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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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they were across several big governorates a lot of people participated and the people are just going to be emboldened emboldened by the fact that they were able to get away with it that they went out into the streets they weren't arrested on they weren't shot at so there's i think there's a significant chance that this could that this could build up and cuts to food and energy subsidies has turned to outrage after corruption allegations a former military contractor says president sisi and military leaders have wasted millions of dollars of public money on building palaces luxury villas and hotels. mohammed ali posted videos on you tube and facebook this month calling for protests against corruption when most egyptians live in poverty and his message is resonating with many people. that it was. the people are starving my life savings have evaporated why why does she see starve us while he lives in a curious palaces why is he trying to humiliate us he is supposed to be
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a public servant working for us c.c. he was in new york for the united nations general assembly denies corruption allegations describing them as allies sisi banned. protests after he led the military coup which deposed president mohammed morsy 6 years ago tens of thousands of egyptians were arrested and jailed in the government crackdown which follow suit human rights watch is calling on the egyptian government not to repeat past mistakes. to protect the right to peaceful protest in upholding egypt's obligations under international human rights law should immediately release all those arrested for soli exercising their rights. analysts say it's too early to say whether the army's relatively hanzal response suggest some commanders often pathetic to the protest movement by the way they say sisi should be. victoria gate
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and be al-jazeera. al-jazeera correspondent jamal sheil covered the 2011 uprising in egypt and the coup and 2013 and he joins me now jamal you were there in 2011 and we've been hearing some of the same slogans being shouted on the streets is it safe to draw parallels between what happened then and now in some respects i mean this is born out of. frustration and anger at. misgovernance oppression at the lack of a future for a large section of egyptian society which we're talking about the vast majority are young below the age of 30 or 35 years old so in that respects there is what is maybe different about the past 24 hours in egypt is that there was no real buildup to it so in 2011 there was calls for protests across some time 25th because during 25th was the day dedicated to celebrate the police and the interior ministry people had seen the brutality of the police through the killing of the then other
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young egyptians at the time there was the build up of the april 6th movements the enough movement the return of mohamed atta but odds are that allowed for a momentum to build up prior to january 25th where is with regards to september 20th protests 2019 yesterday this came out almost organically without any political force pushing it and that kind of shows maybe that there is a greater manifestation of anger and disapproval towards the regime than there was even against mubarak who had ruled for 30 years well john you mentioned the youth what's their level of involvement in this and and is it likely to build because of that that youth momentum for this there's 2 elements here there is. if we look at the youngest of the kind of the age brackets so people who are 1819 years old they're probably maybe the most they represent the most hope for those who are wanting to see some sort of larger protest because they don't know. only hold the
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same reservation or fear that somebody who is 25 or 30 years old holds and the reason being when 2011 happened and even when 2013 the coup happened and the massacres in the square happened these 18 year olds were still 1312 years old 11 years old so was the may have heard of what's happened or maybe saw it it doesn't resonate in the same way as somebody who was 20 years old at the time and actually lost a friend or witnessed that at the time and therefore they may be more willing to risk and sacrifice by going out onto the streets what's important about the timing of this is that we have to model the return of universities by default there's going to be large gatherings are going people going to these universities and universities are always a hotbed for political activism we all the government send in security forces to try and contain them or will the students decide to spill out from the university onto the streets that's going to be critical and it and that's something we'll be
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watching very very closely from here. former and al jazeera correspondent who's done a lot of coverage for us in egypt thank you well there's plenty more ahead for you on this news hour including $27.00 days to go until afghanistan's presidential elections but many fear the vote could make a bad situation. and in sports a stranger survive a big scare in the rugby world cup match against. saudi arabia says it's just waiting for an investigation to confirm what it already family believes that iran is responsible for attacks on its oil facilities now iran's government flatly denies being involved in last week's strikes which the rebels have claimed responsibility for now the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs says they're talking to allies about what the next steps will be. in the
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bush team and then most of my duties. the international community has a huge responsibility to put into runs aggressive policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs must prove it's not a barbarian country is a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states were free from supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that he used against civilians and now let's get the view from tehran al-jazeera as i said by it is that. you are a good repeated the allegations accusing iran of behind being behind those attacks accusing iran of funding terrorist organizations but also they appealing to the international community and trying to get opposition to iran the language is very much that iran has broken international know that this attack on iran's actions could affect oil supplies to the rest of the world and they're trying to tell the world that they need to get on board with what the united states and saudi arabia
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want to censure the more sanctions more pressure on iran but from the iranian perspective they will see this as. still able to prove where those drones and missiles came from so this is that the investigation is still ongoing and they would release those findings but the united states has put sanctions further sanctions on iran and iran central bank now the foreign minister zarif despond that he said that this shows the desperation because of the maximum pressure campaign isn't working for the united states he also said that they are people that fear that the united states will return to negotiations and they want to drag the united states into a war so from iran spur specked if they're watching this this briefing and it's still very much the same accusations leveled against iran but very little evidence at this point in time and john hendren has more from washington d.c. . the united states and saudi arabia both say they're taking a defensive posture on the attacks on the saudi oil system the saudi official bear
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the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs who said it is believed that those attacks have originated in iran although an investigation will continue in the meanwhile the united states has deployed hundreds of troops and missile an air defense systems to saudi arabia to protect that country under a mutual agreement between them both countries say that this remains a defensive posture until they can complete an investigation as to where those drone attacks originated if they originated in iran and saudi arabia has suggested that there could be represented in for that in the meantime a defensive posture from both countries but now that places americans in saudi arabia and if there is a subsequent attack that could kill americans and draw the u.s. further into this conflict so the tensions have only risen and await any provocation for military action to possibly begin well as we've been hearing the
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u.s. is sending more troops to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to boost the defenses against what it calls a rainy and aggression is a problem and follows the attack on the saudi oil facilities mike hanna reports. it was a hastily arranged news conference at the pentagon following a meeting of the national security council the secretary of defense announced the further deployment of u.s. forces to the middle east the intention he said to bolster the defense systems of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates the president has approved the deployment of u.s. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense we will also work to accelerate the delivery of military equipment to the kingdom of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to enhance their ability to defend themselves it's not clear how many troops the u.s. will provide but the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff emphasize this was
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a defensive deployment and indicated the u.s. would ask its allies to offer their support were contributing to saudi arabia's defense we would be looking as the secretary said for other international partners to also contribute to show your abuse defense. the secretary of defense continued to insist iran was responsible for the attacks on saudi oil installations last weekend brushing off repeated iranian denials of involvement but at the same time confirming that the u.s. forensic team working with saudi experts had still not concluded its investigation . news of the deployment closely followed president trump's decision to impose new sanctions on iran. at the end of the day as president trump hosts a dinner for the prime minister of australia it appears that the u.s. economic pressure will be buttressed by a show of military force even if the stage is declared to be offered defensive nature mike hanna al-jazeera washington. now further taliban attacks are feared and
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afghanistan where there's only 7 days to go before the presidential election and while many people hope the election will lead to greater stability others fear that the vote could make a bad situation even worse by mcbride reports from kabul. this election not physical limits of afghanistan's ethnic diversity testing allegiances and divisions at a time of growing instability. the front runner is the incumbent president. a pashtoon from the country's largest ethnic group. but like the other 16 candidates in this race he's carefully picked running mates to get support from other ethnic groups. that's why they're scared of the unity of this team scared of our plans for government gandhi's vice presidential running mate is a prominent tajik who we hopes will take votes away from his biggest rival dr
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abdullah abdullah. he's served in all afghan governments since the overthrow of the taliban in 2001. at this rally received backing from one of the major pashtoon tribes. our main purpose is we use the selection and this campaign as an opportunity to share different voices different hopes different visions with afghans a former warlord abdul rashid dostum from the community is also backing up. this election is a reminder of the country's decades old conflict with another former prime minister and warlords standing for election. but playing god so many fault lines this election has the potential to worsen an already precarious situation still it offers the chance of a new start. for many purposes. this election and.
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to share the different hopes different vision with us as a former head of afghanistan's spy agency. below is a fierce critic of the government's in demick corruption and also accuses gandhi of misusing official resources to help him campaign in spite of his unpopularity he has the advantage of being in power and can take credit for what little progress over the past 5 years able to bring together probably more groups than most in this diverse country many say he's the only choice at a time but few options bright al-jazeera couple. a 14 year old palestinian boy has been buried after his body was kept in israeli custody for more than a month thousands of palestinian bodies are still being withheld some of which had been temporarily buried in israel palestinian condemning the policy saying that everyone has the right to
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a proper burial correspondent need abraham has more from the funeral and the occupied west bank. a funeral. that was delayed for over a month is happening now in the town of lies that was to the israeli authorities are using the body of a 14 year old this even though to me to be very. little. doing it was fired after attempting to say that during the soldiers in the old city of jerusalem individual august i. like your digital is so really israeli army killed him in cold blood my son weighed only 37 kilos but when we received the body we found maybe it's even gunshots in addition to wounds from a machine gun. i get but it's we were playing games in an internet cafe then a sim kissed us could buy and told us that he will continue playing with us he comes back from jerusalem oh the general strike was observed here where hundreds laid him to his final arrest chanting slogans of defiance the. with the burial of
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in the sea the israeli authorities keep withholding the bodies of 51 palestinians whom it accuses of committing attacks against it that decision has been empowered by a recent ruling by the israeli supreme court in which it gives the israeli military the power to keep withholding these bodies and use them as leverage in future negotiations security forces in iraq have detained a suspect following friday's bomb attack on a minibus 12 people were killed and 5 injured at an army checkpoint near karbala the city has been the center of muslim rituals during the assura holiday police have boosted roadside security that. now still ahead on al-jazeera. the cult said corals that could outlast us all scientists take action to protect red sea reefs plus. advocate the 40 for the pull of the lake forest and french jailed
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for the authorities of potentially a gates illegally. and ferrari is charles in a classic attempt to score his bad a pole position in a rather qualifying action for the singapore grand prix coming up. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast but we do have a frontal boundary that's make its way across the black sea right now and you can see the clouds pushing across parts of turkey and with that once a pushes through uncorrupt you will see a change of temperatures dropping down to about 19 degrees and that is also going to affect baku your coming down from the mid twenty's on saturday to about 1000 degrees as we go towards sunday as well possibly a shower or 2 very close to tehran but by the time we do get to monday things will look much better for you at 31 degrees and for quite city expect to see a high of 41 well here across the gulf the relative humidity is back up very
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uncomfortable across many locations here in doha expect to see 38 degrees but that's going to feel more into the low forty's as we go through the beginning of the week as well over here towards most got though it is going to be a nice day at $32.00 but notice the rain showers out here towards bruiser out that could possibly affect parts of crotchety by the time we get towards next week and then down across much of southern africa it is going to be clouds possibly some rain across much of that southern cape and cape town we do expect see clouds in your forecast winds out of the south at 17 degrees also a cool day down here across parts of durban a very cloudy day as well at 22 but plenty of sun in the forecast for johannesburg with a temperature of 27 feel. too strange indeed good you have to shoulder good all the more with the calm still
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fight against corruption. destroy new cierra which heroes like new who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make the rules a bit to please nominate your anti corruption mirror own now. 0 we're going to give to the people will be attending the workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and the stories that matter.
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hello again i'm just a reminder of our top stories this hour the 1st ever youth summit on climate change is taking place in new york it was opened by 16 year old swedish campaign aggressive turn in bug who inspired a day of global environmental protests led by young people on friday. pro-democracy protesters have again clashed with police in hong kong tear gas has been fired to disperse demonstrators who have gathered in the streets it's reported some protesters threw petrol bombs. and human rights watch is calling on egypt to immediately release protesters detained on friday thousands came out on the streets in a rare show of defiance against the government. now the u.k.'s opposition labor leader will address members at the annual party conference but his speech has been
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overshadowed by internal fighting about the party's stance on breaks jeremy corbyn was forced to question a motion to oust his deputy ahead of the conference call been says he will give people the choice of leaving the european union with a deal or staying in the bloc if he wins power while phillip kept me is a senior lecturer and politics that killed university and he joins us now live via skype mr can you talk us through what we can expect from this conference because this is meant to be a labor policy conference but it's really seemingly a conference about. well yes we're only probably a couple weeks away now from having a general election in the k. and labor was hoping that they selected this conference is where it could get to the agreements on its brakes it sounds. because they've got that agreement with the trade union county council about what. should be. the next day tom watson then decided to declare that he was for
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a main rights and undercuts colvin's position so going into this there was always going to be a clash within the party over greg 60 as you say we've started saying this political drama play out with that well now former deputy leader of the party said for those of us outside the u.k. can you explain very simply the dynamics of the different factions that we're seeing within the labor party now. yeah look. at that the moment he saved it tom watson what we're looking at here is the momentum movements which is a grassroots movement which came sprung up in the way could germany could well enjoy it during the election campaign that's what gerry called into power 25th day it's been saving quite a lot of resolutions because it is by conference it's considered all about new song to greendale was bullshit private schools are called a weak case in proposing these elements but also have representation on the national executive executive committee of the labor party and john landsman who
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heads up or one of the leaders of men said wants to. try to polish or revise the post of debt to leader. mr lyons than and mr watson our. do not see eye to eye politically. mystical but has been brought into has been pulled into this found out trying to quash this is only came out yesterday evening during the national executive committee meeting mr watson self was not in attendance so this was an. attempt on his hijack the ne seat pushed through this review this revision there is now talk of changing the deputy post to make it more reflexive and diverse and reflective of the key of the party itself. and with this election potentially naming the party must be keen to find some kind of united front to produce a manifesto at least at that like a united front on anything. well it's rather less likely now to last 24 hours. the labor party desperately needs to start showing its guts and unit say the 27
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team election campaign one of the successes that campaign was that the labor m.p.'s did not undermine jeremy call but they did keep pretty much to script. i think it's very ill advised the bents it's trying to try this gesture some speculating the reason this is being done now is because even they think that gerry colvin sounds very little chance the next election and it's a way of trying to get rid of his opponents before that all widnes and they will to shore position a conspiracy theory both ways but it is incredibly badly time when labor is trying to project a united front in trying to get agreement in conference on this but it also reflects divisions inside the party more broadly the trade union movement when mccluskey who is a big supporter jamie colby is progress it isn't even in the trade union movement in favor rex it and so this is threatening to create the kind of divisions you seems in the conservative party on display in late parts which is not helpful to
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work through general election indeed it hasn't kept me from. banks here inside on outta there. people on the streets in cities across the united states for what's being called there the way the people notch voicing their anger about issues ranging from gun control to the price of asylum seeker children as well as the environmentalists and corruption our correspondent andy gallagher is in washington d.c. and has been speaking with some of the protest organizers. where this is one of 60 marches being organized across the united states it's a we the people march their main concerns is things like gun control climate change the separation of children from their parents who are trying to make a better life for themselves enough to say well let's bring in one of the organizers here what's your name and the torrance anthony was everyone here today yeah we're here because the day that we stop fighting for democracy is the day we lose it and i'm with by the people one of the supporting organizations here where
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fighting to build the grassroots movement for impeachment and so we've been putting out a call to action today people are marching on monday we're going to be doing a mobilization on capitol hill to demand that congress do their job and impeach i mean we see in the past couple days this president is abusing more of his power and feels that he has no check on his power and so we the people have to demand that our congress do what must be done and that's the duty thank you want to be organized this morning told us to expect between 122-0000 people there and maybe a 1000 here it's growing slowly but the numbers don't what they said they were but i forces are being heard. now 98 percent of french guyana and i'm assuming it is covered by rain forest and unlike neighboring brazil remained relatively unaffected by deforestation but illegal gold mining is now threatening the natural environment as nick reports. french guiana has what is
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a rare wealth in this day and age a natural well you have to take to the air to get a measure of it. it is a stunning wilderness as yet relatively untouched this is one of the most forested territories on earth the outer reaches of amazonia the canopy spreading apparently forever in all directions there are few roads into the interior we travel by helicopter or by water. but that hasn't stopped people getting in in search of wealth of another color i think it's beneath these trees their life is gold lots of it and the price of gold is high and that brings the cadi paradise the illegal gold mine. were in the air for just 10 minutes when we chanced upon this a great scar in the green and elicit gold mining operation down below the money in his c.s. and scott said there's a futile attempt to hide equipment here someone throwing a water pipe into
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a mining in the. trees have been ripped out and mercury used in the mining process would have leaked into the soil and waterways most of the miners cross illegally from brazil to make a landing and it's probably the destruction of the chase and emotion and rebirth we fly on and see evidence of more activity around $400.00 illegal mind sites in french guiana extracting an estimated 10 tons of gold annually worth nearly half a $1000000000.00. on the ground of a scientific research station we meet the head of this french territory. gendarme if i'm sure they are there also already we have 600 soldiers paramilitary police and other services engaged daily in the fight against illegal gold mining 200 of these mostly soldiers police forestry and customs agents sleep nightly in the forest they lead patrols in small units of around 15 men.
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it's only when you enter the rain forest and you see and hear all it's tremendous biodiversity you really begin to appreciate just what's at stake here. the tropics contains the world's brian mass and rain forests a significant proportion of that indeed such is the scale of french guiana as rain forests no one is exactly sure just how many species exist here there is plenty of science going on for one thing research is helping to build knowledge in the fight against climate change the main idea of the project is to examine the response of the topic or a forest ecosystem to an imbalance an answer from to a new tree and sawing particular the 1st forest because we are in the world where. nitrogen are increasing so we would like knowledge to better understand what the forest how the forest was he said change. as rain forest remains an
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invaluable resource a rare mostly intact part of amazonia keep it that way is the challenge. clarke al-jazeera french deonna us retailer wal-mart says it will stop selling a cigarettes because of increasing concerns over health risks facing 8 people have now died and hundreds more had breathing ellis' after using the product and retailer says it's dropping a cigarette there's an increasing government regulation. now in zimbabwe doctors say they'll continue to take strike action despite the reappearance of their union leader activists. as one of dozens have been abducted this year many of them organizers of protests or to complain about the state of the economy. in harare. orbited. abducted 3 months ago taken to a secluded area and beaten for going izing
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a teachers' strike of the pay of the suspects his kidnappers were state security agents this should mean they could if they removed everything the clothes everything and. some robuchon words which they were using to assault me to to show me all over my body they were forcing me to all over the place. orbit is one of dozens of people who rights groups say have been abducted in zimbabwe millions of people are struggling with soaring inflation and high unemployment and many of those who disappeared have often helped the protests calling for better wages and services. last week another union leader dr peter went missing for days health workers marched demanding to know where the colleague was he was later found alive he'd been dumped about 40 kilometers from the capital people breaking into houses with masks on armed with military grade
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weapons such as a producer typically being people being brutally tortured and in dumped now with most of these 51 abductions that we have seen people have turned up the next day with some such as he turned up in a mortuary some months later. al-jazeera has been able to independently verify those numbers government officials did not allegations of human rights abuses. for many years people here. residents amazon and. 17 some of the women. lied when they can say what they want to be a price. police say they are investigating reports of abductions torture and other human rights violations and some of the reports which she really. you know reading in the media be if not been verified by the police.
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force which is being made for the police and i want to read you most of the public that. claim to have been the you know kidnapped to have been abducted they should make a report a good police so that very fright. investigations can be conducted. many here say they are not satisfied with the police response they say some people who disappeared years ago are still missing and so far they have been no arrests and no official explanation from the police or government as to why that's happening. al-jazeera had addie. now the tech company google is donating a $1000000000.00 to create more affordable housing in san francisco highly paid tech workers have helped to create a housing shortage by making rents on affordable for many other americans and it's a similar situation and islands capital the company says it's willing to help ease
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the crisis in dublin where rents are higher than ever now and sleep reports right at the site have been marked down here. like there before the location which is ideal for the modern workers these people are protesting outside the office of private equity company or to use their phrase a vulture fund these financial organizations buy property and evicted tenants who then say they're threatened with homelessness cutting the ribbon to celebrate sleeping in a tent is better a metaphor as you can possibly imagine it's generally gentrification of mass addictions where people have been for sale because not all middle income earners would be forced out of the city because they can't afford to live in the city because of loopholes and registration which which facilitate these goes we don't pay any tax on our own for income and extract massive profits on the face of these individuals behind these companies but the end of the road is the irish parliament where a quarter of government ministers are themselves landlords politicians sympathetic to the rents.


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