climate story march and i'm going to be speaking there are i think set worked we're all here for what we all agree on is affect the climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions because what the scientists avoid out for us is that we have 11 years and i would say that we've already reached their point in time it could be 5 years of could be one year but we have to start acting about solutions now and how are we going to get our leaders and our politicians to start putting them implementing those changes of media. jenny it sounds like honest discussion ok now we have to do stuff we have to be
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pragmatic scientists move aside what's your response. well i'm not sure you can have as i have a summer i need to yes i don't think and besides i think he's saying that in fact has got to convert says we need to unite behind the science and band together in order to force the people in power to take the lead and make the public investments that need to be make so we can decarbonise our global economy in time to halt warming at a manageable level. i'm just wondering sara as. available to people to ask the issues that they have we have climate and climate change if you'll detecting a mood or an attitude where are definitely people who are trying to get some on says i feeling depressed and feeling that there may not be hope and there may not be an end to climate action where i can actively do something. absolutely i have
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gotten questions in the past few months will there be famines and where how sick will this make me and also i just answered a question a great column about it from a person you know in new york city was extremely worried about this she was wondering whether she should even bother thinking about her retirement from her career later in life because she was so afraid of what is going to happen with these issues so how do you answer them how do you answer the above for my retirement. i. there is a lot to be worried. that there are also things. and it's not time to get. and because there is a lot to be worried about that is what this conversation really seems to be currently and has been for the past couple of days i would say. the question then is what do we prioritize do we prioritize adaptation or do we prioritize prevention
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and trying to stop climate change from moving forward this is one answer we got from someone online the bear on twitter who says both should be done but i doubt if it can be done equally it seems as if we have gone too far for preventative measures so in my considered view adaptation should be prioritized wherever possible and prevention wherever possible are and i want to give us one to you because adaptation of course comes 1st that her answer there what's your take on that should we be trying to adapt to what we know is coming. well you know the the scientist and the i.p.c.c. the intergovernmental panel on climate port to knock over changed my life 4 years ago aren't for u.s. senate and the green don't deal with iran at it again now because of the sun race movement because no consensus we have an entirely different kind of perception and it's from the center and we're seeing 7 hours of presidential climate forums on
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this topic we have to have a multi-pronged approach what i think is very important is that we have they have set a goal 'd that doesn't again it doesn't matter if it's 20302050 if you could measure it you can manage it we've got to work inside of their goal and what i've seen as a person who was a county commissioner for 8 years and have worked in and really leaned on a lot of politicians a lot of the new your liberal politicians and democratic establishment politicians those there's no such thing as the time for incrementalism i would say delay or certain ayers and that is the conversation that we should be every more 8 now because what the scientists have laid out for us is the goal what we are looking at knows which way should we do that you can absolutely not prioritize adaptation yet adaptation is 100 percent necessary for these frontline communities and for
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people in the global south who are already suffering severely from climate change and even being killed as we know the bahamian islands were completely destroyed by hurricane dorian who was startled and made wetter by the effects of climate change so in order for there to be any kind of climate justice we have to include adaptation in any kind of climate policy but there is no adaptation to a world that has heated up past $33.00 or 4 degrees celsius 4 degree celsius is the difference between the last ice age and now and the last ice age there was a. glacier a mile thick over manhattan so imagine the eco system a transformation that would happen if we heated our planet 4 degree celsius on top of what we are now we cannot afford to do that our 1st priority must always be to end the fossil fuel era transition our energy industry transportation and
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agricultural systems to and net and 0 system as absolutely a soon as possible and that's exactly where i'm going with this is how are we going to end the fossil fuel era when you have people like senator schumer and senator and congresswoman pelosi who won't take on the green new deal who continue to take money from the fossil fuel industry and we watch the media ask questions about whether or not we're 'd going to lose or embers the time this is you know in order to get off of fossil fuel and that's why i would submit that we have to go after the leadership or the lack of leadership that is going on right now and make them make the hard decisions of whether or not they're going to say they're willing to ban fracking but they're willing to step to that it was done so if you know whether or not that only right and i mean what they're going to put this 16 trillion dollars or 5 trillion dollars genevieve this week and then twitter that in order to
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bail out the banks of course 16 trillion dollars bernie sanders deals out in 16 trillion dollars we have the money we don't i'm just going to keep this will take opposing a preference my way and not i'm actually getting to use my osc sarah line we need international community is what to have you know much else. well i mean to completely it would involve getting rid of all hostile fuels wherever and also taking care of it we're basing it on the us. proposal that's been put out it would also mean taking care of people who have been harmed in the process of getting rid of his philosophy ewell's and of course that would take enormous collaboration across the whole world but. we've seen from some resistance for example in france that it really seems very important very
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democratic leaders and other leaders around the world to think about how people are going to be affected by this enormous transition that the scientists say must equinix well some of those women stray chanson fran it's interesting to hear that but if you have a pulse just one moment if you would because i want to bring in our community here this is such a fascinating debate i want to make sure their voice is included as while i'm picking up on the point that you all are making and it is if there is collaboration global car collaboration and if there is government accountability call our audience skeptics and me included that they don't think that's going to happen so this is mercy on twitter and says as long as our governments refuse to hold major corporations damaging the environment accountable and they start putting major resources towards trying to reverse the damage we're doing there is no hope with the amazon still burning our decade has gone up so she mentions mercy mentions the amazon i'll bring this here tension the amazon is burning what you need to know this was the headlines not too long ago another fire that many people may not have heard as much about was indonesian fires forest fires talking southeast asia we got
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a video comment from someone who this directly a factious in indonesia and she talks about what life has been like for her have a listen. land and speaking i went into my home as the place for the past 2 months and displaced by. killing people as happens to hit us so now i'm calling for justice for clearly and the but guess you'll have to get that so our hope that's that that's the thing that came up in that 1st tweet you see anyone talking to us from indonesia where it's affecting her life where is the hope to have hope what will i think i don't have to say something before this woman from indonesia weighed in may i please finish my comment i actually didn't way and i brought her in and it is that it is a conversation and so i would love to hear you think but i also want to hear our viewpoint on hope the let let let our finish his thought and then you can jump in
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but i think i want to be a realist here and say i don't have hope i have kids and i've been fighting for this for many years i've been up to standing mark what i would say in terms of the person who weighed in hearers you should understand that there are millions of american several eyes that our political system is an oligarchy that we have oil and gas companies that are running our comfort right now and that there are people who are willing to get out into the streets who are willing to speak truth to power and we need more and more more of those voices and it's starting to happen tomorrow that people have to stop start saying that we have to stop subsidizing the oil and gas industry that we have to stop playing footsie with there are democrats who are in power who think that they're going to change the or help us with the bating climate change but in reality they're not because they're working with the oil and gas industry and one more willing to speak truth to power when we're willing to
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expose their records then we're going to get to the next level of compose implementing change just to be if. yeah i want to go back to what you said before which was holding our government accountable and forcing them to hold corporations accountable is not going to happen i don't know why anyone would say that. in that sort of casual offhand way if we don't do this transition if we don't band together and use our collective labor power and our collective talents our collective political power in a democracy to force our governments to get carbonized our economies hundreds of millions of people or maybe billions of people are going to die so to shrug it off and say oh yeah that's not going to happen is not only a claim that is not based on any empirical evidence because you're making predictions about the future you're actually just treating the genocide of people
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who had nothing to do with creating the climate crisis as something you can just shrug off and that's morally. toxic it's an abomination we have a moral obligation to use our power as citizens in a democratic nation and in democratic countries across the world to hold our leaders accountable because we cannot recycle our way 'd out of this crisis we cannot reduce our own personal carbon footprints and nothing to stop climate change the number one producer of greenhouse gases is industrial production of electricity and that is something that has to be transformed through public private partnerships and investments by governments that will make new technologies new grids and new markets then of the weeds let me just bring in sara as i hear what you said so you have been reporting on this area for a decade or so tell our international audience in terms of actual climate action
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that you are seeing that is having an impact what would you pick to show. i would point to greater timber now and the center ice movement that's got a tremendous amount of attention. so we're going to united states there are some organizations that are working to organize people in every congressional district and you know i get this kind of question a lot from readers and from friends and family what's the most important thing that i can be doing you know should i eat less meat should i change my light bulbs and at this point my answer is it gets engaged in government study contagion is the number one thing that people can do as an as individuals to address this issue so political will on. well i want to just speak to this idea of why we're having this conversation why it's front and center because students said and nancy pelosi softness and center of president cortez got involved and because brianna going
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right architected agreeing that he owen had painted it all made as in the united states and you'll find him in d.c. not far from the right and what that i'm sorry and what so what we're what i'm so stoked on is that we're watching activists actually doing sit ins actually getting into the streets were seen that type of action in france and we're seeing that and london the type of protests that are going on in hong kong that's what it's going to take those are the individual types of things that have been arrested in washington d.c. trying to fight for change and it's hard it's difficult it means amazing sacrifice what i'm trying to say is the type of sacrifice that needs to be done by 4 percent 5 percent of the world's population that isn't bidding 15 percent of its carbon emissions is we have to admit they kept lism is not going to get us to this
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solution that we are going to have to use a hybrid version in order to make this change in the kynde to to to my friends in the science community that i embrace and try to advocate so are for every single day as they have given us a very short time frame that when i was running for u.s. senate 4 years ago and if we're going to implement this it's not going to happen under a donald trump but ministration it's not going to happen 134 states in the united states earn republican control 'd and our federal judicial branches and the control of corporatists unless we get out there and we didn't speak towards the type of solutions and demand the solutions are implemented in terms of legislation that our corporations are changing now in immediately and then they stop funding oil and gas or peroration than they ever cultural system. there are no employees that are literally cutting off my dog or money so it's future from the one that i have
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and then my ancestry so so i'm. really right now i'm trying to think very realistic 'd 'd right now in states that mirrored appears to be sharper towards the solution is to search for search a lot. of streets and for it i think it's that type of thinking that i'm seeing online and so earlier genevieve you've mentioned a morally toxic viewpoint which for our audience and i think that they would take issue with thought and because i'm speaking on behalf of them i will take issue with it on their behalf i want to share with you a few comments from people so this is lie this is on you tube michael says greedy corporations and governments don't care about the climate period grow up we are going to be on our own other people want us to bring in the idea that the people affected the most are not the people who are at the table so this is a look we on twitter who says this is a mass made by 1st world but the most affected are the developing countries most of who depend on nature for irrigation etc and one more that i'll bring in on twitter
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this is someone who says i like that you're putting in context location specifics while adaptation will be considered a priority the african continent for them 0 net it measures europe may have to focus more on mitigation and if you what will you say to those people i agree with all of that i take no issue with that whatsoever that countries in africa and in the global south who have had no hand in creating this crisis will need to focus on adaptation and the 1st world polluters have to. pay to take responsibility for creating this crisis and donate money through the green climate fund to assist in that taishan but that's not in contrast to focusing on global mitigation and i don't see how that's morally toxic what to me is a moral abomination is the idea that we shouldn't bother fighting we shouldn't bother trying to stop corporations and governments from collaborating in
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propping up the fossil fuel economy because we don't have any power and they're not going to listen to us anyway then it would be unfair to get us very way in here with a comment from the united secretary rice nation's 2nd general antonio the 10 ish he was talking about where are we right now with climate action when we need to be here this week have a lot have a listen business cannot success succeed on a planet that fails and jobs cannot be sustained on a dying planet and there are many more initiatives to come they will all be presented at the summit and that designed to be expended so they can have the global effect the climate crisis the men's leave governments businesses and people everywhere to join these efforts so we can put gram infections into high gear. so unless feels like there's something about human nature the way that we approach other crisis that maybe we cannot see. that it is indicative of where we
4:43 am
might be with the action of the next couple of years what have you come to conclude from all the questions that you're being asked and how far along we are in terms of taking action. you know i think. i want to address a really common misconception in this is something that came up in france and article which is a lot of people think that there's some kind of on our switch with our climate system and that if we can't go too far then it's art and we all die and that's absolutely not true as we just heard there are are going to be huge impacts to economic growth that we keep going the way we're going but every 10 degree matters and every everything that we do to limit warming a little bit will reduce suffering and so i think. in public service the american public concern about this issue is skyrocketing and so i think that's
4:44 am
something that a lot of people are trying to recruit. we are almost wrapping up of our time now making what's the kind of feeling that you're getting online right now i like this from sleepless in v.a. who says as andrew yang is quoting a presidential candidate in us here as he says it is not about doing less of the bad but doing more of the good and based on some new data i think we probably need to do a whole lot of good to really catch up i'm just thinking in a sentence and i really mean a sentence if you could advise our population of. around the well to do something with that something. to get out into the streets fright or governments don't call the global corporate mafia that is it doesn't matter how many people are killed in this climate disaster that will free stores and the thing
4:45 am
we never talk enough about is the mirror of the american empires military system and body not spoil your sentences a little bit more generous than my sentence but i appreciate it genevieve thank you so much for being with us thank you for being with us sarah as well thank you so much for discussing this issue that is so prominent right now about what do we do about action and how much time do we have so that wraps up our conversation for today but on monday i am submitting this report as my testimony because i don't want you to listen to me i want you to listen to the scientists and i want you to unite behind the science of the i want you to take real action. that is the young swedish climate action activist got to turn back yeah lots of us around the world are raising their voices both on the streets and in the corridors of well powell part
4:46 am
of a battle to a global climate catastrophe that is the final show of our special series tied to the covering climate now initiative wealthier than c.s.a. . singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanish it's a big business smuggling sample and they will take the city on their own through
4:47 am
the sand is are there to save this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand walls at this time on al jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the row hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticised repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would. back on our own we must remember the rancher are among the most persecuted minorities in the world. the cow growers of togo.
4:48 am
defenseless against the whims of an indifferent to international marketplace. chocolatier and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make and sell chocolate on their own terms. people and power chocolate a taste of independents on al-jazeera. hello unearned taylor nandan the top stories on our jazeera but leader of israel's opposition blue and white party benny gantz says he should be the nation's next prime minister after a narrative took the largest number of seats in tuesday's election it has to have rejected the current prime minister benjamin netanyahu his offer of a power sharing unity coalition making
4:49 am
a 3rd of the action of the year more likely for a force that reports from west jerusalem. a symbolic handshake between rival would be prime ministers benjamin netanyahu and benny gantz choreographed by israel's president reuben rivlin at a memorial for shimon peres a man who held both positions really doesn't have direct political power but he does have influence and in the current deadlock a lot of freedom of action in who to give the 1st chance of forming a government and the i hear loud and clear the voices calling for broad and stable national unity government and i cannot gradually to you mr prime minister and joining that call this morning then you know who recalled the deal done between peres and his political rival yet section near to share the premiership on a rotating basis in the mid 1980 s. a clear hint that he was seeking something similar after conceding earlier on thursday that he didn't have a way to form a right wing government and appealing directly to gas binny we must set up
4:50 am
a broad unity government as soon as today the nation expects us to both of us to demonstrate responsibility and that we pursue cooperation this is why i call on you binny let's meet today at any time to start this move which is the need of the hour but benny gantz is in no hurry rejecting netanyahu the proposition that his likud join a government as part of a bloc including 3 other right wing and religious parties and making it clear that he expects to be prime minister. we will listen to all but not surrender to any dictates the negotiations will be led by me responsibly and with reason in order to achieve the best results for all israelis within the shadow of this political situation we will keep to our principles there will be no short cuts senior figures in his blue and white alliance with more direct say netanyahu whose presence is what is preventing a unity government and it's time for him to step aside is just the start of a bumpy bruising and unpredictable path towards coalition the opposition is already
4:51 am
accusing benjamin netanyahu of obstructing. some see you know those public approach to guns as web searching him up to take the blame if coalition talks fail all together and leaving behind it all the 2 things as you know is corruption cases whose 1st premium dykeman hearing is due in october the 2nd and if all else fails a possible 3rd election in less than a year are a force that al-jazeera westerners. iran's foreign minister says there will be all out war if the u.s. takes military action following strikes on 2 major saudi arabian oil facilities manager of a dairy has denied to tehran had any involvement in saturday's drone strikes but the u.s. secretary of state says the attack on the refineries was an act of war might pump a 0 is in the u.a.e. for talks after visiting the saudi crown prince on wednesday the un has also sent a team of experts to investigate the attack canada's prime minister has apologized again for dressing up in brown face and black face admitting it was racist in
4:52 am
a news conference a short time ago justin trudeau said he didn't recognize it at the time because of what he called his layers of privilege 2 photos and a video have emerged of the prime minister painted in black face and brown face the brown face photos were taken in 2001 when trudeau worked as a teacher in british columbia at a school dinner that was arabian nights themed to his ears former president ben ali has died at the age of 83 he was in saudi arabia where he lived in exile after the 2011 revolution which kick started the so-called arab spring and early was president of tunisia for 24 years dozens of people have been killed in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan both of which hit the wrong targets at least 18 people were killed in a taliban suicide bombing outside a hospital in zabul province or 30 civilians were killed in a u.s. drone strike in one go hard province violence has escalated in the run up to next
4:53 am
week's election manmade invisible threat is up next i'll see you after that. it's bad enough to catch a disease naturally but to take a disease and turn it into a weapon to enhance the disease to make it more virulent or more contagious or
4:54 am
resistant to known vaccines that's particularly again just kind of goes off the charts there it's turning mother nature against us. weapons that destroyed by spreading deadly diseases have a long in unhappy history billions of dollars have been spent by governments to create pathogens that can cause fatal illnesses even today some countries are stockpiling just such a deadly arsenal in a widely reported news conference syria has admitted as much. a perhaps more dangerous than the age of rapidly advanced technology it's quite possible for individuals or groups to create biological mayhem. 12 countries that are battling an outbreak of a nasty strain of e. coli live theater strains of all the consequences of this would be longer just not
4:55 am
a libya harm see image i know alstom intrigues you all to tune in for the clearly this is not mission critical 16 people have already died identify the source of this because like contamination has become ever more urgent some have even suggested that the super super resistant strain recall i could have been engineered in a lab. the world health organization calls the deliberate contamination of our food one of the major biological threats of the 21st century. in the modern globalized economy where food gets transported all over the world there are a lot of opportunities for somebody to contaminate food with with biological agents . and i don't want to go into much detail but there was a an article that was published in the proceedings of the national academy of
4:56 am
sciences about. some touching dairy products milk using bunch of talks and you can cause horrible damage with death many thousands of coffee. kolchak's and is a senior scientist at one of the united states most important biological laboratories. that is kind of frightening when you think of a loss of 2 different passes will somebody so like there are a large population or a small part of the population what goes with food and there are cases that are not so this will pass for people of that. oregon authorities announced that the most serious biological attack in u.s. history was carried out not by foreign terrorists but by the followers of a homegrown religious cult. salad bars and 10 oclock restaurants were
4:57 am
deliberately contaminated with salmonella. 751 people were poisoned and 45 hospitalized as disciples of career right knew she sought to incapacitate voters and see their own candidates when the 1984 was to go county election. the sun the incident occurred in the united states the biological attacks could happen anywhere in the world and so father has not been a coordinated global plan about how to deal with this. i know.
4:58 am
the word terrorism evokes images of airplanes smashing into office towers of bombs blowing up in markets these remain real threats so do attacks by chemicals mustard gas defoliants on nerve agents. but there is something even more insidious biological weapon so. that's the whole point of terrorism is this to put enormous psychological pressure on the audience to try to reach for talking about biological agents i mean and seen in many cases that you can smell them for that very reason those kinds of weapons have a much more powerful psychological impact on target audiences. even going 5 people with a bio as you would would be more scary than killing $200.00 people with a conventional explosive it's been no confirmed. this is a band practice in britain but it's been a day of false alarms the sorting office in liverpool is closed down and workers were forced to leave the stock exchange in london for a short time today police say people should stay calm but vigilant the latest
4:59 am
victims in florida the scene of the 1st outbreak of anthrax 5 new cases reported by the american media company overnight on the basis of blood tests carried out on every employee the fact that this seems to be spreading 10 days after the 1st victim died confirmation of america's worst fears never mind the source then the point is the kind of on capitol hill today you could hear it loud and clear threats from biological and chemical agents are real. following the $911.00 attack and the 2001 anthrax murders the united states government poured billions of dollars into homeland security experts from around the world we're trying to do well funded scientifically burra tori's and think tanks high on their list of threats to be investigated was the use of deadly pathogens as weapons a long and ugly stain on the history of mankind oh my gosh i logical warfare 1st reared its head when man started fighting man you know whether it was putting
5:00 am
scorpions in a clay pot and tossing him at your enemy or taking bodies people who had died from the plague and tossing them over city walls in medieval times poisoning water supplies these are all ancient techniques in biological warfare but it was only during the major wars of the last century where science started to hurt us to conduct this time. the real danger of the real threat was the beginning of the 20th century you're moving into bonds era planes and the brilliance of microbiology.


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