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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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not have done it but it was not deemed to be as resisted as we deem it today have a right to use the mall has the right or not that's the reality here and i think yes still to come on al-jazeera point 2 years on from devastating earthquakes in mexico those affected to cues the government of breaking its promises. and kyrgyzstan tries to revive the lost traditions and based its image. how i welcome to another look at the international full cost of still got some really heavy downpours across the deep south of the u.s. into the east the side of texas pushing across into louisiana and nasty system this is the remnants of tropical depression imelda of course the heavy downpours coming
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through here over the next couple of days maybe seeing another $2300.00 millimeters of rain that will be some flooding some sharp shadows further north as well up towards the plains pushing across the canadian prairies and here is going to really set in as we go on through saturday again you could see some localized flooding that wet weather that we have in the south will not it's way up across soccer so i play home or maybe even into parts of new mexico as well so this is that is fodder dry sward 30 celsius in they say 28 in new york and to the west of that will generally not so bad just notice some snow showing up over the iraqis this days meanwhile comedown is the caribbean and it's a fair old mix actually a fair bit of wet weather in place here some while alive the showers driving their way in the cross a good part of the all is just about anywhere to say some showers some longer spells of rain the wetter weather will not its way little further west which as we go on through saturday of anna and kingston at 31 celsius the shot was also central
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this is al-jazeera quick remind all the top stories for you night iran's foreign minister says they'll be all out war if the u.s. responds to the times on saudi arabian oil facilities buying taking military action against his country the rebels claimed responsibility for the strikes but washington and riyadh say teheran is to blame. the u.s. justice department is being accused of playing a key role and reportedly withholding a whistle blower's complaints against president donald trump u.s. media are reporting that this is related to a phone call between trump and a foreign leader. and canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologized for a 2nd time after another photograph on video emerged of him wearing blackface makeup deepening scandal is threatening to derail his reelection campaign. now the leader of israel's opposition blue and white party benny gantz says he should be the nation's next prime minister he appears to have rejected current
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prime minister binyamin netanyahu has offered to form a power sharing unity coalition that means forces may head to the polls for a 3rd time this year are a force that has the details from west jerusalem. a symbolic handshake between rival would be prime ministers benjamin netanyahu and benny gantz choreographed by israel's president reuben rivlin at a memorial for shimon peres a man who held both positions doesn't have direct political power but he does have influence and in the current deadlock a lot of freedom of action in who to give the 1st chance of forming a government on the show me i hear loud and clear the voices calling for broad and stable national unity government and i cannot gradually to you mr prime minister and joining that call this morning netanyahu recalled the deal done between peres and his political rival yet section mere to share the premiership on a rotating basis in the mid 1980 s. a clear hint that he was seeking something similar after conceding earlier on
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thursday that he didn't have a way to form a right wing government and appealing directly to gantz binny we must set up a broad unity government as soon as today the nation expects us to both of us to demonstrate responsibility and that we pursue cooperation this is why i call on you binny let's meet today at any time to start this move which is the need of the hour but benny gantz is in no hurry rejecting netanyahu proposition that his likud join a government as part of a bloc including 3 other right wing and religious parties and making it clear that he expects to be prime minister. we will listen to all but don't surrender to any dictates the negotiations will be led by me responsibly and with reason in order to achieve the best results for all israelis within the shadow of this. political situation we will keep to our principles there will be no short cuts senior figures in his blue and white alliance with more direct say netanyahu whose presence is
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what is preventing a unity government and it's time for him to step aside is just the start of a bumpy bruising and unpredictable path towards coalition the opposition is already accusing benjamin netanyahu of obstructing it some see netanyahu as public approach to guns as a way of setting him up to take the blame if coalition talks fail altogether and looming behind it all the 2 things that i knew i was corruption cases is 1st pre indictment hearing is due in october the 2nd and if all else fails a possible 3rd election in less than a year are a force that al-jazeera westerners. russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution demanding a truce in northwest syria it called for an end to hostilities and it led the last rebel held province russia is the assad government's main ally this is its 13th security council veto in relation to the syrian conflict at the mass again sir james bass has this reports. about the bands here are you going to use your
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features you will see it was clear by the time the russian ambassador arrived at the security council that he was likely to yet again use his veto on a resolution about syria. 3 members of the security council kuwait germany and belgium have been working on a resolution calling for a cease fire need lived for over a month their draft allowed for what they called counterterrorism operations but only if they didn't breach international law is there a chance for last minute negotiations to avoid a russian veto at this stage we do everything possible to reach our goal and that is to protect civilians and have international humanitarian law being observed i'm afraid we really witness another very sad day for australia as your know the situation in syria is worse than they were in the real tragedy in the council chamber as predicted russia backed by china were the only ones to vote against the
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resolution this the 13th russian veto on the issue of syria it is deeply regrettable. that the council was not able to agree to a cease fire resolution that would have saved lives in italy. especially as the assad regime and its allies prepared to launch another offensive on the people of it with russia then put forward its own rival resolution it failed to pass with only russia and china voting in favor throughout the syrian war which is now lost it 8 and a half years to the main things that have kept aside in office a russian air power and russia's unwavering support for a silo in the un security council province is the last target of the assad regime the board mint is likely to continue and for the people of more than 3000000 of them there is nowhere to flee to james 0 at the united nations.
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dozens of people have been killed in 2 separate attacks in afghanistan an air strike carried out by government forces with u.s. support says left at least 20 people dead in the eastern province there at least 18 people were killed and 96 injured in a taliban suicide bomb attack near a hospital in the southern province and defense ministry official says the intended target was a nearby training base for afghanistan's national intelligence agency. the u.s. has expelled to cuban diplomats for what it called influence operations the officials were pool said at the cuban mission to the united nations in new york the state department's hasn't given any details about the accusations or release that it promotes names travel for other officials at the mission has been restricted it comes just days before the u.n. general assembly gets underway. genesee is former president president brothers in.
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the has died he'd been living in exile in saudi arabia and the fled there after the 2011 revolution which forced him out of office chairs article for takes a look back at his legacy that's when he was swept from power by a wave of popular protest fleeing tunisia saudi arabia a former military man and diplomat zene ben ali took the presidency in 1907 with a bloodless coup unseating the country's 1st post colonial president in every election since he was returned to power with enormous majorities his opponents said the votes were rigged human rights groups described his government as authoritarian and undemocratic cracking down on any attempts at press freedom and handing out jobs and favors to a select band of supporters. ultimately protests over unemployment brought the
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people out of the streets demanding change. timmy's economy looked relatively strong when the uprising began it was ranked 1st in africa the competitiveness. but accused of running a corrupt police state with money concentrated in the hands of a few powerful families including his own most an asian felt excluded under ben ali tunisia pursued a pro western foreign policy meant taining strong ties to former colonial master france and the us but as his regime crumbled france abandoned him refusing him entry as he fled the country saudi arabia offered him refuge in his final days but he will always be remembered as the president who was forced from office by an uprising of popular protest. gafoor 0. liberia has observed a day of mourning in honor of 27 people who were killed in
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a fire at an islamic school near the capital most of the victims were children the students were sleeping when the blaze broke out at night set the boarding school near monrovia it's believed the far response by an electrical fault. thousands of protesters are gathering at rallies across the street area as part of a global climate strike the 1st rally is being held in sydney with demonstrators calling on the government to take drastic action on greenhouse gas emissions organizers say protests have been planned for nearly every country in the world it comes just days before a united nations climate summit in new york. hundreds of people have been forced to leave their homes in parts of texas after the region was hit by tarantula rains and flash floods hospital was among the buildings evacuated in nearly 1000 people cut off by floodwaters were rescued by boats in the city of houston authorities of one further rainfall could bring what's described as catastrophic flooding as tropical
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storm imelda lashes the area. mexican sabine commemorates in multiple earthquakes 3 decades of parts that killed more than 10000 people. president unveils lopez obrador led a memorial ceremony in the capital to earthquakes in 2017 came 32 years after the country's most deadly quake so far the government has only managed to rebuild less than half the houses destroyed 2 years ago many people are still struggling to recover they say the crisis isn't over and authorities have repeatedly broken their promises when all republic reports from mexico city. i think that she is visiting her house near the outskirts of mexico city it's the home she used to share with her husband and 3 children that he did i got to talk about. 2
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years ago a massive earthquake split open the ground underneath the property due to the threat of the structure collapsing authorities told she would be relocated to a government home that new home however as well as thousands of others promised to earthquake survivors never materialized has been this has been to be what it's exasperating to live outside your home we've organized marches made hundreds of roundtables with government representatives it's the only way we've seen any solutions but it's not enough the emergency here isn't talking about. the 2017 earthquake claimed hundreds of lives in the mexican capital and the surrounding states thousands more were displaced as homes and buildings were toppled or at least severely damaged once the dust settled the mexican government announced that $800000000.00 would be set aside for reconstruction. but little is actually known about where much of that money went and transparency advocates warn
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the problem isn't isolated to this one natural disaster we are a very. unique country is in the says that we have a lot of europeans a lot of earthquakes and we need to be better prepared for. the mitigation and get the patient for for the sas to thank the mexican government still lacks a mechanism that tracks emergency spending this is a matter mexico's president has promised to correct see. we estimate that by the end of 2019 we will have 40 percent of reconstruction finalized hoping to be completely finished by the end of next year public records show a majority of reconstruction funds were allocated toward public school buildings homes and history. at monuments most of the rubble may have been cleared but there's still plenty of reconstruction to be done here in the delmarva neighborhood near the eastern end of mexico city there are still fissures in the streets places where the ground sank by nearly one meter and there are still dozens of damaged
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homes that have yet to be demolished after going to see a says she'll continue to pressure public officials to act but she says she knows many other earthquake survivors who have given up. mexico city. 3 former executives of the japanese firm which operates at the fukushima nuclear plants have been cleared of responsibility for the 2011 disaster the plant's was crippled by an earthquake and the tsunami that follows 3 of its reactors malfunctions spread and radiation into the community the court ruled the officials from the tokyo electric power company were not guilty of negligence they've been accused of failing to take measures to protect the plants. ok the stern is trying to boost its image andrew 5 last traditions the government is organizing the 1st ever no mad games thousands of people are attending the event this week on the banks of lake as charlotte bellus
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reports. this game started on the plains of central asia more than 500 years ago called cook bordeaux teams on horseback compete to drop a did go into a. it's a classic sport among no men it's one of the most fiercely contested kurdistan's 1st national nomad games the event was created to revive traditional sports and customs but it's also a global branding exercise. the main goal is to promote friendship between regions and nations you know since the 1st nomad games it is our brand and is known around the world if it is nomad games it means coca. extends beyond competition into culture this man is reciting the epic of mamma's famous poem about a strong man uniting all of kurdistan. eagle hunters show off their birds for centuries golden eagles helps nomad survive on the steep busy vineyard making
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competitions and honor of the traditional homes in the region. my games are essential for his people the current generation doesn't know our history and traditions they're lazy my game show them traditions games customs history culture and how our ancestors lived. this is the 1st national games that kurdistan created the 1st global event in 2014 it is pitched as the no matter lympics but it's how different who hears in the last of and 2000 athletes from 70 nations competed it was such a success they created this national version with all districts represented. they may have no medic routes but they aren't leaving anything behind charlotte ballasts al-jazeera.
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and how he didn't with the headlines on al-jazeera iran's foreign minister says they'll be all out war if the u.s. response to attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities by taking military action against this country yemen city rebels claimed responsibility for the strikes but washington and riyadh say to her on is to blame in the past few years the sadia morass he led coalition in yemen has launched an operation against what it called legitimate military targets it says it destroyed 4 sites used to assemble remote control boats and sea mines the u.s. justice department is being accused of playing a key role and reportedly withholding whistleblowers complaints against president donald trump the u.s. media is reporting that this relates to a phone call between trump and a foreign leader the head of the u.s. house intelligence committee says intelligence officials were blocked from passing on the complaints to congress. the whole point of the whistleblower statute is not only to purge those to report problems of use is violations of the laws but also
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have a legal mechanism to do so and not to disclose classified information because there's no other remedy. that whole purpose is being frustrated here because the director of national intelligence has made the unprecedented decision not to share the complaint with us canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologized for a 2nd time after another photograph and video emerged of him wearing blackface make up as you can expand illustrating to derail his election campaign. russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution demanding a truce in northwest syria that called for an end to hostilities and it led the last rebel held province russia is the assad government's main ally and thousands of protesters are gathering at rallies across the straightly as part of a global climate strike a fresh rally is being held in sydney but demonstrators calling on the government
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to take drastic action how people in paris up next stay with us on the sierra. didn't the u.s. treasury or just a few months ago say that no chinese muslims in the globe we bring you the stories and developments that are likely changing the world we live in what's behind the rise of piracy. counting the cost on al-jazeera to. africa or is rich with natural resources yet all too often the benefits of that abundance end up with international finance the consequence of a post-colonial globalized economy in which the rich get richer and the poorest to captain property get some africans have gone back determined to fight the wars and the scraps of the developed world leaves on the table. when such trouble now comes
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covered in chocolate. west africa. and something very unusual is going on and. this is a groundbreaking project by a local entrepreneur out. to produce homegrown chocolate commercially. or. show the. book the visual news all but who.
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can do. there's olsen to say good news joe default. as a doctor and. as often. as for me to do more. to disappear a project. that got a. little won't. you need to get. to go. off to lemmings crawford it's only coming at buku but. as a return to the country i'm back on a special mission to own the truth to fight for its property stricken homines. the global truckload market is now worth an excess of $100000000000.00 a year and is only goes back to to rise and as demand increases they'll pull. the
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money comes down to tokyo electric with the majority of promises to live below the poverty line we can see. over the radio pretty bad news from london the international highs for cocoa has dropped by almost a it was if you get people put you do feel good she says will could do should you be stood. up as the one who could streak issue belittle fits all. but the show who would usually do when he said apple stood a little more than all of the presumably love to go up results sick at the last moment go as does israel sit dirty does it say that the. decision to bring some. bus to sydney but good to see did you preach it pretty dread the dissident. keep good schools for a good self claims you don't is wrong but. is this
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good news up at all the motives of the dismal the french put it into. all new overfeed or just to. although the majority every tell childhood products consumed in the developed world made with west african grown cocoa the continent's produces receive only a 3 to 6 percent chat but the entire cocoa value chain. european and u.s. truck manufacturers and retailers on the other hand control around 80 percent of that chain. after 4 years of getting the corporative up and running komi and his team have decided to tour the country with a message for their fellow citizens that they and their land are worth far more than the west has been giving them. it's time to put that right that trip takes him to places like this starved of investment for years and where those who harvest cocoa for a living have never even tasted the chocolate it makes here in the window it's
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a blow to. dissolve. as difficult as it is a. little bit. in the. overall and. as soon as you. walk. away. you got to see it on you. going to get is it. then you've got to give you
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a little. bit. says they're going to do that it. called wadi method through. the bell. and look at it going to vote on any of this is. no that's good then good that. a guy who did it it was. never know they're going to they are like many of the other villages conlon is a coke obama. he has 11 mouths to feed. he's modest plantation is a few kilometers away in the forest. in tokyo cocoa farming is the main source of income for some 20000 families. but 6 out of 10 of
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those vomits live in die of poverty. in the. open is one way that. they think i. can make things so many help without it being in what the employees must show according to the. cocoa farms in tokyo a typically small and family run. each covering an average of about 5 acres of land a mobile emblem nua. you think up you a. way i've never done it. in that you saw the thing in. your room by linda holmes. no it was only going to see what. it. will. come around and his wife sell the cocoa beans through the village co-operative from
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. foreign companies then buy up the entire region halted in the courts exported to europe the us or china. now and then am while in the world and multiplying by just want to know. what they can on the one hand in the last few years small scale produces have been powerless in the face of fluctuating prices. from 13. 100 west african francs or 2 euros a kilo to less than half of that as this film was being made that had consequences unhappiness with the government was bound to grow. in organs 2017 people took their frustration to the streets the 18th among long protests that followed aimed at ending the rule of the nia single a dynasty it has ruled the country the hoffa century and many togolese believe that political change is vital to unlock years of poverty but the demonstrations were
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unsuccessful and meanwhile the instability only further on some told the country's cocoa industry i don't know if you will. nevile glaucon i know i'm a journalist i'm not just on the whole doing you is wide a done deal man evil imagine what you will do that yeah you know once it was a video on our door is yeah it is ya in the nick and no. one wants only allows. him alone. with god will allow home advantage i think if they're just. going there for them. and put up all the. now going to win over the what i'm. with they were. going to do when you're.
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togo's coca production is concentrated in its south western whole region. compared to much larger west african producers like gone and ivory coast production here might be relatively modest but in local tons it's still a vital cash crop. to stay competitive with its bigger rivals. believes the token these industry should prioritize quality over quantity to do go i'll go see it then but you did good as it's been you know by then it could have been another. minute but it was a mile look at go go go go to go that did i don't know the come as a taco a look at the good of a lot then said the phil drew got told the world that i got close to south. kenya soon you know poor old man or you put up with it make it wide got go
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on to pretty dry throat was an entry. breed. specific the key to getting that premium price call me says is by emphasizing toko coke was ok. that credentials. he might some of his supplies from this co-operative his own which is still struggling to find its markets. this year only commies choco toko paid a good price the rest went to a swiss company for the usual market rate grow as agreed to the lower price to ensure that stock would be sold but comey is adamant it doesn't always have to be that way this isn't some business that believes in us or not. the printed go she was on the side of that young. m.r. she point i will miss i said to geico is so good we're by god don't you go through
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the good. evil as you did oh pretty good a very certain of all of. us who love the design of those.


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