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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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to recommend ation and i'm an artist said it was after years of being diligent amazed by the administration of benjamin netanyahu that they had to take part they had to act to end that era but let's assume long enough with the we usually do not endorse israeli prime minister is so without doubt as there is an historical side to what we are doing now we want to put an end to the era of benjamin netanyahu therefore will endorse spinny gantz to form the next government a minute it also made it clear that this wasn't just about removing benjamin netanyahu is also a reflection of a shift in opinion among palestinian israelis polls show a real appetite for greater engagement in israeli politics more results from their politicians on things such as crime social policy economics and he said in terms of trying to repeal the nation state law which made palestinian israelis into 2nd class citizens in this country as for the reaction from the other parties well could its delegation here said that no israeli government should rely on and honest
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arab parties to try to confer legitimacy on it and the blue and white delegation it's had said that it would sit in coalition unity government but only with zionist parties so explicitly ruling out the joint list the other big question though remains how and whether there will be that unity government between blue and white on one side and likud on the other ballooning presence of benjamin netanyahu appears to remain the stumbling block to that happening much now depends on the actions of president rivlin himself will be a 2nd round of meetings like this on monday after which at some stage over the course of the next week or so he will have to decide to whom he will give the 1st opportunity to form a coalition government if that fails then it may well go to a 2nd attempt perhaps even a 3rd and then the thing looming behind all of it that president rivlin says he wants to avoid at all costs a 3rd election. still ahead on al-jazeera we do want
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a peaceful resolution of this that's our objective. america's top diplomat says the u.s. wants to avoid war with iran and sending additional troops to the gulf is for defense and the turns already have. one span from the u.s. indian prime minister narendra modi receives a warm welcome from president donald trump. hello the winter weather warning has been lifted from montana without an indication of how cold the air was at least a tide but the cold and warm junction a frontal system if you like is still there and that's a line of potentially heavy rains but asunder mixed in trusting slowly east was such that by the time dawn breaks on monday the stay be a lot of showers back through tuck texas and across the border into mexico and then
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fading off into the distance but his principle point is to reduce the temp is ahead of it as it goes through the ahead of it it's 33 in washington if you don't get forward a day or 2 or down to about 26 choose to study huge change just enough to produce rain on its way through at the same time we've got more rain showing up in northern mexico in sonora desert and in places like arizona evidence of the southwest monsoon in the u.s. very active weather still throughout the caribbean the green is rain usually in the 4 showers sometimes thunderstorms covering most of the lesser and greater antilles covering cuber in jamaica is an exaggeration but you see where the wet weather is is also down there in panama costa rica about to nicaragua and to some degree in mexico although it's mostly coastal showers from mexico and your notice on tuesday you see a little bit more land but not a lot. rewind
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to attack ends with series and. in the past just. by the early onion. in the week it's hard. to rewind continues with losing louisiana was once a thriving community. with murdering about downtown louisville right on the southern tip of illinois submerged 30 feet below us on al-jazeera. you're watching out as they are a reminder of our top stories this hour. the world's oldest travel company thomas
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cook has collapsed leaving more than one 150000 people stranded on holiday and about 20000 people out of a job flights have also been grounded the british government is promising to help anyone stuck of course. the u.n. is warning world leaders attending its climate change summit in new york that the effects of global warming are speeding up the world meteorological organization says the average global temperature from 10 to 2015 to 2019 is on track to be the hottest of any 5 year period on record and sea levels have risen by 5 millimeters a year. israel's main arab political parties have endorsed ex military chief benny gantz for prime minister in a bid to oust by netanyahu the move breaks a 27 year long policy of not backing any candidate to lead the country. now donald trump is expected to make the u.s. his case against iran and his address to the u.n.
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general assembly next week he says he's not planning to hold talks with iran's leader who will also be in new york but secretary of state. says the u.s. government's policy on iran is to avoid war john hendren has more from washington. president donald trump is sounding newly optimistic about iran tremendous progress with was made with iran so we'll see we'll see but it's all going to work out always does we get it to work out if it doesn't sometimes takes a little longer but i get things to work out the u.s. rhetoric in general on iran has taken a turn toward diplomacy the u.s. secretary of state who initially accused iran of an act of war for last week's attack that have saudi arabia's oil production now says the u.s. seeks a diplomatic solution above all we do want a peaceful resolution of this that's our objective president trump and i both want to give diplomacy every opportunity succeed but make no mistake about it if we are unsuccessful in that and iran continues to strike out in this way i am confident
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the present trump will make the decisions necessary to achieve our objectives both trump and iran's president hassan rouhani plan to attend a united nations general assembly meeting this week but trump says they won't be talking to each other ever on the sabbath completely but i have know it was just a baby with iran denies any role in this saudi oil attacks who the rebels in yemen say they are responsible in our valley more tensions have risen since the u.s. pulled out of a 2050 nuclear agreement with iran last year the u.s. says its maximum pressure campaign is working but there are few tangible signs of progress since then iran has shot down a u.s. drone and the u.s. has blamed iran for attacks on oil tankers on the saudi oil site with the united states sending hundreds of troop reinforcements as well as anti missile defense systems to both saudi arabia and the united arab emirates iran's foreign minister sounds pessimistic i'm not confident that we can avoid
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a war. i'm confident that we would not stalked one but i'm confident that starts one with not be the one who finishes it so this standoff continues which both sides say they want to end with words not weapons john hendren al-jazeera washington. the u.s. congress may be forced into impeachment proceedings against u.s. president donald trump that's the warning from u.s. house intelligence committee chairman if it's confirmed trump pressured ukraine to investigate joe biden it's been reported that trump threatened to cut off military aid to ukraine if its president did not investigate whether biden used his position as a vice president to help his son but trump insists he's done nothing wrong michaela reports from washington. president trump continued to downplay the reports describing his conversation with the ukrainian president in july as absolutely perfect. we had a great conference a. conversation i had with mark.
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tory which large rock n roll of the corrupt big. large fact that we don't want our people like vice president biden. 6 grow up already in the ukraine the unverified and vague accusation against joe biden was echoed by the secretary of state if there was a lection interference the took place by the vice president i think the american people deserve to know we know there was interference in the 2016 election and if it's the case that there was something going on with the president's family because the conflict of interest and vice president biden behaved in a way that was inconsistent with the way leaders are to operate i think the american people deserve to know that joe biden says it was the obama administration as a whole along with the e.u. that called for the firing of the then ukrainian prosecutor back in 2016 and the
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matter had nothing to do with his son and president trump's critics insist they will not be distracted from finding out why the white house council will not allow the release to a congressional committee of the whistle blower's complaint this tweet from house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff. if there's nothing wrong with trying to score with the ukrainian president as he claims why won't you release the transcript he us if there's nothing to implicate trump in the whistleblower complaint why won't they release it to congress clearly they are afraid we must see both and even some republicans are expressing concern if the president asked or pressured ukraine's president to investigate his political rival either directly or through his personal attorney tweets senator mitt romney it would be troubling in the extreme critical for the facts to come out the acting director of national intelligence has been subpoenaed to appear before the house intelligence committee
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on thursday the question he's certain to be asked why is the refusing to allow congressional oversight of a whistle blower's complaint that's been described as credible and off an urgent nature mike hanna al-jazeera washington or staying in the u.s. the latest polling suggests elizabeth warren may be gaining ground in the race for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination she's overtaken former vice president joe biden in a poll in the key state of iowa the survey put war in top of the table with 22 percent of the vote just ahead of biden and bernie sanders but joe biden remains leader in national polls iowa votes 1st in the primary race. after days of anti-government protests in egypt calling for president abdullah fattah el-sisi to resign a counter-rally has been held in syria as. these are the latest pictures of demonstrations in the coastal city on sunday where sisi supporters gathered waving
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the egyptian flag separately thousands of people have been taking part in rare anti-government protests across the country since friday 365 people have reportedly been arrested egypt's media or thought. journalists it's monitoring coverage of the protests to ensure they abide by professional codes al-jazeera is banned from reporting from inside egypt. trading on egypt's stock exchange was suspended for 30 minutes on sunday after it fell by 5 percent let's say the fall is linked to the protests. there gyptian lawyer says prosecutors have ordered the brother of a u.s. based egyptian activists to remain in custody for another 15 days in cairo. ghonim was arrested on thursday and detained on allegations he joined an illegal group and spread false news his brother while ghonim led
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a facebook page that helped ignite the 2011 uprising he says his brother's arrest was retaliation for his recent criticism of president sisi. in the mountainous regions of myanmar's most northern catchin state 8 years of displacement and conflict has left many civilians distressed and poverty stricken a fragile ceasefire underlines the outgo ongoing instability their stress and depression has led some to turn to drugs laura burden manoli reports. with china tens of thousands of people live in displacement camps distressed and poverty stricken many find solace in the cheapest and most readily available drug heroin. i know no one. has been on and off the drug for years. when conflict fled 80 years ago her mother fled to china and left
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pan alone with no money. i became a drug addict because of me actually i have quit once before a long time ago but i came back to use drugs again it's all because of me my heart's not strong to say no to drugs pam is recovering apologists and rehabilitation center run by the catch an independent organization near the capital . women a some of the most vulnerable as there are not enough jobs for them and prostitution is rife. but drug users come from all walks of life. during the initial dry out days some where these chains to prevent them from running away. and we lived in the i.d.p. camp near china's border and there are many drug dealers and users that when we hear people in the i.d.p. camps are addicted to drugs we investigate find out who's using and. suspected uses
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night camps are asked to provide hearing tests to show if they're using drugs if they fail the force to come into the center. many fear going back home where it's a dollar a hit parent is not only affordable but it's difficult to escape. almost every house and every village is selling the drugs they sell on the streets and alleyways people are selling drugs because of a conflict. the conflict began in 1962 when the military took control of the region a ceasefire was broken 8 years ago when me and my forces and the caption independence army fought for control with talks stalled there's uncertainty over who will control the state in the future which could continue to have consequences for the many vulnerable people living here. for about a manly al-jazeera. tens of thousands of indian americans piped into
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a texas stadium for an unusual joint rally address by indian prime minister narendra modi and u.s. president donald trump the event in houston dubbed howdy modi was a rare mass show of support for a foreign leader on u.s. soil a white house correspondent was there. you know you were in your ranger mode it goes controversy usually follows outside the houston stadium in advance of the indian prime minister's speech modi supporters physically ground out a serious camera and yank press credentials as we tried to film those protesting his visit modi was once banned for years for entering the united states for violations of religious freedom but on sunday he stood in front of thousands of indian americans alongside u.s. president donald trump howard in by france the massive rally is designed to be in a positive image of modi after international criticism of his move stripping
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kashmir of its autonomy there's also been a surge of attacks under modi's government against religious minorities in india analysts say modi's nationals ground of politics is very similar should trops i do logically surprisingly similar. the investment in the kind of nationalism a kind of muscular nationalism going to strong nationalism and because of speaking the same idiom but on stage the pair touted the economic benefits of their friendship he has already murdered. the american economy. our sense of how to run. you are richer our culture. you are told are. you uplift our communities and you are truly proud to be american trying to. he hoped to sign
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a trade deal during modi's visit to boost india's sluggish economy it would also give trump an economic win after a prolonged u.s. trade war with china but not side the rally many people protested the joint appearance of the 2 leaders this woman says she's furious trying granted modi the global legitimacy he seeks number one he has divided his country and number 2 he. is that of a cabinet that has been running by me and i just. want you to try all right and other girls. can really help you. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the world's oldest travel company
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thomas cook has collapsed leaving more than one 150000 people stranded on holiday and about 20000 people out of a job flights have also been grounded the british government is promising to help anyone stuck abroad the cia is launching. this is the largest since the 2nd world war and we will be bringing home every party. back to the u.k. as close as possible to their return this is a huge operation 150000 people brought. over 40 craft and those aircraft are already in position and in the next few hours will start bringing will start bringing passengers home. t.v. says a saudi led coalition air strike has killed 5 civilians in yemen's province of it comes just days after hutu rebels pledged to stop launching attacks on saudi arabia . the u.s.
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congress may be forced to pursue impeachment if it's confirmed president trump pressured ukraine to investigate democratic presidential hopeful joe biden according to u.s. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff u.s. media reports claim donald trump asked the ukrainian president to investigate biden over allegations he used his position as vice president to help his son the phone call was reportedly the subject of a complaint by an unnamed whistleblower the u.n. is warning world leaders attending its climate change summit in new york that the effects of global warming are speeding up the world meteorological organization says the average global temperature for 2015 to 29 teen is on track to be the hottest of any 5 year period on record and sea levels have risen by 5 millimeters a year israel's main arab political parties have endorsed ex military chief benny gantz for prime minister in a bid to oust benjamin netanyahu the move breaks
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a 27 year long policy of not backing any candidate to lead the country israel's president is holding 2 days of talks to choose a leader for a coalition government those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after rewind. a troop of chinese scientists devoutly herring. fishing for rarely seen. the one who wanted to produce charts. hello and welcome again to rewind on there's
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a problem back in 2006 when we 1st launched al-jazeera english our goal was to find stories that are the channel simply weren't covering here on rewind we revisit some of the best of them to find out how the story has moved on in the years since today we rewind into 2009 into the wetlands of the mississippi delta on the gulf of mexico in 2005 the u.s. state of louisiana was devastated by hurricane katrina a category 5 storm which breached levees and flood the city of new orleans and in july 2019 tropical storm barry again forced thousands to evacuate as heavy rainfall brought widespread flooding but hearkens aren't the only problem louisiana's facing it's been losing land to the gulf of mexico at an alarming rate caused in part or the exploration a made by rising sea levels from climate change all of which has threaten the
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unique and ancient way of life on the by use as those communities now face the prospect of having to relocate to higher ground as their land and homes a loss to the rising waters from 2009 here is losing louisiana. what was once a thriving community. only water with lettering above downtown louisville right on the southern tip of louisiana it lies submerged 30 feet below us and what happened here could be what lies and still for the whole of this region as line continues to be claimed by the sea. this is by to fruition part of the delta system of the mighty mississippi one of the great rivers of the world and an american icon. for the fight along highway one towards the gulf of mexico and you'll find what's left of leave the above water level. get to the remnants of the french speaking cajun
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communities the 1st arrived here in the 18th century evicted by the british from canada. cajuns take on these vos what it's finding freedom and independence in this polish bunch hugely subtle terrain the marshes became and remain home to their descendants today. in one line 7 information online 5 generations of course of the recent windle curio is the general manager of the south of the food levee district the 1st generation and learn english for french his family's journey through the generations reflects the cajun experience in southern louisiana a fragile existence in a delicate environment these waters are the lifeblood we're here because of the water we're here because the water it feeds us about it is also the nemesis for generations of people resent and have been retreating and we're going to keep on
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retraining until we have to the point of stability. the problem today is that nobody really knows where that vanishing point lies. it's only with the goods i feel that you get a real sense of the scale of the loss. aeration . glad. you got a pretty. at one time these waters were completely planted in green and natural defense against school insurgents through the it is the channels with the commercial navigation and oil pipelines with that's more and more salt water began flowing into the wetlands poisoning the entire ecosystem of the natural marshlands. results. well for decades the land has been sinking recently the rate has fluctuated between 30 to 50 square kilometers
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a year today that totals almost 7000 square kilometers an area larger than some us states has disappeared. and now experts are predicting that as global warming brings stronger and more violent hearkens and rising sea levels the rate of land loss will only accelerate. in the past the mississippi used to deposit millions of tons of sediment into the vaults but. that no longer levees built to protect against cyclical flooding instead channel all the sediment out to sea stopping the muslims. way displaced. from the mississippi river the water the settlements. and now we don't we didn't allow that flooding anymore so yeah this expanse of delta that basically it's north was cut off much like a heart attack when i went out vessel gets clogged and you can't get the new
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entrants into different parts of the heart muscle. windell takes us to a small title gauge on the eastern end of highway one the system measures the speed at which the waters of the gulf of mexico consume the surrounding land. the monthly increase is a microscopic narrow than a single strand of hair but climate scientists believe they indicate something died the more we wait the more places it'll be too late the fact that the lot is 10 years is going to be too late for a lot of areas is not only moving a group or it's rules of the past and it could be that right here one of the 1st major stories in the age of global warming is being written the obituary the southeast louisiana once flourishing can cite present trees like these quickly die as salt water intrudes those trees drowned seen as nature's tombstone. then leave and in other towns along the bayou even the dead on spanned
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a poignant reminder of a community that has disappeared and. for those who remain the rapid change and sense of loss runs deep down that's evolved i have the farmland that raise judgment day and it rushes that blood donation. that plantation all those of goma. captain bobby brown has been running the legal dollar for full decades in front of him now is only water the people who lived here distant memories but trapped if they wanted to live in. a sweat and it cost. that this machine push water. now salt water. is a shame. it's a shame to lose. one shot many people that don't want to raise you know their head age you know as the fresh water turns to salt water ecological changes swiftly
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falling. and with that a profound impact on the lives and livelihoods of the cajuns especially for those in the shrimping and. us who are either the food base of every species between here and the gulf it all starts in the marshes so once we lose our marshes the food basically roads and everything else just just goes to. louisiana shrimp need the fresh water marshes to mature before heading out into the gulf now they're running out of room as a consequence the fishing season is increasingly shortened. coupled with an influx of cheap foreign bred shrimp saturates in the u.s. markets and local fishermen have no way to turn that's one thing about the numbers now they their resilience bunch and they work hard and they just have to work
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harder for less money but like i say it's just been tougher and tougher the economics you know are getting worse but you know it seems like every year for these guys and it's it's a struggle. add to that more than $300000000.00 in damage caused to the local industry by the last 2 hurricanes alone and these fishing beach towns of years gone by have all but gone down. for their. food at 2 pm every day of what they call the cajun dollar alongside highway one a group of old friends gather. there are right by god yeah they still speak the pats were offering their ancestors it stuck. but goal of the day is lost as of the value instead they collect cans for a few extra dollars to fix bugs that changed a lot in this life the words of that girl shows more than a mole on the tile we are. left ever oh. i'm
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going to pot. a motel i'm here to come down or no. she's not going to get a small link to her he said it's yet sad. it's a real sad sea still the land been well you know poor or gone away society and i don't know how much we're still people. these old timers a pretty much all that's left of the cage an existence on fire. it was all in and the progress i just call it away i'll have. to live like. that and. not hated. this is an island road the only connection between the mainland and killed is josh on. the island isn't funny smee rigid land now below sea level it's
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surrounded by levees that have failed to protect the area as hearkens grow stronger and the protective marshes disappear. i can tell you about on them have a king on his bed. or drool coming through and the train reading this. i think is comin ma hard drive about 300 feet away until andrew. went in the middle of the room right now. here the biloxi chichi mucha and native american tribes have lived for centuries but the chief is reluctantly conceding that the moment has come to make a change we're now in the last 7 years the last 7 percent of our people there so i mean so we don't know how much of all of this is going to be here there is one levy plan to salvage some of the communities along the southern coast but it may come at the expense of others like chief not queens people we want to move as
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a community because of our heritage the history we have here on niland and to try to keep the culture get also. he has also a government for aid to relocate but some on the island are resisting his plan i don't want to be there i cast me something. and it's a life or death of a roof. but the majority say they are ready to face facts after years of rebuilding and recovering from the old slaughter of nature u.k. planted the thing here you can't grow any animals here the parents have to bring their children to school if it was groceries in the waters on the road without either do without or tried to watch the water go down and then and then come back what's left is mostly memories among the ruins and all of that was beautiful they had trees and they had the land out there where you could walk and it's going to
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