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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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the goals that we've seen in the streets in the past might in bolden people to continue to go into streets tonight and do this 1000000 man gathering or march next friday just as he had called for this protest this week and so what i think we're also seeing is a real interesting demographic shift in the protestors the average age in egypt today is 23 the revolution of 2011 was 80 years ago and so the average age of rejections that were during the revolution was 15 and so those protesting in the streets have really lived most of their formidable years of their lives under extreme repression and uncertainty as i said it's very interesting what you say about the way in which the government has cracked down on any sort of dissent i want to pick up on that point with you but also just want to take a look at some of the latest images that are coming to us from sioux is where calls
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this in northeast in egypt and we are starting to see a few people on the streets there perhaps not as great as the sort of numbers that we were saying last night we have to be also cautious about exaggerating the the presence of those on the streets we're not talking about wide scale protests a toll on the scale that we have seen in the past or in 2011 this is not that but nonetheless dalia it takes a great deal of courage for people to make an appearance like this on the streets given the threat that this poses to their safety. we have seen that the generation of 2011 which used to be called generation protests they call generation jail because over 60000 prisoners exist in egypt you see the thousands of disappeared persons those who have been actually usually killed and those are rounded up in the streets and been disappeared so the cost of protest today is very
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critical as it's very dangerous and so the fact that even if you have broken the fear barriers is interesting but i think aside from that the social economic and political situation in egypt lends itself to creating the perfect counter protest moment if you look at again the average age of the egyptians is 23 years old 20 according to egypt's own statistics in 201320 percent lived under poverty 2019 they claim that 33 percent of egyptians abandon parvati and according to the world bank it's closer to 60 percent so you have a very young population most of whom live in abject poverty or on the brink of poverty and there is no real room for growth and given the economic situation and that release of these videos that show a president living a very lavish lifestyle could be a moment where egyptians might turn. and so it is possible that we could see more
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such protests but a mention of i something is said about the way in which the government the military specifically has responded to protests in the past we have seen raney a 0 tolerance approach with it to gas and bullets now why hasn't that as you say that was largely peaceful there were arrests but why hasn't it happened this time. so again the jury is out but what i will tell you is that in 2011 the military stood by and allowed president obama to be removed from office because he had become a liability to the military in 2013 president morsi had to be removed from office because he had become a liability to the military we could possibly be seeing a moment today where president sisi is increasingly becoming a liability to the military we need only look at the last election the last presidential election most of the candidates that attempted to run for office were former military men who are either arrested or were not allowed to run and if you
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look at press this chief of staff of the former chief of staff of the military i'm not a facebook page which he continues himself to be in prison since he attempted to run for office and he a formal military man calls for protesters not to leave the streets until sisi is removed i think we also might be seeing something happening some within the military or some kind of internal fissure that saying presidency see might have become a liability to the military itself all right thank you for your analysis appreciate it donna fahey joining us that from new jersey. well there is much more still ahead on this news hour from london. to manila millions hit the streets beaches rivers and forests to tidy up on cleanup day. yemen to see rebel celebrate 5 years since they seized the capital sana'a. and then a bit later when elders steals the show for you venter.
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saudi arabia says it will wait until the investigation into last week's drone strikes on 2 of its oil facilities is complete before taking appropriate action saudi's minister of state for foreign affairs on bare says u.n. investigators will prove that the attack on iran co came from the north and not from yemen riyadh has rejected a claim by yemen's heathy rebels that they carried out the strikes on the oil plants and says it hold iran accountable. the international community has a huge responsibility to put into runs aggressive vandalism policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs must prove it's not a barbarian country is a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states refrain from
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supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that are used against civilians as well as a bank has more from to iran. so you're a good repeated the allegations accusing iran of the 100 being behind those attacks accusing iran of funding terrorist organizations but also they're appealing to the international community and trying to get opposition to iran the language is very much that iran has broken international law that this attack on iran's actions could affect world supplies to the rest of the world and they're trying to tell the world that they need to get on board with what the united states and saudi arabia want to censure the more sanctions more pressure on iran but from the iranian perspective they will see this as. still able to prove where those drones and missiles came from so this is that the investigation is still ongoing and they would release those findings but the united states has put sanctions further sanctions on iran and iran central bank now the foreign minister jihads reasons for
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and to that he said that this shows the desperation because of the maximum pressure campaign isn't working for the united states he also said that they are people that fear that the united states will return to negotiations and they want to drag the united states into a war so from iran spur specked if they're watching this is this briefing and it's still very much the same accusations leveled against iran but very little evidence at this point in time. iran's revolutionary guard is warning though that it is ready for combat action that any country launching an attack will become the battlefield general hussein salami was speaking at the opening of a new exhibition showcasing iranian weaponry a day after the u.s. and outs it was sending more troops to saudi arabia and has a much stronger reports from tehran u.s. drones or at least pieces of them on the styles of. any doubts about what iran might do if attacked the man who would lead the fight put to rest i'm about about
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cornish our reaction will be absolute and we will respond powerfully to anyone who wants his land to become a battlefield we will never let iranian land become a battlefield and we will fight to the end no way it will be saif bay careful. hussein salami took charge of the islamic revolutionary guard corps earlier this year his warning to iran's enemies came at a ceremony to unveil new exhibits at the war museum and to her own exhibits which are no doubt especially prized drones seized or shot down by iranian forces who are forward who today we see the largest collection of global drones in this museum and people can closely observe different kinds of drawings that mostly belongs to america this museum serves as a lesson to our enemies to those who threaten the nation of iran. iran is investing
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heavily in developing weapons to respond leaders say to the ongoing us military buildup in the middle east iran has also been able to reinforce its armory by reverse engineering the kind of american and british equipment on display here. attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities earlier this month have renewed fears that iranian military support for hooty fighters in yemen is what made them possible. but answering questions about how much material support if any iran is giving the who these was not on the day's agenda. instead a celebration of what iranians consider important victories in the wider battle for regional control the most prestigious trophy a wreckage of one of the pentagon's most sophisticated drones a global hawk spy plane down to by iranian forces in june and here the very same surface to air missile defense system that shot it down it was actually transported
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to the capital from the south of the country where it was deployed to try and cure it this kind of visual equation predator and prey showcased in the same place to illustrate the point iran can't seem to make often enough if its enemies are looking for a fight iran will give them 1. 0 to one. now a day after leading what's being called the biggest climate protest in history young activists have taken that calls for radical action to use climate summit at the u.n. it was opened by a 16 year old swedish campaign aggressive who inspired friday's protests which organize a sage or some 4000000 people and diplomatic editor james bays reports from the un . the day after people around the world led by the youth took to the streets here young people taking over one of the global halls of power this is the u.n. youth summit but the most powerful person was not here to speak u.n.
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secretary general antonio good terrorists was billed as the keynote this snow and these are among the speeches he heard these negotiations and climate change policy started in 1902 even before most of my generation was fine for over 25 years and the emissions have only reson. we appreciate that you there are no other table where the discussions are being held but all voices in our imports must be allowed to influence this decision yesterday millions of people across the globe. marched and demanded real climate action especially young people. we showed that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable the u.n. is hoping to leverage the people we've seen in recent days led by the youth and
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gratitude ahead of a climate summit of world leaders on monday among those who'll be there at the launch chancellor merkel of germany president macro of france and prime minister modi of india but what about the 2 biggest emitters or china will be represented by state councilor and foreign minister wang ye and the u.s. will president trump is in town but he won't be attending the meeting in the u.s. system the longer your title the more junior you are and we're told the u.s. delegation will be headed by the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific a furze marshall burn a cat i'd never heard of her before a clear snub james bows out 0 at the united nations but one of the many people get it has inspired is climate activist vanessa from camp pilar in uganda a 22 year old is in new york for the u.n. climate summit just saying that al-jazeera has visited the knesset just before she
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left home and here's her story. after school i wanted to build something that could cause change and impact was laid in my country through my research i worked a friend out about climate strakes better than bad. i started looking for climate to vist our own africa but i referred to get one i said to look for them in uganda but i thought to get one so it was up to me to start the play mid strakes. i'm fighting for a better future for everyone a better future for my family for the citizens of this country for africa as a quantum ist and for the citizens of this entire world i believe that through my strakes climate action can be taken by our government leaders and probably to tread me to get their situation under a virus the problem that we are facing great now i was invited by the united
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nations for the youth climate summit so i've been carrying got preparations i'm going to present my country and africa as a continent. climate change is real and dangerous for us all it knows no age and it knows no person if it is to destroy our life it destroys anyone so they should join the fight against the climate crisis. and a day after the global climate strikes millions more people have been helping tidy the streets on the shores on world cleanup day in india thousands took to the beaches to collect garbage from the shorelines including plastic waste wrappers food packets and bottles a day also aims to raise awareness about conserving the environment oceans of long been used as a dumping ground for various types of waste posing a significant threat to marine life or volunteers have also been cleaning up in the turkish city of istanbul where it's estimated that every resident produces one kilo
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of waste a day so then because you lou has more from the cleanup efforts over. this group will fall in tears have gathered in istanbul for the world clean out say their aim is to clean slate so fall out of the streets in istanbul old town they have brought mainly children among them today because they want to educate them for their future to save their future and teach them how to clean them garbage in a city is that they are living good creating a sense of personal responsibility of taking care of your own spaces and your own neighborhoods is really fundamental to making a change all over the world if everyone takes care of their own space we wouldn't have this problem if people took care of their own beaches if they took care of their own neighborhoods in their own cities who would be doing a lot better so getting the children and gauged in keeping their own neighborhood clean is really important but yesterday there was a bit because i'm it strike that the jews in believing and as adults i feel as an
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adult i feel that is and ashamed that i made this world such a terrible place that knowledge is and have to carry this burden each citizen and istanbul generates at least one kilogram of ways per day and it's managed around 20 tons of waste per day in istanbul and $90000000.00 tons of waste across turkey in general which is a huge number and according to official figures there is a problem here because 2000 often ways for as it's generated by the truth is fearful is mismanaged which means it is not serious i fold or acclimated or kept in the way of houses properly and listens bad forward with our friend and my mentor the experts say which raises a crucial and for the future and also thinking that turkey has become the set the margins flat 6 and weighs in for terry from new york case and this is also raising concerns of on the public because since 2 thirds of the west has mismanaged all are
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they going to manage it the noise from other countries now this is a question being asked by many interacting with the news. live from london more to come donald trump say the ukrainian president in actual life phone call democrats are calling for the transcript to be released by politicians and tech giants are both being blamed for pricing people out of dublin's housing market and in sport australia survive a big gap in a rocky while cup match against. there is no doubt the season is changing the satellite picture alone gives that impression swells are coming down from the north for eastern europe a nice straight cold front coming in from the atlantic for western europe they'll
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kick up all the storms or at least rain and windy weather going to get the picture for sunday for the british isles and for all of western europe really tailing off giving a warm day in madrid but still it's cloudy as dull sunny and the master green suggests under storms or at least rain in italy this is the nice bit has warmed up in germany and poland temperatures in the low to mid twenty's typically i would say cold wind then disappearing into russia just know so close to moscow we're talking about september 7th the maximum on monday though not smooth didn't buy a little bit by this time so it's cutting up in a still quite warm germany. but it's much the same for the west not cold admittedly and that's say after a war weekend this is going to be not particularly unpleasant in london for example . further south the good part of north africa is fine the onshore breeze hasn't affected temps as much 33 in cairo and still over 41 but again for our area and for tunisia despite the fact you're drawing up water in the south is
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a cloudy picture but the potential for thunderstorms. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and sharing go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than all souls in this life what want to lose his freedom of expression. the right to mourn it. sean and a lot into the darkness. because you dislike the design and to understand the will. make social. and the human condition is universal.
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a look at the top stories this hour anti-government protests are taking place in cities across egypt for the 2nd night in a row a man who inspired the rallies with his videos about corruption in egypt is urging the security forces to remove president from power by next friday police and protesters have clashed during the latest anti-government rallies in hong kong riot police fired tear gas at the crowds and reports of demonstrators throwing petrol
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bombs and stones at the offices and saudi arabia are saying or wait until the investigation into last week's drone strikes on 2 of its oil facilities is complete before taking appropriate action. well yemen's rebels are celebrating the 5th anniversary of their takeover of the capital sanaa thousands of supporters attended a parade marking what's known as the september 21 revolution took control of sana following an offensive in september 2014 saturday's rally comes a day after the rebels said they would stop aiming missile and drone attacks at saudi arabia. has more from the rally. yemenis from all walks of life have gathered here outside the old city old son out to mark the 5th anniversary all the 21st of september robles and little bros of the b. say this is considered to them as the starting points to get their country back from the saudi our newest domination. toda edge tumbled out of us out it's
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a revolution up rooted corruption and up for each of the tyrants we used to be just followers of the u.s. and saudi arabia now we are independent and we reject any phone interferes with this is who took the car in the revolution of 24 to say that the internationally recognized government have cracked down on them in order to put an end to their brothers i guess what they say because rots the saudi bad we do have. the problem of the start of our revolution we face different kinds of crackdowns but now we started to get stronger with the current invasion and aggression against tech country be operationally to continue at revolution who labelled me better than i was what it was of the middle son big political leader of the hokies madam a sad sad result of the masses was that so they saudis but he will see.
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their tune on the side of tags and saw the territories such when a step has been will come by put this is the will live on that in more than one occasion the saudis have not positively responded to such an agenda. on the other it's a good initiative to call for peace but unfortunately the saudis and the allies haven't reacted positively yet they could lose this opportunity provided by the political leadership and i think that. now with the us president donald trump or send more forces to the region to secure saudi oil infrastructure does this mean that the region is going to burn as more brutal and fierce battles this year it has to be seen. well how then did the who feels come to gain power in yemen well they were founded as a resistance movement in the 1990 s. by hussein but who see a member of yemen's 80 shia minority he was killed by yemeni soldiers in 2004 and
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the group is now led by his brother susie's grew more powerful in the vacuum left by the ousting of the longtime president ali abdullah saleh in yemen is arab uprising in 2012 they pull out of transition talks aimed at creating a stable new government and in september 2014 they entered son seizing the government headquarters and capturing the crucial port city of her data a month later in january 2015 the group sees the presidential palace in sun forcing the new president. so hadi to flee the saudi amorality coalition launched a ferocious air campaign on the rebels in march 25th to try to restore the internationally recognized government since then tens of thousands of civilians have died and millions have been left on the brink of starvation in recent months the who sees have stepped up attacks on saudi arabia and said that they carried out
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the drone strikes on 2 of its oil facilities a week ago. i'm joined now in the studio by ship on he's a yemeni analyst and human rights activist so we were seeing images there from the yemeni capital sana'a he sees and their supporters are celebrating but we have seen more than 4 years of war now between them and the saudi led coalition and yemen is now at the world's worst humanitarian crisis what is your feeling on on this day well i think the 21st of september 2014 was the main changing point after the yemeni uprising in 200-2011 now after 2011 there is or more often political opening in the country there was more journalists more freedom of press there was more women participation into the political process there was more engagement of the civil society all of that really
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changed after this day. 5 years ago. suddenly we saw journalists are i've seen myself journalists who were taken to prison we then were banned from having protests in in we really had protests on a. regular bases about many different many different issues there was then heavy crackdown on any form of political political dissent and then things started to do to us collate and basically sanaa the capital but it was supposed to be belongs to all of the citizens and despite its where you you you know your political by ground became really a place where you cannot can no longer have any voice or any price honestly like in the media a problem for many people is survival because there has been a blockade imposed on the country thousands of children have died of malnutrition
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thousands have been killed and injured and really you have an entire generation that has had their future snatched from them. what hope do you have that the country now well the problem i think the generation who kind of saw how german moved from the transition from 2011 in the result of this hope and discussion about we're going to have a new beginning the country's going to move towards towards democracy really starts . on the 21st of september 200-2014 back then. with the former president ali abdullah saleh for me and many people like me who participated in 2011 we saw it like a counter revolution against whatever ideals and beliefs we had we tried to bring brinkley always sure that things would have been different if the his i mean can you be certain about that if we hadn't seen the he take a very stand up because i suppose many might argue that they felt it was necessary
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in order to correct an imbalance in in power so the having elections and referendum definitely is better than having having a conflict stepped up like kept escalating the situation from september until eventually in march 2015 we saw the unfortunate events of a of the conflict i mean moving towards a 4 scale civil war i think it's important we're not so its decision from the saudis not yet but i mean there was a civil war there was an internal and internal conflict and i think it's important for many of the people not to sort of to keep on the struggle until hopefully you know the youth women of civil society can seize the moment and maybe come back for with and you know be. come again in the victor thank you very much. joining us sharing your thoughts on this for us thank you. well now ukraine's
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foreign minister has denied reports that president trump pressured ukrainian president not to miss lenski earlier this year to investigate democratic presidential hopeful joe biden and his son by diem chris taiko says the phone call in july between trump and selenski was long and friendly but there was no pressure from the u.s. president and the us media is reporting that during the call repeatedly also lenski to look into biden who could be his 2020 rival for the presidency i know what i'm up against i don't know because he's a serial abuser that's what this guy is you visit power every worry care he really sees any for that he sees any threat to his danger power to do whatever he has to do with this crosses the line and call the president released the transcript of that of the call let everybody hear what it is that the house see it and see what he did. well mike hanna joins us now from washington mike any chance of that transcript being released. well this is
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a crucial question the inspector general of the intelligence services is insistent that that transcript should be released however president trump and his lawyers are equally insistent that it should not operating through the department of justice now this is being an ongoing dispute in recent days it's only news reports that say that this complaint made by a whistleblower does have to do with that conversation between president trump and the recurring in president among other issues it is clear that this is not just a single phone call that there are a number of issues contained within the complaint that the inspector general describes as both credible and off an urgent nature now what is going to be happening is that the justice department will be subpoenaed to appear before the house intelligence committee next week to explain why it is not making this particular report public or at least briefing congress in on it as it is legally
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required to do what else do we know about the interactions between truong and selenski and and what are people there really saying about the position trying to put the ukrainian president in. well various reports insists that president tran but used to pressure on the ukrainian president to provide information about joe biden's son hunter who was operating in the ukraine back in 20152014 shortly after it was invaded by russia now that is the point that has been made by president trump's people they arguing that joe biden has as much to answer as does president trump but the details that have been reported about president tran indicates or alleges that he brought in
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very intense pressure to bear on the ukrainian president including threatening him with the withholding of aid money among other things so certainly this would be a very very serious and fence should it be proven that is indeed the case but president trump insists that he's done nothing wrong he said he had a very pleasant conversation with the ukrainian president and he admits freely that he sent his lawyer rudolph giuliani to the ukraine to try and find out about joe biden's son so certainly this is not yet over but of crucial importance is that report by the whistleblower and whether it is released to the congress intelligence committee thank you very much mike mike hanna in washington. now tech giant google says it's willing to pitch in to help ease the housing crisis and island's capital rent prices are higher than ever in dublin with many blaming foreign investors and
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property developer as a driving up the costs from dublin art scene reports right at the site has been marked down here on the pix site sorry for the location which is ideal for the modern where these people are protesting outside the office of private equity company or to use their phrase a vulture fund these financial organizations buy property and the victor tenants who then say they're threatened with homelessness cutting the ribbon to celebrate sleeping in a tent is better a metaphor as you can possibly imagine it's generally gentrification mass addictions where people are in for sale because not all middle income earners would be forced out of the city because they can't afford to live a tremendous city because of of loopholes and registration which which facilitate these guys who don't pay any tax and are in the right for income from extract massive profits on the face these individuals behind these are companies but the end of the road is the irish parliament where a quarter of government ministers are themselves landlords.


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