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there are related issues to this for example an election going forward how would an election take place in syria who would be allowed to vote would those that of fled syria the refugees that are in many countries in the middle east but also in europe how would they vote in any election so there are lots of on result issues and i can tell you there are many skeptics who fear that when this process after all this negotiation on the committee and who could be an 8 when it goes to geneva it might go the same way as previous u.n. peace efforts in geneva but as you say the secretary general believes this is one beat of good news on syria coming at the start of this important week of diplomacy and even though he's addressing in about 15 minutes time all the world 'd leaders on climate change he felt it important to get in this statement and to lock in the progress they've made on this and james that one does wonders how how far they can go how far any political presence can go when there is still fighting there still
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fighting in northwest of the country and indeed there's a great deal of disagreement as to the status of the northeast of the country. yes well i think what they're trying to do is deal with one narrow post of this which is the future constitutional arrangements for syria and that takes you away from the issues on the ground but clearly the issues on the ground are so serious when you have the province of idlib which very much now is the last battleground of this long war when you have 3000000 people there when you have persistent claims that the syrian government and its russian allies are bombing those people but in particular bombing medical centers and hospitals there and no one really knows how this is going to conclude and everyone fears that they could be a very big death toll there is nowhere really for these people to flee not possible in most cases for them to cross the border into. turkey and they obviously many of
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them fearful to cross the line from where they are indeed live to other parts of syria which are under sad control where they may well face repression and arrest so those people stuck there more than 3000000 people with nowhere to run to all right thank you for now james we'll let you go because we know you've got to go and cover the start of that summit on the environment where all the arrivals are taking place behind you but for now thanks very much. that teachers in india did miss of unrest in the recent government crackdown of preventing students from going back to school at 7 weeks since the indian government revokes the region's autonomy as shuttle phones and the internet victoria gate in the reports. 'd these students in srinagar should be at school instead their local community center is doubling up as a temporary classroom and up to school bundle. after the schools were closed i
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started coming to this community torsion center the staff teach us well and i like to study here i have made new friends and it feels like a school now. the community school was set up after parliament in new delhi revoked the special tone of the status of indian administered kashmir 7 weeks ago the subsequent tension on the streets left many parents afraid to send their children to school and those concerns persist. meters more. kids playing on the street we come up with an idea that communications center has to teach students that they would not feel. some schools have reopened in srinagar but many like this one remain closed experts say the disruption to education services will have a long term impact on students this is the most impressionable age. when your learning process should not get retarded there should be no all blockades in
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this free flow of learning and once you were being barriers in the free flow of learning this is the day this is the video of the students. internet and mobile phone services in srinagar remain cut off. but this ph d. student that means years of hard work are in jeopardy. and. out. of my. good my. students in indian administered kashmir have grown up surrounded by poverty and violence the events of the last 7 weeks have made that already difficult lives even harder victoria gay to be there. now in the mountainous region of rare mass kitchin stated 8 years of displacement
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and conflict of left many civilians distressed and poverty stricken a fragile ceasefire underlies the ongoing instability their stress and depression have led some to turn to drugs as laura mentally explains. a long border with china tens of thousands of people live in displacement camps distressed and poverty stricken many find solace in the cheapest and most readily available drug heroin. the no one. has been on and off the drug for years. when conflict flared 80 years ago her mother fled to china and left pan alone with no money. i became a drug addict because of me actually i have quit once before a long time ago but i came back to use drugs again it's all because of me my
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heart's not strong to say no to drugs pam is recovering apologists and rehabilitation center run by the catch an independent organization near the capital lays a. women a some of the most vulnerable as there are not enough jobs for them and prostitution is rife. but drug users come from all walks of life. during the initial dry out days somewhere these changed to prevent them from running away. and we lived in the i.d.p. camp near china's border and there are many drug dealers and users there and we hear people in the i.d.p. camps are addicted to drugs we investigate to find out who is using a. suspected uses night camps are asked to provide hearing tests to show if they are using drugs if they fail the force to come into the center. many fear
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going back home where it's a dollar a hit heroin is not only affordable but it's difficult to escape. or most every house and every village is selling the drugs they sell on the streets and alleyways people are selling drugs because of the conflict the conflict began in 1962 when the military took control of the region a ceasefire was broken 8 years ago when me and my forces and the caption independence army fought for control with talks stalled the uncertainty over who will control the state in the future which could continue to have consequences for the many violent people living here. for about a man the al-jazeera rise it's time for the sports news hour with martin thank you very much one place to start the rugby world cup in japan where the 6 nations grand slam winners while got their campaign underway for the great victory against georgia was a fast start for the well as they secured
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a bonus point by heart of time jonathan davis with one of their 4 tries before the break. but then the georgians credit to them came out fighting. really touching down after this powerful drive. box wilds pulled away once again a nice move down the right way useful to williams get on the end of a kick forward by doing which north and north would go it's complete the story with wiles is 6 try all the evening 43 points to full team the fargo score except for while the crucial clash with a straight saturday. now he was expected to be one of the stars of this rugby world cup after being sacked spiral strelley it's rugby union israel folau is returning to international competition to play rugby league football or the fullback who has tongan heritage has been cleared to play in the upcoming matches against great britain and australia for last contract was terminated by rugby australia in april
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for posting on social media that hell awaits gay people he's suing the organization for norful dismissal because of his christian beliefs israel's brother john also plays rugby league for tongue barely a year after being let back into the fold russia is once again in danger of being banned by the world anti-doping agency was lifted the ban on the understanding that there most would hand over data but there's now suspicion that the data has been manipulated and an investigation is under way it means russia could again be declared noncompliance which would put pressure on the international olympic committee to exclude them from the tokyo games next year russia still banned from world athletics following the 2015 report which revealed evidence of a state sponsored doping program. next steps is now to wait for russia to respond. potentially there will be a meeting of experts with russian experts and. our experts to
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understand. the explanation and then the next step is after that your report will go to a compliance committee will then decide what to do. pakistan cricket fans say they're looking forward to welcoming the sri lankan team back to their country later this week preparations for the thaw comprising 3 and 3 t 20 internationals are well underway it will be the 1st told made by a sri lankan side since terrorists attacked their team bus in the hold back in 2009 which resulted in the deaths of 8 people following the attacks the international teams refused to play in pakistan although zimbabwe did play a one day series in the country back in 25th day in sri lanka will be the 1st major international team to play there in 10 years yeah but if we did this new terrorism here it's a peaceful country everything is going smoothly and i wish more people would come and buy tickets so that it would be an exciting series and we should get a message that teams like australia and south africa should come to pakistan. as
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president jonny in front tino has described the issue of racism in italian football as very serious he was speaking on italian television after a referee stopped play at a serious game between atlanta and feed on tina because of braces abuse from the stands or referee daniela or heard racist chance against her own team player down but the game was then stopped for 5 minutes until the stadium announcer read out an anti racism message after the delay that got a resume that ended in a 22 draw because coach believes the referee overreacted. equally sure not all of them i don't think they were chants chance or something else we have to be careful with these things because obviously we have to absolutely condemn any form of racism but we can't start checking for individual insults they were not shown we didn't hear any chant inspiring around the dread recorded are vital when it is the pressure some wants on coaches then again the down they travel to heart finds that they are on sunday los blancos winning one nil
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thanks karim benzema header moved to 2nd in la liga level on points with leaders bill bounce of the down to 5th. for the 2nd week running name our school the late winner for perry in front of me it came in their match of the brazilian he was abused by fans all night scoring in the 87 minutes and now 3 points clear at the top of the table after 6 games and wayne rooney will soon be taking up his 1st managerial role when he becomes a player coach at english 2nd tier side darby county that's in january before but rooney said he still has some unfinished business as a player with his current team d.c. united in the major major league soccer in the united states he inspired his team to a 2 no when are the seattle sounders greenies free kick leading to a brilliant go better it brilliant to score what i did that making the final score to know important win for d.c. united in their playoff push as they climbed to 4th in the eastern conference. for
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wimbledon champion has been knocked down to the 1st round of the open in china she was beaten by puerto rico's monica puig in a repeat of the 2016 olympics in women's singles final which we all saw one of the losing 2 sets to one here and 765761 the school week will next play allison risk in the next. new garden celebrating a 2nd indy car chairmanship at just 3 years he came home in 2nd place in the season finale laguna seca in california on sunday to clinch the title you garden victory in this series completed a clean sweep of the big prize in 2019 for team penske off the solomon victory at the indy $500.00. they just did such a great job this this group are you long i don't want to see turned away at the end . but they called a great race and i just tried to be as smart as i could today. brad everybody. i
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was always full for i'm more like a like a very much indeed a rabble thank you as well feel coming to this out is there a news of a don't go anywhere because i'm going to be back in just a minute or 2 with much more on the wall that's coming out of the u.n. a new constitutional committee announced by the un secretary general on syria among so many other things it does say this year that's there. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder caught all the more with it come still fight against corruption. this for new chiro heroes like new who are about to refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight the dark used to shine a light let's make the world
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a better place nominate your anti corruption hero. al-jazeera will meet. with roots in the middle east build build successful lawyers so bring over the last 5 years i've achieved a great deal of partnership with the country's leading funds the never forgot where they came from. to try to put forward a different takes the stereotypical image of muslim women arabs aboard the businesswoman of the council on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it out is there and will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. and ethiopia are determined to
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tell the world a new story about a country our commanders our humanity is the most beautiful thing we've got and i wish we can just realize that i am just the footbaths despite the challenges she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera. a long awaited step towards a political solution and a solution in syria is announced by the u.n. said the general. again are not in danger without his air live from doha also coming out well leaders assemble at the u.n.
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for a climate action summit but don't try and play one of them. families wait for news of their relatives in afghanistan after an apparent airstrike kills at least 40 people. hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers stranded as a travel giant goes out of business. now the u.n. secretary general antonio good 10 ish has within the last how far how far also announce a formation of a constitutional committee to syria which it is hoped would be a step towards restarting a political process i am pleased to announce the agreement of the governments of the syrian arab republic and the syrian negotiation school mission for a credible balance then the inclusive constitutional committee that will be facilitated by the united nations in geneva i welcome the progress made by mike by the
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government and the opposition and my special envoy facilitative you get him and you know accordance with security council resolution 2254 of 215 and we will convene the constitutional committee in the coming weeks. all right let's go to our diplomatic editor now james bays james how big a deal is this then the announcement of a constitutional committee to move syria and along the path towards peace. well the u.n. has been pushing for this for months and months and months this was the work of the previous special envoy demas storer he was pushing for this he never got it gaffe pederson who took over at the beginning of the year a special envoy has been working on it since then the u.n. thought they got this deal last week when we had a meeting in turkey with the leaders of turkey iran and russia but they were still worried about the syrian government and whether it was really supporting this
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efforts are i spoke to secretary general antonio good terrorists last week and he said we think we've got the deal we're not quite sure and that's why he sent mr pederson to damascus in recent hours he sat down with the deputy prime minister of syria walid moallem and he had what he said was a positive meeting about his lead to the announcement it is an important breakthrough because this is what the u.s. has been concentrating on on syria but it's worth also stressing this is a small part of the solution to the problems of syria because they're not going to be dealing about with any of the issues on the ground the ongoing war in syria they're dealing with one thing which is a feature constitution for syria and i can tell you skeptics are concerned that once this constitutional committee actually starts work it will take a bit of time to get everyone to geneva it may well go the way of previous peace efforts in geneva which are just got bogged down and have in the end failed and
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most observers believe in every case in the past that's because the syrian government hasn't really wanted them to succeed and has told paedo those efforts and also james i do understand that you've managed to have a bit of a chat with the iranian foreign minister zarif and he's given you a little bit more detail as to what that proposal is for more security in the gulf . yeah well as ever a touring this week when you've got so many world leaders in town the focus is supposed to be on climate today but important developments on syria important developments coming from iran as you say the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif invited a small group of reporters to breakfast and try to flesh out the proposals we're going to hear in the coming days from his boss the iranian president hassan rouhani iran i think is feeling the pressure at the moment we have the specter of war we're
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likely to get tough words in 24 hours time from president trump and so iran is coming up with its own initiative to try and calm things down in the gulf area they're calling it the whole move initiative. minister zarif said that's because they wouldn't call it the persian gulf initiative because no one we can even agree on the name of that area of water because of course arab countries call it the arabian gulf so who moves is a name they can agree on he says it would consist of all the countries that are there in the gulf region under a u.n. umbrella who would meet to try and deal with some of the issues like navigation in the gulf of shipping and other issues of tension in the region so what he's saying here is that this is a very sensible proposal and really how could anyone object to it of course the objection i think is going to come from the u.s. we know that russia has supported similar ideas when they've been floated in the
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past and i've even heard that the u.k. is quite in favor of these sort of ideas that actually build on the very old security council resolution from the time of the iran iraq war resolution 598 but i think the u.s. isn't going to like this for one reason the iranian proposal has all the regional countries that the u.s. doesn't get a seat at the table marty all right james thanks for. we'll come back to a bit later on once this this environment summit gets underway because we're expecting that within within a couple of minutes or so we're expecting the secretary general antonio guterres to kick off events where many many world leaders are attending this is being called an environment action summit the secretary general has made it pretty clear that he wants a plan of action to come from the countries already we understand about 60 world leaders. attending but interesting the impacts not surprisingly are they you see
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prime minister narendra modi who is june to speak in about 30 minutes time according to the show joe they do try to stick to the show these events at the united nations of course will carry his speech live us in the as he gets his feet but starting the conference will be good and as i was saying there's already been some sort of commitment by many countries to reduce carbon emissions because this also comes on a day when the u.n. meterological agency has released a report warning that actually global warming is occurring 3 times faster than previously thought so it is really an emergency situation which has brought together these leaders a day before the annual general assembly when all of the leaders from $190.00 countries at the u.n. they get up and they make a speech but this is a specific summit for one day on climate and as i say you'll be kept right up to
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date with everything that happens there here at al-jazeera but in the meantime we'll come away from that and look at afghanistan where at least 40 people have been killed in what's thought to have been an airstrike. it was in color in helmand province that's in the south of the country people have now gathered outside local hospitals where the wounded are being treated the authorities are investigating reports that the airstrike actually hit a wedding celebration our correspondent rob mcbride has more from the capital kabul . this seems to have been a major military operation in the mussa color district of helmand province this is a known taliban stronghold involving both it seems ground forces and also an airstrike now the ministry of defense here in kabul is talking about this in terms of being a successful military operation saying a number of foreign taliban fighters as it describes them were killed in this
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attack others were captured and a large cache of taliban weaponry was seized but it does seem according to various reports coming from helmand province including the governor's office. number of civilians were also caught up in this attack particularly from a wedding party that was happening nearby that was caught in this airstrike now the number of civilian casualties varies the taliban has issued a statement saying tens of people have been killed others injured other figures differ to that but what we do know it does seem as though a large number of civilians once again have been caught up in a battle between taliban and coalition forces and a number include colluding many women and children this comes of course as afghanistan is preparing for its presidential election in the coming saturday the last couple of days have been generally quiet here in afghanistan but we have seen
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generally a surge in the number of attacks taking place both by the taliban who have threatened to disrupt this election process and also in response coalition attacks trying to make sure that there is security here for this election to take place and we are still several days away from polling. 7 children have been killed in kenya after their school collapsed at least 64 others are in the hospital family members are outside the school as rescue workers search for children who may be trapped under the rubble catherine sawyer has more from the site almost everyone has now left this scene there were many many people who just come to witness and what trying to come to terms with what has happened minister of education was also here and he said the government has started investigations on what could have caused this collapse we have also not too long ago talked to
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a parent was still looking for his children 2 children who are missing he's going to 5 hospitals and he came here and the red cross personnel directed him to go to the mortuary so he was very very distraught the incident happened right there very hard to tell all cleared all these books to see you're seeing were left behind by children it was a chaotic scene children running other screaming we saw throughout the day some of the survivors collecting the books that are somewhat intact they've taken them to one of the classrooms they'll be sorted later and perhaps will be re-used and on this other side is the debris this was a 2 story structure that was constructed using metal sheets and some mood and there was a concrete slab that separated the 2 stories we're talking with talk to people and i can see as well so a lot of people telling us that this concrete slab was very poorly reinforced now
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the 64 children who are in hospital doctors are saying are doing well they are still there stabilized for many many parents parents particularly of the children who died in imaginable pain like this man i talked about still looking for his children. the iranian president hassan rouhani is on his way to the u.n. general assembly in new york where he says he will reveal full details of that goal security proposal we were hearing a bit about earlier tensions in the region a simmering after a series of attacks most recently a drone and missile strike on saudi oil facilities saudi arabia and the u.s. they both blame iran and u.s. reinforcements are being sent to the region iran denies involvement and has denounced the presence of foreign troops in the region a setback as our correspondent in the iranian capital tehran.


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