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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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so the. cost of dealing with climate change is going down and we're deploying those technologies faster than we thought we might be able to while in a historic move the united nations has announced that gabon will become the 1st african nation to receive international funds to preserve its forest it's all part of an effort to fight climate change under the 10 year deal norway will provide gabon with $150000000.00 to fight deforestation the central african nation has been a leader in preserving its rain forests by creating 13 national parks. hong kong police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters who trashed parts of a shopping mall and an adjacent metro station protesters also trampled on a chinese flag and net fires as they targeted stores run by mainland operators sarah clarke reports from hong kong. they arrived in the hundreds taking over some of the city's largest shopping mall at the new term plans are in shot team they
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converged on every floor shops linked to the mainland with a time at this time some were stopped on china's national flag before ripping up. the who was the hours they sang and yelled abuse at story writers suspected of being pro beijing pro hong kong government and then she stores and restaurants were forced to clients. outside the mall protesters used umbrellas to hide their faces before smashing security cameras and burning barricades. specialists riot police then moved in issued a warning and fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd. was at another boiling kalou around 200 protesters marched through the shopping center chanting slogans such as fight for freedom and revive hong kong the gatherings like this in shopping malls are a new tactic being used by protesters it's a peaceful means of getting
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a message across at the same time they targeting chinese own companies. but the peace didn't last long police moved in after protesters vandalized stores and a metro station the crowd was chased out of the mall the station post despite the chaos caused few demonstrators to how much compared to the previous 16 weeks of sunday protests. sometimes chief executive carrie lamb is due to host the 1st in a series of public meetings which she hopes will end the crisis but protesters say why back down. until the demands for greater freedom and lissa control from beijing it. out 0 hong kong. there's plenty more ahead here on this news hour including fearing for their future stripped of their autonomy of the people of large get ready to be ruled from india's capital. police in nicaragua used tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters who are demanding the president step
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down. and it was a controversial victory at the singapore grand prix more details with peace coming up in sports. so right now indian prime minister narendra modi is in texas at a rally of indian americans and joining him is u.s. president donald trump we want to live pictures right now of the event dubbed how do you modi it's billed as the largest gathering for any foreign leader visiting the u.s. for his part of modi hopes that the visit will boost his popularity while the earliest speaking to that large crowd us president addressed the relationship between both countries. on this day i am happy to report that the relationship between the united states and india is stronger than ever before the ties between our 2 nations are grounded in our common values in our shared. commitment to
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democracy. we are free nations with great faith and a fierce devotion to our national independence we are governed by the rule of law guided by committed to justice and strengthened by our love of liberty. well our white house correspondent kimberly how it is in houston for us today and she joins us live kimberly we've now seen both modi and trump at the podium and certainly big smiles from both men on stage what do they both have to say beyond reiterating bilateral ties. yeah well and for his part modi really tried to underscore the relationship giving donald trump what he was seeking in all of this and this is the support of the 4400000 americans 50000 of them who are inside in terms of the diaspora listening to the speech it was
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a public relations victory on that front for donald trump in the interim o.t. underscoring that truck his passion for a strong america his resolve will make america great again and that the 2 nations are rising to new heights because of their partnership donald trump for his part is speech was certainly highlighting the partnership that can be gained between their relationship really had a bit of a standard speech for those of us who cover his speeches it touted the strong american economy the loo historically low unemployment the contribution indian americans are making through that particularly with the investments in technology and contributions to the u.s. economy in that regard one of the biggest applause lines though that we should point out that came from u.s. president donald trump was when he talked about their shared partnership with respect to security talking about his vow to protect radical protect the united states from radical islamic terrorism when he talked about that that is what got the crowd to their feet in fact it drew
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a standing ovation it seems once again when the 2 men use the sort of hard line language highlighting their unique brand of nationalist politics that is really what seemed to inspire the crowd inside the stadium and was listening to the speeches can believe as as is often the case these 2 men the presence of them also generates controversy tell us about what's been going on outside the stadium as well as inside. yeah that's an understatement controversy and we experienced it firsthand as we tried to film some of the protesters that are here that are not happy with some of the hard. tactics of your interim ots government in india particularly the sort of surge of attacks on religious minorities supporters of modi's here who organized this event pretty vented us or tried to prevent us from filming those protestors grabbed our credentials grabbed our camera got pretty tense for a few moments. ventured police came in and now we are sort of separated from them
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in order to allow to be able to continue to broadcast but it just underscores the tensions and some of the controversy that follows your intermodal particularly when you remember that in 2005 he's actually banned from entering the united states not granted a visa on the grounds of religious freedom so the concerns more recently about his sort of ever sister patani from kashmir that have garnered international criticism that's something that is also being highlighted here today again thousands of protesters sort of pushed down the street there trying to remind you know the cameras in the spotlight that this appearance this sort of public relations effort to kind of gloss over some of those controversies by appearing on stage alongside donald trump that they're trying to keep that fresh in the minds of the millions who are following this event very closely white house correspondent candy how keeping us across that rally in houston thank you kimberly. speaking of controversy and a remote part of indian administered kashmir is due to be rolled separately after
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new delhi revoked its autonomy last month now love has divided almost equally between buddhists and shia muslims and many in the region are welcoming the separation from kashmir but others are worried that their way of life is threatened by reports. let's uk a cold himalayan desert in northern india. here put this monasteries in the district of flake happen standing tall for centuries. winters are harsh for 6 months a year this remote region is mostly cutoff people are late depend mostly on tourism local petition say the regional government of jammu and kashmir has long neglected them we are under presented in the by indian parliament in the state assembly and it was a completely really centric. administration. in
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place in the state secretary in srinagar and. there's hardly any. the people of lee have long demanded a union territory for. the decision to put their region under the direct rule of new delhi has had a mixed response from the communities determined to preserve the unique ethnic and religious identity as well as the land in august prime minister nuri through modi said he wants to open the region to investments and development. nearly all the people of laid off from tribal communities and many are concerned about the changes outside investment my free to the local economy and culture reason. to resume is our backbone 2nd is agriculture we will not say no to outside investments but we have so many travel agents of own in many hotels are running empty so when our own people are suffering how will outsiders benefit. more than
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200 kilometers away many muslims in cargo district are also anxious be include farmers like mohammad the boss. we are scared because genuine kashmir was earlier under protection and now that protection is gone. you're scared that outsiders can come and buy our land outsiders who have a lot of money. most of the people living in cargill are shia muslims the opposed splitting of indian administered kashmir and say they want safeguards when that's all becomes a union territory or u.t. i tell my question today we're in a no man's land we didn't demand a u.t. status no one asked as it was imposed on us earlier we had learned protection job security and we could make our own laws. the government is also working on several investment and infrastructure projects in the region how all these changes will affect people's lives here we can only wait and find out. the al-jazeera.
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there have been more protests in egypt demanding the resignation of president of the fatah el-sisi dozens of people were arrested after friday's much larger rallies which also denounced corruption oppression and poverty our ports. was mass protests may be a rare sight in cc's egypt crackdown on dissent is not. in suez and government protesters who gathered for the 2nd night in a row were confronted by police and other security personnel. who fired tear gas and other forms of ammunition at what appear to be unarmed demonstrators egyptians 1st took to the streets on friday evening demanding that former army general turned president of the fatah to sisi resigns in cairo was the numbers once huge their voices were loud and clear i was in alexandria egypt 2nd
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city people angered by corruption poverty and oppression called for the same the people demand the fall of the regime in months to a giza and mahalla as well as several other cities what appears to be a nationwide movement has begun to form these protests come off the back of revelations by a former military contractor named mohammed ali who exposed millions of dollars worth of embezzlement and theft of state funds by sisi and his family at a time when the egyptian president has introduced sweeping austerity measures claiming the government was no longer able to subsidize living costs on saturday ali released another video giving c.c. a one week ultimatum i am still waiting for a response from the defense minister and security forces saying the c.c. is out he is no longer fit for this next friday is his ultimatum says i'm waiting for that decision and the next step is a multi 1000000 man march we started in our local streets but next friday we will
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take to the major square as. muhammad ali is not a political leader. but his message has resonated with menu gyptian is the majority of whom live on just 2 dollars a day or less that it was 0 the people are starving my life's savings have evaporated why why does c.c. starve us while he lives in the jury's palaces why is he trying to humiliate us he is supposed to be a public servant working for us this season who is in new york for the united nations general assembly denies corruption allegations describing them as lies. banned all unauthorized protests after he led the military coup which deposed egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi 6 years ago tens of thousands of egyptians were arrested and jailed in the government crackdown which followed now human rights watch is calling on the egyptian government not to repeat past mistakes urging leaders to protect the right to peaceful protest in
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upholding egypt's obligations under international human rights law authorities should immediately release all days arrested for soli exercising their rights whilst there are parallels that can be drawn with the 2011 uprising which led to the ousting of autocratic president hosni mubarak the situation today is also different the may still be early to predict how these protests will end and whether they will force regime change or not what is undeniable though is that for many egyptians the current status quo of poverty corruption and oppression is not an option. of just iraq. and those protests have followed president sisi to new york he's there for the united nations general assembly and is also juicing meets u.s. president donald trump gyptian some rallied outside his hotel accusing him of crimes . off tell ahead on al-jazeera the w.h.o.
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calls for a major cash injection to ensure essential health care wild winds plus. i think what we really wanted to do with have to have a fight that there is as many ways of being my from my family from people we need to poets i bring to change assumptions about muslim americans. london sports and money is the man for england as they get their rugby world cup campaign underway. alor us the weather changes the season changes in europe so these throw off some active weather as a culture comes for the size that generates big showers but to me in georgia reflects that 120 millimeters i mean that's flash flood territory and that frontal system as it goes eastwards could generate a bit more right but i suspect not very much but enough of
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a bit maybe news becky but look at the picture it is a fairly dry one for monday and the wind isn't that strong are the no longer got northerly so temps actually could create a bit as they forecast to do in terre baghdad and kuwait for $47.00 yesterday just offshore. but more typically were near the 30 mach in beirut for example on the skies are open and sunny and that's true all were done to the rest of the middle east for the arabian peninsula to get down to coast we still got the influence of the south westerly monsoon still cloudy and several but no longer particularly downpour drizzly humidities to resurvey high around bahrain qatar and the u.a.e. because there's no breeze to bring the dry weather now we all sing a changing season so although it's been active weather on now for a few weeks in this frontal system is no different we haven't seen a huge rise in temperature just yet.
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when say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. formal in their footsteps that's the force their way in the world. shares these personal journey. inspiring stories of people possibly hearing on that shows. weakness documentaries. we have a news gathering team here that is 2nd to their all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense
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of it. you know watching al-jazeera airliner about top stories this hour u.s. secretary of state mike compares says america's policy on iran is to avoid war and that u.s. forces are in the region for defense meanwhile iranian president hassan rouhani says he'll present a plan to the united nations designed to secure the gulf without the need for foreign intervention. palestinian israeli parties are recommending benny gantz as prime minister benjamin netanyahu the country's president has started talks with rival political leaders aimed at choosing the next prime minister now neither prime
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minister netanyahu nor gantz received enough votes from majority government. and climate scientists are sounding the alarm again in a new report on the state of our planet it's revealed the 5 year period ending 2019 is said to be the hottest ever and that optic from a sea ice has declined as rate of 12 percent per decade over the past 40 is. while the u.k. is opposition leader is coming under increasing pressure as the party struggles tonight over breaks it all we can cross to 50 ball and now european broadcast center. yes the labor party is holding its annual conference in the english coastal city of bryson policy officials were hoping to present labor as a government in waiting with a snap election widely expected in britain in the coming months but that plan is being overshadowed by infighting over bracks us with some senior figures pressing
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jeremy koeppen to campaign to remain in the e.u. not a bubble has more now from brighton the stuff. on occasions like this he tends to get treated like a rock star but as jeremy corbyn to write for day 2 of the labor party conference the mood music behind the scenes was far from soothing labor announce potentially vote winning policies on sunday including scrapping charges for medical prescriptions in england but they're being overshadowed by divisions within the shadow cabinet over bricks it policy was that of course the whole bit was asked on national television about his plan to negotiate a new brix it deal and hold a referendum on it you'll get the deal you want do then come back to the british people in a referendum and sell that deal we put both fuse to break do you fail the deal we will put both use and say look this is the best deal we could get this is the remain and hopefully reform option these are the choices before the labor leadership's line is that when it comes to formulating bricks in policy ahead of
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a general election it has to take into account not just its overwhelmingly pro remain membership but the many labor voters who backed leave in the referendum particularly in northern areas but some commentators say the reality is different there's a great line one shot a minister says my labor leaders are more labor in the lead but my labor remains will remain the no labor sort of risk what's one piece of charlie company assisting is that by trying to please a group of voters here in the state labor whatever. members will voters will come in later in that road and you see from the slight uptick polygamy's got from that revoked policy last week that that is a real and present. even before conference began there was an unexpected push by cauldron loyalists to scrap the role of deputy leader held by tom watson who insists labor must adopt a clear and exit stance corbet intervene to stop that move but on monday conference is set to vote on competing motions on breaks of policy laving government will
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address the ravages of austerity and despite the clear promises on things britain's care deeply about it's far from clear labor can come up with a bricks it stance that will win over undecided voters if a snap election is called the barber al-jazeera brighton. the world's oldest travel companies on the verge of collapse with lenders threatening to pull out of a $1000000000.00 rescue dail executives from worsens thomas cook has been holding talks with creditors in london and a last ditch effort to keep the company a life without agreement hundreds of thousands of people could be left stranded on holiday and 20000 jobs could be lost catherine stansell reports. it's britain's oldest travel company operating in more than a dozen countries with $19000000.00 customers a year but thomas cook struggled to be profitable. despite a $1000000000.00 injection of cash earlier this year the company said on friday it
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needed an additional $250000000.00 to stave off collapse or not they contain a very bad news for the 600000 people around the world on thomas cook holidays when word spread about the dire financial situation this hotel in tunis briefly refused to let holiday makers leave demanding money afraid that they wouldn't get paid if the company went bankrupt. i paid more than $2000.00 for the holiday they want more than why i paid i told them i'm not responsible for thomas cook there's a place called the blackmail if you pay it you know you don't wave the british government is promising to help anyone stuck abroad i can reassure people that in the worst case scenario the contingency planning is there to avoid people being stranded more than a 1000000 people around the world have holidays booked with thomas cook if the company goes bust there is little danger they will lose their money thanks to various consumer protection schemes thomas cook is seen as the inventor of the
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modern day package holiday a cabinet maker from yorkshire he was a strong supporter of the temperance movement and believed travel would help britain's refrain from drinking alcohol he started out by arranging day trips by train in the 1840s the excursions proved soap. popular that within 20 years he was selling to us to continental europe the middle east and the united states but the modern day company has been under intense financial pressure rescued from near bankruptcy 8 years ago and how people book their holidays has added to the company's plight by free travel shops have been facing stiff competition from the internet i want packets holidays like those from thomas cut off and provide good value many consumers are now shopping around are 9 booking their accommodation and flights separately to create a perspex experience despite being a mainstay in the british travel industry analysts say the company's struggles to compete thomas cook is
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a marvelous brand it has incredible heritage but i'm afraid in the 21st century in the a rufous competition of the travel industry that counts for nothing all that matters is do you have a profitable business and certainly in the case of thomas cook we know the answer is no. 178 year old business steeped in history but apparently failing to keep up with modern times catherine stansell al-jazeera london a humanitarian ship carrying dozens of rescued refugees and migrants is sailing back and forth between italy and malta awaiting permission to dock the ocean viking rescued 4 groups of migrants fleeing libya on unseaworthy boats last week 35 people were allowed to disembark on saturday as their boat had been in malta search and rescue zone when it came under distress but 182 people including 13 children remain stuck on the charity ship and requests to dock has so far been rejected by both the
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city and malta. dozens of climate activists have paid their final respects to a swiss glass here that's expected to completely vanished by 2030 the pits sold last year in the guy results in eastern switzerland has been steadily retreating as global temperatures climb at less than a 10th of a square kilometer the glass here has shrunk to a fraction of the size it was 30 years ago when scientists 1st recorded its size activists held a funeral for the disappearing last year calling for radical action on climate change when i started doing motor mounts on disclosure of 14 years ago the glacier was already small but it was intact then it is strongly melted so we have lost massive amounts of eyes over the years but it remained like one glacier one eyes most and in 2018 was this very strong summer heat waves it's certainly split into 2 and it started falling in pieces from us all from here in london back to doha at
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least aasia thanks felicity well 22 year old climate activist of the neck the nessun a cutty has been in new york for the un's youth climate summit she is from uganda where the climate crisis is already impacting agriculture and causing increasing dry spells al-jazeera visited vanessa just before she left home his hair story. after school that was last year i wanted to do something that could cause change and impact in people's lives in my country therefore i started crying go to research on what issue is that were lists handled in our community and they phoned out that climate change was one of the things that our list spoken about by the people in nasa said so i decided to do more research about it to find out if our country is really and are going to claim it's crazy i started looking for climate
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activists our own africa but i failed to get one i said to look for them in uganda but i felt to get one so it was up to me to start the play amid strakes. i'm fighting for a better future for everyone a better future for my family for the citizens of this country for africa as a 20 minute and for the citizens of this entire world i believe that through my strikes climate action can be taken by our government leaders and the public to tread me to get their situation and revive us the problem that we are facing great now. i was invited by the united nations for the youth climate summit so i've been carrying got progressions i'm going to present my country and africa as a continent. climate change is real and dangerous for us all it knows no age and it knows no person if it is to destroy our life it destroys anyone so they
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should join the fight against the climate crisis. moving on now and tunisia where landmines are a constant threat so are attacks by i sell and other groups battling government forces for control of the remote desert area now attacks are forced tens of thousands to flee towns and villages and shooting in that is in there to bury region warning of disturbing images and this report from your about a nanny. to 4 used to dream of finishing school now she just wants to walk again she lost the use of her legs after she stepped out of my project by isis fighters. she can't leave her bed and her brother tries to keep her comfortable. for them but the situation hurts a so much with an aide who wishes to see the standing on her feet again. marcie i had a big other sister and 3 cousins including and that is tribal leader also killed by
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ice mine. 2 years ago an eyesore tac intel or berry killed for us and 5 soldiers. in may the us military released this video of recovery operation after $28.00 soldiers were killed in a single isolate tac. there are no people in this they fled because of the fighting they started killing people and 2018 and again this year leaders of nutters have been killed many of the people have lost their lives. fighting between i saw a national and international forces since july has led to a big increase in people fleeing violence to nearby arrow tell a very city and niamey. house and his wife and 5 children were among them. we suffer in many ways we fled our homes and we came here we don't have
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a place to live some of us did not even have a mattress and couldn't find any help. traders here say they can no longer continue their business because of the violence. we left our goods and trade lost our money and suddenly found ourselves here with nothing but disaster has hit all the districts of tel a barrier is especially near the border with mali. the u.n. wounds that a crisis in this a whole region including mali and burkina faso is reaching unprecedented levels. a more than 5000000 people need humanitarian assistance. the united nations is urging these displaced people to enroll their children and local schools and with violence and landmines leverage they don't know when they'll be able to go back. out to 0. now demonstrate as
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a necker say their 17 month revolt against president daniel ortega won't end until he resigns and free elections are held protesters have been back on the streets of the capital victoria case in the reports. of. this latest protest organized by opponents of president daniel tika turned violent almost immediately. as protesters approached riot police in the capital managua on saturday they were met with tear gas rubber coated bullets and stun grenades known as splash bangs at the front of one of their senior commanders grabbed one of those flash bangs and threw it directly on my forehead and exploded and that got me disoriented and i passed out. mass protests started in april last year but 1st knicker arguments demanded social security reform then their demands grew into a movement against and the government over the past 70 months at least $300.00
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nicaraguans have been killed and tens of thousands have fled the country more than $100.00 political prisoners are in jail. for this as a mother i feel uncomfortable because freedom is freedom of expression too we have the right as a country to express ourselves we have the right to speak up but here we're held captive they don't let us speak freely. has described his opponents as violent terrorists inciting a coup against him since the crisis began a government crackdown has targeted human rights groups journalists and activists. day we're marching in memory of matt romero the. a man who was murdered on september 27th by a sniper when he merely exercise his right to peaceful protest we are marching for political prisoners there are more than 120 political prisoners who are still in prison the government bans on move from wise to protests but rallies like this show that to his opponent.


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