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these were the lowest low cost carriers of the 7 years now he's the model he's not there's a gap to bill was as low cost carriers to dive in and out of a particular route they rely on in the relationships the pope tells with ground services and so it unless they can really cut costs to the bar those who are open to those who belong to what impact is this going to have on the different businesses and the hotels that they were dealing with they're going to suffer as well i imagine well we talk about the half a 1000000 or so 600000 direct travelers are affected the impact the flow on is massive and for over 600000 lawyers a chance to get so but the flow on of anything in travel industry where everyone's a concerned citizen is probably multiplied by 3 or 4 least so he booked hotel employees. everyone in retail chain and sensually who are going to be impacted by
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this on the other hand you've got. some of the completing operators and the potential new entrants who will be picking up some of those this traffic so. i don't think that will offset by any means the the negative impact that this has been short term indeed and in the short term it's a travesty who are affected 600000 customers how are all these people going to help to return to their respective countries what sort of planning goes into every patch relation of such a large number of people. well as i think you said before it's sort of the largest post 2nd world war repatriation scheme over it and repurchase since the money was being talked about was purely in the in the case of british tourists aboard. about half a 1000000 have known british tourists who are going back from the u.k. or from other destinations who need to be repaired show the conditions around them
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are much less because the british rules are quite good in terms of protecting consumers in places like this one fortunately had a bit of experience with. some of the other tourist may not be so so so well looked after and fortune i thank you so much for speaking to us peter harbison from the center for asia pacific aviation joining us there from sydney thank you for your time. i coming up after the weather on al-jazeera flooding wipes out farmland in nigeria raising questions over national food supply plus i think what we really wanted to do it can i have to have idea that there is as many ways of being now from a family from people. we meet to poets helping to change. muslim americans. have
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other nights as new drawing in days getting shorter so you expect the weather to change as autumn comes in you'd be right much of the weather in europe comes in from the west in the atlantic is wet and windy is a series of frontal systems eventually works its way across the slow movement at the moment so the picture for monday is going to be days for the clouds got this far into germany and poland down towards remain here with a lot of green light to be i think physicians rain is substance or italy there's a bit of a gap the next one is coming in so when the rain now that means eastern europe is going to have a fine looking day not as quite as cloud free as it is or was on sunday or the 70 degrees in warsaw because moscow's the place is going to feel the real code if i run 24 hours he's also not far away there's current there for the north $36.00 degrees should be 14 this time of the year at the same time the clouds dispersed to some degree in central europe rains going down to the balkans towards greece on the
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sun's more prevalent in southern france spain and portugal have done badly this year notice so standard change of weather type there is still a few more showers to come through to near 0 thing come monday with attention to this is to 32 degrees dropping a little bit with the breeze on tuesday and then the sun's out for 2 days here algeria america. and just 20. 1 from a summit. will be a lot of. different so for one cult and. many to move bill to such a concept called a little visit somebody comes to displace this all this money on something that climate change is helping the lives of the people who live on one of the solar.
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour iranian president hassan rouhani is heading to the u.n. general assembly in new york way says he'll reveal full details about his goal security proposal tensions are high in the region after a series of attacks most recent be a drone and missile strike on saudi oil facilities. yemen's hoofy rebels say is saudi led coalition air strike has killed 5 members of one family will be owned t.v. says yes 50 mosque in the province of 2 children from the same family on missing and the world's oldest travel company thomas cook has collapsed leaving tens of
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thousands of people stranded the u.k. civil aviation authority says it's beginning the mammoth task of getting british shop is home. and israel has entered its 2nd day of consultations on forming a new government after last week's stalemate election the main arab parties known as the joint lists threw their support behind ex military chief benny gantz in a bid to. hold the move breaks a 27 year long policy of not backing any candidate president groovin rivlin continues talks with parties today before making the final pick for prime minister let's bring in our harry fawcett in jerusalem for us so harry the negotiations continue how long until there's a new government. that's a pick question and it's one that a lot of people here trying to speculate on and try and work out but we just don't know what we do know is that that yes these negotiations continue that the joint
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list has broken with it's as you say near 3 decades worth of policy by making this recommendation some interesting detail though emerging this morning that the joint is made up of 4 separate parties and one of them which has 3 of the 13 seats in the can you in the new knesset they have said that they are withdrawing their specific nominations or just beats and if the president a louse that splits in numbers to take place it will be 10 recommendations rather than 13 there is the most nationalist of those 4 may be palestinian israeli parties so that if that were allowed that would bring the total recommendations for blue and whites down to 54 it would leave the total right number of recommendations for benjamin netanyahu on 55 you need 61 seats in the knesset to rule as a majority coalition government of a door leave him in his right wing secularist israel bit
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a new party remains on the sidelines not recommending anybody so the question remains how riven rivlin the president of israel decides to move ahead he could say that benny gantz has 33 seats for his party therefore he deserves 1st crack netanyahu having failed last time and failed to give the mandate back to give somebody else an opportunity calling instead for 2nd elections or he could say well there are more recommendations for netanyahu he has a more solid firm grouping of potential coalition partners will give him the 1st go there are reports flying around that my either of them actually wants the 1st opportunity but they'd rather let the other team fail and then try and pick up the pieces later so right now when you look at the numbers guy seems to be in pole position but nets now can't be completely a break knopf can he. no people have tried to rip right off netanyahu on several occasions and he's made a habit of proving them wrong the question is though how he manages to cling on to
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power he came out with videos statements very soon after the joint this made this declaration last night sunday night in which he said right now the options are very clear either you have a minority government. led by benny gantz and blue and white propped up by what he called anti zionist arab parties people who supported terrorism that kind of thing or you have a broad unity government between the could and blue and white that is what's both liquid and blue and white say they want it is what the president riven riven wants very clearly he says he wants to avoid a 3rd election at any cost but netanyahu himself is the sticking point blue and white wants that coalition without netanyahu the code says it is not up to any other party to dictate who is its leader and of course netanyahu wants to retain at least a rotational prime ministerial role because that is his best chance of fighting off
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corruption charges the 1st free indictment hearings due to start next wednesday october the 2nd and that's also the day that ribbon evens deadline for for deciding who to give the 1st opportunity to try to form a coalition government thank you for that harry fawcett live for us in joules member. how the united nations is warning world leaders attending its climate change summit in new york at the effects of global warming on speeding up the world meteorology co organization says the average global temperature for 2015 to 20 $9000.00 is on track to be the hottest of any 5 year period on record that's because carbon emissions after hit new highs increasing by 20 percent and sea levels have risen by 5 millimeters a year due to the increased rate of ocean warming and melting of the greenland and west antarctic ice sheets his that diplomatic editor james mills with more from the u.n. . it's the biggest diplomatic gathering in the world with delegations from all the
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countries the members of the united nations in 2 and a half years heading the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists has made great efforts to resolve the world's most deadly conflicts but with little progress in an interview for al-jazeera is planet s.o.s. he told me he wants the focus of this year's high level week on an issue he says is even more important climate the sets of each of these conflicts is to a certain extent localized and climate change became a global so that for humankind and the global south for the planet and seeing that evolving in such a way that climate change became an excellent sort of conflict with tension growing between the u.s. saudi arabia and iran the situation in the gulf will be high on the agenda and one of the un's most experienced diplomats told me with so many key players in the same place at the same time there could be important developments and things can move
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very fast and it would be foolish to rule something out on grounds of ideology when if he say you've got all these world leaders and foreign ministers together it does mean that we actions can be very swift and initiatives can be taken privately without having to have the full pep listy of a leader fly in or go somewhere every year the general assembly week gets busier and busier today the count is 90 once heads of state 6 vice presidents 45 heads of government 5 deputy prime ministers the number of meetings requested has now climbed to $630.00 this part of the u.n. the visitor's lobby is normally open to the public bridging the high level week it's one of the most secure places on earth all around the u.n. temporary rooms are being set up these are what are known as bilateral booth so you can see the leather chairs the table there's room here for 2 or more delegations to meet a short notice if necessary. in some privacy. organizing this event is
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a mammoth operation insiders have told me just getting the motorcades of presidents prime ministers and foreign ministers here so they can speak back to back on the podium is an operation akin to traffic control james bays out of the united nations. first shortages i threaten threatened in a northwest nigeria where floods have destroyed crops dozens of people have been killed recently and thousands of homes washed away. this lush green rice paddy has provided a livelihood for generations of farmers but recently they've watched helplessly as floods transformed their farm lines into new fishing grounds. those who cannot cope are forced to leave. but how much the only course trying to salvage what he can of
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his militants will go at least for the next meal the rest he says is lost. my village is by design footing disaster this is the 2nd city of year we are experiencing this i've already lost 10 farms with rice beans groundnuts and so. its loss is echoed in villages lining nigeria's coast and river valleys the areas that account for 80 percent of the country's culture production. nigerians have been want to expect more flooding nationwide raising fears of possible from shortages as crops are washed away the country was recently listed among 41 countries that require food aid partly because of so rare weather conditions and because the government has banned food importation through its 9 borders many families may struggle to feed themselves. the governor of the state says the state government is struggling to help over 100000 people 70000 hectares of farmland
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gone. and this is also a similar figures but what is interesting this year for us is the new places that have not been traditionally under-floor did i what we call a do now is to support those people that have laws that towns to to put them into shelters and tried to see how we can feed them but. after every day family land that is a loss the cross that we have lost and the houses that were lost we don't have that clearance to go to help people. for many years the annual rainfall in this region is 800 millimeters but people have seen the level exceeding 1000 millimeters in the past few years. in another part we have so much of this flood during the rainy season our farmers can not cultivate in the dry season we are
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getting so much of dryness and from the southern part we also have so much of flood . the floods and droughts are partly to blame for fighting between farmers and cattle herders hundreds have been killed in the region in the battle for land and water. but for fisherman these are good times. with village streets and roads becoming new fishing ground even temporarily there is a catch to permit. comedy grease al-jazeera oh you know jerry. a too young american muslim authors say they're showcasing the true diversity of their faith by publishing a collection of poems they've been explaining the motivations for their book called if you hear me. my name is soffit hello and i am a poet my name is fats mascara and i'm also a poet our formative years were in post 911 america so so much of our lives
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everyone wants to talk about muslims but no one really was super interested of like in talking to muslims and specifically in talking to muslim women to talking their queer muslims or talking muslim trans people muslim gender nonconforming people a muslim teenager back in high tops gracing the subway i think what we really want to do is kind of have this idea that there is as many ways of being muslim as are muslim people and just that no one way is like the only way of being muslim i think the book is very much a product of the things that we like but we've tried to do as best as we could to make sure that there was a diversity of voices and styles and identities included within the book the poems and essays in the sense knology are listened to munity i didn't know i was allowed to dream of what felt most important of all was to keep the project inward facing to our communities this is not and that we were ever interested in doing a sort of like work like ambassadors work of like facing outwards and being like here's a dispatch from the muslim community we basically like had the idea to make this
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before all anything happened with tribe islam of all forever racism has been here forever sacks of them all phobia transphobia it became this kind of thing where i think people were like this is. more important than ever whereas we kind of feel like it's always been of war and poetry is one of the many ways of making sense of your place in the world and all of our places in the world are inherently political from the history of baudry it's always about politics right like there is and it's all about what kind of politics like there's always something at play and right now i feel like sometimes you look at like old stuff and you're like oh this is just cannon or whatever but really like in that moment it was very revolutionary was like moments of being like this is what it means to write colloquially this is what it means to like amplify like lower class people this is what it means to be human in this moment. so again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera iran's president
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hassan rouhani is heading to the united nations general assembly in new york where he says you know we deal full details about his goal of security proposal tensions are high in the region after a series of attacks most recently a drone and missile strike on saudi aramco oil facilities saudi arabia and the u.s. say iran is to blame an american reinforcements are being deployed. there must be manned regarding the issues in the region they are exaggerating what has happened to iran because what is the reason for that the reason is that americans want to keep control of the whole region now they say they want to bring pitcher of defense systems into the region it's clear they want to keep control of saudi arabia's oil that comes from the eastern part of this conflict is not about us it is about the american competition with chinese and others they are taking advantage of this opportunity yemen's houthi rebels say assad led coalition air strike has killed 5 members of one family who see on t.v. says yes strikes hit a mosque in the province of 2 children from the same family are missing the world's
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oldest travel company thomas cook has collapsed leaving tens of thousands of people stranded the u.k. civil aviation authority says it's beginning the mammoth task of getting british travelers home all thomas cook flights have been grounded in 20000 jobs are at risk israel has entered its 2nd day of consultations on forming a new government after last week stalemate election the main arab parties known as a joint lists through their support behind ex-military chief benny gantz in a bid to spend him in next now the move breaks a 27 year long policy of not backing any candidate president robin rivlin continues talks with parties today after days of anti-government protests in egypt calling for president fatah sisi to resign a counter-rally has been held in suez supporters gather. on the streets of the coastal city on sunday rival protests have been held across the country since friday 365 people have reportedly been arrested you have to sit with headlines on
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al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story to stay with us. the stories generate thousands of headlines. separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism. the listening post on al-jazeera. where the protests against egypt's president spread demonstrators demand the resignation of abdul fattah el-sisi because they say he's corrupt how will he and the army respond to one of the largest challenges to his rule so far this is inside story. hello welcome to the program on iran come on protests are rare in today's egypt's
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president bill fatah el-sisi has stifle dissent ever since he deposed his predecessor in a military coup 6 years ago but the government ban on protests has been defied in several cities over the past 2 nights. security forces in so is fired bullets and tear gas at protesters who are demanding cc's resignation dozens were arrested nitocris square in cairo where the revolution to overthrow president hosni mubarak unfolded the defiant display of anger fled when protesters hit the latest corruption allegations now sisi denies squandering public money the former military contractor who made the allegations is warning of more protests. i'm still waiting for a response from the defense minister and security forces saying sisi is out he is no longer fit for this next friday is his ultimatum i'm waiting for that decision
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and the next step is a multi 1000000 man march we started in our local streets next friday we will take to the major squares. so what are the allegations against president sisi egyptian business and mohamed ali worked as a military contractor for 15 years now living in spain he began posting videos this month alleging says he spent millions of dollars of public money building palaces villas and hotels also q.c. says wife into sort of squandering public funds on vanity projects and he accuses egypt's transport minister major general kemal always in and several military leaders of stealing money from construction companies working with the army including his own and hourly accuse the military's engineering or thorazine of failing to invite tenders and directly awarding projects to companies. let's bring in. the middle east and north africa research
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a human rights watch in washington d.c. he called it egypt's domestic affairs analyst and. a short founding director of the critical security studies program at the doha institute a welcome to you all like to begin with you in. what muhammad ali has done is effectively broken too big to others within egyptian society criticizing the army and even more criticizing the president that sparked a movement of people out on the streets could this movement build always saying then you are. that's a question. i think there is no definitive answer to it but i think i believe that the. the bus 2 weeks what mohammed adi has done is he actually managed to do things that whole. have not been able to do
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in the past few years and. president his government has some heard every bit of damage to their image to dinner but. any use of violence such as what happened in. by security forces on friday night will. more damage i think. the main reason why actually people talk to the streets in response to these calls is because there are no other channels no other. windows for any peaceful action in egypt in a normal to society in a normal. i wouldn't say even democracy but. democracy or semi democracy i think a geisha of corruptions could be met by. you know could be covered by newspapers articles by investigative journalism by judiciary in
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a situations but in egypt all these things do not exist and the only think people have now is to protest to go to the streets and to show their anger and frustration that has built up to unprecedented levels in the bust years let me bring in till he come here from washington d.c. all these baseless allegations made by a disgruntled businessman or is this a real threat to presidencies rule. i see this allegations. there as not a threat to the presidency see because obviously when you see their league asians he's accusing the president are all of this system of using some money to build some places he called them palaces for the president which is a noble part of many governments to put some money to build things for the president office for meetings and he didn't prove or show any evidence that any of
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this money went to prison cissie account for example bank account personally so you can't say really it is corruption it's something that was built in respect of the decision could be right could be wrong there's another issue but it is certainly not corruption corruption is when you give government money to an employee to put it in his personal account the 2nd thing is the people of egypt it solved it in 3 actor to this message as you can see from the very small number of the demonstrators in the streets reuters describe this as few hundreds going and i can see even if it is in 1000 if it is even if it is that many on this present one percentage of the egyptian society they didn't come up for more than 10000 all all over the country but little says you're 1000000 people when it is one percent of the society so it's hard to describe what sort of democracy mohammed ali and the
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other people are demanding if one percent of the society want to directed their country against their will of the majority of people especially when we know the fact that there mohammad ali himself thanking the military and the police for not using hard harsh hand that with the demonstrators the allow them peacefully in most cases to live in a straight and and yet the egyptian people didn't go into the streets so no one can say that there is even god because they were scared. of the police and military that that guy himself valley the guy who initiated the demonstrations thanking the police and the military for being peaceful with the people in the streets yet the egyptians didn't go so i see that the many egyptians recognize these allegations are they they can have some base yeah that there is some things or passes that have been built but this could be corrected decision to improve the image of the country
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this may be incorrect or the suitable in all situations it's not a proof of course no money went into the bank account of president c.c. and so this was the message of assisi when he wants but muhammad ali doesn't have to prove corruption only has to do is a legit the genie is then out of the bottle and people out on the street want to bring you in here. it's hell people are out there now people are out in the streets this built you you know we saw this in 2011 but these are protesters very seemingly people who are younger and probably weren't on the streets in 2000 level who have come out on the streets today couldn't get the. it could egypt has all the structural conditions for a successful resistance campaign mobilization very young population on one and. intense sustained grievances that have been going on for
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a long time even beyond this generation. and especially on 2 issues highlighted one is the issue of corruption that the moralists became sparked and sparked in a way that is unconventional in a way that was a lesson in strategic communications if you wish with the guy that's not even have a university degree he gave a lesson to there all the ph d.'s in the opposition how to communicate with the working class and how to explain with them some very complex issues in a very simple language the information by the way he gave was not new. most of the specialist i know who work on the military economy understand the level of corruption actually give more data and more numbers he just simplified that out there in the numbers in a very communicable language to that of the working class and i think that's his skill set. so that on one and so what he did really is you have the structural conditions you have the grievances you have the depression you have the huge level
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of unprecedented level of repression because even compared to mubarak announces era this is takes it to another level the level of corruption as well is unprecedented i believe and all what you need is an eye on population and all what you need is a somebody to spark to spark this and this is what happened in 2010 with the death of credit saeed in june 2010 who basically paid with his life to get egypt to 2 years of freedom between 272013 and yet now we have somebody else who was who was sparking in a very different way he didn't pay with his life is more or less was part of the corruption and then decided to. do to provide very in tents a message. with this and him his identity of the messenger is very important as well and yet you have that kind of mobilizations is quite new that's on one and on the other end how will the regime is going to deal with it this is the big question mark what we saw now is that the extremely heavy handed crackdown on
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demonstrations did not happen it was mainly at rest and then releases after some releases after that it was tear gas as opposed to just usual fighting and automatic rifles in the us all trifles and sometimes machine guns. crackdowns that we saw in 201-520-1420 extension 15 later on 2017 did not materialize dysthymia which tells me that there is something going on probably within the security in the military effort at this unclear so far we have 3 things that developed one was a statement from general sami on and that came out confidently with the mohamed that is. the man was the former chief of staff of egypt's army it was the 2nd man in the. 2011. and he's in prison now for 10 years. and the 2nd one and he's still part and parcel of the regime part of the parcel of
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the leadership in the military establishment who is also issuing statements talking about you know toppling the regime very very clearly or toppling the c.c.c. specifically the 2nd thing came from also the questioning that we know now that some of the activists who were arrested were questioned about their links to general who was mubarak's last prime minister a general who wanted to run for elections came number came in 2nd in 2012. millions basically voted for him 48 percent of the electorate in the 2nd round. and then after that he wanted to go for presenter elections and rested in the u.a.e. and then deported to egypt and then. placed under house arrest in egypt so there is worries among the let's say the faction loyal to c.c. within the regime that has been. inspiring or maybe organizing some of this hence the questioning. and then the 3rd thing which is i believe very important it
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was not focused upon it was not really that much in the media is the visit by the current minister of defense general. who was who was formerly the head of the presidential guard during these time and in this specific general you can say that he was the executioner of the military coup back in 20 in july 23rd because it was his decision that mattered if you decided to protect president morsy probably the coup wouldn't have been very successful or you would have seen some sort of clashes happening but his decision to support the coup then and basically abandon his call constitutional. orders led to the success of the coup so that same person now is the defense minister he has ideas he has certain ideas or let's say and expediency of how to run a coup and now he's the defense minister and he went to the special forces one of
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the special forces bases and spoke to them quite in a long way the more you make very interesting points i do want to bring in the other guest i do want to do one point you that will finish this one because it's very important he talked with them that he has their backs and he has their backs can mean 2 things either should the protesters and i have your back or. stay with me and we change this rotten status quo and i have your back as well can mean 2 things during time tawi stein when he thought when he gave the same talk to the soldiers it was televised by the way under mubarak it meant that i have your backs like you can you can get your movement barak and i have your backs so we'll see how it goes like i say you make several very interesting points and. one of bring in. to pick up on one of them what i find fascinating what i think a lot of people find fascinating about this is that mohammed ali was able to speak the people's language he was able to mobilize them because of the simplicity of his words because of the way he spoke he's almost become
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a folk hero on the streets of egypt. has not surprised people in egypt has surprised the establishment in egypt i think the protests on friday night and also in some cities yesterday surpassed any expectations. but again i think the reason why we reach this level. of unpredictability and uncertainty is precisely because this government has crushed all basic rights of the egyptian citizens there's simply no way to avoid criticism or. straight without risking your own lives or risking going to jail this president sisi has actually coast the. unprecedented human rights crisis in egypt recent history. to disagree with people who say that the security forces have dealt maybe more smoothly or harshly with protesters on friday we are talking about
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. hundreds of arrests we don't even know the number until the lawyers on the ground are everywhere to police stations and detention centers just to be able to know how many are arrested. we need to see. hundreds killed too. harsh. aggression or violence we are used to this kind of violence from the egyptian security forces it's true that they have killed hundreds of protesters in the last 2 years but using. firearms and arresting hundreds of protesters. from what was not actually huge protests when you talk about hundreds of. thousands big number i think muhammad ali managed to reach people because of his simple language because he actually comes from this. you know from this community he
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worked for the army for 15 years things he talked he talked about could be seen. and heard in when you walk into streets you can see that he's talking about presidency when he spoke last week he didn't even try to deny. but he actually used funny discourse saying that he's building this but it is for the image of egypt which is very funny and i think was also. provoking. people in believing more and also responding to his calls for brothers i think. what happened so far was actually expected we have been talking i think analysts who follow egypt have been talking for years about the risk of seeing another browsing another social particularly social uprising but no one actually could predict when and how big but now we are seeing this happening and it was
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expected when you block all the channels of peaceful expression and peaceful exercise of rights what do you expect now we are seeing in the streets people in the streets actually are people that we. know the figures and faces we have seen in 2007 uprising this generation have mostly actually seen the protests from home they were on friday night watching the brothers and people in the streets are mostly younger maybe they were teenagers during the 2007 uprising and i think they have learned to listen and the also reached a level of frustration and disappointment that led them to join the protests tough economy day in d.c. there's a chink in the of the egyptian army there seems to be a little bit of a panic now this man mohammed ali has managed to really get his message across and people are out on the streets do you think that the army's position is weaken that
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the president has made as much. thanks for the question actually i see the opposite completely here because initially your point may be correct there was some warry some maybe possible level of panic. and that but when there the reaction of the people to mohammed ali message was so weak and this is not my opinion this is the reality on the ground as seen on the reuters and in many other news media that the number of people who is too small compared for example to generate 25 revolution or june 30th evolution again as we see when the nations of the people of the nations it revolted against a leader like morsi for example they went into ins of millions the same with mubarak so in this situation we are talking about few hundreds or few thousands of
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people in the streets so my point is the magnitude of that the action i see that if i am in the egyptian army i would be very relaxed now there are happy they're very action in the street proves that the majority of people are not with this election the do not revolt against the leadership they are many of them are under pressure we cannot deny this yes some financial pressure because of the changes in the economy and the subsidy assistive we can fully understand this but yet the egyptian people still and many of them if not morsi as a whole or otherwise they would have demonstrated in tens of millions is the street and they did during mubarak or during mohamed morsi so in this time despite the power of the social media to reach more people yet that the action was too weak so i think it as a victory here for the military to to prove that the majority of the population are
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not with this message are still supportive of president the c.s.e. that is based on numbers it's not just an opinion revolutions always begin small numbers let's bring in a marshal from who's in with us in doha. august seems to be saying that actually the army should be happy that there are only a few people out in the streets we don't know the number however is this an opportunity for the army for president. to be able to try and change things around to address these allegations of corruption and actually address what the protesters are demanding is an opportunity. sure just 2 points for the number issue we really have to stop misleading with coating in correct numbers because it's getting annoying this has been going on for a while since 2013 we know that the square if you put 4 people in every square meter which is very difficult you need to read very 4 for small people the whole capacity of is $120000.00 if you took all of the streets all of the 2 bridges south
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or north put the same figure for people in every square meter you would reach 300000 at max same thing for square there was no also maximum capacity at around 300000 with all of the streets around it at maximum capacity so the whole idea of millions i said this in 2011 i told it may need to opposition activists stop saying 1000000 because there are no millions on the streets on the other side the only way to know all the how. what they want to or what the majority wants if you wish is in elections in free and fair elections and this did not happen in egypt's history before 952 women did not even vote after the 1952 men and women vote did not read the method they only put it that this happened was between 25 and 2015 and we had a show of more or less half of that activates like at the maximum when egypt had 52000000
4:44 pm
voters about 26000000 of them showed up it was in the parliamentary elections and then about 25 and something 1000000 showed up and that this is how this is how it works in egypt so we need to stop really misleading the viewers and respect the viewers and give them proper information at the level of an expert not at the level of cheap propaganda that's on one side on the other side yes we have an issue here of the we have a crisis of leadership to be honest whether on the on the military side or on the opposition side the crisis of leadership that i think the current leader. ship has no capacity to compromise has no vision it's not the. founding fathers above the emetic it has no not the capacity not the psychology for it the egomania is so high psychological complexes are so high the level of pettiness is very very high so it doesn't have a vision i don't think so can it compromise and build the nation and build the
4:45 pm
constitutional republic i don't think so the now we go one level down at the moment i'm not really sure i mean it isn't just to be there because we are running out of time but i do want to bring in our others who gets very very one thing that we are actually running out we are actually running out and i want to bring the other 2 guests in just very quickly and margie in berlin is this an opportunity for the army to say ok they're all problems in our society and we do need to address them and will they take the opportunity to address these concerns from the people. well as human rights watch we have it is the statement calling on president sisi to publicly call in on his government and security forces to allow peaceful grow this and to refrain from using violence i think this is an opportunity. for sisi and ranks inside the government to actually realize the level of anger and frustration and to actually take $1000.00 step backwards if possible at least. to actually allow citizens the riots and to stop the nationwide crackdown
4:46 pm
that had left almost no one untouched by this scale of crackdown. i think. we all going to have to leave it we are actually out of time i would like to thank all of the sophie coming ashore and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website al-jazeera dog called and for further discussion go to a facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me and the whole team here and.
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they say to really know someone. a mile in their shoes. in their footsteps. that's the way in the world. these personal journey. inspiring stories of people disappearing on that shows. weakness documentaries. the argentine mr mccloy to be. witnessed throughout history or for the 1st words and with me and started fighting me developed by nation state and soon there will be another trip to the job. now within reach of those seeking. funding to toxic substances in the middle with the to me in visible threats on al jazeera. it really is the international perspective that sets al-jazeera parts
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other news outlets beyond 1st instance of the will replay of the outing of the plates of power outages 3 journalism is about public service and making a difference in people's lives i'm amazed every day by reporting on al-jazeera and the places that my colleagues go it inspires me to take a different approach to how i report news more. iran's president hassan rouhani heads for the un general assembly in new york with his own plan on how to maintain security in the gulf. khloe this is al jazeera live from doha back to bill also ahead 7 children killed
4:49 pm
and more fear chopped after a school collapses in the capital. the world's oldest travel company thomas goes bust hitting hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers around the globe and the u.n. turns up the heat on while leaders gathering in new york with a report that warns climate change is speeding up. iran's president has done rouhani is on his way to the u.n. general assembly in new york where he says he will reveal full details about his gulf security proposal tensions are simmering after a series of attacks most recently a drone and missile strike on saudi oil facilities saudi arabia and the u.s. say iran is to blame and u.s. reinforcements are being sent to soggy arabia iran meanwhile denies being involved in the attack and has denounced the presence of more foreign troops in the region
4:50 pm
that speak talk or spawn and in tehran assad big asset so what was president rouhani his message as he departed for the u.n. . well he's been speaking in iran before he said tough and he goes to the united nations at a time of increased tensions the united states sanctions unilateral sanctions in the country have been increased the united states just a few days ago put sanctions on the central bank but also the increased military buildup in the region president rouhani said that washington's maximum pressure campaign isn't working but also he acknowledged the tensions with saudi arabia saudi arabia have accused iran of being behind those attacks against the oil facilities but president rouhani said that the united states had all teary a motive. muscly man regarding the issues in the region they are exaggerating what has happened to iran because what is the reason for that the reason is that americans want to keep control of the whole
4:51 pm
region now they say they want to bring patriot defense systems into the regions it's clear they want to keep control of saudi arabia's oil that comes from the eastern part of this conflict is not about us it is about the american competition with chinese and others they are taking advantage of this opportunity. he president rouhani is also expected to talk about iran's peace plan for the region that's in the face of the united states naval coalition that they've put together that they say is to protect freedom of navigation through the strait of hormuz now the united kingdom of saudi arabia u.a.e. and bahrain have joined that coalition that president rouhani said that he's peaceful ruby called the hormuz peace endeavor or hope and he'll be present in that to the united nations he said peace and stability security and stability in the region can be achieved by countries inside the region but not with the help of the united states he said the presence of the united states here is a is
4:52 pm
a factor of destabilization and insecurity and everything can be achieved with by working with the countries and iran is willing to do that thank you thank you very much for that asad big life or same tehran yemen's houthi fighters say is sound led coalition air strike has killed 5 members of one family who he owned and the syria t.v. says yes strikes hit a mosque in the province of 2 children from the same family on messing it comes just days after the who thinks best to stop launching attacks on saberi. in other world news 7 schoolchildren have been killed in kenya after their school building collapsed almost 660 other students are in hospital family members have been gathering outside the school as rescue workers search for several children who were trapped under the rubble. the world's oldest travel company thomas cook has collapsed leaving huge numbers of people stranded 600000 are holiday worldwide with
4:53 pm
the company there mainly from germany the u.k. france and scandinavian countries all thomas cook flies have been grounded and 20000 jobs are risk the u.k. civil aviation authority says it's beginning the mammoth task of getting 150000 travelers home and delays are inevitable it's not going to be any flights are going to be going to be stuck in the 4 to 7 o'clock i think they're going to try and turn to the clock and it will stop the service name and they mistrust. no one is really cool. or can you do. all the people have lost a job. i'm very anxious. because i have sort of late so i don't know hey if i'm going to go to sleep in and then have going to get the law school that's to take us to farming omar some way dale's name so it's going to be very difficult. and i won't be somebody to you know al-jazeera catherine stansell reports now from london
4:54 pm
. britain's oldest travel company operating in more than a dozen countries with $19000000.00 customers a year but thomas cook struggled to be profitable. despite a $1000000000.00 injection of cash earlier this year the company said on friday it needed an additional $250000000.00 to stave off collapse or parking lot they contain a very bad news for the 600000 people around the world on thomas cook holidays when word spread about the dire financial situation this hotel in tunis briefly refused to let holiday makers leave demanding money afraid that they wouldn't get paid if the company went bankrupt live echoes. i paid more than $2000.00 for the holiday they want more than why i paid i told them i'm not responsible for thomas cook place kind of blackmail if you apply it you know you don't want the british government is promising to help anyone stuck abroad i can reassure people that in
4:55 pm
the worst case scenario the contingency planning is there to avoid people being stranded more than 1000000 people around the world have holidays booked with thomas cook despite going bust there's little danger they will lose their money thanks to various consumer protection schemes thomas cook is seen as the inventor of the modern day package holiday a cabinet maker from yorkshire he was a strong supporter of the temperance movement and believed travel would help britain's refrain from drinking alcohol he started out by arranging day trips by train in the $840.00 s. the excursions proved so popular that within 20 years he was selling 2 hours to conscient until europe the middle. east in the united states but the modern day company has been under intense financial pressure rescued from near bankruptcy 8 years ago and how people book their holidays has added to the company's plight high street travel shops have been facing stiff competition from the internet and while package holidays like those from thomas cook often provide good value many
4:56 pm
consumers are now shopping around online booking their accommodation and flights separately to create supersport travel experience despite being a mainstay in the british travel industry analysts say the company's struggles to compete thomas cook is a marvelous brand of incredible heritage but i'm afraid in the 21st century in the for russia's competition and the travel industry that counts for nothing or what matters these do you have a profitable business and certainly in the case of thomas we know the answer is no . 178 year old business steeped in history but apparently failing to keep up with modern times catherine stansell al-jazeera london israel has entered its 2nd day of consultations on forming a new government after last week's stalemate election the main arab parties known as a joint list of their support behind ex military chief benny gantz in
4:57 pm
a bid to oust benjamin netanyahu are the move breaks a 27 year long policy of not backing any candidates president moving rivlin continues talks with parties today before inviting one of the 2 rivals to form a government that has a latest from jerusalem. well the head of the joint list the mainly palestinian israeli grouping of parties says that they have made history here at the israeli president's residence here in west jerusalem this sunday just days after his reelection by recommending a candidate for the prime minister of israel they say they're recommending benny gantz to be that prime minister it's the 1st time since 1992 that such a grouping has made such a recommendation and i'm annoyed i said it was after years of being diligent to my eyes by the administration of benjamin netanyahu that they had to take part they had to act to end that era but let's assume long enough with the we usually do not endorse israeli prime minister is so without doubt there is an historical side to what we are doing now we want to put an end to the era of benjamin netanyahu
4:58 pm
therefore will endorse spinny gantz to form the next government a minute it also made it clear that this wasn't just about removing benjamin netanyahu is also a reflection of a shift in opinion among palestinian israelis polls show a real appetite for greater engagement in israeli politics more results from their politicians on things such as crime social policy economics and he said in terms of trying to repeal the nation state law which made palestinian israelis into 2nd class citizens in this country as for the reaction from the other parties well could its delegation here said that no israeli government should rely on and honest arab parties to try to confer legitimacy on it and the blue and white delegation it's had said that it would sit in coalition unity government but only with zionist parties so explicitly ruling out the joint list the other big question though remains how and whether there will be that unity government between blue and white
4:59 pm
on one side and likud on the other ballooning presence of benjamin netanyahu appears to remain the stumbling block to that happening much now depends on the actions of president rivlin himself. there will be a 2nd round of meetings like this on monday after which at some stage over the course of the next week or so he will have to decide to whom he will give the 1st opportunity to form a coalition government if that fails then it may well go to a 2nd attempt bab's even a 3rd and then the thing looming behind all of it that president rivlin says he wants to avoid at all costs a 3rd election among the stories ahead on al-jazeera ukraine caught in the middle as a whistleblower scandal implicating donald trump rose in the u.s. that's. already bad for. one span from a u.s. indian prime minister narendra modi takes center stage in texas. hello
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lightning lit the sky in italy yesterday and last night and we've got something like 90000000000 reaches of rain out of thunderstorms in a 24 hour period most 3 to 6 hours in the evening in that whole mass of potential thunderstorms moved east across the adriatic overnight and is now a warning out for croatia for slovenia and parts of southern germany that some of this rain could be heavy enough really flash flooding certainly some the storm warnings are out there in italy as well behind it all the short got before the next system which will be wet and windy weather comes into the northwest of europe so the seasons change still quite further east not very warm for a something of a winter warning up in the baltic states look at attempt to moscow and he 7 that's fine.


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