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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 34  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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conflict with another former prime minister and war lords standing for election dean hekmatyar but playing on so many fault lines this election has the potential to worsen an already precarious situation stale it offers the chance of a new start. over many purposes we'll use this election in this campaign the sniper to meet. to share different voices different hopes different vision with us as a former head of afghanistan's spy agency drama to an appeal is a fierce critic of the government's endemic corruption and also accuses ghani of misusing official results is to help him campaign in spite of his unpopularity he has the advantage of being in power and can take credit for what little progress over the past 5 years able to bring together probably more groups than most in this diverse country many say he's the only choice at
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a time but few options robert bright al-jazeera couple. a 14 year old palestinian boy is being buried after his body was kept in israeli custody for more than a month dozens of palestinian blood is a still being withheld some of which are being temporarily buried in israel palestinians are condemning the policy saying that everyone has the right to a proper burial need abraham has more now from the funeral in the occupied west bank a funeral that was delayed for over a month is happening now in the town of lays it out after the israeli authorities tell us the body of 14 year old with the ability to be very. very close was fired after attempting to stay. in the old city of jerusalem individual august the. care day just illustrated the israeli army killed him in
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cold blood my son weighed only 37 kilos but when we received the body we found that he had 7 gunshots in addition to wounds from a machine gun. and get billets we were playing games in an internet cafe then a scene kissed us could buy and. told us that he will continue playing with us he comes back from jerusalem the. general strike was observed here where hundreds laid him to his final arrest chanting slogans of defiance. with the burial of missy the israeli authorities keep withholding the bodies of 51 palestinians whom it accuses of committing acts acts against it that decision has been empowered by a recent ruling by the israeli supreme court in which it gives the israeli military the power to keep withholding these bodies and use them as leverage in future negotiations now they are multi-colored homes to all sorts of marine life co race and they're under attack global warming has been blamed for causing sea
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temperatures to rise which kills the coral is a problem in the red sea but scientists in jordan the developing techniques that could repopulate reese and a ship held ripples out from the port of aqaba. when dr phil watt enters the wet lab at the marine science station he knows that the future of the world's corals is not guaranteed so experiments are carried out in these tanks that take advantage of qualities found in the red sea where nearly 200 species of hard coral have flourished this is that is a lot of what i was or that is the old what we have done so far is so soft something meets in the c.b.d. we call them blue books or we think in the you could of the one method involves coral engineering combining fragments of different species of coral each resistant to a different type of disease or other stress factor within a few years they fused together into one creature that stronger than any one part
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a small miracle of nature all the learning and experimentation here begins with the basic lesson for us all many people and there will be do not be allies what is the nature of. some people think that those on the stones present in this is some of those they think they're out of finance and they don't know how much they are. and that's why in many cases they can harm them without even knowing that killing those beaches jordan only has 27 kilometers of coastline along the red sea waters of its commercial hub are shared by israel egypt and saudi arabia along with ferries fishermen and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year these clear waters are the main reason why tourists come to the gulf of aqaba and the researchers here are preparing for the worst they're growing corals even breezing and storing them just in case climate change wipes out threaten populations this yellow turban area is much bigger than any human gliding past it bigger corals are found here but this
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one is about 5 centuries old some day it's hoped the cultured corals will outlast us all red sea varieties are proving to be resilient to climate change and warming seas the scientists practically boast they'll be the last. die back in the lab maysoon and her colleagues constantly monitor the reefs health ensuring that pollutants along the coastline are not adding stress to the creatures below too often development comes with an ecological cost there is hives. to include talked with coral and when they are in contact with coral. tourist which is why scientists say it's crucial to keep them at ease especially since the reefs are home to a quarter of all marine life hell al-jazeera. the cost of living in france is prevent the latest yellow vests protest police in paris fired tear gas at protests is to smash windows and set a barricade on fire when $100.00 people have been arrested 7 and files in belize
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have been deployed around the capital to contain the rest. the trees are far to say they have taken in over 200 migrants rescued from the mediterranean sea but 180 migrants have been refused entry and the civil border rescue vessel doctors without borders say the group includes children and a pregnant woman the rescued migrants are the 4th such group to arrive in malta in a week. still to come here at al-jazeera in sports australia survive a big scare in their opening the rugby world cup match against fiji the best of the action coming up with a rough. rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best of all to see this documentary by the early onion in the onion the sweet spot the hard. to
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rewind continues with losing louisiana is once a thriving community. what's up with lettering above. all while the southern tip of the law is superb. on al-jazeera. some were coerced. others rallied to the cause. but were all complicit in creating wild of terror and oppression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of i sell. on al-jazeera.
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she is now without her thank you very much marty we're going to start with the rugby world cup in new zealand have got their title defense after winning starts they ground out a 23 points 13 victory out of the 2nd favorite south africa earlier in the day australia survived the real scare from cd and france a thriller against argentina david starts rounds out the action. perhaps the most formidable team in world sport and certainly one of the most clinical after being kept out by south africa for the 1st 20 minutes you see then went on the rampage george bridge going either for their 1st choice almost instantly the springboks defense was unlocked again and the brown side stepping its way through before offloading to scott barrett heard easy school 17 points in just
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5 minutes for the all blacks put them 14 up at the break but their defense had a lapse of concentration in the 2nd half as peter steph to tory crossed unopposed to get south africa back up and running when 100 pollard sent over a drop goal there were just 4 points in it i've thought it was too big a gap to bridge those penalties from richie moan and then voted barrett secured a 10 point victory and it was job done for the world champions the toughest match out of the way and already almost certain to finish top of pool b. . earlier on saturday fiji gave australia a real scare at the sapporo dome a trying be chaffed but the 9 points ahead while on track to their 1st win over the wallabies 6954 but then the tide turned. his 1st 2 tries in international rugby to put australia ahead and they ran away with it when fiji had a man sent to the sin bin 3921 the final score australia comfortable winners in the
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end but with plenty to improve on before they face wales in tokyo next sunday. and tokyo played host to a real thriller between france and argentina france completely dominated the 1st 40 minutes running into trice to me 20 points to 3 at the break but argentina's forwards began to fire in the 2nd half forcing their way over for 2 tries they kicked the penalties as well to move themselves ahead by a single point france managed to restore their lead don't kamil lopez came off the bench someone to drop goal by the narrowest of margins and they were back in front by 2 but still there was time for more drama argentina had one final chance to win it in the closing seconds but a 1000000 of the families penalty drifted just wide and victory belong to the french. there were some ugly scenes after the final whistle with england also in this poll it really is going to be a scrap to make the knockout stage david stokes al-jazeera are going to stay in
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your parent because there is the final of the pair and pacific are open in their home city by winning 2 matches in one day a 2 time grand slam champion be elite merton's of belgium in their semi final on saturday a socket losing just 5 games in her straight sets victory and if she recorded another straight sets win or that you put in savor in a quarter final match that have been delayed because of bad weather sunday's final will be eye socket 1st so she won the australian open back in january. 5 matches in the english premier league on saturday one game has already finished 2016 premier league champions leicester city beating tottenham to one of the king power later champions man city house what 3rd city hoping to bounce back from last weekend the scenes at norwich. to formula one there qualifying has begun for sunday singapore grand prix for ari sebastian vettel currently has the fastest time
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meanwhile formula 2 driver manuel cold air is out of an induced coma but faces a race against time to avoid irreversible injuries to his right leg 20 year old korea 'd broke both legs and suffered a spinal injury in the crash which killed fellow driver. in belgium korea needs surgery but doctors can't operate until his lungs have recovered sufficiently to handle the operation the new england patriots have released wide receiver antonio bryant after a 2nd woman accused him of sexual misconduct brown denies all the allegations but the patriots have decided to get rid of him less than 2 weeks after signing him the writing super bowl champions made the announcement just after coach bill belichick walked out of a news conference dominated by questions about brown have the answer in football questions. down with the worst ever. really what were some of the stuff of a lot of you know that's. ok thank you well it will.
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do so by spall and the atlanta braves have won the national league east for the 2nd straight year ro a junior hit his 41st hard wrong was very how they sounded just go dark 6 in offering a result that ended the giants charges of making the power safe enough for atlanta when it's their 19th division title but tar is the new or young kids for the most since $46.00 you know and with major league both split into 2 divisions. brazil's olympic judo champ silver insists she's innocent after finally adopted she tested positive for a banned assman drug but believes it may be down to close contact with the baby who has asked me my. i have always taken precautions because i'm an athlete because i didn't want to go through something like this i would never have imagined that holding a 7 month old baby could result in a situation i always give my nose for the baby to suck as if it was a pacifier
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a baby bottle what i found out is that the baby uses this substance and that could be one of the reasons that it has entered my body that's certainly a new reason with that choice but for now thank you very much rob that's over the news hour stay with us. to strengthen the good you have to show your good all the more with it comes to fight against corruption. this for you cheering each heroes like new who are about to be refused a $50000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international a so war it shines a light on these. arrows because the best way to fight a dark use to shine a light let's make the world to bed to plage nominate your anti corruption mirror
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now. from the family of the students navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart through the time we finished are scared to the fish and i'm dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go i can't think my family needs the men who go to the extreme just to make a living i'm not your have to be a strong swimmer otherwise and certainly risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while the lunar lander has been tossed over shows expect to see images from the all the top with details coverage dangers remain from black blood the wrong way before prefer not to walk through the eastern 3rd of hurricane dorian. from around the world his body will lie in state for
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a few days then he would leave the age at the national geo cities in the capital. achievement chinese scientists embark on a garing deep sea mission searching for rare results and new speed c one who want to produce china's underwater and how did 0. 0 be a factor that. calls to free people arrested in egypt during rare protests against president up till fattah el-sisi. and then again and nothing then this year without is there
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a lie from data also coming out. saudi arabia says it's talking with allies and friends to decide the next steps the attacks on its own facilities which it pains on iran. demonstrations in the street battles descend into another tense standoff in hong kong that's the scene live. on enters a pellet a research laboratory on the red sea i'll show you what jordanian scientists are doing to save threatened all species. the human rights watch has called on the egyptian government to immediately release people who've been arrested for protesting thousands came out on to the streets on friday night in a rare show of defiance against the government. videos on social media allegedly shows several arrests being made protests as were
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demanding the resignation of president abdel fattah el-sisi they're accusing him of corruption along with other military leaders shelob ellis reports. from cairo to alexandria to men sora anger and resentment filled egypt's streets people protested against president abdullah fatah l.c.c. calling for him to resign following corruption allegations and reus sites they flooded into cairo's to his square before police dispersed the crowd arresting some the square was made famous in 20 live and during the egyptian revolution that toppled former president hosni mubarak the fact that people have been able to actually enter to harry square is in itself an incredible achievement for the people in order to try to protest against sisi so it seems that there is this bubble that's growing this tension is growing and it seems that momentum is increasing minute by minute egyptians are frustrated about corruption but it was a businessman in spain that storks the fire calling for the protests muhammad ali
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started posting videos on you tube and facebook and early september he leads to see in his military wasted millions of dollars of public money and palaces and hotels he said he knew because he built them i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision the problem was that these wife didn't want to sleep in the same home when mubarak's wife stayed taken low level corruption to a new label i built 5 villas for theses a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo. the clip the one week ago speaking at a youth summit in cairo president says he did not directly address the accusations of corruption against him and his army but he did say this. how much do you think a day of operations in sinai costs we don't talk about this then we see someone carrying to come out and defame the army someone who wants to shock you panic you
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someone who dares to try to disparage the great value of our great army when cici little military coup of president mohammed morsi in 2013 he outlawed all an authorized protests a government crackdown followed with tens of thousands of egyptians arrested including journalists like al jazeera is own mahmoud hussein who is now being imprisoned more than $1000.00 days egyptian government crushed any protest ruthlessly sort of like a people are prepared to take to the streets tonight i think speaks to the enormous frustration the enormous anger that ordinary egyptians to work. from an egyptian whistleblower posting you tube videos the internet has galvanized egyptians frustrations and now move to the streets ballasts. well so far things have been pretty quiet in egypt today and some of the saw this
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is people have responded to online calls for demonstrations against government corruption online video shows a small crowd protesting in port saïd urging the president to step down. well you may remember is back into the 11 the activists on the streets of egypt sought to change the course of the country's history the january 25th revolution forced longtime leader hosni mubarak to step down in the fall of mubarak paved the way for the muslim brotherhoods mohamed morsi to become egypt's 1st democratically elected president in 22 hours. but a year later mass protests took place against morsi and he was overthrown in a military coup led by general abdel fattah el-sisi sisi went on to become president or morsi died in june this year during his trial we'll see if he has since strengthened his grip on power journalists have been arrested including those who work for this network rights groups accuse security forces of frequent abuses
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as they crackdown on dissent let's talk to her a nanny who is an associate professor of political science at the do her institute for graduate studies and i'm wondering how much significance would you attach to this particular event in egypt with witness in the last 24 hours i think given the past 6 years that people could not dare to go to streets this is significant over the last 6 years egypt has been under a very oppressive and a pathology that didn't allow when you want to speak up against its policies but now we are seeing a different public mood that is growing in building sort of anti e.c.c. movement so this is significant and i think this might lead to another uprising. in the future people have spoken of this generation of protests as having broken through what they call the fear barrier if you like the fear that emanated from that 2011 brutal repression of people demanding change in cairo do you think that
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that's what we're seeing we're seeing people who are of course at least 8 years younger than those with isil i think so i mean look if you go back to the 2011 no one would expect that this would happen now these would come to the streets the day try to speak they are under severe pressure it is socio economic pressure political pressure so they come to states now to speak up and to ask for one thing she said to resign and to step down. and on the thank you very much indeed. for saudi arabia has again suggested that iran is responsible for the drone strikes on its own facilities the ministers say for foreign affairs other algy bear says the country will take what he said were appropriate steps to respond to the attack. and the wish to my limits to my duty to be in the international community has
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a huge responsibility to put an end to iran's aggressive vandalism policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs run must prove its not a barbarian country is a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states free from supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that are used against civilians to them for the 2 correspondents on this story we got john hendren he's in washington we'll go to him after his 2nd correspondent as a big in terror on the rainy and capital so i said what we heard from the minister of state for foreign affairs in riyadh was basically a very similar list of accusations that have long been leveled at terror. yes very much so he's accusing iran of supporting terrorism of being behind this attack but the rains will be looking on and they will they will see that saudi
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arabia is still unable to provide evidence as to the origin and source of those missiles and drones are not saudi arabia is saying that they will release the findings of that investigation but right now they're unable to do so they say that it didn't come from yemen they know that it came from the north but they can't prove right now at this point in time whether it came from iran but what we can see from that briefing from saudi arabia is that they very much support donald trump increasing sanctions against iran they want more international support and opposition to iran but also he didn't rule out military military action against iran or the i don't think he really refers to i think they're trying to get international support because the language was that the very much that the international community need to do something this affects oil supplies this is a breach of international laws but the united states has increased sanctions the put sanctions against the iranian central bank and the sovereign wealth fund but
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the foreign minister has responded he said that this shows desperation and the failure of the maximum pressure campaign that the united states has been operating and he says that there are still people that want to drag the united states into a war and they fear that the united states may return to negotiations so very much from the iranian perspective here into her own is that they still denying that they were behind those attacks in the oil facilities in saudi arabia but to saudi arabia is really trying to increase the pressure and gets real support right before the u.n. general assembly because countries there the french and the europeans are trying to deescalate the situation between the united states and iran and saudi arabia seem to have timed this just before that takes place in the hope that countries are ready against iran. i said begun terror on thank you rod is going to john now john hendren who's in washington and john so the remarks being made
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by other allowed to bear the saudi minister say foreign affairs did refer to didn't he the incoming contingent of u.s. troops and materiel that are being sent in the americans were keen when they announced this but keen to to emphasize the defensive nature of this of this of these additional resources being sent to defend or to help beef up saudi's defenses as right out of your very talked about this is an attack on the world and so the u.s. had a responsibility to go there and while the u.s. commitment so far is very small it's enough hundreds of troops we don't know exactly which troops it will be the pentagon points to tell us more about that in the coming week. but what that does mean is that iran now has a deterrent because if it strikes then it could kill americans and that involves the u.s. further in this conflict that would be perhaps
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a provocative act that would did trigger a military reaction right now what you have is the united states and saudi arabia both on the same page saying that they are in a defensive posture but there is clearly a warning going out to iran at a larger bear said necessary measures will be taken what exactly those measures are not clear to us but he says they will be based on the investigation about where all of those drone attacks came from the saudis have been saying they've come from the north but i just spoke to a pentagon official who said those can be rerouted in order to trick people who are trying to trace them so that maybe a more complicated investigation then it might seem in terms of just where they came from but right now what you've got is a small number of american troops there with air defenses in a defensive posture the u.s. does not seem really interested in engaging in a in a full fledged military action.


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