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need to change then politicians themselves and that it is very important that public opinions push their governments push their political systems to take the right to see how was he being told by the scientists how long to we have to say don't tell it much time we have probably 12 years 1112 years to change course if not it will be irreversible that we will not be able to contain the increase of temperatures at 1.5 degrees at the end of the century what is clear for me is that we absolutely need to rican syal human kind with nature if you look at history. history is full of examples of people fighting each other i think for the 1st time people are fighting the creation people are fighting mother nature so we need to recognize these and we need to change course your family man secretary-general when you think of your children your grandchildren and their
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future as this issue the climate crisis does it keep you up at night it's central in my life so the granddaughters. i have no idea how the world will be when they have they will have my age when they will be 70 the world will be completely different but when seeing is clear my generation is the obligation to allow them to live in a healthy planet and we are not feeling that obligation we are the striking the planet in which they will have to leave. a powerful message there from the u.n. secretary general and let's we compliance s.o.s. we're bringing you how politicians and the people they represent responded to his call now talking about the climate crisis can be difficult not just for world leaders but for many of us too but there is power in information and not just from us al-jazeera has joined more than 250 media organizations in a global initiative called covering climate now it's aimed at strengthening
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reporting of the climate emergency and will be sharing content from our partners throughout planet s.o.s. and need to initiatives like this one from the international red cross it's a new social media campaign called faces of climate change with plenty of suggestions on what people can do to end the crisis the largest climate protests in history millions of people in more than $150.00 countries joined what was truly a global climate strike the rallies on friday began in the pacific and asia inspired by youth but joined by people of all ages demanding an end to the climate crisis from kenya to south africa mali to madagascar young people let marches across the african continent and in the middle east large parts of europe were brought to a standstill including the city of london already the focus of months of climate strikes people marched in the americas brazil believe via mexico city and the
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united states culminating in a mass rally in new york led by the schoolgirl who inspired the global climate strike 16 year old gretta turned berg gretta became a global icon after an impassioned speech at the un climate conference in poland last year since then she's emboldened millions of students to hold protests every friday one of those she's inspired is climate at the lesson from kampala in uganda the 22 year old is in new york for the un's youth climate summit. i'm going to take the love and passion that these kids house the climate issues in their countries and take it back home to our country to teach and let other you know that it is our responsibility to fight and be mindful what's right should be ours now al-jazeera visited for nasa just before she left home here's her story. after school i wanted to build something that could cause change and impact was lights in my
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country through my research i got to find out about climate strikes by greater than bug. i started looking for climate activists our own africa but i failed to get one i said to look for them in uganda but i fail to get one so it was up to me to start the play amid strikes. i'm fighting for a better future for everyone a better future for my family for the citizens of this country for africa as a quantum net and for the citizens of this entire world i believe that through my strikes climate action can be taken by our government leaders and the public to train me to get their situation and revive the problem that we are facing great now i was invited by the united nations for the youth climate summit so i've been current got preparations i'm going to present my country and africa as
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a continent. climate change is real and dangerous for us all it knows no age and it knows no person if it is to destroy our life it destroys anyone so they should join the fight against the climate crisis. or gratitude burke wasn't the 1st young woman to take her fight to the global stage in 1227 colors suzuki's spoke at the u.n. summit in rio de janeiro or just 12 years old let's listen suppose cycles for drastic action. my dad always says you are what you do not what you say well what you do makes me cry at night you grown ups say you love us but i challenge you please make your actions reflect your words thank you. you say you love your children above all else. and yet you are stealing their future in front of their
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very eyes. until you start focusing on what needs to be done rather than what is politically possible there is no hope. well 7 has gone on to become a prominent environmentalist and she joins us now from gothenburg in sweden 700 very good to have you on the show so very similar messages from children calling on the adults to take the action necessary to protect their future and yet 27 years in between how many times is this message going to have to be repeated well to be honest we don't have another generation to wait this time climate change is here climate change is happening we're well into the 6th mass extinction event and now the voices of voices of future generation are calling for intergenerational justice and we've run out of time this is it and it's incredible that the young people around the world are are rising up and demanding the adult generations to prove
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that they love their children so you sound optimistic and i hope for the mobilization today can really make a difference is that how you feel i'm a mother i have 2 little children i have cast my lot with the future and i have to believe that we we are we have a chance and of course we have a chance human beings are incredibly innovative i mean especially emboldened when i think about past mobilizations i think we can see that there is a real hope and real progress and real possibility so yes i am hopeful because i have to be what do you think the best way forward is to ensure the impetus continues to move forward and doesn't get pushed back again like in the early 1990 s. we need our politicians our leaders to implement different policies to level the playing field so we actually as a society can revolutionize and transform we have to get off fossil fuels this is
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a huge change in our in our way of human life and so we need infrastructure to shift we need infrastructure and we also need inspiration what do you think it is about these 2. young girls you and grettir which really made people sit up and prick up there is it's really amazing to me that people are still talking about a speech that a 12 year old gave at the u.n. 27 years ago people really respond to the voice of our children there's something about the clarity the voice the moral authority of children and youth that can cut through all of the rationalizations that we make for the destruction of the world and let's hope that the adults continue to listen thank you so much 7 it's been great to have you on the show thank you very much amanda will some much and has not been without consequence one of the memorable images from global warming protests in london in april as
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a protest to fill kingston eating his lunch on top of a train on his 18th birthday we talked to have him here on planet test the west but he and other extinction rebellion protest is a now awaiting trial for public order offenses. our planet is heating up largely because of all the carbon dioxide we're putting into the atmosphere so what if we could take it out it's a radical solution that's been around for decades but the technology isn't quite there yet it's we're talking carbon capture and storage all c.c.'s is al-jazeera is mariana honed with a look at whether this really comes save our planet. a number of companies around the world or at the cutting edge of carbon capture and storage technology will c.c.'s using machines to 2nd and then absorb c o 2 from the year using a range of chemical reactions different technologies but the same objective to pull a ton of carbon from the f a much less than $100.00 and lock it back in the us where it came from scientists
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say if we had to make a real danger in the cabin pollution shrouding our planet then cabin capture and storage technology needs to be deployed on a mess of and global scale problemas it uses a lot of energy and it's an economic there's just no money to be made in it sure burying the c o 2 back into the ground is good for the planet and for us but there's little incentive for companies including the carbon polluters to develop c.c.s. technology and iron out the kinks and for the entrepreneurs who are trying will they left hunting for cash to cover their costs. one possibility is for governments to subsidize the process through texan seem to or to agree on a global price on carbon pollution thing is to build a cabin kept it industry to the scale needed the price on carbon has to be high and many governments aware of the backlash from voters if it affects the cost of
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everyday goods which leads us to another possibility what if rather than storing all that waste carbon underground we used some of it to create things of value things that might even be profitable well scientists an entrepreneur. have been experimenting with just a bit how to convert it to cabin pollution into products like jet fuel concrete even food and as renewable energy gets cheaper using clean energy sources to ensure the different processes a gentle on the planet scientists agree carbon recycling can't replace carbon capture and storage this simply too much c o 2 out there but the benefit of cabin recycling lies in the market it creates for all that captured carbon a market that turns waste c o 2 into something profitable a launching pad for it to be deployed on a global scale what the world's leading scientists say is needed to keep our planet cool. so shift in the way we think about carbon from waste that pollutes the
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atmosphere tours also can be recycled for more mariana joins me in the studio rianna so it sounds that recycling is the way that we're going to be able to take this technology forwards exactly caballe recycling alone one fix the problem of carbon pollution a number of the recycled carbon products like jet fuel will simply put the carbon back into the atmosphere so the real appeal is in developing the market for that waste c o 2 turning it into something useful and incentivizing industry to be able to double down on developing the technology to the point it needs to be to reduce the amount of energy needed to convert it to another of a yield enough c o 2 to make it cost effective and then deploy it on a large global scale to be able to deal with the huge amount hundreds of gigatons of c o 2 in the atmosphere and yet you do hear despite the uncertainty at the moment you do you hear a lot of people talking about these solutions are right away emissions and it's not
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it's not it's not even close there are politicians with their own agendas there are some in the fossil fuels industry who are trying to paint carbon capture and storage technology as the answer as a way of cleaning up duty energy and there are power plants factories which are capturing emissions but they're a tiny fraction of those that are pumping out c o 2 and it's nothing like what is needed so what is needed how much carbon to get we're going to have to capture let's take a look at the scrap here you can see it's from less and it gives you an idea of c o 2 emissions over time and you can see under the line the gentle rise and fall of c o 2 right up until 950 and then it rises to where we are currently sitting at around 400000 if we stay here we're in trouble that's catastrophic scientists say where we need to be is back down on that 350 mark now to get there the un's body on climate change the i.p.c.c. says we need to look at more innovative potentially radical solutions one of them
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is carbon capture and storage technology it has promise it's technology that needs to be developed along with many others so there's a lot of progress that needs to be made very quickly. thank you very much mariana for a deeper dive into potential new technologies take a look at climate hackers that's a program from al-jazeera is people in power series and you'll find it in the documentary section at al-jazeera dot com well that's what we've done but we also really want to hear from you even get in touch with us on twitter using hash tag a.j. planet s.o.s. there's a lot of climate data out there and it can be overwhelming but some data trends are simply more important than others and so we've created a data tracker setting out some of the big numbers and we'll bring them to you every week what's going up but which will hopefully one day start coming down next week we'll have the un's highly anticipated report on the health of our planet's ice and oceans and we'll take a look at what's needed to preserve these vital resources well that's it for planet
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s.y.s. this way from am on to borrow and the whole team good bye for now. a team of chinese scientists embark on a daring deep sea mission searching for rare is also a new species the one who wanted to produce china's underwater on out of the earth . this is a dialogue which you decide not to have children to save the planet it's what's at stake is really human survival everyone has a voice that
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a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this it will be asian literally be what it look each and i fully join the global conversation people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on out is iraq. hello i'm dennis in doha and these are the top stories here at outages era president hassan rouhani says iran will present a plan to the u.n. which is designed to secure the gulf without the need for foreign intervention speaking at a military parade marking the anniversary of iran's war with iraq rouhani said a planned u.s. led task force threatens peace it includes the u.k.
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australia bahrain saudi arabia and the u.a.e. the u.s. accuses iran of being behind attacks on the gulf energy infrastructure a charge iran denies said baik has more from the iranian capital. it's the 39th anniversary of the iran iraq war here and this week iran calls a whole new defense week that president rouhani has been speaking at a military parade into iran and he took the opportunity to talk about the new challenges that iran faces he said that the u.s. sanctions against iran what economic war and he called it economic terrorism but he call for unity amongst the people to get them through the tough times the u.s. sanctions in the country against the country are against oil and banking industry and the union that traill sanctions but countries that do trade with iran do risk being imposed in financial penalties by the united states and of course as the u.s. led coalition the naval coalition that the u.s. has put together for what they say is to protect the freedom of navigation through the strait of hormuz that strategic waterway with 20 percent of the world's oil
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passes through the president rouhani said that he has an alternative plan that he wishes to present to the united nations show your job we're going to present a plan at the u.n. so that iran in collaboration with regional states is able to maintain security in the persian gulf the strait of hormuz and the sea of oman to the world that the presence of foreign forces can cause insecurity for international waterways maritime movements and energy security but our approach will create solidarity unity in coordination with the countries of the region iran has for a very long time said that they do not think that the united states is a genuine in the region in fact that their presence here is a destabilizing factor and president rouhani says that he is willing to speak to regional countries and they are fully capable of providing stability and security in the region. police in hong kong have used tear gas in shah 10 district after anti-government protest has set small fires outside
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a shopping mall and the crowds took a targeting businesses linked to mainland china itself governing chinese territory has been besieged by 4 months of often violent demonstrations it's an issue he can't over a proposed extradition law that's now been scrapped scott hyde has more from coming . on a day that we had to subpoena the focus for the protest movement to be at the hong kong international airport it has actually shifted here to a mall in the shot in area of hong kong for a couple of reasons for that one is this is an area this is a mall in particular that the protesters feel as though they were subjected to police brutality back in july that was one of the reasons they came here another reason there are business entities shops restaurants in this mall that the protesters feel have extra connection to beijing so they came here to boycott them actually there are a lot of signs on the floor and as you can see some something that looks like a stream or behind me that's one of these restaurants part of this group that they came out in and stole the reservation tickets and hung that up here they've been
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protesting they've been chanting they've been singing the anthem actually they even brought in a chinese flag and they had kind of a congo wind of people stepping on the chinese like for about 1015 minutes now there are still a lot of people milling about in this mall this is something we saw on saturday as well they focused on a mall in the new territories as well where right now this is where the focus of the protest movement is on sunday we expected it to be at the at the hong kong international airport but there are a lot of checkpoints around there so we suspect that they moved on and a lot of the focus is going to be here and protests have taken place in egypt for a 2nd night demanding the resignation of president up to fatah el-sisi security forces fired tear gas at protests is in the streets of syria is and dozens of people were arrested after a much larger rallies were held on friday and the protests to follow and president sisi to new york he's there for the u.n. general assembly and he's due to meet president. for a child today those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next say it's al jazeera world i'll give you
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a little update in the headlines in about half an hour and then a full news hour at the top of the hour. over the decades millions from the arab world have emigrated some escaped conflict
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or pressed accuse others moved for economic or family reasons they settled in europe australia the americas and africa but what happened to them afterwards. while born and raised in italy may ya bill carr there is a jordanian palestinian origin she's also milan's 1st muslim female council member . but 1st meet dr knabb. a pharmacist and businesswoman originally from iraq. she arrived in the netherlands over 2 decades ago. and we're only what what the hell is knowing that i. thought you hated yemen or
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that he thought just been a horrible minute iraq. kind of that. she had that her. that if i were to his show that i feel his with our. iran that happy assad look and i think that that come with a hot head of. a lot of head of a common enemy i'm a. few months home a 2nd bus or have him one park out of here that your mother is here look at aki in a live in a horrible middle iraq oh. a lot of blood in the heart of woman look none of. us feel. blessed to be there might help their fear feel whether such joy learned judge a man feel the slow. of course i am not going on the hush now about how early her
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sentiments when they marched over to jena us live here in a bit odd with alec have been a loyal of the so harvey. feel that much allowed. in the early 1990 s. now that obeidi and her family moved from yugoslavia to cyprus where her father worked as a journalist for an arabic magazine after some time the family chose to return to syria. through the same thought that saying. it was atlanta saudi every day our lady. look at that. bad that i said no. idea what that might have a son we have here then regardless. of the claim as
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a whole india. what took. them to end it but gloated all of the credit that i shall come to. that i would. notice but the folk in the. college it. is a timing dutch town not far from the city of tract. remembers it not for the scenery but for obstacles and challenges she faced while living there. the 2nd. the one.
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who had gone under what far. should then be beheaded medina. for the holiday. in medina medina. little mother jamal. jamaal 2nd will show out of. medina. other ships.
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i love medicine follows the same collation as a little solicitous to help. one bad come early the dearest little india soldier came with the rim of the south let's move on the other so much history of the colonial world or for the news agenda to get in with us. somewhat at the helm of the chart comedy coolly almost a gel of another so also been on the up in a person we're slowly building mobile itself nigel acknowledged shutting the colonial for germany heiligendamm batch out of the half or less our desires with a belly problem with your mother so so hollywood clearly has.


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