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tv   Sand Wars  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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are they going to manage. from other countries. why many in for. a myriad of colors home to sorts of marine life but coal reefs around the world are under attack global warming is blamed for causing sea temperatures to rise which kills the coral and is under chapelle reports from jordan scientists are trying to restore and repopulate coral reefs in the red sea. when dr fouad enters the wet lab at the marine science station he knows that the future of the world's corals is not guaranteed so experiments are carried out in these tanks that take advantage of quality spawn in the red sea where nearly 200 species of hard coral have flourished this is that is a lot of cause for that is the will what we have done so far is so saw something meets in the c.b.d. we call them blue books or we think in the you put any one method involves coral
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engineering combining fragments of different species of coral each resistant to a different type of disease or other stress factor within a few years they fused together into one creature that stronger than any one part a small miracle of nature all the learning and experimentation here begins with the basic lesson for us all many people and that will be do not be allies what is the nature of god it was some people think that those stones present in this is some of those things out of plants and they don't know how much they are. and that's why in many cases they can them without even knowing that killing those beaches jordan only has 27 kilometers of coastline along the red sea waters of its commercial hub are shared by israel egypt and saudi arabia along with ferries fishermen and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year these clear waters are the main reason why tourists come to the gulf of aqaba and the researchers here are preparing for
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the worst they're growing corals even breezing and storing them just in case climate change wipes out threaten populations. this yellow turban area is much bigger than any human gliding past it bigger corals are found here but this one is about 5 centuries old some day it's hoped the cultured corals will outlast us all red sea varieties are proving to be resilient to climate change and warming sees the scientists practically boast they'll be the last to die back in the lab maysoon and her colleagues constantly monitor the reefs health ensuring that pollutants along the coastline are not adding stress to the creatures below too often development comes with an ecological cost there is a hype spill it is that it's all good on christie to be in close touch with coral a little they are in contact with coral. tourists which is why scientists say it's crucial to keep them at ease especially since the reefs are home to a quarter of all marine life and are chapelle al-jazeera aka. all right still ahead
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on the program. the missing union leader has now turned up ally but doctors in zimbabwe say they'll keep striking for the many of the activists who disappeared. on files of any an enthusiast state according to storm area 51 but did they actually invade the one secret military base. there is no doubt the season is changing the satellite picture alone gives that impression swells are coming down from the north for eastern europe a nice straight cold front coming in from the atlantic for western europe they'll kick up all the storms or at least rain and windy weather going to get the picture
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for sunday for the british isles and for all of western europe really tailing off giving a warm day in madrid but still it's cloudy as dull sunny and the master green suggests under storms or at least rain in its city this is a nice britain has warmed up in germany and poland temperatures in the low to mid twenty's typically i would say cold wind then disappearing into russia is just no so close to moscow we're talking about september 7th the maximum on monday though not smooth didn't buy a little bit by this time so it's clouding up in a still quite warm germany. but it's much the same for the west not cold admittedly and that say after a warm weekend this is going to be not particularly unpleasant in london for example. further south the good part of north africa is far in the onshore breeze hasn't affected temps as much 33 cars to over 40 don now swan but again for area and for 2 days yet despite the fact you're drawing up wards in the south is a cloudy picture with the potential for thunderstorms.
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flying cats and ways to experience the world like never before cats are always going places together. saying.
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oh again undermines at the top stories on al-jazeera police and protesters that clash during the latest anti-government rallies in hong kong police fired tear gas the crowds and there were reports of demonstrators throwing petrol bombs and stones at officers. call for more process in egypt after thousands joined rare nationwide rallies across the country on friday night calling for the resignation of president . young have taken their demands for radical action on global warming to the u.n. swedish campaign. the 1st ever youth summit on climate change in new york. saudi arabia says it will wait until the investigation into last week's drone strikes on 2 of its oil facilities is complete before taking appropriate action saudi's minister of state for foreign affairs. says un investigators will confirm iran was behind the strikes on iran riyadh has rejected
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a claim by yemen's heathy rebels that they carried out strikes on the oil oil plant saying the attack originated from the north part of. the international community has a huge responsibility to put into iran's aggressive policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs must prove it's not a barbarian country is a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states free from supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that are used against civilians. has more now from terror all. so you are a good repeated the allegations accusing iran of behind of being behind those attacks accusing iran of funding terrorist organizations but also be appealing to the international community and trying to get opposition to iran the language is very much that iran has broken international law that this attack on iran's actions
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could affect oil supplies to the rest of the world and they're trying to tell the world that they need to get on board with what the united states and saudi arabia want to censure the more sanctions more pressure on iran from the iranian perspective they will see this as saudi arabia stand still and able to prove where those drones and missiles came from so this is that the investigation is still ongoing and they will release those findings but the united states has put sanctions further sanctions on iran and iran central bank now the foreign minister divides $3000.00 spawned to that he said that this shows the desperation because of the maximum pressure campaign isn't working for the united states he also said that there are people that fear that the united states will return to negotiations and they want to drag the united states into a war so from iran spur specked if they're watching this is this briefing and it's still very much the same accusations leveled against iran but very little evidence at this point in time where the u.s.
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is sending more troops to saudi arabia to base defenses against what it calls a rainy and aggression as acid was mentioning new u.s. sanctions are being imposed on iran the decision for minister zarif is described as desperate to him a blank america's because she is no different than sanctioning the central bank shows us disparate should more than anything else because americans have imposed whatever sanctions they could against iran and what they are doing right now is to sanction the central bank that has already been sanctioned but under a different title but of course there are measures shows there endeavor to block iran's international commerce to block food and medicine from reaching the people of iran. yemen's heathy rebels are celebrating the 5th anniversary of their takeover of the capital sanaa thousands of supporters attended a parade marking what is known as the september 21 revolution who took control of sanaa following an offensive in september 24th team saturday's rally comes
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a day after the rebels said they would stop aiming missile and drone attacks in saudi arabia warning that a continuation of the war could lead to dangerous developments. no matter the difficulties or how much the international community conspires and hires mercenaries and no matter how long this war lasts yemeni people are adamant about gaining the complete sovereignty freedom and independence the revolution of the 21st of september is a revolution against oppression and tyranny hundreds of palestinians in the occupied west bank have taken part in a funeral procession for a 14 year old boy who was shot dead by israeli forces last month nasim. died on august the 15th after he and another boy allegedly tried to stab an israeli police officer in jerusalem's old city his body had been kept by the israeli authorities and was only released to his family on friday. malta says it's taken in 265 migrants rescued from the mediterranean sea but 180 migrants have been refused
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entry and are still on board the ocean viking rescue vessel doctors without borders says the group includes children and a pregnant woman who rescued migrants are the 4th such group to arrive in malta in a week. more than 100 people have been arrested in paris in the latest yellow vest protests against the government police fired tear gas at demonstrators who were smashing windows and setting barricades on fire thousands of police were deployed to the french capital to contain the unrest the fs movement began last year triggered by fuel tax rises proposed by president emanuel like crap. doctors in zimbabwe have vowed to continue striking despite the reappearance of their union leader activists say peace and is one of dozens have been abducted this year many of those have disappeared had organized protests over the state of the economy and
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serious harm a tough one has more from harare i'm sure samsung industries. all but says he was abducted 3 months ago taken to a secluded area and beaten for going izing a teachers' strike of a pay as he suspects his kidnappers were state security agents this to dominica to be removed after everything the clothes everything and a very. slick some robuchon words which they were using to assault me to torture me all over my body they were forcing me to all over the place. and. orbit is one of dozens of people who rights groups say has been abducted in zimbabwe millions of people are struggling with soaring inflation and high unemployment and many of those who disappeared have often helped the protests calling for better wages and services. last week another union leader dr peter magowan they went missing for days health workers marched demanding to
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know where the colleague was he was later found alive he'd been dumped about 40 kilometers from the capital people breaking into houses with masks on armed with military grade weapons such as a producer and typically being people being brutally tortured and in dumped now with most of these 51 abductions that we have seen people have turned up the next day with some such as missing taronga he turned up in a mortuary some months later. al-jazeera has been able to independently verify those numbers government officials did not allegations of human rights abuses. many years people here. lies president amazon and. some of. them all. when they can say what they want. police say they are investigating reports of abductions torture and other human rights violations in some of the reports which she really. you know reading in the
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media the if not to be verified by the police. force which is being made for the police and i want to urge members of the public that there was a claim to have been really you know kidnapped to have been abducted they should make a report a good police so that very fright the investigations can be conducted by. many here say they are not satisfied with the police response they say some people who disappeared years ago are still missing and so far they have been no arrests and no official explanation from the police or government as to why that's happening. al-jazeera had addie. ukraine's foreign minister has denied reports the president trying to pressure the ukrainian president for a lot of his lengthy earlier this year to investigate democratic presidential
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hopeful joe biden and his son but impressed tycho says the phone call in july between trump and selenski was long and friendly but there was no pressure from the u.s. presidents media is reporting that during the call trump repeatedly all selenski to look into biden who could be his 2020 rival with the presidency i know what i'm up against i don't know but you know it's like a serial abuser that's what this guy is the abuse of power every word care he receives anything that he sees any threat to his date of power to do whatever he has to do this process. this last time i call the president nice the transcript of the of the call that everybody here would have there is that the house see it and see what he did wal-mart says it will stop selling a cigarettes in the u.s. is concerned the health risks related to evade paying 8 people have died and hundreds more have developed breathing illnesses after using the products that retailers says it's dropping a cigarettes due to increasing government regulation well it started as an
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online joke but quickly went viral a call on facebook for people to storm area 51 u.s. military facility famous for alien conspiracy theories but millions of people responded to the post not as many showed up as the authority said fair hi peter castro reports from nevada it's the middle of the night in a party is happening outside the gate of a remote and top secret u.s. military base. why would you ever miss this a bunch of random people in weird costumes standing outside of a government base why would you want to miss that. these are the people heeding a call to storm area 51 a call it started on facebook when a college student jokingly posted we can move faster than their bullets let's see the aliens. we came out to see don't people make
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a run for it are people really storming the military base only a few police say a person was arrested for trespassing early friday morning and in the light of day the sighing clearly reads 6 months in prison meant strictly enforced well you know there are stories galore of all sorts of things exotic and potentially alien happening here if you want michael hall is an attorney who believes aliens have visited earth and his opinion may be supported by some evidence from the u.s. military itself these declassified videos shot by navy pilots around 2015 show u.f.o.'s whose movements defy human technology the government says it still doesn't know what they were if they're confirming these things exist they don't know what they are. obviously something is controlling and then there's the recent
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discovery of a planet 110 light years away the scientists believe may be capable of supporting life i don't think we are we alone in the universe. that's all pushed these extraterrestrial lovers to this a communion in the desert with other earthlings who are unafraid to celebrate their inner alien. castro al-jazeera along the extraterrestrial highway nevada. and to take a look at our website for more many of all stories out there adult court. and reminder the top stories on al jazeera riot police the fired tear gas the protesters in hong kong after the latest anti-government rallies turned violent they've also been reports of demonstrators throwing petrol bombs and stones at police earlier in the day thousands of people march towards government buildings
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calling for the resignation of the chief executive kerri-anne hong kong has been paralyzed by 4 months of anti-government demonstrations which began in june over a proposed extradition law. they've been calls for more process in egypt after thousands joined rare nationwide rallies across the country on friday night security forces fired tear gas at crowds as demonstrators demanded the resignation of president sisi human rights watch is calling for the media release of those detained during the unrest. one day after what's been called the biggest climate protest in history young activists have taken their calls for radical action to a youth climate summit at the un the summit was opened by 16 year old swedish campaigner gretta timberg who inspired the day of global process by young people on friday organizers say 4000000 people of all ages to pass worldwide yesterday millions of people across the globe. marched and
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demanders real climate action especially young people. we showed that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable saudi arabia says it will wait until the investigation into last week's drone strikes or 2 of its oil facilities is complete before taking appropriate action saudi's minister of state for foreign affairs at a larger bear says u.n. investigators will prove that the attack on iran co came from the north and not from yemen riyadh has rejected a claim by yemenis heathy rebels that they carried out the strikes on the plants and says it holds iran accountable. yemen's to the rebels the celebration the 5th anniversary of the takeover of the capital sanaa thousands of supporters attends a parade marking what is known as the september 21 better nation. and those
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relations headlines here on al-jazeera do stay with us the listening post is coming up next thanks for watching by. c.b.s. news is joining you right here because they are things you think of i mean i'm going to share my passion conny church a church. where our church plant has had next week i'm actually i think the times between climate change extreme weather. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week planet s.o.s. climate change was breaking news long ago why have the mainstream media been so
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slow and so poor in covering the inside story from the favelas of rio de janeiro the locals say they get a raw deal from news outlets on the outside so they've taken the covering their story themselves and al jazeera journalist has been in jail in egypt for 1000 days now and still has not been charged with committing a crime and as chinese kids return to school there are lessons to be learned from the state. record heat waves in europe and africa droughts in southern india on an unprecedented scale hurricanes more frequent and violent than ever and wildfires in of all places the arctic the global news media are after decades of looking the other way finally waking up to what scientists have long called an emergency climate change take covering climate now it's an alliance of more than 300 media outlets including this one currently running one week's worth of climate coverage in the lead up to
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a summit on the subject in new york city the shortfall in the coverage of climate change and the shortcomings. expose the ugly irresponsible side of modern journalism particularly the corporate conduct the chase for ratings and revenues in the media are complicit in and not just observers of an economy dependent on fossil fuels and that's a big part of the problem our starting point this week once again is the planet earth. a global media consortium a journalistic collective the size and reach of which is commensurate to the story and news agencies like bloomberg a.f.p. in france and getty images u.s. television networks and c.b.s. indias news 18 s v t in sweden and al-jazeera into asahi shimbun and. the most widely read
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newspapers in japan and italy respectively more than 300 media outlets on 6 continents with a combined audience of more than a 1000000000 people all brought together by 2 american publications the nation magazine and the columbia journalism review to talk about one issue climate change i thought there is a critical mass of journalists out there who want to be doing more and better climate coverage and that's what led to this project covering climate now and it has been remarkable to see the way that so many outlets have stepped up big outlets small outlets radio t.v. print online and all over the world so much of the climate journalism that we do is about our country it's very insular and this is a global issue and especially a lot of the polluters cross borders today i was writing a story about sewage systems in philadelphia and we had the exact same problems in
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johannesburg here where we're so. it seemed like an opportunity to join up museums and tell our audience for a week that here is an issue that the whole world is dealing with. the consortium strategy was to have all of its members churning out a week's worth of environmental reporting leading up to september 23rd and the start of a major climate conference in new york city for participants like india's hindustan times and south africa's mail and guardian the core subject is the same the story is markedly different so in south africa one of the big problems we have is we have such a big carbon footprint as a nation right but if you look at india i balk at their emissions are extremely low they're lower lower than the world average power utility eskom. which is a petro chemicals company and a few other industries these are all valid of the apartheid regime where these incredibly polluting industries that affect the communities that live next to them
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and they also have a huge impact on using carbon emissions it's good to put a human face to the climate change story and i think this is an opportunity to do that then at the same time track the conference in new york track it as effectively as possible look at what the government here is doing and what it plans to announce as impressive as the consortium's joint output has been the question begged is what took them so long the new york times had this page one story on a scientist working for nasa predicting much of what we are seeing today record heat waves droughts and sea level rises if global warming went on checked that piece was written 31 years ago in 1908. what followed has been not just a failing of governments but of news media as well part of which is a continuing failure to connect the dots on us broadcast networks a.b.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c. all recently gorged on the coverage of hurricane dorian some of the windows here in
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the. over 8090 miles an hour but of the 216 segments they put to air over a one week stretch only one mentioned the possible causal context climate change one very few journalists have covered the climate change beat since that new york times article in 1908 the guardian's george monbiot is among them why has it taken this long and this concerted a lobbying effort to get the media outlets where they need to be on this story if you look at the billionaire press newspapers owned by billionaires they have a very clear interest in not emphasizing climate breakdown. because doing so directly offends the commercial interests of the billionaire class as a whole in the broadcast media it's long been perceived as counter aspirational so they can have something on this stunning caribbean island and the programs they
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like to make are all about wonderful houses and amazing things you can buy great holidays you can go on. and climate. and environmental breakdown more generally the specter at the feast saying actually all this apparent progress is progress towards disaster there's been a lair of top executives in the media who have been not just indifferent to these issues but to really hostile to them i've met journalists from mexico from india from southeast asia who all tell me the same thing they themselves as journalists the desperate to cover the issues but the senior figures within their organizations just keep nixing it keep saying that. because in the end money talks and when it does many media outlets listen and song go quiet
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since the paris climate agreement of 2016 the 5 biggest publicly traded or oil and gas companies have spent around a $1000000000.00 trying to shift the narrative on climate change some of that is spent on lobbying that happens out of the public eye but it also pays for the branded content advertising you may have seen on a newspaper's website and should the weather change yet again i'm asked to step in to keep the power flowing and the night shining or the ads that have grown common on the american airwaves slick feel good messaging it's getting the attention you deserve but the privacy you desire at a time when the standard of covering climate change is finally improving advertising often works against the journalism and with media starved of revenue like never before news outlets face a dilemma take the ad money or leave it you have to rely on advertising so at the mail and guardian. we have a strict divide between the commercial side and the editorial side but we can veto
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adverts if we think they're not in line with an editorial policy or their allies basically so we do try and hold their adverts to a better standard but you know you you need money to do journalism sort of the moment this is where the money is i want to talk about something you wrote way back in 2007 the editorials urge us to cut our emissions the urge us to raise them do you see a tension between those 2 imperatives the tension is is almost overwhelming sometimes i get a lot of complaints from my readers about it and it's right across. all the media you get the advertisement splashing us towards what we know is disaster i would like to see media outlets ceasing to take advertising for oil companies for gas companies for cars for planes for holidays which require flights and i don't think
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that's too much to ask these are industries which. should be on the way out anyway. as impressive as the list of companies that took part in all that climate change coverage is the list does not tell the full story consider the organizations you do not see here the ones that chose not to take part for reasons ranging from the journalistic to the ideological to the merely commercial i did make efforts to reach out to most of the biggest u.s. news organizations to invite them to be part of covering climate now new york times has declined the washington post declined the wall street journal declined the los angeles times declined c.n.n. declined n.b.c. news declined a.b.c. news declined they did not want to look like they were part of a campaign or trying to push
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a certain agenda on their readers we differ with that point of view we think that it fundamentally misses a key aspect of journalism which is the trying to cut through the fog and tell citizens here's what you need to know about your world and here's what you can do about it. we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers you know actually rafi nina the media in egypt are severely restricted under the government there but there is one very public dissenting voice going after the president himself what can you tell us about him. this person speaking out richard is very well known in egypt he's a film and t.v. actor his name is muhammad ali and over the past few weeks he's been posting numerous half hour long video on facebook and youtube and he's doing it from spain . well actually. he gave them a. lot of those who voted no. now it's not surprising i really felt he had to
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leave egypt in order to see some of the things he's saying he's gone where few others in egypt would dare to go and he had extensive dealings with the egyptian military and says he saw up close clear cases of corruption and embezzlement by president sisi his wife and their inner circle these videos richard have been going crazy online they've been getting millions of views and many of those views are within egypt so how are the egyptian media dealing with this given that criticism of the president there is such a no no well these videos have been seen as so incendiary that president himself came out to respond he was at a conference in cairo when he spoke about allegations. we'll tell you how the top liberal beliefs. to close a deal with a totally. we haven't seen such a public challenge against president sisi before now that's in part due to the fact
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that the suppression and targeting of independent journalism has been so effective among the hundreds of journalists who are currently in jail in egypt there is as on mahmoud hussain who's been held without any charge for more than a 1000 days all right the other story we're looking at is in great britain the continuing chaos over brock's it and david cameron the prime minister who set this whole process off with that referendum called 3 years ago decides to choose this particular moment to launch a publicity tour yeah i mean cameron's been all over the british waves and he's promoting his autobiography. it was the moment he was finally in front of the camera and under the spotlight the leadership election collapse and so it came to an end very quickly and i hated leaving the job but i love serving the country and he's appeared in just about any t.v. or radio platform that will have him and is even the subject of a 2 part b.b.c. documentary on his time in office the candidate is the prime minister who called that referendum on britain's membership of the e.u. even though he said he himself is anti brags that history probably won't treat him
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kindly but the british media largely have helping him sell copies of his book which haven't exactly been flying off the shelves in the u.k. ok thanks mina. consider what you know or think you know about the favelas of rio de janeiro those sprawling hillside communities that are as synonymous with rio as the city's iconic beaches perhaps you see favelas as the brazilian media and many international news outlets have depicted them lawless communities virtual no go zones for police where the only realistic solution is a security show of force that prevailing view that the favelas need to be brought under control plays well for 2 politicians in particular president j. or boss a narrow and rio's governor wilson vets or both have given police more authority to use lethal force in the favelas through an ongoing shoot to kill policy and they routinely defend officers who kill on the job however there is an alternative media
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narrative coming out of the favelas that has emerged through community based journalistic collectives they use video footage posted on social media to document police violence and security abuses to counter the dominant mainstream media narrative on one of brazil's most important stories the listening post often now on 2 of those collectives topple and not a.v. and the work they do. they begin early in the morning when the for that is the fleet getting ready for police raids that come without warning and turn residents into hostages in their own time the middle son to the 1st one of my days of a helicopter gunship it's very disturbing. then speak with residents from all over the complex people give guidance as
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a method of defense be careful when going to such and such street the police tank is there with thank you write the information and decide where to share and when you. i'm told one of those guys was able to turn the favelas into a war zone and we share information in order to minimize the damage to people's lives not only physical damage but psychological too which is more serious for the residents our facebook page works as an information tool so they can feel safe it was a bizarre time for thurso this is what it was the importance of these media collective easy mets mainly to fill a void left by the mass media and why is that because the press doesn't answer that because these are territories where the state is not present so if they thought is understandable something. they all the food bellows eyes and. media collectives like my t.v. v.m.
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pop will have to fill an information void. one that's especially dangerous during the named daisy military writes in the about the collective the photos videos and information in real time you can share them with residents on facebook and what's. the decade rear security forces have operated with almost total impunity in the foot but the focus of the focus was on the bill for you to know what you're going to tell someone else opening day i want to cancel this one because i don't care about this look at the puppy that i was facing off with residents occupying and invading her. but not without pushback from the media collective well it's very english plus on the scene there was several instances where we used our videos to get justice there was the case of it why do dishes lose a 10 year old boy who was shot by a soldier the 1st thing the residents did was called up where we wanted our video
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to serve as evidence of the crime scene to avoid someone moving the body or placing a gun in the child's hand the policeman wouldn't allow us in the area but we are from the favela the favela people have their own resources another resident let us go up on his roof and we filmed everything from above. a footage was used by the public defender in eduardo's case and it made news across the country one of. rio's favelas are more than 100 years old they are impoverished communities where the state has historically showing little interest in residents while being in the 1980 s. the drug trade pushed its way into the balance trapping the population bad between brutal warring gangs and police forces with a reputation provided for the brazil's president jaya both the novel's and rio's
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governor wilson both support more extreme action. while there is also in the us regarding the rescue result there is also more of the usual look you will go this route you must be sure. the governor i recently took part in a police operation. because. residents a helicopter is used to fire indiscriminately and launch grenades on the ballot. rio's militarized security forces now kill an average of 5 people per day brazil of its war government officials say a one drug that's inside the favelas feels more like a war on the pole. was when they use the war metaphor to justify this kind of action they forget that in a war there's a ceasefire a curfew a series of actions that should prevent the war becoming
4:41 am
a genocide but both are not all as presidents and it's all israel's gov we have a synchrony of a state genocide policy we have a governor who wants to be rambo that was. my me i say meet you by chips and it needs to be said when it's on the plaza security policy in which success is measured by the number of bodies left on the floor. it's clear how this government's focus is on barbarism. how can anyone and violent if you increase the number of people killed rios police have been more lethal than during the 5 government that came before so how can anyone solve security issues if no one invests in inclusion policies police operations have always existed in the for values death has always existed unfortunately that's all the fellows are used for they only see the favelas through the sights of their rifles. or both of the flu. brazil's mainstream
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media have a troubled relationship with a few but always there for you to just say good bullshit they hold the favela the horse sing and all he would be if the majority of brazilians and the vast majority of the people of the ballots are of african descent the faces in the media and on the airwaves are disproportionately white when the media do report on the favelas it's for all the wrong reasons but. i must draw this is joyous the terminology can be problematic varies by his scumbag ideas bandy it. may be. an official voices are often privileged over voices from within the favela. many journalists have also in bed with security forces and train with a valid in time one to locals have a cab ride out
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a big skull. however the dangers for journalists covering this beat are rails in 2002 to me a reporter from the largest t.v. and drug court with tortured to death in what was called a macabre ritual of violence a trade mom. the natori of drug lord he was investigating dubbed the madman by rios toppling the brutality of his mudda shocked brazilians not least knew that it's who have been reluctant to send reporters into the favelas everything. vinicius don't know whether a colleague of tim lopez. i'm going to press or p.r. officer for the mass media companies but we need to be fair here how can i as a journalist report those stories if i conquer in how i need to access these people's realities and what's the reality that we hear about it's violence bad news
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to traffic. noise. seem pretty high speed edge of my guess that due to the impossibility of access despite the tremendous richness from the favelas we get just one story about them this is not coverage. to cover is to be there but we are not for instance this interview is being recorded in a posh neighborhood in the south would we be able to record this inside of a villa we would need authorization. it's very common to hear t.v. journalists say that they don't go into the favelas because it's too violent we can't deny some of that is true this interview for instance we should be doing it inside the limo but today was an intense day of gunfights it would be irresponsible to tell you come let's do it then if a journalist wants a scoop from inside the for that they should listen to
4:45 am
a favela person but what we say doesn't have credit. thank you i just point if that's why it's well and not a v.z. are fundamental because they have a direct link with everyday lives they listen to the residence they give visibility and amplify those voices to have alternative communication tools like not a.v. and pop poet so speaking out against the logic of war and the dehumanization of black bodies in the favelas is fundamental for my mental. rio's 5 a lot of the people of the favela face the political establishment hell bent on treating them as a hostile population as well as media outlets hindered by difficulties of access but also by bias and a tendency to peddle the narrative of war. amidst all this the media collectives b.v. up ahead and the numerous others across rio tell stories from the inside broadcasting
4:46 am
a reality seen through the lens of the fan. and finally it's that time of year in many countries back to school time for students in china the 1st lesson of each year comes from the state and beijing's media apparatus. yes as classes begin students and their parents are required to watch a television program produced by the ministry of education and the national broadcaster c.c.t.v. the show is part of a government campaign to quote unify ideology on quote this year's theme patriotism an hour and a half of flag waving history celebrating military cheering and achievement listing for any other authoritarian states and leaders who might be watching it's really a lesson in the art of propaganda we'll see you next time you're at the listening post. to look
4:47 am
at the shit that's actually a sound them and. you don't seem to look at the mail. i've
4:48 am
. got you know. some other life. hello i'm maryam namazie and london with a quick look at the headlines stories now that been more scenes of violence in hong kong where police and protesters have clashed during the latest anti-government rallies riot police fired tear gas at crowds gathered on the streets and inside a mall and metro station and also been reports of demonstrators throwing petrol bombs and stones at police earlier in the day thousands of people march towards
4:49 am
government buildings calling for the resignation of the chief executive kerry lam the city has been paralyzed by 4 months of anti-government demonstrations which began in june of very proposed extradition will scott high has more now from hong kong. this is the 16th weekend of protests here i was in a mall i j c c when it starts raining the reason the protesters are here was some months ago a gang dressed in white suits beat up protesters asked today holding events here that is something that's really been a rallying cry for the protests and see about why they're here tonight. the protesters are here because and our station was long stacey was shot down by the police now there was supposed to be here are 7 pm at night they're a little bit delayed because they're holding another protest against the r.c.c. earlier that protest is actually by the government but they ran
4:50 am
a little bit late past the 5 year mark and there's a bit of a confrontation between the police and the protesters but they will be here to the mall. earlier in the day probating supporters carried out what they said was a cleanup and they went out to the living walls these are places that have been dubbed the socks because this is where protesters went out and put out anti-government anti trying of banners and notes on the wall the probate supporters went out to clean it up the protesters say that they're going to continue with their operations this weekend on sunday they're going to head out of hong kong international airport there they say they want again that make an attempt to disrupt the traffic there. they've been calls for more protests in egypt after thousands joined rare nationwide rallies across the country on friday night security forces fired tear gas on crowds as demonstrators demanded the resignation of president sisi human rights watch is calling for the immediate release of those detained during the unrest a day after what's been called the biggest climate protest in history young
4:51 am
activists have taken their calls for radical action to a youth climate summit at the u.n. summit was opened by 16 year old swedish campaigner gretta term bug who inspired the days of global protests by young people on friday organizers say 4000000 people of all ages took part worldwide to pay tribute to young activists everywhere just a day millions of people across the globe. marched and demanded real climate action especially young people. we show that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable saudi arabia says it will wait until the investigation into last week's drone strikes on 2 of its oil facilities is complete before taking appropriate action saudi's minister of state for foreign affairs are the algebra says un investigators will confirm iran was behind the strikes on iran co riyadh has
4:52 am
rejected a claim by yemen's who's the rebels that they carried out strikes on the oil plants saying the attack originated from the north. i have to live in the bush to my limits to my duty mr leader to be able the international community has a huge responsibility to put an end to ron's aggressive vandalism policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs must prove its not a barbarian country is a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states refrain from supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that he used against civilians. and yemen's his the rebels as celebrating the 5th anniversary of that takeover of the capital sana thousands of supporters attended a parade marking what's known as the september 21 revolution who face took control of sana following an offensive in september 2014. the headlines al jazeera well is coming up next but i will have more news for you in
4:53 am
about 25 minutes time see that i for now.
4:54 am
over the decades millions from the arab world have emigrated some escaped conflict or pressed accuse others moved for economic or family reasons they settled in europe australia the americas and africa but what's happened to them afterwards. while born and raised in italy to me abdul qadeer is a jordanian palestinian origin she's also milan's 1st muslim female council member . but 1st meet dr now. a pharmacist and businesswoman originally from iraq. she arrived in the netherlands over 2 decades ago. and we're only what what. and what i thought you hated yemen or that he thought
4:55 am
just been a horrible minute iraq. kind of that. she had that her. and that if i were to his show that i feel has with our. book and i think it does come with a hot head of. a lot of head of a common enemy i'm a. few months since her my 2nd boxer had him and i kind of hit that your mother is here. in the live in a horrible mill at arco. a lot of blood in a heart of woman look none of. us feel. blessed to be there might help that you have fear fear whether such joy learn georgia man fear. of course i am not going on the hush now about how are the hosts
4:56 am
and a lot when they marched over to jena us live here in a bit odd well that i'm a little of the so harvey. feel that much allowed. in the early 1993 and her family moved from yugoslavia to cyprus where her father worked as a journalist for an arabic magazine after some time the family chose to return to syria. 3rd same type of saying. it was atlanta city every day our. little. look at that. bad that i said no. idea what that might have a son only a few other medallists fewer than. all of the clueless
4:57 am
a few demerged before appear with decision not to follow. well do a lot for. your musharraf's last thoughts and or some. of them. alone by shuttle minimum about has a little fear within a couple gotten a commoner how i lay a little hum said that a short. little budget the spender left the line and. there's a classic of that. hoss won't. see out with a motel if kind of had the in can be a been spent. at barnard not at all sudden violent there. and that and that island
4:58 am
a whole india what it. was. told. them to hand it back loaded all of the credits at that actual come in you. would. and worship at the turn serene. notice the men with the folk in the be. called richard. is a charming dutch town not far from the city of draft. remembers it not for the scenery but for obstacles and challenges she faced while living there. a familiar. know only. one jamila no
4:59 am
clue what's going on what for. them be. more difficult. than it's been especially. should then. be had in medina. and they must. move for the home for the holiday. in medina medina. little mother jamal. jamaal 2nd will show out of. medina.
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i think alesha have a little bit of help. here. juggling with your mother is out of manure and other someone her fellow we are claudia was a fallen mr jealous if you are in with us or. someone at the table with a child camel call your mom jalen mother so what a woman only at 21st we're sorry but when mom lets stuff nigel shatter claudia ok i thought to have an email jarrod. clowery is as rockabilly couple i would be a mother sour so hollywood clearly has. not terrible he worked hard and achieved excellent grades in secondary school.


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