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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 38  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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alleges that he brought very intense pressure to bear on the ukrainian president including threatening him with the withholding of aid money among other things so certainly this would be a very very serious and fence should it be proven that is indeed the case but president trump insists that he's done nothing wrong he said he had a very pleasant conversation with the ukrainian president and he admits freely that he sent his lawyer rudolph giuliani to the ukraine to try and find out about joe biden's son so certainly this is not yet over but of crucial importance is that report by the whistleblower and whether it is released to the congress intelligence committee thank you very much mike mike hanna in washington. now tech giant google says it's willing to pitch in to help ease the housing crisis in island's capital rent prices are higher than ever in dublin with many blaming foreign investors and
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property developer as a driving up the costs from dublin art scene reports right at the site has been marked down here. like there before the location which is ideal for the modern workers these people are protesting outside the office of private equity company or to use their phrase a vulture fund these financial organizations buy property and evicted tenants who then say they're threatened with homelessness cutting a ribbon to celebrate sleeping in a tent is better a metaphor as you can possibly imagine it's generally gentrification of mass addictions where people are being forced out because not all middle income earners would be forced out of the city because they can't afford to live a tremendous city because of of loopholes and registration which which facilitate these growth we don't pay any tax in our own right for income i met extract massive profits in the face of these individuals behind these are companies but the end of the road is the irish parliament where a quarter of government ministers are themselves landlords politicians sympathetic
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to the rinses say they can get nowhere with legislation to protect the poor and we think given the very high proportion of landlords of the 2 major parties before the game they showed excused themselves from follow on issues where it is a conflict of interest i don't believe that lyme lords are going to pass along which impact on their ability to make money from property. this housing crisis is a reflection of dublin's entire business model which is to entice tech giants like facebook google and the rest on the promise that island is a tax haven the rental market is designed entirely around their needs not those of irish workers the bottom line is the campaigners say that the economics of dublin's housing market have created a sort of social apartheid in which property becomes only the preserve of the. which you buy and then rents either to wealthy outsiders or foreign sorest some short term let's and gradually dublin's working poor become priced out of their own
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city demand outstripping supply means renting one of these tiny cottages in dublin would set you back nearly $2000.00 a month peters lived in one for 13 years his landlady wants him to leave and he's facing spending 2 thirds of everything here on rent somewhere else for normal work you know 607080 percent what people's here is and yet it's been one year one of unions doing what you do that if you have space if you're dispensing lives and you know income on rent could you put a little more you know you couldn't afford to live in their own biases so if you want to do those university you have to move down the country you know you have to move to cheaper areas like and so as alan tried to draw foreign workers in so the housing crisis balloons in the decade since the banking crash in ireland's last housing crisis little was done to build new affordable homes for irish workers while the multinationals smell tax breaks and there isn't much sign things will
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improve anytime soon lawrence lee al jazeera dublin. tonight on the program. i picked up the boarding for look up the late for a french guy owned by the authorities up to actually it takes a legal gold plate. and in sports car is charles the clerk attempts to score his 3rd pole position and arrive at a flying action for the singapore from frank coming up. the biological and chemical agent team are you with that honest throughout history a lot more 1st aired its head with me and started fighting in a developed nation state so there could be nothing left to be fixed everything. now within reach of those seeking combines the most toxic substance in a little over the many invisible threats on al-jazeera
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there was a lot of there in this community and that is where they live too and believe in the will to look for to get all the women who want to win this is our own man she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not always a key problem auction plan had been plainly too and led the way in transforming a difficulty into a success so imparting a woman to me is standing economy. women make change on al-jazeera. 98 percent of french amazonia is covered by rainforest and unlike brazil it's
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remained relatively unaffected by deforestation but there's another manmade threat to this pristine environment illegal coal mining our environment at atomic clock visiting the region to find out more. french guiana has what is a rare wealth in this day and age and natural wealth you have to take to the air to get a measure of it. it is a stunning wilderness as yet relatively untouched this is one of the most forested territories on earth the outer reaches of amazonia the canopy spreading apparently forever in all directions there are few roads into the interior you travel by helicopter or by water. but that hasn't stopped people getting in in search of wealth of another color the biggest maybe things tres their life is gold lots of it the price of gold is high that brings the cadi paradise the illegal gold mine
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thought we were in the air for just 10 minutes when we chanced upon this great scar in the green and elicit gold mining operation down below the mine is c.s. and scott said there's a futile attempt to hide equipment here someone throwing a water pipe into a mining pool. trees have been ripped out and mercury used in the mining process would have leeched into the soil and waterways most of the miners cross illegally from brazil to make a landing. it's a problem of destruction of chase and emotion and. we fly all and see evidence of more activity in our around 400 illegal mind sites in french guiana extracting. $810.00 tonnes of gold annually worth nearly half a $1000000000.00. on the ground of a scientific research station we meet the head of this french territory they are
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a function they are there also we have 600 soldiers paramilitary police and other services engaged daily in the fight against illegal gold mining $200.00 of these mostly soldiers police forestry and customs agents sleep nightly in the forest they lead patrols in small units of around 15 men. it's only when you enter the rain forest and you see and hear all it's tremendous biodiversity you really begin to appreciate just what's at stake here. the tropics contains the world via mass and rain forests a significant proportion of that french guiana as rain forest remains an invaluable resource a rare mostly intact part of amazonia keeping it that way is the challenge and it clarke al-jazeera french guiana time after all a sport with peter. thank you very much new zealand got their rugby world cup
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defense off to a winning start a ground out a 2313 victory over south africa and regained the wall number one ranking in the process only australia survived escaping from fiji and france aged 3 against argentina david stokes has the action. i perhaps the most formidable team in world sport and certainly one of the most clinical after being kept out by south africa for the 1st 20 minutes you see then went on the rampage george bridge going over to their 1st choice almost instantly the springboks defense was unlocked again and a brown side stepping his way through before offloading to scott barrett heard easy school 17 points in just 5 minutes for the all blacks put them 14 up at the break but their defense had a lapse of concentration in the 2nd half as peter steph to tory crossed unopposed
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to get south africa back up and running i went 100 pollard sent over a drop goal there were just 4 points in it was it was too big a gap to bridge those penalties from richie moan and then botha barrett secured a 10 point victory and it was job done for the world champions their toughest match out of the way and already almost certain to finish top of pool b. . earlier on saturday fiji gave australia a real scare at the sapporo dome a trying be chaffed but the 9 points ahead while on track for their 1st win over the wallabies 6954 was but then the tide turned. his 1st 2 tries in international rugby to put australia ahead and they ran away with it when fiji had a man sent to the sin bin 3921 the final score australia comfortable winners in the end but with plenty to improve on before they face wales in tokyo next sunday. and tokyo played host to a real thriller between france and argentina france completely dominated the 1st 40
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minutes running into choice only 20 points to 3 at the break but argentina's forwards began to fire in the 2nd half forcing their way over for 2 tries they kicked penalties as well to move themselves ahead by a single point france managed to restore their lead though camilla lopez came off the bench to land a drop goal by the narrowest of margins and they were back in front by 2 but still there was time for more drama argentina had one final chance to win it in the closing seconds but a 1000000 over family's penalty drifted just wide and victory belong to the french . there were some ugly scenes after the final whistle with england also in this poll it really is going to be a scrap to make the knockout stage david stokes al-jazeera 2003 world champions england will be interaction on sunday when they faced but the match of the day will be between ireland and scotland the winner of this game is likely to win
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a well the loser will almost certainly have to overcome host nation japan if they are to reach the quarter finals. we've got a plan and we've got some things that they might have seen and i'm sure there are things that we would have seen as well and that's part of the strategy you try to put into the game and hopefully implement now come tomorrow afternoon but yeah it's going to be fiercely contested in the league champions barcelona suffered a shock to feet about hands of the good are not a rhyme own scored in the 1st 2 minutes and of out of the last scored a 2nd off penalty to secure a 2 know when they're not a move to the top of the table also a 7th off to do sing the 2nd league match of the season english champions manchester city have dished out an 8 no hiding to watford in the premier league on saturday said he was beaten last week against norwich and took out their frustrations on the club but finds of bottom of the table it was 5 nil before the
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20 minute mark but not a silver scored a hat trick while 5 others were also on the scoresheet. and champions league huge streep back home no time to compare a grasp on everything so. here was a lovely day for all of us for our city fans a lovely day in. and out of court and over in italy into the beat local rivals ac milan in the melendez 'd b. to maintain their standing at the top of the table instead they are for your answers sonsini spaulding's new debut seen in the 2nd after of the under an elder added a 2nd from the penalty spot as you they completed a 21 win over verona to. ferrari has taken his 3rd successive 4 with a one pole position but have been qualifying for sunday's single grand prix mclaren who's won the last 2 races was quickest ahead of world championship leader do with hamilton in his missing eighty's sebastian vettel was 3rd fastest.
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and that's where we'll leave it there are more support coming up for me again later that's it for now marian back to you and i thanks peter that without wraps up the news hour i will be back in just a few minutes with a full possession of news for you i will see you very shortly now. through these doors will walk the influences the experts my special guests. on these pews will sit and informed audience and my distinguished panelists ready and
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waiting for a combative debate. for nearly 200 years people have insisted on making their voices heard here in the chamber of the oxford union and this time i'll be waiting for them a new series of head to head coming soon on al jazeera. a team of chinese scientists embark on a garing deep sea mission searching for rare is also a new space one i want to reveals china's underwater on out of the earth. if. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wild. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. some asked. others. to the core.
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but were all complicit in creating wild of terror and oppression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of i sell. on al-jazeera. a rare show of dissent anti-government protests break out in egypt for the 2nd night in a row. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up.
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hong kong police fired tear gas to disperse protesters mocking the brutal attack at a subway station 2 months ago. saudi arabia says it will wait for the results of an investigation into the into the attacks on its oil facilities before taking action also. we young people are unstoppable fresh from the biggest climb of protest in history young activists take their course of action to the united nations. and we begin with breaking news out of egypt this hour where anti-government protesters have taken to the streets for a 2nd night in a row they are demanding the resignation of president abdel fatah sisi over corruption allegations these are some of the latest pictures of rallies taking place in suez have also been demonstrations unfolding in giza al-jazeera
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understands at least one person has been killed in the unrest since friday video on social media appears to show several people being arrested for human rights watch is calling for the immediate release of those who were detained meanwhile the form a government contractor whose videos about corruption in egypt helspont these protests as now posted a new message on social media mohammed ali is calling on egyptian security forces to remove president sisi from power by next friday or he says millions will take to the streets. i'm still waiting for a response from the defense minister and security forces saying the c.c. is out he is no longer fit for this mix friday is his ultimatum i'm waiting for that decision and the next step is a multi 1000000 man march we started in our local streets the next priority we would take to the major square as some well let's get more on the story now from jamal michel who joins us live from doha and jamal last night we were seeing some
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people gathering for protest in the capital cairo and also in other cities like alexandria tonight we're seeing some numbers also gathering in sue is and we were also mentioning giza that just tell us about how tonight compares to the 1st night . well this is the next level of movement that is quickly unraveling across egypt how fully it will develop into something bigger we're going to see hour by hour people are monitoring this but the developments in suez are extremely significant because whilst maybe a lot of the general public across the world may not be too familiar with us as much as they are maybe cairo or egypt's 2nd city of alexandria so as is significantly important because of its demographic makeup in the sense that a lot of people there are either working class or have. a lot more at stake in terms of how badly things get for them day to day because of the economic situation
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in egypt but also because of the historical significance of suez with its trade unions with it being one of those cities that has constantly mobilized to either resist things that it's sold to be against the will of the people so whether it was during the time of so that's what you've been mubarak if we go back to the 2011 uprising the 1st 2 people who were killed in that uprising were killed in suez the most violent protests that took place and violent because of the crackdown by the security forces not by the protesters at the time was also in sewer so the fact that this has escalated there and they're almost identical pictures i remember being there on john with the 26th 2011 with the center of suez and a lot of mine streets where protesters were were on one side and we had these police cordons and formations on the other side but the fact that there was this relentless wave upon wave of people trying to overcome those security forces and it
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took them 2 to 3 days before they were able to finally push them off the streets that in itself is for those drawing comparisons and while there are some comparisons with 2000 levon there obviously a lot of the unique things about 2009 but for those drawn comparisons the scenes we're seeing out of suez are. very very similar. indeed and i suppose that hast has to also be some element of caution when looking back at 2011 and although right now is very interesting what you say about su is having this history of mobilization and trade union action you are saying that you had spent some time there what were your impressions of. living conditions of you know the sort of situation that many people find themselves in. well the irony of it in 2019 and this is something that's mohammed ali the former army tractor spoke about
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was if anything for the. crown drool so to speak that he claims about as a major achievement was the opening up of or the expansion of the suez canal right this was canal being a lifeline for once was a lifetime for the egyptian economy by it being able to exert taxes on maritime traffic that would go through the canal and therefore it was a good source of income for for foreign currency to it so if anything if other for the you was truthful about his success as a president the last people to rise up against him should be those of us because they would be the 1st to reap the rewards of this major achievement but the fact that they are the 1st to protest against them and those who are continuing to protest against them despite the crackdown despite the images we've seen unravel in the past hour or 2 hours of police and security forces firing some sort of munition not just tear gas on the protesters that is an example and
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a clear as indication as you can get that the discontent being expressed by the people across egypt but in particular areas that are different claims to have been able to be a source of success in them that this discontent is very much real and definitely has the potential to expand as you say obviously there is an element of caution that people are wary about the reason elements amongst egyptians where they would like to wish things into reality and therefore we have to kind of stand back in assess every development in its own context are not necessarily draw those parallels with 2011 but when we look at at least the facts and the facts speak for themselves in the sense of you know the massive amounts of money that was spent on the suez canal with 0 return the fact that the expansion of the suez canal happened . asked for the average egyptian 2 don't meet into an open bank account so people were paying with their own money into this account with the promise that they would
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get returns but 0 has been given back the fact that poverty is at its worst there has been in modern egyptian history that the option currency is that the lowest it's ever been all of those facts are loud enough to make us understand that that this contentment felt amongst a cross-section of egyptian society is coming to the forefront where there will be able to carry through to form into a movement for change obviously that requires sustainability momentum and stamina and will be wanted to ring as it develops hour by hour and day by day right now thanks very much to share. all of that and more scenes of violence in hong kong weapon leeson protest as a clash during the latest anti-government rallies riot police $510.00 gas the crowds gathered on the streets and inside a mall and metro station have also been reports of demonstrators tearing petrol
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bombs and stones at police earlier in the day thousands of people march towards government buildings calling for the resignation of the chief executive kerry land and said he has been paralyzed by 4 months of anti-government demonstrations which began in june over a proposed extradition will scott rigell has more now from hong kong. i. this is the 16th and weekend of protests here i was in a mall i j c c when it starts raining 6 the reason the protesters are here was some months ago a gang dressed in the right spots beat up protesters after they held in advance of that is something that's really been a rallying cry for the protests and see about why they're here tonight. the protesters are here because and our station was long stacey was shot down by the police now they were supposed to be here are 7 pm at night they're a little bit delayed because they're holding another protest they empty our station earlier that protesters actually are by the government but they ran
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a little bit late past the 5 year mark it was a bit of a confrontation between the police and the protesters but they would all right here to the mall. earlier in the day probating supporters carried out what they said was a cleanup they went out to the living walls these are places that have been dubbed this sucks because this is where protesters went out and put out anti-government anti trying of banners and notes on the wall the probating supporters went out to clean it up the protesters say that they're going to continue with their operations this weekend on sunday they're going to head out of hong kong international airport there they say they want again that make an attempt to disrupt the trial. there saudi arabia is saying it will wait until the investigation into last week's drone strikes on 2 of its oil facilities is complete before taking appropriate action saudi's minister of state for foreign affairs says un investigators will prove that the attack on iran co came from the north and not from yemen riyadh has rejected a claim by yemen's who's the rebels that they carried out the strikes on the oil
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plants and says it holds iran accountable practically in the bush to my limits to my duty to mislead or to be able the international community has a huge responsibility to put an end to runs aggressive and illicit policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs must prove it's not a barbarian country is a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states free from supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that are used against civilians the us said big has more now from terror on . so you arabia repeated the allegations accusing iran of behind being behind those attacks accusing iran of funding terrorist organizations but also be appealing to the international community and trying to get opposition to iran the language is very much that iran has broken international law that this attack on iran's actions could affect oil supplies to the rest of the world and they're trying to tell the
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world that they need to get on board with what the united states and saudi arabia want to censure the more sanctions more pressure on iran but from the iranian perspective they will see this as. still able to prove where those drones and missiles came from so it's hard to read this as that the investigation is still ongoing and they would release those findings but the united states has put sanctions further sanctions on iran and iran central bank now the foreign minister jihads reasons for that he said that this shows the desperation because of the maximum pressure campaign isn't working for the united states he also said that they are people that fear that the united states will return to negotiations and they want to drag the united states into a war so from iran spur specked if they're watching this is this briefing and it's still very much the same accusations leveled against iran but very little evidence at this point in time. a day after leading what's been called the biggest climate protest in history young activists have taken that calls for radical action to
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a youth climate summit at the u.n. it was opened by the 16 year old swedish campaign and. inspired fried.


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