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the egyptian president f. g. 7 summit and of course he's going to be meeting him again on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly next week so regardless of the human rights abrogation is within each of president trump has never made any comment about that the white house has stayed completely silence while many in congress have expressed deep concern about the human rights record in egypt and have called into question the 1400000000 dollars that the u.s. pays a jew egypt each year thank you very much mike hanna live for us in washington dalia fahmy is a senior fellow at the center for global policy in washington d.c. and she says these protests have taken everyone by surprise. i think what we saw last night was unprecedented and that no one anticipated the fear barrier that president sisi had instituted all over the government all over egypt the past couple of years to be broken and to be broken by a simple all of the major sports event that occurs in egypt the big soccer game
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between a hoodie and malik after that very national moment go into the street and fight for your country and so i think that kind of nationalist call bringing everyone together. coupled with the fact that it wasn't a violent night yes there were 78 arrests but there wasn't the all out kind of police army vehicles that we've seen in the streets in the past might in bold in people to continue to go into streets tonight and do this 1000000 man gathering or march next friday just as he had called for this protest this weekend so what i think we're also seeing is a real interesting demographic shift in the protestors the average age in egypt today is 23 the revolution of 2011 was 80 years ago and so the average age of egyptians that were during the revolution was 15 and so those protesting in
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the streets have really made lived most of their formidable years of their lives under extreme repression and uncertainty. saudi arabia says it's well wait until it finishes investigating last week's drone strikes and 2 if it's oil cities before taking action minister of state for foreign affairs baer believes u.n. investigators will confirm iran was behind the strikes on our aamco riyadh has rejected the claim by yemen's who the rebels that they care about the strikes that took leave in the bush tomorrow most of my do emotionally to be able the international community has a huge responsibility to put into runs aggressive and elicit policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs must prove it's not a barbarian country is a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states frame from supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that are used against civilians and has more on the reaction from tehran. so
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you are a good repeated the allegations accusing iran of behind being behind those attacks accusing iran of funding terrorist organizations but also be appealing to the international community and trying to get opposition to iran the language is very much that iran has broken international law that this attack on iran's actions could affect oil supplies to the rest of the world and they're trying to tell the world that they need to get on board with what the united states and saudi arabia want to censure the more sanctions more pressure on iran but from the iranian perspective they will see this as. still able to prove where those drones and missiles came from so this is that the investigation is still ongoing and they will release those findings but the united states has put sanctions further sanctions on iran and iran central bank now the foreign minister jihads reasons for that he said that this shows the desperation because of the maximum pressure campaign isn't
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working for the united states he also said that there are people that fear that the united states will return to negotiations and they want to drag the united states into a war so from iran spur specked if they're watching this this briefing and it's still very much the same accusations leveled against iran but very little evidence at this point in time. well the u.s. is sending more troops to saudi arabia to boost defenses against what it calls iranian aggression and this outside mention new u.s. sanctions are being imposed on iran a move that the foreign minister job ads are described as desperate time of blank america's. and sanctioning the central bank shows us disparate should more than anything else because americans have imposed whatever sanctions they could against iran what they are doing right now is to sanction the central bank that has already been sanctioned but under a different title but of course there are measures shows there are endeavor to block iran's international commerce to block food and medicine from reaching the
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people of iran. iran. powerful revolutionary guard is warning that it is ready for combat and that any country launching an attack will become a battlefield general has a in salami was speaking at the opening of a new exhibition which is showcasing iranian military capability and as a measure of a report from tehran u.s. drones are nice pieces of them at start of the show any doubts about what iran might do if attacked the man who would lead the fight put to rest a mob out of our cornish. our reaction will be absolutely and we will respond powerfully to anyone who wants his land to become a battlefield we will never let iranian land become a battlefield and we will fight to the end no way it will be safe be careful. hussein salami took charge of the islamic revolutionary guard corps earlier this year his warning to iran's enemies came at
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a ceremony to unveil new exhibits at the war museum into iran exhibits which are no doubt especially prized drones seized or shot down by iranian forces who who who are today we see the largest collection of global drones in this museum and people can closely observe different kinds of drones that mostly belongs to america this museum serves as a lesson to our enemies to those who threaten the nation of iran. iran is investing heavily in developing weapons to respond leaders say to the ongoing u.s. military buildup in the middle east iran has also been able to reinforce its armory by reverse engineering the kind of american and british equipment on display here. attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities earlier this month have renewed fears that iranian military support for hooty fighters in yemen is what made them possible. but answering questions about how much material support if any iran is giving the
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who these was not on the days agenda for all instead a celebration of what iranians consider important victories in the wider battle for regional control the most prestigious trophy a wreckage of one of the pentagon's most sophisticated drones a global hawk spy plane down by iranian forces in june and here the very same surface to air missile defense system that shot it down it was actually transported to the capital from the south of the country where it was deployed to try and cure it this kind of visual equation predator and prey showcased in the same place to illustrate the point iran can't seem to make often enough if its enemies are looking for a fight iran will give them 1. 0. we are plenty more ahead still on this news hour marking 5 years of a rebel takeover of celebrating a key milestone. and mourning the death of
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a 14 year old boy a palestinian family received the body of a teenager shot dead by israeli forces. star ronaldo stole the show for you but this peter will hand coming up in our sports. yemen's who the rebels are celebrating the 5th anniversary of their takeover of the capital sana thousands of supporters attended a parade marking what's known as the september 21 revolution there were these took control of sana following an offensive in september 2014 saturday's rally comes a day after the rebels said they would stop emitting missiles and drone attacks at saudi arabia and warning that the continuation of the war could have dangerous developments. no matter the difficulties or how much the international community
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can spies and hires mercenaries and no matter how long this will last yemeni people are adamant about gaining the complete suffering tree freedom and independence the revolution of the 21st of september is a revolution against oppression and tyranny. mohamed has more from that rally and. yemenis from all walks of life have gathered here outside the old city of sanaa to mark the 5th anniversary all the 21st of september rogel also. rose of the peace this is considered to them as the starting point to get their country back from the saudi and newest domination. over the edge of the revolution up rooted corruption and i preach at the time when we used to be just followers of the u.s. and saudi arabia now we are independent and we reject any phone in. if. the protesters who took part in the revolution of $2413.00 say that the internationally recognized government would have cracked down on them in order to put an end to
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their brothers i guess what they say the crowds saudi back resuming. the road not at the start of a revolution we face different kinds of crackdowns but now we started to get stronger with the current invasion and aggression against tech country be operationalised to continue our revolution. able they are better than ever so what if presence of memorable big political needle the whole things the messiah said and presenting the masses. to the saudis but he will see their messiah and people saw the territories such one of the has been welcomed by protesters who believe in god in more than one occasion the saudis have not positively responded to such an agenda. on the other it's a good initiative to call for peace but unfortunately the saudis and i haven't
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reacted positively yet we could lose this opportunity provided by the political leadership. now with the us president donald trump percent more forces to the region to secure saudi oil infrastructure does this mean that the region is going through a mist more brutal and fierce battles this year it has to be seen. now isel has claimed responsibility for friday's bomb attack on a minibus near the iraqi shia holy city of karbala 12 people were killed and 5 others injured in the blast on saturday security forces detained a man suspected of placing the explosives on the bus karbala has been the center of muslim rituals during the assurer holiday. hundreds of palestinians in the occupied west bank have taken part in a funeral procession for a 14 year old boy he was shot dead by israeli forces last mom. died on
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august 15th ofter he and another boy allegedly tried to stab an israeli police officer in jerusalem's old city his body had been kept by the israeli authorities and was only released to his family on friday and he was at the funeral. a funeral that was delayed for over a month is happening now in the town of lies to the israeli authorities have released the body of 14 year old me to the very. first fire after attempting to see the soldiers in the old city of jerusalem individual. israeli army killed him in cold blood on some weight only 37 kilos but when we received the body we found that he had 7 gunshots in addition to wounds from a machine gun. and get minutes we were playing games in an internet cafe then a sim kissed her goodbye and told us that he will continue playing with us he comes
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back from jerusalem was a general strike was observed here where hundreds laid him to his final rest chanting slogans of defiance. with the burial of missy the israeli authorities keep withholding the bodies of 51 palestinians whom it accuses of committing attacks against it that decision has been empowered by a recent ruling by the israeli supreme court in which it gives the israeli military the power to keep withholding these bodies and use them as leverage in future negotiations. one day after leading the biggest climate protests in history young activists have taken their calls for action to the united nations these climate summit was opened by a teenage campaigner gretta totenberg who inspired friday's demonstration. our diplomatic editor james space reports from the u.n. headquarters. the day after people around the world led by the youth took to the streets here young people taking over one of the global halls of power this is the
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u.n. youth summit but the most powerful person was not here to speak u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists was billed as the keynote this snow and these are among the speeches he heard these negotiations on climate change policy started in 1902 even before most of my generation was fun for over 25 years and the emissions have only resin. we appreciate that you there now are the table where the discussions are being held but our voices and our imports must be allowed to influence this decision yesterday millions of people across the globe. marched and amanda's real climate action especially young people. we showed that we we are united and that we young people are
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unstoppable the u.n. is hoping to leverage the people power we've seen in recent days led by the youth and gratitude ahead of a climate summit of world leaders on monday among those who'll be there at the launch chancellor merkel of germany president macron of france and prime minister modi of india but what about the 2 biggest emitters or china will be represented by state councilor and foreign minister wang ye and the u.s. will president trump is in town but he won't be attending the meeting in the us system the longer your title the more junior you are and we're told the u.s. delegation will be headed by the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs marsha byrne a cat i'd never heard of her before a clear snub james bows out 0 at the united nations anger anderson is the executive director of the united nations environment program and she says young
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people are making progress where an older generation has failed. we are behind the fight against where we should be on the fight on climate change which is why we're seeking to mobilize which is why we want the whole world to see that there is still time although that window is closing there is still time to take action we need to decarbonize our economies we need to invest in a nature in restoration for resilience because if we don't those 4 and a half 1000000 people that are impacted by climatic disasters that number will grow if we don't those 2 and a half 1000000 people that live with water scarcity on 2 thirds of the population that live with water scarcity that will grow if we don't those fires so inundations those droughts etc that will grow so i think people own people are seeing the lives in their lifetime the environment in their lifetime change so there is
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a momentum and volunteers around the world have been hiding up the streets and shores for walled cleanup day in india thousands collected garbage along beach fronts oceans have long been used as dumping grounds for various types of waste a threat to marine life. i push for climate action isn't the only reason people are taking to the streets in the u.s. thousands across the country joined marches to also voice their anger over issues ranging from gun control and asylum seekers to corruption and gallagher has speaking has been speaking with the organizers in washington d.c. . this is one of 60 marches being organized across the united states it's a we the people march the main concerns are things like gun control climate change the separation of children from their parents who are trying to make a better life for themselves enough to say well let's bring in one of the organizers here what's your name and he torrance anthony was everyone here today
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yeah we're here because the day that we stop fighting for democracy is the day we lose it and i'm with the people one of the supporting organizations here where fighting to build the grassroots movement for impeachment and so we've been putting out a call to action today people are marching on monday we're going to be doing a mobilization on capitol hill to demand that congress do their job and impeach i mean we've seen the past couple of days this president is abusing more of his power and feels that he has no check on his power and so we the people have to demand that our congress do what must be done and that's the duty i think you want to be organized this morning told us to expect between 122-0000 people there or maybe a 1000 here it's growing slightly but the numbers don't what they said they were but i forces are being heard. well for more on the environment you can watch our new show planet s.o.s. you could find it on tuesday here in al-jazeera at 1630 g.m.t. . and still ahead on al-jazeera less than
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a week until afghanistan's presidential elections but many fear this vote could make a bad situation worse that. they're missing union leaders turned up alive but doctors in zimbabwe say bell keeps striking for the many other activists who've disappeared. and supporters trying to survive a big scare in the opening of the rugby world cup match against a day we'll have the best action. hello big thunderstorms have been banging your a north dakota and minnesota in the canadian prairies as a result of this thing he has his own see quite a big temperature difference in fact as a winter weather warning out for montana but the temps difference exist for the
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south as well as developing a line through the plains states with about 10 degrees on the side so a lot of rain potential thunderstorms drifting slowly southeast woods as you might expect for the next couple of days as warm to the east search your degrees anywhere from atlanta right up almost all to us and it's the canadian border and to the west of that the with the winter cold this stop producing anything in the form of snow showers for montana but we still got 16 degrees in seattle 22 in san francisco and the cloud is just cloud and stormy stuff strew out the gulf of mexico and the caribbean is a lot of clouds a lot of potential as a tropical storm developing here but it should stay in the water loads of potentially heavy showers in the lesser antilles a smaller islands of the caribbean and you notice the green covers jamaica covers hispaniola and much of cuba and is not just here for stand out of the way you'll notice much of mexico's covering grades in the forecast for a good part of central america. and the golden bit of know south america is
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a wetware. there was a lot of there in this community and that is where we lived on the way when they were going to look for to get all the while making what up with this is our own man she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not always a key problem auction plan had been bought as a priority and led the way in transforming a difficulty into a success so imparting a woman to me is standing economy. women make change on al-jazeera. an ethiopian woman determined to tell the world a new story about her country our announcer's our humanity is the most beautiful and cool god and i wish we can just realize that i am just the footbaths despite the challenges she became c.e.o.
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of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching let me take you to our top stories this hour protests have broken out in egypt for its 2nd day demanding the resignation of president. sisi security forces fired tear gas at the protesters in the streets of suez rallies are also underway near cairo dozens of people were arrested in friday's rallies which saw thousands take to the streets. saudi arabia says it will wait
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until it finishes investigation investigating last week's drone strikes on 2 of its oil facilities before it takes action the u.n. is investigating the kingdom says it believes it will confirm iran was behind the strikes on a. teenage campaign agreed to talk with the youth climate summit the united nations it's just a day off to millions around the world took part in protests calling for action on climate change. not one of the many people graduate and barak has inspired its climate's activist vanessa from kampala uganda the 22 year old us in new york for the u.s. youth climate summit deserve visited vanessa just before she left her home and here's her story. after school i wanted to do something that could change in people's lives in my country through my research group to find out about climate strikes. i started looking for climate
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activists around africa but i failed to get one. i said to look for them in uganda but i failed to get one so it was up to me to start the play mid strakes. i'm fighting for a better future for everyone a better future for my family for the citizens of this country for africa as a quantum nest and for the citizens of this entire world i believe that through my strikes climate action can be taken by our government leaders and the public to tread me to get their situation under a vice the problem that we are facing great now i was invited by united nations for the youth climate summit so i've been carrying got proportions i'm going to present my country and africa as a continent. climate change is real and dangerous for us all it knows no age
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and it knows no person if it is to destroy our life it destroys anyone so they should join the fight against the climate crisis. a rally against climate change has descended into chaos in paris as fights broke out between mosque demonstrators and police officers fired tear gas and made more than a 100 in the french capital some protesters form barricades and set fire to bins and a motorbike and threw paint over the front of a bank it's claimed the rally was infiltrated by members of the yellow vest protest movement which is opposed to the plan to fuel tax increases. that u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn has been forced to diffuse internal fighting over the party's stance of breaks it a day before labour's annual conference corben intervened to stop a motion to oust his deputy tom watson has clashed repeatedly with parts of the labor left wing on several issues including calling on the party to reject
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organised you to address members on sunday philip cat needs a senior lecturer in politics at kiel university and he says moves to try and get rid of tom watson will only need to more just to unity. the labor party desperately needs to start showing its guts and unit say the 27000 election campaign one of the successes that campaign is that the labor m.p.'s did not undermine gerry call with a date keep pretty much to script. i think it's very ill advised that meant to try and try this gesture some speculating the reason this is being done now is because even they think that gerry colvin sounds very little chance the next election and it's a way of trying to get rid of his opponents before that all he wins and they want to sure position a conspiracy theory both ways but it is incredibly badly time when labor is trying to project a united front in trying to get agreement in conference on next but it also
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reflects divisions inside politics more broadly the trade union movement led mccluskey has a big supporter jamie colby is progress it isn't in the trade union movement in favor rex and so this is dressing to create the kind of visions you seems in the conservative party on display well a policy which is not helpful to work through their election. now ukraine is denying reports president president vladimir the lansky was pressured by the u.s. president this year to investigate democratic presidential hopeful joe biden and. ukraine's foreign minister says a phone call in july between donald trump and selenski was long and friendly but there was no pressure from the u.s. president u.s. media's reporting that joining the call trump repeatedly ukrainian cons apart to investigate the business dealings of hunter biden the former vice president is seeking to rival trump in the 2020 presidential election. i know what i'm up against i don't know but you seem to really be using logic this guy who is the
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abuse of power every word he receives any time he sees any threat to his data empowered to do whatever he has to do with this process and this process. and call the president released the transcript of the call that everybody here would have there's not the how she and she what he did. to hong kong our police fired tear gas to disperse protests in 3 districts as anti-government rallies there and 16th week. separate protests were held across the territory on saturday but much of the chaos happened near the year long metro station where protesters were attacked by an alleged gang member 2 months ago and straightest are also angry with the police's decision to cut short an authorized march some reportedly threw petrol bombs said officers and tried to take their guns scott hyder has more from hong kong.
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this is the 16th weekend of protests here this morning in a mall adjacent to in ensuring the reason the protesters are here not because some months ago a gang dressed in white sox beat up protestors after they holding a vent here and that is something that's really been a rallying cry for the protesters here about why they're here tonight. the protesters are here because and our species long stacey was shot down by the police now they were supposed to be here are 7 you know they're a little bit delayed because they're holding another protest in the n.p.r. station earlier that protestors actually by the government but they ran a little bit late past the 5 year mark and there's a bit of a confrontation between the police and the protesters with a little bit here to the mall. earlier in the day probating supporters carried out what they said was a cleanup and they went out to the women was these are places that have been dubbed this sucks because this is where protesters went out and put out anti-government
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anti kind of banners and notes on the wall the probate supporters went out to clean it up no protesters say that they're going to continue with their operations this weekend on sunday they're going to head out of hong kong international airport there they say they want to get that make an attempt to disrupt the traffic there. their fears of more taliban attacks ahead of presidential. many people hope the vote will lead to greater stability but others feel it could just make a bad situation worse. and the candidates. this election are physical limits of afghanistan's ethnic diversity testing allegiances and divisions at a time of growing instability. the front runner is the incumbent president. a pashtoon from the country's largest ethnic group. but like the other 16 candidates in this race he's carefully picked running mates to get support from other ethnic groups. they're scared of the unity of this team scared of our plans for government
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gandhi's vice presidential running mate is a prominent tajik whom he hopes will take votes away from his biggest rival dr abdullah abdullah. he's served in all afghan governments since the overthrow of the taliban in 2001 at this rally received backing from one of the major pashtoon tribes. our main purpose is we use the selection and this campaign as an opportunity to share different voices different hopes different visions with afghans to form a warlord abdul rashid dostum from the community is also backing up. this election is a reminder of the country's decades old conflict with another former prime minister and warlords standing for election. but playing on so many fault
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lines this election has the potential to worsen an already precarious situation still it offers the chance of a new start. for many purposes we use this election in this campaign the sniper to meet. to share different voices different hopes different vision with us as a former head of afghanistan's spy agency drama tool an appeal is a fierce critic of the government's endemic corruption and also accuses ghani of misusing official resources to help him campaign in spite of his unpopularity afghani has the advantage of being in power and can take credit for what little progress over the past 5 years able to bring together probably more groups than almost in this diverse country many say he's the only choice at a time but few options robert bright al-jazeera couple. walter says it's taken in
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265 migrants rescued from the mediterranean sea but another 180 migrants have been refused entry and they're still on board the ocean viking rescue vessel doctors without borders says the group includes children and a pregnant woman. doctors in zimbabwe have vowed to continue striking despite the way appearance of their union leader activists say peter magowan is one of dozens have been a doctor this year many of those have disappeared had previously organized protest over the state of the economy r m a tosser has more from her are. some of the injuries from. orbit to my side out he says he was abducted 3 months ago taken to a secluded area and beaten for guys in a teacher's strike over pay and he speaks his kidnappers were state security agents this trip communicated they removed everything the clothes everything and the. slick from robuchon works which they were using to assault me to.


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