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tv   Arabs Abroad The Businesswomen The Councillor  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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a provocative act that would get trigger a military reaction right now what you have is the united states and saudi arabia both on the same page saying that they are in a defensive posture but there is clearly a warning going out to iran at all to bear said necessary measures will be taken what exactly those measures are not clear to us but he says they will be based on the investigation about where all of those drone attacks came from the saudis have been saying they've come from the north but i just spoke to a pentagon official who said those can be rerouted in order to trick people who are trying to trace them so that maybe a more complicated investigation then it might seem in terms of just where they came from but right now what you've got is a small number of american troops there with air defenses in a defensive posture the u.s. does not seem really interested in engaging in a in a full fledged military action in that region again after the commitment of troops
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it's it's had for the past you know 2 decades nearly so what we're looking for now is whether there is a precipitating action from the iranians or from the saudis once they finish this investigation the u.s. seems perfectly content to sit back and remain defensive for now but what we understand is that there is u.s. involvement in this investigation as to the location of the launch of these attacks furthermore what we do understand phenomena at least is that president trump clearly in the run up to an election the for 2020 does not want to get the u.s. involved and another. military adventure so he put it in the middle east at a time when he's trying to draw down troops from syria and indeed from afghanistan . absolutely trump campaigned saying he was going to pull troops out of afghanistan
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pull troops out of iraq you've heard that he's been following through with that talk about afghanistan in the last thing he would seem to want with that 2020 election coming up would be another engagement more american troops killed and that is of course very unpopular here in the united states particularly 'd after just years and years of perpetual war so yes the troubled ministrations seems reluctant the pentagon seems reluctant to engage much deeper because it's stretched pretty thin right now even though president trump says he has strengthened the pentagon so the u.s. troops will or the u.s. investigators 'd will likely help out with such things as satellite oversight of those drone sites they will probably also be investigating that technology which they tend to know well the big mystery here is why the saudi air defenses were not able to catch those drone strikes before they happen and prevent them that was
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a bit of an embarrassment for the saudis that will also probably be part of the investigation why that didn't happen all right john hendren live in washington thank you very much indeed. we're going up the road to to new york of course to the u.n. where the swedish activist got to tom barrett has been speaking at the 1st youth climate summit is the 1st of its kind and this is what he had to say just a few moments ago. i i i'm very grateful for being here and for being invited here and i want to sing the united nations and the secretary general for. for forcing this event and for inviting so many inspiring young activists and. yesterday millions of people across the globe. marched and demanded real climate action especially young people. we showed that we we are united and that we young people are
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unstoppable and. i i don't want to take up more of your time because hi i've been invited to speak in the general assembly on monday so i will i will give the others more time to speak and just wish you a very good day today and i know and hope that they will be successful thank you. there at the u.n. is our diplomatic it is a game spaces been following all the developments and you know what really comes across james is how sort of self-effacing she is as a girl a 16 year old girl who has it's got to be said could be credited with having started a movement a global movement when she started to skip school on a friday afternoon. absolutely i was speaking to her.
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in the last hour with the but the head of the u.n. environment program that someone who runs a massive u.n. agency devoted to this subject and yet one teenager's words seem to cut through beyond what scientists and campaigners have been saying for decades certainly the u.n. secretary general thinks he's actually at this youth summit still taking place at the u.n. with young people taking over one of the great halls of the u.n. he's in an unusual position he's billed as the keynote listener listening to these group of young people the whole idea is to leverage what happened with all of those people around the world that mass people protest led by young people to leverage that and go forward to a big climate summit on monday led by politicians secretary general believes this is the moment because of that that support from young people but also because of
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the severity of the situation he believes that the world is behind in its efforts to stop climate change him stop making it irreversible of course the big problem for the secretary general is when he gets those world leaders together on monday is what he does about the countries that are more skeptical about this countries for example like brazil where we've seen the rain forest burning or australia where they continue their coal industry and strong support for it we're going to have big leaders there at the climate summit on monday among those at the opening you can have chancellor merkel president macro prime minister modi you may ask though where are the 2 biggest emitters in all of this well china is going to be there it's going to be sending not president xi but it's going to be sending its state councilor and foreign minister wang ye and then that brings us of course to the us
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who is the us going to be sending to this climate summit. among all those other world leaders will president trump will be in new york he is not attending the climate summit in the place of the worst reminding you in the u.s. system it's often said the longer your title the more relatively junior you are the u.s. is sending its principal deputy assistant secretary of state for oceans international environmental and sun to the good affairs someone i'd never heard of before mars bar sit marci or burn a cat is representing the u.s. indeed i'm sure the message will be aired loud and clear thank you very much indeed james may that diplomatic editor at the u.n. in new york. now protests is in hong kong a holding a sit in to mount the 2 month anniversary of an attack in a subway station a group of women the 100 men wearing white t. shirts assaulted at least 45 people including anti-government demonstrators and a pregnant woman in july the police have been criticized for their response to that
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incident but it comes off to protest is filled with police during what was expected to be a peaceful rally raw itself is formed to barricades and thousands of people march towards government offices live now to home call that correspondent in in front i believe or at the scene scott hyla at the scene over that subway station where protest is. not to them. martin yes we're just down from that m r t station as you mentioned you know 2 months ago to this day is when we saw that it tack by a white clad group of men who used the tongs and pipes and attacked protestors and other civilians to at them are to state and that's the the train service here in hong kong just up the street now just within the last 3 hours we were in a mall that's just adjacent to it now the protesters wanted to have a sit in to mark that 2 month anniversary but they couldn't get in it was completely shut off it was roped off them to the station so they went next door to
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a mall and that's where they sat for about 2 hours they saying. that it's become known for this protest movement they chanted but then they there was an alarm that was triggered and they left the building pretty quickly and that's where we are that's why we're out here now they streamed out as you can see a lot of riot police around here just in this intersection behind me just before we came on air there's a bit of a confrontation there let's just say a lot of colorful language was thrown back and forth between the protesters and the police throwing it back at them so that's where we are right now no there really hasn't been much we know that a little bit of tear gas has been fired on the other side of the m r t station but for the most part as they were. in the most peaceful it was when they came out. that we were anticipating some type of confrontation because that was what was being told to the protesters about a 1000 in that mall and that's what happened but nothing that big right here this is just a lot of shouting no real kind of physical contact between the protesters and the right it has to be said the these kinds of scenes that we're looking at almost
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every weekend i mean that become the norm. and this is a form of continual sustained demonstrations taking place on the streets of what was known that was known for its financial affluence of coals in large brought about because of the amount of stability that. yes 16th weekend that we've seen protests here now that's quite amazing when you think about that and they really haven't abated you know this is one of 3 of one of 2 events i should say for the protests pro-democracy protesters still had over a 1000 people we knew that there was going to be transportation issues because they shut down the train system 1000 still showed up and it's not going to stop anytime soon tomorrow sunday here in hong kong we are hearing the protesters are going to go back to the airport and try to disrupt transportation there at hong kong international airport that's going to happen on sunday they've had 4 protests there
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already and we know that next week is going to be a very big week for protests as well up in beijing on october 1st they're going to be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding the people's republic of china you can expect protesters here are going to counter that so it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon 16 weekends already now more teams all right scott thanks for that scott hyla there live in hong kong. well from protests in hong kong to protests in france because the cost of living there has provoked the latest yellow vests demonstrations police in paris fired tear gas at those who'd smashed windows and set fire to a barricade more than a 100 people were arrested 7 and a half 1000 police were deployed around the capital to contain the arrests the movies authorities say they've taken in over 200 refugees and migrants rescued from the mediterranean sea but $180.00 have been refused entry they're still on board a charity vessel doctors without borders says the group includes children and
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a pregnant woman they are the 4th group to arrive in most or in a week. there is a lovely doctors say they will continue their strike action despite the reappearance of their union leader who had been abducted they say activists say peter mcgauran is one of dozens of being abducted this year many of them are organizers of protests who want to complain about the state of the economy. met one in harare show us some of the injuries he's. all but says he was abducted 3 months ago taken to a secluded area and beaten 4 guys in a teacher's strike over pay and he suspects his kidnappers were state security agents this chip communicated they removed every everything the clothes everything and a very. slick some robuchon words which they were using to assault me to torture me all over my body they were forcing me to all over the place. and.
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orbit is one of dozens of people who rights groups say have been abducted in zimbabwe millions of people are struggling with soaring inflation and high unemployment and many of those who disappeared have often helped the protests calling for better wages and services. last week another union leader dr peter monk on pain went missing for days health workers marched demanding to know where the colleague was he was later found alive he'd been dumped about 40 kilometers from the capital people breaking into houses with masks on armed with military grade weapons such as a producer and typically being people being brutally tortured and in dumped now with most of these 51 of duction that we have seen people have turned up the next day with some such as missing taronga he turned up in a mortuary some months later. al-jazeera has been able to independently verify
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those numbers government officials did not allegations of human rights abuses. many years people here. criticize president emerson when and. when they can say what they want. police say they are investigating reports of abductions torture and other human rights violations some of the reports which. you know reading in the media be if not verified by the police. want to. meet with the police and on and on to the public that draws claim to have been. kidnapped to have been abducted which should make reporting good police so that very fright. investigations can be conducted.
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many here say they are not satisfied with the police response they say some people who disappeared years ago are still missing and so far they have been no arrests and no official explanation from the police or government as to why that's happening. al-jazeera. now there are a myriad of colors their home to all sorts of marine life but coral reefs are under attack and global warming has been blamed for causing sea temperatures to rise and that's what kills a coral is a problem in the red sea now scientists in jordan are developing techniques that could repopulate race. reports from the port of aqaba. when dr phil watt enters the wet lab at the marine science station he knows that the future of the world's corals is not guaranteed so experiments are carried out in these tanks that take advantage of qualities found in the red sea where nearly 200 species of hard coral have flourished this is that is
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a lot of us for that is the what we have done so far there's some thick meets in the c.b.d. we call them blue books for me and you put out a one method involves coral engineering combining fragments of different species of coral each resistant to a different type of disease or other stress factor within a few years they fused together into one creature that stronger than any one part a small miracle of nature all the learning and experimentation here begins with the basic lesson for us all many people and that will be will not be allies what is the nature of. some people think that those stones present in this is some of those things out of plants and they don't know how much they are. and that's why in many cases they can harm them without even knowing that killing those beaches jordan only has 27 kilometers of coastline along the red sea waters of its
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commercial hub are shared by israel egypt and saudi arabia along with ferries fishermen and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year these clear waters are the main reason why tourists come to the gulf of aqaba and the researchers here are preparing for the worst they're growing corals even breezing and storing them just in case climate change wipes out threaten populations this yellow turban area is much bigger than any human gliding past it bigger corals are found here but this one is about 5 centuries old some day it's hoped the cultured corals will outlast us all red sea varieties are proving to be resilient to climate change and warming seas the scientists practically boast they'll be the last. di back in the lab may soon and her colleagues constantly monitor the reefs health ensuring that pollutants along the coastline are not adding stress to the creatures below too often development comes with an ecological cost there is a high school to start. to. act with coral and when they are in
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contact with coral coral. tourist which is why scientists say it's crucial to keep them at ease especially since the reefs are home to a quarter of all marine life and are schapelle al-jazeera aka in lebanon activists have been cleaning up the beirut shoreline while on a paddleboard made partly from $12000.00 recycled cigarette parts abouts were collected around the american university of beirut she's heading the project with an organization called recycle lebanon along with the bots the board is made from styrofoam fiberglass and eco friendly resit. for a set take a look at the top stories here about just their human rights watch is called on the egyptian government to immediately release protest since detained on friday
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thousands came out on to the streets in a rare show of defiance against the government saudi arabia has again blamed iran for attacks on its own oil facilities the minister for foreign affairs says the international community has a huge responsibility to put an end to iran's aggressive policies more u.s. troops in missile defense systems are being sent to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates that's despise iranian denials it's responsible for the attacks on saudi oil plants a week ago. and iran's foreign minister has hit out at new u.s. sanctions which are also been. touting a blank america's has had his national than sanctioning the central bank shows us desperation more than anything else because americans have imposed whatever sanctions they could against iran what they are doing right now is to sanction the central bank that has already been sanctioned but under a different title but of course there are measures shows there endeavor to block
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iran's international commerce to block food and medicine from reaching the people of iran the swedish activist grettir to unberth getting a worldwide call for action on climate change 4000000 people have taken part in the start of the week long event she's been speaking to the youth summits being held at the un in new york and she told them that young people are unstoppable yesterday millions of people across the globe. marched and amanda's real climate action especially young people. we showed that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable. pro-democracy protests in hong kong have been holding a city into month for 2 month anniversary of an attack in the subway station a group of more than a 100 men wearing white t. shirts assaulted at least 45 people including anti-government demonstrators in
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a pregnant woman in july coming up next are risking it to talk to al jazeera we're going to use what you give them to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is their own.
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there are 2 staples to vietnamese life reiss. and bamboo for its many uses. thank you. so we're going out not on the road out exactly point we never got you know. i am going to make one
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more wonderful. thank you when you and i think up new laws what are you going to. write your thank you what should be done. leukemia no i mean here we touched on one the other end of the money that we didn't get certainly here and you're going to make on one point battle a living but we didn't go to. the province of time who are as one of the largest bamboo forests in southeast asia . in just 3 years bamboo storms can grow up to 8 meters tall. and in my field the lamb. salad was given in the galley and i know. that myself. until night means i came. to line in.
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a later. model. they carried the bamboo for more than a kilometer. from mom and dad good you are. probably a dog a mile away. and up to you if i could touch it would you do so no matter. the labor is just over a dollar a day cutting and transporting the bamboo. but the bravest among them can make 10 times that much transporting the goods.
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would. be of no body i mean. by my. own will build me to a boat. if i need. to i cannot do a little. you know. my . view on a lot more than
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a thaw the news that joyce. and lucked out. and why. we'll keep them we're told they are. in the top. a good draft must be flexible and narrow to offer minimum resistance to the current . the ruffed will be nearly 50 metres long. we do not. know who or. no poor movie comes out and. who got none. last year out of.
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the captions know well the challenge that awaits them. i don't need to know the money we handle the like i don't really get me on the penal law in. india by the name of the india indian it bombs. they've been allowed to follow ever. not only in waikiki not only. 30 kilometers lie ahead and follow the boughs of being tossed about by the river.
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bank . thanks. i don't know what's going on thank god. i'm hungry. the time is the hold the bamboo are slowly loosened every time the raft hits some rocks. the raft risks breaking up. the hook
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. thank . you oh my good you level old boy hold me he put me on me help me all month i'll do it i'm livin the week you'll be on the ground in knowing you can go there you go. warning me that you'll be on the detail the help when you all get. up go. you know if. we handle. the men know well the dangers of the long river. up ahead the cave ghost passage will test.
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the legendary mekong river old mother of waters is vietnam's main waterway. it nourishes the 6 countries through which it flows including laos which borders vietnam. after travelling 5000 kilometers from its source in the himalayas this is where the river vents its rate. over time it's carved out the cone fulls one of the widest waterfalls in the world. yet allow fisherman jump into the water without fear. are for me before the right one mile walk. for a credit card card for profit sharing coming to you if you are going to your didn't call our number but not god what if. some new knowing is 52. he
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says it's no coincidence he's never had an accident in 40 years. oh. no you need one who would pull back outside that about what bob would have by a guy that had set up but the why don't we hear it one boy be at that by what the what. the full stretch over navy 10 kilometers. allow call this region see found don't the full 1000 on. land just south from the fulls and countless waterways of the mekong. this is a familiar hunting ground for. getting there takes good balance
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and steady nerves. at work but on. the other. side. what's that about yeah yeah. i. like the elf.
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but. if i want them in my. life and i. fish breed upstream. they eventually become trapped and we'll pull this further down the river. but. that of the take a bit. yeah oh. yeah casts his net relentlessly and. why. they. follow the fit. i mean might.
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not get out and on that got a lot of them and not a lot in life if you want them back. whoa whoa.
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i several families share the dangers of the rapids. each has it's a fishing take i hope. noir and his colleagues catch up to 100 kilos pradesh using a remarkable method. that i. love and i'm not about that i. feel like. the current pushes the fish into their ingenious wooden ramps all they have to do
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is pick the fish out of the woods. the mekong is home to 200 different species of fish eye the largest of which a cool with a trap that must be set in the middle of the rapids. of old. cock and not like i doubt it ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha if i.
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live . the the. 10 and i love this and i'm in the book and i'm no good i don't look. good i.
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want to get out of the box i don't want to sound like i'm not. going to head up the q. one but you'll. learn what they need to good if i don't think there is anything at all about it below is the op i said it was. good no. good mother lay it all by saying he in what their. years have you got it but i. each year 2 or 3 fishermen i'll take on the make all. the law abiding i want to me. he said do you know you're in this and i'm a cop. i don't. need
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a dollar. by law. abiding by law like a guy. i bought i don't but. slowly the fish are disappearing. pesticides as well as a series of dams a largely to blame. in vietnam on the long river the bamboo raft as in smooth the world has the men take advantage of the calm to reinforce it. cuts as usually belong to the moment ethnic group. allies of the french and then the americans in the 2 wars that have shaken vietnam the hmong are still discriminated against. it's hard work
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for some of the lowest wages for you and me talk and when we when. that don't mean that only going to look like you guys are talking to each other and that. you're not going into a lot of the what you want but don't go to congress i'm told that my local one to one that i'm going to go by dual numbers. as the world has become agitated the raft seen begins its mad rush. limbaugh.
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turning a run nearly 50 meters long. no easy task. in the distance lies the infamous ghost case one of the most feared turns in the river . this time the ghost was leaving. on their last trip the raft was ranked against the
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wall. and its bamboo cargoes scattered into the rhythm. one song the song. a motor boat comes to help. the river bank marks the end of the trip. anybody. can give up on and again. and again. when i know like you have to be i guess though i don't know if.
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i can lead you to be a doubter to our day though i didn't know you. back on land the bamboo must travel another 30 kilometers through rain and mud before reaching the processing plant. the jungle road so slippery on the drive the family can only take a portion of the goods. being car hungry been managed to mingle 9 out of 10 have been flooded accurately when manatee help and are you name enough i need a hand with you but you know that call buddy in the morgue and i share my pain like you knew i wouldn't go in the car. seat i mean i made it a beacon to do not go in he said i knew what.
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a deal is struck but for twice the price. of one slip or wrong turn and van lead could be crushed under his vehicle. santa going to highland joe pa title i decide that i know what i need to do and now what i'm going to pull out will be all along the room i tell him you know that's all thief i can do i love the office or to talk to him a little here to help out i always had only took my money you know a lot. but in the bountiful was a choice between the mom who keeps the money night and arnold but i must.
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be gentle now when i call to roll out. the vehicle plug. the longer the speed of an ops car. after 5 hours the bamboo finally reaches the processing plant. dirt tracks may well become a thing of the past in vienna. as one of the last communist countries to join the free market the country is right.
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this bamboo is near the end of its journey. seen consumers across vietnam full to put it to a variety of uses and the hard work of harvesting and transporting it will begin again. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these roads risk saving lives is a dangerous job as a vaccine so it's on a good 24 hours there are patients waiting for these medicines who must be in pain lives earth risk a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road at that can do it with weapons. risking it all guinea on al-jazeera. as world leaders gather in new york u.n.
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secretary general and tell you the terrorist will hold a climate action summit to sound a new alarm but will countries heed the warning and deliver concrete plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe. get the updates as they happen on al-jazeera. the quick outgrows of togo. defenseless against the winds have been indifferent to international marketplace. chocolate and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make and sell chocolate on their own terms. even a power plant a taste of independents on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides.
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and can see this experience the world is like now the business can turn it ways go in places together. this is 0. hello i'm the stasi attain this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes our. calls to free people arrested in egypt
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during a rare protest against president. obama this is in the. saudi arabia again blames iran for attacking its oil plans but is yet to decide how to retaliate. voices of the future the u.n. holds its fast and the youth summit on climate change. and for months on end showing no signs of ending at least in hong kong fired tear gas and water cannon government protests among people some of the new zealand win the 1st t.v. way to the rugby world cup the defending champions beat south africa 2313 in yokohama. today's games come. later this news hour.
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now human rights watch is calling on egypt to immediately release people arrested for protesting thousands came out on the streets on friday in a rare show of defiance against the government. now videos on social media and education as several arrests being made protesters were demanding the resignation of president. they accuse him of corruption along with other military leaders shot at best reports. from cairo to alexandria to men sora anger and resentment filled egypt's streets people protested against president abdul fattah el-sisi calling for him to resign following corruption allegations and reus sites they flooded into cairo's to his square before police dispersed the crowd arresting some the square was made famous in 20 livin during the egyptian revolution that toppled former president hosni mubarak the fact that people have been able to actually enter to where is in itself an incredible achievement for the
11:51 pm
people in order to try to protest against sisi so it seems that there is this bubble that's growing there's this tension that is growing and it seems that momentum is increasing at minute by minute egyptians are frustrated about corruption but it was a businessman in spain that storks the fire calling for the protests muhammad ali started posting videos on you tube and facebook and early september he lead cissie and his military wasted millions of dollars of public money and palaces villas and hotels he said he knew because he built them i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision the problem was that these wife didn't want to sleep in the same home where mubarak's wife stayed cc's taken low level corruption to a new level i built 5 villas for theses a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo. the slant the clip the one week ago speaking at a youth summit in cairo president says he did not directly address the accusations
11:52 pm
of corruption against him and his army but he did say this. how much do you think a day of operations in sinai costs we don't talk about this then we see someone jaring to come out and defame the army someone who wants to shock you panic you someone who dares to try to disparage the great value of our great army when says the little military coup of president mohammed morsi and 2013 he outlawed all an authorized protests a government crackdown followed with tens of thousands of egyptians arrested including journalists like al jazeera is own mahmoud hussein who is now being imprisoned more than $1000.00. gyptian government crushed any protest ruthlessly sort of like a people are prepared to take to the streets tonight i think speaks to the enormous frustration the enormous anger that ordinary egyptians to work.
11:53 pm
from an egyptian whistleblower posting you tube videos the internet has galvanized egyptians frustrations and now move to the streets dallas. now things have been quiet in egypt so far today but some people have responded to online calls for demonstrations against government corruption online videos show a small crowd protesting and portside the president to step down well let's remind you of how we got here back in 2011 activists on the streets of egypt thought to change the course of the country's history the general 25th revolution forced a longtime leader hosni mubarak to step down now the fall of mubarak paved the way for the muslim brotherhoods mohamed morsi to become egypt's 1st democratically elected president in 2012 but a year later mass protests took place against more. and he was overthrown in a military coup led by general abdel fattah el-sisi in the seat went on to become
11:54 pm
president while morsi died in june this year during his trial he has since strengthened his grip on power journalists have been arrested including those working for this network rights groups accused security forces of frequent abuses as they crackdown on dissent. the nominee is the associate professor of political science at the doha institute for graduate studies and he joins us now here on set dr alan i mean we've just been discussing this whole crackdown on dissent that people are still coming out on to the streets how significant do you think this might be as a turning point for the country i think is significant given the fact that we have been under this kind of a brutal oppressive regime over the last 6 years that no one would dare to come out and speak it is the g.m. to say this is significant in terms of its ability and its boldness that we can come out and speak again as. we've also been seeing a lot of use young people involved in these protests and potentially leading these protests do you think that this is
11:55 pm
a movement that's building i think so i think the word what the signal. the movement of this building you know this would be cleared more in the coming few days if. there is some sort of conflict linda regime that one faction might support this kind of demonstration so we'll see this in the coming few days so let me ask you then do you see any of this ending anytime soon is it about what what factions decide within the government or will the demonstrations could they potentially continue indefinitely until something does happen within government look i think we have order that the egypt should i mean have this kind of for a long time to come so you have this kind of a prison regime you have to see come with conditions that would produce more so i think for some time what does this but also who would decide this of the end would be differently another faction from the regime itself so we've we've heard that a lot of this started because of corruption at. ations against sisi and i imagine that's also being discussed within factions within the government but it goes
11:56 pm
beyond that is rising poverty huge unemployment how is that going to be addressed by factions within the government if that is the real driving force behind these protests what i think the main concern for those who are fighting can you see see is not the people actually are trying to pull from sisi because excluded them from power so the question is what the cost in the street people who can. cheer for the balance towards this would have been on whether we have a movement or a party that can lead this kind of puts. but we've also seen quite a few parallels here with what we saw in 27 we could draw those parallels from the slogans that we've been hearing chanted and the origins of this and you know a lot of this people would say came from the facebook video is that where posted by muhammad ali this at this self exiled activist on facebook how similar do you think these situations are and what are the main differences in terms of what we might be
11:57 pm
experiencing that i think one of one of the. common things between what's happening now what happened 2011 is the economic conditions that egypt are living is living under over the last 6 years the france is the last time we have organized movements some of grassroots movements like a fair movement like 6 or 6 of every movement so the the we're able to organize people in the people i'm going to use people so this time we are talking about a very special kind of movement of those to have any kind of leader so we need to wait to see if this movement will bring another generation of activists that might lead egypt in the future and it's something we'll be watching very closely thank you very much for joining us dr allen and thank you. well on to other news now and saudi arabia is again suggesting that iran is responsible for the drone strike on its oil facilities the minister of state for foreign affairs says the country will take appropriate steps to respond to the attack that took it in the bush tomorrow most of my duty must leave it to be able the international community has
11:58 pm
a huge responsibility to put an end to runs aggressive and illicit policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs must prove it's not a barbarian country is a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states free from supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that are used against civilians to correspondent has more from tehran. so you are a good repeated the allegations accusing iran of behind being behind those attacks accusing iran of funding terrorist organizations but also be appealing to the international community and trying to get opposition to iran the language is very much that iran has broken international law that this attack on iran's actions could affect oil supplies to the rest of the world and they're trying to tell the world that they need to get on board with what the united states and saudi arabia want to censure the more sanctions more pressure on iran but from the iranian
11:59 pm
perspective they will see this as. still able to prove where those drones and missiles came from saudi arabia says that the investigation is still ongoing and they would release those findings but the united states has put sanctions further sanctions on iran and iran central bank now the foreign minister jihads reasons for that he said that this shows the desperation because of the maximum pressure campaign isn't working for the united states he also said that there are people that fear that the united states will return to negotiations and they want to drag the united states into a war so from iran spur specked if they're watching this this briefing and it's still very much the same accusations leveled against iran but very little evidence at this point in time and now to john hendren he's in washington d.c. for us john having listened to that press conference and also secretary of state mike pompei or just a few days ago called the drone attacks an act of war it seems that the saudi and
12:00 am
u.s. positions are very much aligned. that's right both the saudis and the u.s. are talking about defensive posture nostalgia even despite those strong words from pump ale they seem to have backed off a little bit from that and are taking a stand back stance however the u.s. has made a commitment although it's really a minimal commitment compared to the range of options the u.s. could have deployed in response to that attack on that saudi oil system so we've got about several 100 troops we don't know whether those are simply technicians or whether those are actual fighting soldiers where there will also be a missile and air defense systems deployed there by the u.s. so presumably some u.s. experts there and that creates a situation a tense situation where if iran or the food these in yemen were to attack saudi arabia now there's a policy.


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