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tv   Chocolate - A Taste Of Independence  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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taken in $265.00 migrants rescued from the mediterranean sea but another $180.00 migrants have been refused entry and they're still on board the ocean viking rescue vessel doctors without borders says the group includes children and a pregnant woman. doctors in zimbabwe have vowed to continue striking despite the way appearance of their union leader activists say peter magowan one of dozens have been a doctor this year many of those have disappeared had previously organized protest over the state of the economy. has more from our show us some of the injuries he's . all but to my sight out he says he was abducted 3 months ago taken to a secluded area and beaten for going izing a teachers' strike over pay and he suspects his kidnappers were state security agents this trip communicated they removed everything the clothes everything and the. slick from robuchon works which they were using to assault me to to show me
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all over my body they were forcing me to all over the place. orbit is one of dozens of people who write scripts say have been abducted in zimbabwe millions of people are struggling with soaring inflation and high unemployment and many of those who disappeared have often helped the protests calling for better wages and services. last week another union leader dr peter went missing for days health workers marched demanding to know where the colleague was he was later found alive he'd been dumped about 40 kilometers from the capital people breaking into houses with masks on armed with military grade weapons such as a producer and typically being people being brutally tortured and in dumped now with most of these 51 abductions that we have seen people have turned up the next day with some such as missing taronga he turned up in a mortuary some months later. al-jazeera has been able to independently verify
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those numbers government officials did not allegations of human rights abuses. for many years people here are a. resident amazon and. when they can say what they want. police say they are investigating reports of abductions torture and other human rights violations and some of the reports which we. reading in the media be if not to be verified with the police. want to. switch it to the police and i went to the public that those who claim to have been really you know kidnapped to have been abducted they should make reporting to police so that very fright. discussions can
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be conducted. many here say they are not satisfied with the police response they say some people who disappeared years ago are still missing and so far they have been no arrests and no official explanation from the police or government as to why that's happening. al-jazeera had a. major years retailer wal-mart says it will stop selling east cigarettes because of increasing government regulation 8 people have died and hundreds more have developed lung cancer or lung problems in the u.s. after using the cigarettes wal-mart says a growing regulatory complexity and uncertainty were behind the decision. museum in washington d.c. showcasing the work of artists from around the world that highlight the global refugee crisis the exhibit at the phillips collection includes a video from a death mute 13 year old syrian boy he describes the bombing of his town by using
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hand signals museums chief executives dorothy kaczynski and she spoke to al-jazeera about how art is being used to highlight this pressing global issue. my name is dorothy kosinski i am the great and burg director and c.e.o. of the phillips collection and it's really a un of the art world i would say you have artists from all around the world each of the in his or her own way. addressing the age old. i think that now it's almost biblical theme of human migration issues of displacement from a large sort of to scale model of queen mary 2 made out of detritus the remnants of the migrants boats washed ashore at lampedusa in italy the floor strewn with a sea of clothing. sort of from dark blue washing up towards your
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feet there's another video it's much smaller in scale and i find it actually hard to look at and it's of a death mute 13 year old syrian boy mine mean desperately trying to give expression to the destruction that he witnessed all around him in the village in which he lived you have. a painting with cloth appliqué that's. commemorates tells us about the trail of tears the forced displacement of the native american and then there's beverly buchanan sort of little they're almost like toy shanty town houses you know made up of found materials a very rough but beautifully constructed and here you see. real
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people. the art is capture real scenes they isolate a face they show a person's dignity. still ahead on auxerre ferrari's char slick claire attempts to score is 3rd position in the world but the qualifying action from the sale for. the cal grows of togo. defenseless against the women's 7 different international marketplace. chocolate and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make can sell chocolate on their own terms. people and power. a taste of independents on al-jazeera.
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through these doors will walk the influences the experts my special guests. on these pews will sit and informed audience and my distinguished panelists ready and waiting for a combative debate. for nearly 200 years people have insisted on making their voices heard here in the chamber of the oxford union and this time i'll be waiting for them a new series of head to head coming soon on al jazeera. hello again and sabra sports and here's peter. thank you very much new zealand got the iran being rude cup defense off to a winning start they ground out
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a 2313 victory over south africa and regain the world number one ranking in the process only l. straightly a survived escape from fiji and france aged to throw against argentina david stokes has the action. i perhaps the most formidable team in world sport and certainly one of the most clinical after being kept out by south africa for the 1st 20 minutes you see then went on the rampage george bridge going over for the 1st troy almost instantly the springboks defense was unlocked again and a brown side stepping his way through before offloading to scott barrett heard easy school 17 points in just 5 minutes for the all blacks put them 14 up at the break but their defense had a lapse of concentration in the 2nd half as peter steph the tory crossed unopposed to get south africa back up and running i went 100 pollard sent over a drop goal there were just 4 points in it was it was too big
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a gap to bridge those penalties from richie moan and then botha barrett secured a 10 point victory and it was job done for the world champions their toughest match out of the way and already almost certain to finish top of pool b. . earlier on saturday fiji gave australia a real scare at the sapporo dome a trying be chaffed but the 9 points ahead while on track to their 1st win over the wallaby 6954 was but then the tide turned. his 1st 2 tries in international rugby to put australia ahead and they ran away with it when fiji had a man sent to the sin bin 3921 the final score australia comfortable winners in the end but with plenty to improve on before they face wales in tokyo next sunday. and tokyo played host to a real thriller between france and argentina france completely dominated the 1st 40 minutes running into choice only 20 points to 3 at the break but argentina's
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forwards began to fire in the 2nd half forcing their way over for 2 tries they kicked penalties as well to move themselves ahead by a single point france managed to restore their lead though camilla lopez came off the bench to land a drop goal by the narrowest of margins and they were back in front by 2 but still there was time for more drama argentina had one final chance to win it in the closing seconds but a 1000000 over family's penalty drifted just wide and victory belong to the french . there were some ugly scenes after the final whistle with england also in this pool it really is going to be a scrap to make the knockout stage david stokes al-jazeera 2003 world champions england will be interaction on sunday when they faced but the match of the day will be between ireland and scotland the winner of this game is likely to win a well the loser will almost certainly have to overcome host nation japan if they
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are to reach the quarter finals. we've got a plan and we've got some things that came out of scene and i'm sure there are things that we would've seen as well and that's part of the strategy to try to put into the game and hopefully implement now come tomorrow afternoon but yeah it's going to be fiercely contested in the league are champions barcelona suffered a shock to feet of the hands of the good are not a. scored in the 1st 2 minutes and of out of the last scored a 2nd off penalty to secure a 2 know when they're not a move to the top of the table also a 7th off to do sing the 2nd league match of the season english champions manchester city have dished out an 8 no hiding to watford in the premier league on saturday said he was beaten last week against norwich and took out their frustrations on the club but finds of bottom of the table it was 5 nil before the 20 minute mark but not a silver scored a hat trick while 5 others were also on the scoresheet. and the champions league
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huge streep back home no time to compose the rest and everything so. here was a lovely day for all of us for our city fans a lovely day in. and out of court and over in italy into the beat local rivals ac milan in the melendez 'd be to maintain they standing at the top of the table instead they are for your answers so sport only debut then in the 2nd after of the under an elder added a 2nd from the penalty spot as the they completed a 21 win over verona to reach. for. has taken his 3rd successive formula one pole position it happened in qualifying for sunday's singapore grand prix claire who's won the last 2 races was quickest ahead of world championship lead in the us hamilton in his mercedes sebastian vettel was 3rd fastest in the other ferrari he's joined on the 2nd row by max foster.
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and that's all the sport for now we'll see you again a little later for more and that is it for this news hour but there's still plenty more ahead with the day's developments i'll be back in just a few minutes to stay with me thanks for watching. in just 20 years money home loans from banks something. almost bought and doesn't if it sells for one salty double she manages to such
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a sunset was it a visit someone constantly displaces solacing money on something like climate change is helping all the lives of the people who live on planet that's all. culture and downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to brace and maintain that cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital due delhi so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up over a businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. singapore is being accused of expanding its coast by illegally dredged some of the
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islands off the coast of indonesia literally it's a big business. when they go take their in through the sand is there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound at this time on al jazeera. police fired tear gas as protests in egypt run into its 2nd night the demonstrators are demanding president's easy step down. and you're watching al-jazeera live from doha it's good to have your company also
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coming up. saudi arabia says it will respond to an attack on its all facilities following an investigation of blames iran for the assault. we young people are on stoppable. activists credit opens the 1st un climate summit saying she and others will not rest until there is action on global warming. it's really are you in the art world i would say. and they're looking at us for journeys immortalize telling the stories of the global refugee crisis through art. so more protests have broken out in egypt the demonstrators demanding the resignation of the president of the. security forces have farm. tear gas at protesters in the streets of suez rallies are also under way in which is near cairo
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it comes after thousands went on the streets across the country on friday dozens of people were arrested in the clashes with police at an demonstration in the capital the bridges were sparked by an online call from the prominent egyptian businessman and actor muhammad ali he's in self-imposed exile in spain and he's been calling for protests in regular videos which have gone viral across egypt well the former government contractor has posted a new message on social media ahmed ali is calling on egyptian security forces this time to remove presidency from power by next friday or he says millions will take to the streets. i so i'm still waiting for a response from the defense minister and security forces saying c.c. is out he is no longer fit for this next friday is his ultimatum i'm waiting for that decision and the next step is
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a multi 1000000 man march we started in our local streets next friday we will take to the major squares. and we have a correspondent with us now and. so. first give us an overview of the protests we're seeing now what's happening this evening there well they haven't stopped. talking good good true days in a row of significant protests across several cities obviously the major ones cairo and alexandria suez but also monsoor. and other provinces as well neighboring areas to cairo like gears and so forth i'm just looking at one video now coming in of. the armored personnel carrier of the police going through and people throwing glass bottles from their balconies at it so even those who haven't taken to the streets are expressing their anger from their homes and that's probably because it is still very much dangerous for people to protest i mean and
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this is one of the things we were speaking about corruption we're talking about muhammad ali and the videos that have come out and so forth but that's only one elements that has led to such widespread discontent amongst a large section of the society there is poverty there's oppression there's crackdowns of press freedom lack of space or paternity for what is a sizeable youthful population in egypt and all of these are manifesting themselves now in this organic demonstration of anger and rejection to a president who aside from the arguments where they came in democratically or not but he came in promising to transform egypt into a flourishing country and the excuse constantly used for the lack of free. was that you know if people would be patient they would see egypt as a developed country they would see the opportunities they would reap the rewards when in fact all that's happened is a constant the gradation of the daily lives of millions of egyptians who have
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slipped more and more into poverty and that's why it seems that they've finally had enough come out and rather than seeing pictures of our lives at the house you see held up with happy faces and are being ripped down and stamped on by protesters in several cities now even mention this one of the issues is the security forces there rigid very rigid structure they're not allowing any space for dissent but we have seen these protests take place even under the fear of power of possible crackdown what has been the response of the security security forces well the early hours comparative true the what people call an iron fist but i think the kind of dilutes the reality of it what really is a restrained response compared to the. totalitarian essentially militarized state that egypt is and that's what it is according to all or service in human rights organizations that restraint seems to have been discarded now we've had
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over the past 24 hours or put into rights activists in egypt more than 150 arrests that we know of leaders forcible disappearances and other things that come to mind and we've seen in suez not only tear gas and other things being used but some sort of other ammunition being fired by police officers but there are there is always a tipping point with everything so there is a level of force that is used in order to prevent and make people scared to take to the streets but if you reach that tipping point and people no longer have anything to fear you know the whole saying that the most dangerous man is somebody who has nothing to lose and if somebody has lost their lives or lost their livelihood or lost their loved ones is. thousands have in egypt jails and and prisons then the fear factor could very much be irrelevant to them because they view in the end of the day that idea of a guy is slowly in poverty or in some sort of. oppression or if they risk
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the chance that yes maybe it will be a quicker punishment if they were to be arrested or tortured or even killed but maybe the chance of them being able to force some sort of change in a system that has failed to deliver the basic needs of these millions of people in the risk may just be enough for them to decide to go to the streets jamal you've reported extensively on egypt so thank you very much it's been great to have your insight. as protests rock the country just president of the fatalities he is in new york for the united nations general assembly while he is there sisi is expected to meet the u.s. president of trump during the g. 7 summit in france last month donald trump labeled c.z. a good man and a great leader and referring to his egyptian counterpart reportedly he asked where's my favorite dictator the 2 also met during last year's u.n. general assembly in new york and congratulated sisi for doing an outstanding job in
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his country and at a summit in rio then 2017 trump complimented the egyptian leader shoes while sisi said trump had a unique personality that is capable of doing the impossible well mike hanna has more on this relationship from washington. president trump invited to the sea to the white house shortly after he was made president he's met with him now on a fairly regular occasion he describes him as a strong leader who's done a fantastic job in egypt is what president trump says he also strangely enough at a meeting of the g. 7 last month said at one stage where is my favorite dictator according to a number of people who were present at that particular meeting but he met the egyptian president at the 7 summit and of course he's going to be meeting him again on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly next week so regardless of the human rights abrogation is within
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each of president trump has never made any comment about that the white house has stayed completely silent while many in congress have expressed deep concern about the human rights record in egypt and have called into question that one point $4000000000.00 that the u.s. pays a jew egypt each year. and other news saudi arabia says it's will wait until it finishes investigating last week's jones strikes on 2 if it's all societies before taking action saudis minister of state for foreign affairs believes u.n. investigators will confirm iran was behind the strikes on our aamco riyadh has rejected a claim by yemen's who at the rebels that they carried out the strikes. in the wisdom and wisdom i do in. the international community has a huge responsibility to put an end to runs aggressive vandalism policies and practices that undermine the region if not the whole world these acts are in violation of the international laws and international customs must prove it's not
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a barbarian country does a state if so it should respect the sovereignty of other states free from supporting terrorism in refrain from exporting weapons to terrorist militias in the region that are used against civilians as i said big has more on the reaction from terror on. so you are a good repeated the allegations accusing iran of behind being behind those attacks accusing iran of funding terrorist organizations but also be appealing to the international community and trying to get opposition to iran the language is very much that iran has broken international law that this attack on iran's actions could affect oil supplies to the rest of the world and they're trying to tell the world that they need to get on board with what the united states and saudi arabia want to censure the more sanctions more pressure on iran from the iranian perspective they will see this as. still able to prove where those drones and missiles came from so this is that the investigation is still ongoing and they
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would release those findings but the united states has put sanctions further sanctions on iran and iran central bank now the foreign minister jihads reasons for that he said that this shows the desperation because of the maximum pressure campaign isn't working for the united states he also said that there are people that fear that the united states will return to negotiations and they want to drag the united states into a war so from iran spur specked if they're watching this is this briefing and it's still very much the same accusations leveled against iran but very little evidence at this point in time. well the u.s. is sending more troops to saudi arabia to boost defenses against what it calls iranian aggression and to mention new u.s. sanctions are also being imposed on iran it's a move the foreign minister jobs their way of has described as desperate to him a blank america's. hand sanctioning the central bank shows us disparate should more than anything else because americans have imposed whatever sanctions they could
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against iran what they are doing right now is to sanction the central bank that has already been sanctioned but under a different title but of course there are measures shows there endeavor to block iran's international commerce to block food and medicine from reaching the people of iran. and still ahead on al-jazeera marking 5 years of a rebel takeover yemen's who these celebrates a key milestone birthday the. interior gas and mortar cannon hong kong's protests show no signs of slowing down. the air. the season the tents probably succeeds in changing we're going to tarnish you again.


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