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how could it not airport but that didn't quite materialize mainly because there are a lot of road checkpoints on the way to the airport 2nd for our for boarding passes and that prevented a lot of the approaches even after they focused right there. ok thank you very much for that scot hi-lo live for us with the latest there from hong kong and close eye on the situation in hong kong with you and other correspondents on the ground of course and still ahead on al-jazeera mocking 5 years of a rebel takeover of fees celebrate a milestone and make an offer to saudi arabia press fearing for their futures stripped of their autonomy the people of that dock get ready to be ruled from india's capital.
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hello last night son storms formed in the western bowl the mediterranean they were heading for the disease. to beat south winds for the island of corsica leaving $92.00 millimeters are those thunderstorms that lost its roof for 6 i was and the progress east has continued such that today it will be it to be the case most of the sundry rain is clearly adjacent band to drain proper cold front so there is no cold we still talk about twenty's despite the clouds and the wind up through london that's for paris and down towards madrid not much difference the sun's arson across the central europe storms will miss it was an anchor in arsons would have the twenty's not the cities which is but right september progression overnight take us into monday means that everything is moved that far east was the drop in temperature in austria but a drop in southern france as well the next band of rain that cold fronts on its way in from the atlantic but did you notice all this time what's been happening in moscow a northerly wind. and 7 degrees well maybe that's not unusual but it is the average
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is 16 for this time yeah we're down 776 nearly frost levels overnight it's cold and windy for the next 3 days it doesn't let up except with the wind but it is a difference. who was a sponsor it's only. 0. what are you going to give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there. is a little lever. there
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watching al-jazeera live from doha a recap of our top stories president hassan rouhani says iran will present a plan to the united nations which is designed to secure the gulf without the need for foreign intervention ronnie's said a planned american led task force only threatens to reach in protests have taken place in egypt for a 2nd night demanding the resignation of president abdel fatah. security forces fired tear gas at protesters in the streets of subways and giza dozens of people were arrested after much larger rallies on friday and people have filled a shopping mall in hong kong and have been tramping on the chinese flag in another day of demonstrations there earlier protestors also threatened to disrupt traffic
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around the airport. now yemen's own feed rebels have been celebrating the 5th anniversary of their takeover of the capital sanaa thousands of supporters attended a parade marking what's known as the september 21st revolution ofis took control of sanaa following. military offensive in september 2014 salaries rally comes a day after the rebels said they would stop aiming missiles and drone attacks at saudi arabia if the saudis stopped attacking them the u.n. has welcomed the offer. no matter the difficulties or how much the international community conspires and hires mercenaries and no matter how long this war lasts yemeni people are adamant about gaining their complete sovereignty freedom and independence the revolution of the 21st of september is a revolution against oppression and tyranny. has more from the rally in some. yemenis from all walks of life have gathered here outside the old city of sanaa to mark the 5th anniversary all the 21st of september robles and little girls of the
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beast say this is considered to them as the starting points to get their country back from the saudi a new is domination. kodesh tumbled out of us out it's a revolution up rooted corruption and up for each of the tyrants we used to be just followers of the u.s. and saudi arabia now we are independent and we reject any phone interferes the protesters who took quads in the revolution of 24 to say that the internationally recognized government have cracked down on them in order to put an end to their protests i guess what they say because rats in the saudi backed regime have. the right of the start of our revolution we face different kinds of crackdowns but now we started to get stronger with the current invasion and aggression against tech country be operationally to continue average illusion who will be better than
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ever so what it was a phenomenal. political leader of the whole thing madame assad said and presenting the masses was down to the saudis but he will seize. on the side of. the saudi territory such was a has been welcomed by pulis this year who believe in that in more than one occasion the saudis have not positively responded to such an agenda. on the other the it's a good initiative to call for peace but unfortunately the saudis and the allies haven't reacted positively yet they could lose this opportunity provided by the political leadership and i think that. now with the us president donald trump or send more forces to the region to secure saudi oil infrastructure does this mean that the region is going to wellness more brutal and fierce battles this year it has to be seen. intense fighting in asia where has displaced around
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70000 people the village of in a test in italia barre region has become a ghost town after people fled fighting between i sew and then armed forces a warning there are some disturbing images in this report from laura bird manny. to the i used to dream of finishing school now she just wants to walk again she lost the use of her legs after she stepped on a mine plugged by isis fighters she can't leave her bed and her brother tries to keep her comfortable. for them but her situation hurts us so much with an aide who wishes to see her standing on our feet again. marcie i had a big other sister and 3 cousins including and not his tribal leader also killed by ice mine. 2 years ago and i slid tack until a berry killed 4 us and 5 soldiers. in may the u.s.
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military released this video of recovery operation after 28 soldiers were killed in a single isolate tac. there are no people in this they fled because of the fighting they started killing people in 2018 and again this year leaders of nutters have been killed many of the people have lost their lives. fighting between i saw a national and international forces since july has led to a big increase in people fleeing violence to nearby arrow tell a very city and niamey. house and his wife and 5 children were among them. we suffer in many ways we fled our homes and we came here we don't have a place to live some of us did not even have a mattress and couldn't find any help. traders here say they can no longer continue
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their business because of the violence. we left our goods and trade lost our money and suddenly found ourselves here with nothing but disasters hit all the districts of tel a barrier especially near the border with mali. the un wounds that a crisis in the sahara region including mali and burkina faso is reaching unprecedented levels. a more than 5000000 people need humanitarian assistance the united nations is urging these displaced people to enroll their children and local schools and with violence and land mines in their village they don't know when they'll be able to go back nor about unmanly out to 0. after leading the biggest climate protests in history young activists have taken their calls for action to the united nations the youth climate summit was opened by teenage campaigner gretta turn burke who inspired friday's demonstrations has
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a diplomatic editor james face. the day after people around the world led by the youth took to the streets here young people taking over one of the global halls of power this is the un youth summit but the most powerful person was not here to speak un secretary general antonio good terrorist was billed as the keynote this now and these are among the speeches he heard these negotiations and climate change policy started in 1902 even before most of my generation was born for over 25 years and the emissions have only reson. we appreciate that you there are no other table we had the discussions are being held but our voices and our imports must be allowed to influence this disease yesterday millions of people across the globe. marched and demanded real climate action especially young people.
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we showed that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable the u.n. is hoping to leverage the people power we've seen in recent days led by the youth and gratitude ahead of a climate summit of world leaders on monday among those will be there at the launch chancellor merkel of germany president macron of france and prime minister modi of india but what about the 2 biggest emitters or china will be represented by state councilor and foreign minister wang ye and the u.s. will president trump is in town but he won't be attending the meeting in the us system the longer your title the more junior you are and we're told the u.s. delegation will be headed by the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs marsha byrne a cat i'd never heard of her before
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a clear snub james pays out 0 at the united nations. now one of the many people gratitude has influence is climate activists vanessa not from uganda the 22 year old is among those in new york for the summit al-jazeera visited vanessa just before she left home here's her story. after school i wanted to build something that could cause change and impact in cars lights in my country through my research i got to find out about climate strikes by. i started looking for climate activists our own africa but i failed to get one i said to look for them in uganda but i fail to get one so it was up to me to start the play mid strakes. i'm fighting for a better future for everyone a better future for my family for the citizens of this country for africa as
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a quantum nest and for the citizens of this entire world i believe that through my strikes climate action can be taken by our government leaders and the public to tread me to get their situation under a virus the problem that we are facing great now. i was invited by united nations for the youth climate summit so i've been korean got preparations i'm going to present my country and africa as a continent. climate change is real and dangerous for us all it knows no age and it knows no person if it is to destroy our life it destroys anyone so they should join the fight against the climate crisis. u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn has been forced to diffuse internal fighting over the party's stance on breaks it on the eve of its annual conference corbyn intervene to stop a motion to al says deputy tom wants and has clashed repeatedly with rivals within
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the labor party particularly over his call for a 2nd referendum on the u.k. z u membership corbin is due to address the party faithful on sunday polls consistently show they trail the governing conservative party. the labor party desperately needs to start showing its guts and unit say the 27000 election campaign one of the successes that campaign is that the labor m.p.'s did not undermine gerry call that they date keep pretty much to script. i think it's very ill advised that meant to try and try this gesture some speculate and the reason this is being done now is because even they think that gerry colvin sounds very little chance the next election and it's a way of trying to get rid of his opponents before that all he wins and they will to sure position. conspiracy theory both ways but it is incredibly badly time when labor is trying to project a united front in trying to get agreement in conference on this but it also
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reflects divisions inside the party more broadly the trade union movement led mccluskey has a big supporter jamie colby is progress it isn't in the trade union movement in favor rex's and so this is dressing to create the kind of visions you seems in the conservative party on display well a policy which is not helpful to work through their election. india's government revokes the autonomy of indian administered kashmir nearly 2 months ago the process of spraying the territory into 2 federally administered regions will begin next month and as priyanka gupta reports on the lay districts in the himalayas some are worried the decision will eventually erode their unique ethnic and religious identity its. lead duck a cold himalayan desert in northern india. here put this monasteries in the district to flee happen standing tall for centuries. winters are harsh for 6 months
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a year this remote region is mostly cutoff people who live depend mostly on tourism local petition say the regional government of jammu and kashmir has long neglected them we were under president to do in the boy indian parliament and also in the state assembly and it was completely really centric. administration of employers in the state secretary in srinagar in germany. there's hardly any. the people of li have long demanded a union territory for the lead dog is home to around 46 percent but this and a majority of more than 250000 people who live here are muslims the decision to put their region under the direct rule of new delhi has had a mixed response from the communities determined to preserve the unique ethnic and religious identity as well as the land a no gost prime minister nuri through modi said he wants to open the region to
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investments and development. nearly all the people of laid off from tribal communities and many are concerned about the changes outside les mis my 3 to the local economy and culture reason. to resume is our backbone 2nd is agriculture we will not say no to outside investments but we have so many or what the and travel agents of own and many hotels are running empty so when our own people are suffering how will outsiders benefit. more than 200 kilometers away many muslims in cargo district are also anxious be include farmers like muhammad abbas has got the. we are scared because genuine kashmir was earlier under protection and now that protection is gone you're scared that outsiders can come and buy our land outsiders who have a lot of money. most of the people living in cargill are shia muslims the
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opposed splitting of indian administered kashmir and say they want safeguards becomes a union territory or u.t. i try my question today we're in a no man's land we didn't demand a uti status no one asked as it was imposed on us earlier we had learned protection job security and we could make our own laws. the government is also working on several investment and infrastructure projects in the region how all these changes will affect. lives here we can only wait and find out priyanka cook though i'll just era. slogan i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera iran's president hassan rouhani says he will present a plan to the united nations which is designed to secure the gulf without the need for foreign intervention speaking at a military parade marking the anniversary of the iraqi invasion rouhani said
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a planned american led task force only threatens the region's. ali we're going to presume to plan at the u.n. so that iran in collaboration with regional states is able to maintain security in the persian gulf the strait of hormuz and the sea of oman to the world that the presence of foreign forces can cause insecurity for international waterways maritime movements and energy security and our approach will create solidarity unity and coordination with the countries of the region. protests have broken out in egypt for a 2nd night demanding the resignation of president abdel fattah el-sisi security forces fired tear gas at protesters in the streets of swayze and gazer dozens of people were arrested after much larger rallies on friday people have filled a shopping mall in hong kong and have been tramping on the chinese flag in another day of protests there earlier demonstrators also threatening to disrupt traffic
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around the airport they've been for months now of demonstrations against hong kong's leaders and beijing's influence in the territory yemen's hoofy rebels have been celebrating the 5th anniversary of their takeover of the capital sanaa thousands of supporters attended a parade marking what's known as the september 21st revolution the whole thesis of control of sanaa following a military offensive in september 2014. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters in nicaragua injuring 2 people the demonstrators are demanding president daniel ortega stand down and call an election hundreds of nicaraguans have been killed jailed or forced into exile since protests against ortega began in april last year they began an opposition to pension reforms and teenage campaign and gratitude has opened the youth climate summit at the united nations event comes just a day after millions around the world took part in protests calling for more action
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on climate change you're upset with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's talk to i'm just here. as world leaders gather in new york u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists will hold a climate action summit to sound the new law but will countries heed the warning and deliver concrete plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe. get the updates as they happen on al-jazeera. joining. 'd you in the world is warming. up here. it is an ambitious story but easy as hopes to help change his country through the medium of dockets is the 1st mexican to hold the prestigious role of lead principal dancer at the english national ballet 2 years ago he was named best male dancer a bunny's equivalent of the oscars. and on days along with his 10 brothers and
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sisters was talked adults by his father in the backyard of their home in guadalajara despite living and performing across the world since he was 13 his heart remains in mexico. he recently appeared in a greenpeace film about protecting the oceans. and is a cultural ambassador for his country persuading world call stances to perform and teach that this weekend and as discusses with us the joy of dots while the arts in mexico urgently need government support and how young people should have the chance to realize that dreams lead principal of the english national ballet the 2nd hand as talks to al-jazeera. is a command as thank you for talking to al-jazeera i wanted to start by asking you how you would describe don't sing to someone who's never seen
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a ballet or never take an adult's call because essentially you believe excess appeal to everyone it's almost a basic human right. i agree with that statement and actually i consider it a human right something that it's a nice thing that we all have to know we've been dancing for a very long time i think from the beginning of time we've done. for really really just purposes we dance for recreational purposes and. i think that it's. fine to an instrument. that allows you to feel less freedom that there is only certain ways to access you know life and that's one thing through the physical experience that's why for me ballet it has been so exciting at different points of my life because when i was just starting to dance it was purely recreation when i started to understand the mechanics and the techniques behind it and it started realizing how bad it was pushing my physical ability to the limit
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and to discover new limits that was just pure excitement and i the moment that i failed that on a stage then i understood what freedom meant to be able to stand in an empty space and to create. moments that are not timetable that are us real lasting gets for the audience and for the person creating those moments he had such an unusual childhood he come from not particularly wealthy family you were educated at home and you grew up in mexico which of course isn't exactly known for encouraging male adult but it was your father who made sure you were exposed to it on almost a daily basis i think that was the only reason why you ended up being a ballet dancer when you say i had the fortune of having both my parents the next ballet dancers and my dad faced a very different sort of reality when he decided to be a dancer his father was an architect very traditional sort of. cliché
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and he said you're in never going to be you're going to go to school and you're going to be an architect like myself and your brother it's up there so i leave my ground father died when my dad was 16 years old and he asked mother for a little bit of money to move to mexico city to the cup to pursue his dream but that meant that he was basically expelled from his family and he had to find a way of making a living and pursuing these this dream so when we fast forward to when when he started the family 11 children and later with few going to go means my parents decided that dance could be a way you. teaching or some valuable rules basically could help us in life and also an opportunity to maybe aspire to have a better life and in that sense my parents decided to teach us at school at home
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also school because 11 children. are very expensive for school and my parents were not very keen on sending us to the public system. so obviously at that point in my. very crazy idea to have that already they living children were causing issues among my parents i'm really bad but it turned out that time prove them right because they were able to give us a chance to pursue things that we were passionate about so we were taking piano lessons at home we were having martial arts teacher coming to teach us my dad was in charge of several subjects my mom was doing and the rest of the subjects we learned english with. we spoke about politics a lot of that my friends were my brothers and there was those over and there was a great thing you know once we would turn. the age 1516 you could have the choice
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to go to a high school or to university or to dedicate your time to piano or dance or things like that and that gave us a lot of time to be able to build on on our own are our passions and they all took. several different roads but my brother stephen and myself fell in love with dance we were actually billy's talent that physically. but we were we were in love with bands with the mechanics of it the stories that made that word was telling us and that's what made us fall in love at that point we didn't have any sort of reference in dance in mexico there was the national company but we were very isolated from from or was happening so we started in the backyard we started taking classes among. my brothers and siblings and my dad thought that we
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could possibly have talent so we started doing international competitions national competitions and when we came on to the world of dan's we realised that we had done something different worse creating a sort of steer. yeah i mean it's fascinating he literally to chew in the back garden with the royalists as the bar and it was a good place so it's it's where my where we would hang the clothes and we were only doing buyer because we had no more real space for center also the floor and inclination for the water to run and i remember my dad about point he was telling me don't worry i'm training you for you to be able to bounce of the you know the stage is a little bit incline and when i finally arrived to the paris opera dance in the paris opera i made sure my dad was there to see it to see it happen because i mean if you if you fast forward in those years and everything that we went through to be
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there it sounds a little bit like a miracle. when you were 13 you won the scholarship to go and study dogs in philadelphia in the u.s. how did it feel at that age to go to a foreign country when you've been in a bubble as you say your siblings is your friends and suddenly you're out there with just your sister as a companion in a foreign place i remember at the beginning. it's very scary because i didn't speak english very well i was the youngest in the school in the dormitories that's why my sister was with me and they were separate thing so everybody was looking at me differently and treating me differently so in that sense it was good and bad i wanted to be normal as possible but i also want to to excel at what i was doing so it was an interesting it was an interesting time it god really hard for me there in philadelphia 2 years after i had arrived i go to her need a disc in my back and i was going through my teenage years. and then it
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got serious i started to think about my life without down's i started. to see a real possibility to be able to convey told me that you might not want to get in there i mean you didn't dance for you x. . that was that was the hardest thing that at that point in to that point that indestructible you know i felt like it was only a matter of time for me to reach my dream job or to be able to dance in the companies that i was hoping for and all of the sudden after one wonder her soul i couldn't i could hardly walk i lost all the strength in my leg and it was an injury that it's not meant for a 15 year old usually happens much later in life so i spent 3 months just laying and getting up only for the essential things and those 3 months were mentally very difficult because obviously you go from jumping around dancing that sort of freedom
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and that sort of confidence that that dance was giving to my to my identity to not having anything really and i now appreciate having gone through that because i understood one thing very clearly that i did not want to stop dancing but mostly in a very dark period particularly for 16 year old you also went through a period when funny one of your brothers died in a car crash but did they experience is painful of course joyful experiences did they help in your performance in any way i mean do you actually use that experience is it's a little bit complicated i've had i do think about those things quite often because they're things that change your life forever and one of the most a scary thought i had when i started travelling was to receive a phone call like that but at that point i learned that i had a price to pay that that way of living had the price. and he was that you would miss out on many things with your family and you wouldn't be so how all that time.
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with my brother but at the end of the day it's a matter of. life and being able to. show yourselves on a stage. not only. physically or artistically but also. with integrity and in order to do that i have to be able to do accept that there was a part of me in that situation happened that situation nice press and with me when i'm on a stage regardless of the role sometimes some roles don't need that sort of heavy stuff but it does give my person and my artistic person a sense of weight because i understand the consequences now making choices in life and i understood that very quickly. you've lived essentially health your life away
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from mexico you have seen a very proud passionate person about your country when you look at what it's going through now with the violence the corruption the drug gangs the fair total trumps infamous how does that make you feel about your country so i must be quite tough it's a it's a conflicting feeling because they're realities about mexico no matter how. many turns to. we cannot ignore really there are real issues in my country that need to be addressed for a very long time now it's been very violent he's been very corrupt so i have never tried to cover that up but i have always been hopeful for my country because i recognize and lessons in its people that gives me hope and that made me go back and say.


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