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tv   Chocolate - A Taste Of Independence  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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or is the huge. flux of migration that we are going where we are going to do whatever compared to the current one that is i consider a big threat that millions more are we will be on the move or if there are as they are the inaction continue to be on the climate change to come nation sherry's air b.n. b. is to be listed on stock exchanges for next year the move is expected to be one of the highest profile share sales of 2020 a san francisco headquartered firm is worth around $31000000000.00 and posted more than 1000000000 dollars in 2nd quarter revenue the scientists come under criticism for driving up rental prices and avoiding tax. it's now easier for women to get abortions in the u.s. state of maine thanks to a new nor qualified nurse practitioners not just doctors cannot provide the procedure make it work cecille for patients as despite efforts to restrict access to abortions across the united states christensen in the reports from the city of
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orgon. romain may inspire artist tanya hollanders work but when she decided to get an abortion her home state presented many obstacles for its administrative requirements and lack of available doctors meant she'd have to wait nearly a month for the procedure after discovering she was pregnant putting her at risk of exceeding the 10 week limit for medical abortions which are induced by pill i felt betrayed by my community honestly by doctors by. politicians by all of the people that protests like you have no idea what it's like . to add all of those burdens on when you're making a really hard life decision she ended up making a daylong trip to another state where her insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the procedure but a new law will mean less of
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a wait and mean it allows nurse practitioners like julie jenkins to perform some early in office abortions this is well within my scope of practice we are well equipped and have similar efficacy rates for docs and advanced practice clinicians those who oppose abortion on moral grounds had argued the change would put women at risk. but jenkins says the procedure is similar to another she already performs after a miscarriage since 2011 many states have passed laws restricting access to abortion setting up a possible supreme court battle that could alter abortion rights nationwide here in maine though they've been moving in the opposite direction looking to protect and expand access ever since democrats took control of the state house in 2018 abortion providers say the law will make it easier for women who have to travel long distances to get the procedure from a doctor sometimes somebody can live fairly close to one of our clinics but there
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are so many obstacles and so many challenges for people things like care getting off work if they're in abusive relationship and maybe their partner doesn't not know about the abortion and that's not support of gathering the funds all of these things impact their ability to even make it to a clinic nearby. particularly in a state like maine with snowy winters and little public transportation were not all women have the means hollander did to get the medical care they desire kristen salumi al-jazeera auburn maine. it's been 2 years since a series of devastating earthquakes hit mexico many people are still struggling to recover and find permanent homes despite millions of dollars in donations and promises from the government victims say they feel abandoned under a repost of reports from mexico city. that c. is visiting her house near the outskirts of mexico city it's the home she used to
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share with her husband and 3 children that he got caught with. 2 years ago a massive earthquake split open the ground underneath the property due to the threat of the structure collapsing authorities told she would be relocated to a government home that new home however as well as thousands of others promised to earthquake survivors never materialized has been this is going to be a it's exasperating to live outside your home we've organized marches made hundreds of roundtables with government representatives it's the only way we've seen any solutions but it's not enough the emergency here isn't talking about. the 2017 earthquake claimed hundreds of lives in the mexican capital and the surrounding states thousands more were displaced as homes and buildings were toppled or at least severely damaged once the dust settled the mexican government announced that $800000000.00 would be set aside for reconstruction. but little is
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actually known about where much of that money went and transparency advocates warn the problem isn't isolated to this one natural disaster we are a very. unique country is in this is that we have a lot of europeans a lot of earthquakes and we need to be better prepared for. the mitigation and get the patient for for the last thank the mexican government still lacks a mechanism that tracks emergency spending this is a matter mexico's president has promised to correct see. we estimate that by the end of 2019 we will have 40 percent of reconstruction finalized hoping to be completely finished by the end of next year public records show a majority of reconstruction funds were allocated toward public school buildings homes and historic. monuments most of the rubble may have been cleared but there's still plenty of reconstruction to be done here in the delmarva neighborhood near
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the eastern end of mexico city there are still fissures in the streets places where the ground sank by nearly one meter and there are still dozens of damaged homes that have yet to be demolished after going to says she'll continue to pressure public officials to act but she says she knows many other earthquake survivors who have given up. mexico city. still to come this news. special. business updates. going places together.
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business updates. going places together.
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but thank you very much japan's rugby captain michael leach says his team is ready to inspire the nation and the country is hosting the world cup for the very 1st time and more than half a 1000000 fans are heading to japan for the 6 week event the host play russia in the tournament on friday is only richardson there are reports. organizers hope this world cup will result in 1000000 new players taking up rugby in asia as the game aims to establish more than just a loose foothold outside its traditional heartlands. japan as they did every edition of the world cup but never before has the game's biggest international events come to their consonants the host nation play russia in the tournament's opener. first of all i feel that i am shouldering a lot of responsibility while playing in the opening match which comes with
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a lot of pressure those expectations of the team and also those of the japanese people so i want to play well. at the world cup 4 years ago japan pulled off their most famous win a victory over south africa. the 2 time title win is hardly have a tougher start this time out they play defending champions new zealand on saturday and if you lose you always lose a bit of. a go to any player if you lose a little bit of. a little bit and. it's always a duffel week in a space you don't want to lose your opening game. it's a match that brings together the favorites and 2nd favorites to lift the trophy 3 times in the last 12 months 8 securing narrow victories before a 1616 draw in july you know. you know different. first of the tournament is going to be you know one of those big games you play
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your career. you're looking for there are often turns to face. with perfect timing and after more than 200 days on the road the referee's whistle for the opening match has made it to japan delivered by 2 fans and cycled with it all the way from england in a further 6 weeks the destination of this year's world cup title will also be decided on the richardson al-jazeera. right. president of world football gianni in found sr has reiterated fiefdom that iranian women be allowed to attend matches in their home country now fifa so is expecting positive developments starting at iran's 1st home qualifier for the 2022 world cup charge of the tent where they'd previously been given a deadline of august 31st to begin measures allowing iranian women to watch domestic games in a statement issued on thursday pfieffer said opposition is clear and firm women have to be allowed into football stadiums in iran we understand there are steps and
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processes that need to be taken before this is done in a proper and safe way but now is the moment to change things for the movement to allow iranian women to attend games really gathered pace in the 197 that's when iran qualifies for the men's world cup male and female fans breach police barriers to enter iran's national stadium to celebrate the victory when an april 2006 the then uranium president mahmoud ahmadinejad's lifted the ban on women sons however it was then reinstated just one month later last year a group of women were allowed to attend the asian champions league final in tehran between iran and. of japan and earlier this month tributes were held across the football world for iran's so-called blue go 29 year old son yardy set itself on fire in protest at not being allowed to watch her favorite team has to go. now the 41 driver who are the came huge odds to return to the sports has decided to leave f
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one for good at the end of this year robert cubits are busy in his formula one career at the start of this season after an 8 year absence in 2011 the pole suffered a partially severed arm and multiple fractures during a rally crash cubits and his williams team who struggled on the track but the 34 year old says he has no regrets about his comeback to come back to to achieve what they managed to. to go through what the world it happens and still manage to race here being make enough hungry to was definitely. at best and of period. final which i could deserve and which i could imagine just under a month ago roy locke roy was winning the us p.g.a. tour championship and winning $15000000.00 in the process the northern irishman was brought back firmly down to earth on his return to europe the current world number 2 shooting 6076 at the b.m.w.
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championship at wentworth on thursday leaves him on 4 over par in joint 114th place county since 11 shots off the lead which is being held by this man englishman matt wallace he's our new round of $65.00 putting him on 7 under par that's one clear of the field and he's in pretty good shape to win the $1110000.00 prize for the 3rd edition of the lighter cup starts on friday but a cup is the brainchild of roger federer and it is hard to beat the tennis a crippling to god's right a car for european team will take on a squad captained by john mcenroe it's an event that's trying to establish itself alongside the relaunch davis cup and the new look a.t.p. cup that starts and. it seems like it's something is going to shake out for me personally and i have no axe to grind other than it's awesome for me to be the captain of this team and i love that. rod laver was you know an all time great roger federer all time great they've got in their heart and soul were
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you know involvement here is said to me this should be something that should should be something that survived that's all i took hold thank you very much and that's it from a narrative of this news out of that commandment to with another full round of the day's news if it can catch up any time with a website on jazeera dot com i had an. al-jazeera will meet. with roots in the middle east both build successful lawyers so. over the last 5 years i've achieved
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a great deal of partnership with the country's leading. the never forgot where they came from. i tried to put forward a different place than the stereotypical image of muslim women arabs a bull the business woman of the council on al-jazeera. culture of dance thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to be a brace of detail their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi so we refugees here since 964. have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient starting a pair of businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. there was
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a lot of there in this community and as well he lived on the women they were going to look for to get all the woman he want up with our own men she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not always a key problem. and led the way in transforming into into a success so empowering a woman to meet. women make change on al-jazeera. an israeli election with no clear winner and the 2 men most likely to form a unity government have very different ideas over who should lead it. and their intended this is al jazeera live from london also coming up iran's
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warning to the u.s. and saudi arabia any military response over attacks on saudi oil facilities will result in all out war. ben-ali payors president dies in exile aged 83. this is something that i deeply deeply regret. canada's prime minister apologizes again as he faces intense scrutiny over historic images that show him in brown face. under the leader of israel's opposition a blue and white party benny gantz says he should be the nation's next prime minister after he narrowly to just number of seats in tuesday's election if mr rejected current prime minister benjamin netanyahu is offer of a power sharing unity coalition making a 3rd election of the year more likely are
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a force that reports from west jerusalem. a symbolic handshake between rival would be prime ministers benjamin netanyahu and benny gantz choreographed by israel's president reuben rivlin at a memorial for shimon peres a man who held both positions doesn't have direct political power but he does have influence and in the current deadlock a lot of freedom of action in who to give the 1st chance of forming a government and i hear loud and clear the voices calling for broad and stable national unity government and i cannot gradually to you mr prime minister and joining that call this morning now you know who recalled the deal done between peres and his political rival yet section near to share the premiership on a rotating basis in the mid 1980 s. a clear hint that he was seeking something similar after conceding earlier on thursday that he didn't have a way to form a right wing government and appealing directly to gantz binny we must set up a broad unity government as soon as today the nation expects us to both of us to
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demonstrate responsibility and that we pursue cooperation this is why i call on you benny let's meet today at any time to start this move which is the need of the hour but benny gantz is in no hurry rejecting netanyahu the proposition that his likud join a government as part of a bloc including 3 other right wing and religious parties and making it clear that he expects to be prime minister. we will listen to all but not surrender to any dictates the negotiations will be led by me responsibly and with reason in order to achieve the best results for all israelis within the shadow of this political situation we will keep to our principles there will be no short cuts senior figures in his blue and white alliance with more direct say netanyahu whose presence is what is preventing the unity government and it's time for him to step aside is just the start of a bumpy bruising and unpredictable path towards coalition the opposition is already
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accusing benjamin netanyahu of obstructing its. some see that you know those public approach to guns as a way of setting him up to take the blame if coalition talks fail all together and leaving behind it all the 2 things as you know is corruption cases his 1st pre indictment hearing is due in october the 2nd and if all else fails a possible 3rd election in less than a year are a force that al jazeera westerners. iran's foreign minister says there will be all out war if the u.s. takes military action following the bombing of 2 major saudi arabian oil facilities is denied to tehran had any involvement in the drone strikes and the us have just state says the attack on the refineries was an act of war same disrupting reports from tehran. drone and missile attacks on saudi oil facilities last week iranian leaders say the only reason the u.s. and saudi arabia are blaming them is because the alternative is too embarrassing that yemen's hoopy fighters were capable of carrying out such
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a destructive military operation. but the saudis say the drones and missiles direction of travel recover debris the capacity of the technology used in these attacks all draw a straight line back to tehran foreign ministers of odds are it has said of the iran co-incident is used as an excuse to attack his country iran won't think twice about defending itself he also warned u.s. president donald trump not to listen to his saudi allies who would march him to war with iran for their own sake they should pray that they won't get what they seek they're still paying for a much smaller a human war that they were too arrogant in 4 years ago for those hoping for cooler heads to prevail the rhetoric coming from to iran of widespread and destructive retaliation is worrying and an indication of how far the u.s. and iran have come from the negotiating table. but the reality is iran's position is nothing new the promise of a kind of mutually assured destruction of american assets and allies in the region
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has been standing policy for years and iranian experts say is keeping iran's enemies at bay what is new is how frequent and assertive the message from iranian leaders has become a signal perhaps that there is real concern into iran that some kind of u.s. aggression may now be closer than ever on a visit to saudi arabia the u.s. secretary of state described the oil facility attacks as an act of war and promised more economic sanctions on iran and there will be more sanctions. we we have set about a course of action to deny iran the capacity and the wealth so that they can conduct their terror said to provoke to prevent them from conducting their terror campaigns and you can see from the events of last week there's still more work to do we're going to continue to drive towards that end. you cannot fail to see the failed policy of giving money to this regime but what happened. saudi arabia those opposed to the saudi led war in yemen now in its 4th year see the incident very differently
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the who has dismissed the saudi version of events describing the attack as an example of how their own newly developed weapons can now reach targets far beyond yemen's borders and they warned if the saudi led coalition won't stop dropping bombs on yemen then coalition countries should be prepared for more of the same leaders here in iran have been quick to remind the world that it was yemen's who the fighters that claimed responsibility for the attacks last week on saudi oil infrastructure the hoodies no doubt consider these attacks not as an act of war by iran as the americans would see it but as retaliation for an ongoing saudi war that was sparked by a saudi led invasion and that's the line being pushed by iran's leaders as well same old to syria. russia and china vetoed a u.n.
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security council resolution demanding a truce in northwest syria the resolution called for an end to hostilities in the province of idlib the last rebel held stronghold in the country it's moscow's 13th veto at the security council on action on the syrian conflict on diplomatic editor james bays reports about the depends are you going to use your features you will see it was clear by the time the russian ambassador arrived at the security council that he was likely to yet again use his veto on a resolution about syria. 3 members of the security council kuwait germany and belgium have been working on a resolution calling for a cease fire need lived for over a month their draft allowed for what they called counterterrorism operations but only if they didn't breach international law is there a chance for last minute negotiations to avoid a russian veto at this stage we do everything possible to reach our goal and that is to protect civilians and have international humanitarian law being observed i'm
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afraid we will witness another very sad day for syria as your know the situation in syria is worse than ever in the real tragedy in the council chamber as predicted russia backed by china were the only ones to vote against the resolution this the 13th russian veto on the issue of syria it is deeply regrettable that the council was not able to agree to a cease fire resolution that would have saved lives in italy especially as the assad regime and its allies prepare to launch another offensive on the people of. russia then put forward its own rival resolution it failed to pass with only russia and china voting in favor throughout the syrian war which has now lost it 8 and a half years 2 of the main things that have kept sad in office are russian air power and russia's unwavering support for its ally in the un security council it
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live province is the last target of the assad regime the bard meant is likely to continue and for the people of it more than $3000000.00 of them there is nowhere to flee to james bays al-jazeera at the united nations. dozens of people have died in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan both of which hit the wrong targets at least 18 people were killed in a taliban suicide bombing outside a hospital in zabul province where 35 mm workers were killed in a u.s. drone strike in one province bride has the latest from kabul. a blast that reduced buildings in the city of color to rubble the taliban says it was targeting the local headquarters of afghanistan's intelligence agency but the provincial hospital next door took the force of the explosion it soon became clear from the schools of casualties that civilians among them hospital staff were the
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main victims with no hospital to treat them survivors had to be transported by road to neighboring found most you can. there are many civilians who are martyred mooned it and you cannot even see one military officer among. the taliban has stepped up its attacks head of the upcoming presidential elections and there's also reportedly been a rise in u.s. military strikes. but an air attack wednesday night in one province is now the subject of claim and counterclaim. 1 1 in cook county district they have been burying their dead it's close to the tora bora mountains a traditional stronghold for different groups of fighters. local governor's office has said there was a drone strike on a nice old hideout killing a number of men but at that meeting. but these people say they were villagers. who
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would gone into the mountains to collect pine nuts when you were. all of those killed were civilians each of these houses has lost 2 or 3 men. their grief is mixed with and go all the security services all of the government should listen to us these men stop this cruel to. another's join in with the chant death to america. while most of the bodies have been brought back for burial the villagers say some people are still missing. but the most that i got my message the government is to stop it you shouldn't kill civilians anymore for god's sake stop killing ordinary people in a statement the u.s. military has said it carried out a drone strike on an islamic state target and that it was investigating claims that civilians have been killed what's clear is that in another violent 24 hour period there have been attacks by both the taliban and the u.s. military.


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